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moon65 Posted on 24/01/2009 21:24

still think he is the real deal.cant believe some C****heads comparing him to dong like to think i know my football and yes hes missed some sitters but i think hes got it and goals will come me and keep the faith.cmon boro.p.s keep the faith with gareth too .our cup winning captain hes a f.cking legend you bellends.

borotony Posted on 24/01/2009 21:26

so there

Borat_BORO Posted on 24/01/2009 21:28

He is a legend as a player. lose against chelsea and Blackburn and you will see the fans turn big time

moon65 Posted on 24/01/2009 21:38

id hate to see it borat but ive got a lot of time for horsehead.
dont think the fans expect anything at chelsea but blackburn is the key game.has prince harry signed for us yet?

UKLL1981 Posted on 24/01/2009 21:43

He played well today, gave us a real presence up front, him and O'Neil were the best players on the pitch IMO. Jinky was good too but he needs to find his shooting boots, he had quite a few efforts and should of had at least one, had one cleared off the line after rounding the keeper (great clearance) and he forced another decent save when one on one with their keeper. The one on one was a great example of what happens when you play a left winger on the right wing, he got the ball onto his favoured left foot but because he's bearing down on goal from the right he's limited where he can place it, a natural right sided player probably would of done better.

Shawky was woeful and Wolves bossed the midfield at times which is worrying. We could quite easily of scored more but so could they, they missed an abosolute sitter when it was 1-1 (contender for miss of the season) and they had a couple of shots on goal blocked in the first ten minutes and also put a goal mouth scramble just wide. Emnes took his chance well but that's about all he did.

moon65 Posted on 24/01/2009 21:50

shawky?dont know why horsehead plays him just another passenger like doriva but only worse.

BinghamBoro Posted on 24/01/2009 21:54

Comparing him to DGL is an insult.

The Gook was the worst premiership striker I have ever seen.