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Monkey_Ball_Knackers Posted on 19/01/2009 21:55
Straight From The Lambs Mouth Part 5

I don't post bullS*** on here like others this is only the 5th one of these posts i have made in the last 12 month and each one was FACT or FACT at the time of it leaving the Lambs mouth.
Anyway the Lamb has spoken if Gareth does not get a minimum of 3pts in the next 2 League games he is gone , so basically we are not expected to get anything at Chelsea so the Blackburn game is D Day.
Also a cup exit will not help matters if i am wrong i accept any amount of abuse because this is 100% fact he will be sacked if we don't beat Blackburn.
Also early names mentioned for a replacement or Temp replacement where of course Cooper (No thanks) , Ince (No thanks) El Tel but think he was joking About Tel ??.
Straight from the Lambs Mouth.

heaton_mersey_boro Posted on 19/01/2009 21:59
Straight From The Lambs Mouth Part 4

But why sack him after the Blackburn match? Transfer window is shut so any new manager would have to work an absolute miracle with a disspirited and very weak squad.

Makes no sense to me. If he was to be sacked, should have done it end of last year and a new manager could have a chance of a bit wheeling and dealing in the Jan transfer window.

ian_elliot Posted on 19/01/2009 22:00
Straight From The Lambs Mouth Part 4

We'll see.

Don't see how Cooper could possibly be acceptable if Southgate is such a disaster. A bit like the McClaren following Sven scenario.

Don't see how Ince could possibly be acceptable after his Blackburn experience.

Don't see how el-Tel could be acceptable because he's walked away once already.

If those are the three options then give me Southgate.

ThePrisoner Posted on 19/01/2009 22:05
Straight From The Lambs Mouth Part 4

Unles this was heard down the pub via from your mate's mate then it can't possibly be true.

The time to sack was before the window opened, after the Bolton capitulation as a blind man could see that we had already disintegrated as a team then. Stay or go, we are F*****.

PinkPonce Posted on 19/01/2009 22:06
Straight From The Lambs Mouth Part 4

Heaton - I think that means its safe to say we are definitely not signing anyone - new manager or not!

Monkey Ball - I did see one or two of your other posts and I'm sure it was good info... We'll have to wait and see.

We can't afford to get beat at home to Blackburn. Even if we beat chelsea at SB, we need the 3 points against the teams around us.

Ayresomes_on_Fire Posted on 19/01/2009 22:09
Straight From The Lambs Mouth Part 4

Actually this is number 5 of straight to the lambs mouth and your first 4 have been hit and miss to say the least.

Only one right really has been the Hoyte/Young deals which had already been predicted by ttteesider.

The rest could have been made up really.

3/10 must try harder.

Monkey_Ball_Knackers Posted on 19/01/2009 22:16
Straight From The Lambs Mouth Part 4

Yes but no matter who was in charge it will not matter from what i have been told if anybody is going to come in it will be a loan deal or maybe a 2 or 2.5 million pound player and this will happen over Southgate's head.
He has been told that if we don't have a minimum of 3 points come 5pm on the 31st he is gone.
Cooper name was mentioned if nobody could be found and he wanted to take over until the end of the season it would be his choice.
Just wait and see i hope it doesn't happen because it will mean we will be Manager-less and rock bottom with 2 days of the transfer window left open and deep in the S***.

heaton_mersey_boro Posted on 19/01/2009 22:17
Straight From The Lambs Mouth Part 4

You may well be right PPonce.

If we don't, we go down. Sad but true. Need a couple of CM players in - loan, cheap, free agents, whatever.

Shore the midfield up with a couple of hard b*stards and we may well turn things around. Leave as is.........we go out of the PL with a whimper.

We are in a scrap for every point now - and our current 19 man squad are not up for it. Half of them could'nt fight sleep, some do care, the rest will simply f*ck off if/when we go down. A pretty S***ty mix.

If myself and 20,000 + other Boro fans can see this why can't the people who run the club???

Monkey_Ball_Knackers Posted on 19/01/2009 22:20
Straight From The Lambs Mouth Part 4

Sorry if it is 5 i thought it was 4 i never even bothered searching because i thought it was 4 , anyway even at 5 it go's to prove i only post when i hear something important.
There's been no 4 5 6 and 7 about transfer targets leading up to the window opening and none about Southgate's future until now i will edit it to part 5 if it makes you happy thanks for the heads up.

inter_me_nan Posted on 19/01/2009 22:52
Straight From The Lambs Mouth Part 4

Monkey_Ball_Knackers "this will be done above Southgate's head". Hang on. How is this club being run? Are you saying Southgate does'nt decide which players he signs? How does he know he wants them/knows where they are supposed to play? Maybe thats how we ended up with Emnes! This makes him look like George Bush to Gibson and Lambs Cheney and Rumsfeld.

Bren_MFC Posted on 19/01/2009 22:53
Straight From The Lambs Mouth Part 4

Bernie insinuated that Southgate wasn't making the signings.........

moxxey Posted on 19/01/2009 23:00
Straight From The Lambs Mouth Part 4

I can see the point though: if we're not intending to sign another player, then Gibson and Lamb must be thinking that we need someone else to get the most from the players we already have.

They say that no player is bigger than the club. In Boro's case we have at least 3 players who are 'bigger' than the club. Mido, Downing and Tuncay. Problem is, if these players don't feel like they're going anywhere, they're going to be disillusioned with the club. If weren't not going to sell, the only other option is to attempt to get the most from them from using another manager.

Good luck though. I don't think a new manager would make Mido play more effectively.

fatharrywhite Posted on 19/01/2009 23:46
Straight From The Lambs Mouth Part 4

a quick search on the archive shows that 4 of your 'straight from lambs mouth' posts were about hoyte which had already been told by someone else before you and all the other stuff you said ended up being bollox so i'll take all this with a very large pinch of salt.

it also doesnt take a brain surgeon to say if we dont beat blackburn he'll be gone cos the fans will make sure that the club are in no doubt that they want him out

gravyboat Posted on 20/01/2009 00:07
Straight From The Lambs Mouth Part 4

It appears that your previous info doesn't really stand you in good stead, does it?

That Bradley has been a rubbish signing - anonomous all season.

Monkey_Ball_Knackers Posted on 20/01/2009 00:10
Straight From The Lambs Mouth Part 4

So although many fans think Gibson will not sack Gareth you are now saying he will be gone if we don't beat Blackburn.
I am telling you even if we get beat 1-0 of Chelsea and beat Wolves and draw with Blackburn he is Gone 100%.
Southgate has been told he must gain a minimum of 3pts before the end of the month or he is gone.
Believe what you want i know this is true wait and see because i personally think we will get torn apart by Chelsea and may get a point against Blackburn if we are lucky.
Then the man will be gone we will just after wait and see who takes over with 40 million pound at stake Gibbo and Lamby might pull something out of the fire.

gravyboat Posted on 20/01/2009 00:15
Straight From The Lambs Mouth Part 4

I predict if we don't win either of our next games, we'll probably be bottom of the league going in to February and therefore Southgate will probably get sacked.

See, it's pretty fooking easy, isn't it?

It's hardly like you're predicting the end of the world.

Monkey_Ball_Knackers Posted on 20/01/2009 00:19
Straight From The Lambs Mouth Part 4

I know that's going to be the 14th of July this year and it will be caused by that machine in Geneva so i suppose it does not matter if we go down because we wont be here to see next season.