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HolgateCorner Posted on 17/01/2009 18:57
The team Teesside can afford

That's why we are in the position we are in, I'm afraid.

We can only afford a youth set up and the odd low cost transfer.

Even with our limited corporate facilities, the local business community fails to support the club properly and the club is reduced to texting its season ticket holders to sell restaurant seats.

Even with low prices we can't fill the stadium even for the big teams, with many preferring to watch in the pub getting hammered rather than being in the ground getting behind the team.

Blame Southgate, blame Lamb or blame Gibbo.

But these are the fundamental reasons we are in decline.

Teesside has failed to support the club properly and we just can't compete any more.

Genghis_Khan Posted on 17/01/2009 19:01
The team Teesside can afford

That would make sense if income wasn't up. As this is a record year for TV income. The executive bars are all packed (I have seen this with my own eyes) Crowds are up and we have not spent 1 penny (net) on transfers. The reality is we're suffering because Bulkhaul and the rest of the logistic market is in massive decline.

That and the fact that Gibson has invested million upon million on the white elephant golf course and Hotel.