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Spoff Posted on 24/01/2008 18:55
HD-DVD or Blu-Ray

Just about to order an HD-DVD player, but should I?

HD-DVD or Blu-Ray?

Rod100 Posted on 24/01/2008 18:57
HD-DVD or Blu-Ray

buy one that plays both formats then if you make the wrong choice you've made the right choice [;)]

Spoff Posted on 24/01/2008 18:58
HD-DVD or Blu-Ray

not going to be able to do that for 120 though.

metatron Posted on 24/01/2008 19:03
HD-DVD or Blu-Ray

Blu Ray.

Warner has just ditched HD-DVD leaving only Paramount and Universal in that camp (Blu Ray has Warner Bros, Disney (Buena Vista), Fox, Lionsgate, MGM and Sony Pictures).

Also see

Link: HD DVD camp implodes

Rauko Posted on 24/01/2008 19:04
HD-DVD or Blu-Ray

Yep - looks like Blu-Ray is going to win the battle .. so plump for that

Surgeon Posted on 24/01/2008 19:09
HD-DVD or Blu-Ray

But this proves the war is not yet won for bluray

Link: Here

metatron Posted on 24/01/2008 19:12
HD-DVD or Blu-Ray

No, thats something to be aware of Surgeon definitely, although it doesn't affect the players ability to play the movie, just maybe one or two little extra features (picture in picture etc). As with any new developing technology, nothings over until its over. It would be a good idea to check whether a machine is updateable via a firmware disc or similar.

boromutt Posted on 24/01/2008 19:47
HD-DVD or Blu-Ray

lg have a player that plays both formats, don't know the price but it give you the choice to buy either which ever is the cheapest dvd

karembeu_ca Posted on 24/01/2008 19:48
HD-DVD or Blu-Ray

after CES it looks like Blu-Ray is the winner.

moxxey Posted on 24/01/2008 19:53
HD-DVD or Blu-Ray

Here's my advice..

If you want or have a Playstation 3, Blu-ray is worth considering. If you want a standalone player, don't bother. It's not worth the quality. Many DVDs are no better than upscaled standard definition DVDs. Indeed, some are worse - 300 is a good example. Very pixelated on a big screen.

If you want the best, Sky or BBC HD movies are superb. No pixelisation isues at all, whereas Blu-ray (or HD-DVD) can be hit-or-miss. Also, unless you can get your Blu-rays cheaper than they are in, say, HMV, you'll be disappointed.

boromutt Posted on 24/01/2008 19:59
HD-DVD or Blu-Ray

I have a dennon 1930 upscailing dvd player and I have to say the picture quality is superb & it has a nifty hd enhancemnt feature that give beautiful deep blacks which are sometimes a bit grey lcd hd tv's the dennon cost's around 200 and is multi-region

Rod100 Posted on 24/01/2008 20:12
HD-DVD or Blu-Ray

tbh i have a PS3 and i think the bluray player is quality - looks excellent.

the link i have posted sells bluray/HD titles very cheaply IMO. and PS3 games too - its american but free delivery [:)]

Link: dvdworld

jimmy_the_hill Posted on 24/01/2008 21:45
HD-DVD or Blu-Ray

Just buy a game machine and also an undatable blu-ray player...all for three hundred notes.

Tuncaythefunguy Posted on 24/01/2008 21:50
HD-DVD or Blu-Ray

I know Blu ray will win the day. Next year the PS3 will be a massive seller. Tons of great games coming out. When that machine sells so will the Blu ray discs.

longpig Posted on 24/01/2008 22:19
HD-DVD or Blu-Ray

the fate of betamax video was pretty much sealed when the US porn industry opted to release on the VHS format. once again i think the outcome of this one will be decided by a third party, PS3.

NSB_19 Posted on 25/01/2008 00:23
HD-DVD or Blu-Ray

Do not do anything until this crap is sorted. It has happened a number of times over the years e.g VHS /BETAMAX, MINIDISC/CD. Wait until the industry sort it out and then buy.

moody Posted on 25/01/2008 01:58
HD-DVD or Blu-Ray

Blu-ray will win the day which is a shame since the damn thing still isn't finalised. Meaning that a lot of people with early machines won't be able to use most extras that come with the movies on forthcoming releases. Well done Sony.

At least hd-dvd had the standard finalised before going to market. However, Sony got one thing right in making sure the PS3 came with a blu-ray player as standard. If they hadn't then they would be more hd-dvd players in homes blu-ray.

axel1974 Posted on 25/01/2008 09:44
HD-DVD or Blu-Ray

I don't think either format will win in the same way that dvd triumphed. I expect to see downloading of movies being the preferred choice to buying blu ray. Its much more convenient storing them on a hard drive. Its already happened with mp3 so it stands to reason that the same will happen with movies too