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Salford_boro Posted on 22/01/2008 22:13
33 for a wallet

and that's in the sale, who in their right mind would pay that?

Luca_Brazi Posted on 22/01/2008 22:17
33 for a wallet

Someone with 33 quid and who was looking for a nice wallet?

confidence_in_water Posted on 22/01/2008 22:18
33 for a wallet

the pinkponce would, surely.

PinkPonce Posted on 22/01/2008 22:18
33 for a wallet

for me a wallet should be something you splash out on.

why keep your money in something cheap?

I've got a few expensive wallets...

Louis Vuitton...approx 120 quid
Mandarinda Duck...approx 50 quid

Had a prada card holder for nights out what was 60 quid, but lost it [:)]

Salford_boro Posted on 22/01/2008 22:18
33 for a wallet

Fook it I can't argue with that answer Luca [:D]

confidence_in_water Posted on 22/01/2008 22:19
33 for a wallet

am i genius??

Salford_boro Posted on 22/01/2008 22:20
33 for a wallet

you called it mate

juninho_the_legend Posted on 22/01/2008 22:21
33 for a wallet

rediculous money to be spending, glad you lost it

Anubis Posted on 22/01/2008 22:21
33 for a wallet

Bloody hell, my wallets lucky if it's got 33 in it.

PinkPonce Posted on 22/01/2008 22:21
33 for a wallet

Posted at the same time as well mate haha!

confidence_in_water Posted on 22/01/2008 22:22
33 for a wallet

great minds..ish

PinkPonce Posted on 22/01/2008 22:23
33 for a wallet

Juninho - what is ridiculous about 120 quid on a LV wallet?... or the prada one for that fact?

i've lost more running for the bus man.

juninho_the_legend Posted on 22/01/2008 22:24
33 for a wallet

ok sorry rocket fella

Salford_boro Posted on 22/01/2008 22:25
33 for a wallet

I suppose if you have the money to spend you have the right to buy what you want, however for me there's better things to spend you money on.

PinkPonce Posted on 22/01/2008 22:26
33 for a wallet


"juninho_the_legend Posted on 22/01/2008 22:24
33 for a wallet
ok sorry rocket fella"

Think you mean "Rockafella"

And by no means is that a boast about spending, but people would spend more in one night on cocaine that i have spend on that.

Blain87 Posted on 22/01/2008 22:27
33 for a wallet

You have to run for a bus. Thats whats wrong with it. buy a ten quid waller instead of a 120 quid one. Buy a few 15 quid shirts, 40 quid jeans instead of 50 and 250 and you could afford not to have to tolerate public transport.

PinkPonce Posted on 22/01/2008 22:29
33 for a wallet

I'll rephrase it Blain...

I've lost more running for a bus prior to stopping using public transport...

In fact, if you're gonna be funny about it, i'll use the

"i've paid more for a poppy" line

Salford_boro Posted on 22/01/2008 22:30
33 for a wallet

now now kids put the toys back in the pram and play nice.

Blain87 Posted on 22/01/2008 22:30
33 for a wallet

Wasnt trying to be funny PP.

Was just confused. Thought you ran for busses in Armani and Prada.

juninho_the_legend Posted on 22/01/2008 22:31
33 for a wallet

only messin mate, i spend stupid money on some things and others think im mad for it. eg 350 for bernie slavens zeneth data systems shirt and various other boro shirts that would probs total 5 grand altogether!
Spend money on what you want, but agree with coke, 40quid thrown away!

Alves_12 Posted on 22/01/2008 22:33
33 for a wallet

I bought a Kenneth Cole one when I was working in America, $50 in the sale, doubt Id stretch over that on my income.

another_waster Posted on 22/01/2008 22:34
33 for a wallet

Mandarinda Duck is such a cool brand :) I have a wallet by them but I dont like carrying wallets out - just keep ya money ni ya pocket :)

PinkPonce Posted on 22/01/2008 22:37
33 for a wallet

Blain, no probs: It was a figure of speach :)

I fly or drive [;)]

A_W.. i agree - MD is a cool brand

JTL - be greatful u dont take drugs as well.

Towell Posted on 23/01/2008 00:22
33 for a wallet

Rocket Fella, lol, thats something my mam would say.

MrIncident Posted on 23/01/2008 00:56
33 for a wallet


MrIncident Posted on 23/01/2008 00:56
33 for a wallet

Anyone who uses a wallet that cost more than 8.99 is clearly a cretin.

Be_Here_Soon Posted on 23/01/2008 01:58
33 for a wallet

I just use my pocket me.

Hand_In_Glove Posted on 23/01/2008 03:37
33 for a wallet

I think PinkPonce is just a bare-faced liar. Jerk head.

zaphod Posted on 23/01/2008 03:52
33 for a wallet

It's difficult to find a decent wallet which doesn't get scruffy or even disintegrate within a year. Most of them aren't deep enough to hold 20 notes either, so the notes get all tatty at the edge.

I don't see the problem in paying 33 for something which will last years, when people think nothing of pouring alcohol costing 20 down their necks in an evening.

Anubis Posted on 23/01/2008 04:19
33 for a wallet

This is mine, cheap at half the price.

Link: it\'s the one that says

marktheborofan Posted on 23/01/2008 07:18
33 for a wallet

I don't have a wallet so I just keep it in the pocket of my 150 jeans.

PinkPonce Posted on 23/01/2008 08:38
33 for a wallet

Hand In Glove:

Do you REALLY think I would lie about something so trivial on here? Have a word with yourself mate.

120 for a LV wallet isn't bad...Said wallet has lasted me for a good 4 years So far. I don't see what the big deal is over that.

And i reiterate my point that the 120 quid - in my eyes is much better spent on 3 bags of sniff on a saturday night.

I have different wallets for different occasions. Sometimes on a night out, i'll just put my money in my "condom pocket" of the jeans..

A good man should always have minimum 3 wallets though in my eyes:

Normal Day to Day wallet = Louis Vuitton wallet, Smaller, lots of cards, holds money.

Work Wallet = Mandarinda Duck - Its a longer wallet but thinner with less card space (perfect for suit jacket pocket) Also holds my passport which is obviously ideal for me with work.

Evening Wallet = Smaller wallet can hold 2, max 3 cards and a small slot for notes.

PinkPonce Posted on 23/01/2008 18:55
33 for a wallet

i feel in the mood for a battle...


juninho_the_legend Posted on 23/01/2008 18:57
33 for a wallet

you love a good argument, whats the latest with alves then from the dutch end?

Johnny_Thunder Posted on 23/01/2008 18:59
33 for a wallet

Only faggots with poncey hair do's carry wallets.

Towell Posted on 23/01/2008 19:05
33 for a wallet

I've got more things to worry about than what wallet i'm taking out with me.

Senor_Chester Posted on 23/01/2008 19:05
33 for a wallet

Aye go on then PP. I don't use wallets and if I did I wouldn't have any problems spending a lot of money on one, however, there is no way in this world I would have a LV wallet as that just screams poser. I have more class than that and don't need to shout from the tree tops how much money I spend on such things.

david_watts Posted on 23/01/2008 19:07
33 for a wallet

What you want is a money clip - much smarter than any S***ty wallet - imo

king_hellfire Posted on 23/01/2008 19:08
33 for a wallet

Mandarinda duck?

PinkPonce Posted on 23/01/2008 19:32
33 for a wallet

juninho... found out last night basically the news that was released today...

Senor.. fair do's... i wont argue with you, as i generally only debate things with people who speak meaningful comments... in your respect, twice tonight, you've talked B*******.

PinkPonce Posted on 23/01/2008 19:45
33 for a wallet

king hellfire... Mandarinda Duck is a designer of clothes , accessories etc.

David watts... money clips are good for money.. i generally carry other things such as cards in wallets and therefore it doesnt suffice. PS are you related to Curly? Not Ms Curly... Curly Watts?

Jonny Thunder.. fair point [:D]

Rod100 Posted on 23/01/2008 20:46
33 for a wallet

"And i reiterate my point that the 120 quid - in my eyes is much better spent on 3 bags of sniff on a saturday night."

have i read that correctly? you'd rather spend it on sniff?

not judging but am i correct in thinking you meant spent on the wallet than the nose?

king_hellfire Posted on 23/01/2008 20:51
33 for a wallet

I was wondering if you had made a spelling mistake because when i googled Mandarinda Duck it couldn't find any results , instead it came up with Mandarina Duck.

Link: Mandarina Duck.

PinkPonce Posted on 23/01/2008 20:56
33 for a wallet

Rod - sorry, of course i was saying that the 120 quid wallet was a much better investment that sticking it up your nose on a saturday night!!

Sorry for the confusion

whoyadoin Posted on 23/01/2008 20:56
33 for a wallet

Nice wallet Anubis. I had one just like it and lost it when I was out on the razz, Gutted.

PinkPonce you are indeed a fancy dan.

Rod100 Posted on 23/01/2008 20:58
33 for a wallet

i knew that was what you meant but just clearing it up.

i agree PP. loads of people think nothing of banging a load of nose in them on a saturday yet scoff at the thought of spending it on something smart.

PinkPonce Posted on 23/01/2008 21:04
33 for a wallet


the link shows a similar wallet to mine, except mine is suade!

whoyadoin... fancy dan? my names mark... [:)]

Link: Similar to mine except mine

Ayresome_82 Posted on 23/01/2008 21:04
33 for a wallet

33 for a wallet isnt bad, depends what it is i guess.

I have a Paul Smith wallet, which was 120. I love it.

king_hellfire Posted on 23/01/2008 21:16
33 for a wallet


I'm thinking about getting this Paul Smith wallet, is it like the one you have?

Link: Paul Smith wallet.

Ayresome_82 Posted on 23/01/2008 21:20
33 for a wallet

Exactly the same on the exterior king_hellfire, however mine has a woman on the inside.

Ive had it about 3 or 4 years and its still good as new.

Dr_Evil Posted on 23/01/2008 21:23
33 for a wallet

I too have a Paul Smith wallet. It was also 120.

My previous wallet was also the same.

They are totally different and so much better.

Paul Smith make lovely accessories and jeans, and knitwear, but their t shirts often leave a lot to be desired.

PinkPonce Posted on 23/01/2008 21:24
33 for a wallet

Ayresome.. i know the wallet you have...

sold them in triads... i was tempted! very tempted.

Dr_Evil Posted on 23/01/2008 21:26
33 for a wallet

Sorry it was 80.

Rod100 Posted on 23/01/2008 21:28
33 for a wallet

i like the smithy accessories. wallets are very smart. i also like his cuff links and socks [:)]

Ned_Le_Quesne Posted on 23/01/2008 21:29
33 for a wallet

I have a Ralph Lauren calf skin wallet, I've had it for 10 years now, and it's still in good nick. Cost me $10:00 when I bought it, but all that means is I know where to buy the names for not much money.

I wouldn't dream of paying over $15:00 for a wallet, that's 7.5 quid !

Dr_Evil Posted on 23/01/2008 21:30
33 for a wallet

Careful Rodders, people will think you are chatting me up. [;)]

PinkPonce Posted on 23/01/2008 21:31
33 for a wallet

I like vivienne westwood accessories...

Ties etc also.. But got some lovely cufflinks

Ooh, and fingerless gloves!

Rod100 Posted on 23/01/2008 21:32
33 for a wallet

i thought i'd done the spade work last time Dr_Evil and didnt realise id have to do it all over again lol.

how is baby bethany and your good lady? all good i hope [:)]

Rod100 Posted on 23/01/2008 21:33
33 for a wallet

i have a nice westwood suit - nicely different but still daringly smart lol.

PinkPonce Posted on 23/01/2008 21:36
33 for a wallet

I love vivienne westwood..

iwent through a stage where all i would wear was her clobber... shirts, t-shirts, shoes, jeans, trousers, jumpers, hats.... you have very good taste sir.

*waits for the barrage of abuse from people wearing Asda George...

Dr_Evil Posted on 23/01/2008 21:36
33 for a wallet

Ha ha, all the spade work has paid off my lad.

Yes mate she is great! All though in the past 3 and a half weeks she has seen more tits than ive had hot dinners!

And your family?

Dr_Evil Posted on 23/01/2008 21:38
33 for a wallet

Poncester, have you ever bought from Ebay?

I got a pair of jeans from there, not sure if they are fakes....

Financial situation doesnt allow to spend 130 on jeans anymore. [:(]

PinkPonce Posted on 23/01/2008 21:41
33 for a wallet

Poncester [:D] i like that...

Have bought a few bits off ebay yeah, but not jeans... who are they manufactured by?

Brands you should really avoid from Ebay are:

Ettiene Ozeki

among others.

king_hellfire Posted on 23/01/2008 21:41
33 for a wallet

I like Westwood's T-shirts, Vivienne that is not Gangsta/ Vicars son, Tim.

onthemap Posted on 23/01/2008 21:42
33 for a wallet

It's on the tip of my tongue, something about a fool and his money...the only person being honest is the sales person on commission, at least he/she can be happy that they've relieved some idiot of their hard earned, no one else notices the 80 wallets, the big belts or the hair do's.

No one else bats an eyelid.

Dr_Evil Posted on 23/01/2008 21:44
33 for a wallet

Tim Westwood went to a private school. My mate Ben went to the same school.

Diesel Jeans mate.

I only buy designer otm because it looks better, and feels better. Dont give a S***e what other people think.

My best mates mrs buys all his clothes, and he is the only bloke in the world (bar me dad) whos opinion i care about from a male point of view.

onthemap Posted on 23/01/2008 21:49
33 for a wallet

Dr Evil
Presumably you mean - it looks better to me? Because the rest of us don't notice.
If that's the case then fair enough, but don't confuse that with the rest of the world even noticing.

PinkPonce Posted on 23/01/2008 21:50
33 for a wallet

Onthemap... i cant help feeling that we have been here before, and if the above post wasnt a dig at me, then i'm an engineer (god help me)

If you are in a position to buy the clothes / accessories / hair styles you want, then the next man in the streets opinion doesn't matter.

I do this for myself, and myself only. No one else. I wouldn't take advice from my family, and therefore certainly not an incompetent engineer...

As for your comment:

"no one else notices the 80 wallets, the big belts or the hair do's.

No one else bats an eyelid."

Well, you are aware of my username, and the way it came about. You noticed me, others noticed me...So , i reckon people did bat an eyelid kid... I didn't ask you too though. You just did.

Anyone else?

Dr_Evil Posted on 23/01/2008 21:51
33 for a wallet

Thats exactly what i mean dude.

I really dont care what other people think of my belongings.

Its what i think of it that counts.

PinkPonce Posted on 23/01/2008 22:00
33 for a wallet

Ex-F****g-actly Evil.... and the thing that they don't get, is that they think I personally do it for attention! its a F***ing joke lol.. Yes, thats right, i got and spend hundred of pounds for you lot to talk about on an internet message board.

Thing is with on the map, he is a typical engineer... he won't listen to the opinion of ANYONE else and is so blinkered in his own mindset that he will always think HE is right...

As for diesel - not sure how much fake stuff there is going about... best of going somewhere like psyche, checking some real pairs out (i.e internal tags / stitching round the pockets) and comparing them with yours when u get home!

Rod100 Posted on 23/01/2008 22:06
33 for a wallet

everyone is fine and well thanks mate. im on nights so pist off to hell and back - just got in the office now to get my stuff ready then out [V]

Alves_12 Posted on 23/01/2008 22:11
33 for a wallet

I must say, I dont get it when people say "As if you spent 120 on them jeans, mine are pretty much the same and mine were 15"
1. I spend my money on what I like
2. They are nowhere near the same

Its as if people dont realise the difference between quality, and well, S***.

Piggy Posted on 23/01/2008 22:12
33 for a wallet

I paid eighty quid for an alligator skin wallet a few years ago in America, a bit extravagant I suppose, especially as it still went into the washing machine by mistake a few times and eventually was nicked from my pocket in Pamplona.

I bought a chopped off Alligators head at the same time for about a tenner. It's not quite as practical for storing your credit cards in, but it's better for teasing the dog.

Alves_12 Posted on 23/01/2008 22:13
33 for a wallet

Btw. Those Mandarina Duck wallets are very nice indeed, Id certainly pay that.

Dr_Evil Posted on 23/01/2008 22:14
33 for a wallet

i have next jeans. compared to all my other jeans, they are awful.

Even my Dad agrees, and he used to be a right tight arse.

Alves_12 Posted on 23/01/2008 22:15
33 for a wallet

Lol, indeed. I was going away for four months to work, bought my jeans from topman, they just arent the same.

I love Diesel Jeans, they're perhaps my favourite.

PinkPonce Posted on 23/01/2008 22:21
33 for a wallet

Diesel jeans are good..

I like DSquared, Evisu for the Denim and the vintage Levis label... but they can be extortionately expensive... but WELL worth it for the quality of japanese leather

Cheap jeans are not good enough.. Simple as that..

Think i'm gonna buy a new wallet at the weekend...

I'll think of a use for it (i.e work, play, weekend, nightout)

pierrequiroule Posted on 23/01/2008 22:31
33 for a wallet

"Its as if people dont realise the difference between quality, and well, S***."

Unintentional irony (is that possible?), whatever, it's always funnier.

Dibzzz Posted on 23/01/2008 22:32
33 for a wallet

What's wrong with a back pocket?

PinkPonce Posted on 23/01/2008 22:33
33 for a wallet

is that a euphemism Dibzzz?

Borocelt Posted on 24/01/2008 00:20
33 for a wallet

I think that's alright, provided it's a nice one.

I have a very nice Hugo Boss wallet at the moment, it was a present mind, I didn't buy it, but I know it was 80 (because someone forgot to remove the price inside the packaging!). I'm interested as to how this wallet holds up, my last one was a Next one and only lasted about 18 months or so.

I think it's nice to have certain more expensive items, although I just can't afford to have an entire wardrobe comprised of designer clobber. I especially agree with regards to jeans, the quality is so much different. A good pair of jeans last years, although most of mine are the cheaper ones (topman, river island and H&M) which tend to fall to bits after a few months and need replacing. I'd love some Paul Smith ones but can't justify the money at the moment.

PinkPonce Posted on 24/01/2008 07:48
33 for a wallet

you're right..

for people to have the odd nice expensive thing is good i think...

acessories, i always splash out on..

I cant stand cheap ties or things like that...

but a wallet is something i think should be classy and something slightly more "waring" than one from the indoor market...

hewielewie Posted on 24/01/2008 08:25
33 for a wallet

Wallets are equivalent to cars, the more expensive the wallet the smaller the dick

PinkPonce Posted on 24/01/2008 09:09
33 for a wallet


I think you'll find its, the more expensive the car/wallet the more money I have to lavish on such luxaries.

hewielewie Posted on 24/01/2008 09:18
33 for a wallet

But obviously not lavished on an education which taught you how to spell?

number9 Posted on 24/01/2008 09:19
33 for a wallet

The missus bought me a Dunhill wallet in Bali, cost 90. Had it for two months the the dog chewed it to bits!

Salford_boro Posted on 24/01/2008 09:45
33 for a wallet

I didn't think this would turn into such a huge thread when I started it. nearly 90 replies about the price of wallets

sponski2000 Posted on 24/01/2008 10:49
33 for a wallet

Wallets are the new Man-Bag.

Bandy Posted on 24/01/2008 10:50
33 for a wallet

"Louis Vuitton"

thats for birds

Critical_Bill Posted on 24/01/2008 10:50
33 for a wallet

Ponce, you don't talk about money much, do you?

London_Boro Posted on 24/01/2008 11:26
33 for a wallet

I'm still laughing about Rocket fella! LOL!!

Haven't laughed so much since someone on here called someone a Pre Madonna!


MarlonD Posted on 24/01/2008 11:30
33 for a wallet

i bought an "original" Hugo Boss wallet from Turkey in 1998. Cost me 5.

Still got it and it still works.

Ponce, owners of places like Psyche & Triads need people like you to exist.

Critical_Bill Posted on 24/01/2008 11:32
33 for a wallet

Why try to give the impression that you are a rock-star/celebrity/rich bloke when you are a brick counter.

MarlonD Posted on 24/01/2008 11:35
33 for a wallet

Bill - [:D]

You'll have put him off now, he'll have to start all over again.


Salford_boro Posted on 24/01/2008 11:53
33 for a wallet

Marlon d in Vinny bating shocker - whatever next vinny haveing a go at bororeddaz?

Critical_Bill Posted on 24/01/2008 11:59
33 for a wallet

What are you on about, you imbecile?

MarlonD Posted on 24/01/2008 12:08
33 for a wallet

Lost me there Salford.

SOUTHGATES_NOSE Posted on 24/01/2008 12:10
33 for a wallet

nearly the ton . . .

cliffy Posted on 24/01/2008 12:10
33 for a wallet

I don't even bother with a wallet. Makes it easy for someone to whip it out of you pocket. I prefer to just have my money in my right pocket [:P]

Spamlad Posted on 24/01/2008 12:13
33 for a wallet

Ton up !

My wallet was 25 from the Adidas shop in Manchester, and I am very happy with it. Thankyou, that is all.

SOUTHGATES_NOSE Posted on 24/01/2008 12:13
33 for a wallet

the ton [:D]

Spamlad Posted on 24/01/2008 12:13
33 for a wallet

Beat ya to it :p

SOUTHGATES_NOSE Posted on 24/01/2008 12:16
33 for a wallet

the best man lost

Spamlad Posted on 24/01/2008 12:18
33 for a wallet

And you didn't even chip in with any wallet-based information !

How a thread about wallets gets a ton I'll never know. Y-A-W-N.

Salford_boro Posted on 24/01/2008 12:25
33 for a wallet

that's exactly my sentiment, over 100 posts, everyone must have forgotten about the posistion we are in the fact we might/might not be signing anyone

MarlonD Posted on 24/01/2008 12:26
33 for a wallet

Salford you knew that Ponce would take over this thread to prove that he knows some designer names.

SOUTHGATES_NOSE Posted on 24/01/2008 12:31
33 for a wallet

Yeah to be fair the thread was mainly down to PinkPonce been a flash C*** talking about his wallets purchased from Turkey for a few quid [:D]

P.S just a bog standard topman leather wallet for me

SuperBokSupper Posted on 24/01/2008 12:39
33 for a wallet

fooking hell

id rather people judge me by what type of person I am than by what clothes I wear or how much I spend on something to keep my money/cards in.

Having said that Poncey is a good lad.

P.S. im a massive cuunt so people hate me anyway never mind the george jeans [^]

Salford_boro Posted on 24/01/2008 12:49
33 for a wallet

I suppose I'd better add my wallet to the thread s I started it. It's a cnavass England wallet with velcro to keep it secure. Although the velcro is hangning off and the iside of the wallet is ripped. So I suppose I'd better buy a new one. Right where was that 33 wallet again?

Boroborn Posted on 24/01/2008 13:06
33 for a wallet

33 for a wallet is fair enough. If said wallet will last you a couple of years and is fairly smart what difference does it make?

140 on a wallet is retarded - you think you look the business, the poeple you bought it from were laughing at you as you left the store and 90% of the people who see you with a "designer" wallet will think your a metrosexual w*nker.

Don't get me wrong, i have nothing against people paying a little bit extra for good quality.

100 - 150 is fine for a top notch pair of jeans or 100 for a top quality shirt.
The problem is when your paying that kind of money for something thats been made is a sweatshop in Pakistan by a 9 year old.

Where if you took the basge of the product you just paid 100 for you'd struggle to get 2 for.

I get the impression that The Pink Ponce would actually spend a stupid amount of money on a low quality product just because of the label.

His quote that a man should have 3 wallets is, to be frank, pathetic. Does he really believe that other people pay THAT much attention to him?
Vain and attention seeking i suspect The Pink Ponce was a lot closer to his mother during childhood then the average.

slovakianexpress Posted on 24/01/2008 15:14
33 for a wallet

if your after top quality wallet, look no further than this link

Link: wallet

Dr_Evil Posted on 24/01/2008 15:17
33 for a wallet

Quality SBS made me laugh that.

PinkPonce Posted on 24/01/2008 15:17
33 for a wallet


Ok, here goes.

Critical Bill - As, expenditure, cost and value are essential aspects of my daily job yes money does form a fundamental part of my daily discussions..... But once again, you could not fail to take the bait. You are one sad man.

Marlon - I didn't take over the thread kidda. I merely commented on your "opinion" with my own. It just so happens that the majority on here seem to be so blinkered to the opinion of others that I made more of an input. YOu're just jealous that your thread ended up in yet another Pink Ponceathon.

As for the 1, 2, 3, 4 comment... I'm not surprised that that's where you stopped... The enxt one is Number FIVE son.. Ok.. Good lad...

Don't fall into Shiitical Bills way of judging a quantity surveyor. My role is more along the lines of cost management against progress value and productivity... You have no idea of the role. It would be like me commenting on shopping in the officers club - Unfortunately I don't comment on things i have no knowledge on... I can do a cracking post on Vivienne Westwood, Selfridges and the like though - if you desire.

BoroBorn - Please explain why it is pathetic. And once again, let me explain, son, that things like that are not done for the benefit of ANYONE else. Get that into your head. And anyone else who doesn't understand.


"I get the impression that The Pink Ponce would actually spend a stupid amount of money on a low quality product just because of the label"

The reason i spend more money on the majority of things i buy, is simply because of the SUPERIOR quality.

I bet you queue for the sales in the town don't you.

Seriously - This board has some good characters, but some of you... Dear me. Get a life for goodness sake!

Anyway on a lighter note, just had a post tender hand over meeting for some more work within the Airport... Bring on the airmiles.

Critical_Bill Posted on 24/01/2008 15:20
33 for a wallet

I find your 'you took the bait' claims rather ironic.

You are the biggest biter on here.

MarlonD Posted on 24/01/2008 15:22
33 for a wallet

"My role is more along the lines of cost management against progress value and productivity... You have no idea of the role."

I work in the building industry you doyle. You are just a Junior QS.

SuperBokSupper Posted on 24/01/2008 15:26
33 for a wallet

bean counting is a good business to be in Marlon

must be if you can afford 120 quid wallets [^]

PinkPonce Posted on 24/01/2008 15:27
33 for a wallet

Seriously please don't [:D]

Jesus man.

Learn the difference between responses and bites... and whilst you're there, between administrator and design.

PinkPonce Posted on 24/01/2008 15:27
33 for a wallet


Just like my final accounts..

Critical_Bill Posted on 24/01/2008 15:31
33 for a wallet

'S***tical' is a classy response, ponce
You have your own little space in my keep-net.

PinkPonce Posted on 24/01/2008 15:31
33 for a wallet

[:D] Junior...

A joker as well kid - you've got it all going for you haven't you! Won't deny that I was once a Junior QS, but we've all gotta start somewhere haven't we...Look at Critical Bill. One day maybe, Just maybe, he'll be liable for design as well as painting by numbers.

Whats is your "role" in the building industry then Marlon.

Muttley Posted on 24/01/2008 15:32
33 for a wallet

"I bet you cue for the sales in the town don't you." [:D]

My favourite line in over a hundred posts, well done.

PinkPonce Posted on 24/01/2008 15:33
33 for a wallet

I'm bored of you now Bill - thanks though.

Go and snort a line of Printer toner or something.. Or get the lads the coffees in. White with for me.

Critical_Bill Posted on 24/01/2008 15:36
33 for a wallet

Keep trying for the laughs Ponce.

I don't mean with your spelling, either.

mickbrown Posted on 24/01/2008 15:38
33 for a wallet

I don't understand a word of this thread.

PinkPonce Posted on 24/01/2008 15:45
33 for a wallet

I'm not trying for anything mate...

And us with proper jobs are generally busy, so soemtmies my splelnig may be a ltitle ruhsed as I hvae a lot of wrok to do kidda.

PinkPonce Posted on 24/01/2008 15:46
33 for a wallet

Well you wouldn't, there not much need for wallets in Bolton really is there?

Critical_Bill Posted on 24/01/2008 15:48
33 for a wallet

A proper job? Says a Quantity Surveyor?[:D]

mickbrown Posted on 24/01/2008 15:50
33 for a wallet

Whereas Boro is the most affluent place in the country. Or was it effluent? Can't remember what Phil and Kirsty said.

PinkPonce Posted on 24/01/2008 15:55
33 for a wallet

Mick - it was tongue in cheek...

Bill - We have been down that road SO many times before... How many drawings can you copy in an hour? You're a Qs / Engineer / PM / Architects Biitch.

mickbrown Posted on 24/01/2008 15:59
33 for a wallet

So was mine

Critical_Bill Posted on 24/01/2008 16:00
33 for a wallet

It's your stock response, Primrose.
There's nothing worse than someone who talks shop all of the time.

Johnny_Thunder Posted on 24/01/2008 16:08
33 for a wallet

It will be "my dad is going to knock F*** out of yours" before long.
And I am much richer than you.....

MarlonD Posted on 24/01/2008 16:12
33 for a wallet

"Whats is your "role" in the building industry then Marlon."

WTF has it got to do with you. You just keep counting the safety helmets in & out.

PinkPonce Posted on 24/01/2008 16:18
33 for a wallet

I only talk about work whilst at work...

The last thing on my mind is talking shop outside of working hours...

I just find it hard to believe that a man in your position would feel it necessary or even attempt to engage in a slanging match over career.

Marlon.. Its got nothing to do with me, it was merely a question. You didn't need to answer, and you chose not to. But your refusal to explain your position / role, would lead me to assume that its just as important as vinnys.

Johnny - its not about the rich list. its about enjoyment, happiness, fulfillment. of which all 3 apply in my case.

Critical_Bill Posted on 24/01/2008 16:21
33 for a wallet

Your job snobbery is ridiculous, and your perceptions misguided.

Stick you posting your usual garbage about how much 'gash' you get.

MarlonD Posted on 24/01/2008 16:23
33 for a wallet

Ponce your poser's wallet would struggle to hold my wages.

PinkPonce Posted on 24/01/2008 16:36
33 for a wallet

vinny - you seriously must be joking.

You come on here and take the P***, call my job and i hit you with a couple of cheeky posts and all off a sudden i'm job snobbish!

Have a word...

Fact of the matter is, I've got mates who are also in dead end jobs, but I respect them and they're good friends.


I'm joking.... I couldn't care less what anyone does for a living. As long as it pays the bills and people are happy. Fair play to anyone..

But if you can't take the crack don't give it out.

Marlon - "Ponce your poser's wallet would struggle to hold my wages."

Why's that? Are they paying you in pound coins??

Boroborn Posted on 24/01/2008 16:40
33 for a wallet

Mr Ponce.
"BoroBorn - Please explain why it is pathetic. And once again, let me explain, son, that things like that are not done for the benefit of ANYONE else. Get that into your head. And anyone else who doesn't understand."

You have three wallets for you? Why? If you only do that for you then i ask why?

In my 27 years on this planet i have never known anyone need any more then one wallet. I have known millionaires and people on the dole and they all only had 1 wallet.

So if this is soley as you claim for your benifit then you may have a shopping addiction or perhaps a hoarding disorder?

Of course then this may all just be a windup on your part and if that is the case, carry on.

Critical_Bill Posted on 24/01/2008 16:40
33 for a wallet

It was your your derogatory comments that you once made about the tradesmen that has made you look like a job snob.
My line is strong enough for any of your bites.

PinkPonce Posted on 24/01/2008 16:53
33 for a wallet


" You have three wallets for you? Why? If you only do that for you then i ask why? "

Well, seeing as you are so clearly interested, I hope this helps settle it:

I have 3 wallets:

Wallet No.1: Normal Sized Every day wallet

Louis Vuitton, Standard size, lots of card slots and pouches. Its obviously bulky though when full of cards and money which is no good for work.

Pro's: All cards are available:
Cons: Can only really be worn in jeans pocket as can be quite bulky.

Wallet No.2: Work Wallet

Mandarina Duck, check the link earlier. A larger but thinner wallet, which is perfect for me to use for work. It only has 4 or 5 card slots and one large side "pouch" which I can fit my passport in for when commuting. Because i only need a couple of cards for work its ideal, as its thinness makes it perfect for suit jackets.

Pro's: Great for my suit pockets for work. Not bulky and doesn't make suit lose shape which bulky ones do to the inside pockets.

Cons: Too Long for jeans pockets really, not enough card slots of all cards.

Wallet No.3: Night wallet

Small thin, wallet, with 2 card slots either side of a slot for money. About 3 inch by 2 inch and about think. Great for nights out, as fits in front pocket no problem, rather than carrying wallet in back pocket.

Pro's: As above, fits in front pocket and means you don't risk losing all cards , driving licience etc on nights out as you only havfe 1 max 2 cards.

Cons: Can't think of one.

Hope that explains and makes you understand MY reasons. Pick faults if you want, but i know there is a valid reason for them all.

PinkPonce Posted on 24/01/2008 17:02
33 for a wallet

Ahh I see where you are coming from...and it was on the pointless job thread!..

But if you remember correctly, I explained my comments a few threads later.

The line you are on about related to QS's being the most hated men behind health and safety officers on sites...

My comment was "the scummy operatives on site who should have stuck in at school showing a total lack of respect for H&S"...

You quite clearly took this out of context. Given that we had just suffered the 2nd tragic death of a worker here on site, your comments were not well received about H&S and I personally took exception to it.

Given, that throughout the duration of this project, there has only been 2 deaths (which is still 2 too many) when the industry norms and predictions claimed there would be 10-12 deaths given the hours worked - H&S here has been exceptional... HOWEVER, it is when operatives, and people like yuorself pay total disregard to the people who are making our construction sites safe.

Losing someone who is personally close through accidents on building sites would not be a very nice thing...

therefore my comments were solely regarding respect, the lack of it, and the negative comments YOU posted.

YOu in fact replied to that comment on the aforementioned thread, and to use it again now, is frankly VERY distasteful.

Critical_Bill Posted on 24/01/2008 17:05
33 for a wallet

Don't be back-pedalling too fast, you'll fall off.
*Puts rod away*

As someone who knew someone who was working on T5 I found your comments out of order.
Anyway, they don't work there any more as they are now working on a blue-book site.

PinkPonce Posted on 24/01/2008 17:15
33 for a wallet

As someone who saw first hand the effects of tragic accidents on site I find your comments truly disturbing.

BTW think you made a mistake: You should have said

*puts colouring in pens away*

Anyway - we are moving away from the point... Wallets anyone?