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Boro1980 Posted on 02/12/2008 20:56
Football Manager Help

Hi i am trying to install Football manager 2009 to my laptop and it gets to the end of the installing and keeps coming up,,,

fm.exe - application error
The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0150002)

Does anyone know what i need to do

Thank you

Rod100 Posted on 02/12/2008 20:57
Football Manager Help

what colour is your lap top?

karembeu_ca Posted on 02/12/2008 21:26
Football Manager Help

typical jawdee [;)]

rod, is the lair still down?

onan Posted on 02/12/2008 21:35
Football Manager Help

disable your anti virus software before you start the install

Pogroy Posted on 02/12/2008 22:06
Football Manager Help

i had the same error, you need to go on the forum on the football manager website and there is a post on there with a link under technical problems

Davey_C Posted on 02/12/2008 22:10
Football Manager Help

Which is the best management game out there? I was gonna by the ex's son one on psp but there were that many to choose from. I know Championship Manager used to be the dogs bollox years ago but I'm sure I read its not made by the same people anymore or something? There was also anotherone called handheld manager?

Dann020 Posted on 02/12/2008 22:17
Football Manager Help

do ya need to keep the stupid Steam on to play FM even though i have got the disk or is there a way of disabling using Steam on FM - i have already registered the game but is there any way of not having to have it?????????