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The_Dude Posted on 18/11/2008 19:39
bernie slaven is a tit

loved him as a player, complete anti-boro rants now, what a F***ing tool

SmognessMonster Posted on 18/11/2008 19:42
bernie slaven is a tit

Whats he said for you to bring this on?

erimus74 Posted on 18/11/2008 20:16
bernie slaven is a tit

Don't listen to the rubbish

Sitrep Posted on 18/11/2008 20:18
bernie slaven is a tit

Bernie is a Boro Fan.
and He's Class

Bigborofan1987 Posted on 18/11/2008 20:26
bernie slaven is a tit

Hey leave him alone he is a legend on teesside and no he is not a it he goes to goals every Tuesday and plays with young lads helping them he is class

intheblood Posted on 18/11/2008 20:41
bernie slaven is a tit

I admire Bernie because he,s as much Boro as any of us but I would like to hear him give that complete and utter tit McDonald and Mickey Hoss shytt a bit more stick.The pair of them do nothing but try to nit pick at Boro over anything that they can concoct.I know they are both hurting because we are looking down from above but I think Bernie makes to much of a joke of things at times, I sometimes wish Ally was on the legends to rip the shytt out of the C****ney geordie.
Other than that Bernie,s a gem, like an earlier posts says he does a bit for local youngsters as well.

Mr_Middlesbrough Posted on 18/11/2008 20:42
bernie slaven is a tit

Love him or hate him, he is thick and supports Celtic