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Monkey_Ball_Knackers Posted on 16/11/2008 00:21
Mitsubishi Evo's

I have decided to buy a evo after driving my mates evo 6 Tommy Mac Limited Edition , i am looking for a 6 or maybe a 5 and would like one in black or yellow as these are the limited & best colors.
I reckon i could of hit the money as i have come across this on ebay & its in boro.
Problem being my mate who is well into evo's and modding them has just gone off shore for 2 weeks on Thursday so anybody that's into evo's any advice would be be spot on.

Link: Black Evo V

ridsdale Posted on 16/11/2008 00:24
Mitsubishi Evo's

An import means much higher insurance doesn't it?

Nice car like.

elnino1 Posted on 16/11/2008 00:27
Mitsubishi Evo's


It's a 10 year old boy racing car.

Get a proper blokes car.

Monkey_Ball_Knackers Posted on 16/11/2008 00:31
Mitsubishi Evo's

Lol i am not a chav mate , but just like proper old school sports/rally cars , i am pretty sure from what my mate has told me the imports of the Jap/type sports cars are the ones to have.
Example a imported evo will P*** all over a uk model and the same with other sports cars scoobys , skylines , supra's ect.

shamblesdefarm Posted on 16/11/2008 00:35
Mitsubishi Evo's

Clean car for the year like ive im sure it`s the one flying about around south bank area was behind it other week on normanby rd is a boy racer mobile but lot lot better than the usual saxo`s and clio`s lol.

Gibson_Wheres_My_P45 Posted on 16/11/2008 21:28
Mitsubishi Evo's

Get it bought i have was looking for a black evo for ages and ended up buying a skyline gtr.
If that car is genuine it is in mint nick & you will struggle to find one in that condition for the money.
It's the type of car that you could spend money on and still make go for it.

borotony Posted on 16/11/2008 22:00
Mitsubishi Evo's

they are a little bit more responsive then the uk's but they are more to insure and come with limiters on. they can be taken off though

RandyGrandad Posted on 16/11/2008 22:09
Mitsubishi Evo's

I think they need servicing something stupid like every 4500 miles. Saying that though they are a beast of a motor; I'd love one but cant afford. The Evo 6 I think is regarded as the best one.
Have you tried the Petrolheads website?

RandyGrandad Posted on 16/11/2008 22:13
Mitsubishi Evo's

Scrap what I just said; have just had a look at the advert..............BUY IT!!!