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moon65 Posted on 14/11/2008 16:16
lodge money

stepdaughter only paying 50 pound a month lodge she is earning 200 a week not much i suppose but she is a trainee accountant.drives a nice peugot and new clothes every on the verge of leaving my partner over this what do i do?

number1jonnycash Posted on 14/11/2008 16:17
lodge money

how old is she?

swordtrombonefish Posted on 14/11/2008 16:17
lodge money

Double it

Midosparmo Posted on 14/11/2008 16:18
lodge money

Im guessing shes got a season ticket, its a typical profile of a season ticket holder. The other alternative is the over 50's.

rubber_soles Posted on 14/11/2008 16:18
lodge money

I gave my mum 30 a week and that was ten years ago.

moon65 Posted on 14/11/2008 16:18
lodge money


moon65 Posted on 14/11/2008 16:20
lodge money

i did too rubber even when i was on the dole i gave my mam a tenner

number1jonnycash Posted on 14/11/2008 16:22
lodge money

moon i have been thru this with four daughters,
tell her you want
120 a month if she's not happy ask her were she can get homely digs at 30 quid a week then

BigCasino Posted on 14/11/2008 16:23
lodge money


thought it was a thread about the "funny handshake" mob

SplendidStuff Posted on 14/11/2008 16:24
lodge money

Tell her to buy her own food, and she can't use the shower or toilet more than once a week.

Bet she soon splits or coughs up the money.

boro999 Posted on 14/11/2008 16:25
lodge money

i say stop taking her money off her and let her enjoy it while she can.. 20 a week is enough..

SplendidStuff Posted on 14/11/2008 16:26
lodge money

boro999 you are a complete tool it appears.

red_shamrock Posted on 14/11/2008 16:26
lodge money

As long as she helps at home, Christ shes only 20 and a trainee.

moon65 Posted on 14/11/2008 16:28
lodge money

shamrock she doesnt help at home either

sasboro1 Posted on 14/11/2008 16:29
lodge money

yeah 120 a month is about right for a 20 year old. Remind her that youa re payign the gas,elec,council tax, food, water rates, tv licence and maybe internet and tv packages. 120 might just cover it. that still leaves her plenty

boro999 Posted on 14/11/2008 16:31
lodge money

why because i would rarther my child enjoy them selfs while they are young than take all their money off them?

if that makes me a tool then yeh im a tool

red_shamrock Posted on 14/11/2008 16:31
lodge money

Well its not a hotel then is it mate, shes an adult and should help Clean& Iron. When they are kids you look after them and their mess but when they are adults they should share the work load.

Genghis_Khan Posted on 14/11/2008 16:34
lodge money

Stop being such a greedy F***er. Parents shouldn't charge their kids rent, especially kids on min wage.

NedKat Posted on 14/11/2008 16:35
lodge money

Consider these questions .....

Is the extra 70 quid a month going to make a difference to you and your partner's life style ?

Can you afford to allow her to keep paying the 50 a month ?

Has this become larger than it really should have, because it's turned into an big issue between you and your partner ?

Have you actually sat down and talked about raising the lodge money ?

rubber_soles Posted on 14/11/2008 16:37
lodge money

"Stop being such a greedy F***er. Parents shouldn't charge their kids rent, especially kids on min wage."

I bet you say that when you get home every friday.

sasboro1 Posted on 14/11/2008 16:37
lodge money

you can always put the 120 per month away in bank account then use it in a few years when she is looking to buy a car or house or something.

when i was signing on for 6 months I gave my parents 30% of what i got. Not much but you are contributing to the household.

SplendidStuff Posted on 14/11/2008 16:37
lodge money

You know all the ones crowing about not paying lodge were spoilt little buggers.

20 years old is old enough to be paying your way, and if you choose to splash it on a flash car and new clothes all the time whilst not contributing to the family, then shame on you really.

red_shamrock Posted on 14/11/2008 16:37
lodge money

Best advert on the telly

Link: see ya

made-in-uk Posted on 14/11/2008 16:43
lodge money

Why not charge her an extra 50, and stick it in a savings account for her, if you dont need the money. She should then learn to live with paying more rent but also know when she moves out she has a nice wedge to pay for a deposit or whatever.

Genghis_Khan Posted on 14/11/2008 16:45
lodge money

If you read the first post slowly, it's like a really bad Dear Deidre without the pics!

jono_feds Posted on 14/11/2008 16:49
lodge money

It gives them the wrong impression that life is a piece of P*** and it will always be like this. It won't do her any harm to realise the value of money a little more.

moon65 Posted on 14/11/2008 16:49
lodge money

some good comments there thnx for the suggestions.moneys tight at the moment in our home and a bigger contribution would certainly help.i feel its a moral issue as well.

NedKat Posted on 14/11/2008 16:51
lodge money

The main thing here, Moon .. is you must remember she's only 20 years old. If you have any feelings for her, don't let a moral issue destroy the ties between you. When your old and grey, and confined to a wheel chair, she'll be the one who pushed you off the bridge !

somethingtodowithdeath Posted on 14/11/2008 16:51
lodge money

Think the board standards are on the up, was expecting some, shall we say, some 'obvious replies' :)

ridsdale Posted on 14/11/2008 16:52
lodge money

200.00 a month would be very reasonable IMHO. A flat starts at more than 400.00 a month.

red_shamrock Posted on 14/11/2008 16:52
lodge money

LOL@ Ned

moon65 Posted on 14/11/2008 16:54
lodge money

cheers nedkat ill bear that in mind.

pollock Posted on 14/11/2008 16:54
lodge money

How much do your parents charge you G_K?

NedKat Posted on 14/11/2008 16:58
lodge money

Genghis Khan's parents ?

That'll be Coobla and Elsie ?

Boro1980 Posted on 14/11/2008 16:58
lodge money

The question is moon do you need the money from her ?

SplendidStuff Posted on 14/11/2008 17:00
lodge money

The question has already been answered 1980, do keep up or learn to scroll a page.

Genghis_Khan Posted on 14/11/2008 17:01
lodge money

Quite the opposite one of my parents lives in my house and I charge zero!

oldborofart Posted on 14/11/2008 17:02
lodge money

haven't you had the classic retort of I DIDN'T ASK TO BE BORN DID I??????????????????????????????

Pasty Posted on 14/11/2008 17:04
lodge money

Our mam and dad took hardly F*** all off me and our kid, i had my own house at 21 and he did at 20,

So i dont think it is such a bad thing not taking much lodge

red_shamrock Posted on 14/11/2008 17:09
lodge money

Same here but they help their Ma.

London_Boro Posted on 14/11/2008 17:11
lodge money

Tell her it's doubling to 100 per month. 25 per week is not too much to ask for a roof over your head, meals, washing etc etc.

Bandy Posted on 14/11/2008 17:34
lodge money

she sounds like a pampered poodle!

make her pay her way otherwise she'll find life tough

riggyblaster Posted on 14/11/2008 17:39
lodge money

take 80 of her and put it away for her, she does not know mind.

jeff_potato Posted on 14/11/2008 17:42
lodge money

I'm 22 and I'd expect to pay at least 100 a month if I was moving back in with my parents for whatever reason. I don't know if they'd accept it but even so I'd still play my part and be doing washing, cooking meals, cleaning, etc.

I spend about 60 a week at the moment for food and bills so she's saving that and rent, still raking in more cash than someone with their own place.

celestial_teapot Posted on 14/11/2008 17:46
lodge money

I'm guessing she isn't your daughter, just put up with it and she will have moved out before you know it.

Borocelt Posted on 14/11/2008 17:47
lodge money

I'm 21 and I might earn around what she earns if i'm doing a fair few hours at work. I also go to uni as well (granted I do get a loan, but they're nowhere near enough to live off).

I pay the rent on my own flat which is somewhere over 250 a month, plus pay all the living costs (bills, food etc). So yeah probably upwards of 400 a month for my own place, so for 50 quid a month....

She's taking the pish.

In my humble opinion, of course. I'd say doubling it would be fair enough.

jam69 Posted on 14/11/2008 17:47
lodge money

make her pay her way,it will be better for her long term,instead of these soft arse parents churning out spoilt brats.she will learn the value of money

Not_Smog Posted on 14/11/2008 17:50
lodge money

I'd be utterly humiliated if i still lived at home at 20. Tell her to grow up and get her own place.

I've got a cousin who's 28 and still lives with her parents, it's just plain sad.

Lurkalot Posted on 14/11/2008 17:52
lodge money

Hang on a minute.... she earns 200 per WEEK, and she only contributes 50 per MONTH to the househld budget?!?!

That means she is paying less than 12.50p a week!

There's a name for what she's doing mate, it's called taking the P***s.

borolad259 Posted on 14/11/2008 18:06
lodge money

100 a month is fair out of 800 earned. Daughter/Stepdaughter, it dosn't's not a case of whether you need the money or not, it's part of preparing your kid for life...learning to budget etc.
You might otherwise end up like my mother and father in-law, who still have my wifes brother living at home with them...and he's 35. When I ask him why he doesn't move out, he replies "where's the incentive?"

super_nanny Posted on 14/11/2008 18:09
lodge money

when i first started working i got 25 pounds a week and i had to pay 10 pound lodge my daughter also earns about 2oo a week and she pays 45 pounds a week, she should pay more otherwise she is in for a big shock when she has to go it alone, her mum might think she is helping her but she would help her more if she got her to pay a more realistic amount.

MFC1967 Posted on 14/11/2008 18:13
lodge money

Grief !!...... I was paying 25 per week in the mid - late 80's and i wasn't earning 200 a week........ Ask her where else she could live for 50 per month.

The_Lizards_Jumpers Posted on 14/11/2008 18:15
lodge money

I didnt pay my parents a penny whilst I lived at home.

She's only young once and in a few years will be tied down with mortgage and plenty of other outgoings.

Let her enjoy herself FFS, unless you really need that extra money.