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The_Dude Posted on 01/11/2008 17:56
was hoyte onside or not?

well, was he

Borat_BORO Posted on 01/11/2008 17:57
was hoyte onside or not?

Someone text me who was in East stand and said he was level

BoroFur Posted on 01/11/2008 17:59
was hoyte onside or not?

Le Tissier on Sky said the lino got it right but it was a very tight call.

Rumbly_Tummy Posted on 01/11/2008 18:00
was hoyte onside or not?

He would say that though, regardless.

twoshots Posted on 01/11/2008 18:02
was hoyte onside or not?

Watched the highlights in the concourse and he was level. Goal should have stood.

NedKat Posted on 01/11/2008 18:08
was hoyte onside or not?

I saw it three times, from three different angles, on a 57 inch HDTV ...

He was level !!

The goal was good !

borobuddah Posted on 01/11/2008 18:13
was hoyte onside or not?

It was onside

stuar_tripley Posted on 01/11/2008 18:15
was hoyte onside or not?

and so was robinho when he was put through 1 on 1 the other night.

bear66 Posted on 01/11/2008 18:37
was hoyte onside or not?

. . . but he didn't score. Turnbull would have stopped anything that night.

sheriff_john_bunnell Posted on 01/11/2008 19:00
was hoyte onside or not?

i was bang on level in the east and first instinct was he was off.

billy_bigsworth Posted on 01/11/2008 19:01
was hoyte onside or not?

"and so was robinho when he was put through 1 on 1 the other night."

and so was tuncay on the same evening when he'd have been put through on a one -on-one.

but who's to say either of them would have scored?

Hoyte had the ball in the net, and wasn't off side I'm getting sick of rubbish liner decisions to be honest. They get paid for this and its costing us goals. twice in 8 days now we've had goals chalked off for off side when they haven't been.

Adi_Dem Posted on 01/11/2008 19:07
was hoyte onside or not?

Onside for me but the officials were dreadful all game.

You want respect, you're having a laugh.

Genghis_Khan Posted on 01/11/2008 19:15
was hoyte onside or not?

As Adi said, the officials were a joke all game. Why does Le Tossier hate us so much? How anybody could watch that and say he is off baffles me.

redsquare24 Posted on 01/11/2008 19:20
was hoyte onside or not?

Most sports manage to call on video replay to ensure crucial decisions are made correctly.

Of course the big 4 wouldn't like it.

Sea_Harrier Posted on 01/11/2008 19:58
was hoyte onside or not?

The FA too wouldn't want video replays because they wouldn't be able to dictate results under the guise of "human error".

Wet Spam are the darlings of the FA and some of the officials decisions today were criminal. We had very few favourable 50/50 tackles which went our way, the Hoyte goal should have counted in our favour and there were other dubious off side decisions. Didn't we have 3 players yellow carded before a Wet Spam player recieved their first?

In my opinion the FA are a corrupt bunch of "fat cats", and are running the game from afar by officials who already know the final result of many games, before a ball is kicked.

redsquare24 Posted on 01/11/2008 20:04
was hoyte onside or not?

An interesting viewpoint S_H.

Can you imagine if the Hosts were knocked out in the group stages of a World Cup for instance?

Not good for business, is it?

No video replay ensures the "right" outcome is more easily achieved.

Borat_BORO Posted on 01/11/2008 20:07
was hoyte onside or not?

When it got cancelled i thought it wasnt going to be our day...West ham havent kept a clean sheet for 22 games

sixtyniner69 Posted on 01/11/2008 20:16
was hoyte onside or not?

he was off.

the rule is if any part of the body is in front of the last two defenders then he is offside ( foot ,toe, fingernail, nasel hair)
he could have made sure he was onside nd scored but he did not.

I much prefer the unofficial instruction that there has to be daylight but that is not the rule.

Sea_Harrier Posted on 01/11/2008 20:20
was hoyte onside or not?

The game of football is based entirely upon scoring goals. Why then don't scorers get the benefit when there is a close decision to be made? It's because it is easier to disallow a goal than award one, and the "daylight" rule was brought into the game to give officials support for their decisions.

Stabilo_Boss Posted on 01/11/2008 20:33
was hoyte onside or not?

Bit paranoid Sea Harrier. I'm not sure there's some FA conspiracy to try and ensure West Ham win. They're gonna struggle if there is...

Phil_K Posted on 01/11/2008 20:37
was hoyte onside or not?

I'm on the train back to London and a West ham fan has told me it was onside...................

Sea_Harrier Posted on 01/11/2008 20:38
was hoyte onside or not?

[:)] Yeah I do seem a bit paranoid, or cynical, don't I? I suppose it is because we don't seem to get a fair rub of the green with referees decisions. OK I know we've been awarded 3 penalties but you must admit some of the decisions today were dubious.

intheblood Posted on 01/11/2008 20:45
was hoyte onside or not?


excellent posts all of them but especially the first one.

sixtyniner69 Posted on 01/11/2008 20:48
was hoyte onside or not?

there never was a daylight rule there was an instruction on how to interpret the law which is any part of the body.

you would need to be a referee to know when this instruction was rescinded ut it seems to have been ( when was the e-mail what did it contain)

as to a west ham fan knowing they were 100m away in the s stand hardly able to give any judgement at all

BaconButty Posted on 01/11/2008 21:06
was hoyte onside or not?

He was off, Motd, sky, and setanta wont even make reference of it

borogal Posted on 01/11/2008 21:09
was hoyte onside or not?

On - saw the replays on the concourse - will be interesting if anyone does mention it?

Phil_K Posted on 01/11/2008 21:13
was hoyte onside or not?

The west ham fan i spoke o was sat in the in boxes today so had a TV replay or two to look at , thats why he says he was on side

redsquare24 Posted on 01/11/2008 21:24
was hoyte onside or not?

Actually 69er,

It's the players head, body and legs that count.

The arms are not included~ and therefore "finger-nails" would not be taken in to consideration!

dave_boro Posted on 01/11/2008 21:25
was hoyte onside or not?

was a good finish i thought from the SE corner, didnt have a fckin clue whether he was on or off!

samizdat Posted on 01/11/2008 22:50
was hoyte onside or not?

Bacon Butty, Setanta commentator said he was onside, level when the ball was played, and that the goal should have stood.

SirHumptyofDumpty Posted on 01/11/2008 23:28
was hoyte onside or not?

He was offside.

bear66 Posted on 01/11/2008 23:31
was hoyte onside or not?

He was in line but flagged offside

SirHumptyofDumpty Posted on 01/11/2008 23:32
was hoyte onside or not?

His head was clearly offside.

skippyca Posted on 02/11/2008 05:39
was hoyte onside or not?

Extremely hard to say based on any replays I've seen.

sixtyniner69 Posted on 02/11/2008 05:59
was hoyte onside or not?

good info redsquare I sit corrected on that.

should read toenails not fingernails

siboro77 Posted on 02/11/2008 12:37
was hoyte onside or not?

Was onside if you pause the tv footage when ball was played he was level so hes onside!

Jan_uary Posted on 02/11/2008 13:10
was hoyte onside or not?

I'm in the east stand, level with the ball when it was played onside to Hoyte.

SirHumptyofDumpty Posted on 02/11/2008 13:13
was hoyte onside or not?

I sit in the west stand (therefore superior) and level with the line and he was offside, my suspicions were confirmed after watching it on motd and goals on sunday. rose tinted specs aplenty today.

bear66 Posted on 02/11/2008 13:14
was hoyte onside or not?

The flag went up . . . he was definitely offside - wrong decision though

SirHumptyofDumpty Posted on 02/11/2008 13:16
was hoyte onside or not?

i shall repeat myself only one more last time....he was offside and it was the correct decision.

Jan_uary Posted on 02/11/2008 18:10
was hoyte onside or not?

Definitely onside. Some people in the west stand are miserable ***s.
We could clearly see the defender in front of Hoyte when the ball was played.

Hammo_MFC Posted on 02/11/2008 18:13
was hoyte onside or not?

it was very tight but he was just off as mentioned above its not the daylight rule anymore, if any part of the player (which he can score with so excluding arms, hands, etc)is offside then the player is offide. Hoyte unfortunatly was offside

block_4_Eastender Posted on 02/11/2008 18:15
was hoyte onside or not?

Just checked the google earth live stream server from yesterday afternoon and measured the distance from the defender to the touch line and the same for Hoyte.
I can confirm that he was indeed 3mm onside

Derby_Red Posted on 02/11/2008 18:17
was hoyte onside or not?

Totally agree - I reckon the lino based his judgement on the defender that Hoyte left standing with his arm in the air.

Onside defo.

bear66 Posted on 02/11/2008 18:28
was hoyte onside or not?

If it's OK for Gardiner to be 1m offside, Hoyte should be allowed to be 300mm onside

Senor_Chester Posted on 02/11/2008 18:32
was hoyte onside or not?

"He would say that though, regardless."

Why would he??