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Ste_1986 Posted on 23/09/2008 22:17
POGA and the "tackle"

Was it that bad ? Aint seen it but it sounds like it was an awful one, should he be stripped on the captincy.

After all Captains should lead by example and according to the radio there was no need to put in a challange.

Adi_Dem Posted on 23/09/2008 22:17
POGA and the

Didn't look too bad to me. Want to see it on the telly though.

Tom_Fun Posted on 23/09/2008 22:19
POGA and the

Saw it on TV, it was a bad tackle. He bent the lads shinbone. Not good.

Ste_1986 Posted on 23/09/2008 22:19
POGA and the

Just seems a couple of pics on getty and it dont look that bad to be fair at least both feet were on the floor here...

Link: ???

charjamol64 Posted on 23/09/2008 22:20
POGA and the

Seemed to win the ball but followed through and crunched the lad. Seen alot worse go unpunished!

boro_boy1984 Posted on 23/09/2008 22:20
POGA and the

awful challenge,

definate red.

3 match ban and owes the lad an apology.

not the first time poggy has done this i am angry with him, let us all down.

superstu Posted on 23/09/2008 22:21
POGA and the

It wasn't as bad as being made out. It was just a stupid thing to do as far as the club is concerned. Surely the players know that anything they do is going to be punished extra harshly when they play the big teams. Why do a tackle like that on the half-way line?

pedro30 Posted on 23/09/2008 22:21
POGA and the

Won the ball fair and square with his left foot but as he followed through he lifted this right leg and caught the lad right across his calf bad tackle and definite red.

hodgiemfc Posted on 23/09/2008 22:22
POGA and the

I watched it live. It was a 50:50 ball he had to go for it. He got the ball with one foot but caught him with the other. I wouldn't argue necessarily with the red card but for people to suggest a longer ban is just ridiculous, especially when Guthrie gets away with a wild swing no where near the ball! Ridiculous - 3 game ban and that should be the end of it!

RavsDad Posted on 23/09/2008 22:22
POGA and the

I've seen it. It's 50-50, he wins the ball but collides with Possebon and studs his leg. We then get a close up of the blood from the stud mark and the referee shows red. They then carry out a full legectomy on the pitch including oxygen for the stricken player. I thought they were going to administer last rights.

Blaggamuffin Posted on 23/09/2008 22:22
POGA and the

It was a strong challenge and it's unfortunate if the Man Utd player has sustained an injury. I would compare it to the tackle that the Stoke City player was sent off for against us the other week.

Dunno if anyone has mentioned Vidic's challenge on Digard during the first half? Was that any different to Pogatetz's? I don't think so. One thing's for sure, old alchy B****** won't be mentioning that when he offers his all too predictable bile to any journalists who'll listen.

Warwick_Hunt Posted on 23/09/2008 22:22
POGA and the

Looked ok on first look - won the ball.

However his foot was in the air on the follow through and he caught the lad.

Looks far worse in slow motion.

The question is though - what would have been the decision if it was Vidic on Johnson?

Yellow card at worst.

Tom_Fun Posted on 23/09/2008 22:24
POGA and the

"The question is though - what would have been the decision if it was Vidic on Johnson?"

That's not really the point though.

Space_Face Posted on 23/09/2008 22:24
POGA and the

Awful tackle.

pedro30 Posted on 23/09/2008 22:25
POGA and the

RavsDad would agree with you I've seen them come out of the Air Ambulance with less tubes blankets etc a bit OTT.

outoftowned Posted on 23/09/2008 22:25
POGA and the

"They then carry out a full legectomy on the pitch including oxygen for the stricken player"

true .. was half expecting someone to shout "can someone get me some hot water and towels" ala hollywood emergency baby delivery scene

OPEO Posted on 23/09/2008 22:27
POGA and the

The Vidic tackle was a two footed lunge and should have been at least yellow. He didn't even get the ball.

Jon77 Posted on 23/09/2008 22:28
POGA and the

Come on guys, its a 19 year old lad and it looks like his leg is well and truely broken.

Dribble Posted on 23/09/2008 22:28
POGA and the

Red card should be overturned as ref over reacted,strong tackle ,won the ball cleanly only his momentum took him into the lad on a greasy pitch total accident

Muttley Posted on 23/09/2008 22:28
POGA and the

When Danny Guthrie broke Craig Fagan's leg, an FA spokeeman said

"Every sending-off carries an automatic sanction under the current regulations.

"The FA doesn't have the power to extend automatic suspensions.

"The only circumstances in which we could take any further action would be to issue an additional charge against a player.

"This occurs only in exceptional cases, such as Ben Thatcher's challenge on Pedro Mendes in 2006."

Which for me would suggest that Pog will get the standard three match ban. However we all know the hypocrisy of the FA where we are concerned

pedro30 Posted on 23/09/2008 22:28
POGA and the

That will be another 4,000,000 + payout from the insures .

rubber_soles Posted on 23/09/2008 22:28
POGA and the

Shocking tackle. Cant defend him for doing that.

guyb Posted on 23/09/2008 22:28
POGA and the

He won't miss any league games because its a cc match.
Which is a pity because he's a permanent accident waiting to happen.

Gates big mistake was making him captain. Now he's got to shuffle the team to fit this heed-the-ball in and unbalance us at full back.

He's a back-up at best and just cannot be relied upon.

Warwick_Hunt Posted on 23/09/2008 22:29
POGA and the

It is the point Tom - you have to expect the same decisions to be applied by the referee regardless of who is involved.

We all know that Msn U/Chelski/Arse/Bindippers get away with things we wouldn't.

I absolutely contend if the boot was on the other foot it would have been a yellow card - if a red card had been given the beeb would say it was 'harsh'.

Adi_Dem Posted on 23/09/2008 22:30
POGA and the

I think he does get banned for league games now. Rules changed a couple of seasons ago?????

1986 Posted on 23/09/2008 22:32
POGA and the

reckless but not malicious. deserved a red and i feel sorry for the lad, but i've seen worse

AlBoro1984 Posted on 23/09/2008 22:33
POGA and the

Imagine if that was Vidic on one of our young lads, we'd want him crucified! Shocking tackle and lets face it, he has history for these antics.

Could have ended some young lads career, totally unacceptable. Shoud never have been Boro captain.

guyb Posted on 23/09/2008 22:33
POGA and the

I hope so, because then we can play four defenders in their proper positions.

Tom_Fun Posted on 23/09/2008 22:34
POGA and the

Warwick I'm not disputing that, we all know there's a big club bias, I just think that was a very bad tackle and he deserves everything he gets. It was reckless and he's potentially cost us the match tonight.

NortonExile Posted on 23/09/2008 22:36
POGA and the

Some people need to calm down. It was a terrible tackle but not meant. Poga clearly went for ball and not the man, but unfortunalty you see he's trailing leg from his momentum went through the lad. It looks awful but is a general strong challange that you see in every game.

The thing that bothers me is where on the pitch the tackle is as poga did not have to go for the ball there. He could have just held the lad up and had no need to fly in. It has cost us the game as anyone could see that we game flying out of the blocks 2nd half, deserved to equalise and were getting stronger. It helped that Ronaldo then went off. But all 3 goals were awful, absolutly awful to concede.

Also praise to Brad Jones tonight. I'm one of his critics and shudder when his name is on the teamsheet but he made some great saves tonight and kept the score down.

Genghis_Khan Posted on 23/09/2008 22:38
POGA and the

It was horrible. Anybody saying otherwise hasn't seen it properly or is clueless.

Blaggamuffin Posted on 23/09/2008 22:38
POGA and the

Correct me if I'm wrong but Vidic did a similar challenge on one of our young lads (Digard) in the first half.

Tom_Fun Posted on 23/09/2008 22:38
POGA and the

Digard had his leg broken?

Adi_Dem Posted on 23/09/2008 22:39
POGA and the

Steady everyone - genghis has spoken. He can run rings round anyone with his footballing knowledge.

paulwilko10 Posted on 23/09/2008 22:40
POGA and the

I'm sorry, this is ridiculous, i am 100% convinced he went for the ball and only his follow through caught the guy. That to me is not a sending off, it was just plain bad luck.

If it was his leading foot then maybe different, but his ball winning foot did what it set out to do and won the ball.

I think we should be more worried about how our so called young attacking team is severly lacking in erm, Pace and quality !!

We were shocking tonight, i think that is by far the most worrying thing about tonight !!

AlBoro1984 Posted on 23/09/2008 22:41
POGA and the

Consider yourself corrected, Vidic didn't break and put a hole through Digard's leg so it clearly wasn't a similar challenge.

allied_assault Posted on 23/09/2008 22:42
POGA and the

Dribble - do you know the game?

mailinator Posted on 23/09/2008 22:43
POGA and the

You know, a player can be responsible for a bad tackle without being guilty of trying to injure someone? Just because he didn't MEAN to break his leg doesn't mean he is not responsible and does not mean he is blameless.

Robbo1876 Posted on 23/09/2008 22:44
POGA and the

Sat behind the goal (opp our fans) with the Maure fans - Pogi's tackle didn't look too bad to me at the time, saw him win the ball and thought the other lad was late getting there. Same thoughts from the Man U fan I went with too. Haven't seen it on tv yet, but on first impressions I thought it was fair.

There were other tackles in the game that were poor and went unpunished.

sasboro1 Posted on 23/09/2008 22:44
POGA and the

It was a reckless challenge and deserved to be sent off. If it had happened at the riverside on a boro player we would be screaming for him to be sent off. it doesnt matter if he got the ball it was still a reckless challenge and a sending off.

boro8686 Posted on 23/09/2008 22:45
POGA and the

good tackle end of story

Dribble Posted on 23/09/2008 22:48
POGA and the

Probably a lot better than you do,watched the tackle and he clearly wins the ball and catches the lad on follow through,very unfortunate,unlike neville who clearly tried to put Ballack in the stand but missed and went unpunished.

AlBoro1984 Posted on 23/09/2008 22:48
POGA and the

Look at this picture of the tackle and tell me again it was a good tackle.

Link: Ouch

Heine Posted on 23/09/2008 22:48
POGA and the

good job it wasn't on Ronaldo or Ferguson would make sure he never played again

BoroInNC Posted on 23/09/2008 22:49
POGA and the

On the one hand, refs need to punish the tackle and not any injury that comes from the tackle.

On the other hand, that was a bad tackle.

Tom_Fun Posted on 23/09/2008 22:49
POGA and the

He knew exactly what he was doing.

Captain_Feathersword Posted on 23/09/2008 22:49
POGA and the

Saw it on the net and it looked like it was a bad, late challenge, would like to see it on TV (to hope that it wasn't) but it's obvious it was. 3 match ban but the boy has previous and it's against Manchester United so I think it will either be subject to increase or Pogatetz will have his cards marked once again by refs like before, but can you blame them?
This has taken the spotlight away from the shocking errors by Riggot and Wheater, I would hope it isn't lost on Southgate.

phill6 Posted on 23/09/2008 22:50
POGA and the

Man u fans think he should be in prison

Link: link

Oooo Posted on 23/09/2008 22:52
POGA and the

Telegraph: "the victory was put into some kind of context by an abysmal two-footed tackle that saw Emanuel Pogatetz dismissed in the 67th minute " "However, it was there that the match took a turn for the ugly, with Emmanuel Pogatetz making a nasty challenge on young Possebon"

ESPN: "The Boro captain got to the ball just in front of Possebon as the pair went for it in fully committed fashion.

But Pogatetz's dangerous follow-through cut Possebon down, a nasty gash instantly appearing on the Brazilian's right leg as he yelled in agony."

Stockportboro Posted on 23/09/2008 22:53
POGA and the

Terrible, terrible challenge.
People on here moaning that other's didn't get sent off for similar challenges should remember two wrongs don't make a right.
The UTD guy is in a bad way. Please don't let sentiment get in the way. Even if he didn't mean it (as a lot of you say, he caught him on the follow through) it was an awful tackle in the first place. His foot was halfway up Possebons leg. Accidental or not his leg was high!!

Genghis_Khan Posted on 23/09/2008 22:54
POGA and the

"Probably a lot better than you do,watched the tackle and he clearly wins the ball and catches the lad on follow through,very unfortunate"

Jesus christ, just because we're boro fans doesn't mean we have to talk S***, if he didn't want to whack him, his right leg would have bene tucked in... it would not have been studs up and he would not have had most of his weight on his back leg.

It was horrible and we just have to accept he deserved to be off and hope there's no further ban. I feel sorry for a young exciting gifted midfielder who may miss a season of football because of it.

Warwick_Hunt Posted on 23/09/2008 22:54
POGA and the

That picture proves nothing Al.

You can infer lots of possibilities from that:

1. Pogo has won the ball and Pussycryloon is jumping in at him
2. Pogo has won the ball and Pussycryloon is jumping over him
3. Pussycryloon has poked the ball past Pogo who is about to bring him down
4. Pussycryloon has poked the ball past Pogo and has gone past him
5. Pop has cleaned him out fairly
6. Pogo has cleaned him out unfairly

There are probably more than those 6.

pedro30 Posted on 23/09/2008 22:56
POGA and the

phill6 OMG what a bunch of fooking A R S E H O L E S.

Captain_Feathersword Posted on 23/09/2008 22:56
POGA and the

AlBoro1984 - His right leg then 'kicks' the lad just to make sure, VERY late, intentional? possibly to frighten the lad, wanting to break the lads leg? I suspect not, but that seems like the case.

ProudToComeFromTeesside Posted on 23/09/2008 22:59
POGA and the

Saw it in the pub. It was a good old-fashioned strong challenge. He went for the ball one-footed and got the ball. However, for no reason other than sheer bloody-mindedness, a split second after winning the ball, he brings his trailing right foot through to catch the lad. My first impression is that the contact with the right foot is minimal and that it's the impact of the very strong challenge with his left foot that's hurt the lad. If it's the right foot that's hurt the lad, he deserves red. If he'd left his right foot out of it, it's a fair tackle.

Dribble Posted on 23/09/2008 22:59
POGA and the

Unless of course he slipped as he made the tackle and this momentum caused his leg to be raised thuis catching him with his studs.

BoroG_85 Posted on 23/09/2008 23:01
POGA and the

my god theres been worse tackles fair enough it was a bad tackle 3 match ban, red card deserved and feel sorry for the lad but it happens in the game

1986 Posted on 23/09/2008 23:04
POGA and the

think a few of those united fans have short memories. do the names alf inge haaland or dave busst mean anything to them?

Captain_Feathersword Posted on 23/09/2008 23:05
POGA and the

If this was Titus Bramble or any other figure of ridicule or reputation (other than a Boro player) we would be saying it was a poor challenge. A "good old-fashioned strong challenge" was outlawed years ago and I suspect that nobody here would like to be on the end of such a challenge either professionaly or Sunday league etc. What could the Manchester Utd lad do? leave the ball cos a "good old-fashioned strong challenge" was coming in?

12_Afonso Posted on 23/09/2008 23:08
POGA and the

Pogatetz genuinely went for the ball, it was a ball he should have been challenging for. Unfortunately it was a terrible challenge and was definitely a red card.
No malice in it I dont think and he did take the ball, that said, still a red card.

Youd think Possebon had been F***ing shot.....

...It is a Pogatetz challenge like.

Parmo_and_a_pint Posted on 23/09/2008 23:13
POGA and the

nothing wrong with the CHALLENGE Jus the momentum made his none tackling leg come up and it caught him. The challenge was fine, was what happened after that

HolgateCorner Posted on 23/09/2008 23:17
POGA and the

It was nothing more than a hard untidy challenge in which Pog got the ball cleanly but unforunately caught the lad badly in the follow through. There is an argument that the player knew he was going to be crunched and set himself up properly to be tackled.

The link to the Man U fans above shows what a bunch of arseholes they are.

99 times out of 100 the Man U player would have brushed himself down and got up unhurt.

It was an unfortunate accident and Boro fans on here having a go at Pog should be ashamed of themselves.

parmoboro Posted on 23/09/2008 23:25
POGA and the

Saw it online, plus several replays, and there was plenty wrong with the challenge. He obviously didn't set out to 'do' the lad and it was a genuine attempt for the ball but it seems to have slipped people's minds that you can't go in studs first without expecting a red card. It wasn't a two footed studs first challenge but he's gone and done more than enough damage with just the one foot. Any challenge with studs showing is bad technique and dangerous and there's every chance you'll get a red, and Pogatetz should know that.

BoroG_85 Posted on 23/09/2008 23:28
POGA and the

still wins ball at first, defs red tho

Link: the tackle

Wilmslow_Red Posted on 23/09/2008 23:29
POGA and the

Looked bloody horrible from where I was sat. Can't defend him at all.

boro_cb Posted on 23/09/2008 23:34
POGA and the

It wasn't that bad, i thought it was a mans game,
we should of got stuck into them from the start.

ProudToComeFromTeesside Posted on 23/09/2008 23:38
POGA and the

It's nigh on physically impossible to go in any other way when you've got the opponent coming directly at you. If he leaves his right foot out of it, it's a superb tackle. As for Southgate apologising for the tackle, FFS! The ball was there to be won. Jack Charlton would probably have fined a centre back for pulling out of a challenge if the ball is there to be won. Apologise for the lad getting hurt by all means. Maybe he should apologise to Pogi for not backing him up in public. It's football, not netball. Impact injuries are an occupational hazard. I hope the lad makes a full recovery, but getting stuck into a good challenge is part and parcel of the game.

I still don't think it's the right foot that's hurt the lad. He has no need to follow through with the right and if that's what's caused the injury, I'll admit I'm wrong, but I genuinely think the Man U player is just on the wrong end of a good solid challenge. We know the rules, you can't tackle Man U players.

boro8686 Posted on 23/09/2008 23:41
POGA and the

stop the you tube vid on one second pogi's foot is on the ball and the lad is still a yard away

outoftowned Posted on 23/09/2008 23:45
POGA and the

I'm sort of agreeing with PTCFT.. you cannnot go in for a slide tackle "head on" without showing studs to some degree.. you can't exactly hit it with your toe

for me, that you tube clip shows (a) pog first to the ball by a good yard (b) was expecting the manu played to slide in but he hangs back (or shyte's out of it) (c) followed through higher than the contact of the ball and therefor has to go

boro_cb Posted on 23/09/2008 23:49
POGA and the

If it was at the riverside YELLOW CARD

kahunaburger Posted on 23/09/2008 23:49
POGA and the

It was a 2 footed tackle deserved straight red and the enivatble backlash, not the first time he has seen red in a challenge.

ProudToComeFromTeesside Posted on 23/09/2008 23:49
POGA and the

Outoftowned, the key is whether or not it's one footed with the tackling leg sliding in almost horizontally and low as possible. As a defender, that's all you can do.

boro8686 Posted on 23/09/2008 23:50
POGA and the

won the ball by a yard, man u player pulls out ???? should he miraculously stop fooking dead in his tracks?
its an unfortunate accident, shouldnt have even been a foul!

Chris_From_Pitchside Posted on 23/09/2008 23:51
POGA and the

Yep, as anyone who's played the game knows. If the balls directly in front of you and you slide tackle you do end up showing your studs. Still very clumsy though.

boro_cb Posted on 23/09/2008 23:53
POGA and the

How come some ref's can see it is a red card and some ref's don't even no if it's a goal.

ProudToComeFromTeesside Posted on 23/09/2008 23:53
POGA and the

Has anyone read the comments by the ManUre fans? FFS, have they no sense of perspective, or do they not understand football?

outoftowned Posted on 23/09/2008 23:55
POGA and the

I agree... at that speed he went in he hit the ball with his left clean and flush.. you can see that by how hard it bounced straight off the gadge

I meant if his right foot went high on follow through then he should go

HolgateCorner Posted on 23/09/2008 23:55
POGA and the

PTCFT - I think you are spot on, his tackling foot was on the floor and played the ball.

The injury bit was a pure accident.

I can't believe the overreaction just because its Man U. It even seems to affect some of our own fans.

ste_north_stand Posted on 23/09/2008 23:57
POGA and the

Not malicious but very, very reckless. A deserved red and 3 match ban. Has the lad broke his leg?

boro_cb Posted on 23/09/2008 23:59
POGA and the

Don't no but i wish it was ronaldo

boro8686 Posted on 24/09/2008 00:00
POGA and the

ffs it wasnt a foul

superstu Posted on 24/09/2008 00:08
POGA and the

TBH I couldn't care less about the young lad who got injured or Man U losing a prospect. They're still going to be the biggest club in the world, and they'll just pick up some other teams player to replace him.

Whats annoying is we had just started to get back in to the game. We'd levelled and looked like we were starting to pass the ball properly. If we all know as fans that every decision at Old Trafford is going to go against us (I saw posts this afternoon saying "we won't be awarded a penalty - its old trafford) then surely the club is aware aswell. How can the captain go diving in to a tackle like that near the half way line.

Forget whether or not he plays the ball, forget which leg does the damage. Whats important is that he didn't think. The ball was nowhere near our goal, he didn't need to clatter the player and get any card.

ProudToComeFromTeesside Posted on 24/09/2008 00:11
POGA and the

Can't agree Stu. The ball was there to be won. That's what you do in the middle of the park, given the chance. As for the lad who got injured, I genuinely hope he makes a full recovery.

outoftowned Posted on 24/09/2008 00:12
POGA and the

he can't exactly shield him away from it and "match him for pace"

NHCCBORO Posted on 24/09/2008 00:14
POGA and the

If you watch it from the high camera in the stand you can see the Man Utd player sh:ts out of the tackle,Poggy get the ball first but he then follows though.Yellow card

parmoboro Posted on 24/09/2008 00:30
POGA and the

Players get red cards for going in studs first these days even if they don't make contact with the opponent. They get done for the 'intent' factor. You don't have to make actual contact, you can still be sent off. Whether you agree with that or not is here nor there, it's a fact. As it happens I think Pogatetz made a genuine, if reckless, attempt for the ball and had no intent to hurt the player. However, you never know how the Ref will view it. There's always a big risk of a red card, winning the ball or not, if your studs are showing.

So people banging on about the fact that Pogatetz won/played the ball is irrelevant. Pogatetz, of all people, should have known what he was letting himself in for making a challenge like that.

dcross1978 Posted on 24/09/2008 01:11
POGA and the

Just a thought...

Would there be so much furore over the tackle if someone like Wheater had committed it?

I think Pogi is getting slated for the type of 'committed tackle' that in other circumstances we would all be cheering him, or any other boro player, for. Everyone is judging it on the outcome of the injury, which i admit is horrific, but was a unfortunate result of the follow through. He will be punished by a ban for the red card and i think that is sufficient.

Anything further than that, especially considering the guthrie incident a few weeks ago, would be completely unjust to pogi, mfc and the fans.

Spartan Posted on 24/09/2008 01:47
POGA and the

It wasn't so much a tackle, more like attempted murder [:D]

skippyca Posted on 24/09/2008 02:13
POGA and the

The Man Utd board is frigging ridicious to read.

Lets be realistic. It's a straight red... definitely. But it's no more than a 3 game ban. Pogi will be gutted he hurt the lad, but it wasn't a challenge with the aim to injure (see Guthrie).

Buddy Posted on 24/09/2008 06:48
POGA and the

Wot Parmoboro said. He could have played the ball with both feet, the point is if both feet are off the floor and the studs are showing it's "serious foul play".

And having looked at YouTube (which I concede is poor quality) I would say there is absolutely no need for his right leg to be anywhere near the player.

SalfordJim Posted on 24/09/2008 09:03
POGA and the

for those of you trying to defend your sad fu+ks..

a young lads career plrobably over..and you try and defend the shame

skiptonboro Posted on 24/09/2008 09:10
POGA and the

Why is his career "probably over"?

SalfordJim Posted on 24/09/2008 09:17
POGA and the

maybe becaause the doctor says so ....why are you , inyour expert opinion saying it was just s flesh wound?

skiptonboro Posted on 24/09/2008 09:18
POGA and the

Not like you to put words into peoples mouths Jim.

Simply asking that's all!

Dribble Posted on 24/09/2008 09:21
POGA and the

Salford Jim
would you like to comment on the tackle by Vidic which went unpunished or that of Neville on Ballack which went unpunished even though there was clear intent ,or Vidic elbowing Alonso ,where was the apologie from rednose for any of these,non exsistant,or Ronaldo clearly diving at Lampards feet,this is why nobody has any sympathy for united,unfortunately it was one of their young players who got injured,if it had been Neville,Vidic ,Scholes,Rooney,Ferdinand thet have all dished out similar and got away with it as have Robson,Cantona and Keane simply because they played for united.

skiptonboro Posted on 24/09/2008 09:22
POGA and the

I've looked on a few sites and everything is still saying suspected broken.

No reports of anyone's career being over.

Care to post a link Jim???

Keverson Posted on 24/09/2008 09:26
POGA and the

Jim's just a wind up merchant.

Can't defend the tackle, but I also can't say I'm surprised it was Pogatetz cause he's not the brightest footballer.

Funny to see some people defending the tackle though given recent comments about Guthrie.

wheater31 Posted on 24/09/2008 09:28
POGA and the

SalfordJim - it was a tackle Roy Keane would have been proud of. It was a terrible tackle and he deserved a red card, but his intention was to win the ball, he did so but followed through badly unintentionally. I'm sure he'll have apologised to the lad, but everyone whose saying he should be stripped of the captaincy is going way too far, he doesn't make a habit of bad tackles its just unfortunate that twice he's made a bad tackle and someone has been badly hurt. Look at Guthrie from the other week, no attempt to play the ball, randomly swiping at someone's calf, broken their leg, and all people could say was "oh the poor lad, it shows how upset he is with everything that's going on at newcastle at the moment"!! You see people make shocking tackles all the time and not get even a yellow, 99 times out of 100 no-one gets hurt, but one time someone does get hurt and rightly so people should get a red card, but everyone who makes these tackles should get a red, not just if someone is hurt!

RenzoRosso Posted on 24/09/2008 09:31
POGA and the

What Dim wit you are SalfordJim, if you actually watch the video our player gets to the ball first in a 50/50 situaton, his left foot strikes it adn the your player comes in and there is contact. At no point is Pogatetz trying to play the man and if you slow it down it's even clearer. Boro should appeal and I'd expect the ban to be resinded.

Dan_Ashcroft Posted on 24/09/2008 09:33
POGA and the

Re-watching Giggs' goal, Riggott's challenge was easily as bad!

Jonny_Ingbar Posted on 24/09/2008 09:34
POGA and the

It might not have been intentional but it was very reckless and deserved a red card, no more no less.

Suggesting he should be stripped of the captaincy is just being ridiculous.

whoyadoin2 Posted on 24/09/2008 09:36
POGA and the

It was a 50/50 tackle.

Feel sorry for Rodrigo Possebon.

wheater31 Posted on 24/09/2008 09:39
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Don't think we can honestly appeal it, not that it was intentional but he has hurt someone so you can't really deny it - like last season at arsenal when mido got sent off, he didn't even know the player was coming up behind him but he still hurt him so its difficult to get out of the red card even if it was a total accident.

If we appeal, you know we'll only be called "frivolous" again!!

SalfordJim Posted on 24/09/2008 09:42
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oh dear ..trying every twist and turn to defend the indefensable

1) oh no ..he was going for the ball
2)keane was worse
3) vidic should have walked
4) neville blah blah

the FACT is your player ..who has form ...recklessly and dangerously tackled young players leg.....

the 19yo was included in the brazilian Olympic squad and tipped for greatness..yet you feel no shame in trying to defend him with a whole list of excuses..and trying to shift the focus ....

I await the rematch in decemeber

Dan_Ashcroft Posted on 24/09/2008 09:43
POGA and the

It's not broken.

(Cheers for the edit.)

skiptonboro Posted on 24/09/2008 09:43
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Still waiting for a link that states his career is over.....

RenzoRosso Posted on 24/09/2008 09:43
POGA and the

It could easily have been pog who got hurt, ossebon was the one who arrived late. If you watch the video the ref only pulls ouot a card after he's looked at the guy on the deck, probably decidedes then that it's old trafford and he has to tow the line. Pog's reaction is disbelief because he knows it was a 50/50 situation and he was doing his job.

skiptonboro Posted on 24/09/2008 09:44
POGA and the

Nice edit. W@nker!

CrazyL Posted on 24/09/2008 09:47
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Oh. It's just a flesh wound. Salford Jim you are exactly the same as your hypocritical manager. It wasn't a good tackle but I've seen a lot worse go unpunished. Typical Man Utd storm in a t-cup which would barely have made the news if it had been against anyone else.

RenzoRosso Posted on 24/09/2008 09:49
POGA and the

hurting someone in football is not automatically an offence, there has to be intent or recklessness. If you kick the ball in someones face from a free kick you could kill them but it wouldn't be cardable. Pogs legitimately went for and won the ball, so wheater31 it is a shame the lad got hurt but not pogis responsibility to look after him he had to go for the ball and he did. It's not relklessness on poggi's part but Possebon's for going in late.

SJ, the lad will be fine no doubt and pog will get a disproportionate ban but the facty is if you watch the video you will see that your lad was a fault not ours.

wheater31 Posted on 24/09/2008 09:56
POGA and the

I agree Renzo its not Pogi's fault, he didn't mean to hurt anyone, but the FA won't look at it like that because they hate us!

Jonny_Ingbar Posted on 24/09/2008 09:56
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Pog has gone to ground and tackled with his studs - make contact in those circumstances and its at least a yellow these days.

As it was the tackle was both dangerous and reckless and it was inevitable that he would get a red.

Possebon stayed on his feet and was in control of his movement, Pog wasn't.

RenzoRosso Posted on 24/09/2008 10:10
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Jonny, the thing is it wasn't a tackle, the ball was under no one's control.

watch the vid, it's a loose ball. possebon is slow pog is pog.

Link: about 8 mins 30 secs

Jonny_Ingbar Posted on 24/09/2008 10:17
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No it wasn't, but Pog's tackle (which it was - I don't think there was any intent on his part) was uncontrolled and he went to ground in making it.

SalfordJim Posted on 24/09/2008 10:19
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even southgate said he deserved to walk can you possibly try and defend that

Dibzzz Posted on 24/09/2008 10:19
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It was a full blooded 1970's real mans tackle.

Unfortunatley the follow through was a bit scruffy. No real intent for me like.

Football has turned into a girls game.

Michael_Knight Posted on 24/09/2008 10:24
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''Was it that bad ? Aint seen it but it sounds like it was an awful one, should he be stripped on the captincy''

Pogatetz should not be in the starting 11 anyway nevermind being captain. Our best defence is:


I do not rate Hoyte but currenlty he is the only option we have available to play at right back.

Dan_Ashcroft Posted on 24/09/2008 10:25
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Few are defending the tackle, SalfordJim, but I'm sure many are riled by Ferguson's self-righteous attitiude and feel the need to defend Pogatetz.

RenzoRosso Posted on 24/09/2008 10:25
POGA and the

GS haddn't seen the video.

Dan_Ashcroft Posted on 24/09/2008 10:33
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"Sir Alex Ferguson angrily condemned the Middlesbrough captain Emanuel Pogatetz after his "horrendous" and "terrible" challenge left Manchester United's teenage Brazilian midfielder, Rodrigo Possebon, with a suspected broken leg. Pogatetz was sent off for the high, studs-up lunge 65 minutes into a 3-1 Carling Cup victory for United last night. The incident overshadowed Cristiano Ronaldo's first goal of the season and a grim-faced Ferguson described it as one of the worst offences he had ever seen on a pitch."

This is what is being defended.

BillyBill Posted on 24/09/2008 10:35
POGA and the

I bet GS had seen a replay before his interview.

It was a poor tackle deserved a red probably didn't intend to injure the lad but it was definitely reckless

WillMunny Posted on 24/09/2008 10:38
POGA and the

I was at the match and the tackle took place just below me. There is no doubt at all in my mind that he went for the ball. It was a clear 50/50 but the young lad bottled out of the challenge, yet for some reason he didn't try to get out of the way of the follow through. He just stood there feet planted with his eyes closed and hands out in front of him - as if he was expecting Poga to run into him. When their right back made exactly the same sliding tackle later in the game, Johnson jumped out of the way so no contact was made. Had he just stood there with his eyes closed, it would have been the same result.

Anyhow, it was a justified red card as the tackle was reckless. But it was no more than that and some people need to drop the hysterics.

fatharrywhite Posted on 24/09/2008 10:38
POGA and the

"described it as one of the worst offences he had ever seen on a pitch."

He must have had his eyes shut for keanes assualt on haaland then.

Could probably find 10 worse tackles than that from saturday's games let alone ever.

Dibzzz Posted on 24/09/2008 10:38
POGA and the

Ferguson is the worst thing I've ever seen on a pitch.

What a fcuking prick.

RenzoRosso Posted on 24/09/2008 10:40
POGA and the

Dan, are you some sort of Doyle? You've copy and pasted something from a Red top style article and you exoect to be taken seriously? all that proves is what the reporter wants the reader to think nothing more. Ferguson, if that quote is correct has seen fan worse fromo his own players, how about Cantona's stamp on southgate? or Eric kicking a fan? what about Keane on Haaland? I very much doubt if fergusson said that.

flute_loop Posted on 24/09/2008 10:47
POGA and the

I haven't read all this thread but i did read salfordjim stating "a young lads career plrobably over"

He hasn't even broken his leg you numpty. Maybe he shouldn't have fannied out of the tackle and he wouldn't have got hurt in the first place.

Dan_Ashcroft Posted on 24/09/2008 11:16
POGA and the

My point, Rosso, is that that is the type of hysteria that Ferguson's comments have created. Just following up my previous posts, read it in context. It was the Guardian, by the way.

Link: Horrific

Dribble Posted on 24/09/2008 12:15
POGA and the

Salford Jim
take off your rose tinted glasses,utd have enough players with previous as you call it,only yours get away with it and I`ve never heard Fergie apologise for anything utd players have done he defends them or claims not to have seen the incident,Did he apologise to Haaland as Southgate has to Possebon.I think not

Jonny_Ingbar Posted on 24/09/2008 12:27
POGA and the

Fergie must have missed the game when Roy Keane gave Alfie Haarland a permanent limp then?

Or some of the 'tackles' that Cantona made in the Utd shirt.

I could go on, but my point is Fergie is a self sanctamoneous, hypocritical bell end.

bl4ckandwhitedreams Posted on 24/09/2008 12:57
POGA and the

Oh come on for fecks sake- some of you claiming that the tackle wasn't that bad is a plain joke. It was malicious and the follow through clearly aimed to maim.

fabrizio Posted on 24/09/2008 13:08
POGA and the

oh yeh so half way through his slide concentrating on winning the ball he said to himself " i know i could clearly win the ball and put this kid in hospital on the follow through"

Have a word with yourself knobjock!

bernieisgod Posted on 24/09/2008 13:10
POGA and the

sadly wet dreams is right. I was at the game and it looked bad from 70 metres away - seen it in slow motion and it is a S***E tackle. We should discipline poggy within the club - he cost us the game but, much more importantly, he could have finished that lad's career - I want no part of that kind of S***e - don't kid urselves - there was intent alright.

bl4ckandwhitedreams Posted on 24/09/2008 13:11
POGA and the

bernieisgod- a voice of reason on this board. At long last.

Smoggle Posted on 24/09/2008 13:11
POGA and the,17033,8652_4188457,00.html

Not a broken leg after all - so much for the career over salfordjim? Hysterical overreaction as per usual in these instances.

It's football, people get hurt. Occasionally you get a rush of blood, sometimes you mistime a tackle, sometimes you intentionally try to rough someone. Whatever, players will get hurt but you can guarantee Pogatetz will be punished and Possebon will get treatment and still get paid handsomely.

You'd also think United had never broken legs before... Keane on Haaland. Dave Busst's career was ended too. It happens to all clubs.

bernieisgod Posted on 24/09/2008 13:14
POGA and the

come on smoggle - let's be honest about this. It was a S***e tackle - end of. We should be honest and we should criticise poggy because it was bloody awful!
I'm dead relieved the lad is OK.

sasboro1 Posted on 24/09/2008 13:16
POGA and the

"You'd also think United had never broken legs before... Keane on Haaland. Dave Busst's career was ended too. It happens to all clubs."

More reason to stamp out reckless challenges and punish the culprits? how many years ago were those two incidents?

Dribble Posted on 24/09/2008 13:21
POGA and the

Just seen the tackle on MUTV and Possebon goes in recklessly with his right foot and tries to stamp down on Pogis left leg only pogi hit him first.Never noticed until you see it from behind he tries to do pogi.

Smoggle Posted on 24/09/2008 13:30
POGA and the

"come on smoggle - let's be honest about this. It was a S***e tackle - end of. We should be honest and we should criticise poggy because it was bloody awful!
I'm dead relieved the lad is OK."

I happen to agree... I just object to people coming over pretending that it never happens elsewhere and stating that the lads career is over when it isn't. Like I said Pog will be puninshed, and so he should be but lets not start letting bollox get in the way eh?