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Machiavellian Posted on 16/09/2008 11:42
Muslim Britain

The day draws

Link: Nearer.

nealg Posted on 16/09/2008 11:44
Muslim Britain

Your usual white racist extreme evangelist rubbish.

Rodney_Trotter Posted on 16/09/2008 11:45
Muslim Britain

Racist! How dare you?

guyb Posted on 16/09/2008 12:00
Muslim Britain

it's not racist to be dismayed at such a development.

what's to stop me and three mates setting up our own kangaroo court based on the teachings of Dennis the Menace, and sentencing people who agree to our arbitration to canings and custard pie throwings?

There can only be one law - the law of the land.

Thin end of the wedge IMO.

nealg Posted on 16/09/2008 12:02
Muslim Britain

You trust one journalist to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth? The Daily Mail and Express say were being "invaded". The Sun says that Grange Hill finished last night.

Its balls.Designed to whip up fear and fuel ignorance.

zaphod Posted on 16/09/2008 12:02
Muslim Britain

It's only if both parties agree, so what's the problem? No different from similar Jewish arrangements. Muslims are about 3% to 4% of the population; Jews about 1%.

guyb Posted on 16/09/2008 12:03
Muslim Britain

nobody should be allowed to set up their own quasi-legal judiciary. Where is the oversight? Where is the accountability? Who judges the judges?

ridsdale Posted on 16/09/2008 12:03
Muslim Britain

Hardly racist to expect everyone to obey the same laws neil. In fact rather racist to opt out and decide you need and deserve your own special laws.

Do you think women will get an equal deal from this, or will the poorer less influential families in that community get equal treatment?

A backward back door change to our laws allowed by a gutless government

Rodney_Trotter Posted on 16/09/2008 12:05
Muslim Britain

"You trust one journalist to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth? The Daily Mail and Express say were being "invaded".

Is it the first time that this has been printed? No? So how is it one journalist? Why bring The Mail & Express into it when it`s an article in The Times. The question is where does it end?

wokingmassive Posted on 16/09/2008 12:07
Muslim Britain

What guyb said

nealg Posted on 16/09/2008 12:09
Muslim Britain

Its the twit that posted it thats the racist. The note about newspapers was to highlight what they call "news". Murdochs media has vested interests at heart. Just look at how the fox news channel distorts information.

youtube - "outfoxed" - its an interesting expose of propaganda and using media for covert motives.

zaphod Posted on 16/09/2008 12:10
Muslim Britain

Mutually agreed arbitration has been standard in many commercial contracts for donkey's years. Is that undermining "the law of the land"?

Machiavellian Posted on 16/09/2008 12:13
Muslim Britain

So neil it's now racist to post a link to a news story in one of our most respected newspapers?

ridsdale Posted on 16/09/2008 12:14
Muslim Britain

"Mutually agreed arbitration has been standard in many commercial contracts for donkey's years. Is that undermining "the law of the land"?"

Not exactly the same as decisions that will affect families. As I said, some families have greater influence and power in the Muslim community than others. Women do not count as equals, and God help anyone accused of being gay during one of these 'arbitrations'.

nealg Posted on 16/09/2008 12:15
Muslim Britain

"Most respected"? Youre a racist and proven it time and again.

flyermetothemoon Posted on 16/09/2008 12:18
Muslim Britain

I'm sure our friendly islamic countries would not mind us setting up our own christian values and rights in Iran or Pakistan.

toxic_bob Posted on 16/09/2008 12:18
Muslim Britain

'The question is where does it end?'

Well that's an interesting question, Rodders. At the moment, I can't see much of a problem with what's in the article. Sharia courts are being used as an alternative source of arbitration in civil disputes, provided both parties agree. No problem with that, it's just like taking your divorce to voluntary arbitration, yeah? And the findings can subsequently be enforced by the UK courts. Again, no problem - just like your divorce settlement. There's no suggestion here that the Muslim community isn't subject to UK law - they are just using another layer of law on top of UK law. Fair enough.

The worry seems to be that Sharia courts will at some point be trying criminal cases, although the article doesn't provide any hard and fast evidence that this will actually happen. TBH I can't see how this would work in practice - would criminals have to 'opt in' to the Sharia system? Why the hell would they want to do this?

ridsdale Posted on 16/09/2008 12:22
Muslim Britain

I can't see anything wrong with the legal system we have.

We should be aiming for a more united society rather than one where one community or another isolates themselves based on religious grounds.

It is plain wrong.

wokingmassive Posted on 16/09/2008 12:25
Muslim Britain

As the Australian PM said:

"If you want to be governed by Sharia law - then move to a country which has it."

Machiavellian Posted on 16/09/2008 12:25
Muslim Britain

I thought you were smarter than that neil.

Muslims are not a race. So, please at least get your ism's or phobics correct when trying to smear me.

littlejimmy Posted on 16/09/2008 12:28
Muslim Britain

I would have thought some people would like the Sharia application to criminal law with all the eye-for-any-eye Middle Ages dismemberment crap it consists of.

Rodney_Trotter Posted on 16/09/2008 12:28
Muslim Britain

Surely if we live in a multicultural society then the law of the and should be obeyed. I don`t understand how you can have one rule for one group of people and one for another. It just clouds an area that doesn`t need to be cloudy.

nealg Posted on 16/09/2008 12:30
Muslim Britain

The holy bible - an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth?

Jesus said; "take not the splinter out of my eye untill you have taken the plank out of your own".

toxic_bob Posted on 16/09/2008 12:31
Muslim Britain

Yea but currently the law of the land does apply to everybody, doesn't it?

Vosene Posted on 16/09/2008 12:31
Muslim Britain

You have issues, why don't you move to a muslim country, it will suit your views better

grantus Posted on 16/09/2008 12:32
Muslim Britain

Good luck to them, I don't see how it affects any of you in the slightest.

ridsdale Posted on 16/09/2008 12:34
Muslim Britain

" I don't see how it affects any of you in the slightest."

How would that make it right?

Vosene Posted on 16/09/2008 12:34
Muslim Britain

On the flip side, people who moan about muslims and mosques etc, should start ateending church more. churches are closing down through lack of support, then a mosque will spring up in its place. You only have yourselves to blame.

Hillwalker Posted on 16/09/2008 12:38
Muslim Britain

Need more info - Will these courts be bound to report their findings to the crown? If someone is found guilty of domestic assault by sharia law, will it show if they try for a job and need to undergo a CRB check?

red_rebel Posted on 16/09/2008 12:39
Muslim Britain

"nobody should be allowed to set up their own quasi-legal judiciary. Where is the oversight? Where is the accountability? Who judges the judges?"

Right or wrong there are dozens of examples or areas of social and economic life where this is the norm - not least professional football, medicine and the law.

nealg Posted on 16/09/2008 12:40
Muslim Britain

and the Church of England,,,of course.....

Rodney_Trotter Posted on 16/09/2008 12:43
Muslim Britain

What amazes me is the extremes nealg and littlejimmy use. People who are in favour of Capital Punishment should be happy with this development because Sharia Law supports it.

The majority of supporters of the Death Penalty are only in favour in cases of extreme and henious crimes and not for every Tom, Dick and Harry who commits an offence.

nealg Posted on 16/09/2008 12:44
Muslim Britain

i dont support the state murdering people for something theyve already done, but working for ways to prevent the likelihood of crime happening in the first place.

all religion for me is extreme.its a con.

Machiavellian Posted on 16/09/2008 12:48
Muslim Britain

'but working for ways to prevent the likelihood of crime happening in the first place.'

And the liberals have done such a brilliant job of that over the last 50 years.

Rodney_Trotter Posted on 16/09/2008 12:48
Muslim Britain

It amazes me that you think you are going to create this place.

San Angeles was fictitious place and will never exist. Demolition Man was only a film.

colin21 Posted on 16/09/2008 12:49
Muslim Britain

I despair at Britain sometimes, This type of jingoistic journalism is an absolute disgrace, its causing so many problems where non exist, it is a story about nothing, People agree up front to accept arbitration, then they are bound to keep to what, Jewish courst have been doing this for years, and local priests in the community have been doing something similar for years informally.

It isnt out and out racisism but its very decisisive in rthe same way that many Tories are racisist/devisive, it certainly is for me a disgrace that things liek this are actuially read and passed around as though they are worthy of getting into print.

I agree with NeilG on this.

nealg Posted on 16/09/2008 12:51
Muslim Britain

The saudis have beheadings in "choppa square" every friday and cut off hands etc - it clearly doesnt stop serious crime. Neither did hanging in uk -

reference the case of Christie - 10 rillington place.

ruth ellis

oh, and dig up timothy evans and ask him how he felt about being hung for a murder he didnt commit.

mailinator Posted on 16/09/2008 12:52
Muslim Britain

It's not an opt-out of our law, it's a mediation service within our law just like industrial tribunals, medical council cases and (as said above) football disciplinary meetings.

Imagine a community taking an active interest in resolving it's *own* tensions? I wish they had it round near where I live then the neighbour with the pigeon problem and the guy over the road who has his music on too loud and late might actually be able to have a discussion about it without the police needing to be involved.

TheSmogMonster Posted on 16/09/2008 12:55
Muslim Britain

Doesn't really seem to be significantly any different from the building industrys arbitrations to me.. as long as you have to volunteer for it.

That'd be all I was worried about - in each case, do both sides really agree to it?

Bernie_was_right Posted on 16/09/2008 12:55
Muslim Britain

I read Recently that in around 10 years time Leicester will become the first "British" city where White people are in the minority.

We need to act very very fast unless we are happy to have our land taken over.
Ironic that so many died to prevent us being invaded by the Nazis, yet we`ve just sleepwalked into another invasion.

Rodney_Trotter Posted on 16/09/2008 12:55
Muslim Britain

Isn`t that the whole point of peoples indignation for the fact they have allowed this in the first place, mailinator?

They would never allow you or I to set up your own council on the same matters they have let the Muslims. That is what annoys people about it

nealg Posted on 16/09/2008 12:56
Muslim Britain

mailinator - that is the best constructive comment all day. weve recently started a community association with a view to helping ourselves out. theres cctv everywhere, coppers raiding flats and god knows what - it hasnt done a thing round here in 30 years, but gradually were building up trust and offering alternatives. weve just got a community allotment and are trying to set up a youth club.

Rodney_Trotter Posted on 16/09/2008 12:58
Muslim Britain

"but gradually were building up trust and offering alternatives. weve just got a community allotment and are trying to set up a youth club."

Your comparing those things to an arbitration that is presiding over illegal offences that the British court system should be presiding over? Are you on the same planet?

TheSmogMonster Posted on 16/09/2008 13:03
Muslim Britain

Its not over illegal offences though is it Rodney?

Domestic violence is only mentioned because its a consideration in divorce cases. It says they worked hand in hand with the police.

nealg Posted on 16/09/2008 13:04
Muslim Britain

rodney - weve moved on.what about the "justice" issued out on the street by drug gangs, money launderers,blackmailers,burglars,and so on. thats what affects where i live, not some crap written by one journo in a chip paper.the subjects a bit broader than some would like - the law as we have it is an ass. lets start at the beginning. we could do with a written constitution for a start.

mailinator Posted on 16/09/2008 13:04
Muslim Britain

"Ironic that so many died to prevent us being invaded by the Nazis, yet we`ve just sleepwalked into another invasion."

What's ironic is that you've just used one of their justifications mate!

BenGee Posted on 16/09/2008 13:05
Muslim Britain

A thread like this is always good to winkle out the fascist left who are very possibly the most intolerant people in this country and who cry "racist" at every possible chance they get.

Rodney_Trotter Posted on 16/09/2008 13:07
Muslim Britain

Domestic violence (assault) is not an offence? Where does it mention that they were in divorce case?

What about the case of inheritance were the daughters recieved only half of the sons? Is that right? Is it legal?

matthew_boro Posted on 16/09/2008 13:08
Muslim Britain

eveything now days is so PC!
they need to stop moaning about our country
if they dont like it, move.

it feels like were being invaded and changed by these people
its wrong

mailinator Posted on 16/09/2008 13:08
Muslim Britain

"They would never allow you or I to set up your own council on the same matters they have let the Muslims. That is what annoys people about it"

I just don't know. The way I read that article it seemed to suggest that they had used existing law to allow them to do this so I don't think it's a case of us or them being 'allowed' to do anything. And whether the daily mail etc like it or not, our law tends to take a quite sensible view on these 'muslim' issues.

Rodney_Trotter Posted on 16/09/2008 13:09
Muslim Britain

The fact you put "justice" in that sense is actually reinforcing my point isn`t it?

nealg Posted on 16/09/2008 13:10
Muslim Britain

for "fascist left" read = where did that rhetorical label come from? It says more about the inability of the labeler to think and less about serious debate.

over to you....

rivals_oldschool Posted on 16/09/2008 13:14
Muslim Britain

Surely this goes on the basis that those "opting into the sharia courts" aren't in reality obliged/forced into it by the very Islamic community they live in.

This is nothing more than a green light for Muslim communities to further barrier themselves from the outside world, which is the very problem in the first place.

I'd also wonder exactly how you'd become a judge in these courts and how many female judges there are.

nealg Posted on 16/09/2008 13:18
Muslim Britain

Ask the church of england - they think its right to ban gay clergy when the law of the land calls it disrimination. wheres the difference - some archbishop opts out of uk law because of "god". sound familiar?

Decent_Left Posted on 16/09/2008 13:19
Muslim Britain

Ahh BunGle rears his reactionary ugly mug again.

If Nealg could actually write in any form of coherent fashion it would have made his argumnet far better.

The tone of the Times article is creepily awful and designed to get the reaction from the usual suspects like Machiavellian, which leads on to the usual sentimentalised B******* like Bernie is Right.

Nowhere in this article does it mention that the state currently recognises similar arbitration systems for both the Church of England and Jews, all the state is doing in its C****-eyed thinking is allowing another superstion the same priviliges.

The story/development is important and should act as a rallying call to withdraw the arbitration priviliges from these type of existing organisations.

This thread is important in that once again it has allowed those racists to reveal their true selves by running their mouths of with racist S***e.

The_same_as_before Posted on 16/09/2008 13:20
Muslim Britain

It is no different to our house. My wife makes the rules and makes sure we all abide by them.

nealg Posted on 16/09/2008 13:23
Muslim Britain

just as repeating a libel in a newspaper is still libelous, racists justify themselves by quoting racists.

any problems;

Welsh/Greenwood/Banks - "Essential law for journalists".

flyermetothemoon Posted on 16/09/2008 13:25
Muslim Britain


The name says it all. There is no decent left.

rivals_oldschool Posted on 16/09/2008 13:28
Muslim Britain

The difference is the Church of England has no bearing on my life and I don't live in a community made up of archbishops and priests.

Islam has a huge bearing on Muslim communities, the mosque, the Imams, etc. If an individual wanted to reject an Islamic court it could have big repercussions.

nealg Posted on 16/09/2008 13:29
Muslim Britain

there is nothing left thats decent, even me.

Dibzzz Posted on 16/09/2008 13:33
Muslim Britain

Sharia courts in Britain?
I don't agree with it, and guess what? I'm not even racist.

NedKat Posted on 16/09/2008 17:46
Muslim Britain

I don't agree with it either. If you live in a country with it's own laws, then you learn to abide by those laws, and that goes for white, black, brown, yellow, and sky blue polka dot people. Whether you support Islam, Jesus, Budha, the Dali Lahma, or fookin' Berwick Rangers !!!

This county has been forefront in establishing democracy, and our system of governmebt is admired around the world. The laws created by British people, to protect British people are in place to be as fair and honourable as possible. They need to be obeyed by the British people, whether those British people are red, black, brown, yellow, or grey .. One law for everyone, and everyone obeys the same laws.

I know the latest developments of this Sharia law indicate the courts involved are there for basic arbitration cases, but as others have pointed out, when does this go from the thin end of the wedge, to being fully enforced and totally binding ? How does this effect the equal opportunites for people from different races and cultures ? How can this benefit the rights of the woman who live in Britain ?

I am not racist, ask my West Indian mates, and my Indian friends who I met in Orlando last month ... I am not anti-Muslim at all, I believe in everyone's right to follow their own religion and set of codes. I believe strongly in my own country's rights to uphold their own laws, and too not allow a minority to dictate to a majority.

The trouble is, Britain is trying very hard to fit itself in with the ever changing cosmopolitan population. In my opinion, I truly believe the time has come to start making decisions from a standpoint of wisdom, and to stop making decisions based on over-rated political correctness, and minority pressure.

DANIEL_DREIBERG Posted on 16/09/2008 18:11
Muslim Britain

you can always count on showman21 to make stupid dickhead comments on threads like this. he's been doing it for yonks!

expat_smoggie Posted on 16/09/2008 18:18
Muslim Britain

the battle was lost sometime ago-- just look at the likes of Bradford, Leeds, Leicester--- completely destroyed and impoverished, all because of mass migration by third world countries who have reckless dictatorships and so called governments.

Magnum_PI Posted on 16/09/2008 18:31
Muslim Britain

"Times wuh 'ard in our 'ouse. Me father had to seyhve for them shoes, an' when they arrived the' waren't white at aall. The' ware black. An' 'e shouted 'SEND THE BUGGERS BACK!'"


Send the buggers back, oh send the buggers back.
These aren't the ones I wanted, son, I'm sending them straight back.
I said I wanted white ones, they've sent us bloody black,
I'm going to put the lid back on and send the buggers back.

Me father worked hard all his life down pits in't tannery,
He laboured every hour God sent from June to January.
He kept his pennies in a jar to buy his son some shoes,
But when the B******s came out black he blew a bloody fuse.

Ponderosaheadboardbasher Posted on 16/09/2008 18:44
Muslim Britain

It's technically an Arbitration tribunal so by inference both parties agree to the tribunal and its outcome. If one party does not want to go to this tribunal then they don't have to and can use the Civil courts to reach a decision. Its called suing someone. In the case of the domestic violence if the victim wishes to press charges through the Police they can. The CPS will determine if a case needs to be answered or not.
I know of a couple of people who have taken a payoff from an assailant to stop proceedings in Court. No different to these 'domestic' cases

the_throcking_man Posted on 16/09/2008 19:00
Muslim Britain

No one complains at the army for having their own courts.

Tommy_Trinder Posted on 16/09/2008 19:02
Muslim Britain

With Guyb on this.

Thin end of wedge.

If we are decent enough to allow these people abode in OUR country.

They should have the decency to live by OUR LAWS!

mailinator Posted on 16/09/2008 19:02
Muslim Britain

Those who are dead set against it need to go and read what is actually being proposed. You won't though, you never do.

the_throcking_man Posted on 16/09/2008 19:04
Muslim Britain

They won't read the article properly as usual. They read the bits they want so they can border on being racist again.

NedKat Posted on 16/09/2008 19:05
Muslim Britain

Sorry to swat yer little fable out of the sky, but I have read about what is being proposed, and I stand-by all I wrote up there ^ ..

NedKat Posted on 16/09/2008 19:16
Muslim Britain

Yer see, that's the problem with a lot of dik'eads these days. They think they can rush to a hasty decision, and point fingers at people calling them a racist. When they have no idea what the hell they are talking about.
Is it fashionable to crawl under that multi-coloured golf umbrella, and pretend you're on a secret mission to seek out these "racists" ? Stop trying so hard, and have the backbone to stand up for your own rights, stand up for your own country for once in yer miserable lives !!!

Bren_MFC Posted on 16/09/2008 19:32
Muslim Britain

We already have our own laws thank you very much, if you don't like it lump it and go and live somewhere else. What next, if we had a load of Saudis, do we let them carry out their beheadings on a Friday, I'm mean it is their belief afterall.

DANIEL_DREIBERG Posted on 16/09/2008 19:39
Muslim Britain

FatKat - given what you've wrote it's very clear that you haven't read in depth what is being proposed at all. stop pretending you have - you haven't!

keep yer nose out yer fat coont, you don't even live in this country

the_throcking_man Posted on 16/09/2008 19:41
Muslim Britain

"Stop trying so hard, and have the backbone to stand up for your own rights, stand up for your own country for once in yer miserable lives !!!"

Coming from someone who decided to live in the USA.

NedKat Posted on 16/09/2008 19:43
Muslim Britain

It's not what is being proposed, it's already in place, you fookin' goblin moron !! You're only 15, and that means I've lived there a damned site longer than you have, Pizza Face !!

It's a big mistake, and one I hope the next government puts the mockers on immediately.

NedKat Posted on 16/09/2008 19:45
Muslim Britain

Now look !!

I've got two arse'oles ganging up on me !!

DANIEL_DREIBERG Posted on 16/09/2008 19:45
Muslim Britain

i wish this thick ignorant knobhead would shut the fecking hell up.

it's one thing spouting an opinion, it's another being a dumb coont that can't read and understand like FatKat.

DANIEL_DREIBERG Posted on 16/09/2008 19:47
Muslim Britain

get back to yer mud pie you treble chinned ignorant fat-cheeked arseclown.

NedKat Posted on 16/09/2008 19:47
Muslim Britain

Walter, you dreary little shythead. Haven't I warned you about yer mouth before ? Try and use that tiny bit of brain power to control the link between your miniscule mind, and your enormous gob !!

NedKat Posted on 16/09/2008 19:50
Muslim Britain

Daniel Dreiberg .. ?

I knew a woman called Mary Dreiberg about 15 years ago, I think she was your mother. I remember !! I F***** her up the arse'ole, that must be where you came from ?

And .. NO !! You can't call me Dad !!

Bren_MFC Posted on 16/09/2008 19:55
Muslim Britain

This is Britain not the Middle East, what are we now in the business of letting anybody who comes here have their own laws,what the hell is happening to this country, who is running it, the floodgates have opened , we are full to the brim and now people are deciding their own laws, the downward spiral continues, its frightening.

jam69 Posted on 16/09/2008 20:12
Muslim Britain

bren how do you think you got here?or is it just the colour of the skin you dont like?

Bren_MFC Posted on 16/09/2008 20:15
Muslim Britain

so you agree with people having their own versions of the law?

Tommy_Trinder Posted on 16/09/2008 20:18
Muslim Britain

Here we go again, if you don't agree with the leftwing claptrap....your a racist!

ffs give us a bag of crisps will ya....borinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng!

jam69 Posted on 16/09/2008 20:19
Muslim Britain

i dont really worry about it bren,are you really frightend?

albo87 Posted on 16/09/2008 20:20
Muslim Britain

People like nealg are tetchy when they hear criticism of muslim practices for the same reason why people like Machiavellian are tetchy whenever there's any mention of muslim practices. For the past 7 years Muslims have been made into the big threat to 'our' civilisation. If you believe that then you can jump onto any mention of Muslim practice as 'proof' that they're 'taking over' or 'imposing their ways on us'.

If you don't believe it then you see any criticism of muslim practices as scapegoating of everyone of the muslim religion. And let's face it, even though we're talking about a religion it can still be racist - do any of you who are criticising muslims and Sharia Law really have an image of white muslims in your mind (even though there are many)?

Muslims are not a threat to 'our' civilisation. Throughout my life in the Boro, muslims have been a contributory part of our society. My way of life is never threatened in any way by muslims. I'm an atheist, so neither Muslim nor any other religious practices mean anything to me and cannot be imposed on me.

Why are we talking about this so much now? Muslims are just the latest scapegoat and 'baddie'. When I was a kid in the 1970s black people were the big scapegoat. In the 1930s it was Jews. It's often asked how so many could have been complicit in (or at least not resisted) Hitler's scapegoating and ultimate slaughter of so many Jews. You just have to look around today at how many people will enthusiastically join in generalised criticisms of muslims and believe any scare story about them, whatever the facts.

I'm not falling for it. Noone, whatever your colour or religion, benefits from racial or religious discrimination. It actually makes us all worse off, because it keeps us squabbling amongst ourselves and not talking about much greater threats than Sharia Law could ever be - those running big oil companies, the big banks, the arms makers and dealers, lying corrupt and murdering governments ...

Bren_MFC Posted on 16/09/2008 20:21
Muslim Britain

the boards full of leftwingers, they actual think we are racist aswell, never mind

Wilmslow_Red Posted on 16/09/2008 20:28
Muslim Britain

PMSL at Magnum PI's contribution to this debate. Excellent stuff

NedKat Posted on 16/09/2008 20:50
Muslim Britain

Oh hell !

If you're British, and you write something that indicates you will stand up for your country, you will be accused of being racist by these morons. They have no idea what the word means, it's their little way of looking like a thoroughly modern, got all the stickers, fully invested, politically correct, Noddy Dog !!

Yer see, all those blokes who put aside their Sunday papers, and got off their arses to fight against the Nazis. They were all racists !! Didn't you know that ? Yeh, anyone who decides to fight for what they believe in, anyone who stands up to be counted when the shyt hits the fan .. all racist basterds !!

Bren_MFC Posted on 16/09/2008 20:54
Muslim Britain

ned, you won't win with all these leftwing lap dogs on here, they don't know their history thats half the problem

jam69 Posted on 16/09/2008 20:55
Muslim Britain

why dont any of these racists have the balls to admit they are?they always start threads with iam not a racist but.....,why dont they just say actualy i dont like these black and brown people and i dont want them in my country,except the ones who work in the indian they are ok but the rest scare me.stop hiding admit it your racist!

NedKat Posted on 16/09/2008 20:57
Muslim Britain

Who the fook are you talkin' to ? Jam !!

jam69 Posted on 16/09/2008 21:02
Muslim Britain

just the racists ned

NedKat Posted on 16/09/2008 21:06
Muslim Britain

I don't see any ? It's your imagination ...

Tommy_Trinder Posted on 16/09/2008 21:09
Muslim Britain

So your talking to yourself then jam69.

You seem to have a big problem with calling everone who doesn't agree with your claptrap a racist.

you are the racist!

Bren_MFC Posted on 16/09/2008 21:12
Muslim Britain

yep, no racists on here, a few of the usual left wing merchants.........

NedKat Posted on 16/09/2008 21:14
Muslim Britain

1. a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one's own race is superior and has the right to rule others.

2. a policy, system of government, etc., based upon or fostering such a doctrine; discrimination.

3. hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.

I can't see anywhere on this thread where anyone has confirmed themselves as being a racist.

Thornaby_Boro Posted on 16/09/2008 21:19
Muslim Britain

The arrogance of some of the people of this board is unbelievable. They call anyone who dares to be say they want to live in a country governed by laws created by democratically elected MP's as racist, thick,uneducated, brain washed by evil newspapers etc. Yet on the other hand they have a holier than thou attitude. "Live and let live" "muslims have every right to live by their own beliefs".
It seems you can believe what you want unless your English and white.
You're just a bunch of self righteous pri@ks

jam69 Posted on 16/09/2008 21:23
Muslim Britain

tommy where have i posted any "claptrap or said anything for anyone to disagree with?complex??ned if you dont think theres any racists on this board then your as thick as you seem,law of averages theres got to be a few

NedKat Posted on 16/09/2008 21:24
Muslim Britain

I'm as thick as I seem ?

hahahahahahahahahahaaaahhahahhaaa !!!

Fookin' great that, coming from you !!

jam69 Posted on 16/09/2008 21:28
Muslim Britain

and a tadge childish

NedKat Posted on 16/09/2008 21:29
Muslim Britain

Er, you started it, Jam ...

Tommy_Trinder Posted on 16/09/2008 21:31
Muslim Britain

why dont any of these racists have the balls to admit they are?they always start threads with iam not a racist but.....,why dont they just say actualy i dont like these black and brown people and i dont want them in my country,except the ones who work in the indian they are ok but the rest scare me.stop hiding admit it your racist!

That claptrap!!!!

ridsdale Posted on 16/09/2008 21:35
Muslim Britain

So, let's get this right. Those who disagree with a parallel legal system based on religion MUST be racists?

Clever boy.

jam69 Posted on 16/09/2008 21:35
Muslim Britain

no before that tommy,you said i have a big problem with calling everyone who does not agree with me a racist,show me where ?

jam69 Posted on 16/09/2008 21:36
Muslim Britain

ridsdale if you refer to me show me where i have called anyone racist on this thread?

NedKat Posted on 16/09/2008 21:36
Muslim Britain

Tommy Trinder // YOU LUCKY PEOPLE !!!

NedKat Posted on 16/09/2008 21:38
Muslim Britain

"why dont any of these racists have the balls to admit they are?they always start threads with iam not a racist but.....,why dont they just say actualy i dont like these black and brown people and i dont want them in my country,except the ones who work in the indian they are ok but the rest scare me.stop hiding admit it your racist"!

Jam, here's where yer did !!

mailinator Posted on 16/09/2008 21:41
Muslim Britain

"So, let's get this right. Those who disagree with a parallel legal system based on religion MUST be racists?"

No they are not racists. They just mistakenly think it is a parallel legal system. I'd explain it but it really has already been explained just some people don't want to accept that.

jam69 Posted on 16/09/2008 21:44
Muslim Britain

try reading it again ned,i said racist people never admit to being racist,and always seem to start off with "iam not a racist but..then spouting racist views,i never said that i thought anyone on this thread was racist,but as the threads were discusing racists i gave a view,some people are racist,very few of them have the balls to admit it.maybe some people thought i was refering to them as i may have touched a nerve?

ridsdale Posted on 16/09/2008 21:45
Muslim Britain

You just thought you would add it to this thread as general public information? FFS.

jam69 Posted on 16/09/2008 21:48
Muslim Britain

you brought up racism in about the 4th post on here ridsdale,are you only allowed to post if you agree with your point of view?

ridsdale Posted on 16/09/2008 21:50
Muslim Britain

I think I pointed out that it was not racist to debate from the point of not supporting this idea.

jam69 Posted on 16/09/2008 21:52
Muslim Britain

which led to lots of posts relating to racism,which i added to,which is the idea of a message board

Space_Face Posted on 16/09/2008 22:04
Muslim Britain

Seems like a positive thing to me, as long as it is done within our laws. It's not really likely to effect any of the people up in arms about it.

Tommy_Trinder Posted on 16/09/2008 22:07
Muslim Britain

Tommy Trinder // YOU LUCKY PEOPLE !!!

I should coco.

DANIEL_DREIBERG Posted on 16/09/2008 22:10
Muslim Britain

FatKat's a racist just like his bumchum showman21.

nealg Posted on 17/09/2008 00:12
Muslim Britain

The originator of the post achieved what he wanted. He is a bnp poster and an agient provocature.

Machiavellian Posted on 17/09/2008 00:23
Muslim Britain

neil your slanderous post is like water off a ducks back to me.

I have never voted or collected or done any work what so ever for the bnp.

As usual people like you slur every one who does not agree with their world view.

I can only guess you're still unhappy with me for mentioning in a previous post that you were the sort that during the cold war was referred to as a 'useful idiot'.

nealg Posted on 17/09/2008 00:27
Muslim Britain

Ive served in The British Army as a Soldier. Ive worn the uniform and taken the Queens Shilling. Ive soluted the flag and taken orders.My berret and the badge of My Regiment, like my Number is mine.

Whats yours?

Machiavellian Posted on 17/09/2008 00:30
Muslim Britain

Sorry don't know what you're on about.

PS. Oh and neither have I ever sold

Link: for thes people

nealg Posted on 17/09/2008 00:32
Muslim Britain

Links are convenient. What regiment were you in and when did you serve?

nealg Posted on 17/09/2008 00:35
Muslim Britain

youve never been a soldier, nor served your country,nor signed the official secrets act.

Machiavellian Posted on 17/09/2008 00:37
Muslim Britain

You're talking gibberish now man. I'll come back tomorrow to see if you've anything coherent to say.

DANIEL_DREIBERG Posted on 17/09/2008 00:39
Muslim Britain

neilteesside is off his rocker!

nealg Posted on 17/09/2008 00:40
Muslim Britain

Have you been a British soldier?

Nothing difficult about that.Your a con man.

DANIEL_DREIBERG Posted on 17/09/2008 00:43
Muslim Britain

the daft racist has lost the plot here like!

nealg Posted on 17/09/2008 00:43
Muslim Britain

name your regiment:

when were you in:

where did you serve:

not difficult.

Rodney_Trotter Posted on 17/09/2008 00:43
Muslim Britain

Has any else noticed how DRIEBERG disappears as soon as Nedkat shows up on here? Is it the shape of things to come with regards their meet?

onthemap Posted on 17/09/2008 00:44
Muslim Britain

I enjoy how friendly people are everywhere I go. Then again I like people so I would think that.

DANIEL_DREIBERG Posted on 17/09/2008 00:45
Muslim Britain

wow! here comes that loony racist showman21 to bore everyone with his lack of understanding and intelligence!!!!

Rodney_Trotter Posted on 17/09/2008 00:47
Muslim Britain

Where? Are you meeting Nedkat?

DANIEL_DREIBERG Posted on 17/09/2008 00:49
Muslim Britain

he's disguised as Rodney_Trotter and the thick knob is trying to deny who he is.

Rodney_Trotter Posted on 17/09/2008 00:50
Muslim Britain

You not going to answer my question, yella?

DANIEL_DREIBERG Posted on 17/09/2008 00:54
Muslim Britain

well seeing as you put that in after - the answer is yes, are you coming too showman21?

Rodney_Trotter Posted on 17/09/2008 00:57
Muslim Britain

You`re really hung up on that aren`t you? For you baby i`ll be anything you want. What did i put in after?

DANIEL_DREIBERG Posted on 17/09/2008 00:58
Muslim Britain

do you like games showman21?

Rodney_Trotter Posted on 17/09/2008 01:06
Muslim Britain

Do you like games WALTER?

DANIEL_DREIBERG Posted on 17/09/2008 01:10
Muslim Britain

well done you figured out my last username days after everyone else did. i bet you feel really smart right now.

when did you first realise that you were a racist, showman21?

Rodney_Trotter Posted on 17/09/2008 01:15
Muslim Britain

Within minutes, yellow belly, but it was obvious. I`m not racist nor do i post racist views. Link them if you can. When were you converted to communism? Is Che Guevara your hero?

DANIEL_DREIBERG Posted on 17/09/2008 01:17
Muslim Britain

the denial act doesn't work showman21. you're a racist, you've made it clear on many occasions.

Rodney_Trotter Posted on 17/09/2008 01:18
Muslim Britain

Proof will do Stalin

DANIEL_DREIBERG Posted on 17/09/2008 01:20
Muslim Britain

of course it will, showman21, you silly blinkered cretin.

Rodney_Trotter Posted on 17/09/2008 01:21
Muslim Britain

Is it not passed your bedtime? You won`t be able to perform your menial tasks tomorrow.

DANIEL_DREIBERG Posted on 17/09/2008 01:25
Muslim Britain

isn't past yours? i mean you'll have to get up early to spy on all the kids going to school won't you, except not the non-white kids cos you don't like them do you showman21?

Rodney_Trotter Posted on 17/09/2008 01:30
Muslim Britain

Nice. Say what you mean, or are you really the yella belly i think you are?

DANIEL_DREIBERG Posted on 17/09/2008 01:33
Muslim Britain

ironic that a nasty bigoted racist chav scrounger can call anyone 'yella belly'.

Rodney_Trotter Posted on 17/09/2008 01:36
Muslim Britain

"ironic that a nasty bigoted racist chav scrounger can call anyone 'yella belly'."

What would you call someone who insinuated someone was a nonce?

DANIEL_DREIBERG Posted on 17/09/2008 01:38
Muslim Britain

we all know the truth showman21, you make that meehan lad look positively sane.

80bob Posted on 17/09/2008 01:41
Muslim Britain

Can't believe I've just read this thread - What a load of b0llocks.
Are any of you adults?

bblf Posted on 17/09/2008 01:48
Muslim Britain

Im not a racist(just for you jam) but I do believe anyone living in this country should be accountable to the law of our land and no other. I also believe its time to stop all immigration now. We need to know what the future holds with the population we have now.

I have no problem that other people have different views to me. They should be debated without need for personal insults.
It doesn't make someone a racist because they are worried about things that are happening. Same as those that are happy with developments aren't traitors to their own country.

DANIEL_DREIBERG Posted on 17/09/2008 01:51
Muslim Britain

would you stop emigration too then, bblf?

bblf Posted on 17/09/2008 01:57
Muslim Britain

No , it would be against the law of the land (as it stands) to prevent someone from leaving. It isn't against the law of the land to close our borders (although theorticaly it is against EU law and we could be fined a lot of money).

DANIEL_DREIBERG Posted on 17/09/2008 02:02
Muslim Britain

so your plan is pretty much fecking nonsense then.

it's people like you that don't understand, fail to grasp and comprehend all plausible outcomes that are looked down upon for the pig-SHlT ignorant nonsense they spew from their cake holes.

shut the fook up and go and watch your jezza kyle programs. pond life

bblf Posted on 17/09/2008 02:09
Muslim Britain

Well first of all Danny no where did I say I had a plan just my own thoughts. Secondly I have just realised you are a Prepubescent adolescent out for bites. Thirdly who is jezza kyle.
I would prefer someone else to answer as I will not converse with an idiot like you any further.

DANIEL_DREIBERG Posted on 17/09/2008 02:13
Muslim Britain

cretins like you are the reason this country is going down the pan.


Rodney_Trotter Posted on 17/09/2008 02:13
Muslim Britain

The thing is with this dick head, and others of his ilk, is that people don`t leave these shores lightly. They also don`t go to countries where you can just walk in. It`s hard to emigrate from here, simply because the countries they want to to goto have better lifestyles. Is it a coincidence that their immigration laws are toughr than ours?

bblf Posted on 17/09/2008 02:16
Muslim Britain

Rodney don't let him draw you into insults. Its just someone else off here going by another name looking for bites and something to cheer his/her dreary life.

Rodney_Trotter Posted on 17/09/2008 02:19
Muslim Britain

I don`t mind bantering with him, he`s obviously young and he makes himself look more stupid than if i tried.

jumpers4goalposts Posted on 17/09/2008 02:27
Muslim Britain

BBLF totally agree, ppl like DANIEL_DREIBERG only have a go because they havent got the balls to form their own opinion therefore decide to argue and pick faults with other peoples statements, as it stands this country is seriously going up S*** creek without a paddle and its going at some pace, something needs to be done and soon.

DANIEL_DREIBERG Posted on 17/09/2008 02:27
Muslim Britain

showman21 is quite the dunce. silly fecking racist.

DANIEL_DREIBERG Posted on 17/09/2008 02:31
Muslim Britain

and i bet you're gonna tell me that the solution is to stop all immigration like that other fecking half wit?

there's a reason why people don't take you seriously and share their own opinions and that's because you're so fecking mind-numbingly ignorant that that simply see your stupidity as a means to mock.

jumpers4goalposts Posted on 17/09/2008 02:37
Muslim Britain

excuse me sweetheart but "you're so fecking mind-numbingly ignorant" and how exactly have you come up with this description of me? you know nothing about me, and no i dont beleive in stopping immigration entirely, im sorry if that was how it sounded but i agree with he is saying that we need to know the future of this country because at the moment its looking bad from where im sat.there are some cases where it is necessary for another human beings safety and quality of life, however i dont believe existing citizens should suffer at the hand of those who come to claim a free house and all the benefits and refuse to work, because im sorry to break it to you but these people exist. maybe i don't know the full story but ive nothing else to convince me otherwise.

DANIEL_DREIBERG Posted on 17/09/2008 02:39
Muslim Britain

probably because you only bother to read and see what you actually want to rather than the hard truth. you ignorant bitch.

jumpers4goalposts Posted on 17/09/2008 02:43
Muslim Britain

and there you go again "ignorant bitch", grow up ffs, fair enough i have an opinion thats possibly not always agreed by everyone, but what the hell is your problem? do you feel a need to start with the abuse because ive said something you disagree with? all these little outbursts your giving out i would hazard a guess that you wouldnt be saying them to ppl if the debate was in person, i understand you dont agree but there is no need to be like that sweetheart.

DANIEL_DREIBERG Posted on 17/09/2008 02:47
Muslim Britain

i have little tolerance for ignorant bitches.

jumpers4goalposts Posted on 17/09/2008 02:52
Muslim Britain

isnt it past your bedtime? looking on a few other posts, your opinions and abuse dont seem welcome at all, so do us all a favour, cos your a little bit young and you've had a little bit too much to drink now F*** off!!!!

DANIEL_DREIBERG Posted on 17/09/2008 03:00
Muslim Britain

do you believe in jesus?

jumpers4goalposts Posted on 17/09/2008 03:02
Muslim Britain


DANIEL_DREIBERG Posted on 17/09/2008 03:05
Muslim Britain

he died for your sins.

jumpers4goalposts Posted on 17/09/2008 03:07
Muslim Britain

your a trippy kid

jumpers4goalposts Posted on 17/09/2008 03:11
Muslim Britain

right im off got work to do, you get yourself to sleep sunshine and stay out of trouble. good night

DANIEL_DREIBERG Posted on 17/09/2008 03:12
Muslim Britain

jesus loves us all and didn't die for us all to be racists and bigots like showman21 is.

his dad would be mightily P***ed off right now if his creation killed his only son and turned into racists but we'll never know cos he wont show his face.

Julios_Hairband Posted on 17/09/2008 03:43
Muslim Britain

It makes me feel dirty, but I'm completely with the Daily Mail brigade on this, if you take my meaning.

BenGee Posted on 17/09/2008 08:17
Muslim Britain

I would certainly urge the topic starter to take action against Neilg for the libellous ( if there is no truth in them) allegations he has made.

The loony left is alive and well just look at the way the resort to name calling and personal insults.

Must people in the this country (myself included) do not give a flying fart about the colour of a persons skin or what faith they follow.

nealg Posted on 17/09/2008 09:16
Muslim Britain