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prepman Posted on 01/09/2008 17:29
mannion....clough and

possibly juninho are boro legends.southgate etc not to be mentioned in the same breath.

Ayresomes_on_Fire Posted on 01/09/2008 17:31
mannion....clough and



parmoandstella Posted on 01/09/2008 17:35
mannion....clough and

Cloughie did alot more at other clubs than he did at boro, and he aften used to say that he was more a derby man than a boro man

intheblood Posted on 01/09/2008 18:51
mannion....clough and

If you look at what Wilfie, Cloughie and any others you care to name brought to the club in honours then Gareth has more right than any of them to be referred to as a legend. Captain of league cup winners and eufa cup runners up.
Like all supporters of our club I am a massive fan of Wilfie, Cloughie(2nd Division only) and the little fella(also a trophy winner for us)but let,s not lose sight of what Gareth has achieved and give the guy a bit of credit, nay! a lot of credit.
Cloughie btw on a number of occasions stated that his happiest days in football were at sunderland. Gareth has showed far more comittment and loyalty to Boro and the fans.

borobadge Posted on 01/09/2008 19:05
camsell.mannion and hardwick.....

the last legend to play for the boro was John Hickton, weve had non since him.