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Grumpy_Paul Posted on 12/01/2008 00:07
I am an EX smoker

Finally I have taken the plunge and done the sensible thing.
Yesterday (edited) was the first day with occasional exceptions that I havn't popped into a shop for a packet of cigs for about 40 years.
Tried cold turkey in the past and failed miserably so this time I'm doing it with NHS support and prescribed nicotine patches.

If (no, WHEN ) I am still a non smoker at the end of Fatknacker and Chubster's sponsored diet I will sponsor them 1 for every pound that they lose up to 30 for the MDSA bus fund.

If anyone else wants to come along for the ride, stop and perhaps swap notes and give mutual support then you are more than welcome

wiggler Posted on 12/01/2008 00:12
I am an EX smoker

Best of luck i was on 40 a day for 15 years and stopped cold turkey and have not had one (or a drag) for nearly 4 years, i have gained a bit of weight like but hey

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 12/01/2008 00:15
I am an EX smoker

Thanks wiggler
A bit of extra weight isn't a bad trade off compared to the problems I'd create for myself if I continue smoking.
This is the most positive I've felt about stopping so hopefully a success this time.

Boiler_Boy Posted on 12/01/2008 00:36
I am an EX smoker

Well done and keep it up. I shall join you when I can be arsed [:D]

bblf Posted on 12/01/2008 00:42
I am an EX smoker

Good luck Paul, I stopped 20 yrs ago off a 40 a day habit. Best thing I ever did mate, keep it up.

TeessideCleveland Posted on 12/01/2008 00:44
I am an EX smoker

Good luck GrumpyPaul

MsCurly Posted on 12/01/2008 00:44
I am an EX smoker

Go grumps!

I know you can do it......and just think of all that minty fresh snogging you can do as a result, hehe.


camperman Posted on 12/01/2008 00:46
I am an EX smoker

managed 5 months with the patches and the nicotine tablets but finally admitted defeat at the hands of alchol as i was just getting far to p*ssed up with not having a smoke in between beers.

good luck you will need it.

TeessideCleveland Posted on 12/01/2008 00:50
I am an EX smoker

Good luck Gumpy_Paul

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 12/01/2008 00:57
I am an EX smoker

Thanks all.

Camperman, alcohol shouldn't be too much of a bother I think and hope.
Since the Smoking ban, other than when with one group of friends, I don't bother going to smoking areas on a night out.

Tom_Fun Posted on 12/01/2008 03:16
I am an EX smoker

11 days without fags for me. I'm eating like a motherF***er but at least my lungs will get better.

whale_oil_beef_hooked Posted on 12/01/2008 09:33
I am an EX smoker

11 weeks this tuesday for me....its not easy..and dont know if ille keep it up but hey ime trying.

teesste Posted on 12/01/2008 09:36
I am an EX smoker

Good luck to all of you trying to give em up.

I've never tried one in my 34 yrs on the planet so don't know what ur going through but hope you keep up the good work!

grantus Posted on 12/01/2008 11:56
I am an EX smoker

Good luck.

You'll be living up to your name soon enough.

Want a tab? [;)]

buttermyarse Posted on 12/01/2008 11:57
I am an EX smoker


bedokred Posted on 12/01/2008 12:02
I am an EX smoker

Why dont normal 10 to 20 a day smokers pack in, its always the 40 to 60 a day exaggerators.

prepman Posted on 12/01/2008 12:14
I am an EX smoker

bedokred,what do you mean by exaggerators.i quit 28 years ago after smoking 40plus a day,like a lot of people.

axel1974 Posted on 12/01/2008 12:17
I am an EX smoker

no more drug addiction for you grumpy paul......

good luck

inoffthepost Posted on 12/01/2008 13:06
I am an EX smoker

Prepman you now get P***ed three nights a week and talk S***e,Get back on the fags.

prepman Posted on 12/01/2008 13:16
I am an EX smoker

and you can fook off ye scruffy grove hill poof.

prepman Posted on 12/01/2008 13:51
I am an EX smoker

hey inoffthepost,what you need is agood stiff shyt not a little fart to get all that bitterness out of you,stick your cigars up your arsse tosser.

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 13/01/2008 02:41
I am an EX smoker

Sorry to bore you all with this but it helps me.
A 100% success day today, not slipped up and walked past the cigarette counter at the supermarket with a bit of a 'fcuk you, I don't need you' feeling, it was quite satisfying.
So far so good, I guess the true test will come sooner or later when there is some kind of pressure on whether home life or work.
Work on Monday should be a good test.
A point against the scousers didn't do too much damage but disappointed to lose a lead. I'd have settled for 1 - 1 before the match though.

Not noticed any improvement in food tastes yet.
MRS Grumpy?? [;)]

marktheborofan Posted on 13/01/2008 02:49
I am an EX smoker

Well done mate. I quit several years ago. I have been in a 7 year court battle just to see my kids and have still managed to get through it. I was only on about 15 a day like. I have never looked back since and feel 100% better now. I have quite good will power though. If I can do it then so can you. Just remember, the craving is all in your mind. I took up playing football again as a deterrent, I would suggest that you take up some kind of hobby to occupy your mind.

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 13/01/2008 02:59
I am an EX smoker

Thanks for the encouragement.
I'm a bit past the football, age and a knee op a couple of years ago put paid to that. I played occasionally till age 49 so feel I didn't do too bad but the knee trouble told me it was time to grow up.
I sincerely hope you have a happy ending with reference to your children

marktheborofan Posted on 13/01/2008 03:09
I am an EX smoker

49!!! That's some going mate. Well done. I'm 31 and struggle to keep up with the pace although my new team mates this season age between 18 and 23. I am still top scorer though.

Regarding my kids, eventually, due to the crappy family law system, I lost all access to my kids due to the lies their mother had told them (which were proven in court). I basically have to wait and hope they will see me when they are older. I haven't seen them since February 2005 but I speak to them on the phone every week.

I managed to stop smoking despite going through that (and believe me, it hurt a lot) so therefore there is no excuse for you.

I don't mean to intensify the pressure on you by the way. I just wanted to point out that it is possible despite being in a really sh1tty situation. Good luck with it.

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 13/01/2008 03:37
I am an EX smoker

No pressure at all mate. I'm well aware that in the big wide world out there that any problems I have pale into insignificance.
No Excuse??
Absoloutly, it's down to me, end of. I, like so many others have tried before but this time I have desire and confidence and reckon it will make the difference.

Tell you what mate, I really feel for you with regard to the children, I don't know and it's not for me to comment on the rights and wrongs of the situation but it brings home just how lucky I am with Mrs Grumpy and the Grumpette.

marktheborofan Posted on 13/01/2008 03:45
I am an EX smoker

No pressure at all mate. I'm well aware that in the big wide world out there that any problems I have pale into insignificance.
No Excuse??
Absoloutly, it's down to me, end of. I, like so many others have tried before but this time I have desire and confidence and reckon it will make the difference.

Tell you what mate, I really feel for you with regard to the children, I don't know and it's not for me to comment on the rights and wrongs of the situation but it brings home just how lucky I am with Mrs Grumpy and the Grumpette.

Glad to hear it mate. It's all about your own willpower and if you can keep yourself in the same mentality as you are at the minute then you will do it.

One thing I always say to people that have kids is to enjoy everything that you have. You never know when it will be taken away.

I packed in for the sake of the kids as I wanted to play a better part with them. I was knackered after running around with them for half an hour and then thought about how they would feel if I was taken ill or worse due to smoking. That was enough incentive for me.

Mind you, I still eat fatty foods like there is no tomorrow. [:D]

Peppery_John Posted on 13/01/2008 06:24
I am an EX smoker

I've just stopped again, had a heavy cold over Christmas, felt reasonably ok, but the catarrgh was terible. It quite freaked me out too, spitting catarrgh into bog paper to make sure you arn't coughing blood up and thankfully I wasn't. Been stopped a week now using the 4mg gum and it's going very well.

The only advice I can give you grumps, is do not be tempted to try a cigar and always remember you're like an alcoholic now, one cigarette away from restarting.

I think I've gone through just about every excuse now for restarting.

Cigarettes are just nicotine injection systems, it's all in the head in that chemical factory which we all process...

Dynamo Posted on 13/01/2008 10:25
I am an EX smoker

Good luck with it mate. I stopped 20 years ago, though I actually started to stop 3 years before that but I don't count them years.

My mam has just stopped smoking and she's 73 in February and having smoked about 30 a day since she was 20. She told me yesterday that the hardest thing is stopping herself wanting to put something in her mouth. I said don't tell any men that. Thankfully I don't think she heard me. :-D

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 14/01/2008 00:30
I am an EX smoker

Rabbiting on again but like I said previously, it helps.
Treat it as the diary of an ex smoker if you wish and I hope it encourages one or two others to try and stop.

First night out in the pub since stopping smoking, No problem, why did I have doubts?? it's not so hard as I thought it would be.
Having said that, I realise it's early days yet. Work tomorrow, that'll be a test.

So far, so good.

Approx 21 saved thus far, Bloody hell the Fatknacker pledge is almost paid for already [:D]

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 14/01/2008 00:40
I am an EX smoker

Married for almost 20 years and just realised Mrs Grumpy's food is total shoyte now that I've got the taste buds back. [;)]

Only joking Boss, your food is superb [:D]
I Love you.

marktheborofan Posted on 14/01/2008 00:43
I am an EX smoker

It's a big help that smoking is now outlawed in most pubs and it's an inconvenience to go outside for a fag. Just take each day as it comes and stick with your determination. Good luck with it.

Ned_Le_Quesne Posted on 14/01/2008 00:44
I am an EX smoker

Well done, Paul !! And good luck with it ...

I'm at around 4 months meself, had a bit of cough which turned into acute bronchitus, and nearly laid me down. 4 months later, and my health is the worst it's been since that RN Cook tried to poison me with that bad fish. [:D]

borolad259 Posted on 14/01/2008 00:47
I am an EX smoker

I'm a periodic smoker myself...when the three women in my life are on thei....nah, bad gag (but true).
Keep it up Paul. I had 2 today after a week without, Even with my pathetic habit, it's hard to stop.

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 14/01/2008 00:53
I am an EX smoker

Thanks again Mark and Thank you Ned.
Doc advised me that coughing may get worse initially but not to worry unduly. All part of the process, especially for us oldies.

I can honestly say that so far it has been a piece of P*** but I do have some trepidation for tomorrow being a work day.

Silly but just for a bit of humour we have taken the patch advice literally. Supposed to vary the patch location so after each arm Mrs Grumpy has stuck today's patch on my arrsse, left cheek today and she plans the right cheek tomorrow.
Got to be in hairless locations, where next will she choose I ask myself [:D]

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 14/01/2008 00:55
I am an EX smoker

Ned, RN cooks are Chefs compared to MN
You wouldn't believe some of the schiitt we had to Survive on.
Don't know about stopping smoking but it was dead easy to stop eating in those days of the old 'Board of Trade' menu [:)]

marktheborofan Posted on 14/01/2008 00:56
I am an EX smoker

Put the patches over your eyes so you can't find your fags. [:D]

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 14/01/2008 00:58
I am an EX smoker


[:D] [:D]

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 14/01/2008 01:01
I am an EX smoker

Thank you Borolad259

Schiitt or bust for me, I wouldn't have the self discipline to limit myself to one or two now and then

WoodallServices Posted on 14/01/2008 01:29
I am an EX smoker

Paul. I must admit after a few years of non smoking now, I still think the hardest part of giving up isn't the nicotine come down its the feeling of actually enjoying a fag that never goes. And don't believe all the adverts and idiots who say they feel great and could run a marathon. Its B*******

Peppery_John Posted on 14/01/2008 04:28
I am an EX smoker

Unfortunately for some people the urge to smoke never disappears (I count myself in this group)
You just have to live with this fact and as Mark said earlier, It's all in the head.
Our brains are the most sophisticated chemical factories ever designed and basically it just keeps telling you that it wants/ needs nicotine. It's up to you whether you give in or not...

number9 Posted on 14/01/2008 10:19
I am an EX smoker

25 anni di cenere liberamente

maturesmogette Posted on 14/01/2008 11:34
I am an EX smoker

Its the best decision you have ever made. I stopped a long time ago and never regretted it. I had tried many times before without success but my youngest son made me see the light. He got very upset cos he had been hearing at school about the dangers and he said he didn't want me to die. A tug at the heartstrings made me do it. I did it cold turkey but I would advise a cup of very strong coffee when you feel the urge to light up. The strong taste seems to compensate for the nicotine.

Dr_Evil Posted on 14/01/2008 11:38
I am an EX smoker

11 a day on fags?!

Jesus lads, that is a hell of a lot of money.

Also, you will be able to taste food so much better.

Well done.

ferencpuskas Posted on 14/01/2008 11:44
I am an EX smoker

Real men smoke rollies.

guisboro Posted on 14/01/2008 13:23
I am an EX smoker

How you getting on today Grumpy ?

SmoggyDunc Posted on 14/01/2008 15:18
I am an EX smoker

I havent had a cigarette since Christmas eve- i had one and it tasted just awful and never had one since. I have smoked 20 fags a day for about 8 years and now stopped almost without notice. Had no cravings but some horrendous chest pains which i hope are all over with- so now onwards and upwards i say!

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 15/01/2008 00:16
I am an EX smoker

You calling Mrs Grumpy a real man? [;)]

guisboro, all in all not doing too bad, thanks for asking.

First full day back at work after stopping. Expected some difficulty but all went reasonably well.

Not had any outright cravings yet but it's frequently on my mind, positive thoughts such as improved health and bank balance soon dispel any doubts.
I was on about 30 a day so cost was just less than 8 per day (madness when you take stock and think about it). Bought last packet on Thursday so current saving in in the region of 32. That's the Fatknacker pledge paid for [:D].
One real side affect so far is that when I made coffee at work I could literally 'smell the coffee' and indeed taste it in it's full glory. My mouth is noticably fresher also.
Once again, walking past the cig counter at the supermarket gave great satisfaction. I stuck two fingers up at the counter then felt a little embarrassed as I think the kid behind the counter thought the fingers were aimed at her.

Tonight's patch is on the right cheek [:)]

Anyone else want to give stopping a try, come on board and join me, you're welcome. If one other stops in conjunction with me it would be a great double result.

Lefty Posted on 15/01/2008 00:25
I am an EX smoker

Good luck, Grumpy. Good to see you've plucked up the courage to break out of that prison you've been cowering in.

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 15/01/2008 01:27
I am an EX smoker

Hardly cowering Lefty,I'm being open on here in the hope of encouraging others to stop or just to share the experience in the hope of being helpful to others who are already stopping. Thanks for the encouragement though, it's appreciated.

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 15/01/2008 23:26
I am an EX smoker

Eee well, another day free of the 'weed'. No cravings or urges to nip out and have a cigarette. Got a bit wound up at work due to some sub standard work by one or two of the lads, dealt with it then carried on as normal and never even thought about having a cig as I would possibly have done in the past.
So far so good, I just hope it continues but expect some pitfalls along the way.
Approximately 40 saved thus far, a fine incentive not to mention the health benefits
Sorry if this is boring to many you as I'm sure it is but I genuinely find it helpful just typing out this daily spiel.

Gillandi Posted on 16/01/2008 00:05
I am an EX smoker

Your not using any compensatory drugs like Crack or Smack are you Grumpy? Top effort if not.

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 16/01/2008 00:13
I am an EX smoker

No Gill, clean living healthy bloke me like, apart from the occasional tipple [:)]

Gillandi Posted on 16/01/2008 00:24
I am an EX smoker

Wuz gonna quit myself this year but decided to meet my lungs halfway and start jogging again instead. Which I haven't yet but still... It's just the anti-social aspect of it that appeals to me. How do you replace that? I mean, fartings good but nothing offends like cigarette smoke these days.

Mickey Posted on 16/01/2008 00:43
I am an EX smoker

I quit smoking on 29th Oct 2007 best decision i have made in ages.According to my quit meter iv'e not smoked in 11 weeks 1 day 4 hours 40 mins,not smoked 1,563 ciggies (was on 20 per day)

There are some good forums on the net Paul just google smoking cessation i daren't put up a link me being new i dont want to get in any trouble.

Good luck.

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 16/01/2008 01:29
I am an EX smoker

you'll not be penalised for posting links on here (well, most links anyway.
Well done on stopping, keep it going.

Mickey Posted on 16/01/2008 01:36
I am an EX smoker

OK Paul here is a very good forum for ppl who have quit smoking its so helpful and informative

Sorry if this is against the rules mods if so please delete this post.

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 16/01/2008 01:58
I am an EX smoker


Not against the rules at all as far as I'm aware in fact quite the reverse. I've been on this forum and it's predecessors for about 4 years now and whilst it's primarily a Boro / football board anything else is OK so long as its decent and legal. The diversity is part of what makes it what it is.
I've just had a look at a couple of cessation sites, very interesting. I'll check out your recomendation later, must go to bed now, work in a few hours.

Good night mate

SmoggyDunc Posted on 16/01/2008 16:02
I am an EX smoker

So if everyones stopping smoking- the govermnet wil lhave to tax us on something else we like- 10 a pint??

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 16/01/2008 23:40
I am an EX smoker

Oh well, it's confession time,
I visited the cigarette counter at Tesco on the way home from work.

However, after buying a packet of chewing gum and a couple of lucky dips for tonights lottery I walked away thinking I'd won my own personal lottery.
A small morale boosting victory in it's own little way. Tickets were carp though, not even one number.

I have experienced a sharper craving or two today but nothing drastic, resisted without too much difficulty.

I'm cot counting my chickens yet by any means but I still remain positive.

Not far short of 48 quid saved now, so yes SmoggyDunc, someone somewhere will have to fund my tidy not so little 'tax rebate' [:D]

kazza Posted on 16/01/2008 23:44
I am an EX smoker

well done paul, get yaself in the pound shop and get the mints

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 16/01/2008 23:51
I am an EX smoker

Don't need mints, I now have lovely fresh breath anyway [;)]

Sorry, I tell a small porkie, at the noment there is a hint of Cabernet Shiraz on my breath [:)]

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 18/01/2008 00:22
I am an EX smoker

Another smoke free day [:)]

A day off work as I took the Grumpette to the law courts as she was to give evidence if required.
Not too stressfull for her as she wasn't called but I was suprised by some of the stress on show in the witness suite. It was an eye opener and a very moving experience.

A bit of an irony really but smoking didn't figure much in my thoughts today until watching TV when the barrage of 'stop smoking' adverts brought the subject of smoking to mind.

Took the opportunity to pop into 'mima' whilst in the Boro and was quite underwhelmed by the offering on show. Not critisising unduly, it just wasn't to my taste, in fact it was bloody boring.

Anyway, confident I will remain an ex smoker for the foreseeable future and hopefully for ever.

NeddySeagoon Posted on 18/01/2008 06:42
I am an EX smoker

"Smoking & Tobacco Use: Bananas can also help people trying to give up smoking cigarettes. The B6, B12 they contain, as well as the potassium and magnesium found in them, help the body recover from the effects of nicotine withdrawal."

They're a b^gger to light though!

Stopped a twenty a day habit more than twenty years ago, and I still get the craving everytime I see someone light up.
Keep at it kidda!!

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 19/01/2008 00:04
I am an EX smoker

ONE WEEK stopped and still going strong with no lapses.

Actaully feeling a bit schitty this evening. Mild flu type symptoms and an occasional hot flush. Don't know if a have a bit of man flu coming on or if it's withdrawl symptoms / Patch effects.
Not too bad though, certainly not enough to deter me.
Hardly think about smoking now except when those bloody 'stop smoking' TV adverts come on.

All in all everything is going to plan and I'm cautiously optimistic that I will remain an ex smoker ad infinitum.

Good luck to anyone else who is trying to kick the habit.

At least 50 beter off in the bank (a nice little incentive)

AstonVilla Posted on 19/01/2008 00:07
I am an EX smoker

Grumpy,my old man,75,from Harrogate council estate,give it up son,dead at 50 he was.[:D]

kazza Posted on 19/01/2008 00:12
I am an EX smoker

well done paul, keep it up

AstonVilla Posted on 19/01/2008 00:14
I am an EX smoker

He was a better bloke for it though Kazza..

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 19/01/2008 00:39
I am an EX smoker

Thanks kazza

susy Posted on 19/01/2008 00:46
I am an EX smoker

keep going paul, you are doing well. I gave up 3 years ago, i have had a few cravings since but not serious ones. The no smoking ban in pubs has helped me and I love the fact I no longer smell of smoke. My skin is healthier, I enjoy my food, I havnt put on an weight so thats a bonus. Although I dont want to run a marathon I do feel better in myself. Hope you manage to keep this up.

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 19/01/2008 00:52
I am an EX smoker

Thanks susy,
not too sure about the pub ban though, whilst it's true you no longer have to smell other peoples residual smoke there are some other residual odours hitherto undetected and it ain't always pleasant [;)]

Jasboro Posted on 19/01/2008 07:54
I am an EX smoker

I packed in 4 years ago and found that the inhalator was the best thing for me.

I don't know if they still have them? but they are the fake cigarette with the nicotine capsule that you put inside. They gave me a real replacement for ciggies as they actually deliver a shot to the back of the throat, and give you something to mess around with as it comes apart etc. etc.

Good luck with the quest.

bobstermarley Posted on 19/01/2008 08:27
I am an EX smoker

Well done on reaching the 1 week target.

I packed in last year, for 2 months (a pathetic achievement, but the first time I'd tried to pack in, to be fair), and found that after the first week I started to feel like I had "man flu" coming on. Was basically just my body going in to "clean up" mode.

Unfortunately, I got very drunk on the day I got married and started smoking again however I'm determined to try again this year. Felt a load better and a load richer.

Power to you.

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 20/01/2008 00:23
I am an EX smoker

Felt schitty today, similar to last night but a little more severe.I really don't know if I've picked up a bug or if it's withdrawl symptoms.
Couldn't properly concentrate at work, muscles (such as I have [:)] ) feel tight and I feel physically tense although all of the symptoms have easd off this evening.
Being a Boro supporter doesn't help at time like this.
I suspect I've put some weight on since stopping smoking and will find out tomorrow when I do my weekly weigh in.

On the bright side I wasn't even close to wanting a cigarette and my resolve is firmly intact. Close to 60 saved so far [:)]

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 21/01/2008 00:39
I am an EX smoker

Another day smoke free.
I make no apology for continuing this thread (you don't have to read it) but as previously stated I find it helpful to share the stopping smokind experience and know for sure of a couple of board members who find it useful to them in their quest to stop, they are a little embarrassed to discuss their experience publicly.

Today has been 'just another day' kind of day.
thoughts of smoking still arise but are quite easily dispelled.

I genuinely don't want a cigarette, the thought of actually having one now revolts me, Why have I smoked this past almost 40 years, I'll be buggared if I know except purely for the self percieved addiction.

I remain positive, I am an ex smoker

fatknackerlardarse Posted on 21/01/2008 00:48
I am an EX smoker

Keep it going mucker, you are doing brilliantly.

Look forward to having a few beers with you at the end of my 3 months sponsored slim, in celebration of both of our achievements.

Well done fella !

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 21/01/2008 00:58
I am an EX smoker

Ow do Fat Lad,
Good luck in your efforts, It's great to see the support you get from people who are other than in cyber world total strangers.
Your efforts will reap their rewards both for the Wheelies fund and for your own wellbeing.
Keep strong and keep going.
Good luck from old grumpy.

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 21/01/2008 01:14
I am an EX smoker

Sorry, forgot to add,
I have put on a couple of pounds in weight.
I have to say the appetite has increased substantially and my coffee intake at work is up. I'm going to have to address this at some stage but for now I'll just concentrate on the smoking issue and take advice from the health pro's at my next appointment

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 21/01/2008 23:35
I am an EX smoker

Well, day 11 without even the sniff of a cigarette.
All in all not too bad an experience and the plusses far outweigh anything negative. I'm still experiencing some withdrawl symptoms, but,

'Smokers cough' all but gone.
Food and drink definately more enjoyable.
I feel better overall.
About 75 to 80 better off. (that's frightening when I think what I have taken out of the family buget over the years).

If any of you out there are seriously considering packing it in then come on board, it ain't such a bad ride after all.

Ivan_Drago Posted on 21/01/2008 23:38
I am an EX smoker

I hope he starts smoking soon so I don't have to read this.

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 21/01/2008 23:43
I am an EX smoker

You don't have to click on this thread. I'm quite suprised that it took all of 11 days for some pratt to post such bilge.

I hope that by doing this and sharing the experience that I may help others as well as myself.

I reiterate, you don't have to click on this thread

SOUTHGATES_NOSE Posted on 22/01/2008 00:37
I am an EX smoker

We all know drago/capio is a C***!

Ignore him gadge keep it up

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 23/01/2008 00:10
I am an EX smoker

Was considering going from daily to twice weekly posts in any case despite Drago's comment but I'll do this one anyway in his honour.

Still a 100% success and going strong.
Just another day with nothing much in terms of craving or symptoms.

A bit like Drago's drab little life really [;)]

MADMICK Posted on 23/01/2008 01:14
I am an EX smoker

Paul..i used to smoke 2 half ounces of baccy a day..i started at the age of 7 and quit at the age of 26 (i never EVER thought i could do it) as anyone who knows me will tell you, a saying i have in life is this... the worst thing ive ever done in life was to start smoking, the proudest thing ive ever done in my life was to stop smoking...give ya self a pat on the back deserve it, and believe me..after a short while you'll laugh at how stupid you were to smoke

Rocky10 Posted on 23/01/2008 11:00
I am an EX smoker


You may just have inspired me to give it another go.

I have stopped for 6 months, 4months e.t.c in the past; but if you are going to keep posting may be we can bounce of each other.

Having said all this I only smoke 30/40 a week(mostof them at weekends), never at work and only occasionally at home - the pub/playing golf is my biggest weakness. And yes it is crap when you have to stand outside to have a fag but we all still do - why?

Will go back on the gum as that seemed to tke away the cravings for me.

Will post soon

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 24/01/2008 00:33
I am an EX smoker


You may just have inspired me to give it another go.

Brilliant news Rocky10

Just the kind of result I was hoping for by persevering with this thread, go for it mate, I hope you succeed.

Another successful day for me, still not a single cigarette since I stopped. Yet again the only times I have really thought about it have been when those bloody stop smoking ads have been on TV.
Approaching 100 saved now.

kazza Posted on 24/01/2008 00:37
I am an EX smoker

well done grumpy, just you keep on letting us know how you get on, take no notice off the others, 100pound eh, mines a pint or a vodka [:D]

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 24/01/2008 02:17
I am an EX smoker

Thank you Kazza, take your choice, pint or voddy, you are welcome.
I don't take too much notice of others who are negative, I'm too old and ugly for that, life's too short.
Nowt wrong with an occasional retort though [;)]

onthemap Posted on 24/01/2008 02:33
I am an EX smoker

Good luck, you should be proud of what you're doing, keep going, I for one am inspired by your determination.

Rocky10 Posted on 24/01/2008 20:24
I am an EX smoker

Day one nearly complete, five fags in a box on the cupboard. Not tempted at mo.

Johnny_Thunder Posted on 24/01/2008 20:38
I am an EX smoker

Just over three weeks for me grumpy, packed in new year.

BTW, you are not an ex smoker. You are a non smoker.

borolad259 Posted on 24/01/2008 20:38
I am an EX smoker

Way to go Paul. You should be over the worst now. Another couple of weeks and you'll not believe that you were ever hooked.
I used to advise staying away from pubs, but they're probably as safe as houses now.

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 24/01/2008 23:57
I am an EX smoker

Thanks for the comments all, as with most things in life a little bit of encouragement always give you a lift and dare I say improves performance (take note you boo boys).

you've broken the ice again so keep it going and best of luck.

On the downside I've gone off baked beans to some extent, they taste a lot sweeter now that my taste buds are recovering, they must be laced with sugar or sweetener.

Score so far

Cigarettes v Old Grumpy: nil - 13 days

charliesdad Posted on 25/01/2008 00:15
I am an EX smoker

Hi Grumps
that wasn't you jogging past my window was it?
you healthy b**ger
given up baked beans have you
it'l be the the Guinness next
oh woe!
oh woe!
i'll end up boozin on me own

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 25/01/2008 00:36
I am an EX smoker

No danger of going off the Guinness.
Some things in life just cannot be resisted

charliesdad Posted on 25/01/2008 00:55
I am an EX smoker

Top man
keep it up mate your'e doing great,
wish i had the willpower to be honest,
but i haven't so i'll have a fag and worry about it later.
cya on Sunday

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 26/01/2008 00:15
I am an EX smoker

Two weeks now since I packed in.
I'd love to report that I feel all fresh and healthy but in all honesty I felt pretty schitty on Friday. It was a first day off work for 11 days (whoops, told a little porkie there, I forgot about the day off when I took the Grumpette to court) so perhaps it was just a case of winding down and not feeling too good in the process. Talking to others who have stopped after many years of heavy smoking I'm told it's not unusual to experience the symptoms which have included severe indigestion (something which I've rarely suffered in the past), muscle tightness and excessive tiredness during the day.

On the positive side I've not been tempted to reach out for a cigarette and experience very little or no craving. The patches are doing their work well.

s Saved [:)]

I remain optimistic

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 26/01/2008 23:57
I am an EX smoker

Bloody hell, it's hard to stop smoking when you're a Boro supporter. Another potential banana skin successfully negotiated [:D]
Suggest that anyone else who tries does it during close season [;)]

A better day today than yesterday, no real problems or cravings.
15 days now and still going strong

fatknackerlardarse Posted on 27/01/2008 00:01
I am an EX smoker

Best idea mate, is take up crown green bowling, instead of watching that shower of S***e. [:)]

Well done and keep it up, or else !!!!!

kazza Posted on 27/01/2008 00:03
I am an EX smoker

omg, how you do it, keep it up, can not believe it was 2 weeks ago since i first read the first post, time flys bye

TeessideCleveland Posted on 27/01/2008 00:04
I am an EX smoker

Well done Grumpy_Paul
Keep it going
Nice few quid saved too

foggysfplandiet2 Posted on 27/01/2008 00:04
I am an EX smoker

Well done Grumpy Paul! You are doing a fantastic job, keep going and don't give up. Your family will really thank you for it. Bet you've saved about 70 as well, treat yourself to something you've always wanted.

kazza Posted on 27/01/2008 00:13
I am an EX smoker

yeah take your lass out for a nice meal [:D]

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 27/01/2008 00:15
I am an EX smoker

These posts and your encouragement really help.
I've reached a stage now where I feel I would be letting my family and friends (both real and cyber)down as well as myself if I was to start again. That's another good incentive as well as the obvious ones such as health and wealth.

How are you doing Rocky10? are you still on course? I hope so.

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 27/01/2008 00:17
I am an EX smoker

Buggar that Kazza, Her and the Grumpette have already spent the savings [;)].

I got her an Indian from Jolsha in Norton (best in Teesside) tonight, will that do? [:)]

fatknackerlardarse Posted on 27/01/2008 00:20
I am an EX smoker

Yer Tight Owld F***** !


kazza Posted on 27/01/2008 00:21
I am an EX smoker

well where is my bit? good job i have just shaared a pizza, you are doing great, keep it up, and keep us up to date, i am a smoker, and will be following in your steps in the future, when i am ready

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 27/01/2008 00:28
I am an EX smoker

Fook off Fat Lad [:D]

Come back when you are skinny.

On a more serious note, I truly hope your dietry project is going well for you and the others

janplanner Posted on 27/01/2008 00:28
I am an EX smoker

well done grumpy. i had my last ever cigarette outside the eindhoven stadium before the uefa cup final, a significant occasion.

the only downside is that i've turned into a terrible whinger if i smell other people's smoke!

onthemap Posted on 27/01/2008 06:20
I am an EX smoker

Keep going mate, it's a thing to be proud of, do it, you seem to be able to so carry on.

Well done, good on yer.

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 28/01/2008 00:49
I am an EX smoker


No I haven't had a cigarette but now for the first time in my life I am over 14 stones in weight.

Buggary, thuggary and scullduggary, I'm going to have to address the weight increase sooner than expected.
Oh well, I'll just have to come up with something to stop the weight increase, diet and excercise review coming up.

No chance it will dent my resolve to stop smoking but the weigh in was a bit of a shock

kazza Posted on 28/01/2008 00:53
I am an EX smoker

get over to block 17 and join fatknacker, chboro is going to quit the fags aswell, you will soon lose the weight get jogging [:D]

masseyattack Posted on 28/01/2008 00:54
I am an EX smoker

ferencpuskas - Real men do not smoke rollies, men who are on the dole do. That reminds me, I bet you'll be on benson and hedges finest now you're working in Garlands?

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 28/01/2008 01:03
I am an EX smoker


I am not joining in with THAT FAT GET, he is a bad man, every time he farts it costs someone somewhere a tenner for the wheelz fund. He's a bad ass. [:)]

kazza Posted on 28/01/2008 01:06
I am an EX smoker

get yaself over there [:D] all for a good cause, and keep it up

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 29/01/2008 02:28
I am an EX smoker

52 years of age today and a non smoker at last, well I like to think so.
Still going strong and as happy as a pig in shoyte

scoot999 Posted on 29/01/2008 09:29
I am an EX smoker

I am a recovering smoker

Paul, I would just like to say well done to you for getting so far. The first few weeks are absolutely the hardest part.

I stopped about a year ago give or take a few weeks and have stayed off them completely.

The only way that I have been able to keep off them is to think of myself as a recovering addict. One day at a time knowing full well that if you start with one its very easy to get sucked in and start smoking full time again.

The health benefits speak for themselves reduced risk of cancers and diseases too numerous to mention.

Keep up the good work, be strong, you dont need it and focus on the reasons why you wanted to stop in the first place.

One day at a time.

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 29/01/2008 23:36
I am an EX smoker

Bloody hell, the Boro don't help at all do they.
3 points on my birthday certainly boost the morale, the need for a cigarette is as far away as ever.

I'll keep this thread going as long as I find it beneficial for myself and hopefully for others. However I'll wind it down to one or two posts a week now as even I realise it's getting repetative.

Good luck to those of you out there who are also stopping and many thanks to you all for the encouragement

kazza Posted on 29/01/2008 23:45
I am an EX smoker

loads of birthday messages for you on block 17 [:D]

foggysfplandiet2 Posted on 29/01/2008 23:48
I am an EX smoker

Happy Birthday GrumpyPaul; you'll have many more of them now you've given up the fags. You're a great example to a lot of people on here, keep it up mate.

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 01/02/2008 23:13
I am an EX smoker

It's now three weeks today since I had a cigarette, not such a rocky ride as I had feared but I'm still taking nothing for granted.
Not feeling particilarly better or worse health wise except for the welcome disappearance of the 'smokers' cough.
The big tangible result it a saving of well in excess of 150.
Downside is that my weight is gradually creeping up. I am eating a bit more, not as a substitute for smoking but I think it is simply an improved appetite.

Anyone out there thinking about stopping then go for it and good luck.

AstonVilla Posted on 01/02/2008 23:16
I am an EX smoker

Paul, i respect you but dying with honour will never be your gig!

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 01/02/2008 23:30
I am an EX smoker

Aston Villa,
you are quite right, but I'd like to die wth dignity if I haven't left stopping too late.
Death by cancer isn't very dignified.
However I don't wish to preach on thoses lines as with my history I don't really have the right to.

YouAreMyBoro Posted on 01/02/2008 23:59
I am an EX smoker

Grumpy, when I first saw this thread I couldn't be bothered reading it. However, tonight I gave in due to sleeping bird / 100+ post reasons.

Game on fella, I'm not a smoker myself, but I'm admiring you nonetheless. Keep it up, as a neutral I've got to say that this thread looks inspirational - and if you do a daily 'money saved' post I bet it'll be even more so.

Imagine spunking 100 on breathing in crap this month. Daft really. Good luck like, keep it up!

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 02/02/2008 01:04
I am an EX smoker


Thank you for your comment, it's more helpful than perhaps you realise
I reckon if I survive the match on Sunday without a relapse then maybe I've cracked it, I can't imagine a sterner test apart from real life problems.

I have a feeling we will sneak a nervy 0-1 victory

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 07/02/2008 00:48
I am an EX smoker

A difficult couple of days just gone by. I've experienced increased cravings in terms of frequency and intensity for no apparent reason but have not been even slightly tempted to give in.
100% success so far but occasionally difficult.
As previously stated I take nothing for granted but still remain positive.

Somewhere near 200 saved thus far, that helps [:D]

marktheborofan Posted on 07/02/2008 00:53
I am an EX smoker

Top bloke. Keep it up mate and good luck.

Red_Clowne Posted on 07/02/2008 01:09
I am an EX smoker

Keep it up Grumpy, by now you know it's worth it.


coluka Posted on 07/02/2008 02:36
I am an EX smoker

Keep it going grumps you are doing reet gradely as we say in deepest Yorkshire

Oh and i think you've missed the letter S off the 4th word in the threads title

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 11/02/2008 00:21
I am an EX smoker

Well, it's after midnight so I can say with not a little pride that it is now one calender month without the weed. [:D]

If i've learned anything from this excercise it's to be more compassionate and understanding towards people undergoing withdrawl from other addictive products.

It's by no means over yet and I realise it's a long haul but so far so good.

Coming off something so addictive as cigarettes gives you an opportunity to learn things about yourself and others.

I've never doubted my strength of character at all in other ways but always for some reason felt that the weed had a great hold over me in that it was a great comforter in difficult times and also a great pleasure in normal times.

How wrong I have been for almost 40 years.

There are many thoughts going through my head with reference to this subject that I feel I cannot explain myself properly but in one word I feel:-


I thank you all for tolerating this thread but offer no apology for continuing it, it helps me and I now know for sure of at least 4 posters who are now trying to stop because of it.

I call that a result


bigdave85 Posted on 11/02/2008 00:31
I am an EX smoker

I gave up biting my nails 1 week ago, if giving up smoking is as hard as this then well done! [:D]

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 11/02/2008 00:41
I am an EX smoker

Thanks bigdave85

FFS don't get nails like Mrs Grumpy

They are very nice to look at but she's drawn blood on more than one occasion [;)]

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 15/02/2008 00:27
I am an EX smoker

Happy to report I still havn't had a cigarette since stopping and a big bonus for me is that a few other posters have also stopped as a result of this thread. I hope they go on to succeed in stopping altogether

It hasn't all been plain sailing, I'd be lying if I said that was the case but so far so good.

Over 230 saved so far, no more smokers cough and food tastes pretty damned good.

Only downside is weight increase as previously stated but it appears to have stabalised now at a half a stone more than before stoppping. I'll deal with that once I'm convinced I am truly a none smoker, ad infinitum

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 15/02/2008 01:19
I am an EX smoker

Just to be clear, this thread only aims to help myself and others interested in stopping smoking and in no way is an anti-smoking thread.

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 16/02/2008 01:22
I am an EX smoker

Buggar me, I'm craving big style at the moment, I'm just chilled and relaxed at the moment and am the the point where I would have had a cigarette for pleasure in the past rather than out of habit.

Not going to have one though, couldn't if I wanted as there are none in the house, good part of the planned strategy was to dispose of all temptations.

Onwards and Upwards [:)]

foggysfplandiet2 Posted on 16/02/2008 01:59
I am an EX smoker

Well done Paul, Keep it up!

whale_oil_beef_hooked Posted on 16/02/2008 10:10
I am an EX smoker

4 months since i last had be honest sometimes i could kill for one but hey it goes away in a few minutes....keep it the nun said to the vicar.

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 18/02/2008 00:36
I am an EX smoker

14 stone 8 pounds, approx 10lb weight gain in just over 5 weeks


I got some work to do

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 20/02/2008 00:21
I am an EX smoker

40 days now i think and haven't lapsed once
I still remain confident but take nothing for granted as previously stated,

In excess of 300 saved although Mrs Grumpy and the Grumpette put a fair hole in that [:D]

kazza Posted on 20/02/2008 00:25
I am an EX smoker

just under 6 weeks and 300 quid, keep it up, should imagine now
you have got the worst over

br14 Posted on 20/02/2008 00:26
I am an EX smoker

40 days and 300 quid?

I couldn't afford to smoke. That works out at over 2,500 a year. Well done sir.

On another note. Is this going to be the longest running thread on record?

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 20/02/2008 00:35
I am an EX smoker

I was on a packet and a half a day (approx 8) and getting worse so decided enough was enough, both for health and wealth.

With regards to the thread leangth I find talking about it anonymously sometimes helps when I'm at my weakest and I know from e'mails that a small number of other posters who are trying to stop follow this thread with interest even though they rarely if ever post.
I'll cease posting on the subject when I'm 100% sure I've cracked it and / or when it's not helping the others.

I've said before that I make no apology for the thread but do understand some people will find it boring or even irritating.
They don't have to click onto the thread after all.

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 20/02/2008 00:38
I am an EX smoker

Kazza, I dont know what 'the worst' is, I'm in unknown territory but it has been nowhere near as bad as I feared.(occasional moments excepted).
I think the key is to really want to stop right from the start

br14 Posted on 20/02/2008 00:39
I am an EX smoker

Sorry GP - didn't intend to suggest I found the thread either boring or irritating. [:)]

Seriously interested in the record.

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 20/02/2008 00:44
I am an EX smoker

I wasn't inferring that you found it boring or irritating but just generalising.
I wouldn't have a clue what the thread record is in terms of time on the board but given the board history I would guess that this is just small fry, it's certainly small fry in terms of numbers.

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 25/02/2008 01:07
I am an EX smoker

Just to update

Still going strong but with occasional difficulties.
Just had trhee days off work with nothing of significance to do.
Idle hands an the devils work spring to mind but I didn't succombe.

Over 6 weeks now so onwards and upwards, we go on.

Best of luck to you others out there who are giving up the weed

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 28/02/2008 01:34
I am an EX smoker

Hello again
To put a more sober note on this thread I'll tell you that acouple of years ago almost to the day I had a Knee operation. I almost had to have it cancelled due to high blood pressure but managed to get it down with the assistance of drugs.
Since then the doc has been monitoring my BP every couple of months and it has held steady. I had an appointment on Wednesday, the first since I packed in smoking.

The BP is now so good he does not want to see me for 6 months.

Anyone need a further incentive

You know it makes sense

Good luck all who are stopping and keep it going


foggysfplandiet2 Posted on 28/02/2008 23:18
I am an EX smoker

I am always interested in your posts on this Paul, you are doing great by the sound of it. I wish I had your will power so I could get a bit of weight off! Keep it up mate you're an example to us all.

Ivan_Drago Posted on 28/02/2008 23:24
I am an EX smoker

Dear Diary tonight I managed not to smoke I am so proud of myself -nice template for you to copy and paste there!

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 29/02/2008 00:41
I am an EX smoker

There really is no need, just don't click onto this thread if you find it tedious.
Seeing many of your posts on other threads you seem to be well travelled, intelligent and articulate (when you choose to be) so why have a dig at this one?.

It so happens that at least 3 other posters and myself have successfully thus far stopped smoking in part as a result of this thread over the past 7 weeks, I call that a result.

In short, fook off.

Thanks for your comments, any encouragement is always appreciated.

To put a more sober note on this post I'll tell you that a couple of years ago almost to the day I had a Knee operation. I almost had to have it cancelled due to high blood pressure but managed to get it down with the assistance of drugs.
Since then the doc has been monitoring my BP every couple of months and it has held steady. I had an appointment on Wednesday, the first since I packed in smoking.
The BP is now so good he does not want to see me for 6 months.
Another reason to share the experience with a view to assisting others to stop

kazza Posted on 29/02/2008 00:51
I am an EX smoker

well i for one would like the updates to continue, its good to see that people can give up the weed, you must have a bit saved up now grumpy, do you want me to mind it[:D] keep up the good work

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 29/02/2008 00:54
I am an EX smoker

Thanks Kazza

Time for you to come on board yet ? [:)]

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 02/03/2008 00:43
I am an EX smoker

Just a sneaky quick post cos 'Ivan the Terrible' is lurking. [;)]

50 days tobacco free as of yesterday

Onwards and Upwards we go

TeessideCleveland Posted on 02/03/2008 00:50
I am an EX smoker

Grumpy_Paul congratulations
Keep going now and the 100 will soon follow

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 02/03/2008 00:53
I am an EX smoker

Cheers TC

br14 Posted on 02/03/2008 04:56
I am an EX smoker

Keep it up GP. And take no notice of Drago.

How can you take anyone seriously with a user name of a bloke played by Dolph Lundgren in the movies?

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 08/03/2008 00:05
I am an EX smoker

8 weeks now and still going strong

Saw the practise nurse on Friday and she prescribed reduced dosage nicotine patches.

The habit is to all intents and purposes defeated.

Now we take on the nicotine addiction

kazza Posted on 08/03/2008 00:08
I am an EX smoker

go grumpy go
new tablet out isn't there, aww i just enjoy a fag, not ready yet [:D]

Ivan_Drago Posted on 08/03/2008 01:03
I am an EX smoker

Are we still being subjected to this self gratifying piffle?

It will be 30 years this year since I last smoked and I don't need to start a thread to pat myself on the back smugly.

kazza Posted on 08/03/2008 01:06
I am an EX smoker

well you know what the post is about, so dont read it,

MADMICK Posted on 08/03/2008 01:08
I am an EX smoker

Ivan, maybe you dont need a pat on the back, but you sure like to brag that its been 30 years since ya last puff eh! [;)]

Ivan_Drago Posted on 08/03/2008 01:09
I am an EX smoker

I haven't given up the puffs just the smokes;)

MADMICK Posted on 08/03/2008 01:13
I am an EX smoker

Either way..ya gonna die a long and painfull death! [:D]

kazza Posted on 08/03/2008 01:14
I am an EX smoker

oy shut up [:D]

MADMICK Posted on 08/03/2008 01:16
I am an EX smoker

oar fcuk! dont say your a puff as well Kazza!! [;)] ..[:D]

Johnson Posted on 08/03/2008 01:47
I am an EX smoker

Man de Tory

Link: Apropos nowt

grantus Posted on 08/03/2008 02:17
I am an EX smoker

Well done Grumpy. Head down, chin up. Bloody good effort mate.

onthemap Posted on 08/03/2008 03:23
I am an EX smoker

Well done mate - keep it up - ignore the bitch.

newjersey Posted on 08/03/2008 04:54
I am an EX smoker

Well done G_P

Proud of you.

borolad259 Posted on 08/03/2008 08:01
I am an EX smoker

"It will be 30 years this year since I last smoked and I don't need to start a thread to pat myself on the back smugly".

No, but apparently you need to join someone elses thread to do just that. Bravo.

bigdave85 Posted on 08/03/2008 08:17
I am an EX smoker

A mate and I did a "nicotine patch challenge" once which involved slapping a patch on both arms and seeing how long we could last. I struggle to find a time where I have felt more ill than I did half an hour later. I was later told by a doctor that I was lucky I didn't have a heart attack!

Tomdoodle Posted on 08/03/2008 08:35
I am an EX smoker

bigdave, I've never heard of people who smoke for their health!

Learn something new every day [8)]

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 15/03/2008 02:52
I am an EX smoker

I intended to close this thread a short while ago but Drago had to fook it.
Anyway, the thread is now in obeyance unless I fail and then I will come back to you all and own up
Thank you all for your support it has been much appreciated

I remain a non smoker

Drago, if you are lookibg in,

Fook off, arrsse

Ivan_Drago Posted on 15/03/2008 02:53
I am an EX smoker

Jesus is this S*** still going?

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 15/03/2008 02:58
I am an EX smoker

My apologies,
Drago, No one is interested Eh??????
Over 100 posts on two different boards.

Three people minimum stopped thus far. Result

Learn a little humility and we might even allow you to join the human race

Ivan_Drago Posted on 15/03/2008 03:01
I am an EX smoker

"100 posts on two different boards."

75 of them were yours.

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 15/03/2008 03:03
I am an EX smoker

Another bite off drago without even trying
Is this F***** for real is he stalking, one minute after I posted and even beat the nextpost.

Is there a a nurse in the house? he needs sectioning

Ivan_Drago Posted on 15/03/2008 03:06
I am an EX smoker

A bite? Are you 12? Surely you're the one biting...I am not even animated in the're being aggresive and abusive not I - you have anger problems.

A reply is not a bite - it's good manners - you should try it sometime

I'm as chilled as can be... had a good night now enjoying a beer before bed.

chomp chomp

br14 Posted on 15/03/2008 03:09
I am an EX smoker

Ignore him GP. How many days now? Does this mean you're now officially a non-smoker?

And keep it going. Anything that gets Mappy saying something positive has to be a good thing. [:)]

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 15/03/2008 03:11
I am an EX smoker


my intention was to close this thread wihhout fuss, end of.
seconds after it was posted you were in there.

Very Sad
I was going to post lots but I can't be arsed
You are really not worth the effort
If it means that I get banned the so be it but FOOK OFF WAANNKKEERR

Ivan_Drago Posted on 15/03/2008 03:12
I am an EX smoker

Love to you and your family Paul you miserable old B***** I'm off to bed xxx

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 15/03/2008 03:18
I am an EX smoker

Fook off you too[:D]


boroandproud2 Posted on 15/03/2008 09:31
I am an EX smoker

Having just opened this thread with interest, I will be now using it as some moral support, having stopped on Monday 10th March. Well done Grumpy Paul, keep up the good work. This is my 4th attempt but the main thing that has made me decide to stop was when my 7 year old daughter said to me "Daddy I don't want you to die like Grandma!. Moments like that are precious and thats one of the biggest motivational factors I have had in my life!.

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 22/03/2008 00:42
I am an EX smoker

10 Weeks now, 70 days.
Binned the patches, No need for them [:)]

Don't bother commenting please Ivan [;)]

kazza Posted on 22/03/2008 00:46
I am an EX smoker

10 weeks, god how time has flown, really must take a leaf out of your book, but when the kids wind me up its light up time [:D] well done grumpy

Ivan_Drago Posted on 22/03/2008 09:48
I am an EX smoker

It feels like 10 years never mind 10 weeks. I'm going to start a petition to end this tedious S***e.

Grumpy, I'll buy you 100 smokes a week if you end this thread.

blootoof Posted on 22/03/2008 12:35
I am an EX smoker

go on Grumpy

Link: you know you want to

midoshead Posted on 22/03/2008 14:13
I am an EX smoker

Well done Paul. Its a big achievement and I hope you keep up the good work.

I gave up a few years back after smoking for 2 years. I know its not like some people where they smoke 10 years plus but i have to say it was hell getting off them little sticks. Everytime i went to the pub i would want one cos it was all around me, mates smoking, smokey environment. I cudnt get away from it.

I had to grit my teeth but i got there in the end!

NedKat Posted on 22/03/2008 14:39
I am an EX smoker

Aye, good stuff Paul ..

I started smoking when I was 11, stopped when my boy asked me to stop, and didn't touch 'em for 10 years. Then I started again, smoking when I had a drink, then smoking regularly again. Now, I've been 6 months without them, and to be honest with yer, I feel bloody awful so I'm going to start on 40 a day from tonight ... [;)]

blind_date_reject Posted on 22/03/2008 16:33
I am an EX smoker

Ive been reading your thread with interest and just want to congratulate you on your acheivement !

I am so anti smoking I am a pain in the ass lol so just want to say keep up the good work and keep us posted cos I for one are very interested in your progress hun !

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 29/03/2008 00:11
I am an EX smoker

11 weeks and still going strong [:)]

Anybody4abeer Posted on 29/03/2008 00:16
I am an EX smoker

Well done, but whats with the hoof's

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 29/03/2008 00:23
I am an EX smoker

What's with the hoofs??.

1) Progress report for anyone else in a similar position tryin to stop. There are at least three that I know of and I suspect a few lurkers take a little encouragement from it.

TeessideCleveland Posted on 29/03/2008 00:24
I am an EX smoker

Well done GP
3/4 of the way to the 100 now
Others seem to have been inspired by this - I see Marlon is a good few weeks nicotine free now too

kazza Posted on 29/03/2008 00:25
I am an EX smoker

frig drago [:D] you sussed it now

Ivan_Drago Posted on 29/03/2008 10:07
I am an EX smoker

You'd think Paul had found a cure for cancer the way he continues to slap his own back for ending a vile habit.

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 30/03/2008 02:35
I am an EX smoker

He just can't help himself, can he??

Look Drago, I'll type this very slowly so that you might understand.


Is that clear enough?

Whilst we are at it, I note that many of the threads you get involved in turn into slanging matches, arguements and swapping of insults. Does that not tell you anything???

onthemap Posted on 30/03/2008 02:38
I am an EX smoker

Good on ya Paul.Well done.

I'll hoof it if you forget.

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 30/03/2008 03:18
I am an EX smoker

Cheers pal

One more hoof for Drago

TeessideCleveland Posted on 30/03/2008 16:19
I am an EX smoker


pollock Posted on 30/03/2008 16:42
I am an EX smoker

Well done Paul for getting this far. Tried myself a few times and always given in in the first week, going out on the P*** made sure of that. The difference it makes in the first couple of days is clear, wish I had the willpower! Again, well done sir!

Shaun71 Posted on 30/03/2008 17:08
I am an EX smoker

Well done Paul, keep it going

Ivan_Drago Posted on 30/03/2008 17:21
I am an EX smoker

I love the way he is using me as an excuse for hoofing this piffle, it's really no big deal.

People do far more interesting things everyday and don't come on a website to pat themselves on the back every single day.

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 30/03/2008 18:43
I am an EX smoker

I love the way he is using me as an excuse for hoofing this piffle, it's really no big deal.

Don't flatter yourself Drago, I wouldn't use your board personna as an excuse for anything, it's a non entity.

PodgerC Posted on 30/03/2008 21:36
I am an EX smoker

Stopped 17 years ago when they went up to 2 for 20. Still get the odd craving but that is down to once or twice per week. After the first three months I could spit for england. I coughed up enough tar & cp*p to resurface the A19

littlejimmy Posted on 30/03/2008 21:52
I am an EX smoker

Well done Paul. Keep it up. Don't let the envious ones among us get you down.

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 05/04/2008 00:18
I am an EX smoker

12 weeks now and there have still been a few difficult moments.
Much encouraged by the fact that two or more of the posters on B17 have started an attenpt to stop.

Makes me realise the value of this thread [;)]

Ivan_Drago Posted on 05/04/2008 02:02
I am an EX smoker


Grumpy_Paul Posted on 11/04/2008 21:15
I am an EX smoker

No cigs 3 Calender months today, 13 weeks [:)]
Now at least 5 other posters either stopped or trying to stop as a result.

Job's a goodun

borolad259 Posted on 11/04/2008 21:31
I am an EX smoker

Well done that man. Don't get complacent.
I.m two weks into my latest no fags campaign...much aided by being on a no booze either campaign.

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 19/04/2008 00:09
I am an EX smoker

14 wees now and the Grumpette tells me it's 100 days on Sunday.

Shame Ivan isn't around to congratulate me [;)]

parmoandstella Posted on 19/04/2008 00:13
I am an EX smoker

none since 10th July 2007, cold turkey too. All of you should give up you dirty smoking B******s !

Marsked_Bandit Posted on 19/04/2008 00:16
I am an EX smoker

Good news!!! Five years and I still want one with every beer

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 11/05/2008 01:53
I am an EX smoker

Four Calendar months today and still going strong

Well pleased [:)]

TeessideCleveland Posted on 11/05/2008 01:56
I am an EX smoker

Really well done GP
Is that 121 days?

SuperSpurs Posted on 11/05/2008 01:59
I am an EX smoker

WELL DONE m8 , my journey starts tomorrow.
Our usual suppliers can't get us any more baccy , and their is no way Im paying 11 quid for 50 gramms
So As from tomorror my house is tobacco free

its gonna kill me but I'm sooooo determined to do it

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 11/05/2008 02:08
I am an EX smoker

Don't know TC, not counting the days really, but I feel pretty pleased.
Big personal bonus is that my daughter (almost 17 years old) dabbled with smoking and told me that my stopping inspired herself not to experiment anymore.
Good result

TeessideCleveland Posted on 11/05/2008 02:11
I am an EX smoker

I know you're not complacent - but do you still get urges to smoke?
Or are you not tempted any more?
Boroproud chboro Stepper and Marlon all seem to be coping as well as you have - urges but kept under control

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 11/05/2008 02:11
I am an EX smoker

It's not gonna kill you, indeed quite the reverse.
If I can offer one bit of advice it is to dispose of anything smoking related, bin it all. Also, use the NHS if need be, they can be a big help.

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 11/05/2008 02:30
I am an EX smoker

I do get occasional urges TC but too much has been gained to throw it all away.

On a more serious note I have developed a DVT a couple of weeks ago and whilst smoking is not necessarily the cause it would be stupid to start again. Constantly at hospital for blood tests and treatment this last fortnight albeit I am now hopefully going to have to do just weekly visits.

SuperSpurs Posted on 11/05/2008 02:54
I am an EX smoker


thats exactly what I've done , all ashtrays , Lighter , rolly machines , papers , the lot
ALL gone
I am going to beat this

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 11/05/2008 03:01
I am an EX smoker

Tried on a number of occasions in almost 40 years a smoker but this time I didn't just feel the 'need' to stop but actually and genuinely WANTED to stop. Made all the difference.

Wish you best of luck, if you really want to, you will do it.
Keep us informed of your progress even if you slip up.

Happy to give you my e'mail address if you want a little non public support

SuperSpurs Posted on 11/05/2008 03:22
I am an EX smoker

Well , I'm not quite 40 years a smoker I'm 24 years
and ive never wanted to stop until now, I feel that the fact I cant get tobacco cheap[ any more has give me the excuse to go for it and STOP

its not just the fact that I cant afford to buy tobacco from the shops , its more to do with worrying about my health and well being, as I'm getting no younger (37)
I dont know , when I was younger I felt invincible , whereas now I find myself thinking about others aswell as myself......

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 15/06/2008 00:06
I am an EX smoker

5 months and 3 days now and still not weakened [:D]

This post just for the benefit of Mr Drago as he is currently bored with the board.

Awaiting insults

onthemap Posted on 15/06/2008 00:11
I am an EX smoker

Well done mate - whatever anyone says that's an achievement. Keep going, you'll see your kids grow up.

boro_exile Posted on 15/06/2008 00:14
I am an EX smoker

no insults from me grumps, just a big well done - reckon you've broken the back of it now?

Tony_Drago Posted on 15/06/2008 00:37
I am an EX smoker

F***ing hell, is he still posting this S***e? You'd think he'd invented a cure for cancer.

SuperSpurs Posted on 15/06/2008 00:49
I am an EX smoker

Haha , I remember posting on this thread a few weeks back and acting all cool as F*** cos I packed in for ever and it was a piece of P***

woke up the next morning and had a fag :) , I cant F***ing stop haha

SuperSpurs Posted on 15/06/2008 00:49
I am an EX smoker

double post sorry

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 15/06/2008 01:04
I am an EX smoker

"F***ing hell, is he still posting this S***e? You'd think he'd invented a cure for cancer."

Chomp, Chomp.

Never fails, too easy.

Cure for cancer? No, but I wish I could come up with a cure for drink driving scum like you.

axel1974 Posted on 15/06/2008 01:19
I am an EX smoker

Well done Paul.... keep up the good work.

Poor Gordon Brown will not be able to afford to keep his Jaguar running with all the tax he is missing out on from you

jumpers4goalposts Posted on 15/06/2008 01:48
I am an EX smoker

i go days without smoking but as soon as i have a drink i want one i guess its more of a want than need most of the time, should really give up but i just dont think ii want to yet, i will eventually

SuperSpurs Posted on 15/06/2008 02:29
I am an EX smoker

Jumpers , thats the nail on the head m8
You have got to REALLY want to stop to be succesfull

Thats my problem , I never REALLY want it , its always in the back of my mind that I like it :)

Paul , F***ing well done m8 , you're a better man than me

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 11/10/2008 21:31
I am an EX smoker

9 Months today since I last tasted the weed.
3 or 4 blokes who stopped as a result of this thread are still smoke free also.

Result [:)]

Crapio, sh*t for brains, god, gengis or whatever you call yoursel nowadays, please don't bother responding

Jimmythemoonlight Posted on 11/10/2008 21:34
I am an EX smoker


Ayresomes_on_Fire Posted on 11/10/2008 21:36
I am an EX smoker

3 years almost to the day since I quit..!!

Still on the gum like..!!

Barba_papa Posted on 11/10/2008 21:36
I am an EX smoker

I started smoking at 13. I'm now 24 and had my last fag when England played Trinidad and Tobago. I think it was 1st June. Just over 4 months now. Never felt better!

Cornerflag Posted on 11/10/2008 21:56
I am an EX smoker

Well done grumpy i packed in 9 years ago coz a wanted to see my kids grow up. Keep it going mate coz if you ave a fag tomorrow you have wasted the last 9 month.

TeessideCleveland Posted on 12/10/2008 00:19
I am an EX smoker

Well done GP

ingsy1981 Posted on 12/10/2008 00:45
I am an EX smoker

been not smoking since january probably half to do with this thread. Keep it up and i will keep it up too. Its a long time to go without the tab. Very long...

The_Ten_Minute_FLag_ Posted on 12/10/2008 02:46
I am an EX smoker

I never smoked for 40 years but since i read this thread i am now on 60 per day so fook you Grumpy.

wheelz Posted on 12/10/2008 02:48
I am an EX smoker

..may you live to see 50, Mr Flag..

NeddySeagoon Posted on 12/10/2008 05:09
I am an EX smoker

Well done Paul, I stopped ten years ago and it was the best thing I could have done.

And to the numbty who said

"F***ing hell, is he still posting this S***e? You'd think he'd invented a cure for cancer."

Have a think about it pal - that's exactly what he has done. Only a tiny percentage of lung cancers are attributable to anything other than smoking

Genghis_Khan Posted on 12/10/2008 16:23
I am an EX smoker

Oh look at me... look at me...

I'm a hero. I no longer stick a cancer stick in my mouth.

Who gives a F***?

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 12/10/2008 16:57
I am an EX smoker

Ey up, Arrssehole alert!!!!

Never fails, does he.

Chomp Chomp [:)]

Still drink driving are we Gengis Drago Crapio?

collo1875 Posted on 12/10/2008 17:14
I am an EX smoker

Well done Grumps
i packed in on new years day 2004
it was the best decision i ever made (apart from health reasons)
with the money i saved i managed to get to 6 euro away matches including the final which i would never of afforded if i had still smoked
keep it going, its beneficial all round

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 12/01/2009 00:55
I am an EX smoker

A full year as of Sunday, At least two others but probably more of those who quit around the same time still going strong.

Result [:D]

Crapio, please don't bother

onthemap Posted on 12/01/2009 02:30
I am an EX smoker

Well done mate, well done.

br14 Posted on 12/01/2009 02:32
I am an EX smoker

Well done GP. Have you worked out how much you've saved?

bungydinsdale Posted on 12/01/2009 03:59
I am an EX smoker

Well done Grumpy mate. I know you will be a wealthier and healthier man as a result...unless you just replaced one vice with another..

Not_Smog Posted on 12/01/2009 10:02
I am an EX smoker

Been quit two years, put about 2 stone in weight on but have managed to lose a stone of that in the last couple of months.

Best thing i ever did!

Well done GP, keep it up mate.

Genghis_Khan Posted on 12/01/2009 10:35
I am an EX smoker

Grumpy Paul is now Fat Grumpy Paul.

The_same_as_before Posted on 12/01/2009 10:58
I am an EX smoker

I have never smoked, have never even tried, my family did, I just didn't.

I think the global ban on smoking is one of the greatest disasters to the social networking with in the UK. Old dears went to the Bingo, now they don't, pubs are empty, most clubs are struggling. Why you could not have one room in building that allowed smoking is completely beyond me.

parmoandstella Posted on 12/01/2009 12:44
I am an EX smoker

Some usernames in this thread that dont post anymore!