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Monkey_Ball_Knackers Posted on 09/08/2008 00:09
Hardmen Posts Re-Mr C****eril

Noticed there's been a few on here lately i am not saying it's good or i condone it sometimes it makes a interesting read.
Anyway just come home from the boozer and some lad in the pub was going on about some younger lad knocking Mr C****erill out recently i thought he was the top man around these parts.
I remember watching that program on channel five about him and thought he looked like one big nasty fella although he is getting on a bit prob just rumours as i wouldn't of thought you would get away with it for long if you did put him away.
I have been going to read his book but never got around to it as i said i don't condone these type of hardmen but sometimes it can make interesting reading seeing how these so called underworld figures live they lives , i also remember somebody in the gazette saying he was among the six hardest men on the planet how they ever came up with that idea i will never know.

fevered_dog Posted on 09/08/2008 00:12
Hardmen Posts

I read his book its interesting if you live i the area and i learnt a few things like he went to the same primary school as me, although many years before i did!

Monkey_Ball_Knackers Posted on 09/08/2008 10:48
Hardmen Posts

I was just telling my mate about the above story who lives in Thornaby and he reckons some lad laid Mr C out , still can't see it myself i think its just a rumor doing the rounds.
For a start you would have to be one big fella and have plenty of bottle not even Liddle could manage that feat [:D].

The_Enigma Posted on 09/08/2008 12:06
Hardmen Posts

These so called hard men make me laugh as do the people who idolize them. I've just spent a wekk working with some Royal Marine Commandos - now they really are hard b*stards

hadawaynshite Posted on 09/08/2008 14:47
Hardmen Posts

Royal Marine Commandos??? Big lasses man

HadawaynS***e 3 para 1979-1996

AL_CZERVIK Posted on 09/08/2008 14:51
Hardmen Posts

a hardman doesn't last forever, there is always somebody out there, harder than the "hardest".

ask Liam Hartley