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The_Dude Posted on 07/08/2008 17:00
5 million for a fullback

i sometimes wonder wether people realise just what a collosul amount of money 5 million really is, for a 29 year old fullback

hmmmm, good buisnessi think, he is solid, but aint daniel alaves

sasboro1 Posted on 07/08/2008 17:00
5 million for a fullback

it is 4m apparently

The_Dude Posted on 07/08/2008 17:02
5 million for a fullback

with the P*** poor crowds we are getting , and 12 million spent last year onalves, we are not in apoisition to turn down 4 or 5 million down for a fullback who will be 30 next year, we have so many good youth players busting a gut, shame really that joe bennet wasnt right footed

kermit Posted on 07/08/2008 17:03
5 million for a fullback

I don't think it's that good money when the season is 1 week away and we're selling arguably the best right back the clubs had in 20 years.

We've now gotta go out and try find a replacement who's as good or better.

Then of course there's the need for a central midfielder, and obviously a keeper but that's not gonna happen.

sasboro1 Posted on 07/08/2008 17:04
5 million for a fullback

just as long as we find a fullback as good as young and for no more than what we sell young for then i dont have a problem.

Fabios_porkpie_provider Posted on 07/08/2008 17:31
5 million for a fullback

I agree with the Dude. So many kids coming through, i'm sure we've got someone who can do a decent job until we get better in(if needed).

Young was solid and consistent but he was a fullback. Fullbacks don't win you games so 4-5mil for Young is a good bit of business for a small club like us.
AND if we are skint, i'd rather we sold the likes of Young that Wheater and Downing

Brick_Tamland Posted on 07/08/2008 17:33
5 million for a fullback

It's what we do next that counts.

PinkPonce Posted on 07/08/2008 17:34
5 million for a fullback

Sas - the initial payment may be 4m but in truth the deal is much much more.

KL words were "we would never agree to sell LY for 4m pounds"

And I for one believe him.

Don't believe what you see on SSN next to transfers!

Jonny_Ingbar Posted on 07/08/2008 17:39
5 million for a fullback

Like Brick said it's not the selling of Young, but who he is replaced by that matters.

I suspect that replacement has already been identified and not too far away from signing.

sitheman Posted on 07/08/2008 18:28
5 million for a fullback

7 million upwards then yes that is silly money and we should sell. but 5 million is not far off the going rate for a quality full back. we will not replace young (like for like) for less than that fee and considering that we already have a pish poor back line and an inexperienced side then selling young is an absolute disaster.

add to the fact that with a week to go until the start of the season we are still missing at least 1 midfielder, a good keeper and now a right back then we are heading towards crisis level at the club.

BillBones Posted on 07/08/2008 18:45
5 million for a fullback

'We already have a pish poor back line'.

Am I missing something?

Big_Shot Posted on 07/08/2008 18:47
5 million for a fullback

Wasn't Young also part of that P*** poor back line though?