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Buddy Posted on 10/01/2008 09:03
Important rolling stock update

The trains from Bletchley to Bedford have been reduced to one carriage.

Thank you.

Capybara Posted on 10/01/2008 09:32
Important rolling stock update

There's a massive rolling stock shuffle going on between rail companies at the moment. What colours are the 153s in?

Buddy Posted on 10/01/2008 09:34
Important rolling stock update


But I have a suspicion that it is a different green to the network westmidlands ones we had before Christmas.

Capybara Posted on 10/01/2008 10:09
Important rolling stock update

It could be that they have already been repainted into London Midland colours.

t4tomo Posted on 10/01/2008 11:15
Important rolling stock update

The part of the fleet (the newer trains with less seats)* have had a christmas makeover from Silverlink to London Midland, the older trains* are making do with green electricians tape over obvious (but not all) silverlink logos.

* apologies for not knowing specific model numbers - I got out too much as a youngster.

onthemap Posted on 10/01/2008 11:19
Important rolling stock update

What is it about paint and drying that's on the tip of my tongue?

Buddy Posted on 10/01/2008 14:28
Important rolling stock update

Right. Today we have one looking exactly like the one linked here:

Link: train

Buddy Posted on 10/01/2008 14:31
Important rolling stock update

and one looking quite a lot like this one (which I appreciate is made out of plasticine)

Link: another train

Capybara Posted on 10/01/2008 15:20
Important rolling stock update

Livery presumably. That's (the first one) a 150. Looks like the livery they used on the trains in and around Brum after the one in the second picture.

That's the trouble with corporate branding on the railways. A franchise changes hands and it takes a couple of years for the new franchisee to rebrand all of its trains. By then, someone in the PR department has come up with the bright idea of rebranding the company or franchise and the whole thing kicks off again so that at no stage during the life of the rail 'company' are all the trains recognisably from that company. GNER were the only ones to come close to getting it right and now they have been succeeded by National Express who have decided that their main colour will be white. Which gets dirty quickly. So they will be changing before long.

The last Network South-East has only just disappeared and they went nearly 15 years ago.

Good old state-owned corporate BR blue had a hell of a lot going for it.

t4tomo Posted on 10/01/2008 16:10
Important rolling stock update

"Good old state-owned corporate BR blue had a hell of a lot going for it."

Not just the uniform colour of the trains to be honest. No problem with privatisation as such, but splitting the whole thing up into a track company and oodles of train operating companies was a flipping stupid idea.

As was massively reducing the amount the state spent on infrastructure and just hoping the whole thing would improve without massive fare hikes, for that matter.

Buddy Posted on 10/01/2008 16:10
Important rolling stock update

Livery and type. I presume the two I linked are two different types, which is what we have in real life.

Capybara Posted on 10/01/2008 16:31
Important rolling stock update

Yes, a 150 and a 153.

I was trying to be allegorical, tomo.

mattyk50 Posted on 10/01/2008 16:35
Important rolling stock update


how do i get out of here!

Buddy Posted on 10/01/2008 16:36
Important rolling stock update

There are actually 2 150s and a 153, I have just discovered.

Capybara Posted on 10/01/2008 16:39
Important rolling stock update

That would be about right for the length of line and frequency of service.

foggysfplandiet2 Posted on 10/01/2008 18:13
Important rolling stock update

It's easy to forget just how bloody abysmal BR were. Ancient, rough-riding stock, filthy coaches, unreliable,steam heating and pressure ventilation rather than air conditioning, rude staff whi didn't give a 5hit.

Privatisation has been expensive and far from an ideal solution but it has brought a hell of lot of investment which BR could never have afforded.

I miss the Deltics though.

neilg Posted on 10/01/2008 18:17
Important rolling stock update

i liked the deltics and watchin em belt at 120mph through thirsk and shake the roof of the station. great engines but both units werent syncronised so they would "wobble" at speeds over 90mph.

foggysfplandiet2 Posted on 10/01/2008 18:21
Important rolling stock update

Twin Napier Deltics at full power, or even at idle for that matter; one of the most unique and beautiful sounds I ever heard.

Great names too; "St.Paddy", "Meld", "Pinza", "Alycidon", "Crepello", "Ballymoss".

A friend of mine had a horse whose lineage could be traced back to "St. Paddy".

neilg Posted on 10/01/2008 18:26
Important rolling stock update

21 of em and the prototype - did some bloody miles but could cruise along. better than the coal line up the west coast with its crap electrics.....

Capybara Posted on 11/01/2008 09:22
Important rolling stock update

Seems we now have a 'Deltic clique'.

littlejimmy Posted on 11/01/2008 09:33
Important rolling stock update

Another shout from a Deltic fan. They remind me of staying at my Nana's house in Berwick, which was just on the landward side of the East Coast Main Line north of the station. The sound they made was amazing.

Capybara Posted on 11/01/2008 09:34
Important rolling stock update

Your Nana had a house that looked like a Deltic? Cool.

Sleaford Posted on 11/01/2008 09:36
Important rolling stock update

What is a Deltic? A Diesel/Electric train?

littlejimmy Posted on 11/01/2008 09:38
Important rolling stock update

If only.

I've already edited for clarity.

Sleaford Posted on 11/01/2008 09:42
Important rolling stock update

Them big cool looking ones....

Link: I see

Sleaford Posted on 11/01/2008 09:45
Important rolling stock update

What was the DP2 accident at Thirsk?

Capybara Posted on 11/01/2008 09:52
Important rolling stock update

DP2 (diesel prototype number 2; the prototype Deltic was supposedly DP1 though it never carried that number) was a locomotive that had the body of a Deltic but wasn't actually a Deltic. It worked the East Coast Main Line and other routes in the late 60s and early 70s. It was actually the forerunner of the Class 50s which were introduced in 1967 (or 8) and worked the West Coast Main Line north of Crewe to Glasgow until it was electrified. They were later transferred to the Western Region where they took over from the Class 52s. The Class 50s looked nothing like Deltics.

Anyroad, DP2 had an accident in the early 70s. At Thirsk. It was scrapped as a result.

Sleaford Posted on 11/01/2008 09:56
Important rolling stock update

Correct, I've just found it on Wiki. I've been reading about 'hoovers' as well, although they stopped making the noise when they removed the centrifugal air filters.

Capybara Posted on 11/01/2008 10:00
Important rolling stock update


Buddy Posted on 11/01/2008 10:01
Important rolling stock update

I just conducted an experiment. I opened the picture above, minimized it, called my boss through, asked him to give me his first reaction when I opened the picture.

Then I maximised the picture.

"That's a 55 Deltic, you didn't see many of them, the 47 Hooglefloopers were quite common, but oooooh when a Deltic came through......."

The postman is stood by my desk now reminiscing about his days "on the shovel".....

Sleaford Posted on 11/01/2008 10:01
Important rolling stock update

Quite sad but I amazed, most of them seem to have been built over 2 years in the late sixties and been in use well into the eighties.

Kilburn Posted on 11/01/2008 10:09
Important rolling stock update

"Privatisation has been expensive and far from an ideal solution but it has brought a hell of lot of investment which BR could never have afforded."

All of the investment has come from government money, mainly since Railtrack was effectively re-nationalised as Network Rail. All privatisation did was suck money out of the railways and into investors pockets. No major investment work was ever financed by private money.

The rail network is finally getting some proper investment now, but the benefits will take years to become apparent. Take the overrun at Rugby this New Year. This work is being done to rectify problems introduced in the early 1800s when landowners used their influence in Parliament to have the railways re-routed around their land. The effect of this is some sharp curves that prevent trains running at high speeds on the West Coast Mainline. It is this kind of work that is now finally starting to be. Investment that never took place under BR, even in the heyday of the railways, nevermind under privatisation.

Capybara Posted on 11/01/2008 10:10
Important rolling stock update

To be fair, they only lasted 20 years or so, and for the last six or seven years they were relegated to secondary services such as Trans-Pennine work. However, 25 years on from their withdrawal, they still see use in preservation (someone will tell me precisely how many are preserved) and quite often run on mainline specials.

They were replaced by the HSTs and these are still going strong over 30 years after they were introduced and look likely to continue for many more years. They have all recently been re-engined to be more environmentally friendly.

Sleaford Posted on 11/01/2008 10:11
Important rolling stock update

Buddy, google or wiki the DP2 and see if they think it's a deltic.

Buddy Posted on 11/01/2008 10:15
Important rolling stock update

Are the HSTs less noisy than they used to be? One of the world's greatest sounds, a HST pulling out of Darlington four feet from my eight-year-old ears.

Sleaford Posted on 11/01/2008 10:16
Important rolling stock update

How old is the rest of you?

Buddy Posted on 11/01/2008 10:20
Important rolling stock update

57. I was actually the recipient of the first ear transplant of the 21st century.

Sleaford Posted on 11/01/2008 10:21
Important rolling stock update

[:D] You'll break them pointing them at trains all the time.

speckyget Posted on 11/01/2008 10:36
Important rolling stock update

"Seems we now have a 'Deltic clique'."

Or 'Deltique'. Such a pretty word.

foggysfplandiet2 Posted on 11/01/2008 13:02
Important rolling stock update

The prototype Deltic as buit by English Electric in 1955 and initially worked the West Coast Mainline, later transferring to the East Coast.

Its name was derived from the unique piston arrangement of the engines; The 18 cylinders were arranged in a triangular formation - 6 banks of 3 cylinders, each cylinder having two pistons within, opposing each other. There were 3 crankshafts, one at each corner of the triangle. The three crankshafts were connected by phasing gears to give huge power to one driveshaft. Because the triangular piston banks resembled the Greek letter "delta" they were named "Deltics". The locomotive was named after the engines.

On the basis of these successful trials The Eastern Region of BR ordered 23 production Deltics (order later reduced to 22)which were built between late 1960 and early 1962.

The Deltic prototype is now preserved by the National Railway Museum, York and is currently based at its outstation at Shildon.

The Deltics were only ever meant to be a stop-gap until electrification of the East Coast route. In practice their huge power and distinctive sounding engines made them legendary and they achieved cult status.

They were powered by two 2-stroke 18 cylinder Napier Deltic engines each developing 1650h.p. giving a total power of 3300h.p. but because the engines were very compact and used alloys throughout the locomotives were very light at 99 tons, compared to other locomotives of lower power, which weighed around 130 tons.

All of them were named; 8 after Deby-winning racehorses (an old LNER tradition) the rest after famous Scottish and North-East England regiments.

They were used on the most prestigious and fastest expresses until Inter City 125s replaced them from 1978. After woking secondary expresses all Deltics were withdrwan by January 1982.

A total of 6 have been preserved.The rest were scrapped at Doncaster works.

DP2 was another English Electric prototype which looked very like a Deltic but its innards were completely different, having one English Electric engine of 2700 h.p. It was badly damaged in an accident at Thirsk on July 31st 1967 when travelling at speed with anexpress, it hit a cement train which had become de-railed and had fouled its tracks. DP2 was returned to Englsih Electrin in September 1967 and, with an order for 50 similar machines but with different body designs, already having been won, DP2 was judged to have done its job and was obsolete. It was scrapped in the autumn of 1968.

bighorace Posted on 11/01/2008 13:13
Important rolling stock update

I could read that last post all day. Beautiful.

speckyget Posted on 11/01/2008 13:24
Important rolling stock update

Blimey. Cheers foggysfplandiet2 for that hot, steamy trainporn action. Insofar as I'd every thought about it, which wasn't much, I'd just assumed Deltic was a contraction of diesel electric. Your version is pure poetry, and makes me want to chuck an oily rag in the air and doff my cap to the stout engineering yeomanry of Old England.

Capybara Posted on 11/01/2008 13:29
Important rolling stock update

Not the Fife and Forfar Yeomanry, then?


Miklaadt Posted on 11/01/2008 13:37
Important rolling stock update

My Dad welded the bogies, nose ends and fuel tanks on those things. He started at the Vulcan as an apprentice in '53 and left as Production Control Manager in '70 thereby working on all the types of diesels and cans that EE churned out over that period.

onthemap Posted on 11/01/2008 13:41
Important rolling stock update

Last time I was on a train...oh hang on the phones ringing...

LemmyKilmister Posted on 11/01/2008 13:58
Important rolling stock update

Toffee apples, Hoovers, Whistlers, Boghoppers, Rats, Gronks, flying bananas

(touches nose)

foggysfplandiet2 Posted on 11/01/2008 17:44
Important rolling stock update

........Grunters, Claytons, Teddy-Bears, Choppers, Rats, MacRats, Gargoyles, Growlers, Syphons, Whistlers, Peaks, Warships, Duffs, Whizzos, Grids, Bones, Sheds, Metcams, Nodding Donkeys......

neilg Posted on 11/01/2008 17:45
Important rolling stock update

whistlers (class 20s)

foggysfplandiet2 Posted on 11/01/2008 17:47
Important rolling stock update

Class 20s are Choppers. Class 40s are Whistlers

Capybara Posted on 11/01/2008 17:50
Important rolling stock update

Many of those nicknames are quite recent and weren't really around in my time. We'd never heard of rats, for example. We just called them Sulzers.

neilg Posted on 11/01/2008 17:51
Important rolling stock update


red_shamrock Posted on 11/01/2008 17:54
Important rolling stock update

The Flying Alves is at Urlay Nook right now.

foggysfplandiet2 Posted on 11/01/2008 17:55
Important rolling stock update

Indeed Capy; in my day Rats were just "Type 2s" while Growlers were simply "Type 3s".

I can just remember the end of steam Capy, can you ?

Capybara Posted on 11/01/2008 18:06
Important rolling stock update

We called them Sulzers to differentiate between them and 'Brush 2s'. Type 3s were just that as well as there were no other Type 3s that we were likely to see. And if we did they were Hymeks. You called them by the maker's name if they were the only one made by them. Like Claytons.

Yes, I can just about remember steam.

foggysfplandiet2 Posted on 11/01/2008 18:14
Important rolling stock update

I remember seeing a Black Five in steam somewhere near Blackpool as we passed on a coach trip, must have been 1966/67. Saw a Fairburn tank at Saltburn very early 60s. And on Specials at York Britannia 70038 Robin Hood (1967) and (of all things) a Merchant Navy No. 35026 Lamport & Holt Line, must have been 1966. But that was about it.

LemmyKilmister Posted on 11/01/2008 18:58
Important rolling stock update

47555 - Commonwealth Spirit

neilg Posted on 11/01/2008 19:01
Important rolling stock update

the new A4 "Tornado" is soon to make its maiden run and go on tests on the great central railway in leicestershire asap. currently at shed in darlo. watch this space or go onto great central railway leicestershire website. :-)

foggysfplandiet2 Posted on 11/01/2008 21:10
Important rolling stock update

Animated explanation of the Napier Deltic engine from Wiki

Link: Note the inverted letter \"delta\"

foggysfplandiet2 Posted on 11/01/2008 21:15
Important rolling stock update

Fine shot of the prototype at the National Railway Museum

Link: Prototype DELTIC

LemmyKilmister Posted on 11/01/2008 21:15
Important rolling stock update

I've served in Hunt Class Sweepers. There's three of them on one.
Doesn't sound like Alicydon though.

HUMBERRED Posted on 11/01/2008 21:18
Important rolling stock update


Sleaford Posted on 11/01/2008 21:22
Important rolling stock update

That engine is fúcking class.

LemmyKilmister Posted on 11/01/2008 21:25
Important rolling stock update

we had a couple of fires with them (usually lagging fires) but nowt too serious.

Also, the diesels on a Type 23 frigate and RN Carriers are Paxman Valentas as used in the 125's.

neilg Posted on 11/01/2008 21:27
Important rolling stock update

if its "tornado" then yes it is class. the first brand new steam loco to be built in over 40 years!

Joe_Laidlaw Posted on 11/01/2008 22:13
Important rolling stock update

All this about trains and not a mention of Allen's West.

foggysfplandiet2 Posted on 11/01/2008 22:34
Important rolling stock update

The Deltics carried on a long standing LNER tradition of (appropriately) naming their thoroughbred express locomotives after equally thoroughbred Classics winning racehorses - a nice touch. So as well as the fine names carried by the Deltics their steam predecessors carried some great names too;

Windsor Lad
Owen Tudor
Sir Visto
Blink Bonny
Hornet's Beauty

Pity BR didn't continue this as it would have been very fitting if the likes of Desert Orchid, Shergar, Mill Reef, Hallo Dandy, Nijinski, The Minstrel and Red Rum had been been used as loco names, although Bob Champion's horse "Alderniti" did have his name carried by an electric loco.

Capybara Posted on 17/01/2008 09:15
Important rolling stock update

There was a couple of Class 20s stabled at Bristol Temple Meads on Tuesday. Now there's longevity. The first 20s were introduced over 50 years ago.

Just thought you might be interested, like.

Buddy Posted on 17/01/2008 09:24
Important rolling stock update

In between the small, sparsely-populated passenger trains, we do have a couple of EWS Class 60s trundling up and down followed by about four light years of cement dust or something. Probably to and from Stewartby I would imagine.

It's very important not to be doing anything particuarly intricate when one goes past, and my pet seismograph is currently in rehab.

Capybara Posted on 17/01/2008 09:27
Important rolling stock update

It's a reasonably important freight route, and key in respect of a possible reopening of Oxford-Cambridge.

t4tomo Posted on 17/01/2008 09:58
Important rolling stock update

Breaking off the nostalgia and back to the original topic, one day last week they had on platform 11 one of the newer trains made up of 2 4-car units - one in new London Midland green and black livery and the other in the blue & grey which was the "new"silverlink livery. Alongside it on Platform 10 was one of the older train in the old silverlink green & purple/blue livery.

The guards/ticket inspectors still wear old silverlink unforms. I pulled one of them upo on yesterday - told him he's put his old jumper on my mistake, but apparently new uniforms aren't going to be issued until April.

Harry_x Posted on 17/01/2008 10:15
Important rolling stock update

wtf ... quite amusing really..

Link: Know your loco

Rodney_Trotter Posted on 17/01/2008 11:56
Important rolling stock update

I see trains all day every day. Sick of the T***s trying to run me over.

Why don`t trainspotters ever seem to work on the railway??

Diasboro_Dan Posted on 17/01/2008 12:03
Important rolling stock update

So GNER trains are going to be painted like Nat Express buses, eh? Everything has to be naff, for consistency I suppose.

Buddy Posted on 18/01/2008 15:06
Important rolling stock update

What's the difference between a 60 and a 66?

Capybara Posted on 18/01/2008 15:20
Important rolling stock update


Link: ___

Capybara Posted on 18/01/2008 15:26
Important rolling stock update

66s are your state-of-the-art freight (usually) locomotives and are still being delivered. More powerful than 60s which are older by about ten years and were originally ordered to replace 56s and 58s. 60s have similar bodies to 92s.

LemmyKilmister Posted on 18/01/2008 15:29
Important rolling stock update

Nowt can beat going to Redcar on a class 101 dmu.

Derby_Red Posted on 18/01/2008 16:00
Important rolling stock update

Going back to this "nickname" thing that locos seem to get these days, when I was a nipper the only real names around were Deltics and Peaks. 47s were "Brush 4's", 31s were "Brush 2's", 37s were just "Type 3's" etc. We did differentiate when it came to Sulzers etc. DMU's were "Boggies" I recall. Other stuff went by its class number, eg "have you seen any 87s".

I suppose this would make the 60 the "Brush 5" then. [:)]

LemmyKilmister Posted on 18/01/2008 16:03
Important rolling stock update

"have you seen any 87s"

I felt kinda special when I saw 87101 - 'STEPHENSON'.
What was so special about thyristor controlled 87's anyway?

Capybara Posted on 18/01/2008 16:05
Important rolling stock update

That just about accords with my experience, Derby. Though Class 40s were 'Leccy 4s'. And what a day it was at York when a 'BTH 1' turned up.

Derby_Red Posted on 18/01/2008 16:20
Important rolling stock update

It was the sole example Lemmy - the 90's, which were essentially 87/2s with streamlined cab ends, were all thyristor controlled (I think, this is like a memory test).

I was despised amongst my spotting mates by spending a fair amount of time in the lakes near the WCML so I had stacks of ac electrics and they had only seen them in the back of their Locoshed books. When I say despised, that's probably putting it mildly. They got me back though by having dads who would take them to crazy places like Tinsley to class their 13s...

Dynamo Posted on 18/01/2008 16:42
Important rolling stock update

Its years since I drove 153's and 156's and 143's and Deltics and 37's and 40's and 20's and 31's and K1's and S15's and 47's and Q6's (T2's) and more. All I get these days is 66's and 60's and 08's. :-(

Link: Toffee Apple

LemmyKilmister Posted on 18/01/2008 16:44
Important rolling stock update

Out of Thornaby TMD?

Dynamo Posted on 18/01/2008 16:47
Important rolling stock update

Not anymore. Well not quite anyway. All drivers have moved to Tees Yard. Thornaby is very nearly closed. :-(

Capybara Posted on 18/01/2008 16:50
Important rolling stock update

13s. Crikey!

Dynamo Posted on 18/01/2008 16:50
Important rolling stock update

Derby_Red Posted

47s were "Brush 4's",


Drivers always called Class 47's "Hawkers" after Hawker Sidley.

Dynamo Posted on 18/01/2008 16:51
Important rolling stock update

The 13's were those 08's with a slave attatched weren't they? They were already redundant by the time I first went to Tinsley.

LemmyKilmister Posted on 18/01/2008 16:52
Important rolling stock update

My mate's a driver.
Dark lad.

Dynamo Posted on 18/01/2008 16:54
Important rolling stock update


LemmyKilmister Posted on 18/01/2008 16:54
Important rolling stock update


Dynamo Posted on 18/01/2008 16:56
Important rolling stock update

He's a moaning git. Gorgeous car though. :-D

LemmyKilmister Posted on 18/01/2008 16:59
Important rolling stock update

next time you see him, tell him his mate from Gibraltar was asking after him if you would be so kind.

Dynamo Posted on 18/01/2008 17:01
Important rolling stock update

Yep. No problem.

foggysfplandiet2 Posted on 18/01/2008 17:11
Important rolling stock update

Dynamo - you drove Deltics?


Where and when and what was it like?

Dynamo Posted on 18/01/2008 17:18
Important rolling stock update

Mainline between Newcastle and York and Newcastle to Carlisle when I was training to be a driver in 1981, and once or twice on the North Yorks Moors Railway as a conductor. I was never actually passed on them, but they drive just as easy as any other EE loco.

Derby_Red Posted on 18/01/2008 20:33
Important rolling stock update

"Hawkers" - yes, I've heard that before, didn't make it into the ranks of the platform-enders that one I don't think though. They get called "Duffs" these days don't they?

So were the EE types better to drive than other types, or was it much of a muchness? I have a mate driving out of Tees Yard, he's mainly used to newer locos (60s, 66s) but he's done time on 56s. Claim to fame is taking a 56 across Yarm viaduct with it on fire.

foggysfplandiet2 Posted on 18/01/2008 22:47
Important rolling stock update

Dynamo; I envy you. Are the Deltics much noisier in the cab than other locos?

I love the comparison to the Deltic cab as being like that of a World War 2 bomber - I can see what people mean when they say that.

Dynamo Posted on 19/01/2008 12:24
Important rolling stock update

I think the Deltics were noisier originally but they got added soundproofing later on which included an extra wall behind the driving seats.

All the EE cabs were pretty basic so I guess they were all a bit second world warish. As for driving them, I spose in reality they were much of a muchness but they always had a bit of a more raw feel to them, especially before they were refurbished. The 37/5's, 6's and 7's etc all had a bit of a sanitized feel to them.

40's were probably the slosest to being like Deltics. They always started off with a bit of a surge when you opened the power controller.

You had to be really careful when driving Deltics cos you could overload the power very easily if you gave it too much too soon and the circuit breakers would cut the power off with quite a bang. I remember getting told by a Geordie mate how to drive them once and I thought his advice was rubbish. When I actually got to drive one I drove it my own way and managed to pick up speed much quicker and smoother than he or his Geordie mates expected. His way would have had us bouncing about all over. lol. The same guy is now in charge of the Train Driving Simulator that belongs to National Express East Coast (Formerly GNER) at Newcastle.

Who was it with a 56 on fire at Yarm? I admit to having driven over that viaduct a few times at excessive speeds when on test runs for the fitters which were quite hair raising, but great fun. Usually in 37's. When I tell people that I often drive through the centre of Yarm at 70mph, not many people believe me. :-)

Capybara Posted on 23/01/2008 10:09
Important rolling stock update

There was a bit of a treat this morning. Two DRS 37s with a Network Rail train on the Woking to Virginia Water line.

Buddy Posted on 23/01/2008 10:17
Important rolling stock update

I have to say I didn't really expect a century out of this. But then the experience of Allen's West should have taught me otherwise.

Capybara Posted on 31/01/2008 09:54
Important rolling stock update

The journey into Surrey is pretty unspectacular and the rolling stock on South West Trains mostly fits into the 'functional but dull' category these days (since the loss of the 442s a year or so ago). Anyroad, the train pulled in this morning with its usual 450s in charge but there was something odd about the number - it was not in the usual 450001-127 series, it was 450555 with HC above it. It looks like a sub-class has been formed. That's my excitement for the week.

Link: Coo

Capybara Posted on 11/02/2008 09:11
Important rolling stock update

37055 was resident at Thornaby but has been sold for scrap. Some people don't miss a thing.

Link: ..

Derby_Red Posted on 11/02/2008 20:52
Important rolling stock update

Me neither - saw it parked up on the M1 southbound on the way to the match on Satder! [;)]

foggysfplandiet2 Posted on 11/02/2008 21:15
Important rolling stock update

I remember the EE Type 3s - or Class 37s as they are now - on freights going past Redcar's Ings Farm school during school dinner times when I was a nipper. D6767 was the most common machine, 40+ years on it is still around as 37 703 I believe, it's just been repatriated from Spain after being used on building high speed lines there. Nearly 50 years old now as well. I hope it's preserved.

Used to see a lot of class 31s and the occasional; 24 or 25 there as well.

I can still vaguely remember the end of steam on the Darlo - Saltburn line; ex-LMS Fairburn tank engines and the odd 9F on freights to Skinningrove.

Getting old....

Buddy Posted on 12/02/2008 09:12
Important rolling stock update

So did I Derby, while El Bara was messing about on GNER or whatever they're called these days I was doing a hard day's work reporting on the presence of large diesel locos at Tibshelf. [:)]

Capybara Posted on 20/02/2008 18:55
Important rolling stock update

Deltic news alert .......

There's a Deltic-operated tour taking place over the main line between Liverpool and Edinburgh this Saturday, all you Deltic fans out there. It's due through York at 0910 in the morning, Thirsk 0933, Northallerton 0938 and Darlington 0948.

It returns back through Darlington at about 2000, Northallerton 2009, Thirsk 2014 and York 2031.

Link: details

Derby_Red Posted on 20/02/2008 20:19
Important rolling stock update

Nice one.

Sleaford Posted on 20/02/2008 21:10
Important rolling stock update

I made mention of this subject at work the other day and the old fella who sits next to me waxed lyrical about 'The Kestrel' for a good half hour, apparently it passed his childhood home in Lincolnshire once a week, carrying coal or iron ore (he thought).

Link: It's becoming addictive

Buddy Posted on 22/02/2008 16:38
Important rolling stock update

66623 "Bill Bolsover" is a rather fetching shade of blue, unlike the normal EWS maroon and muck ones that come past.

Capybara Posted on 22/02/2008 16:42
Important rolling stock update

That would be a GBRf one, presumably, unless it's one of those owned by whatever Metronet is now.

Buddy Posted on 22/02/2008 16:46
Important rolling stock update

"Bardon Aggregates", apparently.

Buddy Posted on 22/02/2008 16:48
Important rolling stock update


Link: Corporate arselicking

foggysfplandiet2 Posted on 22/02/2008 17:56
Important rolling stock update

I never saw Kestrel in real life but what an impressive machine.

I'll make a point of seeing Royal Scots Grey tomorrow. Was anyone else at King's Cross when she returned with the last ever scheduled Deltic service, the "Deltic Scotsman Farewell" in January 1982? It even made the BBC and ITV news that evening

LemmyKilmister Posted on 22/02/2008 18:28
Important rolling stock update

It did indeed.

Capybara Posted on 05/03/2008 14:09
Important rolling stock update

I wonder if the publishers of Underground News have been reading this board. Hot on last week's discussion about BR trains on Underground lines, they have now published some pictures, in the March issue, of BR trains on LT lines including a BR track-recording train at Earl's Court.

This (post) also prompts another question. I was able to post on this thread as I had it bookmarked, but was unable to locate last week's referred to above as I can only look back as far as the beginning of March when looking at 'Next Page's.

Buddy Posted on 05/03/2008 14:16
Important rolling stock update

The threads are all still there, but the board only goes back a few days or a set number of threads, for some reason. As I'm sure you had worked out.

t4tomo Posted on 05/03/2008 14:26
Important rolling stock update

book marking is no substitute for the old block 17 search facility. I guess as tyhat now has its own message baord we won't see that facility again.

Derby_Red Posted on 05/03/2008 21:02
Important rolling stock update

FAO Dynamo, sorry mate, just saw your question to me!!

Driver on Yarm viaduct with the flaming 56 has initials DF and drives a red Audi.

Sleaford Posted on 25/03/2008 19:45
Important rolling stock update

Something else for the train spotters.

Capybara Posted on 26/03/2008 09:46
Important rolling stock update

Thanks, Sleaford.

Saw my first Grand Central train at the weekend. The first southbound train was running an hour and a half late at York on Saturday morning, although the northbound one was bang on time going through York at the same time. The last southbound seemed to be on time, also going through York. All three were practically empty.

Then, on Monday, one of the trains was parked up in a siding at Newark just after midday. Not sure if this was part of the plan or not.

Capybara Posted on 07/05/2008 13:02
Important rolling stock update

Passing through York on Saturday I noticed that the first northbound Grand Central train was cancelled due to lack of rolling stock. It says on their website that they had hired some more rolling stock in April and would be running a reliable service from then on. That's the last entry on the site. The last southbound train was running bang on time but was, once again, practically empty. Sorry, but when you are running only three trains a day the services you do manage to run will remain empty until you can prove you are able to run with a degree of reliability.

littlejimmy Posted on 07/05/2008 13:05
Important rolling stock update

I'm coming back in a couple of weeks and was toying with using them again, because they're cheap and direct, but the frequency and general reliability of their ECML competitor has me thinking otherwise.

Capybara Posted on 07/05/2008 13:09
Important rolling stock update

I guess they are OK if you are intending just to turn up and make a single journey because if they aren't running you can just get an, albeit more costly, NE train. If you are planning a journey (eg Eaglescliffe and back in a day for a home game) where there are specific time constraints, then I don't think they have done anywhere near enough yet to attract custom. Very disappointing.

littlejimmy Posted on 07/05/2008 13:14
Important rolling stock update

It could turn out quite well if they are unreliable when I return. My flight lands at 7am at Gatwick, and their first train North is at 8am or thereabouts. A half-hour to an hour delay might enable me to catch it. Or is that being somewhat optimistic? I've never done the Gatwick to KX trip.

t4tomo Posted on 07/05/2008 13:16
Important rolling stock update

too right Capy, if its a limited service it needs the reliability of a Swiss railway, which might be difficult since its at the mercy of network rail etc.

Once they have it running reliably they then need to market it like crazy and throw some sheap fares around so word gets around.

The_same_as_before Posted on 07/05/2008 13:19
Important rolling stock update

What was wrong with GNER, I found them always on time.

Recently did Dublin to Belfast, now they do need a lick of paint.

littlejimmy Posted on 07/05/2008 13:21
Important rolling stock update

You could try GNER, but they don't run them any more. It's National Express now, but without the Divine Comedy in the carriage.

Sheap fares, eh? Bah! That'll be the day.

George1507 Posted on 07/05/2008 13:24
Important rolling stock update

Littlejimmy -

You won't make it to KX by 8.00AM. It usually takes the baggage handlers at Gatwiok at least ½ an hour to get the bags off, and then to get down to the trains is another 10 minutes. Then depending on how long you have to wait for a train, it takes 30 minutes to get to Victoria. Then the Victoria line to KX, add another 20 minutes.

Good luck with that journey.

littlejimmy Posted on 07/05/2008 13:31
Important rolling stock update

Hey ho. Thanks anyway.

Capybara Posted on 07/05/2008 13:49
Important rolling stock update

Even if you get straight through, you would still need to catch the extortionate Gatwick Express which would go some way to neutralising the whole idea of catching GC in the first place, ie cost. Then there's the Victoria Line in the rush hour. Not pleasant.

littlejimmy Posted on 07/05/2008 13:50
Important rolling stock update

That's it. I'm going to change it to the Manchester flight. Don't know why I went for Gatwick in the first place. Probably because I flew out of Heathrow.

Capybara Posted on 07/05/2008 13:55
Important rolling stock update

Very wise. Manchester Airport to Thirsk direct in a smart new Class 185 with 'authentic' northern accent automatic announcements. Just to get the thread back on to rolling stock in case Vincent, capio or ridders is sneaking a look.

Buddy2 Posted on 08/05/2008 08:48
Important rolling stock update

Don't start making threads specific to their titles on this bloody board, there's enough of that throughout the rest of the blinkerednet.

Capybara Posted on 12/05/2008 17:00
Important rolling stock update

Grand Central was actually an option yesterday with the 08:55 departure from King's Cross. But, with Sunderland playing Arsenal, it left quite full. My train overtook it just south of Northallerton where it was running approximately ten minutes late. The train is now using a power car on hire from LMR. One of the power cars was parked at Doncaster on the way back.

The_same_as_before Posted on 12/05/2008 17:02
Important rolling stock update

Your on a wind up,

please say your on a wind up.

Sleaford Posted on 23/05/2008 13:15
Important rolling stock update

Not been up the top for a while.

Capybara Posted on 29/05/2008 17:46
Important rolling stock update

Just in case anyone is interested, SWT's Class 121 was stabled at Clapham Junction this morning.

foggysfplandiet2 Posted on 30/05/2008 19:39
Important rolling stock update

Is that the "bubble car", Capy?

Capybara Posted on 11/06/2008 18:20
Important rolling stock update

Aye, that's the one. Though that's one of those new-fangled 'nicknames'. They were just 'single units' in my day.

Buddy2 Posted on 12/06/2008 09:07
Important rolling stock update

Didn't they have one of them in Thomas the Tank Engine? All the steam ones kept whingeing on about having a diesel on their line or something.

foggysfplandiet2 Posted on 12/06/2008 17:55
Important rolling stock update

Several diesels in Thomas the Tank Engine; the original was called, appropriately enough, "Diesel" and was a (later class 08) diesel shunter who reportedly had an "oily voice".

More recently the've had "BoCo" (a Metropolitan-Vickers Class 28) and "Daisy" a single unit railcar based on a double-ended Met-Cam DMU which is entirely fictitious I mean, let's have some realism here!

Sitrep Posted on 12/06/2008 18:13
Important rolling stock update

do they still name trains after Infantry regiments?

foggysfplandiet2 Posted on 12/06/2008 19:02
Important rolling stock update

They have done in the not very distant past Sitrep, but it's very rare now as it is judged to be "imperialist", "warmongering" and possibly offensive. What a load of nonsense. We should be proud of our regiments.

Capybara Posted on 27/06/2008 09:03
Important rolling stock update

I couldn't help but notice that the AWS tone in the cab of the Class 455 I caught this morning to Somewhere in Surrey was no longer the familiar 'bell' sound but had been changed to the 'ping' which is used in more modern stock. I was just wondering if this is part of a general conversion or if it is a one-off. It is certainly something I will be listening out for in future.

Capybara Posted on 06/08/2008 17:31
Important rolling stock update

Nope, it looks like they have all been done, probably as they were refurbished.

Rodney_Trotter Posted on 06/08/2008 17:38
Important rolling stock update

I was at Speedy Lifting today at the bottom of Forty Foot Road and a very old engine crossed the crossing, it belongs to A.V. Davidson (i think)

No idea what it was like!

Capybara Posted on 06/08/2008 17:48
Important rolling stock update

I think they have a couple of old BR shunters down there. I'd be interested to know what it was.

Rodney_Trotter Posted on 06/08/2008 17:51
Important rolling stock update

I felt sorry for the driver. He had to get out and open and shut his own crossing gates. Poor cnut.

ridsdale Posted on 06/08/2008 17:52
Important rolling stock update

Isn't A.V. Dawson?

FFS I end up correcting train spotters.

Rodney_Trotter Posted on 06/08/2008 17:56
Important rolling stock update

I did put i think. Knew it was A.V something. Don`t even know what they do, just know the pair of large grey buildings.

I`m not a train spotter, as i saidi`d just been to Speedy Lifting which is at the bottom of Fourty Foot Road, which is a lot longer than fourty foot by the way!

Capybara Posted on 06/08/2008 17:57
Important rolling stock update

Thanks ridders. I expect it was one of these.

Link: shunters

Rodney_Trotter Posted on 06/08/2008 18:01
Important rolling stock update

Don`t know what it is or whether it is rare

Link: This one.

Capybara Posted on 06/08/2008 18:05
Important rolling stock update

Yes it's one of the old BR 08s. There were over 1000 of them built in the 50s to a modified LMS design from before the war. There are nothing like that number left but you can still see them all over, either on the rail network or in industrial use like this one.

foggysfplandiet2 Posted on 06/08/2008 18:22
Important rolling stock update

VERY worrying news is that Harry Needle Railways have bought Deltic no. D9016 Gordon Highlander and might scrap it for spares! THE BA5TARDS. It's in working order and is one of only a handful of Deltics, the greatest ever British diesel locomotives, to survive. It's rather like acquiring a vintage Rolls Royce and scrapping it to keep other vintage Rolls going, or demolioshing York Minster to use the stone to repair St. Paul's. Have they no sense?

ridsdale Posted on 06/08/2008 18:24
Important rolling stock update

It's as if I have wandered into another world.

Buddy Posted on 06/08/2008 19:03
Important rolling stock update

.....and can't get out, as you appear to keep coming back to it. [:)]

ridsdale Posted on 06/08/2008 19:05
Important rolling stock update



Buddy Posted on 06/08/2008 19:27
Important rolling stock update

Here's something to take your mind off it ridders.

Link: Beauty

Capybara Posted on 07/08/2008 08:55
Important rolling stock update

Yes, I was shocked to read about Gordon Highlander. But there's six in existence out of the original 22, and spares are at a premium. It would still be a shame, mind.

Capybara Posted on 07/08/2008 14:26
Important rolling stock update

Mind you, it puts the Luke Young business into perspective.

Capybara Posted on 20/08/2008 09:50
Important rolling stock update

Nice to see this at Clapham Junction this morning .....

Link: .

Sea_Harrier Posted on 20/08/2008 10:05
Important rolling stock update

I went to the Shildon Railway Museum yesterday and was impressed by the standard, and it is free admission. The facilities are excellent and the future plans, and dreams, are impressive. I am not sure that it will ever rival York, but the will is within the staff to succeed. Evidently the big problem, speaking to some of the staff, is the 2012 Olympic Games, as most of the government funding is channelled to that cause.
The museum has lots of activity summer school type of events, again all for free, which was impressive.

The downside of the site is that it has split attractions covering a large area, and walking between those attractions was difficult especially when it is pelting down with rain, like yesterday. I will visit again as we didn't see much of what was on offer because of the cold and rainy conditions yesterday.

Capybara Posted on 20/08/2008 10:11
Important rolling stock update

The very good reason why it won't rival York is that is that it is part of the same museum. That's also why it is free as it is part of a national museum. Hmmmmm ..... I feel a plan coming on.

Dynamo Posted on 20/08/2008 12:26
Important rolling stock update

Sea_Harrier Posted

I went to the Shildon Railway Museum yesterday and was impressed by the standard.


I was too except for the fact that they know bugger all about the Shildon to Newport electrics. :-(

HarryBasset Posted on 20/08/2008 13:24
Important rolling stock update

Hi Dynamo

Did you ever drive steam on the NYMR? Just you mentioning S15's in an earlier post. I was a driver there until laid low by their politics.

Dynamo Posted on 20/08/2008 15:49
Important rolling stock update

I was never a driver of steam but I fired them and also drove the class 14's. I stopped going there about 1983, not cos of the politics, but just cos doing full time on BR and then using all my spare time at Grosmont just got to be too much and I needed to do something different. Kev Gould, Chris Cubitt, Simon AlC****, Peter Smeaton and Peter Proud amongst others are all good mates of mine.

jimmythewondercat Posted on 20/08/2008 16:33
Important rolling stock update

I love this post!!

As an aside, my uncle Terry (Whelan) is heavily involved on the NYMR and used to own a share of the Sir Nigel Gresley.

HarryBasset Posted on 20/08/2008 17:20
Important rolling stock update

Dynamo If you are E*** C******** I claim my £5.00. All those you named are still involved to some degree, I pack it all in this Friday.

JimmyTWC I know your uncle very well but have not seen him around for a few months, hope he is OK.

foggysfplandiet2 Posted on 20/08/2008 17:44
Important rolling stock update

Dynamo; I knew a Kev Goult rather than Gould; is that who you know or is Kev GoulD a different person altogether?

nealg Posted on 20/08/2008 17:59
Important rolling stock update

Peppercorn A1 Pacific 60163 "Tornado" is now sitting outside Loughborough Central North Signal Box waiting to go into the Engine shed for inspection over the maintenance pit. See my other thread for minute to minute updates.

Miklaadt Posted on 20/08/2008 18:04
Important rolling stock update

As I sit here getting vibration white finger on my evening commute on a 142, I ask you, dear ex gricers, how are you supposed to stick your head out of the window and bellow on one of these things?

Dynamo Posted on 20/08/2008 18:18
Important rolling stock update

Yep thats me. You'll have to get the fiver off someone else though. ;-) Who r u then? Not one of the people I mentioned are you? A guy with a car thats been used in Heartbeat? He's a season ticket holder in the North Stand who I won't see anymore cos I've been moved to the North West Upper.

Definately Kev Gould FFPD2. He's a Blunderland fan for his sins. :-D

Derby_Red Posted on 20/08/2008 18:40
Important rolling stock update

Any of you diesel-heads managed a trip to Barrow Hill? Definitely worth it.

HarryBasset Posted on 20/08/2008 19:21
Important rolling stock update

I am Mike O**** I was just a cleaner when you were a regular. I passed for firing then driving and became Running Foreman when Smeaton was made Shedmaster. We also went to Ayresome Park at the same time, I used to stand with Terry N and Nigel B.

jimmythewondercat Posted on 20/08/2008 20:38
Important rolling stock update

Harry - he is fine as far as I know - am up next weekend and will see him then.

His wife (my Aunt) has had a season ticket since the late 60's at the Boro as an aside - funny old world eh?! I will tell them both about this - they will be suitably intrigued!

Dynamo Posted on 21/08/2008 15:08
Important rolling stock update

Hya Mike.

The reason I thought it mite be that other guy is cos he posts on here from time to time as well, though under the nick Locoman or something similar.

That biz about the politics at the NYMR doesn't surprise me. The sh!t was always hitting the fan in one way or another way back when I first started going.

Do you still get to matches then, and if so, do you go for a pint before or after the games? I go to The Star on Southfield Road before the matches and have one in Doc Browns after.

I haven't seen Terry N for a while now. Are you still in touch with him? There's something I want to ask him about.

Buddy Posted on 21/08/2008 15:29
Important rolling stock update

"I passed for firing then driving and became Running Foreman when Smeaton was made Shedmaster."

When was Blakey fired then? [;)]

jimmythewondercat Posted on 21/08/2008 15:47
Important rolling stock update

There was a set of C1 (the HST ones) coaches parked up in Willsden this morning in a livery I didnt recognise - dark navy with white doors - there was a logo but not able to see as various wagons got in the way.

Any ideas?

Capybara Posted on 21/08/2008 15:55
Important rolling stock update

Was it these by any chance?

And, as my granddad would have said, there's only one navy (blue), so how can you have dark navy? I learned from a master.

See also: you mean Great Yarmouth, Yarmouth's on the Isle of Wight..

Link: coaches

jimmythewondercat Posted on 21/08/2008 16:00
Important rolling stock update

You know I think it was but without the big logos in the middle of the carriage.

I will have another look tonight on the way back!

Pinball evening to be organised in next couple of months - T4 has new job so needs a bit of planning!

Capybara Posted on 21/08/2008 16:05
Important rolling stock update

New job???!

The logos may have been painted out as they have pulled the Stobart Pullman.

jimmythewondercat Posted on 21/08/2008 16:07
Important rolling stock update

He's helping fix Rentokil's Washroom business - I kid you not - hence he is now not as frequent a poster because he has work to do!

Will look for signs of painting later! Am off to the station now in fact - cheers!

jimmythewondercat Posted on 22/08/2008 09:27
Important rolling stock update

Nice one Capy - spot on with your spot!

Will have to come up with a better challenge...

Capybara Posted on 22/08/2008 09:38
Important rolling stock update


Capybara Posted on 13/10/2008 10:31
Important rolling stock update

Just in case anyone is interested, the two railway stations in Wigan are the old Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway station (Wallgate) and that for the London and North Western (North Western). Given that both companies eventually became part of the LMS in 1923, it might seem a little odd that they have retained two separate stations ever since. However, North Western is very much the main line station, serving the West Coast Main Line while Wallgate handles more local traffic east and west to the likes of Southport, Bolton, Manchester and Liverpool, though Liverpool trains also call at North Western. The fact that the two stations serve lines that are at different levels possible explains why the two have never merged.

borobadge Posted on 13/10/2008 20:41
Important rolling stock update

old london underground trains on the isle of wight line..

nealg Posted on 13/10/2008 21:33
Important rolling stock update

old everything on the 158 "pacers" from darlo to boro :-(

Miklaadt Posted on 13/10/2008 22:12
Important rolling stock update

87002 out on first tour Brum to Glasgow on Wednesday. Don't suppose you east coasters would appreciate that though eh?

Buddy Posted on 14/10/2008 06:38
Important rolling stock update

Can't see anyone being interested in that Capy, you've gone too far now. [:)]

LemmyKilmister Posted on 14/10/2008 11:13
Important rolling stock update

Anyone get the pleasure of seeing the 1500v 76's at Guide Bridge??

Capybara Posted on 14/10/2008 15:23
Important rolling stock update

* raises hand *

Miklaadt Posted on 14/10/2008 17:08
Important rolling stock update

...and Reddish...and Wath

Muttley Posted on 14/10/2008 19:25
Important rolling stock update

I hope all you railway aficionados are keeping an eye on the BBC4 schedule? Particularly on a Thursday there are whole evenings worth of railway related viewing.

This Thursday (16/10) we have:

19:30 -20:00
Steam Days
Going Great Western
Miles Kington takes a GWR steam hauled double header from Bristol to the West Country.

20:00 -20:30
Absolutely Chuffed: The Men Who Built a Steam Engine
How a group of enthusiasts tried to build a brand new mainline steam engine from scratch.

20:30 -21:00
Railway Walks
The Birth of Steam
Julia Bradbury crosses Cornwall, following a railway that hasn't operated for 140 years.

21:00 -22:00
Time Shift
Series 8, The Last Days of Steam
How Britain entered a new age of steam railways after World War II and why it soon ended.

22:00 -23:20
Oh, Mr Porter!
Comedy. A bungling worker is put in charge of a rundown station in rural Ireland.

Link: Dead chuffed?

Derby_Red Posted on 14/10/2008 19:28
Important rolling stock update

76s at Wath. There's a memory. On the 2p bus from Mexborough on the Yorkshire Ranger.

Who mentioned 87002? More of an 86 man meself but as a regular visitor to penrith during childhood then yes I would be interested in that. Oh yes.

Derby_Red Posted on 14/10/2008 19:28
Important rolling stock update

PS the BBC4 stuff is ace.

Miklaadt Posted on 14/10/2008 20:06
Important rolling stock update

I'll let you know how it performs up Shap and Beattock then. I have shares in the device so its fingers crossed time.

foggysfplandiet2 Posted on 14/10/2008 21:09
Important rolling stock update

Lemmy; I never saw the 76s in service but I lived near Silkstone next to the incline just after the line was closed in the early 1980s. An elderly chap in the village (God rest your soul George, I miss you!) used to tell me about watching the U1 2-8-8-2 Garrett storming up the incline banking heavy coal trains from 1925 until electrification reached there in 1955. Apparently the conditions in the Silkstone tunnels were so chokingly smoky that the driver used to leave the Garrett in very low gear and walk alongside it on the ballast where the air was a bit cleaner!

Woodhead and Dunford Bridge are among my favourite places in the world.

foggysfplandiet2 Posted on 14/10/2008 21:15
Important rolling stock update

By the way Deltic D9016 Gordon Highlander has been saved from the threat of being scrapped by Harry Needle, having been acquired for full restoration by DRS.

Now that she is safe Harry Needle and the pillock who put 9016 in danger by selling her to Harry the scrapman should both be condemned as being shameless profiteers who held the railway preservation world to ransom. In fact I'll go further and call them a pair of greedy philistine ba5tards.

LemmyKilmister Posted on 14/10/2008 21:43
Important rolling stock update

Still on a North-Western theme, how about Longsights finest, 40106. A 'celebrity' if there ever was one. Once saw it hauling the Man City special going past Tees Yard.

Anyone care to remind me how and why it remained in the green livery complete with Lion and Wheel emblem for so long?

danholh Posted on 14/10/2008 21:53
Important rolling stock update

my faves were always the the 01 shunters in the shed at holyhead. a long trip to ogle through a crack 1inch wide ooo errrr misses!!!!

thats it mk - i've finally come out the closet! your payrise is sorted

Miklaadt Posted on 15/10/2008 12:03
Important rolling stock update

Soared up Shap with load 10 of blue and grey's and a dead brush on the back for insurance.

Derby_Red Posted on 15/10/2008 12:37
Important rolling stock update

A sight worth seeing.

Capybara Posted on 15/10/2008 12:42
Important rolling stock update

Impressive stuff. A bit difficult coming to terms with something being in preservation that you still think of as 'new', mind.

Derby_Red Posted on 15/10/2008 12:45
Important rolling stock update

Very true. Has there been a HST power car preserved yet, when that happens it truly will be a shocker.

Capybara Posted on 15/10/2008 13:28
Important rolling stock update

There must be a case for it. Especially with Valenta engines nearly all gone.

Buddy Posted on 15/10/2008 13:34
Important rolling stock update

I thought something similar when I noticed the write-up for the historical drama "Recount" on the telly the other night. That was only five minutes ago FFS. And then someone on another forum asked for an explanation as to the ancient history of Tony Blair's deal with Bernie Ecclestone. [:(]

*joins Post Office queue*

The_same_as_before Posted on 15/10/2008 13:38
Important rolling stock update

Do any of you stand on the flyover between Teesside Park and the River?

Capybara Posted on 16/10/2008 16:01
Important rolling stock update

Link: shame

Miklaadt Posted on 16/10/2008 16:53
Important rolling stock update

It was. Luckily its a relatively cheap to fix problem. Now that 101 is generating income on hire to GBRF, running costs can be covered.

rob_fmttm Posted on 16/10/2008 17:05
Important rolling stock update

Thought you chaps might like to take a glance.

Only partially constructed as yet. A video or too will be heading in this direction soon..

Link: Enigma in a puzzle

borobadge Posted on 16/10/2008 21:41
Important rolling stock update

classic footage on BBC4 right now...

nealg Posted on 16/10/2008 22:45
Important rolling stock update

lemmy - i remember the 76s running through sheffield vic after it officially closed; shedded tinsley, when they were backed up for the following morning.

foggysfplandiet2 Posted on 17/10/2008 00:16
Important rolling stock update

"Has there been a HST power car preserved yet, when that happens it truly will be a shocker."

Only one of the prototypes, at NRM. The other was scrapped.

HarryBasset Posted on 17/10/2008 08:04
Important rolling stock update

Foggy, I just saw your post about the Gresley U1 banker. Did you ever see the life size mural of in Stockton at the roundabout on Norton Road opposite the Turks Head? In the 70s a plywood fence was put up and suddenly the full size painting of the loco appeared. It was very well done and did not ever appear to get vandalized or grafittied.

HarryBasset Posted on 17/10/2008 08:04
Important rolling stock update

Foggy, I just saw your post about the Gresley U1 banker. Did you ever see the life size mural of in Stockton at the roundabout on Norton Road opposite the Turks Head? In the 70s a plywood fence was put up and suddenly the full size painting of the loco appeared. It was very well done and did not ever appear to get vandalized or grafittied.

foggysfplandiet2 Posted on 17/10/2008 11:52
Important rolling stock update

No Harry, never saw that, wish I had.

Shame none of the British operated Garretts survived, they must have been awesome to see; There is some very grainy film of the U1 on Worsborough Incline on a video I have of the Woodhead route.

Capybara Posted on 17/11/2008 14:25
Important rolling stock update

How very odd.

Muttley Posted on 17/11/2008 16:26
Important rolling stock update

On a rolling stock related subject I was told the other day that the next "new" steam locomotive to be built at Darlington will be a replica of an LNER G5 0-4-4T locomotive.

According to the website an order has been placed for a boiler...

Link: G5 project

foggysfplandiet2 Posted on 17/11/2008 18:30
Important rolling stock update


I would love to see a class 47 converted to look exactly like D0260 Lion in its striking white livery; shouldn't be that difficult to do.

Rodney_Trotter Posted on 17/11/2008 18:33
Important rolling stock update

Is this standard gauge stuff? Or is it 3` & 2` gauge?

GavBillyRed Posted on 17/11/2008 19:53
Important rolling stock update

I seen one of just like that..

Link: 150

Buddy Posted on 17/11/2008 19:54
Important rolling stock update

According to my status bar that's a link to your avatar Gav. Try again.

aa365 Posted on 17/11/2008 19:57
Important rolling stock update

about a dozen immaculate pullman carriages rolled into Thornaby one day last week...loco either end...then came back about an hour later

Brotton Posted on 17/11/2008 20:01
Important rolling stock update

They were on a test run for Roady41 and his mates

Rodney_Trotter Posted on 17/11/2008 20:05
Important rolling stock update

There has been a few round there recently. Running around at Eaglescliffe Junction which has a few sets of points.

There is always spotters on the platform fiddling their zoom lense

Dynamo Posted on 18/11/2008 20:10
Important rolling stock update

Thats cool news about the Clas "O". I wondered if they'd make another engine after Tornado. I think it would be a mistake to build another Class "O" straight after the first though. Much better to build another kind of loco that isn't in existance anymore, like a B17. They could number it 2855 which would be brilliant.

Dynamo Posted on 18/11/2008 20:14
Important rolling stock update

Ooer. I just read on Wiki that they are gonna build a couple of B17's.

Link: 4-6-0's

foggysfplandiet2 Posted on 18/11/2008 21:31
Important rolling stock update

The next new-build, currently being costructed albeit slowly, is a Clan class pacific no. 72010 "Hengist"

Capybara Posted on 02/12/2008 10:09
Important rolling stock update

Catflapped. It seems to work [:)]

Does anyone know why flash photography is not allowed at stations? There was an A4 at King's Cross on Saturday and the cameras were coming out big style. The station announcer was going spare and threatening all kinds of retribution to anyone using flash photography. Why?

Muttley Posted on 02/12/2008 10:13
Important rolling stock update

Yep, flash photography is banned on safety grounds - the driver can be blinded by multiple flashes (or I suppose he might be epileptic) and he is trying to park a train weighing several hundered tons. It's banned on all stations IIRC and photographers not complying can and have been fined.

Capybara Posted on 02/12/2008 10:18
Important rolling stock update

Thanks, that makes sense. Having said that, the engine was parked at the buffers on Platform 1, which is at the extreme east side of the station and the adjacent platforms were also full with trains that had already arrived so there were no drivers in the vicinity moving or about to move trains. I've heard announcements about this plenty of times before (on the underground for instance) but never with anything like this vigour or urgency.

Capybara Posted on 30/12/2008 12:00
Important rolling stock update

Commuting during the holiday period has its bonuses. Half of Clapham Junction is out today for engineering work. Class 66s everywhere and two 73s there as well. One of the 73s was in BR corporate blue livery. One for nostalgia fans there.

Buddy Posted on 30/12/2008 22:24
Important rolling stock update

Further to the Pendolino correspondence the other week, I haven't actually travelled on a train for a few years and was quite surprised at the London Midland trains on the slower lines at MK. I think I'd assumed they were still the old Network SouthEast Class...erm...321s?

Capybara Posted on 31/12/2008 13:07
Important rolling stock update

Yes, they are brand spanking new trains on that line. The WCML in general is flavour of the month as far as modernisation is concerned at the moment which is fair enough I suppose as it hasn't been done properly since it was first completed 35 or so years ago.

Cleveleyssmoggie Posted on 31/12/2008 13:28
Important rolling stock update

Yawn [:D]

Muttley Posted on 20/01/2009 10:16
Important rolling stock update

For those interested, the new chuffer makes it's first mainline runs on 31st Jan, to coincide with our home humiliation by Blackburn no doubt! Take the kids for a free show...

On Saturday 31st January 2009, Tornado will follow the timings below from York to Newcastle and return:

Departs York station at 12:07
Passes Northallerton at 12:36
Passes Darlington at 12:48
Passes Durham at 13:06
Arrives Newcastle Central Station at 13:21

Departs Newcastle Central station at 16:34
Passes Durham at 16:51
Passes Darlington at 17:10
Passes Northallerton at 17:22
Arrives at York station at 18:00

There will be a second run of The Peppercorn Pioneer on Sunday 1st February 2009 and Tornado will follow the timings below from York to Newcastle and return:

Departs York station at 12:56
Passes Northallerton at 13:30
Passes Darlington at 13:42
Passes Durham at 14:00
Arrives Newcastle Central Station at 14:17

Departs Newcastle Central station at 16:56
Passes Durham at 17:32
Passes Darlington at 18:05
Passes Northallerton at 18:17
Arrives at York station at 18:53

Make of it what you will!

Link: Toot toot, here comes tornado

littlejimmy Posted on 20/01/2009 10:31
Important rolling stock update

Cool. Should catch it coming through Thirsk at about 12.25

Towell Posted on 20/01/2009 10:34
Important rolling stock update

Fuqing hell, I suppose you're interested in Corus getting new locos as well then eh?

Sleaford Posted on 20/01/2009 10:59
Important rolling stock update

Are they still remote control?

Towell Posted on 20/01/2009 11:18
Important rolling stock update

yeh it's like a big trainset.

Capybara Posted on 22/01/2009 13:52
Important rolling stock update

Looks like you can get in via this as well.