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bandito Posted on 19/10 11:10
To all the Juninhoettes

Dear gobshites

How do you feel our season is going, what with UEFA group qualification, 5th in the league, scoring goals for fun and the influx of youth players coming through. Do some of you regret calling mac a ginger pig and should you really have been so quick to criticise a man who clearly knows what he is doing?

Yours gingerley


scoea Posted on 19/10 11:13
re: To all the Juninhoettes

Bandito - these 'fans' that have continued to slate everything McClaren despite overwhelming evidence that he is doing a fantastic job will continue to do so, I'm afraid.

But it doesn't hurt to goad them every once in a while!!!

bandito Posted on 19/10 11:15
re: To all the Juninhoettes

Unfortunately none of them are around thesedays.

mfc_1 Posted on 19/10 11:15
re: To all the Juninhoettes

This looks like one of those "I'm waiting to be shot at" type posts!!
I wonder if all those "If he goes I'm going to give me season ticket away" type people are feeling very silly now!

SleepingFan Posted on 19/10 11:17
re: To all the Juninhoettes

yeh we doing great but still shouldnt of sold him. and thnik about it. if parnaby wasnt injured on saturday mcclaren wouldnt of changed tactics. why did he start with 1 man up front. i agree with gatesy that mcclaren is far to negative.

blotonthelandscape Posted on 19/10 11:17
re: To all the Juninhoettes

A Bandi is right post certainly spoils a nice morning.

bandito Posted on 19/10 11:17
re: To all the Juninhoettes

it is indded a waiting to be shot at. Sadly theyre all out of bullets!

Big_Shot Posted on 19/10 11:18
re: To all the Juninhoettes

Yes he would have changed it. Thats why Nemeth was warming up before Parnaby got injuerd.

Sean_Eton Posted on 19/10 11:21
re: To all the Juninhoettes

Yeah but just think if we'd have still had Juninho we could have been top of the league and scored twice as many goals...FACT

George1507 Posted on 19/10 11:27
re: To all the Juninhoettes

Good lord wake me up, I must be dreaming. Juninho was the best Boro player that most of us have seen, maybe the best since Wilfie. I didn't agree with the decision to sell him to Celtic, but I do think he was past his best. We've only played 11 games of a season where we will probably end up having played at least 50 games. We've already had an injury crisis and we'll have more before the season is over.

But although I think it was the wrong decision to let Juninho go, and I think we'll regret it later, I haven't criticised McClaren at all. He made his mind up, and took what action he thought needed to be taken.

I still support Boro, and not Celtic, I hope Juninho does well in Glasgow, but life goes on. Don't criticise me and 99% of the others on here who wouldn't have let him go, because we are entitled to our own opinions. What gives you the right to police our opinions?

If we're struggling for midfield creativity in January, I won't be on here calling you a gobshite, although I have every justication for doing so.

Sean_Eton Posted on 19/10 11:28
re: To all the Juninhoettes

Yeah but he is anyway

bandito Posted on 19/10 11:31
re: To all the Juninhoettes

thanks George for your input. I made the post purley as a dig at SOME of the clueless idiots that used the selling Juninho tactic to beat McClaren with and aim a torrent of abuse that was totally unjustified. It all got a bit too personal.

20_Briggsy Posted on 19/10 11:34
re: To all the Juninhoettes

I wonder where all those who slated me on that 100+ post I made, saying that we should sell Juno.

blotonthelandscape Posted on 19/10 11:35
re: To all the Juninhoettes

It gets worse Briggsy and Bandi get it right thread.

bandito Posted on 19/10 11:39
re: To all the Juninhoettes

can i also point out that this isnt a slur on Juininho as he was the best player Ive ever seen for boro. I loved the guy but did not let that cloud my judgement of a manager i have total belief in. some fans got a bit too voiciferous, often personal and frankly, embarassing at times.

Sean_Eton Posted on 19/10 11:41
re: To all the Juninhoettes

Yeah they got really personal like calling each other gobshites...

bandito Posted on 19/10 11:46
re: To all the Juninhoettes

yeah, its such a harsh word. makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up

Sean_Eton Posted on 19/10 11:48
re: To all the Juninhoettes

I'm such a sensitive soul you know....

Pauluka Posted on 19/10 11:49
re: To all the Juninhoettes

It was time for TLF to move on IMO. Now that is a fact!


Enough cover there IMO

scoea Posted on 19/10 11:58
re: To all the Juninhoettes

Zenden was playing up front for the last 5 minutes of the first half and if there were any truth in suggesting that McClaren only put Nemeht on because of Parnaby's injury then why not put Zenden at left back and bring Doriva into midfield instead of putting a striker on?

george1507 makes a very good point. he is entitled to his opinion about TLF. It is important though that this is not aimed at posters like George but rather at others.

Bandito - you're right they are running very low on ammo!!!

Reckre Posted on 19/10 12:03
re: To all the Juninhoettes

Im still here.

Still don't particularly like McClaren. Am still annoyed by some of his tactics, most recent being Chelsea at home.

However, I still believe he is the best man for the job at the moment. If we are not in the top 8 come season close, then I will once more be criticising him.

bandito Posted on 19/10 12:08
re: To all the Juninhoettes

what if we have a great run in europe and miss out on eight?

where do you draw the line?

scoea Posted on 19/10 12:10
re: To all the Juninhoettes

You know the score Bandito - we have to get more points than last season and get 1.5 points per game, we have to score more goals, we have to get into the top 6 etc etc etc.

All of which would be guaranteed by now if Juninho had been kept.

bandito Posted on 19/10 12:12
re: To all the Juninhoettes

What if fans are better entertained this season but we finish on less points?

Do we keep mac cos he's an entertaining manger or do we sack him cos we havent made progression?

Its all random bulls hit.

red_rebel Posted on 19/10 12:12
re: To all the Juninhoettes


You can't call these people 'Juninhoettes'. It has over-elaborated and doesn't deliver. It has taken just one too many syllables. Plus it doesn't scan and it makes it sound like they are all petite and feminine.

'Junoistas' makes them sound more extreme and militant and more like blindly loyal acolytes dedicated to their cause. That was the right word at the time of great Samba civil war.

But now they are broken, defeated and sheepish with a hint of bitterness we need a new label.

Are you officially proposing 'gobshites'?

Reckre Posted on 19/10 12:19
re: To all the Juninhoettes

It's simple. I draw the line on league position. Top 8 in this instance.

I said at the start of the season McClaren should be given a go with the squad he has assembled. Our team on paper, should be competing for the top 6, and definitly finishing in the top 8.

Entertaining is all well and good, but points win prizes.

I suppose I shouldnt have posted on this thread, as I'm not a ' Juninhoette.' Ah well.

Reckre Posted on 19/10 12:20
re: To all the Juninhoettes

"You know the score Bandito - we have to get more points than last season and get 1.5 points per game, we have to score more goals, we have to get into the top 6 etc etc etc.

All of which would be guaranteed by now if Juninho had been kept. "

How very ridiculous.

scoea Posted on 19/10 12:21
re: To all the Juninhoettes

You didn't spot the winky thing then?

Reckre Posted on 19/10 12:22
re: To all the Juninhoettes

No, I didnt, it comes up as a weird 0 sign on my computer. The smileys dont tend to work often! Apologies.

scoea Posted on 19/10 12:23
re: To all the Juninhoettes

No probs.

bandito Posted on 19/10 12:26
re: To all the Juninhoettes

I use the term "juninhoettes" very very loosley indeed and appreciate that some people were just very disappointed to see him leave. At one point in time i was probably a "juninhoette", but realised the manager needed support. Please appreciate i am generalising so If i upset some folk then I apologise. If youre still offended, then get a bloody life

BossHogg Posted on 19/10 12:28
re: To all the Juninhoettes

Talk about getting carried away.

Personally I still feel he should have stayed at the club as he provides an option we still don't have, and with possibly 50 or more games, hopefully, quality squad players are always welcome.

bandito Posted on 19/10 12:31
re: To all the Juninhoettes

not when it comes to balancing the books he isnt?

maybe some people think Gibson grows money trees in his office?

BossHogg Posted on 19/10 12:39
re: To all the Juninhoettes

Your entilted to your opinion as am I, and kindly stop calling people with different opinions to yourself "gobshites", we're all boro fans, we all want success and no one individuals opinions is the right one..

Would have been an interesting thread this without the aggresive overtones..

wilfym Posted on 19/10 12:53
re: To all the Juninhoettes

Spot on about some of the ju ju tears i read on here,but he played his part,will always be a hero,but didnt want subs bench football and thats all we could offer,rightly or wrongly.Anyway hes dribbling round dustbins for fun up in jockland.

bandito Posted on 19/10 12:58
re: To all the Juninhoettes

dear oh dear, some people get all uppity about a few words. Is "gobshites" harmful? Like "Juninhoettes" I use the term very loosley indeed. Maybe next time I will start with dear BossHogg, Reckre, hero southgate............cant you see I'm stirring and trying to spark a debate? It needs some fuel

scoea Posted on 19/10 12:59
re: To all the Juninhoettes

But Bandito - you're absolutely right. OK, not everyone who thought Juninho should have stayed is the same as the likes of Hero Southgate but the bottom line is that threads worth of rubbish were posted by these gobshites when he was sold.

Keep on winding them up I say!

boroboy75 Posted on 19/10 13:00
re: To all the Juninhoettes

Did you become a 'disciple of McClaren' on the basis that you met him in Ostrava?
How fickle.

bandito Posted on 19/10 13:02
re: To all the Juninhoettes

met him about 5 times before that boroboy. Sorry. Aint no disciple either, just a supporter. You shoudl try it, it'll do you good you miserable fc uk

BossHogg Posted on 19/10 13:03
re: To all the Juninhoettes

Debate is good Bandito, couldn't agree more, but unfortunately this board is losing it's addiction because no sooner has a debate started than personal insults get hurled because some people aren't willing to try and understand other peoples viewpoints..

It's a shame, a year ago this board was rocking..

bandito Posted on 19/10 13:04
re: To all the Juninhoettes

yes, quite true but I started the insults before the debate was started in order to get the debate going!

London_Boro Posted on 19/10 13:16
re: To all the Juninhoettes

Juninho is a hero and should be remembered as one. Leave the bickering to the kids!!! Macca/Gibbo is the boss and they do what they feel is right for the good of the club. I was sad to see him go, but I can't believe the argument about whether he should have stayed or left is still going on.

HE'S GONE !! Live with it ! Let's remember the good times and move on.

But saying all that, if we ever meet Celtic I hope The Boat clatters him as he would anybody else.

paulista Posted on 19/10 13:47
re: To all the Juninhoettes

I feel ashamed to even reply to this post but hey im bored so here you go!

This is an immature post that will only yield the self indulgent response you think it deserves, however? I still believe juninho leaving was a mistake and the football we've played this year had been ordinary until a stroke of luck in the form of an injury crisis (or sending off!!) FORCED mac to play the kids! The ginger pig’ as you like to call him has his biggest decisions still to come that could rattle even you! Will he chose zenden over downing on Sunday or find some excuse to accommodate both of them, I think we all agree that with the kids in our team there is a youth and pace that mclaron did not plan on releasing this season, now they have surpassed his current plan and become the new fans favourates how will he cope? Who will he drop? Downing deserves to be in on merit we all know that, so mclaren over to you, which one of your players will you drop? Or does your first choice 11 exclude all of the kids, I know if you ask all the boro fans at least one would start, even in yours bandi!

It was never really about TLF for me it was the sacrifice of attacking football and I will reserve judgement on our negative manger until the end of the season but if he persists on doing his utmost to nullify the fans excitement with boring players in boring formations producing boring football then I will never think highly of him!

Attacking football is what I pay to see and it brings results just ask teams above like Bolton who spend far less than us but were one result away from being on a par with us!

You may be gloating to early mate!

Hero_Southgate Posted on 19/10 13:58
re: To all the Juninhoettes

great post paulista got to say. and i totally agree.

people slag me off for me wanting juno to say however in my opinion its better to have a world class player like him at the club than pay him to leave. the points made about mcclaren having to play the youngsters is very true, and i think at the next oppurtunity he will have them out of the team and back to his favourites. i havent seen pace, flair and attacking football at the boro this year apart from blackburn (when they went to 10 men) and man ure. i pay to be entertained and we arent being entertained.

and if you need proof about this then look at the attendances, we could fill a house when we had juno rav and emo, and even when we had merson, branca etc why not now?!

scoea Posted on 19/10 14:03
re: To all the Juninhoettes

I find it difficult to agree with anything that either of you have come up with.

For a start, when Juno, Rav and Emo were here we had a smaller capacity hence more sell outs.

You say we have not attacked teams yet we have ended up 3rd highest scorers, 5th in the table and are creating chances galore. How are we doing it, by magic?

You say we should have kept Juninho and slate McClaren for letting him go and in the same breath criticise him for not picking the younger players. Well let's face it - had Juninho stayed, the youngsters would have even less of a chance.

And if McClaren had not intended to use the young players why have they been in the squad since day 1?

What a load of old claptrap.

Hero_Southgate Posted on 19/10 14:09
re: To all the Juninhoettes

so your telling me having that useless git zenden on the pitch isnt stopping zenden?? prat

i can guarentee if we were playing attacking exciting football the stadium will be full but where not, my own brother stopped going this year after 15 or so years of following the boro because he had lost interest in the club, and the way we are playing football. i like to be entertained and paulista makes a great point look at bolton, or even pompey, pompey go out and really attack teams, 2 strikers 2 real wingers and an attacking central midfielder. we dont do that, we have 2 "sitters" and 2 wingers who cant beat the full back.

top goal scorers blah blah blah. four come on saturday against a woefull 11 nevermind 10 of blackburn. and if you can honestly say your getting entertained at home this year, you must be either reading a book or watching some porn on your video phone.

Hero_Southgate Posted on 19/10 14:10
re: To all the Juninhoettes

oooh and i forgot


wilfym Posted on 19/10 14:12
re: To all the Juninhoettes

it really was entertaining with juno,ravand emo but didnt you get sick of getting beat? or did you get a high fron our then best season.Won nothing and got relegated.As i said juno had his day.RIP.

Hero_Southgate Posted on 19/10 14:16
re: To all the Juninhoettes

yes of course you dont like getting beat that is not my point, my point is if fans where being entertained the stadium would be full.

and can i just say it shows what children you are when you come out with "theyv ran out of ammo" "yes your right they are running short on ammo now" childs

dont count chickens before they hatch, if we are struggling for creativity come january or whenever i hope someone comes on here and has a right good bitch at yourself bandito get off your high horse

BossHogg Posted on 19/10 14:18
re: To all the Juninhoettes

I do believe that recent seasons bland performances at home are to blame for crowd apathy and the lack of full houses.. IMO..

scoea Posted on 19/10 14:21
re: To all the Juninhoettes

I think you may want to edit your post HS, unless we have 2 players called Zenden.

What we play is a passing game with wingers and 2 top notch strikers. The fact that we create chances galore and have scored more goals than 17 other Prem teams (including the ones you have mentioned BTW) is evidence that we play attractive football.

Sorry, but your arguments ain't worth the cyberpaper they're written on.

wilfym Posted on 19/10 14:22
re: To all the Juninhoettes

So this season it has nothing to do with peoples lack of money or saturated tv coverage to nane 2 factors??No No its because ju ju isnt here any more boo f.cking hooo.

grantus Posted on 19/10 14:59
re: To all the Juninhoettes

George 1507 Im with you. I hope that this isn't aimed at me either although Im here ill defend my position as it is based on footballing opinion with a touch of reasoning behind it, but will not get involved with the name calling.

Leave it in the playground kids.

bandito Posted on 19/10 15:02
re: To all the Juninhoettes

a good old steamy debate is what were after and thats what weve got. Youve done exactly what i wanted you to do so i thank you for that. i welcome your opinions, i respect your opinions and look forward to hearing more. Its not a game of one upmanship so dont think Im trying to be clever. I'm not afraid to wind up on here and make no apologies for doing so.

bandito Posted on 19/10 15:04
re: To all the Juninhoettes

P.S...Hero southgate....I disagree with everything you say but it doesnt make me right. lets clear that us straight away

wilfym Posted on 19/10 15:07
re: To all the Juninhoettes

Well said young bandito,the force is with you,but i fear ,the fmttm messageboard elite is not!Those fuzzywuzzys they dont like it up em you know.

Hero_Southgate Posted on 19/10 15:22
re: To all the Juninhoettes

i dont mind disagreeing with people as long as they can put reasons behind the points they are making you dont, you just slag people off when its only october and put yourself in a very silly position, in a few months time this might be biting your ass!

i truly hope we are doing just as well in a few months however i do believe we will miss his creativity. and effort.

you dont see any of your so called juninhoettes posting messages about him anymore because we keep it to ourselves, its just yourself on a wind up/

scoea Posted on 19/10 15:23
re: To all the Juninhoettes

Bandito has backed up his assertion that we have not missed Juninho and are playing good football with the following:

1. 5th place
2. 3rd highest scorers
3. JFH joint 2nd (happy now?) in goals chart
4. Group stages of UEFA Cup

What have you got to back up your assertion that we are playing negative boring ffotball and would be better off with Juninho?

--- Post edited by scoea on 19/10 15:46 ---

bandito Posted on 19/10 15:29
re: To all the Juninhoettes

thanks for posting that scoea, it saves me the chew.

Note to Southgate: read posts more clearly before making assertions

wilfym Posted on 19/10 15:31
re: To all the Juninhoettes

scoea has stated the facts to back up original statement,hero-southgateand if your into depilation u could get to your local barbers and get a little brazilian to keep for yourself.

Reckre Posted on 19/10 15:35
re: To all the Juninhoettes

Is JFH 2nd in the goalscoring charts?

Piquet2 Posted on 19/10 15:36
re: To all the Juninhoettes

Top Scorers
8 T. Henry
6 J.A.R. Calderon
6 R. Pires
6 N. Anelka
6 J.F. Hasselbaink
5 A. Johnson
4 H. Pedersen
4 A. Cole
4 L.B. Morte

Reckre Posted on 19/10 15:42
re: To all the Juninhoettes

Equal second, thought so.

Please update your post scoea. It offends me.

littlejimmy Posted on 19/10 15:50
re: To all the Juninhoettes

Who the Funk is Calderon?

BoroMutt Posted on 19/10 15:56
re: To all the Juninhoettes

Jimmy has seven though! According to the Beeb:

1 Thierry Henry Arsenal 8
2 Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink Middlesbrough 7
3 Jose Antonio Reyes Arsenal 7
4 Nicolas Anelka Man City 6
5 Patrick Kluivert Newcastle 6
6 Robert Pires Arsenal 6
7 Alan Shearer Newcastle 6
8 Alan Smith Man Utd 6

It looks better on their website!

Link: Unless YOU know better?

paulista Posted on 19/10 15:59
re: To all the Juninhoettes

if you want to state facts well here's one plain and simple

trophies won with TLF 1
trophies without TLF 0

thanks for stating that paulista you saved me the chew

its ok paulista

scoea Posted on 19/10 16:01
re: To all the Juninhoettes

With McClaren = 1 trophy
Without McClaren = 0 trophies

bandito Posted on 19/10 16:04
re: To all the Juninhoettes

with all respect paulista the season is 9 games old

sasboro Posted on 19/10 16:04
re: To all the Juninhoettes

With Ricketts = 1 trophy
Without ricketts = 0 trophies

boroboy75 Posted on 19/10 16:06
re: To all the Juninhoettes

Without ricketts = healthy
With Ricketts = vitamin deficiency.

paulista Posted on 19/10 16:14
re: To all the Juninhoettes

Agree bandi 9 games old and as i said you were being premiture, now it appears you agree! As stated on the original debate lets reserve judgement until the end of the season and not post threads like this!

scoea Posted on 19/10 16:15
re: To all the Juninhoettes

Surely the point is though that many on here predicted our failure before a ball was kicked as a result of the sale of TLF?

wilfym Posted on 19/10 16:17
re: To all the Juninhoettes

juninhos loyalty to boro= 0%
Some fans misplaced loyalty to juninho= 100%

Corcaigh_the_Cat Posted on 19/10 16:27
re: To all the Juninhoettes

I'd like to chip in a little here. I'm not a season ticket holder, gave up before last season. On the few occassions that I got to see Boro play, Juninho and Mendieta were the better of the team. I was therefore surprised to see him released at the start of this season.

I've only watched Boro in the flesh a couple of times. The defeat at Everton and the home win against Banik. In the first game he would have been a welcome addition to the team, lacking in ideas against a mediocre Everton outfit. The Banik home game was won easily. Since then I've watched Boro on the tv twice, the away game at Banik, in which we struggled at times, and the home game against Chelsea in which we were abysmal, completely devoid of an idea. I'm not saying Juninho would have achieved anything, but on last season's evidence would have provided more than some of the team did that were selected. I've seen highlights of the Man Utd game and the Blackburn game. We appeared to have an excellent half in each game.

On Saturday I made the trip up to Parkhead for the first time this season. In the first half he didn't achieve a great deal, the whole team struggled. In the secong he saw a lot more of the ball and as a result Celtic's game improved as a whole. He scored an excellent goal and was involved in the build up to the third goal, he should have scored it actually.

He's no longer the player that he was. The same can be said of one of our summer signings, Ray Parlour. His lack of imagination has been pitiful at times. For me Juninho would have been a better option to keep. He's no work horse, but we have two in Boateng and Doriva, how many do we need in the team.

I have also seen little, despite the results, to tempt me back on a more permanent basis. Juninho was a Boro player when I gave up my season ticket. McLaren was Boro manager. The football was dour. It hasn't changed a great deal from what I've seen so far.

Interstingly, the two or three recent bonuses, Morrison, Downing and McMahon, did not come as a reslut of team changes due to inept performances, rather they wee thrown in due to injury and performed well. To crow about McLaren using this to back up the case is abysmal. If we were now in the bottom half but hadn't suffered injury problems, McMahon and Morrison wouldn't have had a look in, and few on here would be calling for their inclusion. Graham would have had a few mentions because his name would have appeared on the scoresheet in the gazette, but that's about it.

Sorry about the length of this piece chaps.

paulista Posted on 19/10 16:30
re: To all the Juninhoettes

doomed and wrong decission are two totally different things!

I based my argument on Mclarens starting 11 and believe if that was the team to go into the majority of games this we would regret the loss of TLF through lack of creativity and pace. Now, as with the majority of boro fans, believe that salvation on that front has come in the form of youth! Now it poses a different problem for mclaren he has to scrap plan 'A' and start least with downing at least, who he will drop i don't know, but he has to and we will see how he copes with this. I have a feeling that a few more people will become disgruntled with mclaren before the end of this season! I hope not because that means i will be watching pace and creativity in the side at the expense of one or two of his summer buys!!

sasboro Posted on 19/10 16:30
re: To all the Juninhoettes

have flight options sorted out a trip upto a celtic game yet?

wilfym Posted on 19/10 16:32
re: To all the Juninhoettes

Sorry corcaigh, but not even winning our first trophy ever or our first european campaign EVER could tempt you back?????????

riverboat_captain Posted on 19/10 16:35
re: To all the Juninhoettes

I don't think that McClaren even wanted to re-sign Juninho. I believe it was a Gibson idea and a Gibson mistake. We always struggled to accomodate Juninho in his last spell here but now we have a squad of experienced players and promissing youngsters who are doing just fine and the results are bearing out the decision to sell.

scoea Posted on 19/10 16:39
re: To all the Juninhoettes

Interesting thoughts there Mr Cat.

The standard of our football this season has been for the most part excellent. But then it's the type of play I like to see. We pass the ball, create chances and this season score goals.

Juninho, sadly, was no longer good enough to build a formation around and could not cut it in any other position so it was the right decision to let him go. The added bonus is that him leaving gave a chance to the likes of Morrison etc.

i am firmly of the view that McClaren fully expected our young guns to break through this season and that is why he sold Greening and Juninho.

Juninho was signed by McClaren and he did contribute to our most successful season ever - hardly a failure in my book.

--- Post edited by scoea on 19/10 16:45 ---

BoroMutt Posted on 19/10 16:41
re: To all the Juninhoettes

Watching Juninho last season it was ovious that he was no longer the player we all loved. Occassionally, the curtains would draw back and you would see flashes of the old Juno. I will remember to the day I die some of the performances in our red shirt that he gave us and the look on his face when the final whistle blew in Cardiff as he sank to his knees. To be truthful I'd rather remember him that way than as a fading has been like Gazza was when he came to us. I wish he could have stayed here but it was not to be.

I moved on.

The central point here seems to be that some people cannot admit that quite probably they were wrong when they foretold doom and gloom when he left. Alright we are only nine games in to the season but that is one quarter of the season. That is a pretty good guide to our form particularly since we have played the top three (cf Newcastle) and that we have been forced to use squad players in several games.

I get the feeling with some Boro fans (you hear them on Century and they come on here) that they'd be happier when their predictions come true than when the team does well if they did not predict it.

Ever it was thus?

Hero_Southgate Posted on 19/10 17:00
re: To all the Juninhoettes

to the likes of sccoa do you go to the games?

excellent football WHENS THIS!?!? flat back 10 against chelsea when "we nearly got a draw"

Away to Everton??
Home to Geordies!! (we may have scored 2 but we were lucky to get 1 never mind two we were awful)
Palace at home??
Birmingham at home?!

i go to games to be entertained and i can honestly say none of those games where exciting or i was entertained.

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sasboro Posted on 19/10 17:03
re: To all the Juninhoettes

how can i forget scoea last season saying juninho in 2003/2004 was a better player than in 97, especially a better team how come he got forced out?

Hero_Southgate Posted on 19/10 17:05
re: To all the Juninhoettes

people have short memories sas. they just think ole great ginger pig is thy greatest.

20_Briggsy Posted on 19/10 17:08
re: To all the Juninhoettes

If you go to every game expecting to be entertained then your deluding yourself. Theres only 1 team in the country that can give you that.

Another case of Boro fans demanding and expecting too much.

Give me a season pitted with dull boring 1-0 wins over a roller coaster season anyday.

scoea Posted on 19/10 17:09
re: To all the Juninhoettes

Sas - how many times do you want me to answer the same question. Instead of bringing it up every 5 minutes why not try to read my answer and understand it?

I have always said that Juninho was a better TEAM player in his final spell - i.e. he gave the ball away less without being individually spectacular. However, once we bought the 2 strikers, he was no longer good enough to command a place or have the formation built around him. OK?

As for you Hero Southgate - I bet I have been to more games than you in the last few seasons.

Gaizka10 Posted on 19/10 17:11
re: To all the Juninhoettes

F'k Juninho.


Corcaigh_the_Cat Posted on 19/10 17:15
re: To all the Juninhoettes

wilfym - it's like watching paint dry mate - saw a good 15 min spell against Ostrava in which we completely destroyed them, but nothing at Everton.

I agree with all sentiments about Juninho not being the player that he was. So please can someone explain the signings of Reiziger and Parlour. Not exactly on the up are they.

20_Briggsy Posted on 19/10 17:19
re: To all the Juninhoettes

"So please can someone explain the signings of Reiziger and Parlour"

Surely it doesnt need spelling out. Its clear what Parlour has given us. Sadly Reiziger has yet to figure due to injury.

grantus Posted on 19/10 17:20
re: To all the Juninhoettes

Over the hill, past it, how old? 32?

As a player matures it doesn't mean its the end.

Sheringham? Zola?

They said Zola was past it, but look at him at 36.

If they have class they adapt. I just think we gave up on him too soon.

But i am over it.

sasboro Posted on 19/10 17:22
re: To all the Juninhoettes

if people think juno is over the hill then what about cooper,schwarzer,jfh,southgate,parlour,rizeiger,ugo??

20_Briggsy Posted on 19/10 17:26
re: To all the Juninhoettes

Listen, Juno was sold because he wasnt part of the managers first team plans. It was a mutual decision, Juno could have stayed to play as a squad player, but we all know the outcome of that one.

I'm glad he's gone because now the Boro have more consistancy, we're not cutting and changing to suit one player.

And also theres not the Juninhoettes crying and slagging off the manager every time he never started TLF.

Don't get me wrong Juno was a fantastic player, one of my faves. But letting Juno go was one of Steve McClarens best decisions.

sasboro Posted on 19/10 17:28
re: To all the Juninhoettes

Sorry but it was not mutual, he was given a free and healthy pay off to get him shipped out..that is why it was mutual he was only 2 years into a 4 year deal and it would be madness to let him go for free otherwise

20_Briggsy Posted on 19/10 17:31
re: To all the Juninhoettes

Did Juno want to stay as a squad player? No.

I think it would have been madness to keep paying him 'x' amount of money a week, while he plays every other week, for the remainder of his contract. While the Juninhoettes cry and slagg of the manager for not playing him more. Now thats madness.

sasboro Posted on 19/10 17:35
re: To all the Juninhoettes

have you thought why there has been no quotes from juninho in the press about him leaving boro and how bitter he probably feels?

it's probably because part of his pay off means he has to keep tight lipped.

Sundance_Kid Posted on 19/10 17:36
re: To all the Juninhoettes

Prior to the Blackburn game our last 4 games consisted of two loses and two draws.
Coincidentally at the same time we were short for cover in the mid-field.

Our one saving grace was the fact that we had two weeks recovery time because of the England games.

So lets just hope that the next time we get injured players it falls at the same time England have got a few matches so they have time to recover.

BossHogg Posted on 19/10 17:54
re: To all the Juninhoettes


you say "If you go to every game expecting to be entertained then your deluding yourself",

why shouldn't I hope for/expect entertainment for my £470 ??.

I can see both sides of this discussion, but IMO, at home I have been bitterly dissapointed with the standard of play !, and by the way, this thread has finally turned into a debate rather than a slanging match, well done all.

Gillandi Posted on 19/10 18:04
re: To all the Juninhoettes

I remember John Gittens nose hairing the ball over the line at Molineux. One of the ugliest goals I've ever seen in one of the worst games i've ever seen but oboy, that WAS entertainment.

20_Briggsy Posted on 19/10 18:14
re: To all the Juninhoettes

IMO if you hope and expect to be entertained ever week, your deluding yourself. If you've been following football long enough, you know this is hardly ever the case.

wilfym Posted on 19/10 18:16
re: To all the Juninhoettes

I would have loved to have been bored allthe way to the title or champions league like arsenal when george graham was manager or porto last season.Entertainment- join the rest of the clowns at a circus.

Hero_Southgate Posted on 19/10 19:19
re: To all the Juninhoettes

sccoa i didnt think this board was as childish as "ive been to more games than you" my dads bigger than your dad etc. however in the past few seasons i have been to many many games thank you very much. the season before last not missin a league game home or away! however debates about whether or not ive been to more matches than someone has nothing to do with this thread and doesnt make someone more of a fan than someone else.

as for entertainment/excitement, every football fan in the country goes to watch football for this reason if there wasnt entertainment there wouldnt be a game called football. why else do you go??? to find some friends?@??

people on this board i will say again are in the minority of people on teesside who are middlesbrough fans, people in my office of work, local pubs and whoever else i talk to are generally in the opinion we are negative this year, and one bloke who is 52 years old and followed boro all his life came out with after the chelsea game "if we carry on being so negative i will not be renewing next year" now to me that is a big thing to say for someone who has been through thick and thin with us that he is that annoyed, mind you last year he was getting very pi$$ed off at the tactics especially against the likes of pompey at home.

i personally havent been impressed with our tactics at home and so far have somehow got away with it. its nice for people to call myself and others juninhoettes, however i look at myself as a middlesbrough football club fan, and in the best interests of the club and the long haul this season is i would have never in a million years let that little man go. people on here who slag him off are simply pathetic and prove that they know absolutely nothing about football and how it should be played. lets just see what happens for the remainder of the season, i remember in robbos reign winning at old trafford singing were going to win the league as we were 2nd, and what happened that season, and that was 2 months on from now. dont get too excited bandito however you have already started so i hope someone on this board IF your wrong brings you down a peg or maybe 10.

boro74 Posted on 19/10 19:48
re: To all the Juninhoettes

Boro are not negative. A glance at the league table in the goals for column proves that. When Mac sold Juninho and Greening a lot of people said we were light in midfield and would suffer if we had injuries. However, if they´d still been here then we would have almost certainly started in Ostrava with Juninho up front with Nemeth and a midfield of Greening Zenden Boateng and Doriva.Instead we had Downing and Morrison, that´s positive, and both were a revelation! Mac knew had these youngsters coming through when he sold Juninho. The little fella would only have hampered their progress.

Gillandi Posted on 19/10 20:01
re: To all the Juninhoettes

The clown
with his pants falling down
or the dance
that's a dream of romance
Or the scene
where the villain is mean.
That's entertainment!

The lights
on the lady in tights
or the bride
with a guy on the side,
Or the ball
where she gives him her all.
That's entertainment!

But Boro
With their four five one
And Mac
with his flat monotone
And the style
with all these on players on loan
Aint Entertainment

I hate,
the whole fooking place,
My mate,
thinks i've got a good case,
It's too late,
We've no fooking pace,
and this aint Entertaaaaaaaainment.

--- Post edited by Gillandi on 19/10 20:05 ---

Big_Shot Posted on 19/10 21:55
re: To all the Juninhoettes

Well to be honest if this 52 year old has been going for years he has obviously seen some of the utter shïte that has been served up over the years. If he's not renewing, he doesn't want to go anymore which is his decision but it seems he's looking for excuses not to go.

Just to even things out, I only know 1 season ticket holder who is unhappy with what is happening at the club at the moment, and he just has an irrational hatred of McClaren. I actually only include 1 person off this board in that, as I only know 1 person off here, the rest are people I know, be it mates, lads in the pub, colleagues, whatever.

scoea Posted on 20/10 8:35
re: To all the Juninhoettes

Hero Southgate - you brought up the subject of how many games I had attended, not me. I was simply answering your question.

Sas - Juninho was 3 years into a 4 year contract and left because he did not want to be on the bench, which is up to him.

As far as I can tell, the only evidence being served up to prove this theory that we have been negative this year is this reference to mystery season ticket holders that are not renewing next year. Obviously the position in the table, goals for column etc etc don't count for anything because Boro fans are threatening not to renew next year!!!!

Year on year McClaren has improved us and we are now a completely different proposition to any previous Boro team since 1986 - we are successful, in Europe and are very well thought of in the media. Teams now look at us as a top team and are genuinely worried about playing us. Alan Curbishley said after the Newcastle match that they have a tough run of games - he mentioned Man Utd, Chelsea and guess who?

Last year we created chance after chance and didn't score. McClaren has addressed that and this pre-season he realised that we had Downing and Morrison coming through which is why he allowed the likes of Jono and Juno to leave. Ultimately - excellent decisions.

Not everything is perfect of course and we still will have the occasional blip but fcuk me if you can't enjoy this now then you never will.

dmax Posted on 20/10 8:59
re: To all the Juninhoettes

Juninho is past his best now, quite a long way past it - I wasn't sure if it was the right decision when we sold him. But the emergence of the young players and our current league position justifies it.

Big_Shot Posted on 20/10 9:29
re: To all the Juninhoettes

I don't go to football for entertainment/excitement, I go beacuse I love watching the game. Sure some games are more exciting than others but to suggest people go for entertainment is ludicrous. I go to watch and support MY team. Everybody is disappointed when we lose or not play well and the pubs are full of people giving their opinions of what went wrong, but surely proper supporters won't stop going because they've haven't been playing well or disappointed with the current style of play, football has never been like that.

red_rebel Posted on 20/10 9:30
re: To all the Juninhoettes

Man changes job shock. Former customers miss his cheery smile for a while but firm survives and flourishes.

sasboro Posted on 20/10 9:35
re: To all the Juninhoettes

"3 year into a 4 year contract"

he arrived in the summer of world cup 2002 and left in the summer of euro2004..that makes it 2 years into his contract and exactly halfway through his contract.

scoea Posted on 20/10 9:38
re: To all the Juninhoettes

Sorry Sas, typo - I meant 2 years into a 3 year contract - the 4th year was only optional as far as I know.

wilfym Posted on 20/10 9:42
re: To all the Juninhoettes

I really do find it hard to believe this 52yr olds alzheimic comment,though entitled to his opinion,its the same old rubbish from a lot of so called fans,the we always do crp at christmas brigade,its early days,if we dont improve im binning my ticket.Come on,for fc*ks sake,youd rather be proved right on a messageboard,have boro relegated,mcclaren out,juninho back as manager and be able to say told you so ??????
Im not a big mcclaren fan myself but the football facts are that last season was our most succesful as a club ever and this season..well so far so good.I,ve been a supporter since 1972 and not a fair weather one either,i have seen rubbish for years ie grimsby 0-4,burnley 1-4,blackburn1-5,great results from a season gone by and just cant believe where we are now.Love my dirty old town,love my team and their ever so fickle cynical doom and gloom merchant supporters.COME ON BORO!!!

Hero_Southgate Posted on 20/10 10:04
re: To all the Juninhoettes

just a little point.

"year on year mcclaren has improved us"


league is most important and our bread and butter. we may be in 5th but the league is tight and we have a long long way 2 go.

wilfym Posted on 20/10 10:07
re: To all the Juninhoettes

Who implied there wasnt a long way to go?

flash_harry_boro Posted on 20/10 10:10
re: To all the Juninhoettes

What a sh ite thread full of jumped up gobsh ites.

wilfym Posted on 20/10 10:12
re: To all the Juninhoettes

Funny though

bandito Posted on 20/10 10:47
re: To all the Juninhoettes

southgate: your 52 yr old bloke argument is pathetic. Anyone who threatens to not renew is better off away from the riverside anyway. My dad had followed Boro over 50yr, he's still undecided on mcclaren but admits he's never had it so good. Oh, and he also would never threaten to not renew cos that's just plain daft.

scoea Posted on 20/10 11:04
re: To all the Juninhoettes

Absolutely right bandito.

The thing that annoys me here is not whether people disagree with the sale of Juninho or have doubts about McClaren. Criticism is fine but it is the constant moaning. The need to find an angle by which to criticise McClaren.

Why not just enjoy it? We really have never had it this good.

boroboy75 Posted on 20/10 11:05
re: To all the Juninhoettes

But are the prawn sandwiches better?

scoea Posted on 20/10 11:10
re: To all the Juninhoettes

How would I know given that I am allergic to prawns?

bandito Posted on 20/10 11:11
re: To all the Juninhoettes

dont know what youre talking about boroboy

scoea Posted on 20/10 11:15
re: To all the Juninhoettes

He's is trying to make the highly amusing assertion that I am a member of the "prawn sandwich brigade" simply because I sit in the West Stand.

Sadly he does not know the real reason that I sit there, which is that it is where my Grandad, who died 2 years ago, has taken us since I was young (North Stand at Ayresome).

BossHogg Posted on 20/10 11:16
re: To all the Juninhoettes

"your 52 yr old bloke argument is pathetic. Anyone who threatens to not renew is better off away from the riverside anyway"

Absolutely Bandito, Steve Gibson is so loaded he doesn't need the 52 year old's season ticket money !?!?!

bandito Posted on 20/10 11:32
re: To all the Juninhoettes

whats the point in him going if he going to moan at the manager for being negative all game. Its nt a supporters job to support.

Also Boroboys west stand argument is bollox. he should have more consideration for the fans who have supported boro a lot longer than he ever will.

This boroboy seems like a kid that would easily get bored of boro and would rather spend hos saturday afternoons walking round boro looking at lasses

scoea Posted on 20/10 11:36
re: To all the Juninhoettes

He seems to post about or to me on every thread with some sarcastic comment or another. I've given up on him. It's pointless trying to reason or debate with an idiot. So I don't.

bandito Posted on 20/10 11:38
re: To all the Juninhoettes

he does it with me aswell. Maybe he is lucky alf, cos he used to be a right tw at with his stalking

scoea Posted on 20/10 11:41
re: To all the Juninhoettes

Nah, Alf's OK - he does get obsessive sometimes but he's never been a vindictive runt like BB75.

Maybe it's Bellamy

boroboy75 Posted on 20/10 11:41
re: To all the Juninhoettes

Bandito, you shouldn't cast aspertions on how long someone has supported the Boro.
I've always been a Boro fan and always will.
I was well chuffed as a kid to have been ball-boy on a couple of occasions, one of them a Freight Rover trophy match at Ayresome Park, in front of about 2,500 people, who saw us beat Doncaster 3-0. Proudlock scored 2, and Turnbull got the other.
I bet there are plenty who are unfamiliar with those names.

bandito Posted on 20/10 11:46
re: To all the Juninhoettes

at least my assertion brought you out of your shell and forced you to post something which is worthwhile reading. Well done.

scoea Posted on 20/10 11:47
re: To all the Juninhoettes

Was just going to post that Bandito!!!!!

First actual post without sarcasm, without malice and without an undertone that I have read from BB75.


BossHogg Posted on 20/10 11:48
re: To all the Juninhoettes

Talk about a contradiction Bandy :-

"your 52 yr old bloke argument is pathetic. Anyone who threatens to not renew is better off away from the riverside anyway"

followed by :

"he should have more consideration for the fans who have supported boro a lot longer than he ever will."

Lucky_Alf Posted on 20/10 11:56
re: To all the Juninhoettes

Oy Bandy, I object to that!

Dont accuse me of being that snidey little git.

Scoea, im only sometimes a little "obsessive" because im nearly always right. Its a cross I have to bear.

--- Post edited by Lucky_Alf on 20/10 11:57 ---

boroboy75 Posted on 20/10 12:00
re: To all the Juninhoettes

Alf needs someone to stalk since itsamore departed.
He needs to offload his 'self-loathing' on someone else.

typical_boro Posted on 20/10 12:00
re: To all the Juninhoettes

anyone who uses juno to beat mac is just a gobsite coward. you should stop dressing it up and just come out and say you cant stand the ginger get. be honest. dont try and make it some noble crusade. you doyles. juno is gone. he wanted out. thats it. using him to make sly digs at the boss just causes chew and hurts boro. get a friggin life. rantito is usally a bvit of a gosbshite himself like but his first post was cock on.

bandito Posted on 20/10 12:00
re: To all the Juninhoettes

Hogg, you should be in journalism. Youre wasting your time following me about on here!

boro74 Posted on 20/10 18:29
re: To all the Juninhoettes

Boro have improved every year under Mac. In Robsons last season we were in a relegation fight till virtually the last game. We´ve been mathematically safe earlier, every season since then. Last season we were never involved in the fight to beat the drop at any stage of the season once the season got properly underway.

reidy86 Posted on 17/2 11:44
re: To all the Juninhoettes

juninho ho ho ho