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toots Posted on 22/10 10:08
fao janplanner

i probly should know, but are you down for the game on sunday?

captain5 Posted on 22/10 10:27
re: fao janplanner

Far be it from me to intrude, but she's bringing your penknife back.

toots Posted on 22/10 10:29
re: fao janplanner

yeah, you're right. im not with it at all these days. thanks.

captain5 Posted on 22/10 10:34
re: fao janplanner

It's like doing community service at an old folk's home sometimes, on here.

toots Posted on 22/10 10:36
re: fao janplanner

just tooooooo much going on for me to take it all in and process it properly. its bloody wonderful.

captain5 Posted on 22/10 10:37
re: fao janplanner

Would you like a cup of tea??

toots Posted on 22/10 10:39
re: fao janplanner

well... would be nice. but i might go back to bed for a bit. cant decide.
anyway, shut up with your cheek!

shaun_84 Posted on 22/10 10:42
re: fao janplanner

I'll start running your bath now

toots Posted on 22/10 10:44
re: fao janplanner

are you applying to be my personal slaves?? hmmm... well, i spose maybe its time i laid my principles aside... ok, you can start on monday.

shaun_84 Posted on 22/10 10:45
re: fao janplanner

We're your 'helpers'. The bath's ready now, lukewarm so you don't scold yourself like the other week. I must always remember to put the cold water in first.

captain5 Posted on 22/10 10:48
re: fao janplanner

....its time i laid my principles aside...

Music to shaun_84's ears.

toots Posted on 22/10 10:49
re: fao janplanner

pah! i dont need no help from no one. im the one that gives the help to all the feeble blokes.
(yikes, just kidding)

my lazio tickets have just arrived. they must be having an easy day today, bless them. i said i was going to ring in and find out if it was another mare, and then snigger down the phone if it was. but i guess it aint.

shaun_84 Posted on 22/10 10:51
re: fao janplanner

I'm going to leave this thread now, will you be OK finding your way back to Top of Board by yourself, toots? It's at the bottom, you may need to set the text size a little bigger.

toots Posted on 22/10 10:53
re: fao janplanner

yes, like this...

EFF OFF!!!!!

shaun_84 Posted on 22/10 10:53
re: fao janplanner

Get the restraining chair, captain!! Quick! Oh God, she's slavering now.

janplanner Posted on 22/10 10:55
re: fao janplanner

sorry, i was away resolving a crisis - but i see these boys have been looking after you.

i am coming down for the game, and i am returning your pen knife.

toots Posted on 22/10 10:56
re: fao janplanner

errrr... i thought you said you were leaving...? id say ill miss you, but honesty is always the best policy. cya.

shaun_84 Posted on 22/10 10:58
re: fao janplanner

you know we're not allowed to leave when you're in a 'tongue-biting' situation. Now stop grinding your teeth and drink that sugary tea.

toots Posted on 22/10 10:58
re: fao janplanner

yeah, i realise now from your post about the penknife. it just came at an awkward moment. looks like just the two of us. pellethead are recording all day.

will you go away?? i just dont have time for you any more.

awww.. no... i will deffo go to southlands next week, ive missed you all in a strange kind of way.

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janplanner Posted on 22/10 10:59
re: fao janplanner

shall we make ms c come with us instead of shopping. or perhaps i'll ask my mam!

toots Posted on 22/10 11:02
re: fao janplanner

ask ms c, i dare you. you never know... she did stand in the north east corner at ayresome one time.

shaun_84 Posted on 22/10 11:04
re: fao janplanner

Can I quote section 4, paragraph 9 of Rosehill Elderly Care Home's terms and conditions?

"Residents are not allowed to possess/bring onto the premises any sharp or potential dangerous tool/food."

I think the pen-knife may be better left with janplanner. And no pineapples either. Not after last time.

toots Posted on 22/10 11:09
re: fao janplanner


"im afraid she's snuffed it, gents."

captain5 Posted on 22/10 11:10
re: fao janplanner

Yeah, get yourself down to Southlands, toots.

It's the last game for a couple of weeks, due to refurbishment.

Wondered what that smell was.

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toots Posted on 22/10 11:12
re: fao janplanner

yeah, i will for sure. just work does me in at the moment. hopefully it will be a much easier week next week without all that regional assembly junk.

janplanner Posted on 22/10 11:29
re: fao janplanner

just phoned c and she's keen to join us! weather pending. she seemed quite excited about it too.

toots Posted on 22/10 14:20
re: fao janplanner

oh, excellent. that will be really nice.

janplanner Posted on 22/10 14:26
re: fao janplanner

oh, you're up again. yes it should be fun.

how was your bath??!

toots Posted on 22/10 14:28
re: fao janplanner

you know i dont do baths. showers only, which im going to take in a minute. ultimate lazy day off, but i think i deserve it.

shaun_84 Posted on 22/10 14:29
re: fao janplanner

An ordeal. "It's too hot!" "Now, it's too cold" "It's not deep enough" "That conditioner's for coloured hair. I want this that... the other" ArggghHH!H!H!!

Oh for God's sake shut up for 5 minutes, they didn't mention all this in the job spec.

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shaun_84 Posted on 22/10 14:29
re: fao janplanner

errr yeah, I was on about a shower there...

toots Posted on 22/10 14:31
re: fao janplanner

get the hoovering done. i have company this weekend. and the windows could do with a clean..

and my uniform wants washing and ironing - i need to look my loveliest for work. he's off next week, so i only have saturday now, and then it might all be over.

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shaun_84 Posted on 22/10 14:32
re: fao janplanner

I'm on ... to... it.... *staggers*

toots Posted on 22/10 14:34
re: fao janplanner

its hard to rid myself of the urge to praise you, but the relationship between slave and owner forbids it, im afraid.

captain5 Posted on 22/10 14:36
re: fao janplanner

You have a relationship, now??

Shaun doesn't usually do 'relationships'.

shaun_84 Posted on 22/10 14:38
re: fao janplanner

I let her think that, it helps her through the day. Could you boil the kettle again, captain? Another sugary coffee is needed.

toots Posted on 22/10 14:38
re: fao janplanner

yes, so i hear.

shaun_84 Posted on 22/10 14:41
re: fao janplanner

A weak smile - it makes it all worth it. It makes you feel warm inside, helping someone during the autumn years of their life

janplanner Posted on 22/10 14:44
re: fao janplanner

that's outrageous. i don't usually believe in the beating of slaves - but on this occasion.....

captain5 Posted on 22/10 14:44
re: fao janplanner

Shaun - We're on about you, now??

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toots Posted on 22/10 14:46
re: fao janplanner

maybe you should cut the grass out front as well, and swill the yard, and id like something to eat when i get out of the shower. nip down to sainsburys and get some fresh bread and some cheese, i think. you can take the bike.

oh, no planner. id only beat him if i was in a bad mood. lifes too good to contemplate violence at the moment.

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shaun_84 Posted on 22/10 14:47
re: fao janplanner

I see Granny Planner has ventured from her room. Countdown is on very soon - how about a little nap before Richard Whiteley?

captain5 Posted on 22/10 14:47
re: fao janplanner

Nah, she's on the sunbed again.

shaun_84 Posted on 22/10 14:47
re: fao janplanner

granplanner or indeed nanplanner

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captain5 Posted on 22/10 14:48
re: fao janplanner


toots Posted on 22/10 14:49
re: fao janplanner

altho perhaps you're right... he's getting a little too uppity. maybe ive been too lenient.

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janplanner Posted on 22/10 14:51
re: fao janplanner

i'm just speechless!!!!

i have never been so insulted in all my (short)life!!!!!!

shaun_84 Posted on 22/10 14:52
re: fao janplanner

you wait until we've got some drink in us! The Helpers are rebelling!

toots Posted on 22/10 14:53
re: fao janplanner

dont worry - ill deal with it when i get out of the shower.

shaun_84 Posted on 22/10 14:55
re: fao janplanner

be careful, make use of the handrail when you get out. You know how showers make you feel dizzy.

shaun_84 Posted on 22/10 14:56
re: fao janplanner

and be careful not get that pink hair dye on the towels again

captain5 Posted on 22/10 14:56
re: fao janplanner

Careful Shaun, some of these elderly ladies fight dirty.

Link: Stick in the muds that they are

toots Posted on 22/10 14:58
re: fao janplanner

make that 'fizzy'.
and if you havent completed your tasks by the time im finished, im throwing you to the lions. dont even think about begging for mercy, you've had your nine lives.

shaun_84 Posted on 22/10 15:01
re: fao janplanner

the Lions.!!!! oh no! I'll do as you say!!

(It's ok, captain, play along with it, we've got a pair of tabby cats round the back that she feeds bread and milk. Entirely harmless. Bless her)

blotonthelandscape Posted on 22/10 15:04
re: fao janplanner

to be posted under 'bugga all to do with me but brilliant all the same' thread.

janplanner Posted on 22/10 15:04
re: fao janplanner

can you set steve on them? then they'll be sorry.

captain5 Posted on 22/10 15:07
re: fao janplanner

Poor thing needs to get out more.

I think we'll buy her something out of the money left over from the bingo.

Link: Not made by Cadbury

shaun_84 Posted on 22/10 15:09
re: fao janplanner

Let her loose??? It'll be like a scene out of Harry Enfield! "Young mannn, young mannnnn!!"

*Now* I'm in trouble...

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corruptbiggins Posted on 22/10 15:11
re: fao janplanner

Looks like someone has been having fun.

But enough of that, this thread looks fun too.

Cheered me up a bit!

You couldn't pay for entertainment like this.

captain5 Posted on 22/10 15:12
re: fao janplanner

Good thing about this is we can say the same jokes again and again and the old dears don't realise.

shaun_84 Posted on 22/10 15:13
re: fao janplanner

well CB...

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toots Posted on 22/10 15:16
re: fao janplanner

oh, you'll never be in trouble, shaun! im that happy no one can do any wrong.

maybe the week after next - im moody, you know. but im a good driver. oh, swoonarama!!

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captain5 Posted on 22/10 15:17
re: fao janplanner

Obviously don't know Shaun very well.

shaun_84 Posted on 22/10 15:18
re: fao janplanner

keep that Prozac drip going, captain

toots Posted on 22/10 15:19
re: fao janplanner

well, i know he's trouble incarnate, but thats just him, innit?

captain5 Posted on 22/10 15:20
re: fao janplanner

If there are any gentlemen of a certain age (with your own supply of Viagra), we can confirm that the ladies at our establishment have not lost any of their beauty.

Link: Babes and your wood

shaun_84 Posted on 22/10 15:22
re: fao janplanner

Yes, that's right, toots. I must say that your new medication has worked wonders, we've certainly come on a long way since the 'low day' when you spat at Mrs Cornfield's grandson and left teethmarks on the temporary cook.

toots on the left in that pic, btw

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toots Posted on 22/10 15:23
re: fao janplanner

oh, thats a great one of me! i sit sometimes and wonder what keeps em coming, but i think that just about says it all.

toots Posted on 22/10 15:24
re: fao janplanner

yes, my new medication is the best on the market. c bliss.

shaun_84 Posted on 22/10 15:26
re: fao janplanner

c bliss, eh? Just remember the k jelly...

captain5 Posted on 22/10 15:27
re: fao janplanner

When is our new client Mr C_Shoes coming to stay, Shaun??

I've already set up loads of hazardous situations to make him feel at home.

janplanner Posted on 22/10 15:27
re: fao janplanner

i like my hair band. and such a smart blue dress.

hello gents!

toots Posted on 22/10 15:28
re: fao janplanner

whats that??

shaun_84 Posted on 22/10 15:28
re: fao janplanner

I'm afraid he's gone 'downhill' recently... Only today he was cavorting naked outside my window... but he doesn't remember a thing...

Link: sad day

captain5 Posted on 22/10 15:30
re: fao janplanner

And there's no way we're letting Granplanner out again.

She nearly caused an accident in her Mini the other day.

Link: Still more dangerous outside the car

corruptbiggins Posted on 22/10 15:31
re: fao janplanner

Why don't you return the compliment shaun?

shaun_84 Posted on 22/10 15:34
re: fao janplanner

We don't like to encourage the residents, corruptedB... they get excitable and that can lead to 'regretable incidents'. Such as the day Granny Toots tried to (how should I say it?) 'hump' the community room footrest.

toots Posted on 22/10 15:35
re: fao janplanner

oh, you're just too crude!! get some refinement in your ways, it will take you places, i promise you.

shaun_84 Posted on 22/10 15:41
re: fao janplanner

Have you ever thought that 'crude' is an unrude 'rude'?

Want another mint?

captain5 Posted on 22/10 15:44
re: fao janplanner

Not now, later.

After Eight.

comfortable_shoes Posted on 22/10 15:45
re: fao janplanner


toots Posted on 22/10 15:45
re: fao janplanner

no ta, im having my lunch now. you're a bloody useless slave. consider yourself fed to the lions.

dont get the 'crude' thing. all i know is its a bit yucky. i like sweetness, so youve done well with the tea and coffee. ill give you that. theres always summat positive to be found.

shaun_84 Posted on 22/10 15:45
re: fao janplanner


toots Posted on 22/10 15:48
re: fao janplanner

i dont know whats going on exactly... it started as a question to janplanner, and turned into...

i dont think he's too happy. thats my feeling. cheer up, shaun. your time will come.

captain5 Posted on 22/10 15:48
re: fao janplanner

Oh no, he's turned up.

I'll get the mop and bucket.

corruptbiggins Posted on 22/10 15:50
re: fao janplanner

A day in the life of the FMTTM soap opera.

shaun_84 Posted on 22/10 15:50
re: fao janplanner

They're not going to help much here. Could you help me get these covers off the settee?

comfortable_shoes Posted on 22/10 15:51
re: fao janplanner



Anyway, who was it who pretended to be a St Johns Ambulance bloke and had to go on the pitch to carry a player off?

toots - sweetness is good I agree, for example which lady could not be happy with being asked "is there any chance what so ever, if you could find the time in your busy schedule to offer me a sweet kiss on the lips"

comfortable_shoes Posted on 22/10 15:52
re: fao janplanner

So, Iím naked Ė its FRIDAY FFS and ITíS MY OFFICE!!!!!!

shaun_84 Posted on 22/10 15:56
re: fao janplanner

Uncle Comfy you no longer have an office, you know very well this is Rosehill Elderly Care Home's 'calm down' area and that Mrs Cornfield's daughter is not a receptionist with whom you are having casual romance with. Could you let go of her hair now?

corruptbiggins Posted on 22/10 15:59
re: fao janplanner

Try to imagine the film Being John Malkovich. Granted if you've not seen it then that could be a problem. Anyway, imagine that but instead it's Being Shaun_84. Would anyone like to take a 5 minute peek through his eyes??

Scary idea really.

shaun_84 Posted on 22/10 16:00
re: fao janplanner

a living nightmare

comfortable_shoes Posted on 22/10 16:02
re: fao janplanner

If.....IF she wipes the jam she has smothered all over my buttocks and who, I say again WHO said she could bring the donkey into the room we are playing, or should I say TRYING TO PLAY BINGO IN!!!!!

Ethel has pissed herself again Nurse and the cats licking it up!

toots Posted on 22/10 16:03
re: fao janplanner

you really should make an escape, shaun. you really really should.

captain5 Posted on 22/10 16:05
re: fao janplanner

It wouldn't be too bad, daydreaming all day about nudey young lasses.

janplanner Posted on 22/10 16:07
re: fao janplanner

is there any way of changing the title of this thread?

i'm not entirely comfortable with the it's going....................

captain5 Posted on 22/10 16:09
re: fao janplanner

How about changing your username??...........

janplanner Posted on 22/10 16:11
re: fao janplanner

that's sooooo yesterday.

comfortable_shoes Posted on 22/10 16:12
re: fao janplanner

Jan, you have a point Iím off to the Post Office

Captain Ė donít be so ridiculous!

corruptbiggins Posted on 22/10 16:13
re: fao janplanner

It'll either be forgotton tomorrow or it'll go down in FMTTM foke lore.

shaun_84 Posted on 22/10 16:13
re: fao janplanner

I'll do the 100 honours

toots Posted on 22/10 16:14
re: fao janplanner

well.. i havent hit a century in a while. bit of a cheat i know, since ive been heavily involved, but still..

shaun_84 Posted on 22/10 16:14
re: fao janplanner

ok, let's make that the 101 and 103 (hmm) honours instead...

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corruptbiggins Posted on 22/10 16:15
re: fao janplanner

Wehey got the 100. Missed last time I tried, and I didn't try this time!

shaun_84 Posted on 22/10 16:18
re: fao janplanner

I hate you! I hate you! I hate you! I hate you you so much I'm going to flick this snapped off bit of my pen at the monitor. Twice.

captain5 Posted on 22/10 16:20
re: fao janplanner

I think the fact that it got past 100, shows how grateful (not that type of grateful, Shaun) these two old ladies are for our assistance.

--- Post edited by captain5 on 22/10 16:36 ---

corruptbiggins Posted on 22/10 16:21
re: fao janplanner

toots Posted on 22/10 16:22
re: fao janplanner

leave planner out of it. she's an innocent bystander. toots takes the flak and eats it for breakfast.

shaun_84 Posted on 22/10 16:23
re: fao janplanner

I'm sitting back and enjoying watching the carnage here

toots Posted on 22/10 16:28
re: fao janplanner


as an aside... when it says at the top about experiencing an extremely high volume of traffic bla bla bla... does anyone ever end up waiting up to 2 minutes for their messages to appear?

janplanner Posted on 22/10 16:35
re: fao janplanner

me? i'm not bothered like.

but if anyone were to refer to me as granplanner in real life. grrrrrrrrrr

captain5 Posted on 22/10 16:35
re: fao janplanner

And I know this will spoil the surprise, but toots is planning to bring us both a Werthers Original toffee to footie, as a reward.

I agree, nanplanner sounds much nicer.

--- Post edited by captain5 on 22/10 16:37 ---

toots Posted on 22/10 16:41
re: fao janplanner

or maybe ill be so hurt and offended by your comments that ill just sit in the corner and cry all night. its a possibility. im very sensitive, you know. would you pleased, and feel that you had a successful afty at work today?

corruptbiggins Posted on 22/10 16:41
re: fao janplanner


do you realise you can't hum with out a nose?

captain5 Posted on 22/10 16:43
re: fao janplanner

Nah, you'll have forgotten all about them, after what Shaun just put in your last cup of tea.

shaun_84 Posted on 22/10 16:44
re: fao janplanner

is this still going? It's like waiting for an episode of Last of The Summer Wine to finish.

CleveleysSmoggie Posted on 22/10 16:45
re: fao janplanner

What is the chance of some eagle eyed steward finding toots "offensive weapon" on Sunday?

toots Posted on 22/10 16:47
re: fao janplanner

i think ill shun you. maybe. see how it goes on the night. i probly wont be feeling so good next week, as he'll be missing.
mind you, i might need to scrounge a tab.. we'll see.

youve given the game away. piquet will be onto it like a hawk!!

--- Post edited by toots on 22/10 16:49 ---

captain5 Posted on 22/10 16:48
re: fao janplanner

It's nearly home time anyway, Shaun.

Jump in this bathtub and I'll push you home.

shaun_84 Posted on 22/10 16:49
re: fao janplanner

cheers, caps, I'll go and make sure the fence alongside the river has a 'comedy gap' in it

toots Posted on 22/10 16:55
re: fao janplanner

awww... what an image that conjures up! bless yers.

captain5 Posted on 22/10 16:58
re: fao janplanner

No probs, Nora.

comfortable_shoes Posted on 22/10 16:58
re: fao janplanner

Right, back from the Post Office now, what have I missed?

shaun_84 Posted on 22/10 16:59
re: fao janplanner

tears, laughter, a century threader and an episode of Last of The Summer Wine

comfortable_shoes Posted on 22/10 17:00
re: fao janplanner

Why does everyone seem to have a great time when I'm not around????

toots Posted on 22/10 17:11
re: fao janplanner

they love you comfy.
i was going to let you kill the thread, but it seemed a sad post to end on.
i better do some stuff now that my slave has ended up in the shredder, damn him!

shaun_84 Posted on 22/10 17:14
re: fao janplanner

We got local kid's entertainer Charlie Drake and his Roaming Snake in too. How we laughed when the snake kept on going down Mrs Hackney's blouse and he had to keep retrieving the snake!!

What a little terror that snake was! It's a good job Mr Drake had it on a piece of string!

shaun_84 Posted on 23/10 0:33
re: fao janplanner

I've turned them lights off three times! That cord isn't a toy!! Yes we investigate everytime it's pulled, but please, nice young men such as the captain have to sleep too. Warm milk?

comfortable_shoes Posted on 23/10 8:10
re: fao janplanner

silly shaun_84, its not warm milk, yes its warm and its liquid - but its NOT milk!!!!

You should go on a sniff course with the Local Authority!!

shaun_84 Posted on 23/10 13:13
re: fao janplanner

Hey! Keep that quiet! Our supplier from Souh Cleveland Sperm Bank is 20% cheaper than the local dairy!

shaun_84 Posted on 25/10 11:11
re: fao janplanner

captain, could you do me a favour and go and check up on them? You know residents aren't allowed to sleep in past 11am, and I've not heard any snoring since 9

captain5 Posted on 25/10 11:19
re: fao janplanner

I'll have you know that in a recent MORI poll, conducted using teenage bachelors, 95% of those surveyed, said that toots doesn't snore.

captain5 Posted on 25/10 11:56
re: fao janplanner

Take them down Redcar for a lemon top, will you Shaun??

janplanner Posted on 25/10 12:05
re: fao janplanner

can we? please?

shaun_84 Posted on 25/10 13:00
re: fao janplanner

Yes, but only if you promise there will not be a repeat of the "He's pissed on my ice-cream" fracas at Mr Whippy's again.

janplanner Posted on 25/10 13:12
re: fao janplanner

i have no memory of this incident. are you making it up?

shaun_84 Posted on 25/10 13:14
re: fao janplanner

it's ok, an age thing - you struggle with your short-term memory, after a few years it may find its way into your long-term memory area and it'll all come flooding back.

janplanner Posted on 25/10 13:16
re: fao janplanner

i always behave myself at the seaside. at least i think i do...

shaun_84 Posted on 25/10 13:20
re: fao janplanner

yes, at least you thought you did. Like the time you encouraged toots to tilt the 2p machine in the amusements, to try and 'win' the plastic tray with a fiver in it.

janplanner Posted on 25/10 13:22
re: fao janplanner

actually, i think i do remember that one.

captain5 Posted on 25/10 13:24
re: fao janplanner

Right, I've sorted out lunch for them.

Can we buy a blender??

Mushing up their food manually is very time-consuming.

shaun_84 Posted on 25/10 13:26
re: fao janplanner

you can say that again, maybe we should have more curry nights as they pass through us quicker?

--- Post edited by shaun_84 on 25/10 13:30 ---

janplanner Posted on 25/10 13:33
re: fao janplanner

oh, that's even worse!

captain5 Posted on 25/10 13:35
re: fao janplanner

We are also going to have to try and arrange something else for their holidays next year.

Saga have just been on and apparently, they're too old to go with them, now.

toots Posted on 25/10 13:35
re: fao janplanner

good afternoon, you pair of eejits.

captain5 Posted on 25/10 13:38
re: fao janplanner

Quick Shaun, grab her.

She's been watching that Father Ted DVD and is doing a 'Father Jack', again.

shaun_84 Posted on 25/10 13:39
re: fao janplanner

toots, that's the curtains - we're over here

captain5 Posted on 25/10 13:44
re: fao janplanner

Careful with her, she's armed with a tissue and is going to try and wipe someone's mouth with it.

toots Posted on 25/10 13:46
re: fao janplanner

well... i was going to say 'morning, nob 'eds', but then i realised the time. still going on, i see?

captain5 Posted on 25/10 13:47
re: fao janplanner

Yes, you are.

We don't care about what you did in the war.

shaun_84 Posted on 25/10 13:47
re: fao janplanner

yes, there's life in you yet

shaun_84 Posted on 25/10 13:50
re: fao janplanner

(I think she means the war's still going on, captain.. this time of year can be quite distressing for her with all the fireworks going off)

Sigh... there goes another banger... right everyone back into toots' 'bunker' . Captain, get the Hoover out of the cupboard under the stairs, it dug right into my back during the last 'blackout'...

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toots Posted on 25/10 13:53
re: fao janplanner


shaun_84 Posted on 25/10 17:32
re: fao janplanner

I think the err 'bombing raid' has finished now, Granny Toots. Can we venture out now? There's an overpowering smell of urine in here.

toots Posted on 25/10 17:47
re: fao janplanner

well, its about time you learnt how to use a washing machine. honestly!