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The_Commisar Posted on 24/10 17:45
Rob Nichols is the new Robert Maxwell

Today I bought my last ever FMTTM.

Unfortunately I cannot bring myself to buy a magazine which is showing itself to be supporting the Yes for a regional assembly. This week we had two articles in support of the regional assembly or to describe it more accurately "The geordie parliament".
Rob is quite entitled to support who ever he wants, obviously, after all he did buy FMTTM as a going concerm a few years back.
However given that he is using it somewhat shamelessly to push his political view point, I have the right to not buy it.

Would you also like to explain why you were stood with the pro-Geordie Parliament group in the cleveland centre a few weeks back Rob ? Wearing and FMTTM shirt if I recall correctly ?
Is this part of a Rob wants a job in politics agenda ?

john_b Posted on 24/10 18:38
re: Rob Nichols is the new Robert Maxwell

Oh dear. Do you seriously believe that a "magazine" who set out to lampoon Lenny Pidgely is part of a political agenda ?

20_Briggsy Posted on 24/10 18:41
re: Rob Nichols is the new Robert Maxwell

I believe FMTTM has a bark. Write in and contribute!

boro_j Posted on 24/10 18:47
re: Rob Nichols is the new Robert Maxwell

got to admit i thought it was a bit off too! and should of at least had a page or 2 giving the other side of the argument.. hmm i may reconsider buying too.

Paki_Black Posted on 24/10 18:54
pro-Geordie Parliament ???

It'll benefit all the north east. This is what it'll be here for, if it wins, or should we stick with the outdated methods and extra unecessary bearuocrats?

Would it not be good for Boro if Rob was standing and got elected and boro had a voice in politics?

john_b Posted on 24/10 18:57
re: pro-Geordie Parliament ???

Write to The Spectator too, about Zendens shortcomings as a left-back.

boro_j Posted on 24/10 19:06
re: pro-Geordie Parliament ???

wether it is good or not is neither here nor there its political bias and should have no place in a fanzine.

jax_1 Posted on 24/10 19:28
re: pro-Geordie Parliament ???

Glad someone else feels the same. It rather put me off reading the rest of the articles. It was very biased and it's frightening to think that someone might actually read it and be swayed by it.

john_b Posted on 24/10 19:31
re: pro-Geordie Parliament ???

"Frightening" ?


South_Stand_Steward Posted on 24/10 19:32
re: pro-Geordie Parliament ???

I agree it's like those who were going to vote "Yes" cos Steve Gibson said too. ( I was till I looked at the facts properly.
Football and Politics don't mix!!!

jax_1 Posted on 24/10 19:32
re: pro-Geordie Parliament ???

Lol yeah , might only take one fool to put his X in the wrong box to get a majority in favour of the damn thing.

RavsDad Posted on 24/10 20:09
re: pro-Geordie Parliament ???

A football fanzine is no place for political advert. Whilst various contibutors may have political leanings and even express them, the fanzine should not attempt to be a political vehicle. And if it is mistakenly going to set itself up as one then both (or all) sides of the debate should be heard.

This move may come to be remembered as a mistake. There may well be more than just The Commisar, boro_i and myself who feel the same way.

Craig_boro Posted on 24/10 20:12
re: pro-Geordie Parliament ???

I was dissapointed with todays fanzine aswell.

I buy FMTTM to read Boro(Football) related gear and a bit of Teesside humour. What I don't buy it for is for a poilitical body to turn it into a campaign pamflet that I have to pay for.

Frankies_HairPiece Posted on 24/10 20:18
re: pro-Geordie Parliament ???

Definitely no need

Grrreds Posted on 24/10 20:21
re: pro-Geordie Parliament ???

I agree with those that feel let down by such a political stance in a football fanzine.

It was plain wrong.

thornabyred Posted on 24/10 20:25
re: pro-Geordie Parliament ???

a good reason not to vote in favour,you would be under control of people from up the A19.
disproportional representation,3 regional MPs for the teesside area sa a whole.The rest to come from tyne and wear and northumberland.Thats 22 to 3.

128_x_The_Pain Posted on 24/10 21:21
re: pro-Geordie Parliament ???

I must admit I was a bit surpised by the articles, and it's not what I've come to expect from a fanzine I've bought for the past 12 years. So I just turned the page and read something else.

Regardless of the rights and wrongs, I don't think it's reason to stop buying the thing.

davo44 Posted on 24/10 22:24
re: pro-Geordie Parliament ???

Blimey Commisar it mustve been that czech sparkling we drank in Ostrava cos I was thinking the same as I read FMTTM at half time.
Ive no sweat with political debates but lets havea balance please - at least one article for the Nos

Phil_K Posted on 24/10 22:27
Why was it there Rob?

I thought it was out of order too for a couple of reasons:

1. FMTTM is not atached to any political movement in anyway (i hope) and so in the interests or responcible reporting must therefore present both sides of the argument.

2. If the above is not enough it must also provide mature discussion on the issues and whilst I acept that a regional assemble is designed to give the area a voice I felt that one of the articles was unaceptable in trying to make out that any problems that exist in the north East are a result of London and the south east not giving a dam about the area.

3. Finaly, even if the two above point had been followed then I would have acepted that mature debat on the issue had been conducted, however I dont feel such debate should be conducted in a football fanzine.

I think that Rob needs to explain why such articles appeared in FMTTM today however i dont think useing the above as a base he can justify putting it in there!

Not a good move Rob!

red_rebel Posted on 24/10 22:31
re: Why was it there Rob?

Why doesn't someone write a pro-No article?

Phil_K Posted on 24/10 22:36
re: Why was it there Rob?

they can but it should not appear in FMTTM - its a football mag so to now print the otherside of the debate would redress the balance of the debate but would still be out of place in FMTTM. Two wrongs dont make a right so dont print it!

bobstermarley Posted on 24/10 22:59
re: Why was it there Rob?

Must admit, I thought it was a bit OTT as well, two articles AND a "Smoggie Power" advert.

I was looking for the "no" piece to balance things out as I thought it was some kind of ironic editorial comment. Obviously not.

john_b Posted on 24/10 23:06
re: Why was it there Rob?

Who decided sport and politics don't mix ? People say it often enough, but it makes no sense.

Boro85 Posted on 24/10 23:32
re: Why was it there Rob?

Yup i thought it wasnt needed either. I buy FMTTM for the footy related articles and when i saw the political message i must admit i considered not reading the rest for fear of more bias. Stick to what we're best at and leave the political messages out of it.

ThePrisoner Posted on 24/10 23:32
re: Why was it there Rob?

Surely it's up to the editor to print what he sees fit ? If he loses readers in the process then that is the risk he takes.

I raised an eyebrow when I saw it but I will still buy.

Boro85 Posted on 24/10 23:36
re: Why was it there Rob?

yeah despite not liking the political allegience i will still buy FMTTM regardless.

Nisko Posted on 24/10 23:42
re: Why was it there Rob?

Perhaps if the "no" side is represented in the next fanzine?

Only Rob knows though, I guess.

Frankies_HairPiece Posted on 24/10 23:47
re: Why was it there Rob?

Why would the no side be represented in the next issue when Rob has firmly nailed his colours to the yes mast?

ryallsy Posted on 25/10 0:34
re: Rob Nichols is the new Robert Maxwell

Well as owner and editor of the mag, I guess Rob can put anything in it he likes.

It's a bit of a laugh though isn't it when people start getting uppity about bias in fanzines.

Smoggie Power was an advert, presumably paid for. Maybe the message from Steve Gibson was too (if it was though, it should have said so).

Nearly every week Rob's on here asking for articles and letters for the fanzine. Now's your chance to give it go and try and get an alternative point of view published.

The editorial in FMTTM was commendable in it's publicising 'Kick Out Racism'. Maybe that kind of stuff should be omitted too if you don't happen to share those views? Once upon a time, such views would have been regarded as 'political'.

Anyways, I didn't know Rob was trustee of a pension fund. Does he own a luxury yacht too?

rob_fmttm Posted on 25/10 0:57
re: Rob Nichols is the new Robert Maxwell

Maybe you have a short memory Commisar. Fanzines have always been biased. Biased to Boro and Teesside in the case of Fmttm. Fanzines as a movement were always and still are political. The politics of Boro people, the politics of putting Teesside first and to the fore. Two people wrote in and I printed their articles - I didn't commission them. No one wrote in a "No" letter or article - you had every chance.

Why should I put the other side when I'm so pro-Teesside and want to move Teesside and Boro forward? I don't want the southern Tories to win. I don't want old Labour to keep its stranglehold. I still remember the appalling southern press after Emerson's South American walkabout. I want to have a voice and a platform where we can shout back. I also am sick and tired of the jobs for the boys in the Newcastle and Northumberland dominated North east. Riddled with quangoes and self appointed development agencies. I want to take that Geordie autocracy apart with a slice of north east democracy.
I'm not content to sit back and see us stay in last place for ever. I still actually to believe in the Peoples Republic of Teesside. I happen to believe that an Assembly could give us a platform to launch that banner and actually make our mark, within the north east, UK and Europe.
This is a gift horse for the PRT.

ShoreditchRed Posted on 25/10 1:01
re: Rob Nichols is the new Robert Maxwell

Viva Rob and FMTTM!

20_Briggsy Posted on 25/10 7:23
re: Rob Nichols is the new Robert Maxwell

I think people should give Rob a break!

The knee jerk reactions saying they’ll not buy it again over this are silly IMO. Don’t you have a mind of your own? Turn the page, simple.

Like Rob said, write in if you want with your "no" campaign. I'm sure he'll be more than welcome to air your views.


The_Commisar Posted on 25/10 7:35
re: Rob Nichols is the new Robert Maxwell

Your wrong plain and simple.
It *appears* your using a fanzine for your own personal poltical agenda.
If thats the case, fine, be honest about it.
At this moment in time your being a politician.
Please go get a dictionary and look up the following
and you might want to get hold of a copy of Citizen Kane whilst your at it.

To take your argument apart

"Why should I put the other side when I'm so pro-Teesside and want to move Teesside and Boro forward? I don't want the southern Tories to win. I don't want old Labour to keep its stranglehold. "

The majority of potential winning candidates are Blairs cronies, they have no interest in Teesside other than as a stopping off point for their political career's. If you want to break the political strangle hold vote in your local elections and vote tacticly.

"I still remember the appalling southern press after Emerson's South American walkabout. I want to have a voice and a platform where we can shout back. I also am sick and tired of the jobs for the boys in the Newcastle and Northumberland dominated North east. Riddled with quangoes and self appointed development agencies. I want to take that Geordie autocracy apart with a slice of north east democracy."

Rob re dictionary comments above, go look up naive whilst your at it. It's pure and simple jobs for the boys. It is designed with an in-built bias to Newcastle and Northumberland. Go take a look at One Northeast as an example. If it stood any chance of being anti Blair then we wouldn't have it.

"I'm not content to sit back and see us stay in last place for ever. I still actually to believe in the Peoples Republic of Teesside. I happen to believe that an Assembly could give us a platform to launch that banner and actually make our mark, within the north east, UK and Europe.
This is a gift horse for the PRT."

No it's a gift horse to Blair and his cronies. It will have no serious democratic powers. It cannot employ 1 single teacher, doctor, nurse or policeman. How many milions will it cost ? If you believe in the PRT why are you supporting an idea from Westminster to support a Geordie parliament.

Obviously you could have your own personal political ambitions....if so, tell us.
Post edited to correct spelling

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RavsDad Posted on 25/10 7:45
re: Rob Nichols is the new Robert Maxwell

The original post by The Commisar was not taken as an opportunity to push the opposite political opinion. It questioned whether FMTTM should support a particular political agaenda.

The fact that several posts from keen posters on this board echo the sentiments expressed so that it was an error of judgement. There are always more watchers than posters too so it may yet prove to be a financially damaging act.

As for bias. A football fanzine is always illogically biased, blinkered and committed to one group - the FOOTBALL TEAM it follows. That is what it exists for. Not to be an extra arm of the local Labour (or any other) party.

The fact that none of issues which RN mentions will be addressed by a Regional assembly is beside the point.

jk1311 Posted on 25/10 8:21
re: Rob Nichols is the new Robert Maxwell

It would be interesting for Rob to justify his purpose for using FMTTM as a political wedge, or is he too busy grooming himself for a 5 minute broadcast during TV peak viewing hours???

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ridsdale Posted on 25/10 8:38
re: Rob Nichols is the new Robert Maxwell

I must be the only one who thinks that Rob has made a brave decision.

And it is consistant with his previous words regarding an assembly.

The fact is we are being asked to vote on something we have little
knowledge and information on.

As things stand, with the reginal development agencies and the
Labour MP's based up the road, Teesside is losing out to Newcastle.

I have decided to vote 'yes' after listening to Ray Mallon and
Graham Robb debating on the television yesterday.

Robb is an obnoxious tory who has stood as an MP several times.
Mallon is a passionate advocate for our region. Robb says he
hates the waste of public money this involves. He now runs a
public relations company. He has had no reservations taking
tens of thousands from the public purse to run his negative
campaign against the assembly.

Of course there are people on both sides who we may trust or
not. But basically it seems to be a tory no vs. a left yes.
What I am sure is that the present system leaves Teesside at an
disadvantage. I am willing to give the assembly a chance if it
means Teesside, and the whole North East, a stronger hand against
central government.

Goverment from the capital has done little for the regions over
the years. All the North and Scotland and Wales have lost out.
Now Wales and Scotland have some control, they are starting to
make decisions for the people who elect them.

We should vote yes and give this assembly a chance. There is
nothing else on offer that will give Tesside a better voice.

As for football and politics not mixing, it is the combination
that makes this board the interesting place it is.

And Commisar is as guilty as I off preaching politics on here.

Vote YES.

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boroprogrammes Posted on 25/10 8:47
re: Rob Nichols is the new Robert Maxwell

Bloody hell Ridsdale I thought you we're dead.

Nice to see you back on the board anyroad.


jk1311 Posted on 25/10 8:54
re: Rob Nichols is the new Robert Maxwell

I honestly believe that once again this forum is going into 'waters' it isnt intended for.......
It would be interesting to read footballing debates instead of matters on regionalisation...the only say we in Boro will get is...
'who is getting a new office block and more jobs?Durham or Tyne and Wear??'

Is Boro mentioned there????

BUT...... If they gave Stewy Downing his first cap we should all vote 'YES'....or am i been pedantic?? (lol)

comfortable_shoes Posted on 25/10 9:14
re: Rob Nichols is the new Robert Maxwell

I agree, I saw him yesterday and he is looking a right fat bastarrd!!!

Buddy Posted on 25/10 9:27
re: Rob Nichols is the new Robert Maxwell

It beggars belief that some people think that football-based forums and publications should only be used for football-related discussion.

If you go to a pub, do you only talk about beer? If you go to a gym, do you only talk about fitness equipment?

As I understand it, Rob owns the mag. It's his money and his risk. If he wants to push an editorial viewpoint that's his prerogative (even though, as he says above, he didn't commission the articles). The tone of some of the comments on here sound like "it's our fanzine and we should decide what goes in it", which doesn't work on two levels: (1) it ain't; (2) as has been mentioned, everyone has the chance to submit the contrary view.

I laughed out loud at "Unpleasant Feelings" this week, chuckled contentedly at "Radio Times", endured yet another turgid and tired Donkeywatch (hat-trick today) () and skipped over the regional assembly bits because they don't really affect me.

But a couple of weeks ago Rob's editorial referred to the sale of Juninho in terms unflattering to the club and the management which I strongly disagree with (indeed, Rob and I had a discussion to that effect at Fulham). But that ain't going to stop me buying the thing.

People have different viewpoints. Get used to it.

speckyget Posted on 25/10 9:42
re: Rob Nichols is the new Robert Maxwell

I'd agree that as the proprietor of a mighty organ Rob can publish and be damned - in any case he has worn his heart on his sleeve on this issue ever since the debate started.

But I hope the similarities to Robert Maxwell end there. The thought of a poor old pensioner Fischer eking out a meagre existence on Tesco's 'value' range biscuits and tins off the dented shelf is just too much to bear.

Piquet2 Posted on 25/10 9:50
re: Rob Nichols is the new Robert Maxwell

Is there a difference between this board and the fanzine?

madlad Posted on 25/10 9:51
re: Rob Nichols is the new Robert Maxwell

I personally will vote no as I think it will be a waste of money and detrimental in the long term anyway. I don't think the current system is ideal and in any case,having looked into it this assembly will not have any major power changing ability other than to raise council tax. FACT.
(It'll be more like a junior school assembly than a proper regional one me thinks!)

gibson Posted on 25/10 10:04
re: Rob Nichols is the new Robert Maxwell

I will still buy FMTTM, but have already voted NO to this disgraceful attempt by Prescott to rush this through without a proper debate. The arguments for just don't stand up to scrutiny. It's just another case of kow towing to the EU, as the aim of Prezza is to push through regional assemblies in line with EU policies, so the cash surpluses ( if there are any ! ) can be diverted to poorer regions in the EU. Thats what it's about. Don't be fooled into thinking we will benefit from this, WE WON'T. By the way, I'm not a Tory. Staunch Labour, it's just plain wrong.

flash_harry_boro Posted on 25/10 10:28
re: Rob Nichols is the new Robert Maxwell

FMTTM should never be used for somebody to push their political opinions on to others. FFS its a FOOTBALL Fanzine. If i want to pay money to read about politics then i'll buy an appropriate magazine. I wont be buying it again.

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Buddy Posted on 25/10 10:31
re: Rob Nichols is the new Robert Maxwell

fhb did you read what I wrote about pubs and gyms?

mattrich Posted on 25/10 10:40
re: Rob Nichols is the new Robert Maxwell

why is gibson's opinion so important to people, he won't be allowed to vote on the matter!

Zoophonic Posted on 25/10 10:42
re: Rob Nichols is the new Robert Maxwell

All great magazines, like Private Eye, have people with no sense of proportion, writing in to complain they have cancelled their subscription.

I now bestow upon FMTTM the honour of greatness.

gibson Posted on 25/10 10:47
re: Rob Nichols is the new Robert Maxwell

Rob can publish what he likes, I think people make up their own minds at the end of the day, and I think it will be a massive NO.

ridsdale Posted on 25/10 10:48
re: Rob Nichols is the new Robert Maxwell

The fanzine and this board have always been about Teesside and
our identity as well as football. The club has raised the profile
of this region.

What Rob has done he has done for the right reasons. He is a
passionate Teessider. Although most disagree, Rob believes that an
assembly will empower us. If you don't, vote no. That would seem
to be the result anyway.

It is not a reason to stop buying FMTTM. This is not like the
Sun blaming fans for Hillsborough. You don't stop buying the
newspaper you read because it carries adverts for things you
do not like. You do not stop watching TV because they show a
Newcastle game. You just skip what you do not want.

Rob knew he would get stick, he has before on the assembly.

Whatever you think, remember this, Rob is a 100% Teessider.

Until the revolution, an assembly is all that is on offer.

Lucky_Alf Posted on 25/10 10:52
re: Rob Nichols is the new Robert Maxwell

The vote will be a massive NO on Teesside, yes. But since the larger population is up north, then the overall vote will be yes.

After all, why would they not want to vote yes when they are offered such a disproportionate allocation of seats compared to us?

3 seats out of 25? Our votes in a regional assembly will be pis sing in the wind.

Cogeur_le_Conq Posted on 25/10 10:58
re: Rob Nichols is the new Robert Maxwell

Suzannah Clarke, Ray Mallon and Rob Nichols are traitors to the PRT.

They'll choke on John Hall's knob.

If you are passionate about Teesside then you should organise a demonstration against the reorganising of local governments and boundries.

Get rid of the multi-tiered bureaucracy, blow away the rival councils of Stockton, Middlesbrough and Redcar and recreate a single municiple Borough of Teesside.

Too long have the people of Teesside allowed politicians to carve up our boundries for their own ends whilst the man on the street is forced futher down by another layer of red tape.

A Teessider's voice will grow more faint with a vote for a regional assembly.

We are the PRT, not the Geordie Nation.

I always preferred Borobadge's Ayresome Angel fanzine anyroad and I stopped buying the Sun in 1979 because it supported Thatcherism.

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The_DiasBoro Posted on 25/10 11:40
re: Rob Nichols is the new Robert Maxwell

Perhaps the PRT should canvas some movie stars if there's a 'yes' vote. Richard Gere supports Tibet, doesn't he.

Cogeur_le_Conq Posted on 25/10 12:15
re: Rob Nichols is the new Robert Maxwell

When the Yes's win the PRT will be no more.

ridsdale Posted on 25/10 12:29
re: Rob Nichols is the new Robert Maxwell

Conq, that is a bit romantic twaddlish. The PRT is no more than a
few banners.

The problems we who live and work on Teesside suffer from is a
result of an entrenched labour monopoly on politics.

At general elections, people tend to vote on national issues and
for the best of a bad bunch. Few in the Boro would choose Stuart
Bell as their MP.

Labours stranglehold on Teesside was broken when we voted for
Ray Mallon as mayor.

An elected assembly would give us the same opportunity to choose
the best people for our region regardless of national politics.

Therefore we could pick those who could and would fight for the
region instead of spending their time living in London and
insulated from the realities we suffer.

It sure ain't perfect. But it is better than what little we have.

gibson Posted on 25/10 12:39
re: Rob Nichols is the new Robert Maxwell

Yes campaign=Jam Tomorrow
No campaign=More cash in yer 'sky rocket'

Most of the wassocks promoting the Yes campaign are in it for themselves.

Linny_Boy Posted on 25/10 12:46
re: Rob Nichols is the new Robert Maxwell

I'll still buy FMTTM even though I'm a NO, but I buy it for a bit of a craic, a laugh, a bit of info - not to get an insite into a political viewpoint - maybe a humourous retraction would be in keeping, just a thought.

forza_boro Posted on 25/10 12:54
re: Rob Nichols is the new Robert Maxwell

I bought fly me yesterday but i put it in my back pocket and it mut have fell out/been knicked as i was going through the concourse, so i can't coment on the article but i can comment on the political bias that is what most people are finding so offensive.

Rob what you are doing is disenfranchising your mag to the wider audience by officially admitting that you are publically advocating the yes campaign. I have no problem with you extolling your views in the local media as that is your free will but when you include the only boro fanzine in the YES campaign you are sending out a message that middlebrough fans are behind the yes vote which clearly is not the case.

Imagine if you filled the mag with stories about fox hunting pro or otherwise you get the same response fanzines should be balanced or apolitical.

The message you are sending out to the wider media is that the "official unofficial voice of MFC is backing the regional assembly" which clearly is not the case.

--- Post edited by forza_boro on 25/10 12:57 ---

Buddy Posted on 25/10 12:59
re: Rob Nichols is the new Robert Maxwell

"fanzines should be balanced or apolitical."

Why?? The fanzine movement was originally highly political wasn't it? Why should you apply a higher standard to fanzines than the national print media FFS?

gibson Posted on 25/10 13:00
re: Rob Nichols is the new Robert Maxwell

Well said, Forza. I will still buy it, like I said, but, I was a little dismayed to see the propaganda in FMTTM. However, people will make up their own minds, hopefully.

forza_boro Posted on 25/10 13:01
re: Rob Nichols is the new Robert Maxwell

Ok would you buy it if rob urged everyone to vote tory?

if he was publically backing the conservative party.

This is my point this ia an issue that devides opinion across the whole politcal spectrum, so to be advocating one side will disenfranchise the other and when the views are so polarised this is a risky strategy.

ridsdale Posted on 25/10 13:16
re: Rob Nichols is the new Robert Maxwell

There are tories for an assembly and many labour supporters against.

It need not be divisive along normal party lines.

It is just a matter of whether an assembly would be better than
what we have. Should it happen, we would have a wide variety
of candidates to choose from.

The info on the link might be usefull.

Am I the only one voting yes?

Link: Some info

Linny_Boy Posted on 25/10 13:18
re: Rob Nichols is the new Robert Maxwell

ridsdale, no - rob'll be with ya.

ridsdale Posted on 25/10 13:26
re: Rob Nichols is the new Robert Maxwell

I think an optimistic Briggsy might cast a yes. Thats three.

peako_from_the_boro Posted on 25/10 13:26
re: Rob Nichols is the new Robert Maxwell

Your not the only one Rids, I have voted Yes myself.

I have to laugh at these folk that are against fanzines being political, its why they were all set up in the first place.

Of course if the paper FMTTM became a tory rag, I would cease to buy it, but not shout about the fact. Although to use the "if Rob told you to vote tory" argument is a bit off kilter in this debate as its them Tory gets in London organising the no campaign.

ridsdale Posted on 25/10 13:29
re: Rob Nichols is the new Robert Maxwell


Robbo1986 Posted on 25/10 13:29
re: Rob Nichols is the new Robert Maxwell

The info on this link might be useful too.

Link: The Other Side

ridsdale Posted on 25/10 13:32
re: Rob Nichols is the new Robert Maxwell

There we go. A balanced debate.

Robbo1986 Posted on 25/10 13:37
re: Rob Nichols is the new Robert Maxwell

Rob you said 'Two people wrote in and I printed their articles - I didn't commission them. No one wrote in a "No" letter or article - you had every chance.'

Does this mean that you would print a 'No' article? Or is the 'had' very much in the past tense?

rob_fmttm Posted on 25/10 13:42
re: Rob Nichols is the new Robert Maxwell

This is not party political. I'm not party political myself anymore – highly disillusioned labour to be honest. These articles were written by individuals - one a passionate Teessider who wanted to put a view across - he didn't even tell me which view till I received it. The advert was paid for by the campaign. The Yes Campaign approached me in the first place because they couldn't find a direct contact to PRT - they believed that the PRT aims could be fulfilled through an elected assembly through which we could find our voice and come of age.

The fanzine is a collection of views in this case the advert and articles are appealing to Boro fans. No one contacted me about a NO vote – that would have put me in a moral dilemma. But it didn’t happen.

There is a north east assembly at the moment you know. I didn't realise this till today. It is a talking shop. No one is elected and they help shape policy for our area without anyone having a say and it costs us an awful lot of money.

I’m still sticking up for what I believe – no personal gain whatsoever by the sounds of it quite the reverse. I still believe I’m doing something positive for the Teesside that I passionately love and without being too soft and mushy about it have devoted much of my life to.

Cogeur_le_Conq Posted on 25/10 13:43
re: Rob Nichols is the new Robert Maxwell

"its them Tory gets in London organising the no campaign."

No it's not! Unless you mean Tory Blur.

John Hall is one of the biggest Tories in the country.

It's got nowt to do with the left or the right though I suspect the original No candidate was nobbled by the Yes people and we got Graham Robb instead.

Rio_Verde Posted on 25/10 13:47
re: Rob Nichols is the new Robert Maxwell

Rob: I can hear your thoughts loud and clear, but it is ill advised to arouse your political agenda in what should be a fanfare of football for the common people--i.e. your fanzine. However, whether you the reader likes it or not, the scope for a fanzine comes without boundaries and therefore the topics for discussion may change, and will change depending on the political climate-- if and when it [politics] changes peoples lives in the game, or even out of the game. True enough, politics has deeprooted sentinments, even in the game however, but to proliferate the cause of a grass roots political agenda in a hobbyist publication is quite foolhearty-- perhaps I'm be-littling the publication but it was my understanding that Rob does not consider the publication a fulltime venture? Perhaps, if someone dare send me a copy, I'd [dare] like to read the topic of dicussion, and feel the weight of the argument. Perhaps Rob would be so greatful to post the politically-weighted article on this website?

Fischer Posted on 25/10 13:57
re: Rob Nichols is the new Robert Maxwell

FMTTM is very much a full-time job for Rob.

Robbo1986 Posted on 25/10 14:06
re: Rob Nichols is the new Robert Maxwell

Rob, you didn't answer my questions! Are you willing to publish a 'No' article?

red_rebel Posted on 25/10 14:07
re: Rob Nichols is the new Robert Maxwell

On this notion that potentially divisive political hot potatoes are to be avoided in a fanzine, would people condemn an anti-racist feature and advert on the grounds that it is pushing a personal agenda?

Buddy Posted on 25/10 14:12
re: Rob Nichols is the new Robert Maxwell

I'd condemn it on the basis that it perpetuates the notion that not being racist = shouting about not being racist rebel

rob_fmttm Posted on 25/10 14:14
re: Rob Nichols is the new Robert Maxwell

Sorry Robbo - the next fanzine will be after the election poll closes. I'll be quite honest I was expecting NO letters in the last issue and was really surprised not to receive any and yes I would definitely have printed them. I did appeal for letters again and again on here. As I said above a NO article would have given me a moral dilemna. I probably would have printed it though.
It was interesting that Ray Mallon should wish to appeal to us Boro fans and through the fanzine.
Yes this is very much my full time venture Rio.

littlejimmy Posted on 25/10 14:15
re: Rob Nichols is the new Robert Maxwell

Racism shouldn't be a political issue. Shouldn't, I said.

Linny_Boy Posted on 25/10 14:19
re: Rob Nichols is the new Robert Maxwell

rob - the proud PRT, geordie nation, another layer of govt, 5p a week extra, ruled from Newcastle, Teesside airport, south N'castle, M'bro in N.Yorkshire actually, etc, etc - that's just off the top of my head... It wouldn't have been too difficult to construct an argument for the NO campaign and print a balanced argument for experienced writers no matter what the authors' viewpoint. Most of the public probably feel they are unqualified to write an article and leave it to the more journalistic fmttmers to write in. I know I do as I see the same names in "bark" week after week and feel I would be wasting my time writing in, call it apathy if you like.
I might have missed it, but I think if you'd said "any letters for this week as I'm looking for a debate on the NE assembly and printing a pro YES campaign article in this issue" then you might have got a bit more feed back.
Come on Rob, you've slated me for saying anyone could write some of Vickers stuff in the Gazette, and I know FMTTM is a "fan zine" for the fans, but maybe people feel they'd be wasting time.
Don't get me wrong, I'll cheerfully give you my quid as I have done dozens of times but I think any one sided views in the fanzine should be reserved for football and Teesside issues, and the NE Regional Assembly is far from being a Teesside only issue.

If we were talking about the Middlehaven redevelopment then;
1. It is political
2. It is uniquely relevant to Teesside
3. It has implications for MFC.
This would make a relevant article IMHO even though it relates to local politics. Hope you understand where I'm coming from Rob.

peako_from_the_boro Posted on 25/10 14:19
re: Rob Nichols is the new Robert Maxwell


I got this from the Gazette

"We have discovered that Nesno advisors, like James Frayne, have been drafted in from the right wing think tank the New Frontiers Foundation - with an address in London’s SW1.

Mr. Frayne, who is masterminding the No campaign behind the scenes, is New Frontiers' Director of Research. He was Director of Research for the anti-euro campaign (Business for Sterling, then the ‘no’ campaign, 1999 - 2003) and will be leaving the North East once the referendum process is over.

Even fellow No campaigner Neil Herron has pointed out that the London-based advisors are ignorant of the north east.

He has described NESNO as a ‘recently formed Conservative Party construct’,saying about NESNO: “London Tory boys do not know the North East and this is becoming increasingly evident.”

The key political parties that are anti-assembly are the Tories and UKIP. Looking at the B N P site, they are not too happy about it either.

Both Ken Livingston and Rhodri Morgan, neither of which can be described as New Tory are coming up to offer support for the YES campaign. As such it strikes me as having a lot to do with left vs right, and as for John Hall, well he may finally be correct about one thing.

Boro_Gadgie Posted on 25/10 14:21
re: Rob Nichols is the new Robert Maxwell

Cogeur, Gibson and others, is Steve Gibson a traitor to the PRT and only in it for himself for supporting the Yes campaign?

captain5 Posted on 25/10 14:25
re: Rob Nichols is the new Robert Maxwell

peako - be a bit silly for Livingstone and Morgan to argue against devolved power, talking themselves out of work.

--- Post edited by captain5 on 25/10 14:25 ---

rob_fmttm Posted on 25/10 14:28
re: Rob Nichols is the new Robert Maxwell

Some fair points Linny_Boy. But I didn't know I was going to get 2 articles about the Yes Campaign till the last minute - honestly. I was just going to write an appealing piece. Didn't expect the Ray Mallon, Steve Gibson quotes.
Funnily enough one of the YES articles is from a Teesside bloke who wrote one previous article all about the Middlehaven development and about how he hoped it would be a kick start for Teesside. Not Tees Valley. He hates Tees Valley.

Linny_Boy - I pretty much print every letter I receive, even from Newcastle fans slagging off Boro and the fanzine.
Also - I am firmly anti Tees Valley renaming (no one asked me) renaming of Teesside Airport etc etc that's why I want to be able to elect someone to the Assembly to change this. I tell you what you form an Anti Tees Valley Pro Teesside party and you would walk one of the seats for this area. Absolutely walk it and then you would have the power to change it.

--- Post edited by rob_fmttm on 25/10 14:30 ---

Linny_Boy Posted on 25/10 14:28
re: Rob Nichols is the new Robert Maxwell

red_rebel - I think anti-racism is accepted more as a humanitarian issue than a political one as most people know that racism is wrong and you could print some anti-racism stuff these days without appearing to be part of the "loony" left.

Peako - don't think this is a party political problem, all parties are split on this.

rob_fmttm Posted on 25/10 14:32
re: Rob Nichols is the new Robert Maxwell

Linny - its not party political for Liberals, Labour, Independents but TORY policy is officially against the Assembly. But as an individual Conservative or Labour voter you could vote whichever way.

Linny_Boy Posted on 25/10 14:34
re: Rob Nichols is the new Robert Maxwell

Cheers Rob
Go on, I'll believe you, thousands wouldn't ;-] BTW I didn't mean that you wouldn't print the letters, just that the same people are more motivated to write in and are probably better at it than me - a lazy git I am.
Nice thought about the anti Tees Valley party though.

boro_j Posted on 25/10 14:35
re: Rob Nichols is the new Robert Maxwell

forgive me for being nieve but i thought that fmttm was a football fanzine, i bought it because i wanted to read about my beloved team, what i didnt want was a load of political twaddle rammed down my throat. yes the sun/mirror express etc all have political stances but we all know the stance of that publication and buy accordingly.For those who say its easy to skip thru pages that offend well yes it is but how do you know they offend untill you read them? i wont stop buying fmttm because of this 1 issue but i will if it turns into a political rag. please in future issues do what you do best.. write about the boro and leave politically sensative issues were they belong.. just my 2 cents (euro's/pence)

red_rebel Posted on 25/10 14:35
re: Rob Nichols is the new Robert Maxwell


Yeah I know. I was just stirring it a bit with Forza. And pointing out that sometimes you can raise hot issues without it being seen as a sinister thing and that often Rob would take adverts from some sources that other people would regard as iffy.

rob_fmttm Posted on 25/10 14:39
re: Rob Nichols is the new Robert Maxwell

Fair enough boro_j I hear what you are saying and will think about it.
I would never have done this and actually I didn't write one word of it myself unless I really really believed in it.

But why do people not form a Teesside Party? Vote yes - then form a party you would absolutely walk it at an election.

Buddy Posted on 25/10 14:45
re: Rob Nichols is the new Robert Maxwell

Well if you're going to think about that Rob please also think that there are a lot of people around who realise that there is a world outside football

boro_j Posted on 25/10 14:49
re: Rob Nichols is the new Robert Maxwell

Well if you're going to think about that Rob please also think that there are a lot of people around who realise that there is a world outside football

true and i would gladly pay a pound to read about any other subject i was interested in. as it happens i paid to read A BORO FANZINE!!

peako_from_the_boro Posted on 25/10 14:49
re: Rob Nichols is the new Robert Maxwell

Good point Cappy, and for those that would chose to see it that way it would be nigh on impossible for these two to influence in a positive fashion.

However for those still undecided, I would suggest they are possibly the best people to take advice on what can actually be done and have done in the face of Tory supported opposition from the start.

BossHogg Posted on 25/10 14:56
re: Rob Nichols is the new Robert Maxwell

Boro_Gadgie, has Steve Gibson used the Boro programme to air his political views ?.

Politics is full of people, IMO, who are in it for themselves and not in it for the good of anybody except themselves. I have to agree with the majority on this thread that FMTTM should not be used for political statements, but as editor I suppose that's Robs perogative.

Just for the record, I voted NO, we have too many politicians as it is !!.

--- Post edited by BossHogg on 25/10 14:58 ---

Rio_Verde Posted on 25/10 15:00
re: Rob Nichols is the new Robert Maxwell

There you go Rob, you're suddenly getting all the right communication -- good, bad or indifferent. However, the subject line implies that Rob has suddenly become an overnight media mogul, who rapes and pillages hard working people's pensions-- well that's what Maxwell did right? unproven? I seriously doubt that FMTTM has it in its flight of fancy to go in this direction? We'll wait for the first political sponsorship of the mag-- I'm sure Rob is too!!

Cogeur_le_Conq Posted on 25/10 15:02
re: Rob Nichols is the new Robert Maxwell

You mean he hasn't received any favours from the Yes people already.

Gillandi Posted on 25/10 15:06
re: Rob Nichols is the new Robert Maxwell

I think Rob is forgetting the principles that founded FMTTM. They were never political, they were religious. In August 1989, whilst walking home along Sycamore Road after an intoxicating evening with friends I was contacted by a visitor from another planet. The extra-terrestrial's were about four feet in height, had long dark hair, almond shaped eyes, olive skin and they exuded harmony and humour. They said to me "We were the ones who made all life on earth, you mistook us for gods, we were at the origin of your main religions, now that you are mature enough to understand this we would like to enter official contact through an embassy" and asked me to establish such an embassy in Midlesbrough with a magazine that would to catalyse mankind and enable us to cut out suffering and pain so inherent in the fear ridden old world rought about by the prejudice, greed and ignorance. Considerable advertising revenues had been pledged, a room upstairs at the Albert Park Hotel had been booked, Bruce Rioch uttered his famous and portentious comments about wanting to take Mowbray to the Moon, anything seemed possible but the message got bogged down in a welter of shallow innuendo and
observations about Bernie Slaven's quiff and Trevor Putney's knob.

Understandably, the Extra Terrestials who held the key to our evolution didn't get back to me. They overestimated our maturity butnow a new dawn is rising, we can open our eyes to the reality around us and take action to challenge the corruption and despair with hope and purity, backed by the power of science. Bio and nano-technology can bring food and health to everyone, it can remove the need for human labor and therefore break our slavery towards a monetary system and its lords, no one need belong to another or waste their lives away doing work they don't like. The accent can go on fulfilment and pleasure instead of on duty and survival. But this takes vigilance to see through the illusions of conformity and disillusions of normality, consciousness to act according to the bigger picture, and courage to challenge the old habits passed down unquestioned for generations, so as to bit by bit, paint a new multi-coloured tapestry of humanity, giving people freedom and choice to be themselves and fulfil themselves just for the pure pleasure of being.

Who's up for it?

speckyget Posted on 25/10 15:10
re: Rob Nichols is the new Robert Maxwell

Burn the heretic.

red_rebel Posted on 25/10 15:17
re: Rob Nichols is the new Robert Maxwell

So Gillandi, did you get the name wrong. Should it have been Fly Me FROM the Moon?

ridsdale Posted on 25/10 15:18
re: Rob Nichols is the new Robert Maxwell

Get yourself a turquoise shellsuit Gil.

David Icke awaits you. (In his spaceship).

red_rebel Posted on 25/10 15:19
re: Rob Nichols is the new Robert Maxwell


Oh good, no one beat me to it. You do look a doyle when you pounce on the century only to find swifter poachers have bumped you down to a stupid 104.

--- Post edited by red_rebel on 25/10 15:21 ---

Rio_Verde Posted on 25/10 15:22
re: Rob Nichols is the new Robert Maxwell

Yeah but, Yeah but, I hear no derisory comments from Playboy's readers when political rhetoric enters the rag-- as long as the the main helping is t*ts and as* or in this case football and meat pies [or lack of them] who gives a winkies about what the editor thinks on a certain topic? Okay-- you do, then point your comment to the rag, write in, exhaust all means to show your displeasure, but surely to ignore and not buy is equally just as footlheardy as the article itself.

ridsdale Posted on 25/10 15:29
re: Rob Nichols is the new Robert Maxwell

Right, who is gonna tell Commisar that he who starts a
100 threader celebrates by buying 100 copies of the next
issue of FMTTM?

red_rebel Posted on 25/10 15:31
re: Rob Nichols is the new Robert Maxwell

If you take FMTTM as a whole, this board and the fanzine, I think it is fair to say the 'No' camp have had equal airtime.

Plenty of people have started threads on the subject and both sides have argued their case in a way that was on the whole informed articulate and passionate.

The controversial bit in question has provoked another discussion.

I think overall Fly Me has given this important issue far more coverage than the mainstream media who are supposed to cover these things in depth. That can only be good.

Gillandi Posted on 25/10 15:31
re: Rob Nichols is the new Robert Maxwell

Okay, go back to your spiritually empty lives and prepare for government.

FAO Overlords In Waiting: I tried with these bums. Have mercy on me.

I had that David Icke in the back of my taxi once. Paranoid hypocrite if you ask me. Told me to turn my meter off and I assumed he meant that it was a CIA or Mossad Spy In MY Cab but he just wanted to save a couple of quid like the rest of them.

Scrote Posted on 25/10 15:33
re: Rob Nichols is the new Robert Maxwell

i've not read the fanzine yet (the light in my bedroom has blown and i couldn't be arsed changing it (three weeks ago...))

BUT the point people seem to be missing here (or ignoring) is that rob did not write the articles, or ask for them to be written

to say that its unfair because you couldn't be arsed to write something for the NO campaign sums up for me what most of the people i've spoken to who are voting no are like

they are all full of how it will be geordie run and we get bugger all now so why will things change

the fact that what we have now is pathetic seems to be the argument for keeping it - and that is an absolute nonsense as far as i'm concerened

if we vote YES and nothing changes then what have we lost? NOTHING

if we vote NO then we have lost the chance for change - and i don't want to lose that chance because a lot of people quite simply don't care enough

i accept that some have good reasons for the NO vote but they are few and far between - most people i have spoken to have no reasons other than being insular and small-minded

can any NO voter come up with a solution to our problems? i'd be interested to hear it

Woodymfc Posted on 25/10 15:36
re: pro-Geordie Parliament ???

My vote was NO!
Bad move fmttm Football mag...........Politics ?????

Lucky_Alf Posted on 25/10 15:40
re: Rob Nichols is the new Robert Maxwell

How is a single candidate from Teesside ever going to affect any major decisions when faced with an overwhelming amount of candidates from "north of the river"?

Linny_Boy Posted on 25/10 15:55
re: pro-Geordie Parliament ???

scrote - nah, I can't be arsed.

Oh and as I said earlier, I think some people might have put the NO case forward if they knew the YES bit was going to be in the fanzine

I can't retort as I'm off out now for me tea

--- Post edited by Linny_Boy on 25/10 15:57 ---

rob_fmttm Posted on 25/10 15:57
re: pro-Geordie Parliament ???

Alf - we would have 5 seats and maybe more as it is based on proportional representation.

Gillandi Posted on 25/10 15:59
re: pro-Geordie Parliament ???

Hows about our Teesside delegate getting a high chair and loud haler at meetings to redress his numerical disadvantage?

Scrote Posted on 25/10 16:07
re: pro-Geordie Parliament ???

LB - you have already said that you wouldn't have written anything in for the no campaign - why would anyone else?

the fact is that no one sitting on the no campaign side of the fence felt motivated enough about it to even write a letter never mind an article

and that to me sums up just about everyone i've spoken to wrt them voting no - they just don't care

things are sh¦t but thats the way things are so lets do nothing and accept that that is our place - if it wasn't so depressing it would be laughable

Cogeur_le_Conq Posted on 25/10 16:21
re: pro-Geordie Parliament ???

red_rebel wrote:

"If you take FMTTM as a whole, this board and the fanzine, I think it is fair to say the 'No' camp have had equal airtime."

Amongst the priveledged who own a computer but this excludes your average Joe on the mean streets of Teesside.

Scrote wrote:

"if we vote NO then we have lost the chance for change - and i don't want to lose that chance because a lot of people quite simply don't care enough"

I can't see the No's winning. There's more chance of Al Gore being voted ahead of Bush in the American General Election.

If the regional assembly was thrown out, mebbees the people of Teesside would be motivated to demand one single Teesside-wide municiple council as I stated above.

Incidently, can exiled Teessiders vote by proxy in the way that the fat Thatcher voters did from their ivory towers in Sarth Africa etc?

I feel we have a right because many of us are living in exile due to the financial depression that has affected our spiritual home.

rob_fmttm Posted on 25/10 16:42
re: pro-Geordie Parliament ???

Good point about the proxy vote Conq - I suppose it will be exactly the same rules as the General Election.

shaun_84 Posted on 25/10 16:44
re: pro-Geordie Parliament ???

Aren't opinion polls showing a No vote majority?

Cogeur_le_Conq Posted on 25/10 17:35
re: pro-Geordie Parliament ???

Opinion polls count for nowt.

How could you take a small sample of people that would represent the average North Eastener.

You'd have to contact every 1000th person that appeared in an amalgamation of all the NE districts phonebooks or summink?

Amsterdam_Reds Posted on 25/10 18:06
re: pro-Geordie Parliament ???


Trevor Putney told me to go feck myself after a 3-0 defeat at Ipswich, dosen't get enough airtime these days our Trevor.

The Commisar reminds me of shocked and outraged of middle England who probably is incandescent with anger in front of Points of View every Sunday. I would write to Graham Fordy fella.

I would have thought getting off ones backside and producing a fanzine per home game for nigh on 18 years was enough reason to have full control and power over editorial content.

--- Post edited by Amsterdam_Reds on 25/10 18:08 ---

The_Commisar Posted on 25/10 18:42
foot/mouth removal operation

I was a tad vitriolic about Rob. I apologise for making what many may consider a personal attack on him.
And I'll tell him that when I see him.
I do stand by my decison to become an ex reader.
It's my right as a consumer.

Amsterdam Red
I would rather pull a cheese grater across my bellend than watch points of view.
Mind you, where you are at the moment, some people would pay extra for that service.

jax_1 Posted on 25/10 19:06
re: pro-Geordie Parliament ???

Rob, not all seats are going to be voted for by P.R. only a very small number. We will have only 2 or 3 representatives at the most. So, let's be quite clear about this, Teesside will not have a strong voice on this or any other regional assembly. This information is available to view at the O.D.P.M. website, as is the whole of the draft bill. I suggest that those in favour of an R.A. read it in it's entirity and then tell the rest of us what exactly we will get from having another millstone around our necks.
The trouble with the 'Yes' campaign is that their arguments are based solely on 'might be's', any decision made by an R.A. still has to be ratified in London.
Incidentally, the Liberal party are standing against this issue and haven't the 'Yes ' campaign got any southern supporters?
As far as having a Teesside party goes, yes, I'd be in favour and would help in any way that I could, even stand if necessary I 'spose but I wouldn't vote for anyone who had voted yes for this debacle in the first place.

davo44 Posted on 25/10 19:15
re: pro-Geordie Parliament ???

Interesting post - I posted much earlier and felt that the pro Yes wasa bit OTT but I think Robs taken a lot of flack here.

To say RN,Ray Mallon and Susannah Clarke are traitors to the area is total bâlls as for spelling the end of the PRT - its already dead - it existed for a fleeting month or two around our cup semi.

Actually Rob I'd just tell em all to fck off - if they couldnt be ÄandÄrsed to write in to fmttm then thats there problem - anyway its your mag you print what the F you like mate -

joseph2001 Posted on 25/10 21:07
re: pro-Geordie Parliament ???

must admit to being a bit taken aback when i saw the articles (didnt find either of the articles funny or footie related)

i must agree with a lot of the other posters,i dont buy it to read political rhetoric,please stick to what you do best in the future (publishing an excellent fanzine).
i for one will not stop buying the fanzine because of one (in my opinion) error in judgement.

Sundance_Kid Posted on 25/10 21:38
re: pro-Geordie Parliament ???

I cant believe after years of not giving a rats ass about this area your doing everything you can to appease these t**ts.
Ken Livingston was in Newcastle today with his Labour friends, why was this?
Didn't any of them watch the BBC2 program the other night when they were in Grangetown. Youd have thought they would have wanted to go see their loyal supporters there, who backed them for years. They could have seen with their own eyes how life in Grangetown has benefited under Labour. Its only a ten minute drive from the town centre however it seemed Middlesbrough town centre was the furthest south they were willing to go. Looks my district, Redcar and Cleveland, as vast as it is, didnt merit and visit. Probably because the further south you go the worse it gets.

Nothing will change, why will it. Have the Regional assembly suddenly found some magic way of making business move here because if they manage that they will have solved the problem no one else has since the steel industry vanished.

Id rather spite those Labour gits than appease them yet again in the vain hope they will re-generate the place. We were tricked once with vain promises, are we gullible enough to fall for it again, it seems some are.

However if this Regional assembly does get the go ahead I hope you 'yes' people then keep printing articles to get on their backs to do something with the area.

--- Post edited by Sundance_Kid on 25/10 21:43 ---

old_bloke Posted on 25/10 22:02
re: pro-Geordie Parliament ???

Whats all the fuss about. Theres loads of bits in fmttm that are boring and I dont want to read, same as in the daily papers and other magazines.

Just skim through, read the bits that seem ok and skip the rest. If you find that you skip all of it, then it is the time to stop buying it.

Such a fuss over one poxy page, so as my daughter says to me

"Just chill, Stresshead"

borobadge Posted on 25/10 22:19
re: trojan horses...

the commisar (tory + buying his way to popularity with the flag donations)......

and coggeur le conq (socialist/internationalist living in paris) ...

BOTH say vote No....

and are using robs f.m.t.t.m. web site to tell us so !

some clown writes "football and politics dont mix"...sorry !.. but there have been more political laws past about football over the past 20 years than any other individual topic, subject or issue.

the political parties can only dream of having a meeting every week were 20,000-65,000 people turn up for 90 mins..and pay for the priveledge.....

we shall overcome ?..not if you dont try you wont..

i dont buy the fanzine..but i will now..i'll take the tories copy.............after all my enemies enemy is my friend.

Scrote Posted on 25/10 22:28
re: pro-Geordie Parliament ???

"buying his way to popularity with the flag donations"

i'm sure he will be on to defend himself at some point but can i just say that that is a cheap shot and makes you look like an absolute nob

if it weren't for the generosity of the commisar and the time and effort of people like standards and MN4 the stadium would be bare

on another thread we found out that an anonymous £30 donation for a t-shirt came from The_Lizards_Jumpers - does that make all his political viewpoints invalid as well??

hundreds of people have donated what they can to banners and it has never been with a view to getting anything back whether personally or poitically as far as i'm aware

shame on you borobadge

--- Post edited by Scrote on 25/10 22:29 ---

bodmass Posted on 25/10 22:33
re: pro-Geordie Parliament ???

Rob I always had you down as an intelligent bloke. I can't believe you wrote that pile of crap in your first post. Who the hell is feeding you these lines?

If Labour want to devolve power back to local levels then why don't they strengthen or reorganise local councils. If they want to help Teesside have a more powerful voice, then they could hold a different referendum. How about a vote on amalgamating our local councils and having a single 'Teesside Assembly'. Why would Labour not do this instead of lumping us in with the Geordie's ?

The answer (as I've said before) is it's not about helping Teesside or the North east. It's about giving each European Parliamentary Region it's own assembly, which will ultimately be controlled from Brussels. We are in the North East European Parliamentary Region hence they want to give us a North East Regional Assembly.

This process started when Labour came to power. Scotland, Wales, N Ireland and London already have Assemblies.

But now comes the difficult bit - splitting England up into regions.

Still Labour reckon the North East is a good place to start. They think the people here are daft enough to fall for a mix of wild promises of prosperity, appeals to the notion of 'regional pride' and 2nd rate local Celebes telling them to do so.

But these Assemblies will not give the regions independence as every decision will have to be ratified by Westminster. And once every region in Britain has an assembly then control over them will be transferred from Westminster to Brussels.

At that point Westminster becomes irrelevant and Britain will cease to be an independent country.

Of course Labour won't come out and admit this because it's not their style, they prefer to operate by deception or as they call it 'spin'.

Rob you are getting used.

MatrixUK Posted on 25/10 22:38
re: pro-Geordie Parliament ???

borobadge - you have around 2 hours to edit a message. As Scrote says, what have his flag donations got to do with anything!!!!!!!!!

You've just made yourself look a prize with that statement

borobadge Posted on 25/10 23:06
re: pro-Geordie Parliament ???

prize t-wat and a nob..politics sure is a dirty game these days....

i'm happy with my assessment..

the_lodger Posted on 25/10 23:09
re: pro-Geordie Parliament ???


You should be ashamed of yourself.

borobadge Posted on 25/10 23:13
re: pro-Geordie Parliament ???

but i'm not....

bodmass Posted on 25/10 23:35
re: pro-Geordie Parliament ???

borobadge you are one of the reasons why Labour decided to have the first English Referendum in this region.

Labour know most people are against the EU and would not vote against an assembly if they came clean about it.

But this is their strongest area of support and the Tories weakest. And that is one card they can play when people pick holes in their argument about how wonderful this Assembly will be.

They would prefer people not to look at the details of the proposal. You know little things like cost, proposed power (or lack of), tax increases, etc.

They would prefer to turn this into a juvenile us v Tories battle. Hoping that some people will vote along party lines without bothering to learn more about what this assembly is really about.

The_Commisar Posted on 26/10 7:28
FAO Borobadge

Another pop at me for no good reason ?
Silly boy

iggy_pop_barker Posted on 26/10 11:21
re: pro-Geordie Parliament ???

Re. the question about proxy voting. I am at university and am rarely back home except for going to matches. I can and have voted.

Sean_Eton Posted on 26/10 11:35
re: pro-Geordie Parliament ???

I'm just a guy who can't say no