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rob_fmttm Posted on 26/10 20:36
Say Goodbye Bullhat

You are no longer welcome here. You are neither a Boro fan or nor a true football fan.
Come back when you've grown up.

20_Briggsy Posted on 26/10 20:36
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

Well done Rob.

foomanboro Posted on 26/10 20:41
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

Yep a very well deserved ban! good work.

thehump Posted on 26/10 20:42
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

Bye Bye Bye Bye
Bye Bye Bye Bye

(to tune of Big Ben)

BroughtonLad Posted on 26/10 20:44
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

Big Ben ?
How does that one go ?

libardi Posted on 26/10 20:45
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

is he banned on the strength of his silly Mendieta comments or has he got 'previous'?

toots Posted on 26/10 20:46
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

he's a bad dog, baby, and they dont want him around.

twoshots Posted on 26/10 20:47
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

quote - "I'm glad he's injured. I also hope he's out for the rest of the season, because:

A) He's not fit to wear a Boro shirt.
B) He's slow.
C) He's lazy.
D) He doesn't score any goals.
E) It'll mean James Morrison will get a good run."

not rocket science is it - well done Rob!!

dooderooni Posted on 26/10 20:48
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

I'm not in favour of carte blanche censorship because it's important to hear all sides of an arguement, but in this case a ban is justifiable simply because there is no arguement. The views expressed were vile and posted without any form of intelligence behind them.

rob_fmttm Posted on 26/10 20:51
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

The Mendieta was the final straw - he has been banned twice before and I ought to have banned him yesterday for comments he deposited on the Pompey site of a nature that I'd already stated were possibly libellous.
But the Mendieta post is just so so utterly stupid.

Chutney Posted on 26/10 20:52
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

But is there anything in that contravening Rivals' rules on acceptable use?

If being stupid was enough for a ban it'd be pretty quiet around here.

speckyget Posted on 26/10 20:57
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

Hmmm...the recourse of the profoundly stupid in trying to brazen it out.

A hint of contrition, a 'sorry lads I let my opinions and strong feelings on the subject take me down an unacceptable road', a week or two in the weeds and it could have blown over.

But no, comes back as BillyBigBalls with his puerile 'so sue me' counterfeit nonchalance. Mam and Dad must be so proud.

Don't come back.

GrumpyOldGit Posted on 26/10 21:00
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

I'm never usually in favour of censorship, but to wish injury on one of your own players is disgraceful. There's obviously a bit of previous here, too.

Well done Rob.

davo44 Posted on 26/10 21:34
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

A cyber lynching - cool

littlejimmy Posted on 26/10 21:36
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

Fully deserved. I remember reading this guy on TOTT saying that he hoped Alan Shearer would die.

borobuddah Posted on 26/10 21:40
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat


Fair play to yer Rob.

John_Hickton Posted on 26/10 22:08
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

A couple of weeks ago this guy was using unbelievable vulgar langauge towards women in general.

I find it astounding that he wasn't banned then and yet he's now banned for making nefarious comments concerning Mendi, which I do not condone.

Give them an inch and they'll take a mile.

number_10 Posted on 26/10 22:19
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

We can see you sneaking out

toots Posted on 26/10 22:26
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

dont be daft! you dont get banned for being gross about women. thats the done thing.

littlejimmy Posted on 26/10 22:29
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

You love it really. Treat 'em mean, keep 'em at arms length.

The_GOAT Posted on 26/10 22:35
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

Will his parents be banned now, also?

toots Posted on 26/10 22:35
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat


John_Hickton Posted on 26/10 23:01
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

Kiss me quick toots

The_GOAT Posted on 26/10 23:02
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

Will his Dad ever be allowed back on?

wogga Posted on 26/10 23:05
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

Dont know of bullhats past but I think banning him for this is petty. His comments may be idiotic but its his opinion, you hear worse at each home game.

The_GOAT Posted on 26/10 23:10
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

You hear some weird things at matches. It's either about black men or it's worse than wishing someone to be out for the season - do you sit in the away end?

Coleraine_boro Posted on 26/10 23:12
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

i really was gobsmacked when i seen the comments posted yesterday about mendi from bullhat.a big no need for those comments.i'm gutted that mendi will be out for the should hang your head in shame bullhat.ridiculous comments.well done to admin for getting rid of bad rubbish.

wogga Posted on 26/10 23:17
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

only at away games

Piquet2 Posted on 27/10 0:06
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

He's been banned before under the name Mark_ Itstall as well, for very racist comments.

billyboro Posted on 27/10 0:14
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

Anti semitism is OK though.

grantus Posted on 27/10 8:46
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

Agree that if this is done on the basis of previous abusive/insulting behaviour, but the comments about Mendieta dont justify a ban. So they were contraversial, so what? So the vast majority if not all dont agree, so what? Ive heard plenty of people wish Mendieta leave the club only a month ago. Ive also heard plenty of people wish injuries upon a player in the past. So this guy put them into a public forum, others made their opinions heard in their responses and he got his.

Would he have been barred if Mendi wasn't out for the season? Probably not.

--- Post edited by grantus on 27/10 8:47 ---

Piquet2 Posted on 27/10 9:00
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

It was the anti-semetic stuff I was refering to Billyboro.

mattrich Posted on 27/10 11:15
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

if he has been banned before he has served his punishment for his crimes, if he has been banned for his comments on mendi this is harsh, and his comments on the pompey board are surely something for their administrators to deal with not FMTTM's!

RAZMOND_HWDR Posted on 27/10 11:21
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

This seems a bit harsh!!

You say a bad word about the god that is Mendi and look what happens.

Piquet2 Posted on 27/10 11:22
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

He was warned by email about his conduct, on this and other Rivals boards, it's difficult in some way as I'm not sure who is posting as Bob_Bullhat, as we've had emails from people claiming to be his parents pleading for him to be unbanned, because they post as well from the same machine apparently? So Rob relented, with the proviso that he was on his final warning, how many final warnings does someone need?

RAZMOND_HWDR Posted on 27/10 11:30
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

'A) He's not fit to wear a Boro shirt.
B) He's slow.
C) He's lazy.
D) He doesn't score any goals.
E) It'll mean James Morrison will get a good run'

ABCDE were the final straw then?

rob_fmttm Posted on 27/10 11:35
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

RAZMOND_HWDR - get a brain.

boroboy75 Posted on 27/10 11:36
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

I hope his parents ground him, withdraw his computer privileges, and stop his pocket money.

mattrich Posted on 27/10 11:37
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

does this mean we are not allowed to write negative comments about current players?

Piquet2 Posted on 27/10 11:38
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

No, but your not allowed to make racist comments involving Jews and bombs.

RAZMOND_HWDR Posted on 27/10 11:42
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

did that happen on this board?

Piquet2 Posted on 27/10 11:43
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat


grantus Posted on 27/10 11:45
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

Fair anough then, when was that? The little som bitch!!

Craig_boro Posted on 27/10 11:47
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

Rich10 again?

Paulinho Posted on 27/10 11:49
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

I must be missing something here, can someone explain to me why censorship is good?

Piquet2 Posted on 27/10 11:51
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

What has been censored?

Kilburn Posted on 27/10 11:58
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat


Censorship is good when, and only when, it's used to prevent people writing stuff that's maliciously intended to hurt, offend and upset others.

gibson Posted on 27/10 12:05
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

I'm glad he's banned because :
A. Wrong to wish injury on any player.
B. Comments A-D were just plain wrong, not even up for debate.

Paulinho Posted on 27/10 15:36
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

Can you honestly say you've been offended by something someone has written for more than say, two and half minutes?

Who are these people who get 'offended'.

I'm always quite distrustful of them.

Can I say that I think it's wrong for anyone to be censored.

I don't agree with what he allegedly said, but I think he's got the right to say it, even if he's using Socratic method.

There. That's been needling me all day.

toots Posted on 27/10 15:40
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

the usual storm in a tea cup. delicate sensibilities abound.

London_Boro Posted on 27/10 15:46
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

What's the score when you're banned anyway? can you not come back and re-register using a different username and email address or does it have something to do with this IP address thingy??

RAZMOND_HWDR Posted on 27/10 15:48
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

is it like losing a life line?

foomanboro Posted on 27/10 15:52
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

Paulinho - You are distrustful of people who think it is wrong that someone should wish harm on one of our players?

I think i would be more distrusful of the so-called fan who said he HOPED that our player was injured seriously.

Kilburn Posted on 27/10 15:58
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat


I have, rarely, been offended by stuff written on here.

But I agree, people have the right to say what they believe.

Thing is, often it's the case that people write inflammatory statements, not becuase they are "standing up for their beliefs", but merely because they have a nasty edge to them and enjoy trying to upset people.

They feel safe being abusive in a way that they wouldn't have the bottle to be face-to-face.

I don't see why this forum shouldn't work along the same lines as any other friendly social gathering, where that kind of behaviour doesn't have to just be put up with.

Reckre Posted on 27/10 16:06
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

"If being stupid was enough for a ban it'd be pretty quiet around here."


Seems to me he the 'final straw' was him expressing a different opinion, albeit an idiotic one.

Kilburn Posted on 27/10 16:13
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

Depends on the "different opinion" surely Reckre?

He wished a serious, career-threatening injury on one of our players. Yes, that's certainly a "different opinion" to the majority who hoped it wasn't serious.

When, if ever does a "different opinion" go beyond the realms of acceptability? Never?

RAZMOND_HWDR Posted on 27/10 16:15
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

if you do not allow a complete different opinion the board will become 1-dimensional.

Reckre Posted on 27/10 16:16
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

Of course not. But in this instant, I actually don't think it was anything more than idiotic, and not worth banning for.

That said, I don't know what has gone on before hand, and I'm not even sure it should matter in this case.

Piquet2 Posted on 27/10 16:22
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

Can I just point out that we do not ban people for their opinions, and we do not delete peoples opinions. Our guidelines are here...
(a) publish, post, upload, distribute, disseminate or otherwise transmit, information or pictures that are obscene or pornographic, threatening, menacing, racist, offensive, defamatory, libellous, or are alleged to be.

It's amazing the times we have deleted stuff that has been libellous, defamatory, racist etc, and that is the only time we delete, that the perpetrators have come back squealing 'Freedom of Speech' or 'Censorship', some people need to find out the real meaning of the phrases.

--- Post edited by Piquet2 on 27/10 16:28 ---

Paulinho Posted on 27/10 17:05
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

Censorship (according to the Hyperdictionary on t'internet)

[n] deleting parts of publications or correspondence or theatrical performances

Looks like some folk better find the real meaning of the phrase real meaning.

Look, just admit it. You didn't like what he said so you banned him. I have no axe to grind I just wish fox hunters would way they love blood lust. Don't dress it up. Tell it how it is.

And while I've got half a head of steam. Doesn't this seem a strange set of guidelines.

publish, post, upload, distribute, disseminate or otherwise transmit, information or pictures that are obscene or pornographic, threatening, menacing, racist, offensive, defamatory, libellous, or are alleged to be.

Doesn't offensive more or less cover everything? I mean, the rest are pretty sujective anyway, no?

Kilburn Posted on 27/10 17:19
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

I think the rest are included to elucidate the meaning of 'offensive', in order to avoid having to explain every time the rules are invoked.

foomanboro Posted on 27/10 17:19
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

Paulinho, I understand and partly agree with what your saying about the subjectivity of the guidlines but bob_bullhats comments were clearly in the "menacing" bracket of the guidlines and therefore was rightly banned.

The hypocrites are those that use "freedom of speech" and "censorship" as excuses to say irreponsible and inflammatory remarks.

ericpaylor Posted on 27/10 17:39
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

I remember when some people wished zeige the worst when he had that bad leg injury, but heard no noise about getting them banned!

Paulinho Posted on 27/10 17:43
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

Look, I don't post very often but I can't see what harm he was doing.

Am I right in saying he was banned for saying Mendieta should get injured because he didn't want him to play? IS THAT IT?

Come on lads and lasses, we're all grown ups. I wouldn't wish any player injury, but finding it offensive is a bit much.

If that was it, I'm starting to see why football managers and players speak in platitudes.

Oh well, Come on Boro (If there are any supporters of any other clubs reading that last remark I was not being menacing. or offensive.)

Nedkat Posted on 27/10 17:56
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

Apparently he's been a naughty boy before the "hope he's injured" post, something about some racist comments. I sounds like Bullhat wore down his welcome, and those rules are pretty clear. If you break them, be prepared to suffer the consequences of your own actions. If there was no rules in place, this board may well detiorate into something not worth reading.

rob_fmttm Posted on 27/10 17:56
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

He had been banned a couple of times before for being racist - extremely in one case. He had been warned several times for one thing and another. He posted an extremely libellous post on the Pompey site, had previously posted very provactive posts on the Hartlepool site. Just a couple of weeks ago in fact. We only let him back on here so his dad could post.

He's probably just a daft lad but why should the rest of us have to put up with it?

The_GOAT Posted on 27/10 18:03
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

Regardless of whether it was censorship or not - why would you even want to associate with characters like him?

ericpaylor Posted on 27/10 18:05
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

he's probably a lonely 30 or 40something, who cant get a girlfriend and it's his only way of getting noticed.

The_GOAT Posted on 27/10 18:07
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

What makes you think that? Because he 'wants to have more enemies than friends' on here?

John_Hickton Posted on 27/10 18:12
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

If he wants to offend people he'll just repost from an internet café.

boroprogrammes Posted on 27/10 18:13
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

Free speech?

Not anymore. Not on here anyway?

Fcuking loonies.

The_GOAT Posted on 27/10 18:14
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

If there were no restrictions on free speech then no doubt you'd be talking necro again.

We have limits in place to stop sick people, like yourself, from infecting peoples minds.

Nedkat Posted on 27/10 18:23
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

Come on Rich man !! You must be able to see and understand the difference between free speech and downright rudeness ..? I don't want to read racist comments, or opinions on how this bloke would like to see someone injured, and I consider myself to be less PC than most. If you want the board full of sexual references and insults, then you go ahead with your "free speech" crap !!

Gillandi Posted on 27/10 18:30
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

"Free speech?
Not anymore. Not on here anyway?
Fcuking loonies."


Nedkat Posted on 27/10 18:31
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

Am I inside an old Spike Milligan sketch ???

foomanboro Posted on 27/10 19:05
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

Rich i noticed you couldn't keep your vow of silence. You didn't even last a day.

You need attention like a drug.

Paulinho Posted on 27/10 19:13
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

that's another one i've never got, calling people 'sick' as a method of condemnation. i thought sick people needed compassion. weird.

forza_boro_in_sane Posted on 27/10 19:13
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

In that case you would have to ban every poster on
TOTT for what they wish on Dyer

The_GOAT Posted on 27/10 19:16
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

Do you have comnpassion for terrorists?

foomanboro Posted on 27/10 19:16
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

There is a difference between calling someone metophorically "sick in the head" for something they said and someone literally being "sick in the head".

i.e. it's ok to show compassion only for the latter.

--- Post edited by foomanboro on 27/10 19:20 ---

toots Posted on 27/10 19:20
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

thing is, these bannings are often subjective. if different people had the power of banning for a day... etc. for example, people are saying 'why should we have to put up with such n such bla bla bla'. but i mean... look at that post on the chat up lines thing. is that unpleasant, or what?? i guess it depends who is reading it. personally id never ban anyone. i like to know who im dealing with.

The_GOAT Posted on 27/10 19:22
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

Why not just ban them, then you wouldn't have to deal with them.

foomanboro Posted on 27/10 19:23
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

To be honest the chat-up line thread is not as offensive because it is not a personal attack on anyone. not even women.

--- Post edited by foomanboro on 27/10 19:23 ---

toots Posted on 27/10 19:26
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

no, i like to know whats going on, not pretend it doesnt exist.

see, thats your opinion. my opinion on bullhat is that its not offensive cos its just some daft kid being a daft kid.

and i dont think it warrants all this fuss. all it deserves is a simple 'behave yerself, you daft kid'

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foomanboro Posted on 27/10 19:35
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

toots i am not pretending this stuff doesn't exist, but by the same means i also think it's right that bullhat should know that the vast mojority of people think his rhetoric is unacceptable.

I estimate that at least 50% of this board were offended by his statement. Surely if you offend that many people purposefully, then you deserve to get banned.

foomanboro Posted on 27/10 19:37
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

"all it deserves is a simple 'behave yerself, you daft kid'"

Yeah that would have worked a charm toots. That would have put him in his place.

toots Posted on 27/10 19:38
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

well... at least bullhat's making some kind of point, ludicrous tho it may be. the other post is just pointless and childish. best way to deal with bullhat is to ignore it. i bet he loves all this stir. bet he'd say eff off on a chat show, just cos he could.

smalltime Posted on 27/10 19:40
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

Seems to have got to people a tad this. I must admit I am not offended, He is just an idiot talking sh ite, its rubbish so don't reply to it, just move on. Giving people response to nonsense just falls in to the trap

foomanboro Posted on 27/10 19:42
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

Well if your saying that you should ignore comments he made about mendi or his previous racist remarks.

Then i think your the one who is pretending these type of people don't exist. Banning him sent a clear message and hopefully got him bolloked by his folks.

Posted on 27/10 19:44
<no subject>

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mattrich Posted on 27/10 19:46
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

for godsake don't slag any players off and tell people you are voting for a regional assmbly!

The_GOAT Posted on 27/10 19:50
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

There's a difference between slagging someone off and hoping they're out for the season. If I didn't like you I would tell you, but I wouldn't say I hope you have a car crash on your way home and are hospitalised for 9 months as a result.

mattrich Posted on 27/10 19:53
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

even if you did i would be insulted but i couldn't take any further legal action could i, i would think you are being pathetic and leave it at that.

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LORD_DAVID_OF_BORO Posted on 27/10 19:56
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

I agree with toots: his past behaviour was accepted otherwise he would not have been allowed back.
Thus banning him for his Mendieta thread smacks of bully boy tatics to me; I can understand his sentiments; there have been times when I have been quite happy that certain boro players have been afforded a rest through injury in the past; i.E Curtis Fleming.

I rate Fleming as an honest and hard working pro but at the time I thought Stockdale was a better playe so when he Fleming was injured for a few weeks I was not unhappy about it.

RobbieProsinecki Posted on 27/10 19:57
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

Anyone remember Michael Ricketts? Remember the abuse he got from FMTTM, both paper and online version? I don't remember such solidarity towards a Boro player then. I also don't remember any bans.

The_GOAT Posted on 27/10 20:01
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

Did you just compare Mendieta with Ricketts....??

Reckre Posted on 27/10 20:07
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

It doesn't appear to me that he wished an injury upon Mendieta, he just said he was glad about it as he obviously doesn't rate him as a player.

RobbieProsinecki Posted on 27/10 20:11
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

So it depends on how good a player it is you've abused to decide whether you are banned or not?

The_GOAT Posted on 27/10 20:14
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

Don't recall anyone on here saying they hope Ricketts would be out for the season. Can you?

How can he be glad about an injury he was unaware of? He said @I hope he's out for the season'. Not 'Im glad'.

Totality Posted on 27/10 20:15
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat


Gaizka10 Posted on 27/10 20:16
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat


Gaizka10 Posted on 27/10 20:16
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat


Totality Posted on 27/10 20:16
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat


Reckre Posted on 27/10 20:19
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

twoshots Posted on 26/10 20:47 Email this Message | Reply
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

quote - "I'm glad he's injured. I also hope he's out for the rest of the season, because:

A) He's not fit to wear a Boro shirt.
B) He's slow.
C) He's lazy.
D) He doesn't score any goals.
E) It'll mean James Morrison will get a good run."

As idiotic as it is, I don't think it warrants a ban.

Anyhows, I'm off to watch Property Ladder.

--- Post edited by Reckre on 27/10 20:20 ---

mattrich Posted on 27/10 20:19
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

are we feeling the grip of MFC slowly tighten round our necks as they make their prescence felt on the fans board?

Plazmuh Posted on 27/10 20:33
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

In the late 70,s I was on board an
official Supporters Bus going to an away game.
On the return jouney the coach stopped at a service
station. The services on the Boro Coach side was closed
but the one across the Motorway was open, The whole
busload ran across the dual carriageway to get food
and stuff. Included in the runners was a disabled
supporter. Even though the organisor was aware of
all the offenders GUESS WHO got the ban.
True story Iwas banned forever

crispin_likinbottam Posted on 27/10 22:22
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

Pathetic storm-in-teacup-stuff. This board is turning rather poo. I've seen far more offensive posts on here, (in my eyes) than Bullshats. Pathetic.

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toots Posted on 27/10 22:23
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

another example: ive just been called a nazi. is that offensive? is it abusive? does that contravene rivals rules? see how silly you all are??

rob_fmttm Posted on 27/10 22:39
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

How many warnings are you supposed to give someone?
Basically I have a responsibility on here - and don't regret for one single moment banning Bullhat - 100% his own fault.

toots Posted on 27/10 22:41
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

but you agree that its fine for me to be called a nazi, and therefore its nowt to do with rivals rules, but more that you dont want it to fall back on you?

The_GOAT Posted on 27/10 23:04
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

As you have actually admitted sympathising with them at one point, I am not making accusations.

toots Posted on 27/10 23:06
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

shut up, yer daft no nowt kid!

i just hate agendas. theres no honesty about, it makes for such a grim world, it really does.

--- Post edited by toots on 27/10 23:07 ---

20_Briggsy Posted on 27/10 23:07
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

I agree with Rob in banning Bullhat.

libardi Posted on 27/10 23:11
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

rather than some sinister Boro Vichy regime inspired banning, I'm sure it was simply a case of 'the straw that broke the camel's donkey' for Rob

It's goodnight from me

and it's goodnight from bullhat


*closing music, big specs floating on screen*

The_GOAT Posted on 27/10 23:11
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

I don't see any denying...

toots Posted on 27/10 23:14
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

im not going to waste my time denying stupid drivel like that. its abusive, defamatory, and whatever else it says in the rules... rob says he has a responsibility... to whom exactly? even if you ask for help, its not given, as shown in the past. just a simple point, but i think a fair one. anyway... its amusing at the very least to see how things work.

The_GOAT Posted on 27/10 23:15
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

Would you like me to remove it?

toots Posted on 27/10 23:17
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

its up to you. you are your own master and responsible to yourself.

The_GOAT Posted on 27/10 23:19
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

So to answer the question....

toots Posted on 27/10 23:21
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

i dont care one way or the other. just making a point. gotta go to sleep now. nighty night.

rob_fmttm Posted on 27/10 23:23
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

Toots - what do you want me to say? I thought you two were mates - tell him to edit. No one is going to take a claim like that seriously.
You'd better edit it Goat.
Was away from computer for half an hour by the way.

The_GOAT Posted on 27/10 23:24
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

Why raise the point then? It was a statement, not an accusation so bringing it up was nothing more than a covert attempt to play it off.

toots Posted on 27/10 23:26
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

they might. all sorts of people read it, some take stuff seriously, some dont. i didnt take the bullhat thing seriously, but many did. there's all sorts about.
robert, you're a nazi.

and i really think you should warn him not to continue on that line. it actually is offensive.

--- Post edited by toots on 27/10 23:28 ---

The_GOAT Posted on 27/10 23:26
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

And I can't now so if it is to be removed it will have to be deleted.

rob_fmttm Posted on 27/10 23:28
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

Tell you what I fancy removing this whole goddam thread. It's doing my head in. Going round in circles. But I best not I suppose.
I'll do some suppressing of posts then.

toots Posted on 27/10 23:32
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

ok... i give up. not possible for you to comprehend, i dont think.

The_GOAT Posted on 27/10 23:34
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

It's no more offensive than when you said my mam and dad wanted to disown me and didn't care about me.

If I was suicidal that may have pushed me over the edge. Luckily, I managed to remain strong.

toots Posted on 27/10 23:39
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

you fool.
but sometimes i despair of people. but then there's other people who restore my faith. its all swings and roundabouts.

The_GOAT Posted on 27/10 23:49
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

See, it's not so one sided. A constant stream of abuse is all I get from her.

OverTheTopAussie Posted on 28/10 5:51
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

I don't want to read child abuse, racial vilification, threats of violence, severe volumes of swearing, etc.
Therefore someone has to be the arbiter and its a fine line that you have to tread.
You are more lenient than I prefer, but I accept where you have set the limits.
Sounds to me like you gave this guy chance after chance and warned him too. If he can't follow the rules even when warned then thats his problem.

Rob, job well done.

Buddy Posted on 28/10 6:10
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat



toots Posted on 28/10 6:24
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

ok ok keep yer hair on!!
i cant be bothered really.. if people want to be idiots thats their problem. who cares?? i just wish some people could see certain things, but they never will.

NewWhiteVanMan Posted on 28/10 7:59
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

Now that Buddy has shouted we all know what should happen.

Is this the end of it?

After all Buddy thinks his opinion is all that matters on most matters.

grantus Posted on 28/10 8:22
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

The Mendieta post wasn't offensive for me and for those that it was, i despair for you living life on the outside of your front door.

If he had previous, then you could almost expect him to make some other comments that would be a justifiable ban. This is not it.

If you were that concerned about him, he should have either not been allowed back or should have been banned before this.

The Mendieta comments are nothing. I refere to Kieren Dyer, Curtis Flemming, muslims, etc. Double standards abound on this board, fact.

Piquet2 Posted on 28/10 9:29
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

I think people are finding this a little hard to grasp, he wasn't banned for his Mendi comments, if they were considered offensive they would have been deleted, has it been deleted? No. He was banned if you like, if I can use a metaphor, for persistent fouling. Personally I wouldn't have unbanned him, and I think Rob regrets doing so now, but he did it at a request from his 'parents', I have my doubts that it was his parents but that is another thing.

Kilburn Posted on 28/10 9:37
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

Blimey, this thread's still rumbling on!

Seems to me like the best evidence for Rob having got the balance right is the split of opinion on this thread as to whether Rob was lenient enough or not.

If there was an overwhelming majority one way or another, then you could conclude he was probably being either too harsh, or too soft. Reading the above, it seems that neither is the case.

Totality Posted on 28/10 9:44
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

Calm down, dears. It's only the internet.

Feel sorry for Rob - I have the same problem on my forums. The fallout from Arsenal/Man Utd last weekend was shocking.

*wonders where all the Boro fans are at his forums*

Link: Sign Up!

grantus Posted on 28/10 10:44
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

Its a tough job Rob, being a referee. I wouldn't wish it on anyone. You could do with some sort of video replay system. That would sort it out.

boroprogrammes Posted on 28/10 11:12
Still bickering eh!!

It seems that FMTTM makes the rules up as they go along.

Come on Comrade Nichols sort it out kid.

Piquet2 Posted on 28/10 11:13
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

...and why is that Rich?

boroprogrammes Posted on 28/10 11:24
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

Well I just find this argument very petty, stupid and childish, ok, so he said other things which were wrong but the Mendi thread should not EVER and I repeat EVER justify him in being banned.

Like I say everyone has their favourite board members. As an outsider I don't care if you like me or hate me. It really doesn't matter.

Yes you have authority over us message board users but that does not give you the right to let people not state opinions.

If comments are construed as being of an offensive nature then yeah, lock them away and throw the key in the river tees but this thread - I cannot see anything wrong in what Bob said.

That is just MY opinion. Harshly treat via this thread?

As our Manager would say "Most Definitely".

speckyget Posted on 28/10 11:29
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

'If comments are construed as being of an offensive nature then yeah, lock them away and throw the key in the river tees'

You'd include racist comments and stuff about child abuse in this Rich?

boroprogrammes Posted on 28/10 11:31
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

No I wouldn't.

Still can't let go of the past eh son.

Piquet2 Posted on 28/10 11:32
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

Just about sums you up Rich, have you actually read anything that myself and Rob have written?

boroprogrammes Posted on 28/10 11:33
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

I've read it all son, and you come across as stroppy gets.

boroprogrammes Posted on 28/10 11:33
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

No offense.

speckyget Posted on 28/10 11:34
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

Still calling everyone 'son' and 'kid' eh Rich, make yourself sound like a grown up?

Age of majority was still 18 last time I looked.

boroprogrammes Posted on 28/10 11:36
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

I'll say what I like when I like how I like alright Specky.

I'm not going to get some fcuking upstart of the s.hithouse like you telling me what I can and cannot say.


Now do one.

Piquet2 Posted on 28/10 11:37
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat old are you?

boroprogrammes Posted on 28/10 11:37
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

The 1st line underneath I should of put "Within reason".

Just don't fcuk me off.

speckyget Posted on 28/10 11:37
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

You must remind mum to set your Ritalin out next to your jammies. Gets you all cranky when she forgets.

boroprogrammes Posted on 28/10 11:38
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

Between life and death, that's how old I am.

Piquet2 Posted on 28/10 11:38
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

Welcome back Rich

boroprogrammes Posted on 28/10 11:39
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

I didn't know you took Ritalin.

Your mother must be very proud of you 4 eyes.

AyresomeAvenger Posted on 28/10 11:42
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

Free speech is a right. However as with most rights they come with responsibility. It seems that this yoof has abused this responsibility and as such to ban him from this forum in entirely correct. His right to free speech in other forums remains - why doesn't he set up his own website?

speckyget Posted on 28/10 11:42
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

Ooh touché Rich. Helluva comeback. You've got this verbal jujitsu thing down to a fine art - 'I'm not, YOU are'


LiamO Posted on 28/10 11:42
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

It seems to me that a lot of people are missing what (I think) are the two main points here.

1. He was banned for a succession of offences, including most importantly, potentially libellous comments, not just for the Mendieta thread.

2. If the Terms and Conditions are not properly applied, especially in regards to libel, then it could lead to the entire board being shut down.

boroprogrammes Posted on 28/10 11:47
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

I get knocked down
But I get up again
Cause You never gonna keep me down

That is in real life, but on here it's a different story altogether.

Nedkat Posted on 28/10 13:31
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

Rich, you can be a right pain in the ass sometimes. Why do you have to resort to name calling ? Is that part of your plan to adopt "free speech" ? Do you honestly believe your idea of "free speech" allows you to say exactly whatever you want, whenever you want ? How about popping into Brambles Farm pub and telling all the people in there that they're all a load of tw4ts ?

The_Goatie Posted on 28/10 15:08
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

No I'm not calling for his re-instatement but its been 90 minutes since anyone has.

Has anybody yet seen Bulhat's Mom and Dad on the roof of Fly Me Towers dressed as spiderman and batman?

The_GOAT Posted on 28/10 15:11
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

The people who want him unbanned are the people who agreed with his comments.

boroprogrammes Posted on 28/10 17:17
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

Well said Nice But Dim.

mattrich Posted on 28/10 17:23
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

this one looks set to run and run.

foomanboro Posted on 28/10 18:28
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

Hey Rich since your so into free speech, you won't mind if i use this given right and say......

Rich your a tool!

boroprogrammes Posted on 28/10 18:40
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

What sort of tool:-

A trowl, a spade, a hammer, a spanner, a pair of pliers, a shovel, a sweeping brush, oh I'd love to be a rake.

The_GOAT Posted on 28/10 18:42
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

I think you should seriously consider the direction life is taking you.

boroprogrammes Posted on 28/10 18:45
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

Still got a sense of humour Goat.

foomanboro Posted on 28/10 20:37
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

Most definately a spanner Rich! Without doubt you are a spanner!

aldershot_red Posted on 28/10 20:43
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

where's that para riverside rita gone I wonder..

mattrich Posted on 29/10 19:47
re: Say Goodbye Bullhat

would it be better if people were banned in confidence.