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Guis_Boro Posted on 18/11 13:09
Three albums you just don't get

After seeing CheshireBoro nominating 'seamonsters' in the
'if you could recommend one album' thread which three albums have you got/heard that you just don't 'get' as to why people love them.

For me it is the following:

Stone Roses - Stone Roses, Not a bad album but I don't get all the hype. Love a couple of tracks, don't mind most of them but hate "Don't Stop". After listening to it I get the impression there is something missing (but I don't know what).

Verve - Urban Hymns, Four great singles, but I was really disappointed after I bought this. Production values aside, the rest of the album to me sounds like an experimental album from the late 60's early 70's. Incohesive twaddle.

Wedding Present - Seamonsters, I love the Wedding present and 'Bizarro' is one of my favourite albums, but I've never been able to get to grips with this album as the vocals seem to be too far back in the mix. I find myself straining to hear the lyrics which ultimately leaves me frustrated.

I'm not trying to have a go at anybody should any of the above happen to be one of your favourite albums.

To try and balance these thoughts up I'm going to listen to each cd in the car over the next week or so to see if I still feel the same way about them. (I can always open the window and hoy them out

gibson Posted on 18/11 13:11
re: Three albums you just don't get

Exile on Main Street, the Stones ???????? Pure Drivel.

scoea Posted on 18/11 13:12
re: Three albums you just don't get

I'll go along with the Verve nomination but would add EVERY Radiohead album to the list.

DybuksChampion Posted on 18/11 13:18
re: Three albums you just don't get

Surely not Pablo Honey scoea. That's a cracker.

Thw onder of the stone roses was that their B sides are better than most bands a sides.

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bigtl_billingham Posted on 18/11 13:21
re: Three albums you just don't get

I simnply cannot believe you have mentioned Stone Roses and the verve
But each to their own I suppose.

My personal choice is Ok computer - Radiohead,- - loved the Bends, but cannot stand ok computer (always a big debate is this one)
I too don't get the streets, or Ordinary boys either .

gibson Posted on 18/11 13:24
re: Three albums you just don't get

2. Post, Bjork.
3. Sgt. Pepper. Beatles.

Guis_Boro Posted on 18/11 13:25
re: Three albums you just don't get

Bigtl, as I said it's a personal thing I have with those albums, but I'll see if a prolonged spell of listening changes my mind.

I'd say the same to you about 'ok Computer' I love that album.

I agree with you on the streets though, what a load of tosh!!

Goal_Scrounger Posted on 18/11 13:30
re: Three albums you just don't get

Jeff Buckley - "Grace"

Metallica - "Black Album"

Any album by Massive Attack

RAZMOND_HWDR Posted on 18/11 13:32
re: Three albums you just don't get

agree with Verve - Urban Hymns, it lived off the comeback hype and the success of bitter sweet.

It is nowhere near as good as A Northern Soul.

Guis_Boro Posted on 18/11 13:34
re: Three albums you just don't get

GS, I was the same with Jeff Buckley initially (left it on the shelf for about a year after buying it), but I found after repeated listening it really grew on me.

Raz, I've not listened to any other Verve albums as I wrote them off after 'Urban Hymns'. Might just download 'A Northern Soul' to compare.

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CheshireBoro Posted on 18/11 13:40
re: Three albums you just don't get

Guis Boro,

i can see your point with Seamonsters - what does it for me is the production (this sounds so "sad" and musoish i know) - its produced by Steve Albini, and he was producing Nirvana at the time, and he made the vocals sound almost threatening...

also, I was about 18 at the time, loved Weddoes gigs, and since then all my "love of life-splits" have precipitated a period of extreme "woman anger" - and that inevitably leads back to the Wedding Present, ie Dalliance etc

Just read that back, makes me sound pretentious too.

Album I don't get.... "White Ladder" - David Gray..... basically he is just doing what Lloyd Cole did 20 years ago for me.

Goal_Scrounger Posted on 18/11 13:41
re: Three albums you just don't get

It's an "OK" album G_B, but nothing better than many other male vocalists I could name (who coinincidentally, aren't dead.)

I've also left non-plussed by the merits of John Lennon's "Double Fantasy", another album revered more because of the artist's death than because of its content IMO (wasn't it the album that Mark Chapman asked Lennon to sign hours before he murdered him?)

RAZMOND_HWDR Posted on 18/11 14:01
re: Three albums you just don't get

Guis_Boro - you wrote them off after their last album, well done. I don`t rate them anymore either, hee hee!!

Guis_Boro Posted on 18/11 14:11
re: Three albums you just don't get

RAZ, What I meant (as you know) was due to that album I didn't feel compelled to listen to any of their previous albums based on my thoughts regarding Urban Hymns. Ok?

WilmslowRed Posted on 18/11 14:15
re: Three albums you just don't get

Performance and Cocktails - Stereophonics
Just Enough Education To Perform - Stereophonics
Word Gets Around - Stereophonics

Then again I've never heard them. Walked out on them at Move last year to ensure that this remained the case.

Goal_Scrounger Posted on 18/11 14:42
re: Three albums you just don't get

I agree totally about JEEP, it's awful W_R. Performance and Cocktails is okay, but Word Gets Around is actually a decent album.

Fischer Posted on 18/11 14:46
re: Three albums you just don't get

I've never seen Double Fantasy be revered anywhere! It got pretty poor reviews on its release (while Lennon was still alive) and seems to be regarded at best by critics these days as a bit of a curate's egg. Milk and Honey, the posthumous follow-up, is a far superior album for me, all the better for being a lot rougher round the edges.

The Verve's Urban Hymns, Oasis' What's The Story and Radiohead's OK Computer are the triumvirate of 1990s mega-sellers that leave me utterly cold.

Guis_Boro Posted on 18/11 15:00
re: Three albums you just don't get

I've been having a bit of a think and have come up with two more by the same band.

Bought 'Swoon' by Prefab Sprout as recommended by a mate. What utter guff. To make matters worse, in a blinding flash of madness I later went out and bought 'from Langley Park to Memphis' also!!!

1986Boro Posted on 18/11 15:24
re: Three albums you just don't get

Happy Mondays - Pills Thrills dosent get ant better

mickbrown Posted on 18/11 15:33
re: Three albums you just don't get

Seamonsters is actually my favourite Wedding Present album and up there in my top 3 albums of all time.

Never mind albums I don't get, I just don't get the Manic Street Preachers at all. Musically they are deadly dull and lyrically, they are embarassingly pretentious.

Guis_Boro Posted on 18/11 15:45
re: Three albums you just don't get

That's two votes for 'seamonsters' as being a good-un, think that will be the first to go on in the car to work and back for a few days.

Mick, I'm a bit like that with the Manics, even though I have three albums!! I find I quite like them listening to the occasional track but not a full album at a time.

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Goal_Scrounger Posted on 18/11 18:18
re: Three albums you just don't get

You've missed the best Prefab Sprout album out G_B, get hold of Steve McQueen and dare to tell me you don't like it!!

Guis_Boro Posted on 18/11 21:56
re: Three albums you just don't get

GS, That might be true, however I've been mentally scarred by the two I've got!!! If I've got nowt better to do I'll maybe download it and some point, can't be any worse than the two I've got.