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Guis_Boro Posted on 24/11 22:35
Ronaldinho v Zidane

Don't know if anybody has seen this, it's excellent. Ronaldinho is the man...

Link: Genius... Just click on the picture

forza_boro Posted on 25/11 0:13
re: Ronaldinho v Zidane


You forget how good zidane was and how good ronaldinho is.

Isnt it a crying shame neither played in the Prem though, how can we call our league the best when geniuses like them (and nedved) are don't play in it.

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trev_seniior Posted on 25/11 0:19
re: Ronaldinho v Zidane

Forza, George Best, Pele, Beckenbauer, Moore etc never played in Italy or Spain.

What is your point?

forza_boro Posted on 25/11 0:21
re: Ronaldinho v Zidane

That we as fans have been robbed of seeing their talents which is a shame for all our great players from abrad we have never landed a potential great like a zidane etc (poss bergkamp and cantona and dare i say even our very own Juno) a skillful number a magician.

which is a shame

MFC_Paul Posted on 25/11 0:22
re: Ronaldinho v Zidane

We have some of the best players in the world playing in our league, but we are used to seeing them so we think nothing of it.

forza_boro Posted on 25/11 0:25
re: Ronaldinho v Zidane

Not like them we dont, how many number 10's do we have in that style.

what the italians call the fantasista, Juno is prob the only one this country has ever seen .

MFC_Paul Posted on 25/11 0:36
re: Ronaldinho v Zidane

To be fair i dont really care.. i like the Spanish league, it is exciting i agree, but the Italian league just bores me to tears

forza_boro Posted on 25/11 0:37
re: Ronaldinho v Zidane

But players like zidane (at juve) and nedved plus ronaldinho are artisans.

Pauleta_22 Posted on 25/11 9:53
re: Ronaldinho v Zidane

Ronnie is the best because Ronnie is getting better everyday and he is so good now at such a young age he is destined to become the worlds greatest player

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forza_boro Posted on 25/11 10:20
re: Ronaldinho v Zidane

Can't even beat celtic tut tut tut

dooderooni Posted on 25/11 12:18
re: Ronaldinho v Zidane

Bloody show-ponies!

Pollock vs Glover, typical Boro players going head to head is what we want to see.

Guis_Boro Posted on 25/11 12:50
re: Ronaldinho v Zidane


dooderooni Posted on 25/11 12:59
re: Ronaldinho v Zidane

In all fairness Guis, there are some great skills showcased on that video.
Have seen quite a bit of young Ronnie lately and have to agree with the idea he could yet be considered the best player ever to grace the pitch.
Aside from the insane dribbling ability, I particularly love the way he plays the ball then sprints into space. Even if he doesn't get the return he takes opposition players with him and creates space for his team-mates.
Compare him with some players who stand and admire their passes rather than keep moving.

Guis_Boro Posted on 25/11 13:22
re: Ronaldinho v Zidane

I agree, he's an awesome player. The best I've seen since Maradonna IMO. Zidane is great but compared to Ronaldinho he seems to almost stumblehis way through challenges. And he always plays with a smile on his face (probably has something to do with those teeth though)

dooderooni Posted on 25/11 13:28
re: Ronaldinho v Zidane

He's one of the few players I'd pay money to see in his own right.

Guis_Boro Posted on 25/11 14:04
re: Ronaldinho v Zidane

I was thinking the same last night, I try and watch Barca whenever they are on as he is great entertainment and never ceases to amaze me, and he also has an end product to go with it.
Most players can do the odd spectacular thing but with him it's almost everytime he gets the ball. Can't think of any other player who comes close to him.

Vaylin3000 Posted on 25/11 14:06
re: Ronaldinho v Zidane

never mind skillful no.10's england must have the best wingers in the world, pires,ljungberg,ronaldo,reyes,duff,robben,giggs,kewell.

Pauleta_22 Posted on 25/11 14:16
re: Ronaldinho v Zidane

Joaquin and Vicente are both better than all the players you just listed...

on the subject of paying money to see Ronnie play ...I will be in 2 weeks! yay