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jax_1 Posted on 31/12 21:46
Roll Call

It says there's a dozen on the board, who have we got right now to get the party started?
Who's doing nibbles and who is in charge of the music?

Boro85 Posted on 31/12 21:48
re: Roll Call

I'll put the tv on and mute it so we can watch Big Ben

enamalman Posted on 31/12 21:48
re: Roll Call

Hiya....i've got can's....(painfull)

Buddy Posted on 31/12 21:51
re: Roll Call

I'm doing my December accounts with a glass of John Smith's. If anybody wants boring to tears I am most assuredly yer man.

dundeejock Posted on 31/12 21:52
re: Roll Call

I'm the volunteer non-drinker(tonight only) so I will pop out for extra rations if required

The_GOAT Posted on 31/12 21:52
re: Roll Call

I'm here with Big Will.

I remember trying to count how old I'd be
When the clock struck twelve in the year two g
Medianoche finally near
This will be that anthem amongst the cheers
Just the man to usher it in
Big Will bringing the heat
K-Ci bringing the plan
Ringing it in, waiting for the ball to drop
That 2000 vault we breaking the lock
Let hip-hop keep blazing the charts
May the past keep a warm spot in your heart
May the future hold more joy then pain
Hands in the air waiting for confetti to rain

jax_1 Posted on 31/12 21:54
re: Roll Call

Hi and good call re; the telly Boro85, help yourself to a drink.

Hiya E'man, thanks for bringing the cans, what have you got?

jax_1 Posted on 31/12 21:56
re: Roll Call

Come on in Buddy ( forget those accounts for a while) D'J, always good to have someone sober around, we'll let you get steamed on Burns Night. Hi Goat and Will, have you brought the choccies?

raggycrew Posted on 31/12 21:57
re: Roll Call

im on the decks

raggycrew Posted on 31/12 21:57
re: Roll Call

rich fcuk off and go home no1 likes you

jax_1 Posted on 31/12 21:58
re: Roll Call

Hey Raggy, come on in but proper dancing music tonight please.

Oi!!! and NO fighting........

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bluetitch Posted on 31/12 21:58
re: Roll Call

I'm here - sorry for the delay, just answering a LOAD of questions! I have cans - but can just spare one - dry cider.

Buddy Posted on 31/12 21:59
re: Roll Call

By "proper dancing music", do you mean Abba?

raggycrew Posted on 31/12 21:59
re: Roll Call

i'll whack a bit of the old elvis on its his 70th birthday soon 8th january we can all swing our hips to that

enamalman Posted on 31/12 21:59
re: Roll Call

just 15 Carliing....don't want a headache for the match...supa a few tonight.

hells_bells83 Posted on 31/12 22:01
re: Roll Call

what flavour pringles do you want? i'll be in charge of that!

jax_1 Posted on 31/12 22:02
re: Roll Call

No definitely NO ABBA Buddy, bah! LOL

That's fine Blue, come along in and make yourself comfy.

Well the Elvis will do to start with Raggy

Carling is fine E'man

jax_1 Posted on 31/12 22:03
re: Roll Call

Hi Helles, whatever flavour you have will be just fine.

So far we have accounted for 9 who are the other 3 and where are they, don't they know it's PARTY TIME !!!!!!

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dundeejock Posted on 31/12 22:05
re: Roll Call

Are we gonna play party games-I lke charades andpostman's knock

ExiledInStoke Posted on 31/12 22:05
re: Roll Call

Ding Dong.............

Hello Boys, erm.... Gary said it was okay, no, not Gary, erm, Bob, yeah, Bob, that was him, erm....I've got some beer like.....

The_GOAT Posted on 31/12 22:06
re: Roll Call

Big Will = Will Smith you uneducated musical heathen.

Boro85 Posted on 31/12 22:06
re: Roll Call

Mines a Carling and baggsy the Texas Barbie falvour pringles!!
And for the record i get first picks for the new year kiss!

hells_bells83 Posted on 31/12 22:06
re: Roll Call

paprika all the way!

dundeejock Posted on 31/12 22:09
re: Roll Call

come in Exiled -all welcome

jax_1 Posted on 31/12 22:09
re: Roll Call

Come along in Exiled.

Sorry Goat but anyway I thought Will Smith was an actor ( Fresh Prince Of Belair etc) has he moved into music tooi

Without a doubt D'J you can't beat a good game of charades but we'll wait until everyone has had a drink or two first.
I can't remember how to play Postmans Knock?

ExiledInStoke Posted on 31/12 22:10
re: Roll Call

Don't we all take it in turns to knock Postman Pats hat off, then give Jess a good kicking?

bluetitch Posted on 31/12 22:12
re: Roll Call

I'm sorry jax but at some point we do need to hear Dancing Queen.

dundeejock Posted on 31/12 22:12
re: Roll Call

Wrong way round Exiled-we play keepie-up with Jess and the winner gives Postman Pat a good kicking

jax_1 Posted on 31/12 22:12
re: Roll Call


I've got RobFMTTM hogtied ready for his turn as the pinata later and have champers cooling in the fridge.

Get that music turned up Raggy!

Blue, well you'll have to wait until the rest of us are drunk then I'm afraid

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The_GOAT Posted on 31/12 22:13
re: Roll Call

Moved into music????!?!!?!?!??!!??!

He was a rapper BEFORE he became an actor.

Dear me - your insensitivity knows no bounds.

DJ Jazzy Jeff can DJ.

"Yo Jeff baby, let's keep it old school"

jax_1 Posted on 31/12 22:18
re: Roll Call

Sorry Goat

bluetitch Posted on 31/12 22:20
re: Roll Call

Rob hogtied - lol - the picture I have of him in my head is now even more extreme.
So what's that ragga playing then?

The_GOAT Posted on 31/12 22:21
re: Roll Call

Well, luckily for you it is the season of goodwill and forgiveness.

jax_1 Posted on 31/12 22:22
re: Roll Call

LOl ta Goat.

jax_1 Posted on 31/12 22:24
re: Roll Call

LOl Blue well I do like to keep my guests as entertained as poss. Thought you might all like that game.

( Bet I get at least a 2 day ban for that

bluetitch Posted on 31/12 22:32
re: Roll Call

Just sue him - for no sense of humour - if it comes to that..but I'm sure it won't. *Wipes brow and waits for music*

dundeejock Posted on 31/12 22:37
re: Roll Call

When do the strippers appear?

jax_1 Posted on 31/12 22:41
re: Roll Call

((( We didn't burn him )))

Strippers D'J? 'fraid not but there's some balloons over there in the drawer if some of you guys want to give us girls a giggle and do the balloon dance.

bluetitch Posted on 31/12 22:42
re: Roll Call

After the music - but I've been banned form playing Dancing Queen...."see that girl.... watch that scene" etc....

raggycrew Posted on 31/12 22:43
re: Roll Call

technical fault had to go get a turntable whats on next?

jax_1 Posted on 31/12 22:45
re: Roll Call

As long as we can dance to it Raggy, we don't mind.

bluetitch Posted on 31/12 22:45
re: Roll Call

Apart from the fireworks that've already started....erm....some soul would be nice?

raggycrew Posted on 31/12 22:46
re: Roll Call

ermmmm hows bout some new monkey or powerhouse?

jax_1 Posted on 31/12 22:47
re: Roll Call

Those guys are very quiet in the kitchen, hope they haven't found the pork pies

Yeah ok then Raggy, give them a go.

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dundeejock Posted on 31/12 22:54
re: Roll Call

just checked the balloons jax-they are too small (esp as I'm sober)-

jax_1 Posted on 31/12 22:56
re: Roll Call

Awwwwwww, ((( Blue ))) pass D'J one of those bin bags please, he can use that instead!

dundeejock Posted on 31/12 22:59
re: Roll Call

Must be time for charades-who will start

jax_1 Posted on 31/12 23:01
re: Roll Call

Ok D'J since you are so desperate to play, you can go first.

jax_1 Posted on 31/12 23:05
re: Roll Call

It's a book, 3 words.

First Word

How many syllables?

dundeejock Posted on 31/12 23:06
re: Roll Call

Have you guessed it yet

jax_1 Posted on 31/12 23:08
re: Roll Call

Is it ' The Beano Annual'?

enamalman Posted on 31/12 23:09
re: Roll Call

SPIN THE BOTTLE....SPIN THE BOTTLE....SPI.....ARRRGGHHH...where's that bin bag....i'm gonna be sick..yuk.....pork pies!

dundeejock Posted on 31/12 23:10
re: Roll Call

Sorry it's 4 words
ist word wot linford christie does

jax_1 Posted on 31/12 23:11
re: Roll Call

and there was me thinking you'd been 'too' quiet E'man. I knew I should've hidden those pork pies better!

jax_1 Posted on 31/12 23:12
re: Roll Call

Running? - Running like the wind?

The_GOAT Posted on 31/12 23:12
re: Roll Call


and I brought some Will 2k.

Link: Will 2K

dundeejock Posted on 31/12 23:13
re: Roll Call

Well done jax-got it straight away-I must be a good mimer
Who is next

bluetitch Posted on 31/12 23:16
re: Roll Call

jax - the one who got it right goes next..........

jax_1 Posted on 31/12 23:16
re: Roll Call

W.B. Goat, pop and see raggy over there and you can sort the playlist out between you.

Are you feeling any better now E'man?

Ok next charade..

It's a t.v. prog, 6 words.

bluetitch Posted on 31/12 23:18
re: Roll Call

k - first word?

jax_1 Posted on 31/12 23:20
re: Roll Call

First word, 1 syllable, sounds like chav.

bluetitch Posted on 31/12 23:21
re: Roll Call


dundeejock Posted on 31/12 23:21
re: Roll Call

shove ?

The_GOAT Posted on 31/12 23:22
re: Roll Call

Have I Got News For You

Skeet Skeet

jax_1 Posted on 31/12 23:23
re: Roll Call

Ooooooh, well done Goat. You got it in one. Ok your turn.

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bluetitch Posted on 31/12 23:24
re: Roll Call

Pooh! - that's what I thought it was too!

The_GOAT Posted on 31/12 23:26
re: Roll Call

I'll let you go again, seeing as I was too good.

bluetitch Posted on 31/12 23:28
re: Roll Call

My tune - whilst you two are quibbling - Elvis - always on my mind - sniff...

Boro85 Posted on 31/12 23:29
re: Roll Call

30mins to go people! Have we got any champagne knocking around the place?

dundeejock Posted on 31/12 23:30
re: Roll Call

Mr disc jockey can we have some punk please-Fingers or the Clash would be good

jax_1 Posted on 31/12 23:30
re: Roll Call

Ok Goat here's another one then.

It's a book, 4 words.

First word, 1 syllable, little word, sounds like hay.

The_GOAT Posted on 31/12 23:31
re: Roll Call


dundeejock Posted on 31/12 23:31
re: Roll Call


littlejimmy Posted on 31/12 23:31
re: Roll Call

Ding Dong...

Sorry I'm late. Domestic issues, you know.

I've brought the whisky. Anyone care for a wee dram?

Boro85 Posted on 31/12 23:31
re: Roll Call

Comon whos gonna do the Robot with me. Im not doing it by myself i tells you. Not after the pictures in the gazette from last time. Im not "special"!

jax_1 Posted on 31/12 23:32
re: Roll Call

Champers is in the fridge Boro85, would you mind giving e'man a shake please, see if you can wake him up.

bluetitch Posted on 31/12 23:32
re: Roll Call


RAZMOND_HWDR Posted on 31/12 23:34
re: Roll Call

I am here.

And especialy in my drunknenes, my new years resolution is to be nice to everyone on the fmttm board starting with you jax.


jax_1 Posted on 31/12 23:34
re: Roll Call

Come on in Jimmy, you'll find glasses in the cabinet over there.

Good guesses but its a small word ( just one letter)

bluetitch Posted on 31/12 23:34
re: Roll Call

If you read this in "topic" s'just like a real one!

littlejimmy Posted on 31/12 23:34
re: Roll Call


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DazzaBoro2002 Posted on 31/12 23:34
re: Roll Call

** Daz enters with the Smirnoff... **

dundeejock Posted on 31/12 23:34
re: Roll Call


jax_1 Posted on 31/12 23:35
re: Roll Call

Hey Raz, come on in then, * offers hand to shake * get yourself a drink.

littlejimmy Posted on 31/12 23:35
re: Roll Call

And me Raz?

jax_1 Posted on 31/12 23:37
re: Roll Call

Yep 'A' it is.

2nd word, 1 syllable, sounds like bat.

Hi dazza, come in get a drink, we're just playing charades, join in.

littlejimmy Posted on 31/12 23:38
re: Roll Call

Smore like "articulate" on here, like.


The_GOAT Posted on 31/12 23:38
re: Roll Call


Or do you mean it sounds like a bat?

"eeee! eeee! eeee!"?

dundeejock Posted on 31/12 23:38
re: Roll Call

Just a quick hello to you all at this top party to those I haven't met before-hi Jimmy Raz,Titch and Mr Goat. Having a great time-cheers to jax ,a top hostess.

DazzaBoro2002 Posted on 31/12 23:39
re: Roll Call

Sorry i was a bit late the cyber traffic was a nightmare...

The_GOAT Posted on 31/12 23:40
re: Roll Call

He's telling the truth.

It may have taken 'two minutes for posts to appear'.

RAZMOND_HWDR Posted on 31/12 23:40
re: Roll Call

I would love to shake littlejimmy'd hand because he had the same respect to ONE band as I do!!

littlejimmy Posted on 31/12 23:41
re: Roll Call

(Shakes Raz's sweaty palm)

Listen....I'll tell you a secret...I think the Killers' album is better than U2's new one....Shhhhhh.

jax_1 Posted on 31/12 23:42
re: Roll Call

Awwwwwww, thanks for those kind words D'J you're welcome, at least it might have helped to fill in a few minutes for you.

Not to worry deputy, you're here now.

Jimmy, just saw your 2 minutes silence for the victims of the tsunami thread, I would be pleased if you could lead us all into it on here. Thanks.

littlejimmy Posted on 31/12 23:46
re: Roll Call

Consider it done, hunnybun.

DazzaBoro2002 Posted on 31/12 23:50
re: Roll Call

Of course i'm telling the truth Goat

So hows the party been

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The_GOAT Posted on 31/12 23:53
re: Roll Call

No, I was just refering to the message that appears when traffic is high.

"Traffic is currently very high and posts may take upto two minutes to appear"

DazzaBoro2002 Posted on 31/12 23:59
re: Roll Call

Yeah i had it before too.

Goodbye 2004 ( What a year ) sad to see you go...

Happy new year fmttm....

Welcome to the year 2005......

dundeejock Posted on 1/1 0:00
re: Roll Call


jax_1 Posted on 1/1 0:02
re: Roll Call

Thank you everyone for observing the 2 minutes silence.

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!! XXX May 2005 bring you all peace and joy and everything that you wish for yourselves.

Hip Hip Hoorayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

John_Hickton Posted on 1/1 0:02
re: Roll Call

Happy New Year everybody.

DazzaBoro2002 Posted on 1/1 0:04
re: Roll Call

O man my clocks wrong i was one minute early! Never mind HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

jax_1 Posted on 1/1 0:04
re: Roll Call

and I claim the 1st 100 post thread of 2005 . Have a wonderful year.

ThornabyBoro Posted on 1/1 0:06
re: Roll Call

best wishes everyone.

may this board continue to prosper - it has become a surprisingly positive addition to my life since i discovered it way back in 2004.

DazzaBoro2002 Posted on 1/1 0:07
re: Roll Call

Same here Thornaby...

Well done Jax Our Clique will conquer the board in 2005!!!

jax_1 Posted on 1/1 0:08
re: Roll Call

Hee hee Dazza, yep it surely will.

Oi Raggy, come on where's that music??? There's a party going on here.

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dundeejock Posted on 1/1 0:12
re: Roll Call

wot are these cliques that keep getting mentioned on the board-does posting with same people on a few occassions mean you are in the clique
Sorry if I sound stoopid but I am a fairly new poster

DazzaBoro2002 Posted on 1/1 0:14
re: Roll Call

Dundee you can be in our clique 'The Thread Killers Clique'

dundeejock Posted on 1/1 0:16
re: Roll Call

Thanks-do I have to do anything special

jax_1 Posted on 1/1 0:16
re: Roll Call

I think some peeps get paranoid, thinking that they have been left out of a/the clique, if they don't get many responses to their threads. My answer to that is, don't worry about their clique? ( Which probably doesn't exist anyway, even though we all know it does ) Start one of your own.

Hey, I've just realised, it's pinata time, lets get Rob hoisted and start whacking him.

DazzaBoro2002 Posted on 1/1 0:18
re: Roll Call

Just spot the Thread Killers and ask them to enter the 'Clique' Dundee.

RAZMOND_HWDR Posted on 1/1 0:18
re: Roll Call

I would hate to be part of the fmttm clique!!

jax_1 Posted on 1/1 0:20
re: Roll Call

Lol Raz, mine is the most elite anyway

RAZMOND_HWDR Posted on 1/1 0:22
re: Roll Call

count me out then.

DazzaBoro2002 Posted on 1/1 0:24
re: Roll Call

Raz if i you didn't get a reply you would have to enter...

jax_1 Posted on 1/1 0:37
re: Roll Call

Lol dazza

DazzaBoro2002 Posted on 1/1 0:39
re: Roll Call

If i knew you wasn't going to reply i wouldn't of Jax then we could have sheeped him into the 'clique'.

Glen_Tilbrook Posted on 1/1 0:39
re: Roll Call

I am the Natural Born Thread Killer.

This thread is now dead

dundeejock Posted on 1/1 0:41
re: Roll Call

We can't let serious debate spoil the party-come on mr disc jockey get some sounds on(punk please) and lets dance

jax_1 Posted on 1/1 0:42
re: Roll Call

Sorry dazza was called away to the phone

Glenn - Oh no it isn't!

Is e'man still asleep in the corner?

jax_1 Posted on 1/1 0:44
re: Roll Call

Looks like raggy is busy chatting someone up so I'll sneak over and put on Chris Rea - Let's Dance..........

davo44 Posted on 1/1 0:44
re: Roll Call

davos back LETS PARTY

enamalman Posted on 1/1 0:45
re: Roll Call


The_GOAT Posted on 1/1 0:46
re: Roll Call

Please. The people who use the Raggy name are only 15.

DJ Jazzy Jeff is what we need.


jax_1 Posted on 1/1 0:47
re: Roll Call

Come on in davo - all the best mate.

Hey E'man, there you are, wondered where you had got to. Happy New year xxx hope 2005 is a very good one for you.

Boro85 Posted on 1/1 0:48
re: Roll Call

i have returned!

However i may have to leave again if we're whacking rob.... *shudder*

DazzaBoro2002 Posted on 1/1 0:48
re: Roll Call

'Wellllll... Lets Dance'

Boro85 Posted on 1/1 0:48
re: Roll Call

Oh yes and Happy New Year to everyone and i sincerly hope its a really good year for all, not just in the football sense but in your every day lives. All the best *raises glass*

jax_1 Posted on 1/1 0:48
re: Roll Call

Lol well maybe he was asking her to go to the offy for him then, still he hasn't done a bad job with the music, but you go ahead Goat and put some of your stuff on.

The_GOAT Posted on 1/1 0:49
re: Roll Call

I don't wack males.

What the cuf is going on here?

Is this the bondage party from last night?

Glen_Tilbrook Posted on 1/1 0:49
re: Roll Call

Who's left the half eaten bag of Smoky Bacon crisps in the corner.....

right time for some decent music.... I'm taking over the decks for this one......

Start singing.....

Dennis Waterman - I could be so good for you

littlejimmy Posted on 1/1 0:54
re: Roll Call


Pardon I.

Glen_Tilbrook Posted on 1/1 0:56
re: Roll Call

Friggin hell LJ

What have you been eating???

jax_1 Posted on 1/1 0:56
re: Roll Call

Lol Glenn.

Goat, Rob is the pinata so it's ok as long as you don't set fire to him.

davo44 Posted on 1/1 0:59
re: Roll Call

wot a swell party this is ... bellinis and vodka are being served here .... hows it going over there

DazzaBoro2002 Posted on 1/1 1:01
re: Roll Call

I tell you something them boggs stink!

littlejimmy Posted on 1/1 1:01
re: Roll Call

Anything that looks edible. One has the munchies. Sorry about the smell.

enamalman Posted on 1/1 1:04
re: Roll Call

*jumping round the room,covered in puke,lager and pork pies*

DazzaBoro2002 Posted on 1/1 1:07
re: Roll Call

I hope the next guest brings some spray! Spin the bottle it is then

Boro85 Posted on 1/1 1:07
re: Roll Call

spin! spin! spin! spin! spin!

jax_1 Posted on 1/1 1:08
re: Roll Call

Oh for goodness sake here < passes bottle >

The_GOAT Posted on 1/1 1:08
re: Roll Call

I'm sorry but I just can't get my mind round the fact that it's 2005.

I think I'm having a mid life crisis.

dundeejock Posted on 1/1 1:10
re: Roll Call

Bottles stopped at you Boro85-give us a song

DazzaBoro2002 Posted on 1/1 1:12
re: Roll Call

DJ never mind the 'what am i' (sexxxy) lines... get down here and spin this bottle.

Boro85 Posted on 1/1 1:13
re: Roll Call

who's stupid idea was this.......

ooooh go on then

--- Post edited by Boro85 on 1/1 1:14 ---

davo44 Posted on 1/1 1:14
re: Roll Call

Sorry but I think ive just shagged someones wife/missus/partner/girlfreind/boyfreind in the bedroom.

I only went up for me coat - honest

Boro85 Posted on 1/1 1:14
re: Roll Call

Oooo errrr. You said song didnt you.......

swordtrombonefish Posted on 1/1 1:16
re: Roll Call

Let's have a couple or 5 for the road......hey davo, you haven't just shagged me sheepskin have you?

jax_1 Posted on 1/1 1:17
re: Roll Call

I think it was Krivs moustachioed pick up davo, he might get a bit jealous.

DazzaBoro2002 Posted on 1/1 1:17
re: Roll Call

Davo how could you the poor blokes fucked...

dundeejock Posted on 1/1 1:20
re: Roll Call

Has anyone seen my poodle-I left him sleeping under the coats

jax_1 Posted on 1/1 1:21
re: Roll Call

More drinks anyone?

He's probably off chasing the cats with my poodle D'J.

--- Post edited by jax_1 on 1/1 1:22 ---

davo44 Posted on 1/1 1:22
re: Roll Call

Sorry lads - let me know who it was and i'll send flowers.Or pick up the dry cleaning bill

Boro85 Posted on 1/1 1:23
re: Roll Call

Mines for the road miss hostess im off to slump in the corner with the remainder of the bbq pringles and champagne

cheers for the wonderdittyful part-tey
Happy New Year!

DazzaBoro2002 Posted on 1/1 1:24
re: Roll Call

I think davo picked him up whilst going for his coat.

jax_1 Posted on 1/1 1:25
re: Roll Call

Yvw Boro, glad you've enjoyed it, make sure you don't forget where to come next new years eve.

dundeejock Posted on 1/1 1:27
re: Roll Call

Fed up being sober whilst all you are merry/pissed so can I have a can of beer jax-cheers

Boro85 Posted on 1/1 1:28
re: Roll Call

*leaves stage left*

DazzaBoro2002 Posted on 1/1 1:28
re: Roll Call

Go on then Jax been as you twisted my arm, i will have a can please...

Boro85 Posted on 1/1 1:30
re: Roll Call

*quickly staggers out of the cupboard and dashes through front dor before anyone notices*

DazzaBoro2002 Posted on 1/1 1:30
re: Roll Call

Can of Coke that is as i'm only 17

jax_1 Posted on 1/1 1:30
re: Roll Call

Yeah of course you can D'J, help yourself.

Oh nooooo, that's not Enamalman trying to fight with next doors Homer Santa in the garden, is it?

dundeejock Posted on 1/1 1:30
re: Roll Call

Bye Boro85-we never did hear your song did we

The_GOAT Posted on 1/1 1:32
re: Roll Call

Homer Santa??? Do you live in the road next to Croft Avenue, Jax?

jax_1 Posted on 1/1 1:34
re: Roll Call

Nawww Goat soz,

enamalman Posted on 1/1 1:36
re: Roll Call

...........hic*,i just had a nap under the coat's in the bedroom,and had a very disturbing dream.....feel kinda odd...and don't think things will ever be the same again

dundeejock Posted on 1/1 1:36
re: Roll Call

It is jax and santa seems to be winning

The_GOAT Posted on 1/1 1:37
re: Roll Call

When I went for chish and fips the other week I saw a house on Lexden that had a Homer Christmas on their porch.

DazzaBoro2002 Posted on 1/1 1:37
re: Roll Call

I'm not surprised have you seen the size of that Santa....

dundeejock Posted on 1/1 1:39
re: Roll Call

Did you see percy my poodle under there enamalman-hope you didn't eat him

jax_1 Posted on 1/1 1:45
re: Roll Call

Rofl E'man, awwwwww I'm sure it was just a dream

D'J Just be careful what you tell the vet, he might get the wrong idea.

Sorry Dazza, yes of course you can have a can and since it's a special occasion you can have a proper can if you want one.

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DazzaBoro2002 Posted on 1/1 1:51
re: Roll Call

I've just noticed... D'J = Dundeejock - i been thinking you where refering to the 'DJ' ... any way, get some Oasis on!!!

'This old town don't smell to pretty...'

'Half The World Away'

Jax - O.K. but don't tell know one

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jax_1 Posted on 1/1 1:54
re: Roll Call

Lol Dazza, go on have a drink..

It's ok dazza, don't worry it's our secret, everyone is too busy watching E'man fighting with Homer.

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dundeejock Posted on 1/1 1:55
re: Roll Call

Shouldn't have had that can on an empty stomach-it went straight to my head.Think I should grab some grub-am going to nip down to see if pizza shop is open late-catch you all later if you're still up

jax_1 Posted on 1/1 1:57
re: Roll Call

Ok then D'J you take care and have a great day tomorrow and a wonderful 2005 xxx Thanks for coming.

The_GOAT Posted on 1/1 1:59
re: Roll Call

This thread is preventing me change song.

I can't change the song whilst I keep being reminded of it.

DazzaBoro2002 Posted on 1/1 2:00
re: Roll Call

Thanks Jax

jax_1 Posted on 1/1 2:02
re: Roll Call

That doesn't sound good Goat.

Deputy Dazza, yvw, hope you enjoy it.

Well I'm not sure what we should do about E'man. Can't really leave him in someone elses garden all night.

enamalman Posted on 1/1 2:03
re: Roll Call

Ow..Jaxxy.........if yer yukka plant's dead in the morning,it wernt me....honesssttt*
*singing*...ALL THE JAWDEES WENT TO ROME......

The_GOAT Posted on 1/1 2:04
re: Roll Call

It's a good song, so it's not all bad.

Why won't it snow.

I wanted it to snow.

Give. Me. Snow.

DazzaBoro2002 Posted on 1/1 2:05
re: Roll Call

Joins in... JUST TO SEE THE POPE....

jax_1 Posted on 1/1 2:06
re: Roll Call

Oh noooo, what on earth has he done - I don't have a yukka plant

RAZMOND_HWDR Posted on 1/1 2:07
re: Roll Call

EXACTLY this time last year it was snowing heavy where we live!!

Yet last year they never mentioned snow until around now.

However this year they mentioned it may snow on christmas day and it fooking never!!!


DazzaBoro2002 Posted on 1/1 2:08
re: Roll Call


The_GOAT Posted on 1/1 2:10
re: Roll Call

To be honest, I am frankly terrified that we may never see snow here again.

What will become of our decorations?

Will we be seeing Father Christmas dressing in short shorts?!? [:o]


enamalman Posted on 1/1 2:14
re: Roll Call

*climbing drainpipe*.......I'M GOING HOME IN A TEESVALLEY AMBULANCE*

RAZMOND_HWDR Posted on 1/1 2:15
re: Roll Call

or even bermuda shorts?

jax_1 Posted on 1/1 2:16
re: Roll Call

E'man, if you don't get down from there right now, you will be in BIG trouble.
Now come on, while we decide what to do with you.

Coleraine_boro Posted on 1/1 2:16
re: Roll Call

don't ever take my boro away.come on boro stuff those manc coonts tomorrow.

DazzaBoro2002 Posted on 1/1 2:17
re: Roll Call

LMAO E'man...


He shall not he shall not be moved

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enamalman Posted on 1/1 2:20
re: Roll Call

Seem ta have missplaced me short's in the bedroom*

jax_1 Posted on 1/1 2:20
re: Roll Call

Don't encourage him Dazza, he's been missing half the night, now he suddenly appears and has gone mental. Not sure that I'll be inviting him to the next party!

Hi Coleraine, come along in, get yourself a drink - there's loads left.

DazzaBoro2002 Posted on 1/1 2:21
re: Roll Call

Is roll call going to become a nightly thing
Like the late post?
Its been a good laugh tonight, and well done to Jax for organising it...
Its sure to hit 1000 quicker than Late Post did.


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jax_1 Posted on 1/1 2:23
re: Roll Call

Lol Dazza, thanks for the lovely comments- it will depend on how long it takes to clear up the mess E'man made earlier and whether the neighbours will want to press charges?

DazzaBoro2002 Posted on 1/1 2:26
re: Roll Call

It's ok, i'm sure E'man will see his wrong and find his shorts and apologise to the Neighbours...

Coleraine_boro Posted on 1/1 2:26
re: Roll Call

mine is a vodka and coke with ice please.thanks jax for the invite.

enamalman Posted on 1/1 2:28
re: Roll Call


jax_1 Posted on 1/1 2:28
re: Roll Call

You're welcome Coleraine and Happy New Year too btw.

Oh I'm not so sure Dazza, he's very forgetful, he was going to give me something last night then he disappeared never to been seen again till he arrived at the party and made a mess everywhere.

DazzaBoro2002 Posted on 1/1 2:31
re: Roll Call

E'man you can't go home you've been locked out, you will have to sleep in the gutter.

Jax - Just ban him from your Partys although he is a funny guy, I would like to see this thread continue.

john_lillie Posted on 1/1 2:33
re: Roll Call

sorry, just wanted post 200

RAZMOND_HWDR Posted on 1/1 2:34
re: Roll Call


DazzaBoro2002 Posted on 1/1 2:34
re: Roll Call

Oh man i wanted that! 200 that is.


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mcbrid Posted on 1/1 2:36
re: Roll Call

Wow - 2005


jax_1 Posted on 1/1 2:37
re: Roll Call

Awwwwww not to worry Dazza you have contributed greatly to this thread tonight

DazzaBoro2002 Posted on 1/1 2:39
re: Roll Call

Happy New Year McBird....

C'mon lets ge this party going again....

abit of Pink.... 'Get this party started Saturday Night'

DazzaBoro2002 Posted on 1/1 2:39
re: Roll Call

My first double post!

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jax_1 Posted on 1/1 2:41
re: Roll Call

Oh blimey, now he's running up and down the road with his boxers on his head. The neighbours are not going to like this.

DazzaBoro2002 Posted on 1/1 2:43
re: Roll Call

Oh god call the police, it might sober him up.

dundeejock Posted on 1/1 2:46
re: Roll Call

Hi all I'm back-have I missed much?
Couldn't find a pizza shop that was open so broke into Pizzamondos and made my own-think I might be in trouble as just seen police -being led by strange guy with green undies on his head.
Think I need another drink

jax_1 Posted on 1/1 2:47
re: Roll Call

It gets worse Dazza, he has escaped from this thread now and is heading for Lillie, eeeeeeeks!

jax_1 Posted on 1/1 2:50
re: Roll Call

W.B. D'J. Bad luck with regard to the pizza.
I wouldn't know where to start, E'man went off on one and was last seen heading for J.Lillie's casual sex thread. It won't be a pretty sight.

enamalman Posted on 1/1 2:51
re: Roll Call

Urrrrggghhhh.......ent my boxer's.....more like Bridgette Jone's whopper's......BIN BAG!

DazzaBoro2002 Posted on 1/1 2:51
re: Roll Call

Dundee that could of been E'Man...

E'man please stay in here so we can keep our eye on you... We get worried when you go missing!!!

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john_lillie Posted on 1/1 2:52
re: Roll Call

it's ok, i'm back now

jax_1 Posted on 1/1 2:54
re: Roll Call

I think I am going to have to go and lay down in a darkened room, Dazza, would you kindly take care of everyone in my absence please.

enamalman Posted on 1/1 2:54
re: Roll Call


DazzaBoro2002 Posted on 1/1 2:55
re: Roll Call

Any one want a dance ?

Where's the DJ gone ?

jax_1 Posted on 1/1 2:58
re: Roll Call

Oh he's been sick again! E'man you need to sit down and stop all these shennanigans. Shall I call you a taxi?

DazzaBoro2002 Posted on 1/1 2:58
re: Roll Call

Oh and what a note to start on! E'mans sick all over your new sofa jax! I will take care for a bit but then way have to hand the reigns over as i am getting quite tired. I will try keep the noise down so you can get some sleep! Night Night... Thanks for a great night

enamalman Posted on 1/1 2:59
re: Roll Call

Go on then pretty boy

dundeejock Posted on 1/1 3:00
re: Roll Call

Can't believe some of you lot are tired-remember only wooses and woosesses go to bed before 0730.
Play some loud music and lets boogie

DazzaBoro2002 Posted on 1/1 3:03
re: Roll Call

Dundee i will see how long i can stay with you for. What music should we put on ?

jax_1 Posted on 1/1 3:08
re: Roll Call

Thanks Dazza, I've had a lot of fun too, it's been a giggle, though how I'll get rid of those stains I don't know.

Have a great 2005

Sorry D'J, E'man has worn me out, still not sure what we should do with him, maybe he will go to sleep.

Night guys and take care. Hope the new year is the best you have ever had.
See you tomorrow xxx

and night night E'man happy new year to you too xxx now see if you can be a good boy for uncle Dazza, lol.

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Goal_Scrounger Posted on 1/1 3:10
re: Roll Call

Pizza anyone?

enamalman Posted on 1/1 3:14
re: Roll Call

Eh? me foot stuck in the toilet!

DazzaBoro2002 Posted on 1/1 3:14
re: Roll Call

Night Night Jax, hope your 2005 is going to be as good has mine has been so far...

Right... lets get down and Boogie with the Boogiepimps...

The_GOAT Posted on 1/1 3:15
re: Roll Call

And you managed to wear her out whilst having one foot stuck in the toilet at the same time?!?

(fcuk me, he must be an animal)

DazzaBoro2002 Posted on 1/1 3:17
re: Roll Call

Oh god, you really gonna make this hard work ain't ya E'man!

Go on then G_S i will have slice and wash it down with another Beer.

dundeejock Posted on 1/1 3:20
re: Roll Call

Good night then jax-thanks for the party
Sweet dreams-hope I'm in them again

DazzaBoro2002 Posted on 1/1 3:24
re: Roll Call

Don't no where we going
Got no way of knowing
Riding on the road to nowhere....

enamalman Posted on 1/1 3:26
re: Roll Call

TAXI!......phook it,i'll walk.....*limping with bog still stuck on foot*

DazzaBoro2002 Posted on 1/1 3:29
re: Roll Call

E'man i will have to walk you home, there will be plenty of clampets coming home from the pub and the toilet isn't going to save you...

dundeejock Posted on 1/1 3:35
re: Roll Call

That's right leave me alone with no one to talk to.
Just hope I don't do anything daft esp with our lovely hostess lying alone upstairs.
I'll just have another can of beer while I decide on my next move

enamalman Posted on 1/1 3:35
re: Roll Call

Is the Bongo still open.......aaawwww Gaawwwwd,there isn't a match t'morra,is there?

DazzaBoro2002 Posted on 1/1 3:36
re: Roll Call

Of course there's a match Man U at home, pass your phone here and i will put the alarm on for 14:00, so you can have a decent sleep and arn't late for it.

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Goal_Scrounger Posted on 1/1 3:40
re: Roll Call

I've just decided that, by the time I tidy the house up, it'll nearly be time for the kids to get up.



I'M sure, if sober, I would have a better solution, but what the hell!

Vodka/Irn Bru anyone?

The_GOAT Posted on 1/1 3:41
re: Roll Call

Who you know fresher than Hov'? Riddle me that.

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DazzaBoro2002 Posted on 1/1 3:43
re: Roll Call

Have me one ready G_S thanks... Just walk E'man home.

enamalman Posted on 1/1 3:46
re: Roll Call

Huh...thought ya saida sleep in?......last time i go to a Romanesque orgy in suburbia.......who spiked me drink' it was jax,she is wicked..tut tut!

DazzaBoro2002 Posted on 1/1 3:55
re: Roll Call

Oh no he must of followed me back! Why don't you crash on jax's sofa, so she can have her wicked ways

enamalman Posted on 1/1 3:58
re: Roll Call

Aye,summat's phocking foot!

DazzaBoro2002 Posted on 1/1 4:00
re: Roll Call

Maybe you should be in A and E with toilets round your feet.

The_GOAT Posted on 1/1 4:01
re: Roll Call

Sue_Queudrue is a nurse.

DazzaBoro2002 Posted on 1/1 4:05
re: Roll Call

LOL There you go e'man maybe she can help you get the toilets off your feet.

enamalman Posted on 1/1 4:08
re: Roll Call


DazzaBoro2002 Posted on 1/1 4:09
re: Roll Call

She's a barmaid, will that do ?

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enamalman Posted on 1/1 4:13
re: Roll Call


enamalman Posted on 1/1 4:22
re: Roll Call

I'm off know Dazza,my son......i've got to be back in the monastery before cloister's...bless you all!

DazzaBoro2002 Posted on 1/1 4:22
re: Roll Call

Yep, she sure is...

DazzaBoro2002 Posted on 1/1 4:24
re: Roll Call

1/4 of the way there! after just one night !! woo hoo !!!

DazzaBoro2002 Posted on 1/1 4:33
re: Roll Call

Who is still inside ?

dundeejock Posted on 1/1 4:58
re: Roll Call

I'm still here Dazza hoping Sue Q takes up my invite to pop around for a drink but don't think she will

DazzaBoro2002 Posted on 1/1 10:12
re: Roll Call

Lets get tidyed up before Jax wakes up!

Boro85 Posted on 1/1 11:40
re: Roll Call

I'll supervise the operation

roswell Posted on 1/1 12:39
re: Roll Call

Any beer left? Gotta kill this hangover before it kills me.

DazzaBoro2002 Posted on 1/1 12:49
re: Roll Call

I've just put the beers in the fridge, help yourself, but put your rubbish in the bin...

Thanks for that Supervision