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barmyboroboy Posted on 2/1 20:43
Women Problems :(

I've never understood women and I don't think I ever will..

Can someone tell me they have women problems and make me feel a tad better?

sparky_boro Posted on 2/1 20:45
re: Women Problems :(

I've got women problems, happy now?

joseph2001 Posted on 2/1 20:47
re: Women Problems :(

I've never understood women and I don't think I ever will..

dont even try mate,damned if you do, damned if you dont!

spinmachine Posted on 2/1 20:49
re: Women Problems :(

"Pull yourself together" is the best advice I can give you.

nagga Posted on 2/1 20:50
re: Women Problems :(

My women problems are over now, probably until I find someone else. Hope this makes you feel better.

scuzzmonster Posted on 2/1 20:56
re: Women Problems :(

Just agree with every single word they say - far from a nailed-on guarantee of joy and harmony but it works occasionally.

Reg_Perrin Posted on 2/1 21:02
re: Women Problems :(

Stiff upper lip son!

failing that read the unrequited love thread by Scubahood and die with us both!

barmyboroboy Posted on 2/1 21:17
re: Women Problems :(

Just like buses they are...none for ages...then two at once!! They are both on the verge of finding out bout the other one aswell..

ridsdale Posted on 2/1 21:39
re: Women Problems :(

It all went downhill when they removed the word obedience from
the marriage vows.

blondie_dcfc Posted on 2/1 21:40
re: Women Problems :(

You men are just as bad yer know!!


sparky_boro Posted on 2/1 21:42
re: Women Problems :(

bbb, hope there not reading this thread then, probably know now.

How long have you been juggling?

horsforth_smoggie Posted on 2/1 21:45
re: Women Problems :(

He'll be back to juggling when they both find out! ;-)

ThePrisoner Posted on 2/1 21:48
re: Women Problems :(

Here is last week's woman-related car navigating experience at Teesside Park.
Her "Take the next left"
Me "Ok" (turns left)
Me "Great, now we're in a grid lock!"
Her "I meant the second next left not the first!"

And, dear reader, it's all true.

barmyboroboy Posted on 2/1 21:50
re: Women Problems :(

Ahhh that would be tragic should just one of them read this thread...well you see one has bin around since October time...the other fairly recently...but I just can't make my mind I end up with none...

sparky_boro Posted on 2/1 21:57
re: Women Problems :(

I know someone that had two on the go for 10 months, they both found out, has only recently split with the 2nd one after 8 years.

It wasn't the end of the world when they found out. Felt pretty close I'm told. But all worked out in the end.

Keep your chin up, and ride it out mate.

Buddy Posted on 2/1 22:07
re: Women Problems :(

Is anyone going to tell him that "since October time" and "fairly recently" are the same thing?

bbb - I've been with mine for nine years and I've come up with a cast iron way of her not finding out about the others:

I don't have any others. Having others makes them cross. And you say YOU don't understand THEM. Hmmmm.

barmyboroboy Posted on 2/1 22:10
re: Women Problems :(

wow sounds like quite a guy your mate Sparky_Boro! I'm going to take a leaf out of his book...

toots Posted on 2/1 22:11
re: Women Problems :(

if you have such a hard time understanding them, why would you want to double flummox yourself with two?
i reckon you should go greek.

barmyboroboy Posted on 2/1 22:13
re: Women Problems :(

What does go Greek mean Toots? I nay understand...

barmyboroboy Posted on 2/1 22:14
re: Women Problems :(

I also like the word flummox..

toots Posted on 2/1 22:19
re: Women Problems :(

i just made it up. i always think this, but just jokingly really, when blokes moan on about women - why not just get yourself a bloke instead, like the ancient greeks? they only bothered with women when it came to producing kids.
yeah, flummox is a fine word, i agree.

Buddy Posted on 2/1 22:20
re: Women Problems :(

I suspect your idea might not have many takers among the sons of toil and Teesside iron toots.

toots Posted on 2/1 22:28
re: Women Problems :(

i bet it would were it ever to become a societal norm, tho.

barmyboroboy Posted on 2/1 22:32
re: Women Problems :(

wow toots is full of great words like societal

Reg_Perrin Posted on 2/1 22:34
re: Women Problems :(

She's right

One up the bum no harm done

barmyboroboy Posted on 2/1 22:38
re: Women Problems :(

I'm going to accidently miss reading Reg_Perrins post [:o]

toots Posted on 2/1 22:39
re: Women Problems :(

so... youre seeing two women and you dont know which one to chuck, or you have two women interested in you and you dont know which one to go for?

should we help you decide? how about a list of the pros and cons of each?

Reg_Perrin Posted on 2/1 22:41
re: Women Problems :(

What do you mean bbb? as I said before stiff upper lip lad and take it like a man!

barmyboroboy Posted on 2/1 22:49
re: Women Problems :(

Lol cheers Reggie boy! Well Toots...spent New Years Eve with the more recent one...but was talkin quite closely with the could say we were "seeing". I see myself swaying towards the more recent...shes leggy..lovely, the lot! But so too is the other! Oh dear...

I need the Board's help on this the board ALWAYS talks sense...especially that Lord_David_Of_BORO!

toots Posted on 2/1 22:57
re: Women Problems :(

oh well... sounds like theres not much to choose between them. toss a coin.

xcurlypipkinsx Posted on 2/1 22:59
re: Women Problems :(

What you need to do come clean.

It sounds painful, but once they have duelled it out bare-breasted in the front garden then you will have yourself a suitable victor.

Failing that......which one is a 'giver'??

Chutney Posted on 2/1 23:00
re: Women Problems :(

Go for the one least prone to missing the litter tray.

barmyboroboy Posted on 2/1 23:04
re: Women Problems :(

!!NEWSFLASH!!: Oh no...shes onto it...she's suspecting something..(the october one that is) shes just sent me a message stating how we seem to be parting...only problem is...on New Years Eve...I got well and truly bladdered like you do...and I have reason to believe the Recent one read my texts... oh no what have I done...

rayparlourfanclub Posted on 2/1 23:06
re: Women Problems :(

Barmyboroboy, i read those texts and my heart is broken....

barmyboroboy Posted on 2/1 23:08
re: Women Problems :(

Mrs Curly Pipkins!! How dare you accuse me of doing such frowned upon acts with young women!

toots Posted on 2/1 23:09
re: Women Problems :(

gerraway, youre making this up!

do you answer your text messages, by the way?

rayparlourfanclub Posted on 2/1 23:10
re: Women Problems :(

Well as we are on the subject, anyone got any advice for myself, I'm looking for a lovely young lady (since barmyboroboy broke my heart) but they just dont seem to come, its like our strikers im shooting blanks on the women front way to often, someone help

sparky_boro Posted on 2/1 23:10
re: Women Problems :(

You're gonna have to come clean sooner or later mate. Either that or make a decision. ALthough by the sounds of it, they will probably decide for you, when they find out. Just like my mates two did. In his case they both still wanted him, so he still had to make the decision in the end anyway. Good luck.

barmyboroboy Posted on 2/1 23:12
re: Women Problems :(

As Rayparlourfanclub can prove...these are real life events! I Shiit You Not!!

I'm losing grip on one but gaining some on the other..

Oh dear just got a text...I'll inform you when it's been read.

rayparlourfanclub Posted on 2/1 23:15
re: Women Problems :(

These are real problems. I testify, mind you , BBB is a hot fox and is lucky to be getting any texts at all.

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horsforth_smoggie Posted on 2/1 23:22
re: Women Problems :(

I feel like I'm in an episode of 'stenders. Let us know what the text says, I won't be able to sleep until I know the outcome. ;-)

barmyboroboy Posted on 2/1 23:25
re: Women Problems :(

Holy Cow!! Got one from each...The October one has only just subtly asked me to start meeting her...but ontheotherhand...the recent one has stated that in my drunken state I made advances on her...this just gets better

jax_1 Posted on 2/1 23:25
re: Women Problems :(

Yeah, how long does it take him to read a text and then copy it onto here?

barmyboroboy Posted on 2/1 23:27
re: Women Problems :(

Well I had to reply to the texts...

rayparlourfanclub Posted on 2/1 23:30
re: Women Problems :(

And what did you say.......... keeping us in suspense?....

toots Posted on 2/1 23:31
re: Women Problems :(

effing strange blokes! youve put me right off the one i liked now. i spose i should thank you. fanx.

horsforth_smoggie Posted on 2/1 23:34
re: Women Problems :(

It's cue closing music on this particular soap for me, I'm off to bed. Hope it all works out BBB. Toodle pip!

xcurlypipkinsx Posted on 2/1 23:36
re: Women Problems :(

Ooh don't be deterred Tootsie....our resident *mostest gorgeous one*....., just use him, abuse him and send him home!!!

rayparlourfanclub Posted on 2/1 23:37
re: Women Problems :(

Oh myself and Barmyboroboy wish we were the ones being used and abused (not at the same time obviously)

barmyboroboy Posted on 2/1 23:37
re: Women Problems :(

Well if you're willing toots...I'd be more than happy to accept you as the 3rd and most lovely, lovely lady?? [:p]

LORD_DAVID_OF_BROUGH Posted on 2/1 23:39
re: Women Problems :(

women can be nice creatures you know,, they need amongst other things
commitment and reasurence then there puttty in your hands,
if you have female problems again just ask me i have 7 slaves, sorry girlfriends

toots Posted on 2/1 23:39
re: Women Problems :(

oh, no, i couldnt, pipkins. its just not me. wish i could, tho.

you bleedin nutters. quite funny, tho. a fascinating insight.

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rayparlourfanclub Posted on 2/1 23:40
re: Women Problems :(

But Lord David how do you get the slaves, please pass on your advice your majesty.

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LORD_DAVID_OF_BROUGH Posted on 2/1 23:42
re: Women Problems :(

it needs dapper good looks and money of coarse

barmyboroboy Posted on 2/1 23:42
re: Women Problems :(

Wow! LDOB is more of a player than I!

rayparlourfanclub Posted on 2/1 23:44
re: Women Problems :(

But isn't all your money going on your takeover bid? Does this mean you are giving up some women in your takeover bid? Good luck if so

LORD_DAVID_OF_BROUGH Posted on 2/1 23:45
re: Women Problems :(

i have money spare for such twaddle, this is a hobby for me are you mad???

rayparlourfanclub Posted on 2/1 23:47
re: Women Problems :(

Well you are the Lord........ Thank you your greatness, for your wisdom.

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barmyboroboy Posted on 2/1 23:47
re: Women Problems :(

So have you ever been in a predicament such as that of the one I currently face LDOB?

LORD_DAVID_OF_BROUGH Posted on 2/1 23:49
re: Women Problems :(

i think you could do with some employment, spare time makes the underclasses idle,
i am having a package delivered to the fmttm offices would you like to handle it for me??

xcurlypipkinsx Posted on 2/1 23:51
re: Women Problems :(

Fair play to you Tootsie.....every bit a lady

rayparlourfanclub Posted on 2/1 23:52
re: Women Problems :(

Lord, get your servants to do such jobs, I am no underclass your lordship, obviously you will be of a higher class than I but I am of no underclass

LORD_DAVID_OF_BROUGH Posted on 2/1 23:54
re: Women Problems :(

toots is a lovely girl, i would educate her no end in high sociaty
even though its spelt wrong :)
and wip her pert behind till she relises who her master is!!

rayparlourfanclub Posted on 2/1 23:55
re: Women Problems :(

Is toots really hot? sorry but I am uninformed in this matter.

barmyboroboy Posted on 2/1 23:55
re: Women Problems :(

I'm sorry if I have disillusioned you in any way LDOB...but I am not that way inclined...I do not handle packages hence the reason this this thread is about my WOMEN problems.

LORD_DAVID_OF_BROUGH Posted on 2/1 23:56
re: Women Problems :(

one wonders if toots dreams or fantasises of a red rump??
im sure in her private thoughts she wants correting

barmyboroboy Posted on 2/1 23:57
re: Women Problems :(

Apparently Toots is one of the hidden treasures of the FMTTM board! So I've heard...

attonBORO Posted on 3/1 0:01
re: Women Problems :(

women = problems

no women = no problems + subscription for porno channel

its a no win situation

i have double problem, thus: one ex wife woman + one new wife = i often wish i had the porno channel!!!!

rayparlourfanclub Posted on 3/1 0:02
re: Women Problems :(

Thank you attonBORO sound advice!

barmyboroboy Posted on 3/1 0:02
re: Women Problems :(

But wouldn't it be a shock if the wife and the ex-wife appeared on the porn

LORD_DAVID_OF_BROUGH Posted on 3/1 0:05
re: Women Problems :(

i am a pussy cat at heart, i have a soft spot for women, they are my masters,, i am a very naughty boy!

barmyboroboy Posted on 3/1 0:09
re: Women Problems :(

Please Rob..Don't let this crazed looooooonatic take over our FMTTM, however, do let him set up another fanzine, the guys a legend!

toots Posted on 3/1 0:11
re: Women Problems :(

oh, stop going on, you crazy blokes!!

respect to you, pipkins, for sure.

LORD_DAVID_OF_BROUGH Posted on 3/1 0:13
re: Women Problems :(

are you mad?? i am allmost in charge!
sexual problems will be priority in the new fanzine,

no more hiding away,
i want to hear fellow posters sexual traumas, i am a listener, i will help you

attonBORO Posted on 3/1 0:15
re: Women Problems :(

barmyboroboy - the ex wife was a "mobile porno channel"!!!!!!!!

barmyboroboy Posted on 3/1 0:15
re: Women Problems :(

Toots...I admire you as you were the only one who took my little predicament seriously! If you are wanting to know an update...the more recent one of the two's best mate has just told me she has me wrapped around her(recent's) lil' finger. I have stopped talkin to October for the last hour or it may have gone cold on that front...I'll have to up my game...

LORD_DAVID_OF_BROUGH Posted on 3/1 0:16
re: Women Problems :(

david suspects toots is upset at her rump slapping!!
i will respect her wishes,, i will give her a code to stop the correction!!
i dont take sissys in my dungeon!!! mwahaaahhhaaahaha

barmyboroboy Posted on 3/1 0:17
re: Women Problems :(

Oh AttonBORO I misunderstood!

So would my little episode gain a spot in the new sexual trauma fanzine LDOB? If so you have my backing...

attonBORO Posted on 3/1 0:18
re: Women Problems :(

L_D_O_B - You are a loser and very very sad get a life outside of boarderworld, like maybe go outside of your house and meet people or get help.....surely there's someone who can help you?

Are you and Freedom Bear lovers?

toots Posted on 3/1 0:18
re: Women Problems :(

well, i hope for your sake it works out the way you want it to, i guess, just because youve reaffirmed what i already knew in my heart, that you definitely cant trust or take seriously lads of your age. ill remember that without fail when i get back to work on tuesday.

toots Posted on 3/1 0:20
re: Women Problems :(

im telling you now, dave... you just wouldnt dare. full stop. FACT.

rayparlourfanclub Posted on 3/1 0:20
re: Women Problems :(

I am the same age as Barmyboroboy and I can certainly be trusted just ask barmyb I really am a genuine soul and a member of sergeant peppers lonely hearts club band.....

barmyboroboy Posted on 3/1 0:21
re: Women Problems :(

LDOB really has lost the heart goes out to that fella.

Toots...You ever had relationship troubles?

toots Posted on 3/1 0:23
re: Women Problems :(

errrr... ok.

of course i have, everyone does. its normal, isnt it?

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rayparlourfanclub Posted on 3/1 0:24
re: Women Problems :(

So do you now accept me and my whole generation as they are toots?

LORD_DAVID_OF_BROUGH Posted on 3/1 0:27
re: Women Problems :(

lucka mate pis-s take aside,, realise now your not shi-tting,,,
whatever the circumstance and i mean it never let the bas_tards get you down women or not,,its a tw_at when you have give your all to a woman and they dont give back and it works both ways many women post similar and in life many woman moan about same things,, my wifes sister is single and she never stops giving up about men, i never got married till 33 some men are on there third by then and women also, look the best advise i can give you all joking aside is enjoy your life!!!and i repeat enjoy your life,, its the only one you get , and you soon forget both ways, i could rant on on here for 6 hours about chances and women lost and money gone etc but it wont work ,, your not the only man who has lost a realy special woman we all have, it feels the worst pain you could have and it is but it gets easier as time goes on, thats all i can say good luck

toots Posted on 3/1 0:28
re: Women Problems :(

well, i always accept people as they are, i think.

hes right, specially bout enjoy your life its the only one you got, and you should be having a laugh and playing all you like.

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barmyboroboy Posted on 3/1 0:30
re: Women Problems :(

They really were such powerful and inspiring words from LDOB...the man does have a heart and he is all there afterall. I repeat...Legend.

I Wondered where he had gone for a while...but he was writing that essay

rayparlourfanclub Posted on 3/1 0:31
re: Women Problems :(

Lord David, you are right worst feeling in the world, there was this girl who very recently I fell in love with , all I wanted to do was make her smile and hug her, all she wanted was to be friends at a distance, my heart was broken and this girl still echoes around my head. I take on board what you are syaing Lord but its tough to take the rejection and its tough to get the specific person out of your head...

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LORD_DAVID_OF_BROUGH Posted on 3/1 0:34
re: Women Problems :(

i love yes all rally yes me bestest pals

toots Posted on 3/1 0:35
re: Women Problems :(

awww, rpfc, i know just how you feel. thats just how i feel (not about you, of course). but its just the way it goes, another will come along to make you feel the same.
bbb, youre evil.

barmyboroboy Posted on 3/1 0:36
re: Women Problems :(

So should I look on the bright side and least I have a choice of two rather than no choice at all...

It'll all very well...but at the end of the day...One will be upset and hurt...not a feeling I wish upon anyone.

rayparlourfanclub Posted on 3/1 0:37
re: Women Problems :(

So I'm not the only one in this lonley boat? Its so annoying the fact that every song reminds you of the person and everything you do you think what that person would think of what your doing.... or is that just me?
BBB you know your very lucky, we have spoke about this elsewhere than this beloved board, good luck whatever you do ,play the man.

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toots Posted on 3/1 0:38
re: Women Problems :(

well, then, maybe you shouldnt play people if you have a conscience about it. you can only do it if you dont really care. anyway, they shouldnt be too badly hurt if youve not been seeing either of them seriously, and not made a commitment to either of them.

no, thats normal as well, rpfc. but anyway... hanging around at your computer wont get you anywhere with the ladies, apart from chatting them up on msn, i spose.

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LORD_DAVID_OF_BROUGH Posted on 3/1 0:38
re: Women Problems :(

ray parlour,, you may feel like an outsider to this girls life now,, but you can rise above it, you can!! time tells,, you will end up the best chance she had no doubt and she will tell you this once you have married a dog like me

rayparlourfanclub Posted on 3/1 0:40
re: Women Problems :(

Lord David you had anything like this? I'm sure your wife isnt a dog hee hee. I shall rise above it thank you for the confidence!

barmyboroboy Posted on 3/1 0:42
re: Women Problems :(

You speak much sense Toots and I can only thank you for your support...

And LDOB, you astound me with every post you post...calling the wife a dog...cracker.

LORD_DAVID_OF_BROUGH Posted on 3/1 0:45
re: Women Problems :(

shi_tting aside pal i lost a beauty,
my own fault,,
i will not go into it,,

toots Posted on 3/1 0:46
re: Women Problems :(

well, you know... i like to be of use, if i can, tho im sure you dont really need it.

rayparlourfanclub Posted on 3/1 0:47
re: Women Problems :(

Agh right, I really am sorry to hear that LDOB. Possibly the worst feeling in the world. Sorry to hear that fella.

rayparlourfanclub Posted on 3/1 0:47
re: Women Problems :(

Toots you can help me hee hee.....

barmyboroboy Posted on 3/1 0:47
re: Women Problems :(

LDOB, we would be honoured if you should tell us about this beauty as it may put mine into perspective...however should you really not want to, I respect your wish.

LORD_DAVID_OF_BROUGH Posted on 3/1 0:55
re: Women Problems :(

im over it all now im afraid mate,,
its not worth writing about its only a apart of life,
although i do miss her a lot , she will never cross my path a gain
she dont even live in my country,, like i said mate life has to move on, like yours, she is a very lovely memory in my head and thats all,, i can float off too it when i need too

LORD_DAVID_OF_BROUGH Posted on 3/1 0:57
re: Women Problems :(

but i promise you when i get the time i will tell you all ,, it was a proper romantic love affair type romance,, well the best of my life realy but life never turns out how it should sometimes!

barmyboroboy Posted on 3/1 0:59
re: Women Problems :(

P.S I would like to thank you all esp. Toots, LDOB and Rayparlourfanclub for helping me achieve only my 2nd ever 100 post and for helping me through this difficult time in which I found where my true friends lie on this board. I offer myself to you for future purposes should you need to talk to anyone or a shoulder to cry on. Many thanks for making my predicament clearer.

rayparlourfanclub Posted on 3/1 1:00
re: Women Problems :(

Sounds uncannily like my unfortunate situation.... cummon give us the story Lord!

rayparlourfanclub Posted on 3/1 1:01
re: Women Problems :(

I feel we have bonded in this very thread.

toots Posted on 3/1 1:02
re: Women Problems :(

scandalous kids.

LORD_DAVID_OF_BROUGH Posted on 3/1 1:02
re: Women Problems :(

i promise i will mate some other time,
i will just cry if i tell it now boo hoo

rayparlourfanclub Posted on 3/1 1:06
re: Women Problems :(

Ok Lord David, In your own time I shall look forward to the tale.
Toots- whats scandalous love? Do you not feel a strong brother/sisterhood?

toots Posted on 3/1 1:07
re: Women Problems :(

oh, yes, we will be friends for ever more. i just know it.

LORD_DAVID_OF_BROUGH Posted on 3/1 1:08
re: Women Problems :(

all ther best to you all,,
i have realised i have been a tw_at i am so sorry yer all me bestest pals really :)
but you will be mine mwahhhh mwahhh hahahaha

rayparlourfanclub Posted on 3/1 1:09
re: Women Problems :(

Now now is that sarcasm? or the start of a new era?

dundeejock Posted on 3/1 1:11
re: Women Problems :(

BBB-didn't read about your 'problem' to late but here is my advice.
Introduce the 2 lasses to each other,be honest with them and suggest a nice threesome-start it with the lasses 'getting to know each other better' then it will be your turn-Good Luck

toots Posted on 3/1 1:11
re: Women Problems :(

just a larf, innit? passed the evening away quite nicely, as there was nowt but nowt on tv, and im too lazy to do anything else today. fanx.

rayparlourfanclub Posted on 3/1 1:12
re: Women Problems :(

Lord David I see you as no tw_at! but others do why is this? the takeover bid or what else? am I missing something?

rayparlourfanclub Posted on 3/1 1:13
re: Women Problems :(

Toots you have broken my heart!, just joking its been a pleasure passing the night away

barmyboroboy Posted on 3/1 1:13
re: Women Problems :(

hehehe look at toots with a sense of humour this late at night!

LDOB I love you and if I was that way inclined plus, should the country allow it...I would marry you. And you for that matter toots! All one big family...

rayparlourfanclub Posted on 3/1 1:15
re: Women Problems :(

We are already married me and BBB that is.

toots Posted on 3/1 1:17
re: Women Problems :(

i can tell. its clear there's something of the greek about you both.

only kidding. honest.

LORD_DAVID_OF_BROUGH Posted on 3/1 1:18
re: Women Problems :(

i may be an imposter but i for one will not let on :)

rayparlourfanclub Posted on 3/1 1:18
re: Women Problems :(

Toots, What are you implying.... cheeky.

barmyboroboy Posted on 3/1 1:19
re: Women Problems :(

DundeeJock has fantastic ideas...I like him too (not in that way) I'm not greek...

dundeejock Posted on 3/1 1:22
re: Women Problems :(

Glad you don't like me in the Greek way BBB-I'm happily married BUT if you need any help getting the girls in the mood let me know as I will give a hand

barmyboroboy Posted on 3/1 1:23
re: Women Problems :(

People I have came to an important conclusion...

I am going all out to win over the more recent lady of the two...thinking of her attributes and qualities...she is more suited to me than October however nice of a lass she is.

Mrs Recent has just stated that she loves me which filled my heart with delight. I am going to tell her I love her too.

Now I need your help big do I let the other know?

barmyboroboy Posted on 3/1 1:25
re: Women Problems :(

Lol thanx D.J but with this young madam I would rather make love than have casual sex...

dundeejock Posted on 3/1 1:26
re: Women Problems :(

Take her out for a nice romantic meal(go Dutch of course),invite her back,make romantic love to her then tell her to pack her bags she's dumped-Honesty always works

barmyboroboy Posted on 3/1 1:28
re: Women Problems :(

haha that fella is just as crazy as LDOB. Sounds as if he's been round the block

rayparlourfanclub Posted on 3/1 1:31
re: Women Problems :(

Round the jock.

dundeejock Posted on 3/1 1:33
re: Women Problems :(

Come on BBB-I give you my best advice and all you do is insult me-I'm no where near as bad as LDOB.
Anyway best of luck in saying goodbye to 'October lass'

barmyboroboy Posted on 3/1 1:37
re: Women Problems :(

Your advice is much appreciated DJ and it was what I was actually thinking in my head although I would not admit it out aloud.

LDOB is a bit of a horn dog like I can't wait til he tells us his story...

barmyboroboy Posted on 3/1 22:18
re: Women Problems :(

I believe I have just hit the deciding chapter in my controversal love triangle. October has found out about Mrs Recent...all is not well.

toots Posted on 3/1 22:28
re: Women Problems :(

thought youd already made your decision.. anyway, if youve had a woman chasing you since october, and youve not done nowt about it, she cant have been much cop. get it on with recent, and leave october to last year.

barmyboroboy Posted on 3/1 22:31
re: Women Problems :(

Toots am going to do what you've told me as you seem a lady in touch with the world, young yet experienced. Thanx for your help toots.

toots Posted on 3/1 22:32
re: Women Problems :(

ermm.... yeah.

rayparlourfanclub Posted on 3/1 22:35
re: Women Problems :(

Hey seems as though hes picked the recent girl, hes just offered me October cheeky swine

toots Posted on 3/1 22:37
re: Women Problems :(

oh, youve depressed me with this thing. im in love with a young man such as yourselves, but now i can see what youre like, and im sure hes just the same, its ruined it all for me. oh, how reality bites!

barmyboroboy Posted on 3/1 22:40
re: Women Problems :(

What age would this guy be of if you don;t mind me asking?

I'm sure he is a better lad than I, you once told me "go for it!"

rayparlourfanclub Posted on 3/1 22:43
re: Women Problems :(

I am a good boy, ask Barmyboroboy I was left broken hearted by a young woman.....

toots Posted on 3/1 22:45
re: Women Problems :(

well, no details, but just guessing id say hes round about your age, maybe give or take a year or two.
no, it would be the wrong thing to do. doesnt matter.
good luck with recent, hope october goes without a fight, if thats what you want.

night night.

im not saying youre bad people, rpfc, just the way things are at your age. perfectly normal.

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barmyboroboy Posted on 3/1 22:49
re: Women Problems :(

...and again I can only thank you toots...

toots Posted on 3/1 22:53
re: Women Problems :(