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Woodymfc Posted on 7/1 10:21
The Latest

Just had a call from a very reliable source, revealing that Geremi and Cudicini have just stepped off the Baby bmi plane from London at DTValley.............Wey hey whats going on ???

Boateng_7 Posted on 7/1 10:21
re: The Latest


Boateng_7 Posted on 7/1 10:25
re: The Latest

this a windup?

Woodymfc Posted on 7/1 10:27
re: The Latest

No, my girlfriend works at the airport

Earl_Divvy_of_Barrow Posted on 7/1 10:28
re: The Latest

At the barracks??

The_Boro_Biffa Posted on 7/1 10:29
re: The Latest

Wouldn't say no to signing Geremi, but i'd prefer to hold onto Schwarz.

Cyclonic_Nunu Posted on 7/1 10:29
re: The Latest

Pedantic ATC point : BMI Baby don't fly London - Teesside...

Fatsuma Posted on 7/1 10:31
re: The Latest


So your girlfriend is your reliable source!

Is she therefore consdiered 'reliable' as a source because

she's your girlfriend
she works at the airport
she would recognise CuchicuchiCudincini and Geremi
she would never wind you up?

If mine thought she would get your response she'd wind me up every time?

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mattrich Posted on 7/1 10:32
re: The Latest

gigi buffon was in y k chows last night on parliment road ordering fish and chips, he mentioned a loan deal till the end oof the season, then a four year deal to follow to the bloke behind the counter, he said he has followed boro since he was a boy.

Woodymfc Posted on 7/1 10:32
re: The Latest

Yes they do son

LTS_3 Posted on 7/1 10:32
re: The Latest


I heard Toldo and Casillas were in the car waiting for him

Woodymfc Posted on 7/1 10:35
re: The Latest

Fatsuma fella, she is big Boro fan and rang me so excitedly. She was handed the arrival list and her amle coleague pointed to their names. I am as surprised as you and believe it to be true

Earl_Divvy_of_Barrow Posted on 7/1 10:38
re: The Latest

I believe you are lying, Mr Woody.

When my own plane is not available, I sometimes have to take scheduled flights. BMI Baby from London only go to Cork.

Fatsuma Posted on 7/1 10:39
re: The Latest


You know what this means......

Hodgson's pulled off the transfer coup of the season. Darlo are finally on the footy map!

I bet we'd have gone for them too if they were not cup-tied for Europe!

Cogeur_le_Conq Posted on 7/1 10:40
re: The Latest

BMI Baby (British Midland) have the Teesside -> London flight.

Otley_Boro_Fan Posted on 7/1 10:43
re: The Latest

I think woody means bmi (not baby). His excitement is understandable.

I've always liked Geremi and I'll be well chuffed if he comes back.

Boateng_7 Posted on 7/1 10:45
re: The Latest

just checked on the bmi baby website and they do Teesside - London


Otley_Boro_Fan Posted on 7/1 10:48
re: The Latest

no they do not

Woodymfc Posted on 7/1 10:48
re: The Latest

ok im sorry i thought i said bmi, great news isnt it

Cyclonic_Nunu Posted on 7/1 10:56
re: The Latest

As the only resident controller who regularly works Teesside - Heathrow, and vice versa, flights I can safely say that BMI Baby do NOT operate this route.

British Midland DO operate it, and I have been very fortunate to use this excellent service on several occasions... The last time I was sat next to Chris Kamara and Jeff Stelling!

Earl_Divvy_of_Barrow Posted on 7/1 10:58
re: The Latest

British Midlands do an 8.00am from Heathrow if memory serves.

I am surprised that Mr Nunu is involved in aviation, as I had him down as a railway enthusiast.

Woodymfc Posted on 7/1 11:01
re: The Latest

Yes its just a technical point in that I got mixed up with the names of the airlines. I thought BMI were Britsh Midland, thats all - who cares

Fatsuma Posted on 7/1 11:01
re: The Latest

Mr Nunu - that means you were sat between them!

Is there something we should be told?

Woodymfc Posted on 7/1 11:04
re: The Latest

I thought aslo transport for Nuno, as an Eddie Stobbart wagon spotter in brown checked slippers and a dear stalker hat. Dont forget the Golden Virginia

foomanboro Posted on 7/1 11:07
re: The Latest

Woody no-one appreciates a wind up merchent, especially when concerning boro transfers.

Any sort of credibility on this board that you had will probably go down after this post.

Cyclonic_Nunu Posted on 7/1 11:08
re: The Latest

Fatsuma, technically correct and yet incorrect on a different level!!! Sat next to Kamara, with Stelling next to him, so I suppose you are more correct than I am!!! Had a good chat with Kamara about the whole Mutu drugs thing (It was the day after the Lazio match) and he had some interesting thoughts on the matter.

Woody/Earl Divvy, so sorry to disappoint with my job!

Gibsons_chequebook Posted on 7/1 11:12
re: The Latest

Foomanboro- But he may be telling the truth, and Cudicini and Geremi may well be at the Riverside now. That is what the 1pm press conference at Hurwoth will be to announce.

Woodymfc Posted on 7/1 11:12
re: The Latest

Come on Nunu, reveal all. Im a packer at Tescos on night shift, its great and I get the odd s--- in the warehouse now and again

mattrich Posted on 7/1 11:14
re: The Latest

they always have a press conference the day before a game.

joseph2001 Posted on 7/1 11:14
re: The Latest

odd sock ?

Woodymfc Posted on 7/1 11:14
re: The Latest

Fooman thats not kind and I have never posted any crap on here. I can only repeat what I am told from my partner. she is honest so >...................think whay you like son

towz Posted on 7/1 11:16
re: The Latest

BMI do fly Heathrow to Teesside. I know coz i done it.

Otley_Boro_Fan Posted on 7/1 11:17
re: The Latest

You know, I've got fookin hundreds of odd socks. So that's where the barstarrds went!

foomanboro Posted on 7/1 11:17
re: The Latest

Well if you are right i will gladly eat my hat and give you an apology.....

but i know and you know that you are talking nonsense......son!

Boro85 Posted on 7/1 11:19
re: The Latest

lay off him fellas. even if it is a wind up its bit of excitement for the morning. this is what makes the transfer window exviting, trying to figure out who we're signing.

Otley_Boro_Fan Posted on 7/1 11:20
re: The Latest


towz Posted on 7/1 11:21
re: The Latest

I saw Pele in the Cross last night. He was dead excited about signing for the Boro. He said he might be getting on a bit but he'll still bang the goals in. The he went down Pizza 2000 for a Parmo.

Cyclonic_Nunu Posted on 7/1 11:21
re: The Latest

Woody - ?

foomanboro Posted on 7/1 11:24
re: The Latest

Don't apreciate it myself, when it comes to boro transfers.

I mean for me, it's like telling a kid that he going o get a bike for xmas and then getting him nothing instead.

Totally pointless and unhelpful.

captain5 Posted on 7/1 11:26
re: The Latest

You only got a skateboard, didn't you??

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Cyclonic_Nunu Posted on 7/1 11:26
re: The Latest

Can we assume you didn't get the bike you wanted, then, Fooman?

Damn the Captain for his faster typing skills.....

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Fatsuma Posted on 7/1 11:27
re: The Latest

Towz - sounds interesting.

We all know Pele was great and would be a real coup for the Boro.

In his early years he set such a high standard, but I have doubts he'd be able to keep it up.

foomanboro Posted on 7/1 11:28
re: The Latest

Yes Captain, it goes back to my deep rooted psychological problem caused by a past xmas day when i got a skateboard instead of a bike.

towz Posted on 7/1 11:28
re: The Latest

I think he got 1/2 a hotshot. He was knocking the 80 bob back like a good un though. We don't need another keith o' (fockin') neill.

captain5 Posted on 7/1 11:29
re: The Latest

C_N - only things still working these days are my brain and my typing fingers.

BTW - I think his Earlship was making reference to your surname with the railways reference.

Cyclonic_Nunu Posted on 7/1 11:33
re: The Latest

Capt... Sorry to hear that, maybe we should have a 3 minute silence for your faculties (sp)...! And I got the reference but thought i'd ignore it!

hodgy86 Posted on 7/1 11:41
re: The Latest

Calm down folks... listen!!!!

hodgy86 Posted on 7/1 11:44
re: The Latest

i can confirm they may be a touch of truth with woodymfc's post, having finished my shift at DTV airport several hours ago, the place was a hive of activity, the word going around that two premiership footballers had just stepped off the london flight!!!
but i cant confirm their names, it would be wrong to wind people up!

Fatsuma Posted on 7/1 11:49
re: The Latest

Hodgy ??

I was only joking about Darlo's coup !!

hodgy86 Posted on 7/1 11:52
re: The Latest

i said premier footballers, not Boro has beens!

madlad Posted on 7/1 11:59
re: The Latest

FAO Cyclonic_Nunu

You work the ATC at Teesside/DV airport,yes?

Cyclonic_Nunu Posted on 7/1 12:00
re: The Latest

Madlad, nope. I'm a radar controller at West Drayton, nr Heathrow. Do all the Heathrow, Luton, Stansted and City northbound stuff...

madlad Posted on 7/1 12:02
re: The Latest

I thought so because there is no radar at Teesside. I used to work Lon Mil at West Drayton in 1990,then moved to Buchan till 96,then Boulmer till 2000.

madlad Posted on 7/1 12:03
re: The Latest

You might know a lad called Mick Senior or maybe Mick tatlock?

20_Briggsy Posted on 7/1 12:03
re: The Latest

I believe we'll sign a chelsea player before the month is out.

Cyclonic_Nunu Posted on 7/1 12:08
re: The Latest

Teesside does have radar... They take the feed from Great Dun Fell for approach, you can see the high sided vehicles going across the A66! Very confusing!

And no, don't recognise the names but if they are RAF I wouldn't!

Buddy Posted on 7/1 12:11
re: The Latest

"Midland 332 turn right heading 025"

"Stobart 'Jenny' turn left heading 335"

"Bulkhaul 037 descend driving level 200"

madlad Posted on 7/1 12:11
re: The Latest

I see...I've been out of the loop for 4 years...things have changed...
No, the 2 lads I mentioned are ex RAF but now work for NATS.

Cyclonic_Nunu Posted on 7/1 12:14
re: The Latest

Captain, can be quite interesting when you see a couple of fast moving tornadoes trying to "splash" an artic!!!

captain5 Posted on 7/1 12:17
re: The Latest

Sounds like regular_reader on a night out down Guisborough.

billys_woof_woof Posted on 7/1 12:19
re: The Latest

week-end on the pi$$ with all the borolads me thinks for old times sakes

as all the stiffs will be playing sat they have a free week-end

as does geremi and cudo

comfortable_shoes Posted on 7/1 12:19
re: The Latest


That is memories of F3's and erections by the way (captain)


The_Lizards_Jumpers Posted on 7/1 12:24
re: The Latest

I would have thought that Geremi and Cuddicini were the sort of players who WILL be playing this weekend as Morninhio is unlikley to risk Chech and some of his other first teamers.

captain5 Posted on 7/1 12:28
re: The Latest

Geremi had a slight injury I think and Chelsea have enough keepers.

Could probably put Joe Cole in goal this weekend and be okay.

Kilburn Posted on 7/1 12:28
re: The Latest

Well there's the litmus test for this story then. If Geremi and Cudicini are involved for Chelsea tomorrow, then it's a non-starter.

scoea Posted on 7/1 12:29
re: The Latest

Here's the Chelsea squad for tomorrow:

Cech, Cudicini, Johnson, Ferreira, Gallas, Terry, Bridge, Smertin, Jarosik, Cole, Geremi, Lampard, Tiago, Kezman, Gudjohnsen, Drogba, Robben, Duff, Makelele

captain5 Posted on 7/1 12:33
re: The Latest

Acidic or alkaline then??

hodgy86 Posted on 7/1 13:00
re: The Latest

here we go lads,
cudicini and geremi is the latest, i couldn't confirm names before, just 2 premier footballers have arrived on teesside..

what great signings...
fingers crossed..

Buddy Posted on 7/1 13:03
re: The Latest

hodgy, can you get off the computer please, Woody wants to use it.....

woodaz Posted on 7/1 13:04
re: The Latest

forget about the chelsea squad tomorrow, the two of them are only having a medical, think they could both sign on monday!!
wont big schwarz be gutted seing cudicini stroll in..

you wont hold the club to ransom you big greedy aussie get..

woodaz Posted on 7/1 13:05
re: The Latest

thought you died in a plane crash son!!

hodgy86 Posted on 7/1 13:07
re: The Latest

afternoon drinking hey buddy, get yourself for a lie down and your mam will shout you when the gravy's done!!!


Arnold_Rimmer Posted on 7/1 13:08
re: The Latest

No, that was me. And it was a nuclear blast, not a plane crash. Fortunately hologram technology has moved on.

hodgy86 Posted on 7/1 13:12
re: The Latest

easy rimmer, calm down like...
if its not cudicini and geremi, it could be robbie savage and oliver bernard!!

woodaz Posted on 7/1 13:15
re: The Latest

is buddy there??

have you heard any news buddy, or you watching the cricket(s)

woodaz Posted on 7/1 13:16
re: The Latest

by the way hodgy86, what exactly do you do at DTV airport and how did you hear about this bollox rumour!!

we_have_overcome Posted on 7/1 13:27
re: The Latest

Fond memories of West Drayton, I was there 82 till 85. I think the ratio of women to fellas was about 3 to 1. Most of the blokes were Air Traffic type geeks, which meant that there was lots of action for us real men.

Geremi and Cudo eh, sounds good.

davi_redcar Posted on 7/1 13:33
re: The Latest


Link: The plot thickens

Woodymfc Posted on 7/1 13:42
re: The Latest

thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!!!
I told you it was a reliable source, they will both be Boro players by next weekend...

up the boro..

Otley_Boro Posted on 7/1 13:43
re: The Latest

Well done woodster.

If it doesn't come off your in for a big fall (and a wedgey)

hodgy86 Posted on 7/1 13:47
re: The Latest

tis true, tis true!!
just the lift the club needed..

the mighty boro bandwagon rolls on,

up the mags..

Otley_Boro Posted on 7/1 13:48
re: The Latest

hodgy86 Posted on 7/1 13:49
re: The Latest

up the mags aris that is...

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Woodymfc Posted on 7/1 13:53
re: The Latest

I hope the rumour regarding robbie savage is a load of cr*p,
hope souness signs him then the mags will be bouncing!

hodgy86 Posted on 7/1 14:01
re: The Latest

savage is a lot better than doriva, and would provide another attacking option in midfield.

the guy looks like a real t**t though..

Cyclonic_Nunu Posted on 7/1 14:05
re: The Latest

we_have_overcome, you do make me chuckle. Unfortunately the ratio has been reversed these days, but I'm sure you "real" men wouldn't mind that... Meanwhile I'll make do with my wife!!!

madlad Posted on 7/1 14:23
re: The Latest

When I was there in 90, it wasn't exactly a hotbed either...
mind you, we got p1ssed a bit at the six it still on the corner? And do they still have the officers mess on the corner of the road?

Cyclonic_Nunu Posted on 7/1 14:25
re: The Latest

Six Bells still there, although why anyone would drink in it is another thing... Not too sure about the Mess thing as we don't get involved with the RAF unless we have to!!!

madlad Posted on 7/1 14:31
re: The Latest was 15 years ago!
Ah...things were so much easier then...phrases like "The Lichfield Corridor" were alien to me then,lol!

hodgy86 Posted on 7/1 14:40
re: The Latest

thought this was a football messageboard,
not a military gayboy chatroom, up the lichfield corridor... WTF

Woodymfc Posted on 7/1 14:45
re: The Latest


NorthDownSouth Posted on 7/1 14:46
re: The Latest

I would hope that the officer's mess has been cleared up by now.

Woodymfc Posted on 7/1 14:48
re: The Latest

yeah, and whats all this talk about six bells.....
the bloody nancy's... theyre supposed to be representing the country and are all a pack of fruits..

hodgy86 Posted on 7/1 14:50
re: The Latest


madlad Posted on 7/1 14:56
re: The Latest

Just banter lads...chill...
by the way, the lads talking about corridors etc ,like me are not gay, but were Air Traffic Controllers. Not Military either

hodgy86 Posted on 7/1 17:30
re: The Latest

"yeah i know" madlad

"i want that one"

woodaz Posted on 7/1 17:38
re: The Latest

whats all this no go shi** about geremi and carlo,


Woodymfc Posted on 7/1 20:36
re: The Latest

Otley_boro a wedgie eh. My pants are excited at getting my first hundred posts fella. And why was the name Geremi mentioned all day on Century today [;-)]

Woodymfc Posted on 7/1 20:37
re: The Latest

Bugger sorry Otley

micky_k86 Posted on 7/1 20:40
re: The Latest


Woodymfc Posted on 7/1 20:46
re: The Latest

Gerrrrrin Micky, im off out on the pop now to celebrate my first century

Woodymfc Posted on 7/1 20:47
re: The Latest

Could i have 98 congratulations please

Otley_Boro_Fan Posted on 7/1 21:12
re: The Latest

Hope it happens woody.

By the way, are we mates after our pre-Christmas tiff?

we_have_overcome Posted on 7/1 23:38
re: The Latest


This board is full of shyte not related to football, but I don't see many complaints about fav bands, songs without names, computer advice, the worst pub in the Boro and the rest of the un-soccer related stuff thatís on here. But as soon as a couple of us reminisce, there are people like you jumping down our throats.

And if you think I'm gay I will quite happily ram something up your Litchfield corridor, but unfortunately it wonít be my dick (which I'm sure that you would enjoy) it will be my size 11.

Woodymfc Posted on 8/1 11:26
re: The Latest

Mr Otley_boro_fan A happy New Year and in reply to your question

"We Are One"

life is too short

Woodymfc Posted on 8/1 19:07
re: The Latest

Sorry its a hoof for Otley

leap_day_2004 Posted on 8/1 19:53
re: The Latest

Oh my god!

Just seen em both dressed up in yarm and off into the cross keys, they must be staying with zenden just behind the yarm high street!

hodgy86 Posted on 8/1 20:35
re: The Latest

your in fookin cucku land kid, everyone knows you prefer sausage to taco, stop spilling sh** about you and the lads at west drayton and all these birds..
"Fond memories of West Drayton, I was there 82 till 85. I think the ratio of women to fellas was about 3 to 1. Most of the blokes were Air Traffic type geeks, which meant that there was lots of action for us real men".

the truth is you prefer a jaunt up the lichfield corridor!!

now fook off before i put my size 9's up your aris.

woodaz Posted on 8/1 22:17
re: The Latest

F.A.O Fooman and Buddy!

Link: geremi signs!!

hodgy86 Posted on 8/1 23:01
re: The Latest

All rise

Link: too true

Buddy Posted on 8/1 23:03
re: The Latest

Hands up, I admit it. You have provided too many links to nailed-on facts with quotes and everything. He'll be at the press conference on Monday.

hodgy86 Posted on 8/1 23:06
re: The Latest

just for you muckah,

Link: a link for buddy!

Buddy Posted on 8/1 23:07
re: The Latest

No, wrong again

Link: this is more like it

Woodymfc Posted on 9/1 21:20
re: The Latest

Is that a tube of polyfilla or grecian 2000

foomanboro Posted on 9/1 21:22
re: The Latest

Damn you woody! I will not help you get to 150!

Cheeky_Chops Posted on 9/1 21:28
re: The Latest

A definite no no according to Chelsea and McClaren. Is your lass a fantasist then Woody?

Woodymfc Posted on 9/1 21:29
re: The Latest

Here we go here we go here we go

Woodymfc Posted on 9/1 21:32
re: The Latest

well cheecky_chops who isnt but I would rather keep our bedroom secrets indoors Have you got a bird or are you a fan of the Lichfield corridor following

Woodymfc Posted on 9/1 21:33
re: The Latest

and also where have you got this dribble of info from cheeky_chops 119

Cheeky_Chops Posted on 9/1 21:50
re: The Latest

Sort of both. I have a bird but I like to bum her when she steps out of line.

Chelseas assistant manager (Steve Clark?) said they have had no approaches from anybody for anyone and that nobody would be leaving the Bridge in January.

Your lass lies to you for kicks. If you can't trust her on that what can you trust her on. I bet she is a bit of a sausage queen with the pilots down at DTV

Woodymfc Posted on 9/1 22:02
re: The Latest

Think I better get rid then, as you seem so well informed. I also always wondered why she took our furry handcuffs to work.

Piquet Posted on 9/1 22:08
re: The Latest

I have given to not trusting anybody with multiple usernames....especially using 3 on the same thread....

Woodymfc Posted on 9/1 22:10
re: The Latest

LOL all is explained above Piquit

Cheeky_Chops Posted on 9/1 22:11
re: The Latest

To whom doth you refer to Piquet? I have just scrolled the whole thread and it's not me.

Piquet Posted on 9/1 22:13
re: The Latest

As if Mr Chops, I know you to be a fine upstanding fellow of this community, and no doubt you have a passport to prove I am refering to another three people...

foomanboro Posted on 9/1 22:15
re: The Latest

Hah Hah, i deem Woody first FMTTM ton be stricken from the record books for serious foul play!

Woodymfc Posted on 9/1 22:16
re: The Latest

Obviously Piquet has not read the thread in full

corruptbiggins Posted on 9/1 22:17
re: The Latest

I wonder indeed. No, actually I don't wonder I know!

foomanboro Posted on 9/1 22:18
re: The Latest

Your alibi Woody has holes in it big enough to fit a small planet through!


Piquet Posted on 9/1 22:18
re: The Latest

Please don't make me read it again....please...

Woodymfc Posted on 9/1 22:31
re: The Latest

Goodnight folks, its time for kip.
Wonder what we read in the geeeezette tomora

leap_day_2004 Posted on 9/1 22:36
re: The Latest

Surely beni mcarthey is due a few line inthe gazette this month at some point?

How about woodgate(if fit) on loan as real madrid want shot of their english players soon.

Maybe a gazette link to philips?

Woodymfc Posted on 11/1 18:31
re: The Latest

And just what was Woody telling evryone the other day about geremi.
Ah those who have little faith Buddy/fooman etc

foomanboro Posted on 11/1 18:40
re: The Latest

nNothing has changed, geremi still ain't coming, Chelsea said as much....

and cudicini???? Not heard a peep from anyone about him. You know why? because you made it up.

Also i refuse to entertain your made-up rumours any longer Woody unless either of those to actually sign for us.

By the way if this is a vain attempt to tot-up your post count to 150, don't bother. you're ton has already been declared null and void because most of the posts are made up from your own 3 usernames.

Woodymfc Posted on 11/1 18:45
re: The Latest

LOL Fooman ya dork, I can think of a thousand better ways to be pleased than gain a hundred posts on this board you Cyber addict.

Geremi will sign for the Boro, want to bet on it


foomanboro Posted on 11/1 18:52
re: The Latest

"I can think of a thousand better ways to be pleased than gain a hundred posts"

The fact that you gone to the trouble of:

a) Creating an imaginary girlfriend who works at the airport
b) Hoofing this thread on a regular basis
c) Using 3 usernames

................suggests otherwise.


Carvalhos_barnet Posted on 11/1 18:57
woody allen

The fact that there has been 136 posts on this thread exposes both your eagerness and desperation.

In a word.......................SAD.

Woodymfc Posted on 11/1 20:14
re: The Latest

LOL Fooman, a thousand people might use the same toilet everyday, so ..........who gives a shoite about this computer lark
Buddy can track my ip from Vezuela next week when Hodgy and woddaz wiil be on theirs as man and wife.

Wot a dick!! and a story teller. Waht about this bet, so we can see whos talking shoite

foomanboro Posted on 11/1 20:40
re: The Latest

Woody, don't get upset because you've been made to look foolish. You only have yourself to blame.

As for a bet? I would, if it wasn't for the fact i tend not make money wagers with complete strangers over the internet.

So as appealing as it might seem to meet some weirdo from an internet message board.....i think i'll pass.

Woodymfc Posted on 11/1 21:42
re: The Latest

LOL People of your calibre amaze me,whats the point of getting upset fooman. Ive never heard such bolox. Is this minor issue life threatening or something

I knew you would come up with some feeble excuse re the bet and all the other tripe you have come out with. Stop the post and lets see what happens. The last word you can have for what its worth

hodgy86 Posted on 14/1 18:07
re: The Latest


Link: is this fooman or buddy!!