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b_o_r_o_b_o_y Posted on 23/1 12:48
Got injured yesterday

some of you might of noticed me walking around the stand win tears running down me face and going to be sick but some of you might not believe what happen. I waqs stood up supporting the team when some bloke told me to sitdown so at 1st i did and he says if we are attacking or singing then stand up so we started attacking so i stood up and from 2 rows behind he grabbed hold of my hood and pulled me down choking me for about 1 minute. good job he got arrestered or he might notof came out alive. at the time i was furious and shocked but now i just think get over it and get ready for man u next week, and all this was to me a 15 year old boy

GtownBeerBelly Posted on 23/1 12:52
re: Got injured yesterday

sorry to hear it. There are some Aholes about.

shaun_84 Posted on 23/1 12:56
re: Got injured yesterday

I dread to think what you'd have done to him, when you'd stopped crying, if he hadn't been ejected

BoroLewis Posted on 23/1 12:57
re: Got injured yesterday

Yer I was sitting a few rows in front of you m8. Was totally uncalled for and all you were doing was singing proudly for the team. I saw you sat infront of me afterwards and still trying to cheer the team on. I know you won't worry about it so just take it out against Man U and make up for it all.

GtownBeerBelly Posted on 23/1 12:58
re: Got injured yesterday

He wasn't actually CRYING. It was the strangling that brought tears to his eyes, I would imagine.

shaun_84 Posted on 23/1 13:03
re: Got injured yesterday

Sorry! BoroLewis, you were there - although it was a bad thing (very bad) to happen, didn't it look even slightly funny someone being grabbed by the hood and floored? I feel bad but it kind of sounds funny!

Mobb_Deep Posted on 23/1 13:06
re: Got injured yesterday

Maybe he saw you telling 'Teeside' to fcuk off and wanted revenge? He could have even been jealous of your love for Southgate.

Big_Shot Posted on 23/1 13:08
re: Got injured yesterday

An extremely uncalled for thing for him to do, surely people don't do things like that for no reason. Isn't there a gang of you who go to the game and behave like knobs.

BoroLewis Posted on 23/1 13:09
re: Got injured yesterday

Sorry Shaun but I didn't see that much really. So I'm sorry that I can't describe it in that much detail though. I am sure if you were sitting there then you would have found it funny but like you say was a bad thing.

shaun_84 Posted on 23/1 13:09
re: Got injured yesterday

GtownBeerBelly, as an ex-battler of the 80s, you too must see the slap-stick comedy factor to this story? When bottles were flying, the punches were being swung indiscriminantly and the knives were out, did you ever see someone being attacked by a vicious hood-pull?

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borobadge Posted on 23/1 13:11
re: Got injured yesterday

i didnt see him pull you but i saw the commotion..was that your dad pointing and screaming blue murder at the bloke ?..i saw that and him calling the st johns men and then the copper..if that was you mate, i'm sorry to hear of your attack..what is it with some boro fans!..

particulalrly now at away games..when i get in my seat..i introduce my self to the people around me (side, back and front)..something "hello mate, i'm sat here today,every one all right"..then get stuck in to the singing early doors so they know where they stand with me..problem for anyone who moans with me is i'm oldish, largish and reasonably ugly i like to go to the game with a few days stubble and i'm loud..

the guys around me yesterday were 1st class people and fans, varying ages (50s - teens) and they were all right behind the lads for the whole 90 minutes..

at 4-1 up the guy behind showed me a text he got of his daughter.."keep singing dad we can hear you all on sky sports"..he took the tone of his voice up a decibel or two after that...

a superb day out spoilt by 5 mins of football madness..but thats why we follow the boro...always expect the unexpected!!!..[:0]..

Mobb_Deep Posted on 23/1 13:11
re: Got injured yesterday

How does someone from two rows behind, pull you down to the floor by your hood and start choking you? Was it Mr Tickle?

GtownBeerBelly Posted on 23/1 13:12
re: Got assaulted yesterday

He (the assailant) may have been drunk. Some bullies tend to get that boorish arrogant attitude upon them when tanked up. I'm guessing.

Can't say I have, shaun. Where was b_o_r_o_b_o_y_s gang when this was happening? They don't sound as tight-knit as my firm were.

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Piquet Posted on 23/1 13:47
re: Got injured yesterday

You went to the game?

Link: hmmmm>>>>

b_o_r_o_b_o_y Posted on 23/1 16:03
re: Got injured yesterday

my mate has this passsword

Piquet Posted on 23/1 16:06
re: Got injured yesterday

Then you'd best have a word with him.

b_o_r_o_b_o_y Posted on 23/1 17:16
re: Got injured yesterday

i wasnt with a gang i was with one mate in the ground but outside the ground was with esky_north_stand holagte_rochey and tony_block19... all respectable boards members, the usual gang who i come with i only get them to fill the bus but even if im with a gang it isnt acceptable for a fully grown man to try to choke a 15 year old kid

foofooheader Posted on 23/1 17:28
re: Got injured yesterday

i can confirm b_o_r_o_b_o_y_ was at the match yesterday! He knicked a few chips off me at the services on the way back!

Mobb_Deep Posted on 23/1 17:29
re: Got injured yesterday

Did you punish him for it?

foofooheader Posted on 23/1 17:36
re: Got injured yesterday

lol he seemed shaken up about what happened but i think he is ok now. He is raring to go for Man Utd and im sure his singing wont be affected!

b_o_r_o_b_o_y Posted on 23/1 18:33
re: Got injured yesterday

I wont be affected not one stupid man can spoil my fun at away games :D:D:D

number_10 Posted on 23/1 18:44
re: Got injured yesterday

You were a few rows infront of me, wondered what had happened. Uncalled for but theres usually plenty of boro fans who are nobs.

How fcuking stupid were their stewards? Fcuking southern tractor rifing yokels, when they scored their first goal they were all leaning voer the barrier taunting us, I dared to tell them to fcuk off (The cheek eh) and the steward grabs me and says i was gettin nicked on public order offenses if I did that again!? What the fcuk, do their fans swearing at us not count, and more to the point, everyone swears at football games! Honestly give someone a dodgy yellow coat and the power goes straight to their head.

10hickton Posted on 23/1 18:47
re: Got injured yesterday

borobadge..........Hi, It was me behind you at the match yesterday, sorry for standing on your seat all the time, size 11s
always getting in the way !

piggy_nichol Posted on 23/1 18:50
re: Got injured yesterday

boroboy, you should have got your seven foot tall mate to bash your assailant. I wouldnt have messed with him

holgate_rochey Posted on 23/1 19:20
re: Got injured yesterday

there stewards were f_ucking w_ankers, kept telling us to sit down, even when we were on the attack or had a corner etc, even with every single Boro fan stood up they still managed to tell me,esky n tony to sit down. We even got escorted away from the ground by police because of the Stewards complaining about us standing and singing, that was nice of them! "We've got you on CCTV lad".....doing what exactly?....stood up singing? celebrating goals? lock us up and throw away the key before we cause more destruction.

b_o_r_o_b_o_y came up the stairs to see us after the 'incident' and was clearly upset and shook up yet the Stewards just looked at him, to5_5ers, it was clear that something had happened yet they just sat n looked, thats when Esky got wound up and had a friendly word with the steward.

piggy_nichol Posted on 23/1 19:22
re: Got injured yesterday

What happened to the strangler? arrested or just thrown out?

Esky_North_Stand Posted on 23/1 19:25
re: Got injured yesterday

arrested and ejected

piggy_nichol Posted on 23/1 19:27
re: Got injured yesterday

so is it going to court?

Esky_North_Stand Posted on 23/1 19:30
re: Got injured yesterday

Not sure, the young lad has to decide to press charges or not.Think he is pressing charges so gotta take it as it happens really

piggy_nichol Posted on 23/1 19:33
re: Got injured yesterday

Well there seems to be plenty witnesses. I saw a bit of the buildup and the aftermath. Felt sorry for the kid, you dont deserve that, especially from your own side.

tony_block19 Posted on 23/1 19:45
re: Got injured yesterday

Norwich stewards were grade A pr_icks!! All the way through the match being told to sit down!! Also by the Boro fans behind us. There was a guy behind us who was unable to stand, I dont know why, but when being told to sit down because this man couldn't see at a football match, I had to ask myself, why bring him in the first place!!! Its a football match, not the frigging royal opera house! Im deadly sure Ill be old and fragile one day but if I notice a couple of lads having a sing song in front of me, I wouldn't tell them to sit down, because I once knew how frustrating it gets at times!! The stewards then took me to one side and told me I was on CCTV and the police were watching me. I told him I didn't know it was a crime to sing at footballs matches.

As for the strangling malarky, it was well out of order, the basterd steward just sat there and looked at b_o_r_o_b_o_y which is why it caused some of his mates (us) to get a bit pi55ed off!!!
Im glad we got escorted from the ground, god knows what we would have done, maybe kicked a flower head or even started singing songs, heaven forbid!!

b_o_r_o_b_o_y Posted on 23/1 19:50
re: Got injured yesterday

which tall friend are you referring to piggy_nichol .. the lad i was with with the lacoste tracksuit on?

piggy_nichol Posted on 23/1 19:51
re: Got injured yesterday

That was him boroboy, I wouldnt like to mess with him

b_o_r_o_b_o_y Posted on 23/1 19:52
re: Got injured yesterday

did he look mean to you like piggy? without sounding too rude could i ask how old you are?

piggy_nichol Posted on 23/1 19:53
re: Got injured yesterday

Not particularly mean, just big. Im 40.

b_o_r_o_b_o_y Posted on 23/1 19:54
re: Got injured yesterday

where were u sat in relation to the incident yesterday mate?

piggy_nichol Posted on 23/1 19:57
re: Got injured yesterday

I was in row c. So I heard a bit of the fuss, then you came and sat in front of me. I was with my 12 year old daughter.

Cant say you caused me any problems with your singing and standing.

BoroLewis Posted on 23/1 19:59
re: Got injured yesterday

piggy_nichol I was the lad that sat next to you throughout the game. Just to say sorry for nearly pulling you over after the secodn goal but I went mad and then got stuck down one of the chairs and was about to fall. Sorry anyway. Hope you and your daughter enjoyed the game as best as we all could.

piggy_nichol Posted on 23/1 20:02
re: Got injured yesterday

That was quite funny, when you got your leg stuck in the chair.

Not half as funny though as when hasslebank nearly scored early on and the bloke in the wheelchair tipped over backwards with excitement.

Its worse when you know you shouldnt laugh as well

BoroLewis Posted on 23/1 20:03
re: Got injured yesterday

Yeah that was funy, but the guy was laughing himself and so was his m8s so it was ok to laugh.

trippy_joel Posted on 23/1 20:05
re: Got injured yesterday

i reckon b_o_r_o_b_o_y our 7 foot mate and me should find out who this cockney is and dust him i wasnt there but b_o_r_o_b_o_y is 1 of my good mates and would never cause any trouble and the worst thing is he got this doen to him jsut for supporting the boro.

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b_o_r_o_b_o_y Posted on 23/1 20:46
re: Got injured yesterday


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Zen_Hamster_Lid Posted on 23/1 20:56
re: Got injured yesterday

Total bo11ocks - I was sat about 3 seats away and even before kickoff you were told to sit down to which you said you couldn't see which is odd because there was no giant in front of you.

As for the incident you weren't strangled at all but shoved down forcibly on the shoulders - maybe over the top but you were annoying a lot of people and its not like they didnt warn you.

You were told several times to sit down and even after you got moved to the second row you were sat on the back of your seat or stood up, in front of a girl about 5 inches shorter than you. If I'd been behind you I would have tw@ted you one.

Little drama queen - lost count of the number of times you ran past crying to your mates or you mam or whatever - missed half the game by either you or stewards running past every two minues.

As far anyone not getting out alive don't make me laugh.

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thehump Posted on 23/1 20:57
re: Got injured yesterday

oh dear. I think a fight is brewing.

thehump Posted on 23/1 21:12
re: Got injured yesterday

Do you know this man Zen who did this to Boroboy_______?

Piquet Posted on 23/1 21:13
re: Got injured yesterday

...and I predict a lot of pre pubescent histrionics from the oh so (I'm not sitting down for anybody) cookie crew

b_o_r_o_b_o_y Posted on 23/1 21:13
re: Got injured yesterday

first of all not getting out alive it wasnt me who was gunna do anything to him and not starngled, well he was 2 rows behind me so made evevn more force and he had my hood, and yes i was told to sit down and i did but the bloke clearly said if we are on the attack then stand up then but not now so we got an attack and then he grabbed my hood and didnt leave go for about 1minute with no one realising i was choking and if you really wamt to travel back up to norwich and talk to the doctor i have a bruised voice box, so dont dare call me a drama queen when you dont really no what happened plus it was my women it was someone who saw what happened, and bout 15 people have gave statements who saw what happened im not having ago but maybe you didnt see what happened clearly

Zen_Hamster_Lid Posted on 23/1 21:26
re: Got injured yesterday

B-o-r-o-b-o-y I was on the same row as you - I'd estimate 4 seats away.

No-one has a problem with people standing up when we're attacking but there's no use pretending thats all you were doing.

I have no idea who grabbed you but from what I saw even when you got moved to the 2nd row you had no respect for those sat around you.

You were being annoying, seomeone took exception and put you in your place. You got humiliated and wound yourself into a tizzy in front of you mates so tried to make out you were brutally assaulted.

Maybe you'll grow out of it but you were acting like a tit for 90 mins and looked like you were out for lots of attention and sympathy.

This post proves it.

b_o_r_o_b_o_y Posted on 23/1 21:32
re: Got injured yesterday

so it is acceptable for a fully grown man to assault a kid, maybe not brutally but your not even taking into the fact around the neck is a dangerous area to put pressure on and every away game i stand up i didnt realise that was acting like a tit, so i will just leave this argument and come back when ive pressed charges on this bloke and he as been punished and then we will see who is right because to be honest you are just as sad as him a kid follows the boro to sing and enjoy himself there is only you who seems to think that i no of its acceptable obviously your also a boring old twa@ and wen i moved to the front i stoiod and sang yes but when i did i moved down the orw a bit where the people behind me stood and sang, also its not attention its just letting people no we have boro fans like this

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BoroLewis Posted on 23/1 21:36
re: Got injured yesterday

Have to say you came down and sat infront of me which was no problem. I was signing to as were you and the people nehind me had no problem with anyone standing up or singing. It is a football amtch and people are passionate. By the way Zen that girl boroboy sat infront of was my sister and she is 13. She said she had no problem with him sitting in front of her and he didn't bother her. people are aloud to stand and sing and be passionate. If people didn't like it then there was room to move or sit on the front row if they wanted.

Zen_Hamster_Lid Posted on 23/1 21:37
re: Got injured yesterday

Yeah Ok. Do let me know the court date.

thehump Posted on 23/1 21:39
re: Got injured yesterday

Did the strangling effect your singing ability through the rest of the match?

b_o_r_o_b_o_y Posted on 23/1 21:40
re: Got injured yesterday

Thank you very much BoroLewis, i was getting wound up but not he might finally beleive the truth, and if it was winding you up im sure it would of been because you little sister couldnt see, but it isnt has if grown men cant see over a young kid especially when this bloke who did this was 2 rows behind me, i jsut cant get my head round it.

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piggy_nichol Posted on 23/1 21:40
re: Got injured yesterday

It was me that boroboy sat in front of after he changed seats. He stood up now and again to sing. I had no problem with that.

I felt sorry for him, he reminded me of billy casper after his hawk got killed.

Old blokes shouldnt assault little kids.

Piquet Posted on 23/1 21:43
re: Got injured yesterday

I was right

b_o_r_o_b_o_y Posted on 23/1 21:43
re: Got injured yesterday

see its not evevry boro fan that doesnt like to get behind the team and sing Z_H_L we do have some passionate fans thanks P_N

Zen_Hamster_Lid Posted on 23/1 21:45
re: Got injured yesterday

And as for you Piquet - I've seen you stood up for a full 90 mins at the Riverside.


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b_o_r_o_b_o_y Posted on 23/1 21:45
re: Got injured yesterday

thehump to answer your question i was alot quiter than i am usually, i was also as holgate_rochey and esky_north_stand said i was in pure shock

Piquet Posted on 23/1 21:56
re: Got injured yesterday

Cheered my evening up no end this thread, I look forward to them after every away game, and it's always the same 5 or 6 posters as well.

Cogeur_le_Conq Posted on 23/1 22:08
re: Got injured yesterday

You had to mention Casper's kestrel didn't you?

That's my weekend ruined now

piggy_nichol Posted on 24/1 0:15
re: Got injured yesterday

I just thought I would help people visualise the situation.

For clarity, like.

bolshie_budgie Posted on 24/1 2:56
Hassle about standing at Carrow Rd

It seems that our club (Norwich) is getting
hassle about fans standing at Carrow Rd. The Club
has organised a meeting with the fans in the Barclay
(the stand behind the goal to your right) about the
issue of standing. So its not surprising the away
fans are getting hassle too .

Oh by the way you'll find the Tractor Boys at Poorman
Rd., Ipswich.

thehump Posted on 24/1 11:31
re: Got injured yesterday

The only time I complain about people standing is when they are standing to leave the game early. Morons.

boroboy75 Posted on 24/1 12:20
re: Got injured yesterday

That'll teach you not to wear a hooded top, and behave like a scrote.

IsleofDogsRed Posted on 24/1 15:36
re: Got injured yesterday

I sense a new trend choke a chav....

Seen you crying as well on Saturday. Hope your bruised voice box is better, surely you must have done more damage though by singing inane songs about parmo's???

b_o_r_o_b_o_y Posted on 24/1 15:50
re: Got injured yesterday

Lets get this straight im not a chav i no a few but peronally im not a chav and i dotn wear chav clothes or act like one i follow the boro as a young child who wants to enjoy himself and does that by singin i love an atmosphere, yes i agree i can be cheeky or can act like a tw@ sometimes, but im not a chav and on saturday i didnt answer the bloke back who told me to sit. just like to say it one more time i am not a CHAV

King_Numpty Posted on 24/1 15:56
re: Got injured yesterday

Boroboy - Are you able to punctuate your sentences reasonably properly? You're certainly coming across as a chav-like scrote.

b_o_r_o_b_o_y Posted on 24/1 16:06
re: Got injured yesterday

because i i dont put . in i am a chav lol i only dont becuase i never type with . when im tlaking to freinds on chat rooms and stuff liek that sorry bout that but you will just have to cope but unless you the stupidest man on the planet just because you cant puncuate doesnt mean you are a chav, quite a stupid thing to say actually meaning no offence

piggy_nichol Posted on 24/1 16:07
re: Got injured yesterday

His punctuation shouldn't matter, nor whether he tucks his trousers in his socks.

The kid is about 4'6" and six stone.

How do we expect the next generation of boro fans to come through if we keep strangling them?

boroboy75 Posted on 24/1 16:10
re: Got injured yesterday

If he was choking you for about a minute, why didn't no-one intervene? Was it because you had annoyed everyone around you?

shaun_84 Posted on 24/1 16:10
re: Got injured yesterday

b=o_r-o|b"o!y - have you calmed down now, or is he still 'dead'?

foofooheader Posted on 24/1 16:14
re: Got injured yesterday

a football match is for singing and having a good laugh not to sit down and not sing like Fulham or Charlton fans. Boroboy will join in every song going i just think the other people around him should stand up and sing as well and then there is no problem.

shaun_84 Posted on 24/1 16:16
re: Got injured yesterday

Yes, but the game is what people have paid money to see, not b_o_r_o_b_o_y and his hood.

b_o_r_o_b_o_y Posted on 24/1 16:16
re: Got injured yesterday

everyone thought he was just sitting me down but then they realised he was hurting me boroboy 75, and shaun_84 i obviously wasnt going to hurt him have you seen the size of me but my m8s dads freinds were and thanks P_N again but i am really not a chav

Piquet2 Posted on 24/1 16:16
re: Got injured yesterday

...and here's me thinking it was to watch fooball....doh!!1

foofooheader Posted on 24/1 16:19
re: Got injured yesterday

boroboy isnt a chav just some of his mates

shaun_84 Posted on 24/1 16:20
re: Got injured yesterday

It's a good job that Mr Tickle didn't pick on them then, or he'd have got a 'tvvat'

boroboy75 Posted on 24/1 16:22
re: Got injured yesterday

And fists full of sovereigns thrown at him.

piggy_nichol Posted on 24/1 16:27
re: Got injured yesterday

So chavs are fair game then?

boroboy75 Posted on 24/1 16:29
re: Got injured yesterday

The ones who incessantly spit, and leave a puddle of 'goz' under their seat are.

tony_block19 Posted on 24/1 16:29
re: Got injured yesterday

Do you ever go to games boroboy75? You come across as more of a fan of armchairs and Jeff and Co. on Soccer Saturday.

You seem to make out every single lad under the age of 21 these days a 'chav'. We are the new breed of Boro fans and the more people are tugging on our tops and pulling on us to sit down, the more we are going to stand up. I hope the guy gets done and justice is done for b_o_r_o_b_o_y.

boroboy75 Posted on 24/1 16:36
re: Got injured yesterday

tony, but you lot look like tits, in your white tracksuits.

IsleofDogsRed Posted on 24/1 16:40
re: Got injured yesterday

b=o_r-o|b"o!y, sorry for referring to you as a chav, please accept my apologies.

It's just the snide trackie/hooded top look that you go for, made me think along those lines.

Just think if you wore less chavish clothes the fella behind you wouldn't have been able to grab you so easy.

The hood (normally used to intimidate poor old grannies by chavs (not saying you're a chav)) has proved your downfall.......

b_o_r_o_b_o_y Posted on 24/1 16:48
re: Got injured yesterday

chavs dont wear hoodies mate i no alot of them they wear caps 1/2 way of there head and tracksuits with scock tucked in and usally reebok trainers or rocjport shoes not hooded tops and the top was just for warmth under my boro top

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T4Tomo Posted on 24/1 17:29
re: Got injured yesterday

Tonyblock19 "There was a guy behind us who was unable to stand, I dont know why, but when being told to sit down because this man couldn't see at a football match, I had to ask myself, why bring him in the first place!!! Its a football match, not the frigging royal opera house!"

I know where you are coming from, but you have to have a bit of consideration for those around you. If the poor chap can stand up very well that doesn't mean he has to be excluded from society and not ever watch a football match. Now at home, fair does he should get a ticket in the upper East or somewhere as he'll fit in best there, but away from home you have little choice of where you sit, unless its half empty like say chelsea was and then you can move and sit where you like.

he has just as much right to watch the game as you, and i'm if you stick to the generally accpeted norm of standing for penanlty area action when those in front of you stand and sit down as soon as they sit down, no-one you moan at all.

tconthewing Posted on 24/1 18:55
re: Got injured yesterday

only suprising thing about this is that it hadn't happened sooner.
same problems at charlton with no doubt same knobheads.
notts county no probs as stood at the back but perhaps now you will learn not to ignore polite requests.

marylizzie Posted on 24/1 19:49
re: Got injured yesterday

i know for fact that a number of people asked you to sit down many times and when you did not do this someone thought they would help you to sit down. this person did not get arrested because i was sat with them on the train home. this is not the first time that you have been stood up causing an obstruction, you did it to me at blackburn and to another lady at leeds. so if i were you next time i would shout sitting down or it could be more than your hood that gets pulled.

shaun_84 Posted on 24/1 19:51
re: Got injured yesterday


Craig_boro Posted on 24/1 19:56
re: Got injured yesterday

Keep standing b_o_r_o_b_o_y! Don't let them wear you down with this sit down shut up and watch the match sh ite.

E-mail the site below with your story.

Link: Get them e-mailed

tconthewing Posted on 24/1 20:24
re: Got injured yesterday

oh for the bravery and stupidity of youth.
unfortunately you seem to miss the point.
singing and support of the team is great but ignoring people is not.

marylizzie Posted on 24/1 20:41
re: Got injured yesterday

he is a pain in the fcuking arse!!!! and he is a liar what is the point in saying that this man got arrested cos he "choked" him when it isnt true he didnt even get talked to by the police and b_o_r_o_b_o_y jerked forward when his hood was pulled choking himself the stupid little CHAV!!!!

DazzaBoro2002 Posted on 24/1 21:09
re: Got injured yesterday

I adore the likes of b_o_r_o_b_o_y, tony_block19, holgate_rochey, esky_north_stand...... I would join them if i sat near them.

I used to go to matches with my uncle, who couldn't stand up for full 90 minutes, but he understood the youth wanted to stand and sing so all he did was move seats, did cause no aggro by asking them to sit down. I'd like to think more people are like him.

zzzzz Posted on 24/1 21:17
re: Got injured yesterday

you people dont realise
you have to stand all the time coz if you're up and down all match the trousers come out of the socks all the time
and i tried sitting at charlton but me white tracky bottoms got all dirty off the seats coz they hadnt been washed and me mam went mad

b_o_r_o_b_o_y Posted on 24/1 22:10
re: Got injured yesterday

marylizzie i got told he was arrested so i just said that because i assumed he was and if iw ant to stand up and sing i stand up and sing i paid to go to the gam as that is what i dont get people say or i paid to watch this well so did i, i dont get in for free you know, so i support the team i love boro, so i sing for them, they deserve it and dont call me a chav because you dont evev no me

stockton_red Posted on 24/1 22:23
re: Got injured yesterday

Dazza tell us all your joking?

marylizzie Posted on 25/1 12:02
re: Got injured yesterday

yeah well b_o_r_o_b_o_y i dont think i want to know you!! chav or no chav you should learn some manners and sit down if you happen to be in someones way. and who told you he was arrested??

tony_block19 Posted on 25/1 12:38
re: Got injured yesterday

Im being adored by another it worrying I feel slightly aroused? lol.

On the serious note...DON'T LET THE SEAT WARMERS WIN!!


john_lillie Posted on 25/1 12:41
re: Got injured yesterday

*wanders over for the count.


boroboy75 Posted on 25/1 12:41
re: Got injured yesterday

'Sit down, you shitts, Sit down, you shitts,Sit down, you shitts, Sit down'

john_lillie Posted on 25/1 12:41
re: Got injured yesterday

it's all yours boroboy/admin

j_orourke Posted on 25/1 12:46
re: Got injured yesterday

I've said it before and I'll say it again that tony_block19 and his gang are nowt but trouble!
They all should go and get themselves a Girlfriend!

PS Are we going to get off the A19 on Saturday before the weak bladder squad need a stop (or two)!

thehump Posted on 25/1 12:51
re: Got injured yesterday

wow its got over 100 now!

Hapas Posted on 25/1 13:08
re: Got injured yesterday

Comedy Thread of the Year 2005 contender.

Is one of them a fat c_nt who wears a daft hat, that lot used to cause bother in the north stand a few seasons ago and where always almost getting lamped for boo-ing Cooper and singing the McClaren Out's every 5 minutes just cos we weren't 5 - 0 up by half time.

It was only a matter of time before summet like this happened !

jimmythewondercat Posted on 25/1 14:53
re: Got injured yesterday

I can hold my thoughts back no longer. Firstly let me clarify something - there is no excuse for violence and I would not condone it except in self defence. So what you read below is in this context.

There is no rule that says you are a better fan because you sing midlessly for 90 minutes. Or stand up all the time. You sound like a really attention seeker b_b - someone more worried about what people think of you than what is happening at the game. I go to watch the Boro not to build my social standing or get validation from those around me. You should try it! The incident also seems somewhat overblown as well from what is written above - is it just your ego that hurts? Frankly, the whole thing sounds totally avoidable and you sound a bit pathetic - but please don't cry about it if you find this nasty.

Most normal people manage to mix standing and sitting during the game; maybe we could all sing a bit more for sure. But the fact is we are mixed together with people we have never met and for it to work we have to give each other a bit of respect - it sounds like you are too immature to grasp this b_b and so someone wrongly decided to try and educate you. Shame your folks didn't do a better job and help you be less of a t@at, as you labelled yourself earlier.

God knows what you will be like when old enough to drink.......

tony_block19 Posted on 25/1 15:33
re: Got injured yesterday

Eey Fletch! I for one, have a girlfriend and we are very much in love..awww. Im not a weak bladder I think you'll find thats Master Eskdale. And 'MY' gang may cause trouble and act like arse holes but at least we enjoy ourselves, and thats the main thing.

holgate_rochey Posted on 25/1 15:52
re: Got injured yesterday

aye Eskys 'Seal' will most likely go before we've left the A19.

b_o_r_o_b_o_y Posted on 25/1 16:19
re: Got injured yesterday

jimmythewondercat my mam isn't very well at the minute and she did a great job of raisingme, she tought me to speak my mind. so why did you mention my mam any way any good reason ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jimmythewondercat Posted on 25/1 16:23
re: Got injured yesterday

Oh give it a rest - I never mentioned your mam specifically - I am sorry she is ill as I would be sorry for anyone that is. But you sound like a petulant and spoilt child desperately seeking attention - which is hardly a great inditement of your upbringing. Anyway, I hope your mum recovers and then gives you the clip round the ear you undoubtedly deserve.

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tony_block19 Posted on 25/1 16:57
re: Got injured yesterday

Jimmythewondercat, b_o_r_o_b_o_y isnt spoiled at all, he saves up every penny he gets to watch his beloved Boro!!
He's a fantastic Boro fan and attends 90% of the games every season, which is amazing considering hes only 15. The lad got abused on Saturday, he was balling his eyes our and gasping for air when he came to see us, and I don't think he would be doing that from a simple tug on the top. Give the lad a fcuking break!!!

NorfolknGood Posted on 25/1 16:58
re: Got injured yesterday

Like his neck for example

boroboy75 Posted on 25/1 16:59
re: Got injured yesterday

Esky_North_Stand Posted on 25/1 17:01
re: Got injured yesterday

Tony you should be banned from posting stupid sheite like that. . . speak for yourself, i am not a trouble causer and i do not act like an arse-hole. Ive said it before and i will say it again, i go to support the team the only way i know how and its only a minority that i upset by doing this. You may act like an arse-hole and cause trouble but don't involve me in that

Boro85 Posted on 25/1 17:02
re: Got injured yesterday

Its a cracking thread this!

roswell Posted on 25/1 17:05
re: Got injured yesterday

Firstly, I agree, there is no excuse for violence and I would not condone it.
Secondly, I would like to give all the chavvy little feckers a slap. Well done 'th Norwich strangler' whoever you are.

b_o_r_o_b_o_y Posted on 25/1 17:06
re: Got injured yesterday

thank tony you are also an amazing supporter :) but where were at st marys lol only jokin mate

Mobb_Deep Posted on 25/1 17:35
re: Got injured yesterday

Nothing like a bit of gay backpatting.

foofooheader Posted on 25/1 18:28
re: Got injured yesterday

i was

j_orourke Posted on 25/1 22:17
re: Got injured yesterday


Have you any pictures of her naked?
Or just those video's on ya posh phone?

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tony_block19 Posted on 25/1 22:25
re: Got injured yesterday

Aye fletch Ive got a couple of guddens on me phone I'll give you a peek on Saturday.

WTF Esky!? Who put a basterd halo above your head!? I didnt mean causing trouble like fighting! I meant arguing with stewards and voicing our opinions. Stop acting like you've known me 5 fcuking minutes and strap a pair on!!

Mobb_Deep Posted on 25/1 22:27
re: Got injured yesterday

Inflatable breasts?

piggy_nichol Posted on 25/1 22:28
re: Got injured yesterday

Grab his hood

tony_block19 Posted on 25/1 22:46
re: Got injured yesterday

Eeey best mates these days I tell ya!!

And as for "supporting the team the best way you know how", sat moaning at Nemeth all match!? Fair play you came out your shell at Norwich for once but will you be able to keep it up at United???

Esky_North_Stand Posted on 25/1 23:42
re: Got injured yesterday

I wish there was a face for yawning coz that comments old. . like saying i dont sing lol very repetative and boring. 1) i meant the only way i know how by singing and standing.2) I will moan at nemeth because he deserves to be moaned at.

Surely mate you cannot think that voicing our opinions and the way we behave at matches is trouble causing. . . you know as well as i do we aint trouble causers thats what im trying to say.

As for not singing. . . you were with me at fulham, tottenham, norwich, villareal and i did sing so you might wanna think about that statement

Again the wish for a yawning face would come in handy right now. Rant over

shaun_84 Posted on 25/1 23:44
re: Got injured yesterday

youngsters!!! Always remember to drench your hood in baby oil. It's the first rule of the Frontline

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 26/1 0:19
re: Got injured yesterday

And 'MY' gang may cause trouble and act like arse holes but at least we enjoy ourselves, and thats the main thing

'at least WE enjoyed OURSELVES, and thats the main thing.'

Tony, part of one of your own posts.
Read and inwardly digest then think some more about it and you might just realise why some people have a bit of a problem with your 'gang'

If you still don't understand then God 'elp us all.

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Esky_North_Stand Posted on 26/1 0:25
re: Got injured yesterday

Shaun thats exactly why i made my post and got tony a little rattled. . i do not want to be thought of as some stupid chav youngster who wants to be in frontline when im older. I dislike chavs as much as the next person

shaun_84 Posted on 26/1 0:35
re: Got injured yesterday

I know you're not Captain told me.

Esky_North_Stand Posted on 26/1 0:39
re: Got injured yesterday

altho i am sleeping on that bench in graz that captain has booked for me. . im risking the single bench and the possibilty of waking near that man tho (thats a test of ur memory because im refering to a post from a week ago )

shaun_84 Posted on 26/1 0:40
re: Got injured yesterday

of course...

I thought you'd got the double bench. How's Jenny?

Esky_North_Stand Posted on 26/1 0:45
re: Got injured yesterday

the double was appealing. . . but rocheys a big fella and didnt fancy fighting him for the duvet (and when i say duvet i mean sheet of newspaper)

jenny - no comment

PNGfulham Posted on 26/1 0:46
re: Got injured yesterday

maybe the little fella shud go to man u with a dummy hood as a decoy...
just brainstorming to prevent future occurances

holgate_rochey Posted on 26/1 0:56
re: Got injured yesterday

bench? newspaper? something you forgot to tell me Esky? I want my money back!

tony_block19 Posted on 26/1 11:13
re: Got injured yesterday

Grumpy_paul, I didn't intend that I have a "gang", if you read j_orourke's post you'll realise I was simply mimicking his words. I don't have a gang, it's simply me, Esky and Rochey, non of us are better Boro supporters than the other and we don't start fights and never wish to for that matter. I meant by my post that we sometimes do act like arse holes (I mean this in the nicest way), we get drunk and have a laugh, that's what its all about. We are DEFINITELY NOT chavs and hate them with a passion. So G_P, Esky and Shaun, I do apologise if I have said something but I wasn't happy with the post Esky put, making it out as if I was a hoolie and he was some angel...Which those who know him, know he definitely isnt!! lol.

As for Tottenham you were more interested in Rocheys Haribo!!!