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borofl Posted on 11/2 17:28

what school did you all go to ?????????

dooderooni Posted on 11/2 17:29
re: school

I know there's rumours of a clique but I think we all went to different schools.

borofl Posted on 11/2 17:30
re: school

theres always 1

Holgate_37 Posted on 11/2 17:30
re: school

Ian Ramsey, Stockton, anyone else??

dooderooni Posted on 11/2 17:30
re: school

No, there's more than one. I was just the first to arrive.

bandito Posted on 11/2 17:35
re: school

most of the posters on here are still at school. You should rephrase the question

borofl Posted on 11/2 17:35
re: school

what school do or did you go to ?

holgate_rochey Posted on 11/2 17:36
re: school


BigAlDaPostie Posted on 11/2 17:37
re: school

St Marys - Benton Pk Road

Pauluka Posted on 11/2 17:50
re: school

That poxy crappy piece of shiit called Macmillan College!

I was in the first intake, oh how I still shudder at the thought!

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the_fresh_ponce Posted on 11/2 17:58
re: school

Coulby Newham.

micky_k86 Posted on 11/2 17:58
re: school

Big Al I knew a few people who went to your school I think. Is it a Catholic school and does it have quite a good reputation?

wiganbo_ro Posted on 11/2 18:01
re: school

Sarah Metcalfe, Eston (Now Eston Park????)

karembeu_ca Posted on 11/2 18:06
re: school

Furness (Campus?) in Billingham until 4th year

corruptbiggins Posted on 11/2 18:37
re: school

Rosecroft, Loftus.

blondie_dcfc Posted on 11/2 18:40
re: school

Know it's not Boro but in Derby:

St Mary's Primary
St Ralph Sherwins Secondary
Bemrose Comprehensive


EyeOfRa1975 Posted on 11/2 18:41
re: school

Nunthorpe School then South Park 6th form

Cogeur_le_Conq Posted on 11/2 19:15
re: school

Newlands Road Playschool, Boro
St Joseph's Infants, Boro
St Joseph's Junior's, Boro
St Thomas' RC Secondary, Boro
Longlands College of FE, Boro
Brighton Technical College, Brighton
School of Information Engineering, Teesside Polytecnic, Boro
School of Computer and Mathematics, University of Teesside, Boro
Alliance Française, Paris
La Sorbonne, Paris
Ecole de Commerce, Paris

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smoggy4life Posted on 11/2 19:47
re: school

Yarm Primary School
Conyers School - Yarm
Northumbria University

Mr_Freedom_Cub Posted on 11/2 19:48
re: school

The cub attended no form of education.

Borobarmy Posted on 11/2 19:53

I too went to St Josephs and Thomos . Then St Marys then !

GtownBeerBelly Posted on 11/2 19:55
re: school

school's for chumps. Matriculation makes ya blind.

apl1970 Posted on 11/2 19:58
re: school

I`m with eyeofra. Went to nunthorpe, finished in 86. Then Longlands on day release from our wonderful local steel makers.

Red_Clowne Posted on 11/2 20:26
re: school

The last school I went to was Clowne Nursery and Infant School today to do a disco for their tsunami earthquake fundraising event. Very good it was too.

Ayresome Angel Posted on 11/2 20:28
re: school

Holgate_37 I went to the same school as you.

tonybiriyani Posted on 11/2 21:08
re: school

Sacred Heart

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 11/2 21:12
re: school

My school was approved

not really I hasten to add

TODD_SLAUGHTER Posted on 11/2 21:14
re: school

Billingham Campus

j_orourke Posted on 11/2 21:17
re: school

Anthony's spelt with a double 'F'
God bless the lot of you!

Nedkat Posted on 11/2 21:17
re: school

RN School, Singapore
Village Infants, Thornaby
Queens St, Thornaby
Stainsby, Acklam
Acklam Hall, Acklam

pisces Posted on 11/2 21:24
re: school

Park End Infants and Juniors
Marton Grove
Bertram Ramsey

toots Posted on 11/2 21:26
re: school

st patricks, workington
st martins, nawton
bar convent, york
convent of the assumption, richmond

BigAlDaPostie Posted on 11/2 21:29
re: school

micky_k86, yes it was a Catholic school, in Newcastle.

peteriley Posted on 11/2 21:51
re: school

Thomas More's

reynarddasilva Posted on 11/2 22:03
re: school

Hutton le Hole Primary School
Lady Lumley's Grammar School, by default, I wanted to go to Beadlam County Modern School like my elder brother and the other lads in the village, so I decide to fail my 11 plus exam, however I didn't want to appear too thick so I answered a few questions and was totally gutted to find I had passed and ended up in the grammar school. 5 years of being at the bottom of the class and not getting kicked out because the lad who was worse than me had a father who was a close friend of the headmaster.
Scarborough Technical College.
York Technical College.
Open University. (failed)

Cogeur_le_Conq Posted on 11/2 22:08
re: school


I deliberately did badly in my 11+ (selection exams) cos I wanted to stay at Thommo's with the hard lads instead of going to St Mary's College (my older brother and Steve Gibbo's school).

The worst decision of my life.

It took me ten years to make up.

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Decored Posted on 11/2 22:08
re: school

Peters South Bank

O level in touching the dogs arse

Cogeur_le_Conq Posted on 11/2 22:11
re: school


I forgot but I went to Whale Hill school for 6 months and St Peter's for 1 month because of a house fire, so I had to live in Whale Hill for a year.

Decored Posted on 11/2 22:14
re: school

How old are you CLC ?

piggy_nichol Posted on 11/2 22:19
re: school

Freddy Nat 69-76
Blakeston 76-81

we_have_overcome Posted on 11/2 22:21
re: school

Dyke House, Hartlepool.

The only qualification I left with was how to look after myself.

boro74 Posted on 11/2 22:39
re: school

St Mary´s College, same year as Gibbo!

baldycrowe Posted on 11/2 22:45
re: school

holgate_rochey and piggy_nichol
same here,you might remember the Crowe bit,also piggy,is your name Ian by any chance?

Cogeur_le_Conq Posted on 11/2 22:47
re: school


slaven_7 Posted on 12/2 0:21
re: school

Victoria Road Nursery (Boro)
Abingdon Road Infant
Abingdon Road Junior
Viewley Hill Junior
Coulby Newham.. think i was in 'form' W.
Acklam Sixth Form
Teesside University

Decored Posted on 12/2 0:28
re: school

CLC - Your 4 years ahead of me then, remember any of the teachers ?

swordtrombonefish Posted on 12/2 0:37
re: school


Mr Atkinson - Allsorts
Mr Murphy - Games
Mrs Young (oohhh Missus)
Mr Conlin (Head)
Miss Smith (ohhh Miss)
Mr Robinson Snr and Jnr
Mr Gray - Art
Mr Sawdon - Woodwork
Mr Fawkes - Metalwork
Mr Kelly (Fat Belly Kelly) - Geography
Mr Gare - Maths, he left
Mr Jones - History
Mr Coigh? - Maths

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reynarddasilva Posted on 12/2 0:54
re: school

CLC, it's rather pleasing to know that somebody else had similar thoughts to me. School was not my happiest time of my life, it didn't help having to study Latin for the first 3 years and I got turned down joining the choir. It's no wonder that I am like I am.

MFC_Paul Posted on 12/2 0:59
re: school

Easterside Primary School (Nursery)
Easterside Primary School
Macmillan College (Secondary School)
Macmillan College (6th Form)

Pauluka Posted on 12/2 1:01
re: school

Paul, I went to St Thomas Moores then onto Macmillan's?

I was obviously been punished for a previous life

Theodore_Lunacy Posted on 12/2 1:14
re: school

Believe it or not I went to Amplethorpe. Hated it.

reynarddasilva Posted on 12/2 1:21
re: school

TL did you have to learn Latin, as you can see it's left a burden on my persona.

darmok Posted on 12/2 4:05
re: school

Springfield (1972/77)

ray192 Posted on 12/2 6:48
re: school

creswell infants. derbyshire.

Decored Posted on 12/2 10:23
re: school

They've brought a few memories back ST Fish, a few others......

Miss (Ruby) Malloy - English
Mick McNicholas - Maths
Mr Preddy - Spanish
Mr Hukin - Art (9 foot surfer)
Grebo - BMW Rider (cant remember his name)
The science teacher who lived out in the sticks, mad, drove a landrover, had a wingmirror on his blackboard, can I sh­ite think of his name.

bobstermarley Posted on 12/2 10:27
re: school

Frederick Nattrass
Stockton VI Form College
Nottingham Trent University

SidUK Posted on 12/2 10:35
re: school

Westgarth Infants in Marske
Billingham South
Northfield Comp in Billingham

holgate_rochey Posted on 12/2 12:50
re: school

I'll include Primary school etc aswell then..

Glebe Primary School
Stockton 6th form College
Teesside University

Boro_Gadgie Posted on 12/2 13:15
re: school

Breckon Hill Primary
Easterside Primary
Bertram Ramsey (later Brackenhoe) Comprehensive
Marton 6th Form

JLinardi Posted on 12/2 13:25
re: school

Holgate and ayresome angel, i went to ramsey aswell. I left in 2002 when did you leave?

Boro85 Posted on 12/2 13:29
re: school

Lingfield Primary School
Nunthorpe Comprehensive (96-01)
St Marys 6th Form College (01-03)
Teesside Uni (03-currently in 2nd year)

bigtl_billingham Posted on 12/2 14:20
re: school

St Michaels RC - Billingham

Moody41 Posted on 12/2 14:31
re: school

Crooksbarn Primary School
Norton Secondary School
Bede College
University of Leicester

aldershot_red Posted on 12/2 14:40
re: school

Piggy did Pally attend 76-81? I was 75-80 Blakeston.

Holgate_37 Posted on 12/2 14:43
re: school

Ayresome Angel what year did you leave? I left in 1982

DazzaBoro2002 Posted on 12/2 14:46
re: school

Etherly Lane Primary School
King James 1st Community College
Bishop Auckland College.

Grrreds Posted on 12/2 18:40
re: school

St Gabriels and The (St) Antnee's.

How old are you J'O'rourke ?

John_Craggs Posted on 12/2 20:05
re: school

Ian Ramsey (Stockton)

Stockton 6th Form College

Birmingham University

City University Business School

Ayresome Park/Riverside

gazanolan Posted on 12/2 20:11
re: school

Ormesby Infants
Ormesby Juniors
(can anyone guess the next one ?)

Ormesby Comp.

ST0CK0 Posted on 12/2 20:12
re: school

Village infants
Queen street
Mandale junior
Bassleton comp
All schools in Thornaby.

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Sqawker Posted on 12/2 20:18
re: school

Nobody went to Acklam Grange then?

Aydon Posted on 12/2 20:18
re: school

Lingfield Primary School
Betram Ramsey
Brackenhoe (When it changed from Bertram Ramsey)
Nunthorpe Comprehensive (Changed schools due to house move)
Whitby Grammar School (6th Form college)
Mander Portman Woodward (Birmingham A-Level school)
West Glamorgan Institute of Higher Education
Swansea Institute of Higher Education (When it changed from WGIHE)

Quite a few, looking back!

borokaza Posted on 12/2 20:28
re: school

Lingfield Primary
Brookside (till it changed to Brackenhoe in my 3rd year)
South Park VI form
Worcester College of Higher Ed

Interested that Nedkat was at RN school Singapore, I spent my first 2 years in Singapore while my Dad was stationed in the RN over there. Small World!

bungydinsdale Posted on 12/2 20:29
re: school

Freddy Nat 70-77
Blakie Lane 77-82
baldycrowe was in my year...(how's it baldy???, when you comming to visit me???)
sounds like holgate-roachy was in year behind us...
Pally was in the year ahead of us at both schools so would have left in 81

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SuperSmoggie Posted on 12/2 20:32
re: school

Coulby Newham, now at The Kings Academy.

Holgate75 Posted on 12/2 20:39
re: school

Victoria Road (infants and Juniors),
Boynton (now Hall Garth),
Barnet School of Nursing,
South Tees School of Nursing.

AwayStandardz Posted on 12/2 20:45
re: school

Mandale inf
Mandale Jun

Naughty boys in nasty schools
Headmasters breaking all the rules
Having fun and playing fools
Smashing up the woodwork tools
All the teachers in the pub
Passing 'round the ready-rub
Trying not to think of when
The lunch-time bell will ring again.

Oh what fun we had
But, did it really turn out bad
All I learnt at school
Was how to bend not break the rules
Oh what fun we had
But at the time it seemed so bad
Trying different ways
To make a difference to the days.

Headmaster's had enough to-day
All the kids have gone away
Gone to fight with next-door's school
Every term, that is the rule
Sits alone and bends his cane
Same old backsides again
All the small ones tell tall tales
Walking home and squashing snails.

Oh what fun we had
But, did it really turn out bad
All I learnt at school
Was how to bend not break the rules
Oh what fun we had
But at the time it seemed so bad
Trying different ways
To make a difference to the days.

Lots of girls and lots of boys
Lots of smells and lots of noise
Playing football in the park
Kicking Pushbikes after dark
Baggy trousers, dirty shirt
Pulling hair and eating dirt
Teacher comes to break it up
Back of the 'ead with a plastic cup.

Oh what fun we had
But, did it really turn out bad
All I learnt at school
Was how to bend not break the rules
Oh what fun we had
But at the time it seemed so bad
Trying different ways
To make a difference to the days.

Baggy trousers, baggy trousers, baggy trousers
Baggy trousers, baggy trousers, baggy trousers

no point lying about it

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ontherun Posted on 12/2 20:46
re: school


newholgate Posted on 12/2 20:47
re: school

St. Patricks Primary, Thornaby
St. Patricks Comp, Thornaby
St. Marys College, Boro
Sunderland University (usually wore a Boro shirt!)
Durham University

ontherun Posted on 12/2 21:00
re: school

what year new holgate

bblf Posted on 12/2 21:03
re: school

Hustler class of 69 -74.The first ones to be in the school.

AwayStandardz Posted on 12/2 21:06
re: school

cant say i enjoyed any of it

barmyboroboy Posted on 12/2 22:20
re: school

Eston Park School for me...

bluetitch Posted on 12/2 23:50
re: school

Am I the only one who went to a convent school then?

dundeejock Posted on 12/2 23:56
re: school

Craigie High School in Dundee-did anyone else go there [:-)]

butterfingers Posted on 13/2 0:22
re: school

Thornaby Church of England, The Dene, redcar tech

poiudy Posted on 13/2 0:36
re: school

Stokesley Primary
St Georges/St Davids Comp.
St Marys 6th form

Does anyone remember my ...
Gran MRS (Elise) Richardson (St Edwards Primary - Linthorpe - till the early 80's)
Mam MRS (Cath) Richardson (Corpus Christie - North Ormsby)

Q8_Red Posted on 13/2 7:30
re: school

Peters, South Bank

Decored - The science teacher you refer to was Mr Riley. Lived in Commondale. He was my form teacher in about '74. We used to go camping on his farm in the summer. He would provide the entertainment by blowing up trees using dynamite. He used to run his car on fuel he made himself. Top man, but a little eccentric.

borobadge Posted on 13/2 9:58
re: school

st patrick's..cannon st.

st joseph's..marton rd.

st georges..cowley drive.

Decored Posted on 13/2 10:05
re: school

Thats the fella Q8, mad as a box of frogs.

GrumpyOldGit Posted on 13/2 10:13
re: school

Brambles Farm Juniors to 71
Springfield 71-73
Middlesbrough High School 73-76
Marton 6th Form 76-78

OPEO Posted on 13/2 10:15
re: school

Bblf looks about the same age as me.
Beechwood infant and junior. (Me mam was in the kitchens.)
Bertram Ramsey.
M'bro High school.
University of life.

MsCurly Posted on 13/2 10:32
re: school

St Bernadettes
St Augustines
Newlands FCJ
St Mary's VI form
Kirby College (as it was known then)
Worcester College of HE
Teesside Uni
Still none the wiser.

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newholgate Posted on 13/2 10:58
re: school

FAO ontherun,

I left St. Patricks Comp in '95. I assume thats where you are asking about!

StandingRoomOnly Posted on 13/2 16:04
re: school

Durham Lane Primary

Egglescliffe Comp

borokaza Posted on 13/2 16:05
re: school

MsCurly, when were you at Worcester? I was there 89 - 91. Did Geography. Loved every minute of it.

karembeu_ca Posted on 14/2 22:26
re: school

c'mon, he has 97 posts now, 3 more to make the lad a name

MsCurly Posted on 14/2 22:28
re: school

Acouple of years ahead of me borokaza....I was there 94-96, did Teesside for my final year.

English and Drama.......oooooh I'm such an old ham.

Enjoyed it very much though.

ste_north_stand Posted on 14/2 22:33
re: school

Whitehouse Primary, Stockton
Grangefield Secondary, Stockton
Stockton 6th Form College
Teesside Uni (but bombed out)!

MsCurly Posted on 14/2 22:34
re: school

Ching ching!

Red_Clowne Posted on 14/2 22:35
re: school

Brushes Infants - Chesterfield - 1956 to 1959
Matlock County Juniors - Matlock - 1959 to 1963
Ernest Bailey Grammar - Matlock - 1963 to 1965
Eston Grammar - Eston - 1965 to 1970

comfortable_shoes Posted on 14/2 22:36
re: school

St Patricks infants (Thornaby)
St Patricks Juniors
Some place in Durham (not the prison)
St Edwards
St Thomas's
St Marys College
Portsmouth Uni at prese

The_GOAT Posted on 14/2 22:36
re: school

Nobody else has so I'll have to represent Acklam Grange.

Reg_Perrin Posted on 14/2 23:15
re: school

St Gabriels
South Park
Teesside UNI

Curly pips are u from Normanby / Eston way by chance?

MsCurly Posted on 14/2 23:18
re: school

It depends Reg......have I partaken of any sexual endeavours with you?

My answer is solely dependant on yours.......hehe.

Borored Posted on 14/2 23:19
re: school

Christ the King Infants, Thornaby
St patricks Comprehensive
St Marys Sixth Form College
Teesside Uni

The_Head_Chef Posted on 14/2 23:25
re: school

Gave up playing football, they were all fannny's
HND Hotel Management some crap college in London
Maxim’s De Paris (London)
Harvey’s (Wandsworth, London)
Le Gavroch (under albert Roux – yes fcuking ALBERT ROUX!!)
....the rest as they say is FCUKING HISTORY!!!!

Reg_Perrin Posted on 14/2 23:28
re: school

I'd have thought pipkins, like mine, your catholic education at Newlands surrounded by nuns and such, would have meant you did'nt go in for casual sexual endevours! ..... I didnt think it was casual at the time but you did! .... heartbreaker

MsCurly Posted on 14/2 23:29
re: school

Egon darlin.......where ya bin? I've missed you.

Link: No Flies On Him

MsCurly Posted on 14/2 23:31
re: school

Reg....if I'm right in thinking you are a Normanby chap, then no, I am from Marton, it was only by unfortunate accident I became the village idiot of Eston Grange.

And Sister Claire has a lot to answer for.

Reg_Perrin Posted on 14/2 23:41
re: school

No, I too live in Marton used to live close to Normanby thought I saw you in the Stap other night... that is if you are who i think you are... gosh its like a game of guess who!

Fellow F.C. of J!

MsCurly Posted on 15/2 0:21
re: school

Nopers Reginald.....was not in the Stap.....but if there was some other curvacious, curly-haired, ex-convent school vixen in there, then holy moly I feel rather unnerved.

I thought I was the only girl left in the country with an eighties style hair-do.

jarazinho Posted on 15/2 0:25
re: school


we won the cup in 1974..beat st peters 3-1......

jono_feds Posted on 15/2 0:27
re: school

St. James/St. Andrews
Newlands FC and of course J
South Park College
Baaarnsley college
Uni of Maccums

Reg_Perrin Posted on 15/2 0:27
re: school

Does curvacious mean fat curly?
she wasn't fat, if she was I reakon I could soon have worked it off her given the chance mind.

MsCurly Posted on 15/2 0:30
re: school

No Reg, it means amply bosomed and a bottom that moves in all the best ways.

Either way.....t'was not I!

Reg_Perrin Posted on 15/2 0:35
re: school

Sounds like a fat bird trying to sound sexy to me!

Dont worry im sure you've got a lovley personality

MsCurly Posted on 15/2 0:42
re: school

Haha fair enough Reg......there's them's that know, and them's that don't.

Fortunately I don't need or crave adoration from the male species, my life is full to the brimster already with all the lovin and the wonderful trivialites that make being a female purely pleasurable.

I hope you're getting some.

Right then, I've hijacked this thread enough, bedtime for me, nitey nite Reg, x.

sunset_over_ici Posted on 15/2 0:50
re: school

Sacred Heart in Redcar then St Mary's. St Mary's must be very proud to have both Boz and I gracing its halls with our prescence.

YoungAlf Posted on 15/2 11:19
re: school

Left nunthorpe school in 2000

tony_block19 Posted on 15/2 11:45
re: school

StandingRoomOnly, how old are you???

I went to Egglescliffe Comp but Preston primary school before that, remember giving you lot a hammering at footy a lot of times

Also went to Newtown Juniors in the early days when I lived in Stockton.

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DybuksChampion Posted on 15/2 12:22
re: school

Lakes primary
Saltscar which became west redcar when it merged with westfields

Makaveli_Tha_Don Posted on 15/2 12:31
re: school

the peters south bank!(Decored how old mate)

gravy173 Posted on 15/2 12:35
re: school

St Thomas Mores
St Marys Sixth Form

borofc86 Posted on 15/2 13:30
re: school

billingham campus

London_Boro Posted on 15/2 13:34
re: school

Sarah Metcalfe/Eston Park (changed names during my time there)
Redcar Tech....or whatever it is called, so many name changes
University of Westminster

Otley_Boro Posted on 15/2 13:40
re: school

Can we have some years please

Billog. Campus 84 to 89 (gave borofc86 a few good hidings)
H'pool college of FE 90 to 92
T'Side Uni. 93 to 97

sasboro Posted on 15/2 13:44
re: school

stainsby/acklam grange
acklam 6th form
newcastle poly
teesside uni

borokaza Posted on 15/2 18:53
re: school

Ms Curly. You didn't happen to live in the Canberra Road area once upon a time did you?

starbeck_smoggy Posted on 15/2 18:55
re: school

St Peters - Normanby Road, South Bank until 1985

ReidyDog Posted on 15/2 19:06
re: school

Ayresome Infants and Juniors till 1980
Sunnyside Primary till 1982
Coulby Newham Secondary til 1987 (Form W)

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StandingRoomOnly Posted on 15/2 20:57
re: school

FAO - tony_block19
Went to Egglescliffe 1989 - 1994
I am 26.

Take it block 19 refers to your location in the Riverside, I am in block 18.

if_i_had_a_parmo Posted on 15/2 21:03
re: school

Teessville Infants
GIllbrook technology college
Uni of Teesside
And AGain.

longpig Posted on 15/2 21:40
re: school

Whinney Banks infants and juniors
Acklam Grange
Marton sixth
Manchester Poly

Only seen GOAT as Acklam Grange
I thought there would be a few more.

Brotton_Smoggie Posted on 15/2 21:47
re: school

St. Peters Primary - Brotton
Warsett - Brotton
Redcar and Cleveland College
Teesside Uni

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Decored Posted on 15/2 21:50
re: school

Makaveli_Tha_Don - I'm 3 years older than starbeck_smoggy assuming he left when due rather than being kicked out early or kept back a few years.

Shezzie Posted on 15/2 21:55
re: school

Bader Primary
The Dene

Borored, was Mr Eddie your headmaster? He used to be my next door neighbour.

singaporeboro Posted on 16/2 0:44
re: school

egglesclife c of e butts lane
then eaglecliffe comp

parmo_army Posted on 1/3 8:49
re: school

Oxbridge Primary - Stockton
Grangefield Secondary - Stockton
Stockton Sixth Form
Leeds Met University

YoungAlf Posted on 1/3 9:28
re: school

Some Primary School in Canada
then Ormesby Primary
the Arthur Bugler Primary in Essex
Gable Hall Scholl Essex (95-97)
Nunthorpe School, Boro (97-2000)
Palmers College Essex (2000-01)

piggy_nichol Posted on 1/3 9:55
re: school

Has this thread been dragged back from a couple of weeks ago? Or a year and a couple of weeks?

Or even longer. There were questions for me on it, but I dont want to be answering two years on.

SuperSmoggie Posted on 1/3 16:16
re: school

over a year ago mate.

homer945 Posted on 1/3 16:16
re: school

i go to ramsey m8