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borobuddah Posted on 14/3 11:39
Shut up Bandito

Stop taking the pss out of folks who ask questions about travelling to support the Boro.

If yer not interested, don't read it and spare us all your tedious comments.

Nice to know you are a travelling sophisticate, but others get help and re-assurance, and make good arrangements because they use this forum.

Button it, big boy.

Cogeur_le_Conq Posted on 14/3 11:41
re: Shut up Bandito

Leave him alone you big bully.

bandito Posted on 14/3 11:48
re: Shut up Bandito

shuddup yer doyle!

Dont read my posts if you dont like em you whingeing old fc uk!

watership_downing Posted on 14/3 11:49
re: Shut up Bandito

The board is nothing but your posts though, you even start new ones to answer existing threads.

borobuddah Posted on 14/3 11:50
re: Shut up Bandito

Your post was on someone elses thread, doyle yersel'.

And I said shut up, now do as yer telt.

bandito Posted on 14/3 11:50
re: Shut up Bandito

well post something interesting yourself then.

I disappear and the board will go to the dogs I tell ya.

Cogeur_le_Conq Posted on 14/3 11:52
re: Shut up Bandito

I thought Buddah told you to shut the fck up?

sasboro Posted on 14/3 11:53
re: Shut up Bandito

how far is the stadium from the airport?
where are people flying from?
how do you get from the airport to the hotel?
what beer do they sell in lisbon?
are the ATM machines in english?
where is everyone sitting?
what is your seat number?
Is a window or asle seat best?
DO they sell booze on the plane?
how hot is it in lison?
do they have proper toilets?
Is there a mcdonalds?

stub78 Posted on 14/3 11:55
re: Shut up Bandito

Fantastic...haven't heard "doyle" for ages...clearly rattled

bandito Posted on 14/3 11:56
re: Shut up Bandito

It was said purposely in my best boro accent.

sasboro Posted on 14/3 11:57
re: Shut up Bandito

can you get parmos over there?

borobuddah Posted on 14/3 11:59
re: Shut up Bandito

If Bandito buys new underpants in Lisbon, where can he get them turned up?

sasboro Posted on 14/3 12:01
re: Shut up Bandito

poor joke..must think of a better one than that
how about borobuddah send fmttm a pic of himself for us to all make fun of?

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Cogeur_le_Conq Posted on 14/3 12:04
re: Shut up Bandito


I thought you'd want to know where there's a pub with Sky so you can watch you're beloved play Olympiakos on the Wednesday night.

borobuddah Posted on 14/3 12:05
re: Shut up Bandito

No-one deserves that much laughter pal.

Thought it was quite funny meself, are you a titch too?

dooderooni Posted on 14/3 12:05
re: Shut up Bandito

Get your tongue out of bandi's arse sas, it's unbecoming. I'm sure he can fight his own battles you know.

towz Posted on 14/3 12:06
re: Shut up Bandito

Fight fight fight!!!

sasboro Posted on 14/3 12:07
re: Shut up Bandito

of course bandito can fight his own battles, just seems a bit unfair when people having a go but dont dare show a picture of themselves.

come one borobuddah, be a man and send fmttm a picture of yourself so we can all comment? atleast give a description of what you look like

what relevance is it if i am a titch or not.

bandito Posted on 14/3 12:14
re: Shut up Bandito

there's no originality thesedays

grantus Posted on 14/3 12:15
re: Shut up Bandito

does anyone know of a newsagent where i can buy the Daily Star? Oh yeah and an English cafe, i cant stand that foreign muck?

boroboy75 Posted on 14/3 12:19
re: Shut up Bandito

Those who live in glass houses.......

RAZMOND_HWDR Posted on 14/3 12:19
re: Shut up Bandito

sasboro don`t be a perv.

sasboro Posted on 14/3 12:20
re: Shut up Bandito

i need a picture to keep the door to door salesmen away

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RAZMOND_HWDR Posted on 14/3 12:21
re: Shut up Bandito

try starving the dog instead.

borobuddah Posted on 14/3 12:25
re: Shut up Bandito

Bit like a scruffy buddah, really.

With a bigger beer gut.

Ear ring left, hair short brown.

Glasses yes.

Heading for 50.
If yer going to lisbon, come and have a look, even introduce yersel'

Then I can take the pss outta you too.

RAZMOND_HWDR Posted on 14/3 12:28
re: Shut up Bandito

you look awful.

bandito Posted on 14/3 12:28
re: Shut up Bandito

an ear ring?

Wha are you? a puff or a pirate?

Otley_Boro Posted on 14/3 12:30
re: Shut up Bandito

- I'm enjoying this too.

boroboy75 Posted on 14/3 12:31
re: Shut up Bandito

Or a pikey?

bandito Posted on 14/3 12:33
re: Shut up Bandito

its funny how many people have taken the pis s out of me on here and havent muttered a word in "real life"

Freedom_Bear Posted on 14/3 12:33
re: Shut up Bandito

The bear believes buddah could be a puffy pirate.

Cogeur_le_Conq Posted on 14/3 12:34
re: Shut up Bandito

Cos you'd get a fcking slapping

bandito Posted on 14/3 12:34
re: Shut up Bandito

the bandito believes the buddah is Danny Baker

RAZMOND_HWDR Posted on 14/3 12:35
re: Shut up Bandito

'its funny how many people have taken the pis s out of me on here and havent muttered a word in "real life" '

that is exactly the same for me.

skiprat Posted on 14/3 12:35
re: Shut up Bandito

How did The Bear and Bandito post within the same minute?

bandito Posted on 14/3 12:35
re: Shut up Bandito

only from ex hoolie types

Freedom_Bear Posted on 14/3 12:36
re: Shut up Bandito

The bear asks how Skiprat and bandito posted on the same minute?

--- Post edited by Freedom_Bear on 14/3 12:36 ---

Otley_Boro Posted on 14/3 12:36
re: Shut up Bandito

havent muttered a word in "real life"

Thats cos your hard as nails.

bandito Posted on 14/3 12:37
re: Shut up Bandito

thinks it more to do with their timid personalities meself like

skiprat Posted on 14/3 12:38
re: Shut up Bandito

The Bear has already revealed his true identity with his outburst last week.

I will say no more.

Cogeur_le_Conq Posted on 14/3 12:39
re: Shut up Bandito


Not so much of the ex.

That's defamation of character.

I've a cyber reputation to maintain

ryallsy Posted on 14/3 12:39
re: Shut up Bandito

Doesn't the very existence of this topic mean that bandito has got the reaction he wanted.

You can be certain of 2 things on this board at the moment.

1. There will be more than 1 topic from people wanting information about Lisbon who either don't know how, or are too lazy to find it for themselves.
2. bandito will reply in said topic.

FACT. OF LIFE. Live with it.

bandito Posted on 14/3 12:40
re: Shut up Bandito

good , you're boring everyone rigid

bandito Posted on 14/3 12:42
re: Shut up Bandito

I'm not even out for a reaction, thats the funny thing about it. If someone else had of put up a sarcastic post then nobody would have cared. Becasue it's me, people like to give a bit back. I dont mind. Its quite flattering. maybe Ive created a rod for my own back?

foomanboro Posted on 14/3 12:50
re: Shut up Bandito

To be fair to bandito, i think that he is probably in reality not half as sarky or obnoxious as he is on here.

It is very easy on the fmttm message board to come off sounding like a mad caricature or pantomime villain at times. Its happened to me but i am actually a lovely bloke in reality!

borobuddah Posted on 14/3 12:51
re: Shut up Bandito

"Be a man..."

What a tool!

borobuddah Posted on 14/3 12:52
re: Shut up Bandito

Bandito, your unpopularity could take this thread to 100.

Spare yersel the embarassment and stop adding to it.

I.E Shut up.

sasboro Posted on 14/3 12:54
re: Shut up Bandito

borobuddah, that is a p1ss poor response

JayZee Posted on 14/3 12:54
re: Shut up Bandito

borobuddah -

its hard to yell when the barrel's in your mouth

Freedom_Bear Posted on 14/3 12:58
re: Shut up Bandito

"The Bear has already revealed his true identity with his outburst last week.

I will say no more."

The bear has no other identity.

borobuddah Posted on 14/3 12:58
re: Shut up Bandito

I gave ya a bluddy description didn't I?

Will you be in Lisbon?

See my camera ain't working just now, and much as I would like to oblige.........

Come again Jayzee?

borobuddah Posted on 14/3 13:58
re: Shut up Bandito

Timid personalities?

Not me, chum. Do you thunk I'm scared of you?

sasboro Posted on 14/3 14:00
re: Shut up Bandito

freadom bears arent scary but grissly ones are

shaun_84 Posted on 14/3 14:01
re: Shut up Bandito

we all know these type of threads always end up with bandito offering to buy the 'attacker' a pint in Dr Browns!

RAZMOND_HWDR Posted on 14/3 14:02
re: Shut up Bandito

was grissly adams a bear or just a very hairy man?

bandito Posted on 14/3 14:09
re: Shut up Bandito

quite right, but they never show up.

shaun_84 Posted on 14/3 14:10
re: Shut up Bandito

It's all really stupid, isn't it?

bandito Posted on 14/3 14:12
re: Shut up Bandito

dont look at me

Chutney Posted on 14/3 14:12
re: Shut up Bandito

To those who haven't met him, bandy's persona on here can seem like he's a bit of a c0que.

Then when you do meet him, you understand a bit more about the games he likes to play.

A really sound lad he is, honest.

shaun_84 Posted on 14/3 14:14
re: Shut up Bandito

not you bandy, the situation. I've never had a problem with you on here or pint-handed outside Dr Browns

toots Posted on 14/3 14:16
re: Shut up Bandito

you lot are rubbish... i can tell that about him anyway without having met him. what chutney says, i mean.

bandito Posted on 14/3 14:18
re: Shut up Bandito

just shows how some people take things seriously.

Anyway, thanks

borobuddah Posted on 14/3 14:28
re: Shut up Bandito

I showed up, and even saw you, but was busy with the company I had, and didn't feel the need to sort out any cyber differences, I accept you are probably ok in real life, but a cyber twit on here.

bandito Posted on 14/3 14:29
re: Shut up Bandito

its good to have an identity on here. You should get one borobuddah and then people wouldnt find you so boring

borobuddah Posted on 14/3 14:30
re: Shut up Bandito

Ha ha ha ha ha, regular Ronnie Corbett aren't you.

bandito Posted on 14/3 14:33
re: Shut up Bandito

you can be Ronnie barker then.

now he was dull

Scrote Posted on 14/3 14:48
re: Shut up Bandito

surely by acting differently in different situations/surroundings you are just showing how insecure you really are

why act like a dick on here if you wouldn't do it in a pub? - is it ok to offend people in cyberspace as long as you are 'sound' in real life??

RAZMOND_HWDR Posted on 14/3 14:52
re: Shut up Bandito

it is fine to offend people on here if it makes you laugh.

Chutney Posted on 14/3 14:54
re: Shut up Bandito

Well, it's open season on the internet, isn't it - it's all very well saying, "oh, it's like being in a pub", but it obviously isn't.

You're no more obliged to post on here as a true representation of yourself as you are to make up an alter ego. And the mix of the two makes for an interesting virtual world, wouldn't you say?

captain5 Posted on 14/3 14:55
re: Shut up Bandito

Anyone else look at this earlier when it started and think 'definite hundred plus thread' or is that just me??

dooderooni Posted on 14/3 14:56
re: Shut up Bandito

I was thinking the same and the inevitable crowing from bandy about the board needing him etc etc etc.

This should have been post number 92 but I'm refusing to add the helium of publicity to banditos ego.

--- Post edited by dooderooni on 14/3 16:13 ---

Oh look, sas is pretending to be dumb to try and crack another ton for his mate.

--- Post edited by dooderooni on 14/3 16:22 ---

toots Posted on 14/3 14:56
re: Shut up Bandito

yep... keeping things rolling as usual.

Theodore_Lunacy Posted on 14/3 14:57
re: Shut up Bandito

Of course it is Scrote. I make all sorts of flippant and arsey remarks on here because I have never met, nor am I likely to meet any of you in real life. Hence I couldn't really care less about what people think of me. In real life life though I am kindness and nice naturedness personified. You would all love me to bits.

Thats an admirable ethos RAZ. i wish I had said that.

--- Post edited by Theodore_Lunacy on 14/3 14:58 ---

sasboro Posted on 14/3 14:58
re: Shut up Bandito

if people want to act like they do in the real world then using your real name might help

captain5 Posted on 14/3 14:59
re: Shut up Bandito

'in bits'

RAZMOND_HWDR Posted on 14/3 15:01
re: Shut up Bandito

of course it is Theodore_Lunacy, I know many a board member admires me for the wise words I say, not just yourself.

Buddy Posted on 14/3 15:03
re: Shut up Bandito

Other than to agree with toots agreeing with Chutney, can I just pick bandy Corbett up about his past tense description of his mate Barker.

New exciting programming coming to your screens this very Friday I'm afraid.

Chutney Posted on 14/3 15:05
re: Shut up Bandito

I do tend to invoke agreement.

I'm the voice of reason, me.

toots Posted on 14/3 15:08
re: Shut up Bandito

thing is, its good fun to just post random stuff of whatever nature, n also to post your instant reaction to the preceding post, like a kind of improvisation type scenario. its good to sound off.
only time i really post serious is for football.

bandito Posted on 14/3 15:11
re: Shut up Bandito

I would say I'm about 80% similar in real life as to how i appear on here.

RAZMOND_HWDR Posted on 14/3 15:12
re: Shut up Bandito

well I am 81%

toots Posted on 14/3 15:18
re: Shut up Bandito

well, im 100%, except on here you cant see the face or hear the tone of voice, so interpretation will be affected by your own life experience. kind of thing.

captain5 Posted on 14/3 15:37
re: Shut up Bandito

Amen to toots' post.

green_beret20 Posted on 14/3 15:38
re: Shut up Bandito

Does this mean your all friends again?

Cobain_94 Posted on 14/3 15:43
re: Shut up Bandito

I'm just as highly strung but not as agressive.

captain5 Posted on 14/3 15:44
re: Shut up Bandito

You have your moments.

sasboro Posted on 14/3 15:47
re: Shut up Bandito

dont worry briggsy and scoea will add to this thread to get things going again

Scrote Posted on 14/3 15:52
re: Shut up Bandito

"I would say I'm about 80% similar in real life as to how i appear on here."

you've never appeared to be 5 foot on here to me...

B_Hills Posted on 14/3 15:57
re: Shut up Bandito

He is well on his way to another ton.... Feck me he gets more tons than Brian Lara

borobuddah Posted on 14/3 15:59
re: Shut up Bandito

80% moaney, grumpy get.

So you have 20% milk of human kindness?

Scrote Posted on 14/3 16:06
re: Shut up Bandito

theodore - bandy brought up dr browns - i was just wondering how his logic went is all

i personally couldn't care less how other people act on here - 99% of the folk i've met off the board have been the kind of folk from their board persona's that i'd have been happy to meet in other situations - i've yet to meet one of the self styled nobbers and i presume thats 'cos they only exist as alter egos or severely disturbed individuals who aren't allowed out in public

when bandito first started posting his rants, and paved the way for the shyte that has come since, i said he would probably be ok in real life and asked why he felt the need to be obnoxious on here (this was before we knew about his little problem)

the fact that what were once cutting edge rants that got people talking have now descended into desperate attempts to get a 100+ thread a day to remain visible amongst the rest of the detritus show what a shorty sighted plan it really was

conceptually bandito's board persona hasn't changed but it has been superceded by posters that have been willing to go to further extremes in search of a reaction - the fact bandito wasn't willing to follow them shows that he does care how his board persona is perceived which in turn makes you wonder why he blows off about not being botherd how people view him in cyberspace

i'd imagine in years to come there will be a medical condition that will have its foundations in this type of forced dual-personality thing - multiple logins has never looked saner!!

sasboro Posted on 14/3 16:10
re: Shut up Bandito

whats his little problem?

BTW, bandito didnt start this thread, someone lese did aimed at him

Theodore_Lunacy Posted on 14/3 16:13
re: Shut up Bandito

Scrote, you are hereby appointed the board shrink

Whoosh for sasboro

sasboro Posted on 14/3 16:14
re: Shut up Bandito

so tell me his little problem then?

Theodore_Lunacy Posted on 14/3 16:17
re: Shut up Bandito

Come on sas, wakey wakey.

I think Scrote is suggesting his "little problem" is, well his littleness. More commonly known as "little man syndrome"

sasboro Posted on 14/3 16:20
re: Shut up Bandito

i'm still lost

the_fresh_ponce Posted on 14/3 16:20
re: Shut up Bandito

This thread is a bit gay if you ask me.

sasboro Posted on 14/3 16:20
re: Shut up Bandito

must be true about the cock watchers in doc browns then

boroboy75 Posted on 14/3 16:22
re: Shut up Bandito

sas, maybe you are just tight.

sasboro Posted on 14/3 16:23
re: Shut up Bandito

100 for borobuddah

Scrote Posted on 14/3 16:24
re: Shut up Bandito


(i thought the extra y in the next paragraph might help - obviously went over some people's heads )

sasboro Posted on 14/3 16:26
re: Shut up Bandito

everytthing goes over my head, so thats why you have to be more straight to the point and blunt. It cuts out all the bullsh it

borobuddah Posted on 14/3 16:27
re: Shut up Bandito

"I'd just like to thank Bandito for being such a nob, without him i would never have got 100"

Are ya bringing a jumper, Bandy?

Do you think I'll need a rain mac?

--- Post edited by borobuddah on 14/3 16:29 ---

bandito Posted on 14/3 16:37
re: Shut up Bandito

yes everybody, I'm 5ft 5. I'm a freak of nature. I'm so small, people cant even see me. there's nobody in the world smaller than me. I have a "little problem" so I'm told. Anyway did you think of such an apt username? thats all I wanna know. Its great that so many people want to talk about me. If this was a tabloid rag how many pages would i fill.

borobuddah Posted on 14/3 16:39
re: Shut up Bandito

Come on man, don't take it to heart, it's only a message board!

Cogeur_le_Conq Posted on 14/3 16:44
re: Shut up Bandito

Leave him alone you big bully.

borobuddah Posted on 14/3 16:48
re: Shut up Bandito

Alright Coggs, pick on someone me own size?

Only 5Ft 8 meself like...........

dooderooni Posted on 14/3 16:49
re: Shut up Bandito

Who said they were only 5' 5"? Where is he? Anyone spot him?

Cogeur_le_Conq Posted on 14/3 16:53
A birds eye view


Link: .

sasboro Posted on 14/3 16:56
re: A birds eye view

have the fat old blokes got nowt better to occupy their time with?

dooderooni Posted on 14/3 16:57
re: A birds eye view

Don't come complaining now sas when you helped keep this thread going.

foomanboro Posted on 14/3 17:10
re: A birds eye view

Since we often have arguments abouts racism, sexism, homophobia etc..

Has Bandito got grounds to complain about abusive posts of "height-ism" by certain members?

the_fresh_ponce Posted on 14/3 17:11
re: A birds eye view


sasboro Posted on 14/3 17:13
re: A birds eye view

i'mn not complaining, just trying to get the thread going again

Gillandi Posted on 14/3 17:43
re: A birds eye view

I'll keep it going.

Sas, you are hilarious.

You are the only person on this board I have any interest in meeting in real life because I know that your board "persona" is the furthest removed from the real person as anyones on here.

I hope to have a good laugh in your face one day, you poisenous little pin headed toe rag.

Freedom_Bear Posted on 14/3 17:53
re: A birds eye view

The bear is of course a bear in real life. Obviously.

japsterboro Posted on 14/3 17:55
re: Shut up Bandito

Gillandi: You forgot odious!

Gillandi Posted on 14/3 17:59
re: Shut up Bandito

Cripes I did n 'all Japster. It's better than "poisenous" and easier to spell, thanks.

Sas - You odious, little, pin-headed toe rag.

japsterboro Posted on 14/3 18:04
re: Shut up Bandito

You're welcome! Always on hand to fuel some beef.

Gillandi Posted on 14/3 18:08
re: Shut up Bandito

Stick around then Japster, i've got my sleeves rolled up waiting for the little pip squeek to show his face. He's breaking new ground in complete nobbishness today.

bandito Posted on 14/3 18:16
re: Shut up Bandito

I never trust anybody who does a smiley

tanned_nympho Posted on 14/3 18:17
re: Shut up Bandito

i never trust anyone whos ginger.

Freedom_Bear Posted on 14/3 18:18
re: Shut up Bandito

The bear asks if sasboro was actually in the SAS. The believes that if he was/is, sas must be the hardest human board member.

tanned_nympho Posted on 14/3 18:19
re: Shut up Bandito

my ex college instructor was in the sas, but forget i told you that ;)

Gillandi Posted on 14/3 18:26
re: Shut up Bandito

Yeah, what else is there to do for a retired killing machine but to spend all day every day looking for bites on internet message board.

If theyre not killing you with one touch they're on Dr Who messageboards saying how much better Blake7 was or on here saying how rubbish we are.

Some write about their experiences in Iraq or Belfast and then theres Sasboro.

I think there's more chance of The Freedom Bear being a bear.

--- Post edited by Gillandi on 14/3 18:36 ---

the_fresh_ponce Posted on 14/3 18:29
re: Shut up Bandito

I wonder if he can do a 1 inch punch.

Scrote Posted on 14/3 18:34
re: Shut up Bandito

i don't think he'd dare - his mate might drown...

borobadge Posted on 14/3 18:55
re: Shut up Bandito

its got 200 written all over it..this has...

Link: go bud go!

borobuddah Posted on 14/3 18:57
re: Shut up Bandito

Well off topic, though

toots Posted on 14/3 19:12
re: Shut up Bandito

crikey... still at it??

borobadge Posted on 14/3 21:39
re: Shut up Bandito

he wouldnt let it lye..come in number 200 your time is up.

sasboro Posted on 14/3 22:12
re: Shut up Bandito

I can confirm that SAS is a big part of my job

foomanboro Posted on 14/3 22:16
re: Shut up Bandito

What your job involves reading bravo two zero before going to bed?

sasboro Posted on 14/3 22:22
re: Shut up Bandito

No, i'm not into reading books

foomanboro Posted on 14/3 22:25
re: Shut up Bandito

Ok so you job involves rolling around your sitting room trying to ambush the cat whilst pretending to be Andy McNab?

Scubahood Posted on 14/3 22:34
re: Shut up Bandito

'I can confirm that SAS is a big part of my job'

SAS = Sex And Sheep.

dooderooni Posted on 14/3 22:40
re: Shut up Bandito

Do you have to bring every piece of crap you pick up to every thread though sas?

Link: SAS

squealy Posted on 14/3 22:41
re: Shut up Bandito

The squealy thanks foomanboro for making him laugh.

foomanboro Posted on 14/3 22:44
re: Shut up Bandito

Squealy, i'm deadly serious! I'm pretty sure that's what happens in the sasboro household!

squealy Posted on 14/3 22:47
re: Shut up Bandito

I'm sure it is foomanboro, that's part of what makes it so amusing. I think it was the bit about ambushing the cat I found funniest.

Anyway, cheers for the giggle.

jax_1 Posted on 14/3 22:58
re: Shut up Bandito

I don't like to join in with board squabbles really ( Not on this board anyway ) butyeah, that was funny.

Incidentally Bandi, at 5'5, you are a veritable giant, speaking as someone who never managed to hit the 5ft mark

squealy Posted on 14/3 23:00
re: Shut up Bandito

Eh up jax me duck, long time no see.

foomanboro Posted on 14/3 23:01
re: Shut up Bandito

Well not a problem! I thank you for being the first person to appreciate my sophisticated sense of humour in all my time on this board.

You are obviously are a very intelligent person and your sense of humour is of an unquestionably high standard.

borobadge Posted on 14/3 23:03
re: Shut up Bandito

"Eh up jax me duck"...

that spunker from yeovil was right..we do talk funny up north....

jax_1 Posted on 14/3 23:04
re: Shut up Bandito

Hiya Sq hon, how are you doing? It has been a long time hasn't it? Hope all is well in your corner of the world.

jax_1 Posted on 14/3 23:05
re: Shut up Bandito

Lol @ badge

squealy Posted on 14/3 23:09
re: Shut up Bandito

Everything's fine here ta jax. Though I did manage to leave my cashpoint card in the cashpoint machine today. Thankfully no one was evil enough to nick me money. I feel a bit of a pillock, well in fact a lot of a pillock.

jax_1 Posted on 14/3 23:14
re: Shut up Bandito

Awww lol Sq, you were lucky then.
Glad to hear everything else is ok, always good to see your name on the board, it brings back a lot of good memories. Especially now Dave has banned me from Cins lol I join in with the daily wags, so many familiar names there, haven't seen yours yet, though.

As for you being a pillock, nah never,
How is your dad btw?

squealy Posted on 14/3 23:18
re: Shut up Bandito

Dad's fine ta, or at least that what he tells me over the phone. I'll probably stay with him next time I go down to watch the Blues.

I don't play anymore. Is it the nofriggingclue thing you're talking about?

jax_1 Posted on 14/3 23:24
re: Shut up Bandito

No, I gave up on that silly thing too. Waggette hosts a 10q quiz every day. There's no chat or anything but surprising how many old names appear, magi n marty, anita, widmerpool and even old ghostly silence manages to find it occasionally.
it passes a minute anyway.

Glad your dad is ok too.

Link: s.o.h.

Cogeur_le_Conq Posted on 14/3 23:28
re: Shut up Bandito

Happy 150th Bud.

Now the thread's been hyjacked by bewers you're guaranteed a 2 ton'er.

jax_1 Posted on 14/3 23:31
re: Shut up Bandito

Ah yes C-L-C though I did hijack the thread with a relevant point. ( to begin with

squealy Posted on 14/3 23:34
re: Shut up Bandito

Yeah, I hold my hands up, it was my hijack. I apologise unreservedly to all Boro fans.

Your normal programming will now resume.

jax_1 Posted on 14/3 23:37
re: Shut up Bandito

Nope it wasn't Sq!

Cogeur_le_Conq Posted on 14/3 23:38
re: Shut up Bandito

You continue gals.

I'm sure the Two Ronnies egos will appreciate the added value.

jax_1 Posted on 14/3 23:40
re: Shut up Bandito

Wassup with you tonight C-L-C? Not like you to be so mean!

squealy Posted on 14/3 23:42
re: Shut up Bandito

He called me a gal!! I can assure you I'm all man mister Cogeur.

jax_1 Posted on 14/3 23:44
re: Shut up Bandito

Yeeeah I can vouch for that!

Scubahood Posted on 14/3 23:45
re: Shut up Bandito

Apart from your breasts.

Cogeur_le_Conq Posted on 14/3 23:46
re: Shut up Bandito


I've not met many gadgies that squeal

BTW Bewer = Gal.

Jax, I don't mean to be mean. It's the Jamo's talking.

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squealy Posted on 14/3 23:49
re: Shut up Bandito

Those are beer breasts. I'll have you know I've spent good money developing them.

jax_1 Posted on 14/3 23:49
re: Shut up Bandito

Ok C-L-C, just that you had never been particularly mean to me before, I am easily upset you know
Oh yeah and I am a girl btw but Sq def isn't.

borobuddah Posted on 14/3 23:58
re: Shut up Bandito

"The two Ronnies"

Love it.

squealy Posted on 15/3 0:00
re: Shut up Bandito

Jax is Ronnie Corbett, I'm Ronnie Barker - the funny one.

jax_1 Posted on 15/3 0:04
re: Shut up Bandito

Yeah rofl, think even he is taller than me but little is cute!

Are you going to the Newcastle meet Sq?

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Cogeur_le_Conq Posted on 15/3 0:16
re: Shut up Bandito

Now you are hijacking the thread.

Bandi is Ronnie Corbett and Borobuddah is Ronnie Barker - the funny one.

Haven't you read the above?

We'll have to get them together in Rossio Square.

Fawk handoowls, nah, four candoowls

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borobadge Posted on 15/3 9:04
re: Shut up ...

Bandi is Ronnie Corbett and Borobuddah is Ronnie Barker - the funny one......

Cogeur_le_Conq Posted on 15/3 12:28
re: Shut up Bandito

And it's goodnight from me...

...and a load of napoleonic vitriol from him

borobuddah Posted on 15/3 13:20
re: Shut up Bandito

A bit thin on talent, Corbett.

Could anyone imagine him in Porridge?

Have to be on the bottom bunk.

bandito Posted on 15/3 13:45
re: Shut up Bandito

You're desperate to get your first two hundred

here's a bit of help.

Cogeur_le_Conq Posted on 15/3 14:00
re: Shut up Bandito

I hope the upper bunk's got reinforced slats or I can see you falling thru and flattening him.

Right our mission for Lisbon is to get Bandi and Buddah banged up together.

Who's gonna bail 'em out

Bandi, you're just an attention seeker. I'm sure you'll be happy to have a two tunner in your name.

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bandito Posted on 15/3 14:07
re: Shut up Bandito

If i wanted to do that I'd start a thread of my own

borobuddah Posted on 15/3 14:39
re: Shut up Bandito

Bandy, you've already done more than enough.

I was talking about thr real Ronnie Corbett, actually.

Coggs, anyone associating with you is liable to get banged up!