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dieselofboro Posted on 17/3 2:28
FAO Perth Boro Fans

Just wondering if any of you guys are going to the Australia V Indonesia game at Subiaco Oval?

Good chance to meet up and chat Boro about game and also give big Schwarz some backing!

SaltburnRed Posted on 17/3 7:45
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

Hope you get some support for this Diesel. I'd imagine Viduka and ex-Boro boy Luke Wilkshire will be involved too, should Dukes be fit that is.

A quick question though. There's a loser elsewhere on this board who's Teesside through and through but has lived in the Sydney area for a good while. He now seems to support Ausralians in all areas of sport rather than Brits. Is that the same with all of you lot down there ? I know there's a couple of sports they generally do better than us at but surely we've got many great sportsmen worth supporting instead of the local Aussie boys.

dieselofboro Posted on 18/3 0:33
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

Can only speak on my behalf and that would be that im Englaish and proud of! Boro and even more proud of, just Australia is one hell of a place to live!

jarazinho Posted on 18/3 0:40
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

i want to move to perth...

jarazinho Posted on 18/3 0:44
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

see that saltburn boy???

ONE HELL OF A PLACE TO LIVE!!..thats all im saying as well,im English but have spent more of my life out of the uk than in it..after spending 5yrs in NZ and 10 in Ozz..i just feel very place in the world to live!!(its only my opinion)

jarazinho Posted on 18/3 0:45
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

hope u boys in perth get a good crowd...the glory had some fantastic support!!

jarazinho Posted on 18/3 0:48
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

i think weve got the iraq game in sydney..

dieselofboro Posted on 18/3 0:54
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

Pretty sure game is coming up soon and thought there would be some Boro fans interested as seems Arnie will be playing but no Duke!

Hopefully get some feedback today?

jarazinho Posted on 18/3 0:56
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

i used to buy that soccer express and in it there used to be a couple called chris and jan..i think who run the boro supporters club...maybe u should chase it up mate..just a thought..

SaltburnRed Posted on 18/3 6:32
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

Australia as a good place to live isn't under dispute here, I'd never want to live there myself but I can see why plenty of people do. It's just that there are English people over there who support Australia in sport when playing against England and that I just can't understand. There is simply no excuse. I bet the Italian people living in Australia don't support Australia against Italy, I'm sure the Americans , the Croatians, the Germans or the Dutch don't either.

So tell me Jarz, just who will your support in the ashes series be going to ? If it's Australia then I'd love to know why.

dieselofboro Posted on 21/3 0:36
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans


jarazinho Posted on 21/3 1:04
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

Saltburn i have explained on previous posts..i am a football fan,i support the Boro and always love to see England WIN...although since the mid 70s they have disappointed me on numerous occasions..i dont mind going to the odd 1 dayer(cricket)have never been to a test match in my life..I DONT LIKE CRICKET..i might catch the highlights on the news and thats about i wont be sitting with my slab of beer CHEERING for anybody..i just think that the OZZYS will clean them up..i am also not a great rugby fan..however after spending 5 years in NZ and seeing how they play the game and what it means to the kiwis(i am a naturalised kiwi myself)i always like to see the ALL Blacks do well..if the All Blacks play the OZZYS i will be supporting the ALL BLACKS..all i have ever said on the sporting(poms v ozzys front..)is that for a country with a pop of 20 mio they definately punch above there,cricket,swimming,tennis,triathlons etc..etc..they are a great sporting nation that has a "we can do this.."mentality...i also stated that the Australian climate plays a large part in this sporting success..we do not have the winters and the restrictions that come with that ..that the UK has!!this whole hoo-haa started when PNG FULHAM basically stated that for a country/pop the size of England they have won fcuk all in 40 years except for the last rugby world cup..its hard to argue with the guy...just to many poms sat around smoking fags,drinking piSS..the ozzy guys i work with reckon that the poms are so used to losing that its just now automatically assumed that they are gonna be "also rans"!!!!!..

jarazinho Posted on 21/3 1:11
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

Saltburn-Red..i know its probably still as black as hell over there and probably no more than 10 degrees..and it might be hard to get "started" in the mornings so therefore i have explained things as clearly as possible for you...hope it makes sense to you.if your still having difficulty then i suggest you speak to PNG im sure he can help you out mate..

jarazinho Posted on 21/3 1:25
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

you guys should stop sitting around watching the royale family and corro..then you might stop sitting around smoking tabs,drinking piSS and get of your fat arses and hit the playing fields!!!its much healthier for you!!!..until then youll win NOWT!!!!!sad but true...the record books speak for themselves!!!you can also start feeding your kids properly(Jamie oliver knows..)instead of chips,chips,burgers for lunch..give them some decent ozzy tucker and they might start moving there fat arsES!!!!!whats wrong with u lot..your stuck in a bloo** time worp!!!STOP FEEDING YOUR SCHOOLKIDS CR**!!!!!

PNGfulham Posted on 21/3 1:25
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans


SBR....i wondered where u had run off too...

anyway your rite...u wuddnt like living in australia...

actaully u wuddnt know the difference either from UK to oz cos

all u wud be doing is sitting on the computer typing away into the fanzine (and rubbing skin flakes into the keyboard off your gammy white nose) .... thinking that your a surfer

anyway ask jaraz about his burger flashing missus or somethng

much more exciting...

p.s. won the fisherman island hobiecat marathon yesterday...

it took 2 hrs 45 minutes and i we won by 10 seconds.....

how was your weekend?

jarazinho Posted on 21/3 1:32
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

congratulations png..well done!!yea nice weekend..had a couple under the yum yum trees friday night while the sun went down,Sat morning we took the ferry over to Palm party,Jade had fun...yesterday was helping a neighbour move followed by a housewarming....then last night me sam and sas cracked open a bottle of beautifull OZZY RED...followed by a big bowl of fantastic KIWI green lipped mussels..quite superb png....

PNGfulham Posted on 21/3 1:40
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans


jaraz.........i thnk ur still cranky cos i woke u at midnite sat nite......

either tht or u got ur hands of sum of my betel nut..

didnt u read the warning.......only to be used under strick PNG supervision

anyway i think we have scared the lot of them off now...

SaltburnRed Posted on 21/3 7:41
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

Jarz, I take on board your points about rugby, cricket and tennis and the way the Aussies have done great in these sports but to suggest Oz is any greater a sporting nation than we are because of these essentially minority sports is just pure anal talking on your part. You say that we've won bugger all apart from the rugby world cup in the last 40 years but I think by that you're just talking about football, cricket and tennis. Are you suggesting England/Britain has had no other achievements worth mentioning. World Champs in boxing, rowing, speedway, Formula One, sailing and athletics, to name just a few. To suggest we are not a nation of tryers and believers when it comes to our sports is just crap. If you ever want the best example of English guts, determination, self belief and pride, I urge you to watch the men's 4x4 Olympic 100m relay from last year. No pride, no "tikker" as you often say ? Just watch in awe my friend.

The lack of football success is the only thing that really irritates. We can live without success in certain sports but, given the national obsession with football, our lack of wins in major finals has probably turned us into a nation of cynics where the greatest game is concerned. I think the corner might be about to turn but they've been saying that for years and not just here, the Spanish and Portuguese have won nothing for years and when was the last time the Italians with all their money, fanaticism and great weather won anything.

gadgy Posted on 21/3 10:25
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

Only one thing to say to you Perth boro fans...Goodonya.
Best place on earth ,pity the Boro couldn't be moved lock stock and two smokin barrels out there.Still treasure the memory of Terry Cooper taking on WA at Perry Lakes in 1975 in stonking down rain finished 1-1.

jarazinho Posted on 21/3 19:41
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

Cricket,Rugby..minority sports??.sure not as big as football but theres still large parts of the world that would disagree....
look the facts speak for themselves....

Athens Olympics...Australia finishes 4th overall!! incredible achievment.
Boxing??we have 4 world champions mate....
Speedway???Jason Crump(Australian)world speedway champion 2004,Norway.
Hockey...have been world champs recentley.
Sailing..extremely strong...
Cycling...unbelievably strong......

so as you can see..whether its minority sports like cricket,rugby,tennis,swimming,surfing,triathlons...or whether its "super minority"like the ones mentioned earlier the ozzys are punching WELL ABOVE there weight!!!!!!!thats all im saying..after watching England in Portugal for the Euro really not too sure whether they are turning the corner at all!!

jarazinho Posted on 21/3 20:07
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

yes your correct..the lack of football success irritates me as well...considering the poms gave the world football,apart from 1966 what have they won...NOWT!!..why do you think this is???because as you mentioned it is the national what do you think is the reason for the lack of success???it sure baffles me!!

jarazinho Posted on 21/3 23:15
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

GADGY BOY....he knows the score....!!!

jarazinho Posted on 22/3 0:15
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

i suggest you get a copy of the mens 1500m swim final in Atlanta....the mighty Kieran Perkins!!Australian icon!!barely qualified for the final..then 3 days later went on to win his 2nd gold SMAC would say.."magnificent"

THATS WHAT YOU CALL HAVING TICKER!!!!! and what about Grant Hackett..the geezer had a COLLAPSED LUNG!!!and still won gold in the 1500m Athens games...


PNGfulham Posted on 22/3 0:30
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans



when ur injured (impaired) and

still have the energy and will to out run your girlfriend

with the raskols hotly in pursuit about hewitt v federer davis cup semi final

down 2 sets to love and a break in the third....

gets off the canvas and wins 3-2 against the best player in the world....

sorry he actually got off the grass....

why wud he do tht i wonder?

jarazinho Posted on 22/3 0:33
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

spot on png..i forgot about the magnificent davis cup win for the ozzys..when was the last time a pom won wimbledon??

PNGfulham Posted on 22/3 4:05
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans


even PNG has more gold than England...

PNG Gold......its bloodywell everywhere...

apols......cheech and chong have come knocking at my door......i'll be back

SaltburnRed Posted on 22/3 6:46
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

I stick to my original point despite all the typical Aussie chest beating on here. The UK is a proud sporting nation which has had its fair share of disappointments but also some magnificents acheivements over the years. I'm not going to dismiss what the Aussies have acheived which makes you coming on here and ranting on about Aussie sporting success all the more annoying.

Sorry Jarz but cricket and rugby are still minority sports on a global scale, compared to the likes of football, motor sport, boxing, even baseball and basketball. The influence of the yanks on worldwide sport is overpowering, football seems to be the only team sport that is massively popular worldwide despite the yanks not being interested in it ( at a professional level at least ). I think if you look at the numbers who actually play rugby and cricket worldwide then they just don't compare to other sports.

Why haven't England won more titles in football despite the fact that we gave the world the game. You're supposed to be an intelligent guy Jarz, surely you can work out that although we invented the game, other countries adopted it as their national sport long ago and are simply better at it than us. Euro 2004 was unlucky, taking on the host nation in their back yard and having a perfectly good goal to win the game ruled out by an official who seems to have disappeared from the game ever since. With the great young players we have now, I believe we can do good things at the next world cup. But the South Americans remain the super powers of world football and getting past them takes something special. By the way, I'd like to take a bet that if Australia qualify for the world cup, Kewell, Viduka and the rest of the Aussie squad will all be fighting fit and ready to go - but then somehow mysteriously injured and unable to play for 6 months upon their return.

PNGfulham Posted on 22/3 7:08
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans


so SBR.....who would you go for in an Australia vs USA game...

either at the World Cup in Germany...

or at a swimming meet....

or a boxing match...?

simple question...

either Australia or USA ???

Obi1KenobiNil Posted on 22/3 7:29
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

Australia - largely uninhabitable dustbowl a long way from civilisation where the UK sent its naughty boys some time ago and where said naughty boys have become quite adept at swimming and playing with their odd shaped balls.

SaltburnRed Posted on 22/3 7:48
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

You mean with a gun to my head cos that's what it'd take for me to support either of these nations at anything. A swimming meet ? Don't ask about sports no one in this country except a few public school girls in Cheltenham gives a stuff about will you. In most sports I'd say the USA because even though the yanks are generally far more obnoxious than even you lot manage to be when winning sports ( hard to believe but it's true ) at least none of them would be coming on here mouthing off about it as you would.

However, in a World Cup comedy kickabout between two of the joke nations, I think I'd support you lot simply cos by beating the US you will have achieved the equivalent of us lot beating Scotland at cricket and also if Viduka plays I'd want to be the profile of any Boro player raised a bit. Remember the Iran V USA game in the World Cup a few years ago, I wanted Iran to win just to see the look of total wipe out on the yanks' faces. Brilliant.

Generally I would support NZ in any sport against you lot, I think most English folk would. Nicer people I think.

Couldn't the golfing fraternity of the Southern hemisphere get a team together to contest the Ryder Cup alongside us and the Yanks. It's getting boring watching us wipe the floor with the colonial cousins all the time, we need a fresh challenge.

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gadgy Posted on 22/3 8:54
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

Lots of people with different views on the board.Let me a £10 pom put it in perspective.Sport is the overwhelming pass time of most Australians.They are fortunate that the climate is very favourable to help encouraging this.I think that besides that the character of the people is best described by'Lets give it a go'.In the UK it was difficult for me to play football( after age 21) as there was a severe lack of organised facilities and therefore opportunity.On emigrating to Oz I was amazed at the enthusiasm and the quantity of facility for sport at local level.Because I wanted to try I could suddenly play Football ,Oz Rules ,Rugby ,Cricket,Tennis,Golf,Squash etc.Sport suddenly was a way of life and I pitched in and played and helped organise and promote it with my kids.We all swam regularly and every member of the family took part in some sporting activity .It was the norm to do it.That is why the talent seems unlimited, cos more try it.Competitivness is built into life and the apparent brashness of the colonial is really them saying 'Let's give it a go'.It's a sport lovers paradise and I would judge that 95% of the people play or support or watch sport every week.In the UK we are ripped off by local/central government on taxes.Facilities and organisation are poor ,elitism is rife and on top of that dickheads are not restrained from mindless vandalism of recreational areas which are already sparse or poorly maintained.Yes the Australians are lucky to have a big country with space to grow but credit to them they use it well.Like any son they(Oz) want to show dad(Us) that they are good enough to compete with or beat him ,that is our relationship, which should be encouraged and enjoyed.Sport is for everyone to enjoy whatever the level of ability that is what we need to establish in UK.

jarazinho Posted on 22/3 21:39
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

Saltburn state kiwis in your opinion are far nicer than did you reach that opinion??have you ever lived in NZ or Australia???surely you are not going to base that comment on a couple of ozzy backpackers that u might have bumped into in that outback bar on Linthorpe rd!!!i have lived in both countrys for a considerable amount of time..and they are both fantastic...

you and your mate obi-loads of-baloney...should read GADGYBOYS post..someone who has actually EXPERIENCED two turkeys could learn much from him...basically Gadgy boy and myself are saying exactly the same thing!!!!...

The ozzys have the "can do"mentality...they have heart and they have spirit!!!

jarazinho Posted on 22/3 21:47
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

Sydney papers this morning.....

Britains childhood obesity epidemic is so bad that Sheffield childrens hospital is offering stomach-reducing surgery to teenagers!!!!!!Dr Neil Wright stated that pommy kids just sit at home/pub eating chips,chips and more chips and are getting fatter by the day..hence the decline in the nations sporting prowess!!!!

sorry but this came from one of your boys..listen to Jamie Oliver..stop feeding your kids rubbish get out there and get hold of the ozzy "we can do this" mentality...stop doing the couch potatoe,drink loads of lager,lets have a punch up boll**..i can understand when you boys wake up in the morning and its black,sleet,rain etc it doesnt really fire you up to get out there and do something positive,but you have to find some heart,find some ticker!!!follow the ozzy will feel better for it..believe me!!!

jarazinho Posted on 22/3 21:54
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

Well it was a pleasure to walk into work switch on my computer and read something coming from a pom that actually made sense!!!

post of the day award goes to GADGYBOY..somebody who was speaking from experience,was fair.balanced and Saltburn red and loads od baloney boy...both of you just take a deep breath,put down your deep fried mars bars and have a good read of gadgyboys post!!!!!!

the problem with the uk is that the youth are absorbed by going out to get smashed and having a punch up...

very sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i blame the parents..but i suppose they were doing the same thing in the 70s so i dont know...youve just got to sort it out boys!!!!!

jarazinho Posted on 22/3 21:58
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

You poms should scrap your 1 week in Majorca every year doing the "pom" thing and spread your wings a little..come on down here you will find us welcoming,hospitable,and will be only to happy to show you a good time,so break out of your bubble,broaden your only live once and you cant spend your whole life in the pub wathing corro!!!


ps GADGY BOY...if your ever in Sydney..give us a yell..

jarazinho Posted on 22/3 22:10
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

pitched in..played and helped..thats what gadgy boy did when he arrived in ozz..those are the peolpe we want..grafters,workers,people with a good positive attitude instead of the rest of you moaning,whinging poms!!!!!!!

jarazinho Posted on 22/3 22:18
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

you boys just cant help yourselves can you??UK press today there a sory about a prisoner who escaped from jail because he was trying to give up booze put the prison was FULL OF IT!!!!! poms take the cake!!!

jarazinho Posted on 22/3 22:31
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

you mention basketball mate....

well just for your guide looks like this years NO ! NBA draft pick..will be a 20 year old OZZY KID who plays for UTAH..born in good old Melbourne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!you need need ticker!!

jarazinho Posted on 22/3 22:34
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans


"because i wanted to try"

good onya gadgy boy!!!!thats what its all about!!take note baloney boy and saltburn red...the geezer wanted to try!!!!!
he has heart!!!!!!!!!

jarazinho Posted on 22/3 22:36
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

another quote...

"every member of the family took part in some sporting activity"

Gadgy boy..when he was living in Australia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jarazinho Posted on 22/3 22:39
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

Australia..a big country..full of people with big hearts!!

jarazinho Posted on 22/3 22:40
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

im calling of the dogs now!!!!!look forward to the banter tomorrow..

jarazinho Posted on 22/3 22:44
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

the dogs are back...

Emile Heskey back in the England squad!!!!!!!!!!!i rest my case!!!!!!!!!!!why dont we bring back Bobby Charlton??would do a better job!!!!!!!i wouldnt call that turning the corner saltburn boy..

PNGfulham Posted on 22/3 22:56
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans


i think jaraz has 2 ghost writers........

messers mouldy and pitt

that may be of comfort SBR.....but it doesnt matter

fact is .... U F C F C hole ......

that you cant even work out my codes

and if you would go for USA against australia in anything then..

then i expect you would be a Blair supporter
and you are happily signing up to go to Iraq
and fight for the yanks in their global cleansing of the

lets make everything american eh?

come on...admit it U F head .. u eat Maccas
you love tom cruise
you drive (if you can) a chev...
you fly AA
and above all

you believe for justice and fairness for
all americans
god bless them
god bless G Bush (snr + jnr)

jarazinho Posted on 22/3 23:10
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

"elitism is rife"...quote by gadgy boy about the UK...
i hear where your coming from mate..too much of the old school tie/blazer..ho..ho..ho...pass the pims old chap!!!!!

full of soft ticker...

jarazinho Posted on 22/3 23:39
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

understatement of the day......
Saltburn Red....

"as a nation weve had our fair share of dissapointments!!!"

jarazinho Posted on 22/3 23:46
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

sporting dissapointments that is...

jarazinho Posted on 23/3 1:58
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans


jarazinho Posted on 23/3 1:58
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans


jarazinho Posted on 23/3 2:14
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans


dieselofboro Posted on 23/3 2:23
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

And heres me thinking, i had got a decent response to trying to get people to go and watch game next week!

jarazinho Posted on 23/3 2:36
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

well it did start of ok..until saltburn red..saw red!!and started his usual ozzy bashing!!!

PNGfulham Posted on 23/3 2:42
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans


your rite diesle...

lets all calm down

and maybe we should all go to the game at subi next week..

pity there put seats in where the hill with the bar used to be...

it used to be great getting into smash ups with all the drunken poms at the early WCE games

jarazinho Posted on 23/3 2:43
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

good idea png..

jarazinho Posted on 23/3 4:11
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

saltburn red....THIS IS A SERIOUS POST.when talking about football you mentioned that even though us english invented the game,other countrys are simply better at it than us...i know that but why??dont the young kids in South america and europe have two legs each like the english kids???am i missing something here???

or is it because for many years the enlish football team has been run by a load of pims drinking,old school tie brigade at the FA..for many years english football consisted of 4 big strappin blokes at back,couple of whippets in midfield,1 big fella up front ta nod em in!!!no flair,no imagination,ball was always up in the air!!!just a load of journeymen really....

different mentality in latin america..flair,style,individuality,u see thats the way they live there lives from 9 till 5 as well as on the football field!!!completely different approach to life all together......the latins are like one big paella...u poms are like one big custard tart!!!!

jarazinho Posted on 23/3 5:12
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

obi-1-kinobi-talks aload of baloney..

--- Post edited by jarazinho on 23/3 5:32 ---

jarazinho Posted on 23/3 5:21
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

PNG...please dont ask saltburn boy about swimming..the reason they dont like talking about it is because..nobody can swim!!

--- Post edited by jarazinho on 23/3 5:27 ---

PNGfulham Posted on 23/3 5:54
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans


i saw a doco abt the snow fields of Saltburn
and i'm sure i saw SBR shredding down the slopes...

shame it was only chedder

KEN_M Posted on 23/3 6:47
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans


Why don’t you give it a rest, or better still just fcuk off, while your at it take your “cockney” PNGfulham mate with you.

Let’s get a couple of things straight a Pom is an English person living in Australia, not an English person living in England.

“im English but have spent more of my life out of the uk than in it..after spending 5yrs in NZ and 10 in Ozz” What does that make you?

“i want to move to perth...” Believe me Poms like you are not welcome over here.

Australia is a great place to live, I have lived here (on both sides of the country) longer than you have lived in Oz and NZ combined, the only things that spoil it are;

Immigrants that constantly whine on about how great it was where they originated from compared to Australia; (usually get on everybody’s nerves and told by Australians to shut up or go home) or,

Immigrants that constantly whine on about how great it is in Australia compared to where they originated from; (usually thought of by all, including Australians to be boring t_wats)

You are obviously a boring t_wat from the second group.

Both Australia and England have had their share of world champions, in a wide range of sports, it evens out over time. I can remember when the Australian cricket team was considered a joke. The only thing that turned it around was pumping millions of dollars into the cricket academy.

Is Australia a better nation at sport than England, maybe;

If so, why? not because the English are lazy or sit watching TV all day as you imply, more likely to be because the Australian government has poured more money (pro rata) into sporting facilities.

One thing usually happens, where England is now, Australia follows, so prepare for a cut back in the amount of money spent on sporting facilities. The English public will continue to support football, Australian public will continue to support Aussie Rules, all others will have reduced gates and participation rates. Just look at recent basketball, Rugby League and Union and Cricket attendances, all down significantly.

Rant over, ducks for cover and abuse.

SaltburnRed Posted on 23/3 6:49
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

If that's your view on the England football team Jarz then PNG has been lending you some of his Fulham videos again and you've got the white shirts mixed up with the mighty white of the 3 Lions.

In truth, the game here is way behind South America in the way kids are coached. It's a fact that kids there are no more natural footballers than our kids but the philosophy on the way the game is taught produces far more technically gifted players than here. Things are changing though and I'd point you to the work of a guy called Simon Clifford, based in Leeds but from this area, who has had amazing results introducing the Brazilian ethic into coaching methods in this country.

As a little sideline, it's also made him rich and he bought up his local non-league side and has signed up various Brazilian legends to make cameo appearances for them. Imagine you're some average ten bob midfielder turning out for your local amateur side on a Saturday and holding down a postie job during the week when the boss comes in and says Romario will be playing on the same side as you this week - and this after Socrates played last week. Amazing.

Tell me, Jarz, when in this thread did I start my so called "Ozzy bashing" ( there's only one Ozzy and it's Mr Osbourne ). I had a bash at you my English pom friend but you are no more Aussie than the hairs on Prince Charles' arse. And I bet his arse is better looking.

Oh and the continued use of the Obi wan baloney "joke" - wasn't funny the first time, let alone the 6th. Now you just sound as annoying as PNG who has used an equally non- chucklesome line over and over again ( I'm not convinced you two aren't one and the same person ).Invest in some time for some better material please the pair of you.

PNGfulham Posted on 23/3 6:59
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans



so if a pommy is an english geeza in australia

what is an australian of english and scandinavian decent
called when he lives in PNG?

sbr.......i thnk he got on the turps well and truely this time at lunch...........or was that me?!

KEN_M Posted on 23/3 7:29
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

"what is an australian of english and scandinavian decent
called when he lives in PNG?"

Who gives a toss, but if he has a name such as PNGfulham, probably a "Port Morseby cockney" if not then most people would call him a "wan_ker".

jarazinho Posted on 23/3 20:37
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

KEN-M...youve obviously just jumped in at the deep end without reading and of the posts between saltburn red,and myself over recent weeks..if u had off you would have realised that 99%of it is just harmless banter...

u mention..where i have been living and what does that make me??well that was in response to a question from our saltburn mate about whether i consider myself english or Australian/Kiwi and i have explained to him that i have spent 24 years of my life away from the uk and obviously i have feel very different now as far as my views on the uk no Ken old mate it doesnt make me special at good onya for cocking that one up!!!

as far as the meaning of pom goes..thanks for pointing that out mate,we would never have known!!!!its been discussed hundreds of times on these threads!!once again i suppose u just jumped in at the deep end.......

PNG fulham is ozzy through and through,Tasmanian to be exact..i agree his sense of humour comes accross a little strange..but hes harmless so dont let him wind u up mate...3rd in the world once at windsurfing!!good allround sportsman is our png fulham...

if u had bothered to read the earlier threads the jist of my spiel was that i thought Australia definately punched well above its weight when it came to sport,however apart from the funding we have the climate here to enable our young kids to be outdoors swimming,playing tennis etc..whatever..and that definately helped big time!!we all know how restrictive the uk climate can be when it comes to playing sport...

anyway mate..welcome to the banter,dont take it too seriously mate.....YOU WAKNER!!!

jarazinho Posted on 23/3 20:42
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

Saltburn red...yes i know all about the geezer at garforth town and his brazilian soccer schools...and i say yes..bring it on..fantastic..somebody had to do it coz theres no way the old cronys at the fa would be looking at that..i think its great for the uk kids to have that opportunity to express themselves the brazilian way when it comes to football..just a pity something like this wasnt around 30 years ago..still..better late than never!!!

jarazinho Posted on 23/3 20:45
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

you see saltburn dont have to POINT US IN THE DIRECTION OF...we do have the internet and newspapers down here mate!!

ps..remember the inter-toto story???

jarazinho Posted on 23/3 20:49
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

hey Kenny dont have much of a sense of humour do you???
maybe the suns gone to your head mate...maybe get it checked be safe..

chorleyphil Posted on 23/3 20:58
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

Jarazinho....your a raving tosspot. Are you p1ssed or something?

chorleyphil Posted on 23/3 21:03
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

..and what sports, may I add, do you participate in?

jarazinho Posted on 23/3 21:17
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

chorleyphil....come on mate weres ya sense of humour..its 8.11am hard at work..however png fulham will definately be sports..well my main claim to fame was winning the cup with nunthorpe school 74 i i just stick to 5 a side twice a week,the gym maybe twice a week..depends,help out at the local surf club where my daughter does her nippers(swimming etc..)touch rugby during lunchtimes if possible....what about u mate??its harmless banter mate..dont get to worked up!!

Badger_ Posted on 23/3 21:24
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

Who's been telling you we English are rubbish at sport.

What about the boat race we win that every year?.
Mind you how the fcuk Oxford and Cambridge get in the
final every year seems a bit of a fix to me.

jarazinho Posted on 23/3 21:26
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

nice legs..shame about the boat race!!nice one badger boy!!..harmless banter..can somebody tell that to ken-m??

chorleyphil Posted on 23/3 21:29
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

You been jibbing everyone who's replied to your endless posts.
I do have a sense of humour, but I am not humoured by your taunts of British schoolchildren and generalisation of Brits!
I am 42 and play squash (pretty well) tennis, golf and swim twice a week. My kids are definately not obese and my son, 16, plays college academy football, inline hockey, suash, badminton and tennis.
I work in Germany and have done for 4 year, but never slag the country of my birth. I have travelled far and wide, yes including Australia, and the only difference between peoples fitness is facilities. Not TV, booze or junk food. So button it!

jarazinho Posted on 23/3 21:30
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

hey kenny -m my old china..have a butchers on the 60mio poms only 0.1%play sport thread....

then youll realise its just a bit of fun mate..

jarazinho Posted on 23/3 21:32
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

chorleyphil...its not facilities mate..its climate!!!

so button it!!!!!!

chorleyphil Posted on 23/3 21:35
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

no its not!

jarazinho Posted on 23/3 21:40
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

is so..

jarazinho Posted on 23/3 21:41
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

is so..

jarazinho Posted on 23/3 21:43
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

listen boys..dont have a whinge at me..if theres anybody u should be having a crack at its "little jimmy"with that nasty thread he started..2 words,britain etc..bang outta order!

chorleyphil Posted on 23/3 21:49
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

doesnt do our rugger team any harm :)

chorleyphil Posted on 23/3 21:50
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans


jarazinho Posted on 23/3 22:10
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans happy England won the rugby world cup,i returned to Swainby to visit my sick dad and we both watched it together,apart from the 66 w/cup it was the first time hed seen the national team lift anything in a while....he never saw the boro win a major trophy in his lifetime which was a bit sad..

chorleyphil Posted on 23/3 22:14
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

Well its not through lack of effort and definately not cause of the rain!

jarazinho Posted on 23/3 22:21
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

chorley-phil...when i was talking about the climate all i was saying is that when you have all round sunshine and blue skys it does create a great envoirement for getting out there and getting involved..i didnt learn to swim until i was 12 when the school took us down berwick hills opposed to my daughter whos been swimming since she was 2..down the beach every day..same with plenty of other outdoor sports...i lost count of the times that the weather messed up things for us when i was a kid playing sport in the uk..

PNGfulham Posted on 23/3 22:34
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans


hey chorleyphil, arnt u a bit old at 42 to be mucking around
on an internet chat room ?

jarazinho Posted on 23/3 22:36
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

morning port moresby..

PNGfulham Posted on 23/3 22:52
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans


oh shame on you KENNY....

i presented an opportunity for you to say something nice

and you were soooo rude...

i'm terribly hurt.

PNGfulham Posted on 23/3 22:55
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans


good moaning

did i mention i found the mac up here...

finished the last of the 2 bottles i bought last night
staying up watching the footy show.....
dunno why i bothered really....eddie is boring
and sam must be 65 by now.....

it didnt come on till midnite so i'm a little jaded
heading into the easter break.

jarazinho Posted on 23/3 22:56
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

you see png..ken-m thinks coz u follow Fulham u must be a cockney.....not quite sure why...i follow kaizer ciefs..doesnt make me half zulu....

jarazinho Posted on 23/3 22:57
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

collingwood this year png..were back!!

jarazinho Posted on 24/3 3:11
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

iraq game sat nite at ozzy stadium..cahill,breciana,shwartz etc..

PNGfulham Posted on 24/3 4:30
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans


when i'm tooling my g/f i do it usually with a cocked knee

maybe thats what he is referring to?

SaltburnRed Posted on 24/3 7:00
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

Jarz I was 4 when I learnt to swim and was in the pool much earlier than that with me little arm bands. Just cos the facilities where you lived were crap doesn't mean they all are here.

Surely you're arguement with Chorley has an obvious answer. The Ozzy sports ethic is surely based on the climate and the fact that because you do nothing else but play sports ( and drink ) the facilities are better to cater for this. So it's a bit of both. Our government just doesn't put the cash into grass roots sport that yours does. Cold weather or not, if this governement were to plough more money into decent facilities for all ( not just those who can pay huge amounts to private clubs ) then the sports ethic in this country is there and would thrive.

PNGfulham Posted on 24/3 7:08
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

. what age do u think your mummy will let you take your floaties off?

PNGfulham Posted on 24/3 7:16
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans


so WHY doesnt Blair and the boys put $$ into sports then??

1) because he reckons it'd be a complete waste cos ur all useless


2) cos he is using all his $$ on the army and navy follow the yanks into 3rd world countries to schlaughter the innocent

were u one of the 50 000 protesting in london last w/e?

SaltburnRed Posted on 24/3 7:48
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

Even if we weren't in Iraq PNG I'm sure Blair and his boys wouldn't be ploughing the extra cash back into sport - unless we get the Olympics that is.

Me, protest on the streets. I'm a lover not a fighter. Seriously though, I don't see an end to the situation over there, getting the troops out and letting them sort themselves out. I'm sure the Aussies aren't happy to see their tax dollars thrown into the same cause.

When you learnt to swim did your mother throw you to the crocs and figured that you'd either learn to swim very fast or be eaten, a loss she could well cope with. In the end you sank like a stone and the croc did a roll on you up but threw you back cos you smelt like a wrestler's armpit.

jarazinho Posted on 24/3 21:18
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

if u guys do get the olympics it would be fantastic..maybe give u bouys the pick up you need..would be good all round...the crocs would swim a mile if png joined them for an afternoon of fun!
on the Iraq front..nice to see Haliburton making a motza out of ripping of the US government..Dick Cheneys mob!!

SaltburnRed Posted on 25/3 12:28
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

Haliburton making a something out of the US government. Please translate into English. Here's me thinking we shared a common language.

jarazinho Posted on 29/3 2:05
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

cant be arsed..would take toolong....

PNGfulham Posted on 29/3 2:45
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans


you can never get enuf tooling

I'de love to see a piccy of you this coming summer SBR, down
at saltburn beach with your floaties as a lobster...
a wobbley (but mobile) 130kg parmo build....complete with full mohair body stocking and 1950's retro glasses

jarazinho Posted on 29/3 3:19
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

Please dont take the pi** PNG..well av em whinging all day long..

PNGfulham Posted on 29/3 4:08
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans


but on this occasion i thought i was being nice....

that was a pretty cool image i conjured up of the big fella I

jarazinho Posted on 29/3 4:14
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

extremely!!..maybe a little to generous!!!

Carlos Alberto says England best team in Europe at moment!!

SaltburnRed Posted on 29/3 6:50
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

Carlos Alberto talks out of his arse. Poland contenders for the World Cup indeed. Talk about covering up the fact that his team are among the worst in the world. England 33 Azerbiajhan -1 I predict.

jarazinho Posted on 29/3 6:52
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

listen mate i dont know what ur smokin..but Alberto said today that England are the strongest team in Europe at the moment..not Poland..

PNGfulham Posted on 29/3 7:44
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans


i think England should join the Oceania Confederation......

then we could see what the score would be when they play the soloman islands....

SaltburnRed Posted on 29/3 8:45
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

On our news they said he'd said Poland were the better team and contenders for Germany. I think you get your news back to front or something.

jarazinho Posted on 29/3 23:02
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

it was England he said were the best team in Europe...why would he suggest poland..unless he had been on the bob marley all day!!

PNGfulham Posted on 30/3 0:43
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans


well said jaraz.....


australia 3 indonesia (asian power house) 0

jarazinho Posted on 30/3 1:03
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans


i see u guys are actually serious about darts being in the olympics!!

jarazinho Posted on 30/3 3:51
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans


PNGfulham Posted on 30/3 5:21
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans


i thnk bathtub rubber duckie racing will be included as well...

its going to be a must watch games

PNGfulham Posted on 30/3 5:28
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans


actually that last event might be worth a butchers....

could get some viewers if you threw in a nude pogo stick event as well...

SaltburnRed Posted on 30/3 11:14
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

I gather we'll get the darts in if the IOC will allow Oz to have goat worrying in. National sport for you hemoroids.

The news reporter on Sky must have got it the wrong way round. I swear they reported that Alberto thinks Poland are the best team. Poland had just tonked them 8-0 to be fair.

I gather our women's team have applied to take your place in the Oceania group but have decided to play the 4th choice side with one leg tied to the other and blindfolds on so as to keep the victories down below thity goals a time.

jarazinho Posted on 30/3 22:23
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

actually mate that was a serious article i read about the British darts assoc..who would like darts to be reconised as a "sport"!!

SaltburnRed Posted on 31/3 0:23
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

They probably would if things like pool and snooker are already regarded as sports and also something like rifle shooting. It's a game, a pastime that needs some skill but not necessarily one you'd have in the Olympics.

When they move to have chess in then you can give up.

PNGfulham Posted on 31/3 1:01
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans


when they move a leg of the surfing pro tour to saltburn beach then i'll give up

jarazinho Posted on 31/3 5:49
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

apparantley the waves are to big for the pro tour....they compare Saltburn with the "bonzai pipeline" Hawaii nowadays....

PNGfulham Posted on 31/3 7:57
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans


are u talking about in his bath tub at home..?

no wonder they are going to have the rubber ducky olympics...

sbr seems to have goan anyway..

he is probably slagging aussies and PNG on the fulham site

do u thnk he knows that i am applying for a job in london?

jarazinho Posted on 31/3 13:39
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

PNG..dont let salty boy lure you into a false sense of security...he will be screaming accross cyberspace right now like a screaming banshee on crack cocaine!!!!and could attack at any moment!

SaltburnRed Posted on 31/3 14:08
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

Wouldn't bother PNG, they've got you numbered at passport control. Gary Glitter and Michael Jackson would have more chance of supervising a kindergarten outing organised by Jonathan King than you would of blagging you way into this country. Besides, London is still a good way away from here so if you did manage to get in I won't catch the stench on your arrival unless the wind is in a strange direction.

jarazinho Posted on 31/3 23:52
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

morning PNG..another cracker of a day down here mate..

PNGfulham Posted on 1/4 1:18
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans


not too bad up here too jaraz..
its gunna be even better at lunchtime when i get a cold
SP in my jarz.....cfc to def ess tonite as well

SBR me old mate..........word of warning....

when u see a post on this miserable board from UKfulham

then u will know your worst nightmares have come true...

next will be Saltburnfulham

and u know u r fkd

i'm coming to get u...

nasty business isnt it.....

ohhhhhh.....i really offffff...


SaltburnRed Posted on 1/4 6:35
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

Just why are you moving here anyway ? Why aren't all your life needs being fulfilled in Oz or PNG? Surely we have nothing to offer you that Oz couldn't. Or has your pimp linked you up with a few of his London rent boys for a special service for Charlie on his wedding night ?

PNGfulham Posted on 4/4 3:59
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans


why am i coming to london for a few years SBR?...simple..

to do a job that none of u pommies are good enuf to do...

then take as many of your pounds out of the country and back home...

oh...and also....while i'm there...i'm gunna tool more "english flowers" than your've had roast dinners

jarazinho Posted on 4/4 4:21
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

PNG please dont confuse Salty boy...hes not familiar with people moving/travelling/working overseas....its a little to over-whelming for the poor old tea bag!!

SaltburnRed Posted on 4/4 6:57
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

Was that "good enough" or "not willing" ? London rent boys not up to your standard eh PNG ?

Jarz moved to Oz when he realised good money was to be made as a lookalike for Donk from the Croc Dundee films. Prior to that he travelled extensively in the Whitley Bay and Peterlee areas where he took a bad tab and thought he was in Hong Kong. The illusion was bolstered by the fact that he got sweet and sour chicken from the chinkey down the road each night. One night he got stoned and decided to nip across on a booze cruise to South Shields in his dinghy. A bad tide took him to Oz where immigration officials thought he was a professional John Merrick impersonator and thought he'd give the locals a laugh by being able to prod and poke him with sticks. 10 years later the sticks don't hurt so much but having to get up at 5am to go and clean the crap out of the local sewer pipe does.

But hell, he was young and adventurous and who can deny his dedication eh.

jarazinho Posted on 4/4 7:07
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

like i said salty should spread your wings a little..explore...i could organise a couple sherpas to hold your hand if u like??

jarazinho Posted on 4/4 7:12
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

dont worry PNG..salty boy is waiting for a "chance of a lifetime"..maybe he means the lottery not sure..until then hes staying all snuggled up in his Saltburn nest..too scary that exploration stuff...

Obi1KenobiNil Posted on 4/4 7:54
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

I've heard about you and them sherpas Arseinho, you want to watch you don't get in trouble again. Hope they were all above the age of consent.

Saltburn, what the faggot boys fail to realise, particularly old Nunthorpe lad there, is that it is possible to make yourself a damn good life in your own country and be a success, have a wonderful family and be proud to live where you do. He was obviously a failure in his homeland, doomed to work the bins for the rest of his life or sweep streets, deserted by his family and shunned by even the most barely consicious of women. In his adopted homeland, he is more than overqualified for all the top jobs having gained a CSE in Fishing and the standards of the local women are thankfully much lower than he had to cope with here. So don't mock the bloke Saltburn, be happy that in the land of the drunken moron, he has found a true home.

SaltburnRed Posted on 4/4 7:58
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

I've long suspected that this travelling bull is a front for the fact that the bloke was forced to get out of the country when he was prosecuted for stalking the local goat population.

SaltburnRed Posted on 4/4 8:02
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

Maybe we shouldn't get him upset, he might tip up his dinghy and lose the welly he'd caught for the kid's tea.

PNGfulham Posted on 4/4 8:05
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans


would those by brownwings?

PNGfulham Posted on 4/4 8:16
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans


reminds me of ray rearballs

jarazinho Posted on 4/4 8:24
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

OBI-1-Baloney..faggots???r u some sort of redneck mate??KKK and all that????thick tvvwat......

bin run,clean streets??whats wrong with that mate??honest job for an honest days really have shown your true colours...

enjoy your little bubble girls...

PNGfulham Posted on 4/4 8:40
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans


brownwings for sure...

trouble is they scored them off each other.....


PNGfulham Posted on 4/4 23:26
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans


nice castle that too

SaltburnRed Posted on 5/4 6:37
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

Obi you've hit a nerve there mate but isn't it funny to see Dinghy Boy all wound up. Just how anyone who inhabits that particular continent has the nerve to call anyone over here a redneck defies belief. If it's any consolation Jarz i don't think you're a faggot. There are many other vegetables I'd liken you to more than that.

PNGfulham Posted on 5/4 6:44
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans


not nevermind......tht was Kurt...

i'm thinking of neverland......

u been there SBR?...

lots of nice fluffy toys to play with apparently......u seem quite
fond of your marsupials...i thnk u wud enjoy it

jarazinho Posted on 5/4 6:44
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

one question Salty u use the word faggot in everyday conversation???..i dont,i was brought up better than that..

enjoy the bubble..

SaltburnRed Posted on 5/4 7:59
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

Tell me, Jarz, where did I use this word in the context you're on about ? Go on,point it out. A faggot is a vegetable as far as I'm concerned and probably Obi too. You are the only one who think it means something else. You redneck fool.

jarazinho Posted on 5/4 22:34
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

back peddling salty boy..dont embarass yourself..u and obi are obviously of the same mould......enjoy your bubble girls!

--- Post edited by jarazinho on 5/4 22:34 ---

jarazinho Posted on 6/4 0:08
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

hey salty boy-did you get any frequent flyer points for your move to the next street????...

PNGfulham Posted on 6/4 0:17
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans


he got 1 point i think...

if he moves back and forth across the street 30 thousand times

he should score a free flite to london.

if he has the guts to go that far..

jarazinho Posted on 6/4 2:14
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

not sure about London..maybe Bradford..

PNGfulham Posted on 6/4 2:53
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans


dont discount him jaraz....

he's such an expert that i reckon he has it in him to

move back and forth across the street up to say.. 150 thousand times with the clan in tow on the horse and cart......

at 1 point per trip thats gunna add up to a lot of points

so u never know........u just never know

PNGfulham Posted on 6/4 2:58
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans


actually, we must behave responsibly here jaraz....

we shouldnt encourage SBR to over do it....

i mean.... if he gets obsessive the poor old horse mite get disorientated after the two hundred and fifty millioneth move back across the street....

PNGfulham Posted on 6/4 3:05
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans





oh dear.....

stop him jaraz......

..he's completely out of control

jarazinho Posted on 6/4 3:06
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans

what type of horse do u reckon it is mate??..maybe a clydesdale of maybe just a small shetland pony?? long as its got a good sense of direction i suppose..

--- Post edited by jarazinho on 6/4 3:08 ---

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jarazinho Posted on 6/4 5:34
re: FAO Perth Boro Fans