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Kilburn Posted on 20/3 20:42
Anyone who expected...

...anything other than what happened this afternoon, was deluding themselves.

Our squad has been stretched way beyond breaking point.

The team have looked jaded after all their European games, so they were always going to look even more so after their big effort last Thursday.

Redknapp has revitalised Southapton. They have not played like a bottom-half team for two months now. We have played like a bottom-half side for much of the last three though.

As I posted earlier this week, anyone who thought that "Our season will start again with the Southampton game." was kidding themselves. Why would it? What had changed to make it start? Nothing. It was still the same set of players, half of whom are second or third choice for their position, many of whom would have been rested or not rushed back from injury given the chance.

What I will say, is that our season has a damned good chance of re-igniting on the 2nd of April. This international break has, for once, come at the right time for Boro. All is not lost!

petrio Posted on 20/3 20:45
re: Anyone who expected...

I see what you mean about injuriesbut to say that many of the team taht played today are third choice just isn't true. I would have thought that would only apply to Nemeth and Doriva. Otherwise, Job would be the first player to get a game if Viduka and/or Hasselbaink were out, Parnaby would be 2nd choice RB.

We still had a pretty decent (on paper) team out there.

sasboro Posted on 20/3 20:51
re: Anyone who expected...

we conceded 3 goals despite it being a nearly full strength defence, plus downing,zenden,jfh are all first choice

so about 7 players are first choice. viduka and boateng are missed. right back has always been dodgy this season no matter who plays.

Kilburn Posted on 20/3 20:52
re: Anyone who expected...

We had a mid-table standard team out there. One that was low on confidence and was tired (despite what some fools try to claim about tiredness not existing).

This was made so blatantly clear by the performance dropping off so markedly in the second half, and after their second goal.

Todays second half was probably the clearest example of a team 'running on empty' that I have seen.

aldershot_red Posted on 20/3 20:53
re: Anyone who expected...

so what did you expect tis fine afternoon? I never saw your prediction. Hindsight is a foooking great tool.

sasboro Posted on 20/3 20:56
re: Anyone who expected...

I am fed up with all this tiresness bullsh it we get fed. theya re professional athletes, maybe footballers should try marathon running or cycling sports to see what real tiredness is. If they are tired, then just do less fitness training between games.

jiltedjiff Posted on 20/3 21:15
re: Anyone who expected...

The manager sees the players every day in training. If they are jaded why does he pick them? He is paid to manage. Anyone with a brain would have seen this coming and planned for it by adding extra players in January. He didnt - its all his own fault.

Derby_Red Posted on 20/3 21:20
re: Anyone who expected...

He did try and sign players in January but I suppose someone clever thought 50 grand a week for Geremi was a bit silly seeing as money doesn't grow on trees and in real life it isn't much like Championship Manager.

As for the "full strength defence" argument, this does not hold water when the game is played as a team. The current defence in Fantasy League terms may look good but is not protected by a full strength midfield. Especially one without Boateng in it.

Kilburn's spot on.

borodrew Posted on 20/3 21:20
re: Anyone who expected...

the tired thing isnt that they cant play 2 or 3 games a week, its that they dont play at the same high level with the freshness we would like every week. thats why teams rotate squads to keep performances and there teams fresh but we havent been able to do it. yes players like downing are only young and can do it, but as seen because there player so much there not on form.

think back to early season, jimmy parlour downing even riggot and southgate all looked top players now there looking sluggish, low on confidence etc.

Kilburn Posted on 20/3 21:38
re: Anyone who expected...

"I am fed up with all this tiresness bullsh it we get fed"

Well sas, sorry if reality doesn't live up to your expectations.

Have any of you who dismiss the tiredness factor actually done any serious excersise since you left school? I certainly know that if I do a longish run and push myself to 100% on a Thursday night, and then try to do the another one on a Sunday afternoon, my time on the Sunday, and how I feel, is a damned site worse than if I'd done a less intense run during the week.

Tiredness after strenuous excersise is a physical fact. Lactic acid builds up in the muscles, and takes days to fully dissipate, regardless of how well conditioned a person is.

I guarantee that after a European game, the players will do no training at all, other than a light ball-work and tactics session maybe.

dsp007 Posted on 20/3 21:41
re: Anyone who expected...

So they`re only expected to play maybe 30 games a season are they,then they should be paid accordingly,this is one of the biggest problems in football at the moment ,players on high wages
and long contracts,playing or not without any feeling for the club,or its fans.They don`t have to put in any sort of sustained
commitment because come what may ,they still get paid.

wilfym Posted on 20/3 21:41
re: Anyone who expected...

yes the light ball work and tactics sessions were there for all to see today!

Revol_Tees Posted on 20/3 21:42
re: Anyone who expected...

Absolutely spot on, Kilburn.