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20_Briggsy Posted on 25/3 12:26

Whats going on?

rob_fmttm Posted on 25/3 12:27
re: Rob

Do you know who made all those posts earlier under your name and also emailed me with a "joke?"

20_Briggsy Posted on 25/3 12:29
re: Rob

No I havnt a clue, whats this about Aberdeen Uni?

neiltrodden Posted on 25/3 12:29
re: Rob

Not being funny Briggsy but didn't someone get hold of your passwod before and post under your name? And you didn't change it since?

the_fresh_ponce Posted on 25/3 12:30
re: Rob

It'll be him larking about.

20_Briggsy Posted on 25/3 12:32
re: Rob

Yes I changed my pw and I've changed it again now. Who ever it was are bang out, and those who think its me give your head a shake.

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rob_fmttm Posted on 25/3 12:32
re: Rob

I guessed because it was his style especially the hotmail account in your name. I take it you didn't email me a joke? But then I checked the computer number and found out that the abusive posts on here appear to come from the same PC as yours - maybe you need to talk with your brother! I'm guessing again.

the_fresh_ponce Posted on 25/3 12:33
re: Rob


neiltrodden Posted on 25/3 12:34
re: Rob

Just break your brothers arms, that should remedy the situation.

20_Briggsy Posted on 25/3 12:37
re: Rob

Who's the guy from Aberdeen though? Are you sure its from this PC? My brother doesnt even know of fmttm nevermind know how to log into my hotmail address.

neiltrodden Posted on 25/3 12:41
re: Rob

If it isn't your brother, then you have been hacked.

rob_fmttm Posted on 25/3 12:41
re: Rob

I'm not at my office so I can't do this by email - can't even check if you are Briggsy. But the computer you are on now is a perfect match for the abusive 20_Briggsy.

Aberdeen Teessider is a complete loser who has spent a year of student grant immitating people - from singer/songwriters to well known Geordie posters and several others. He posts abusive posts in their names and even opens hotmail accounts in their names and generally stirs stuff. He takes it to extremes and has caused no end of problems on this and many other websites.

the_fresh_ponce Posted on 25/3 12:44
re: Rob

Yes, he does sound rather sad.

MIRO Posted on 25/3 12:44
re: Rob

So you should to check your PC with some strong anti-spyware tool then. There may be something running on your machine logging all you're typing - including case when you changed your PW Briggsy.

Buddy Posted on 25/3 12:44
re: Rob

If it's any help Rob the PC currently in use is using NTL Teesside.

green_beret20 Posted on 25/3 12:45
re: Rob

Maybe that prostitute has nicked your PC now too.

rob_fmttm Posted on 25/3 12:45
re: Rob

The 2 emails I have from you the "joke" and "whats going on" are the same addresses exactly.

Who am I speaking to now? seriously.

20_Briggsy Posted on 25/3 12:46
re: Rob

This is the real briggsy. I didnt send you a 'joke' email.

I'll have a word with my brother when he gets in, but I very much doubt it will be him. Who ever it was needs to get a life.

neiltrodden Posted on 25/3 12:48
re: Rob

Quick heads-up on the email address. You can send an email from any address and set the 'reply-to' field to anything you want. It would appear to the reciever that both were from the same address.

To truly see where it came from, you need to read all the email headers (not sure how to do this on outlook).

rob_fmttm Posted on 25/3 12:54
re: Rob

I've sent a reply to Briggsy on the original email - through my Wanadoo website mailbox (not Outlook) it is a hotmail box.

Let me know if you get it Mike.

neiltrodden Posted on 25/3 12:58
re: Rob

My point being that I could send a mail from two different machines, one using ntl and the other using bt's email. I can set the reply-to address on both to anything I want - briggsy's address or the prime ministers address.

If you clicked reply on both emails, the replies would just go to whatever I set the 'reply-to' field to, NOT from where they were originally sent from.

Once demonstrated this to my boss by sending him a mail that looked like it was from his boss sacking him.

rob_fmttm Posted on 25/3 13:04
re: Rob

Yes I see what you are saying.

I get a joke sent at 1am and it tells me it is the same hotmail account as that which Briggsy has just emailed me on. Would the other party involved need to know his hotmail?

Also several abusive posts appear at same time on here - quite obviously not from Briggsy but identical Teesside ntl Computer number down to last didgit.

For those things to happen am I right in saying it would mean either someone else was on Mike's PC or he has been hacked?

By the way what is a "PW" that Briggsy has changed?

20_Briggsy Posted on 25/3 13:05
re: Rob

Got it Rob, very worrying indeed. Just spoke to my bro and he said it wasnt him, and wasnt on my pc at the time of postings? Is there anyway we can pin point exactly where the posts were made from? Are you 100% sure it was from this pc?

MIRO Posted on 25/3 13:11
re: Rob

PW= password Rob. As Briggsy said: "Yes I changed my pw and I've changed it again now.". There is a lot of software sh*ts which are able to log all your typing on your keyboard and then send it to someone else (hacker etc.).
The another possibility (from really MANY others) is to send emails directly from "victim" PC thru taking over remote control (also thanks to some spyware).

The_GOAT Posted on 25/3 13:12
re: Rob

Why don't you just admit it was you for once instead of pretending there is a phantom in your house?

You haven't been hacked or had your password stolen. It was you. Just like the person whp posted after the Villa game was.

rob_fmttm Posted on 25/3 13:12
re: Rob

I know you can hide a computer address but it was absolutely the same digit for digit to this.

I am no expert but would this not mean you have been hacked or someone else used your computer?

I am not using Outlook to reply to your email so it only tells me one detail - the sender. Not a sender and address to reply.

20_Briggsy Posted on 25/3 13:16
re: Rob

Goat stop stiring, I was out last night and I have proof.

Is there anything rivals can do?

rob_fmttm Posted on 25/3 13:16
re: Rob

Hi Miro - yes I think someone would have to have taken over your computer -

Goat - whoever pretended to be Briggsy sent me an email at the same time.

Briggsy I would interogate your brother further. Every time something similar has happened in the past it has been explained by someone else using the family computer without permission. Just like Boroprammes using his dad's.

neiltrodden Posted on 25/3 13:17
re: Rob

Yes Rob, they would just need to know his email. When I send an email, I send out via ntl. I don't use the ntl address as my reply-to one though. I have my own domain name that I use. When anyone replies, it goes to that one (the trodden dot org one).

I know outlook only shows the address it came from but trust me, that is what the sender set as their reply-to address.

As for the postings to the board, the possibilities here are:

1: someone else is using his computer directly
2: he made the postings himself
3: you are only getting the IP address of some sort of proxy that all ntl customers go through. In that case, I would show as the same address too.
4: he has been hacked

I must say, hacking someones machine to do this is not a small undertaking for something as trivial as a message board wind-up. And even if you did key-log someone, when you logged on with their password, it would show up as a different IP. The hard bit is using a website via a hacked machine.

Briggsy, have you checked your internet history for the times that each posting was made?

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MIRO Posted on 25/3 13:17
re: Rob

Listen Rob, if you want it then you can resend me the original "joke" email you received and I can check all email headers in this email.
BTW when you're talking about computer number or computer address, you mean IP address or MAC address?

The_GOAT Posted on 25/3 13:22
re: Rob

As it involved me, how is it stirring?

You said your brother doesn't know what fmttm is yet I clearly remember him posting here under his name about a year and a half ago.

It was one of you because 'they' used the same phrases as you.

rob_fmttm Posted on 25/3 13:23
re: Rob

Yes sorry MIRO I mean IP address.

By the way hope you and the family are well Miro. Good to hear from you.

Neil - thanks - I agree with you too much hassle to hack for a probably drunken midnight message board spoof.

I don't think it is a proxy ntl IP as it has 8 blocks of numbers. It is the full IP rather than just the four blocks of numbers.

Buddy Posted on 25/3 13:25
re: Rob

IP Miro.

NTL Teesside uses a two-part IP address, the first part of which is, the second part varies from user to user. The one Briggsy is broadcasting now and one of two that were used in his name last night are identical.

The second one that was broadcast last night was at the same time that the first was posting.

What any of this means in terms of hacking and identity I have no idea.

20_Briggsy Posted on 25/3 13:29
re: Rob

I've just quizzed my brother again and he's adamant its not him. I've banned him from my computer anyway until i get to the bottom of this. No passwords are saved on this computer like in the past. So how someone got the password to this account and also my msn account is puzzling.

The_GOAT Posted on 25/3 13:32
re: Rob

What time did you get in last night?

20_Briggsy Posted on 25/3 13:34
re: Rob

Just after 3.

The_GOAT Posted on 25/3 13:34
re: Rob

So was it you who edited the posts or the person trying to 'set you up'?

the_fresh_ponce Posted on 25/3 13:36
re: Rob


20_Briggsy Posted on 25/3 13:36
re: Rob

Yes when I got in I saw the posts. And edited one or two. Then went to bed. Listen I'm saying this for the final time, It wasnt me who made these posts.

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The_GOAT Posted on 25/3 13:38
re: Rob

I appreciate your honesty.

Do you feel better for it now?

MIRO Posted on 25/3 13:38
re: Rob

Thanks for introduction to NTL Teeside site Buddy
More clear for me now.
So Briggsy - my suggestion is following:
1) ask some IT expert or IT technician (hope some of your mates will be able to do it) to check all running processes on your PC, check it for spyware ....etc.
2) have one really serious speech to your brother (contrary to neiltrodden I'm sure it's not necessary to break him his arms )

the_fresh_ponce Posted on 25/3 13:39
re: Rob

Briggsy, you came in after a night out and went on FMTTM? Crikey.

20_Briggsy Posted on 25/3 13:41
re: Rob

Yes I was eating my parmo and see what the craic was. Whats the harm in that?

Rob is there anything rivals can do?

MIRO Posted on 25/3 13:47
re: Rob

It was you?!! Briggsy, Briggsy... Does it mean that I was wasting last hour only becauseof your sick sense of humour?
OK, then don't even dream about to visit Ostrava mate! Or you do, but only if you will be prepared to spent all the night together on Stodolni street as your appologize!

The_GOAT Posted on 25/3 13:47
re: Rob

Give you a timeout next time you come on here after a nightout.

The only way he can have been hacked is if they hacked his e-mail address. Asked rivals to send his password and then started posting.

I find this highly unlikely because:

his IP address is the same
the person posting last night used the same personal phrases as him
it's unlikely he'd know his e-mail address
Briggsy has a previous for posting and then denying it was him

Shaun71 Posted on 25/3 13:51
re: Rob

Sorry for butting in on this post but may I wish you and your family a Happy Easter Miro and hopefully well meet up again very soon

the_fresh_ponce Posted on 25/3 13:54
re: Rob

Ah, Miro is that guy from Ostrava?

20_Briggsy Posted on 25/3 13:58
re: Rob

No Miro it wasnt me. When i got in I saw the posts and edited a few, before going to bed.

Thanks for the help, and everyone else who is helping. I want to get to the bottom of this. Sadly for those who just want to point the finger, havnt you got anything else better to do.

MIRO Posted on 25/3 13:59
re: Rob

Yeah that's him freshy .
Shaun, thanks and let me wish the same to you.

I have to go really quickly as my pregnant wife is waiting for me for more than 45 minutes (thanks to Briggsy also ) in the centre. She sound a bit nervous in the phone...

Happy Easter to all!!

MIRO Posted on 25/3 14:04
re: Rob

"It was me who made these posts" - your words Briggsy. It seems to be too hard for me to understand whats going on then. But never mind - who said I'm clever enough to get it !!
Happy Easter also to you Briggsy!

20_Briggsy Posted on 25/3 14:07
re: Rob

Sorry was meant to say 'wasnt' a simple typo error.

Happy easter to you and your family. Hopefully this will all be resolved when you return.

swordtrombonefish Posted on 25/3 14:07
re: Rob

Listen dudes - you can spoof IP addresses - nothing from an IP address is reliable, and it cannot be used as evidence because of that. Worst still, a MAC address can be spoofed also - in fact I've done it as a proof of concept for a wireless network to prove to a company that as losing 'sensitive' information from a network upon which they had added wireless capability!

This is only useful for people who want to cause mayhem.

You want to know more about this subject, I would suggest something like

green_beret20 Posted on 25/3 14:55
re: Rob

True you can spoof IP and Mac addresses but they would still have to obtain Briggsy's exact ones to know what they are in order to clone them.

True youve pointed out a security risk in wireless networking but I doubt Briggsy has that.
Another way is if someone has had direct access to his machine.

Im sure there is another mind blowing whiz kid of finding out his exact address but I doubt anyones sad enough to go through this procedure to get Briggsy's IP or MAC address.

Surly Rivals keeps backups of e-mails sent to people. If so see if one was sent to Briggsys e-mail address telling him his password.

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shaun_84 Posted on 25/3 14:58
re: Rob

I think the ntl proxy suggestion can be the only excuse within reason. JGreggs once has the same ip as a poster on here. PK and I were as good as convinced it was him, the technical facts getting in the way of the fact that the other poster was a decent bloke.

boro_by_heart_2k5 Posted on 25/3 15:07
re: Rob

Briggsy might have his computer logged. It happened to me a few weeks ago. Once a hacker gets hold of your details he can do loads. One went on my MSN and started having a go at all my mates. Wasn't a popular lad the day after.

sasboro Posted on 25/3 15:31
re: Rob

Why would a hacker go to all the effort to post as him on a footy website? they would be more interested in finding your credit card details form other log in stuff.
Even if someone hacked into your passowrd/ would they know anything about boro?The hacker is more than likely not a boro fan so will know little about mfc.

I reckon its someone who uses your computer when you are out of the house, so finger points at your brother. Do you have a windows password at log in? are you sure you do not save all passwords to rememebr them. I know when i type my username on my computer i dont have to put in a password.
If not either then come clean and admit it was you

maybe he's got a drink problem and cant remember being on the internet after having a black out form the night before

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10pintsB4Parmo Posted on 25/3 21:16
re: Rob

I smell the real' Briggsy ' after a drink !! as the goat says thanks for the truth . clone my arse . Its you ?

20_Briggsy Posted on 25/3 22:11
re: Rob

Listen 10pintsB4Parmo mate, I was out of the house when the posts were made so your claim doesnt stand up. Someone also posted under my name after the Villa game. I was round a friends house at the time of the post. How do you expalin that?

I'm going to get in touch with rivals see what they can do. I dont like been called a liar.

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10pintsB4Parmo Posted on 25/3 22:25
re: Rob

Drink is a funny drug and makes us diffrent people , come on briggsy . we all feck up now and again .just becasuse you gave you true feelings . Its only the net son . do you really love smac ?

But leave Rob out of this , why send him the joke .

Ansewr this on lord Briggsy , wiill smac be the gaffer next season .

Cut the crap son ....... Yes Or No willl do !!!

moxzin Posted on 25/3 23:27
re: Rob

For what its worth, Briggsy, I'm sure a similar thing happened to me once. I was browsing the board one evening when suddenly a post came up, posted by me, in the early hours of the morning. It was a very strange post and it kind of shocked me as I had no recollection of posting it at all.

Sure, the drinks were flowing that night. But I had friends round, who didn't leave until well after the time of the post. I reckon I could remember everything from that night but even if I couldn't I'm sure one of my friends would have taken me to task, rightly so, for taking time out from a party to post something ridiculous on a message board at 1.30am.

Thats why I'm sure it wasn't me and someone trying to be me. Not sure who, how or why, its just my instinct, it raises more questions that it answers. No doubt admin will love to get back to me and tell it was me after all, but I am very convinced it couldn't have been.

20_Briggsy Posted on 25/3 23:28
re: Rob

Does anyone know how I can check thro my internet history to see if my computer was active when the posts were made? Also does anyone know of any good search tools to find any active hacking progs.

rob_fmttm Posted on 25/3 23:31
re: Rob

I'll be honest I've rarely taken note of IP addresses etc have never been terribly caught up with this side of things.

I guess there are people out there who like to dabble in sabotage - my money would still be on Aberdeen student. It is his style in many ways.

swordtrombonefish Posted on 25/3 23:35
re: Rob

Briggsy - check your IE history - if a post was made from your PC via yahoo or asb website, then it's in your history

BTW - I am pissssed so iff this is strange then so e it

nearly_new_casual Posted on 25/3 23:45
re: Rob

If you use ie, when in History if you right click on a page and go to properties you can see the time you last looked at that page.

If you use firefox you cant do this so you will have to click on view (next to the search bar in history) then select by last visited. If you can remmeber what you looked at first when you came in then work back over and see what pages come up.

20_Briggsy Posted on 25/3 23:56
re: Rob

Just looked in my IE history. I arranged the cookies in order of 'last modified' Theres a cookie with 24/03/2005 19:15 as the 'last modified' information. This was approx the time when I switched my pc off and left the house.

The cookied directly above that is 25/03/2005 03:21 (they are arranged in order of time) as the 'last modified' information. This was the approx time I got in and truned my computer on. So does this indicate the PC wasnt on between this time? Or at least looking at this site.

20_Briggsy Posted on 26/3 0:04
re: Rob

And the cookie I'm taking this information from states the following on it


The link below is regarding the team talk questionaire that kept popping up. So this cookie must be related to that pop up. Which would mean the posts wernt made from this pc?

Link: teamtalk

ridsdale Posted on 26/3 0:05
re: Rob

I have carefully studied all the possibilities.

It is very unlikely to be a hacker. Such a person would be hacking
into bank sites. Nor could it be Briggsy junior. Briggsy discounts
that himself.

All the evidence points to an inside job.

If Briggsy was not there. Then it can only be another Briggsy.

Result; Briggsy is a schizophrenic.

That is the only possible answer.

20_Briggsy Posted on 26/3 0:07
re: Rob

There's pretty conclusive evidence in the posts above ridsdale. I have screen dumps of the cookies if needed.

ron_burgundy Posted on 26/3 0:13
re: Rob

looked t what haas been said, away from com jargon just detective stance, why would anyone go to extreme efforts to make briggsy look like a nob?

u need a motive!

why is the question

sounds like alot of effort would go into it, briggsy goves ebough amo to those who think he's a knob without having to forge posts. bizzare, r u sure it wasn't u?

20_Briggsy Posted on 26/3 0:15
re: Rob

How many times do I have to repeat myself, I'm certain it wasnt me. Wasnt in the house, I was out with mates.

As for why anyone would go to the length of hacking me is beyond me. I just come on here to talk football, not make enimies and for people to hack me. Like Rob said this has happened to a couple geordie board members before.

No doubt the person who done this, is looking at this post right now.

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ridsdale Posted on 26/3 0:16
re: Rob

Fact is. Briggsy is one of the most pleasant and least insulting
guys on here.

Takes a lot of stick, gives none back. Top man.

Therefore it is not him.

Just his invisible friend.

ron_burgundy Posted on 26/3 0:19
re: Rob

this all seems like a crazy conspiracy way above what should go on, on fmttm if u ask me.

its daft i think if it wasn't him it was some sad little person who needs t get out a bit.

again bizzare situ!

swordtrombonefish Posted on 26/3 0:19
re: Rob

Brigsy - NO way was that you...thats total 100% schizophrenic behaviour.


Big_jack2 Posted on 26/3 9:23
re: Rob

Check your HISTORY in there you will find what web sites have been visited and at what time.

You will find History in the windows folder.

As it has already been said you haven't been hacked,a hacker wouldn't just only post a few massage's in your name!

Try looking closer to home Briggsy as Rob has already said same IP address meaning same computer if it wasn't you it was someone you know using your computer.

To get at the HISTORY folder go to

My computer
double click on Windows (c)
double click on the windows folder
double click on the history folder

In there you will find the history of what web sites you have been on and at what times.
Everyday has it own folder.
Check on the one for the date the post's were made to see if anyone was using your P.C
Double click on the FMTTM web site address and it will give you the time of when you where last on.

From the posts i have read you have only checked your cookies and NOT your P.C history

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Smog_Monster Posted on 26/3 11:31
re: Rob

Fire up event viewer.
Check when the PC was shud down (Event Viewer Stopped) and if it was restarted at the time you allege you were out or at your friends house. Do you have a fixed IP? How on earth could the evil genius know which IP you would broadcast from, unless it's the IP from an upstream server. The headers from the e-mail could give the IP of the sender, or at least the ISP mail server (unless it was sent from another hotmail account(can you spoof from hotmail?)) which could tell you if the reply address was spoofed

20_Briggsy Posted on 26/3 12:45
re: Rob

I checked my history and it only had today's history in there.

I checked event viewr, i selected 'system' and the computer was not active between 24/03/2005 22:01:33 and 25/03/2005 03:15:26. The posts were made around 1am on the 25th. I have screen dumps if needed.

sasboro Posted on 26/3 12:56
re: Rob

can you check for deleted history? in waste bin or something

20_Briggsy Posted on 26/3 13:01
re: Rob

No nothing in there.

the_stallion Posted on 26/3 13:06
re: Rob

I've watched Scooby Doo fopr many years- and the culprit is usually the very pleasant little old man at the start of the cartoon.I hope this helps here. I'll leave this now to you pesky kids

sasboro Posted on 26/3 13:07
re: Rob

have you looked in :-

C:\Documents and Settings\'userlogin'\Local Settings\History

if it is present on your computer that it

20_Briggsy Posted on 26/3 13:47
re: Rob

No sas not there.

20_Briggsy Posted on 27/3 18:24
re: Rob

Just logged onto one of my msn accounts. I opened a email that had been sent from my account and I hadnt sent it. It was sent the same time the posts were made on here. I have email headers if ADMIN can do anything?

Anyway since I read the email about 15 minutes ago. The firewall I've just installed said two major attacks have tried to gain access to my PC. This foirewall can detect the IP's of the person trying to hack me and they have both been from two different IP's. The two IP's are and

These are the firewall reports.

Somebody is scanning your computer.
Your computer's TCP ports:
1025, 6129, 3410, 5000 and 80 have been scanned from

Traffic from IP address is blocked from 03/27/2005 18:09:40 to 03/27/2005 18:19:40.

Somebody is scanning your computer.
Your computer's TCP ports:
80, 113, 79, 23 and 22 have been scanned from

Traffic from IP address is blocked from 03/27/2005 18:15:09 to 03/27/2005 18:25:09.

--- Post edited by 20_Briggsy on 27/3 18:27 ---

sasboro Posted on 27/3 18:28
re: Rob

so aswell as having your rivals password they have your email password.. I stil think it is someone at home.
if it is a hacker, the chances are pretty small that they know anything about mfc or your personality on here.

20_Briggsy Posted on 27/3 18:31
re: Rob

Sas its no one at home, I've checked if my machine was running at the times of the posts and it wasnt.

Could I send the email headers to anyone at admin, so they can check if the IP matches anyone on here?

flash_harry_boro Posted on 27/3 19:17
re: Rob

Just read the entire thread and i have to say that from where i'm sitting it looks as though Briggsy has had one too many shandys and said a few things he shouldnt. We've all done it. Just admit it mate instead of making it an even bigger deal than it already is. It'll save yourself a lot of hassle and will be forgotten about in a matter of days. Come clean.

wishywashy Posted on 27/3 20:16
re: Rob

20_Briggsy is a liar

The_GOAT Posted on 27/3 20:21
re: Rob

It's called port scanning and it happens all the time. It doesn't mean you've been singled out.

Just ask for the thread to be deleted and pretend that none of this even happened.

tweedle Posted on 27/3 21:02
re: Rob

You're a schitzophrenic and you know you are...

20_Briggsy Posted on 27/3 23:35
re: Rob


The_GOAT Posted on 27/3 23:37
re: Rob

Quick! Trace him whilst he's on Briggsys account again!

20_Briggsy Posted on 27/3 23:40
re: Rob

Its me. I was calling those fools who still think it was me and calling me a liar. How can it be me If I wasnt even in the house.

ridsdale Posted on 27/3 23:46
re: Rob

How do we know which you it is. I know, tell us some Michael
Jackson jokes to prove it.

Otherwise we will assume someone has Tampa'd with your computer.

tweedle Posted on 27/3 23:47
re: Rob

Do you live in a motel? Is there a girl in your shower as we speak? Do you live life in black an white? Well do you Norman?

ridsdale Posted on 27/3 23:55
re: Rob

Norman Bates; "Well I'm not a fool. And I'm not capable of being fooled! Not even by a woman."

It is all adding up.

Link: Psycho

Smog_Monster Posted on 28/3 1:51
re: Rob

Many, many times I have done regrettable things whilst drunk.
Am I alone?
I usually pretend that I have no recollection of the events, next time I'm going to try flat out denial.

ericpaylor Posted on 28/3 2:09
re: Rob

You calling me a liar..that you calling me.

ericpaylor Posted on 28/3 2:48
re: Rob

I think the alcoholic demons have affected someone.

boro_Maverick Posted on 28/3 14:14
re: Rob

Having summed up all the evidence and realising that no confession will be coming forthwith, there seems to be only one way to the bottom of this, I appoint all you fmttm users as the jury in the briggsy shandygate scandal.

How do you find the defendant Briggsy..Guilty or not guilty?


The_GOAT Posted on 28/3 14:23
re: Rob

Of course.

It would be an amazing coincidence that the 'hacker' would be able to guess Briggsy was out with his friends from the TTE and get it right, wouldn't it?

yer_mam Posted on 28/3 15:35
re: Rob

Too much drink me thinks!

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sasboro Posted on 28/3 18:02
re: Rob

well done on reaching 100 posts.
excellent wind up!
you can confess it was you briggsy

save_50_percent Posted on 29/3 20:38
re: Rob

Confession Time.

Me and bonus ball head were round a friends sinking a few drinks and we decided to have a little joke and go on briggsys name and post a few things making it look like briggsys typing ways. We then sent a joke via his email to the people on his address book, they all received it so no one specific was targeted.

for those who complained, the jokes were out of a national magazine so if you think theyre so bad then get writing to Zoo Weekly.

apologies to mr 20_Briggsy and those who may of been offended, at the end of the day... its only a joke.

neiltrodden Posted on 29/3 20:41
re: Rob

How did you know his password? How did you manage to post from his IP then?

boro_Maverick Posted on 29/3 20:43
re: Rob

Who is save 50 %? I'm not buying this.

briggsy be a man!

save_50_percent Posted on 29/3 20:45
re: Rob

trodden: it wasnt posted from his ip, it was from this ip

maverick: i was round these parts when you were still wearing nappies

boro_Maverick Posted on 29/3 20:48
re: Rob

so you were posting on this site in the 70's I think you're talking poo again.

neiltrodden Posted on 29/3 20:49
re: Rob

I that's true about the ip then thats wierd. Rob said briggsy and your posts were the exact same IP. Not doubting you but it doesn't make sense. Or maybe rivals only gets the ip of the ntl transparent (or rather not) proxy.

save_50_percent Posted on 29/3 20:50
re: Rob

booooooo mcclaren out garlands boy

20_Briggsy Posted on 29/3 20:51
re: Rob

To all the people who doubted me.

Up middle finger

^ ( ) ^

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boro_Maverick Posted on 29/3 21:10
re: Rob

I still doubt you, save 50% is probably you!

20_Briggsy Posted on 29/3 21:14
re: Rob

Oh yeh, ofcourse it is.


green_beret20 Posted on 29/3 21:18
re: Rob

Am I just missing the blinding obvious here?

How did he get your rivals password, how did he access your MSN account and out of a combination of IP addresses how did he manage to get your unique address assigned to your computer only, a lucky guess perhaps?

Buddy Posted on 29/3 21:18
re: Rob

There were three separate posts made between 01:10 and 01:17 on 25/3. Two of them were from save_50's IP - the one he's using now - and one of them was from 20_Briggsy's IP - the one he's using now. save_50 and 20_Briggsy have different IPs.

toots Posted on 29/3 21:21
re: Rob

i knew it would be you two.

20_Briggsy Posted on 29/3 21:21
re: Rob

The one post I made that night on those posts was to edit one of the posts. I couldnt be arsed editing all of them.

I have to say I'm dissapointed in admin. Who also pointed the finger.

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neiltrodden Posted on 29/3 21:22
re: Rob

Ok, just that ROb had said "I'm not at my office so I can't do this by email - can't even check if you are Briggsy. But the computer you are on now is a perfect match for the abusive 20_Briggsy."

And "Garlands boy"???? Aimed at me?

neiltrodden Posted on 29/3 21:23
re: Rob

Briggsy, when you editted, it'll have over-written the ip stored to yours. It's all making sense now...

Buddy Posted on 29/3 21:25
re: Rob

I'm not sure anyone's pointed the finger. Rob's asked questions and suggested solutions and I've stated facts. The one that comes from your IP address would suggest to me that you editing it might have overridden the IP it was originally posted from.

Like neil said.....

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save_50_percent Posted on 29/3 21:25
re: Rob

not you trodden, it was aimed at mucky maverick

green_beret20 Posted on 29/3 21:27
re: Rob

Huh, so after all this the IP address's were actually different? Thats one h*ll of change.

You still havnt explained how he obtained your rivals and MSN password?

save_50_percent Posted on 29/3 21:29
re: Rob

He doesnt have to explain

Ive said what happened so walk away army man

Buddy Posted on 29/3 21:31
re: Rob

Clearly you're not concentrating Mr Beret.

"Two of them were from save_50's IP - the one he's using now - and one of them was from 20_Briggsy's IP - the one he's using now. save_50 and 20_Briggsy have different IPs."

We have now established that the one showing Briggsy's IP was the one he edited, which has overridden the original posting IP, which will more than likely have been save_50's.

As regards the passwords however - quite.

green_beret20 Posted on 29/3 21:33
re: Rob

Aye I better be careful since you obviously possess the computer skills rivalling that of Bill gates himself.

green_beret20 Posted on 29/3 21:35
re: Rob

and you never thought of checking the other two unedited posts IP addresses till now?

save_50_percent Posted on 29/3 21:36
re: Rob

seen detective beret there

Buddy Posted on 29/3 21:38
re: Rob

No, if you look at my 13:25 post last Friday it says

"The one Briggsy is broadcasting now and one of two that were used in his name last night are identical."

The difference now is that we have something to compare it to because save_50 has shown up. Unless we know what we're looking for - or people are posting from two usernames at the same time - it's quite difficult to cross-check IPs with the way this site's admin is set up.

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ridsdale Posted on 29/3 21:40
re: Rob

Briggsy is very trusting, if you asked him for his password he
would tell you.

He is the only person alive that would accept an invitation to
a Michael Jackson sleepover party.

toots Posted on 29/3 21:43
re: Rob

they probly just guessed it. they're always doing stuff like this to him, i cant believe he didnt realise it was them. i was going to post 'errr... briggsy, have you checked with your mates?', but i didnt like to interfere.
of course, on the other hand, they are mates, n maybe they're just covering for him. but...

sasboro Posted on 29/3 21:44
re: Rob

Two things i would like clearing up
1) how would they find his msn and rivals passwords?
2) When briggsy forst claimed someone had posted as him, i think it was a saturday or sunday afternoon..maybe after the villa game and a few days after the event briggsy claimed he was out with save_50%. and save_50% came on and backed him up

green_beret20 Posted on 29/3 21:47
re: Rob

So let me just get this straight.

You need to have the exact user to be logged on before you can cross check an IP address from an earlier post?

Im simply gob smacked if thats the system you use.
Surly you should be able to just look at the logged IP address from any number of posts on this board from any user at any time.

You shouldnt teven have to cross check an earlier IP address with another one. All you had to do was check if it was different.

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Buddy Posted on 29/3 21:50
re: Rob

You can, but it's a lot of scrolling through different pages that frankly unless we're looking for a murderer we ain't going to bother with. You'll get about 50 posts on a page with the IPs listed, then you have to go back and find the link to the next page and so on.

sas, regarding your point 2, that one was posted from a compleeeeetely different IP.

20_Briggsy Posted on 29/3 21:54
re: Rob

Anyway I'm glad this whole thing is resolved. Lets just leave it at that.

Those who called me a liar, should think again before they type.

green_beret20 Posted on 29/3 21:58
re: Rob

No, I fancy carrying this one on, its a potential 200 if you ask me.

Whats exactly is your password briggsy?



20_Briggsy Posted on 29/3 21:59
re: Rob

Do I look blonde with big tits?

sasboro Posted on 29/3 22:01
re: Rob

Nicely wriggled out of it, but still very fishy..
Is you lawyer OJ simpsons and probably micheal jacksons

green_beret20 Posted on 29/3 22:02
re: Rob

I really wouldnt know that Briggs.

Now, back to your password?



boroboy75 Posted on 30/3 9:19
re: Rob

Is it 'fickle'?
It seems to be your favourite word.