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Esky_North_Stand Posted on 14/4 0:47
Im a bum . . .

Apparently i am a bum, i havent got a job and for the last month ive loaned 300 off my parents This makes me a bum accoring to certain board members

Im not proud of not having a job, but i will get one eventually.

Let the insults come cause i couldnt give a shyte what people make of it, all the ones who slag it off who focus on there on lives instead of picking faults at others

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The_GOAT Posted on 14/4 0:49
re: Im a bum . . .

Don't say that out loud. You have no idea where towz could be at any one time.

You always feel the need to justify yourself to people. I don't know why (she swallowed a fly).

Esky_North_Stand Posted on 14/4 0:52
re: Im a bum . . .

Im not justifying it, im 18 years old, the only thing bad in my life is i don't have a job, i have good mates, i go out alot, following the boro at the best time in their history. . . what more could i want (except a job)

jax_1 Posted on 14/4 0:53
re: Im a bum . . .

Awww Esky hon, your day will come. I have a lot of time for you and your post the other evening on the Bliss thread said a lot about you.
No, you are not a bum and I'd bet my right arm, you'd pay it back ten-fold, if you get the chance.

The_GOAT Posted on 14/4 0:53
re: Im a bum . . .

Of course you are.

"I'm a bum - insult me now". Why post it?

Esky_North_Stand Posted on 14/4 0:55
re: Im a bum . . .

Cause it seems to be coming in different threads if people want to have a go let them have a go in this thread. . . i can guarantee that each and every one of them aint perfect

People have a problem with me e.g Sas, boroboy75, tony. . this is there outlet to attempt to have a go

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Shevchenko Posted on 14/4 0:56
re: Im a bum . . .

you have your whole life ahead of you esky.i wish i was your will get a job.

The_GOAT Posted on 14/4 0:57
re: Im a bum . . .

Esky is.....Jesus - hate him now and help him atone for his sins.

jax_1 Posted on 14/4 1:00
re: Im a bum . . .

and they are whom exactly Esky. Take no notice of them. if you had wings instead of arms, there would still be people who would try to give you a bad press, it's the same for all of us, however, the way to look at is, is that it's their problem, not yours.
You are an ok sort of kid, don't sweat it.

Esky_North_Stand Posted on 14/4 1:01
re: Im a bum . . .

ok sort of kid

Fischer Posted on 14/4 1:04
re: Im a bum . . .

Nobody would give you a bad press if you had wings. You'd be like Condorman. Albeit Condorman with a minor debt problem and self-esteem issues.

jax_1 Posted on 14/4 1:06
re: Im a bum . . .

Indeedly doodly Fischer

Well you are Esky, so take no notice of anyone else. They are just jealous of you.

Esky_North_Stand Posted on 14/4 1:07
re: Im a bum . . .

Id love to have wings *momentary daydream about having wings*

Fischer Posted on 14/4 1:09
re: Im a bum . . .

Is a daydream that takes place at 1.07am strictly a daydream?

Esky_North_Stand Posted on 14/4 1:10
re: Im a bum . . .

Intresting theory there, one which i cannot answer

Technically no i suppose. . its a nightdream

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RedRooster66 Posted on 14/4 1:20
re: Im a bum . . .

If your a bum did you have silicone implats????

YoungAlf Posted on 14/4 8:04
re: Im a bum . . .

why not get a job in a bar now you are 18?

tony_block19 Posted on 14/4 8:59
re: Im a bum . . .

It's not like Im having a go at you Esk, it's just gets irritating that people like me working 7 hours a day, 5 days a week and most weekends saving up for things like next years Season ticket, holidays, paying for matches and paying off all direct debits, and then you get 500 to swan off to Lisbon and places like that.

Like I said I'm not having a go, if your mam and dad want to spoonfeed you for another couple of years then I've got no qualms with that but I think you need to start taking a grip on life for your own good.

janplanner Posted on 14/4 9:16
re: Im a bum . . .

stop being so sanctimonious tony! esky is a sound lad.

my mam and dad looked after me all through university - in fact they still look after me now. i've been unemployed, and i got hand outs from my parents, because they wanted to help. it's not a crime accepting money from family.

esky will get a job and be a grown-up one day, it's not something you need to rush into. youth is wasted on the young.

Bobby_DazzIer Posted on 14/4 9:18
re: Im a bum . . .

I thought Tony and Esky were muckers?

sasboro Posted on 14/4 9:31
re: Im a bum . . .

I'm not trying to pick on you or have a go or anything. but you say your looking for a job but getting up at 2pm isnt going to help cos most of the normal working day is gone.
why dont you get a bar job or something to give you a bit of beer money or football money while you look for a job?

its an easy trap to fall into by getting up late cos there's no reason to get up for.

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YoungAlf Posted on 14/4 9:34
re: Im a bum . . .

Tony - you still look to parents for help aswell, bet your mom does your washing cooking and cleaning and that. same situation in a way, you havent left that for independance have you.

boroboy75 Posted on 14/4 9:57
re: Im a bum . . .

Its just that you seem to be so proud that you haven't got a job.
There are plenty of jobs out there especially for an 18 year old.
You can't be too choosy as you obviously haven't got a trade or anything. You'll have to learn to wipe your own arse one day.

sidog70 Posted on 14/4 10:03
re: Im a bum . . .

esky if you spent less time posting krap on here 24/7 and try visiting the job centre or even job sites on the net then you will have a better chance of finding a job.

There are 1000's of jobs out there, you must think there beneath you or you would have a job any job to make a living, stop sponging of the govt and your parents... GET A JOB !!!!

tony_block19 Posted on 14/4 10:05
re: Im a bum . . .

Yeah she does do that YoungAlf but I pay her 100 a month for that. I even pay 20 for the Sky Sports.

And janplanner I know Esky is a sound lad, I don't have a problem with him, he is the one with the problem with me. And my parents still look after me to a certain extent, but theres a line where you think "Right I have to start doing things for myself now".

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boro_bliss Posted on 14/4 10:05
re: Im a bum . . .

Is it easy to find a job in Middlesbrough, or not?
How high is the unemployment rate?

sasboro Posted on 14/4 10:06
re: Im a bum . . .

"i don't have a job, i have good mates, i go out alot,"

how can you afford to go out a lot if you dont have a job? are they good mates cos they pay for some of your drinks?

rob_fmttm Posted on 14/4 10:09
re: Im a bum . . .

Esky - I know its not a proper job but you can sell for me next week. Also, would you be interested in writing some stuff for this website? Good practise - the same goes for anyone else by the way.

sidog70 Posted on 14/4 10:09
re: Im a bum . . .

Lots of jobs in the boro because of the likes of esky who wont get off there arses to look for work, but rather sponge of all and sundry.

Esky_North_Stand Posted on 14/4 10:10
re: Im a bum . . .

Once the season is over i will have a better chance of finding a job. Most bar work is saturdays which is why i cant do that, i look on jobcentre website and fish 4 jobs every day, I apply to about 2 jobs a week because alot of them, like i said would require me to work on a sat

After the seasons over working a sat wouldnt bother me at all, but with only 6games to go i want to get to them as that will make it all 38 for me. May sound stupid but thats what im doing, im still looking and applying just i will be able to apply for alot more in about 4 weeks when the seasons over

YoungAlf Posted on 14/4 10:12
re: Im a bum . . .

well i apologise tony, you do seem to be contributing to your home and well done!

still wish i only had to pay 100 a month but that my fault, damn this world!!

some people have all the luck

YoungAlf Posted on 14/4 10:13
re: Im a bum . . .

Rob - What type of write ups would you want for the website?

boroboy75 Posted on 14/4 10:14
re: Im a bum . . .

Its nice to see that us tax-payers are funding your quest to get to every game.

YoungAlf Posted on 14/4 10:15
re: Im a bum . . .

Why dont you do an apprenticeship Esky, may only be 40 a week to start with and you can continue getting help from your parents and they might even be more willing to help you if they think you are heading the right way be learning a trade?

just let me know if you consider that as i can get all te info from my work as we deal with them

rob_fmttm Posted on 14/4 10:16
re: Im a bum . . .

Any type of stuff. Pick a day and give your thoughts on events that day/that week/ or just a short write up on the season for you. Or any Boro topic with your opinion. Maybe who we should sign? Or where we'll finish in the season? Or the pros and cons of signing the Austrians, Yakubu etc.
Anything which has your opinion. It's the opinion bit that's the most important. So, an extension of he message board posts.

YoungAlf Posted on 14/4 10:18
re: Im a bum . . .

Ill have a think Rob and if i can think of somink ill send it to you on e-mail

Esky_North_Stand Posted on 14/4 10:20
re: Im a bum . . .

YoungAlf - Im quite possibly going to try and get onto a course starting in september for the journalism at darlo tech. It all depends what happens in the summer, because if i get a job then there is the possibilty of postponing the course for a year or two.

Im only 18 so at the moment just getting a bit of money in the bank is the main thing

bobstermarley Posted on 14/4 10:21
re: Im a bum . . .

I don't know a single person who, if their parents are still alive, doesn't receive "help" from their parents - I mean that in both the practical and financial sense.

Up until 4 weeks ago, I'd been out of work since last October. In that time, my Mam has paid for me to get the car taxed and insured, insisted that she HAS to give me a tenner everytime we go shopping "for petrol, son", and bought me and my other half little bits and bobs of food when she's out, " cos I thought you'd like it" (she's developed a worrying fixation on Spongebob Squarepants cereal bars).

I don't think that makes me a bum. I didn't ask her to do any of the above. She did it cos she wanted to and, as my Dad always used to say, "There's no pockets in shrouds".

She's helped me out when I needed it, cos I'm her son. I'm not saying I wouldn't have got by without her help, I probably would have done, but she's just been trying to ease the burden and help me out during a tough patch.

Fortunately, as of Monday, I'm going to be back doing a reasonably well paid job, but I can guarantee that she'll still find ridiculous reasons to "help out". It's what my Mam does and, when my Dad was alive, was what he did.

Can remember my parents coming down to Nottingham for Christmas in 2001. At the time, I was in a well paid job and life was good.

It was the last time my Dad was well enough to drive down and, as it had been the first time in a couple of years that my parents had come to me for Christmas, I was determined that they wouldn't have to lift a finger for the week they were staying with me.

I'd told them they didn't need to bring any food and drink, which was a waste of time as they came with a boot full of crates of beer and various bits of food.

On Christmas Day morning, after we'd opened presents and the Christmas dinner was well on it's way to being cooked, my Dad decided he was bored with sitting around. He'd just watched Gladiator (on one of those new-fangled DVD players) and was on to his first tinny of the day.

My Dad went out to the car, got his tool box out and proceeded to take the shed door off and plane it "cos it's not right is it son?". He then mended two drawers in the kitchen and refixed all of the bathroom fixtures and fittings, "cos you couldn't use a drill and raw plugs to save your life, could you son?". He also decided that the front door was sticking too, so he had a bash at that too.

All of this going on whilst I'm saying "just leave it. You're supposed to be here enjoying yourselves, relaxing, putting your feet up, for God's sake"

My Mam told me to just let him get on with it, cos they both just wanted to help, as my Dad used to say, "his son and heir". LOL

My Dad STILL insisted on giving me 50 when they got in the car to leave a week later. Not for any particular reason, because he just wanted to make sure I was alright.

Maybe I've just been lucky, I don't know. Many people would say I'm the classic example of an only child. What I do know though, is that my Mam and Dad would've done anything to make sure I was as safe and happy as possible. Even though my Dad's no longer here, my Mam still does.

So no Esky, I don't think you're a bum.

tony_block19 Posted on 14/4 10:21
re: Im a bum . . .

I suggested an Apprenticeship, learning a trade and you'll be laughing all the way to the bank.

I was going to start a Plumbing apprenticeship if I didn't get the job I'm in now.

boroboy75 Posted on 14/4 10:25
re: Im a bum . . .

Esky, there's a song by The Offspring that you should listen to.

Esky_North_Stand Posted on 14/4 10:27
re: Im a bum . . .

Theres alot of things you should do boroboy. . .

YoungAlf Posted on 14/4 10:28
re: Im a bum . . .

Im not saying Esky is a bum either, he is only 18 and is still thinking what career path to take, if he is still there in 5-10 years and hasnt done nothing then he will be a bum

right now he is just deciding what to do, luckily he has supportiv parents helping him

and i agree with bobster as i always recieve help from my mom when i am in trouble

captain5 Posted on 14/4 10:28
re: Im a bum . . .

I think he means Pretty Fly (for a White Guy), Esky.

boroboy75 Posted on 14/4 10:29
re: Im a bum . . .

Like what?
I pay my taxes which help keep the idlers of this world in beer money.

bandito Posted on 14/4 10:38
re: Im a bum . . .

Esky, why dont you apply for shelf stacking or go to the egg factory at seamer?

sidog70 Posted on 14/4 10:40
re: Im a bum . . .

exactamondo bandito, theres pleanty of feckin jobs out there if you really wanna work.

tony_block19 Posted on 14/4 10:41
re: Im a bum . . .

Esk, I'm not taking the piss but did you actually sign on the other week? I remember you saying you were thinking about it.

boroboy75 Posted on 14/4 10:47
re: Im a bum . . .

Maybe he wasn't too keen on the fact that you have to be 'actively seeking work' to sign-on.

Wainzy Posted on 14/4 10:48
re: Im a bum . . .

esky, sorry to bring it up but how long did u go out with louise for, and how the HELL did u put up with it?

bandito Posted on 14/4 10:48
re: Im a bum . . .

Esky, if you put your mind to it and really wanted a job, you would be starting next Monday, I reckon you're just "waiting for one to come along". Life doesnt work like that. How the hell do you afford every away game?

Esky_North_Stand Posted on 14/4 10:52
re: Im a bum . . .

Up until Lisbon i was using money i had left from wages etc. But my spending money for lisbon was a loan off my parents.

Yes i am on job seekers allowance, funny how im not the only one yet im the only one who gets people having a dig at.

Wainzy - went out with her for about 4-5 months, god only knows how i put up with that

janplanner Posted on 14/4 10:54
re: Im a bum . . .

bobster, that's a lovely story. sounds just like my dad.

when they visited edinburgh the other week, instead of going looking round the old town, my mam and dad spent an afternoon, scraping all the sealant out from the bottom of my shower, and renewing it. cos it needed doing. mental, but lovely all the same.

bandito Posted on 14/4 10:54
re: Im a bum . . .

Under no circumstances would it be wise to "dig at" the unemployed. A lot of unemployed people are genuinely unfortunate but there is a minority who lack the will to go out and "actively" seek one. Knock on a few doors man!

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tony_block19 Posted on 14/4 10:54
re: Im a bum . . .

My dad always said to me "A job on your doorstep won't come looking for you!"...

..A few weeks later I got a leaflet through the door advertising a Administrator job for a company across the road from me So in theory that saying is not entirely true, as I now have a 2 minute walk to work every morning..

Wainzy Posted on 14/4 10:56
re: Im a bum . . .

mate, dont even worry, i as on job seekers allowance for a bit aswell til 2 months ago. its no big deal. everyone has trouble finding jobs.
and 300 off your parents isnt too bad. i owe 4000 to mine from losing jobs and having them pay for stuff for me. i also owed 13,500 on an MG i bought, then had a heart attack, lost ma job, and guess who got rid of it and paid the debt off? my parents!
im probably a bit of a bum really.
and werent u at lauris party? i seem to remember u with a girl and louise kicking off. was hilarious!

bandito Posted on 14/4 10:58
re: Im a bum . . .

please tell me you are not for real

tony_block19 Posted on 14/4 10:59
re: Im a bum . . .

Aaaah Lauri's party. .

A night of mixed emotions to say the least.

Esky_North_Stand Posted on 14/4 10:59
re: Im a bum . . .

yeah that was me. Lous always doin that tho, its orite for her but not orite for me

Bobby_DazzIer Posted on 14/4 10:59
re: Im a bum . . .

"Once the season is over i will have a better chance of finding a job"

What a disgraceful attitude. And in the meantime you just keep collecting your benefits that the rest of us have to fund. You sound irresponsible and slovenly.

Wainzy Posted on 14/4 11:02
re: Im a bum . . .

were u there aswell tony?! i felt well out of place! i only went coz my mates know her, and my sis wanted me to come. probs something to do with nick.
louise has issues like. she was txting my mate not so long back. hes 23 and wouldnt entertain her, so shes onto some other fella now. hmmm

Esky_North_Stand Posted on 14/4 11:03
re: Im a bum . . .

Shes got a bf. . and she still tells me she loves me. . rather messed up me thinks

bandito Posted on 14/4 11:05
re: Im a bum . . .

bf....big f ani?

Esky_North_Stand Posted on 14/4 11:06
re: Im a bum . . .

Bobby_Dazzler. . . im not not looking for a job im just saying once the season is over my chances will increase in finding one

sasboro Posted on 14/4 11:08
re: Im a bum . . .

how many people still have their parents come round their house and do the gardening or cleaning.

eskey, i was on the dole for 6 months about 10 year ago. So i know how you feel. Howver my parents kept giving me grief until i got a job. they even took some of my signing on money to contribute towards house the end i left the area just to take up a job.

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bandito Posted on 14/4 11:08
re: Im a bum . . .

what influence do Boro have over the state of employment in this country?

boroboy75 Posted on 14/4 11:11
re: Im a bum . . .

Sas, but they did that for your own good.
Even illegal immigrants are willing to work for a quid a day.

Wainzy Posted on 14/4 11:11
re: Im a bum . . .

yeah one of them aswell bandito.
yeah she keeps fcuking my sis off for her bf, but blames it on her sisters ex bf, the stalker bloke, saying hes "spying" on the house, and loads of other cack!
theres no telling her tho! nope, not louise shaw. grrr

bandito Posted on 14/4 11:13
re: Im a bum . . .

I feel like I'm on the cast of Hollyoaks

Esky_North_Stand Posted on 14/4 11:15
re: Im a bum . . .

I isnt far off with the storylines bandito but the women arnt as pretty as hollyoaks!!

tony_block19 Posted on 14/4 11:15
re: Im a bum . . .

Yeah I was there Wainzy. I was the one who took the kicking in the alley if you were there long enough. Not a bad night though

Entirely I blame Louise for me getting in that fight because...if Lou hadn't been so drunk and got her tit out, then Natalie wouldn't have seen me taking a picture, which would have prevented us from arguing in the alley and me holding her up against the fence which wouldnt of got the attention of them lads bla bla bla...So I blame Lou .

Wainzy Posted on 14/4 11:22
re: Im a bum . . .

oh yeah! i remember u mate! werent u soaked aswell? was it those chavs that got u? my mate carter went running after the chavs coz he thought it was me who took a beating. i was the one screaming in the kitchen for some sort of weapon! (im usually not violent by the way, but those lads deserved it)and what was that guy in the nicked car doing, what a dck head. was quite a mad party!
u didnt need to take a pic of lou tho! she got that nipple out on every request!

Esky_North_Stand Posted on 14/4 11:24
re: Im a bum . . .

In retrospect Lous abit of an arse really isnt she . . .

Wainzy Posted on 14/4 11:26
re: Im a bum . . .

a bit? i felt really sorry for u mate.
do u remember me from hush aswell? when my sis introduced u to me as "esky, who looks like ronaldo"

tony_block19 Posted on 14/4 11:37
re: Im a bum . . .

I can't remember anyone running after them, my head was pounding and me ribs felt like they were going to explode, I remember sitting on the couch with Natalie sat next to me and Esky shouting..

"Its your fcuking fault you fcuking whore!"

Or something along them lines.

Wainzy Posted on 14/4 11:40
re: Im a bum . . .

haha! yeah sounds about right!
and yeah, carter ran after some chavs, before getting a lift home off baz's brother, with louise screaming at esky about the lass he was kissing. then cracked her head off the car door, before sitting in the baby seat. was all fun and games!

Nikos_Dabizas Posted on 14/4 13:23
re: Im a bum . . .

Lose the tripe haircut first son and the oceanliner anchor around your neck and you may become a bit more employable.

PS : Journalism is not the career for anybody that would like to earn good money. You're lucky to break 20k even on a large provincial paper like the Gazette and even then those opportunites are ridiculously limited.

tony_block19 Posted on 14/4 13:39
re: Im a bum . . .

plumbing is the way forward for him im telling ya!

Nedkat Posted on 14/4 13:40
re: Im a bum . . .

Blimey, there's some hard-arses on this board. The lads only 18 years old. So what if he owes his parents a few bob. He obviously needs a bit of a hand finding a job, some decent advice might help.

Lovely story there Bob, your parents must have loved you to bits ...

I left school in Jun 74, started work as a park gardner in Jun 74, left that job in Dec 74 and joined the Navy. That was 31 years ago, and I've never been out of work for longer than a couple of weeks. The most helpful piece of advice I ever recieved was that finding a job, when your already in a job, is always easier than when your out of a job. Don't be afraid to take an unattractive job, get yerself amongst it, then cast yer eye around and have a look for ways to improve yourself. You meet more people when your in a job. The networking that offers can be really beneficial. Putting in for two jobs a week is not good enough, you gotta get those letters flying out at 20 a week.

Good luck ...

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Wainzy Posted on 14/4 13:44
re: Im a bum . . .

when i was claiming job seekers allowance, i found that when i was pushed to find a job, i resisted more and couldnt be bothered. but then, when ppl got off my back, i got off my arse and did it myself.

sasboro Posted on 14/4 13:45
re: Im a bum . . .

is that how you go on at work when you boss tell you to do something?

captain5 Posted on 14/4 13:49
re: Im a bum . . .

It's always easier to get a job when you've got one.

Esky - If you were at an interview and you were asked about why you had not worked over the past number of months, would you answer truthfully??

Wainzy Posted on 14/4 13:50
re: Im a bum . . .

no!?! since when do u claim job seekers allowance from work? works work, u get paid to do ur job. at home when i was getting pressured, i wanted everyone off my back, i didnt need anyones help finding a job, i could do it on my own.

sasboro Posted on 14/4 13:54
re: Im a bum . . .

they would have got off your back if you were actively looking for a job, thats what my parents did. I gave my mum all the letters i were sending off for job so she knew i was she payed for the stamp

Wainzy Posted on 14/4 13:56
re: Im a bum . . .

i was actively looking for a job!who said i wasnt??!! but that was my business, i didnt need everyone on my back telling me to get a job constantly.all im saying is that i think people without jobs have enough pressure as it is, never mind everyone going on at them

boroboy75 Posted on 14/4 13:58
re: Im a bum . . .

Mind you, its probably asking a bit too much to expect someone who's mother probably still makes his bed to find himself a job.

Cobain_94 Posted on 14/4 13:59
re: Im a bum . . .

Yeah Esky, rush to get the first sh_it job you're offered so you can coplain about how sh_it it is and be miserable for the rest of your life. At least you'll have a job though, because that's all that matters, it's the be all and end all of life.

I'm getting spoonfed through the last year of uni, then I plan to get a job int he summer to get money together to go to oz, enjoying life's more important then a job or money.

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Wainzy Posted on 14/4 14:00
re: Im a bum . . .

or HERself a job, paying for stamps and checking up to make sure she was actively looking? im big enough to do that on my own.

Wainzy Posted on 14/4 14:01
re: Im a bum . . .

poor esky! ill stick up for ya mate!!!

sasboro Posted on 14/4 14:01
re: Im a bum . . .

Wainzy, maybe cos your parents had to feed you and put a roof over your head they were expecting you to put more effort into finding a job.

boroboy75 Posted on 14/4 14:03
re: Im a bum . . .

Cobain at least you are at University I mean 'Polytechnic'.
Although you're attitude is typical of the wasters who get into University now.

Cobain_94 Posted on 14/4 14:04
re: Im a bum . . .

My mate went four years on the dole, briefley working at Samsung before everyone got laid off. Everyone told him to get a job but all the jobs he would of had he'd of hated so he stayed on the dole until he was 20. Then he decided to go for a job he'd like so sent off 30 application forms, got a job he likes and will make alot of money out of in future.

Cobain_94 Posted on 14/4 14:07
re: Im a bum . . .

"Cobain at least you are at University I mean 'Polytechnic'.
Although you're attitude is typical of the wasters who get into University now."

I will be applying for IT jobs in the summer to get some experience and so I have some prospects when I come back from travelling. People get obbsessed with jobs and money though, all money is to me is something that pays for me to enjoy life, all a job is to me is a way of getting money. Work to live don't live to work. Sounds obvious but it's suprising how many people don't have that attitude.

Anyway best get some work done or I'll be posting my own "I'm a bum" thread in a years time.

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Wainzy Posted on 14/4 14:09
re: Im a bum . . .

but who said i wasnt making an effort? where are u getting these things from?! and whilst my parents were bailing me out of trouble, keeping my head above water, i pulled my weight. there was no house work for either of them when they returned from work, i managed to do the lot as well as actively looking for a job. i was always making the effort,and to have someone comment about my personal life they know nothing about is corncerning. every penny owed has been paid back aswell.
and going back to my original point, this was all done off my own back, with no pressure from anyone.eskys a decent lad, and im sure he will sort himself out with a bit of self motivation.

tony_block19 Posted on 14/4 14:09
re: Im a bum . . .

Coabin, you say enjoying life is more important than getting a job...well if you don't have a job how can you possibly afford things to enjoy life.

And boroboy75 I can vouch for Esk and say he does make his own bed, not a crease in sight and OOOHH does the shyt hit the fan when you crease it sitting it on.

sasboro Posted on 14/4 14:13
re: Im a bum . . .

wainzy, earlier you said you couldnt be bothered when people asked you to look for a obviously you werent making the effort

shaun_84 Posted on 14/4 14:15
re: Im a bum . . .

he sh|ts his bed?

Wainzy Posted on 14/4 14:16
re: Im a bum . . .

i couldnt be bothered with the hassle of people pressuring, i.e people like you, giving it all "when i was like u, i did this and did that etc" i didnt want to hear all that dribble!
i suppose you dont get my point, as you only see things from your own point of view and no one elses.

Cobain_94 Posted on 14/4 14:17
re: Im a bum . . .

"Coabin, you say enjoying life is more important than getting a job...well if you don't have a job how can you possibly afford things to enjoy life."

If you don't enjoy your job how can you possibly enjoy life? You spend most of your waking hours there. I'd rather be on the dole for a bit and get a job I liked then get the first sh_it job that comes along just to get money. Esky wants to do journalism so he should do a course in that if that's really what he wants to do and get a summer job, shouldn't be too hard to get unskilled summer work.

Nedkat Posted on 14/4 14:19
re: Im a bum . . .

Your very young to have learned that life lesson, Cobain. There is more to life than having a job and earning money. Life should be enjoyed, but having a well paid job seems to help with some of the little things. Like feeding your children, and putting a roof over the family's head.
There's no shame in poverty, it's just a damned inconvenience.

john_lillie Posted on 14/4 14:19
re: Im a bum . . .

anyway, must be 100 by now. some people are too lazy to claim it!

Wainzy Posted on 14/4 14:21
re: Im a bum . . .

i agree cobain! i went through a patch of having jobs i hate, and i was well miserable! its no use spending half your life at a place of work u hate!

shaun_84 Posted on 14/4 14:22
re: Im a bum . . .

I'll repeat this as it's likely to have been said already...

Esky, mate, you're not a bum, you're an arse.

sasboro Posted on 14/4 14:23
re: Im a bum . . .

when your young you have few debt and mouths to feed so you probbly can live on a less paid job that you enjoy. Maybe as you get older your bills increase and you start a family and have more expensive tastes so then you might have to find a more well paid job. then once the kids leave home, you can go back to a job you enjoy on less money.

boroboy75 Posted on 14/4 14:24
re: Im a bum . . .

Lots of people do jobs that they hate.
They just have more self-respect for than those who prefer to stay in bed all day, having a tug whilst watching Fern Britton on This Morning, as they wallow in their self-pity.

john_lillie Posted on 14/4 14:27
re: Im a bum . . .

thats discusting. they have a tug and then swallow there 'self pity'

Boro_lyzzy Posted on 14/4 14:30
re: Im a bum . . .

I'm gonna have to disagree sas. I'm 21 and I already have a mortgage, bills and 2 dogs. My partner has a much better paid job than me and with both our wages we can just afford everything. Plans like marraige and children have had to be put on hold because we simply can't afford it. If I got a better paid job we would easily be able to afford these things, but I love my job and both me and my partner agree that I'd rather be in an average paid job that I love and we have to save rather than going to a job that made me stressed and upset just so we can afford the 'finer' things in life.

sasboro Posted on 14/4 14:32
re: Im a bum . . .

you're stil a kid at 21!
wait until your missis heads towards 30 and wants the kids then when she has the kids, who wil look after them?

tony_block19 Posted on 14/4 14:33
re: Im a bum . . .

Enjoying your job is half the battle. I said to Esky and Rochey that I love my job and even went as far to say it was amazing, some may disagree but thats just how I feel.

Esky_North_Stand Posted on 14/4 14:34
re: Im a bum . . .

Im pretty sure Boro_lyzzy is the missus !!

Boro_lyzzy Posted on 14/4 14:34
re: Im a bum . . .

Sorry Sas, but I'm the missis in this situation!!

sasboro Posted on 14/4 14:36
re: Im a bum . . .

yeah, i know lizzy!
you will give up work anyway once the kids turn

not a lesbian relationship then?

eskey, what you done today to look for a job?

--- Post edited by sasboro on 14/4 14:37 ---

Wainzy Posted on 14/4 14:37
re: Im a bum . . .

i VERY much agree with that lyzzy. ive had jobs i hate and thats how i could afford the "finer" things in life too. ive given up ALOT of things since that, but im so much happier earning a lower wage and not stressing over my job. everything else seems alot more enjoyable in life.
and sas, your points are hardly "points" anymore. have u forgot what we are talking about?

Boro_lyzzy Posted on 14/4 14:37
re: Im a bum . . .

I'm confused now [:o]
Anyway, I will give up work when the kids come along, thats why we're saving now.

bandito Posted on 14/4 14:39
re: Im a bum . . .

I'm with boroboy 75 all the way on this one. His attitude to people "bumming around" is exactly how i feel. My "bumming around" days are over, however, whilst studying, I got several p time jobs to cover the costs of living and give my mam a few bob for ensuring I was fed and watered. It's the least people can do. To just expect things in life and wait for a job to come along that your'e happy in is a ridiculous attitude. get out there, earn some coin you lazy twa ts and pay your way. Whats all this "I'm taking a yr out " business thesedays, cos I'm "stressed". Get real.

Esky_North_Stand Posted on 14/4 14:39
re: Im a bum . . .

Filled in 2 application forms and in process of printing off my cv. anymore questions?

sasboro Posted on 14/4 14:40
re: Im a bum . . .

your all still kids aged under 22!

what jobs do you have where you are lucky enough to enjoy

Wainzy Posted on 14/4 14:44
re: Im a bum . . .

the one im in now sas! or is it not acceptable to like your job now? your telling people to get off their backsides to find a job that they arent going to like now??!! and im over 22.
and after all ive just said about pressure, your still asking esky what hes done! give him a break, he doesnt have to explain to anyone what he has done

sasboro Posted on 14/4 14:44
re: Im a bum . . .

keep it up eskey, a job wont appear on your door step! have you spoke to job agencies about temp work?

wainzy, wo what sort of job is it?
if eskey starts a thread about being bum then he has to expect some stick

--- Post edited by sasboro on 14/4 14:46 ---

Esky_North_Stand Posted on 14/4 14:46
re: Im a bum . . .

Your right it wont appear on my doorstep. . . hence me sending out CVs and application forms

john_lillie Posted on 14/4 14:47
re: Im a bum . . .

surely a job will appear on your doorstep when they post back the responce though.

Cobain_94 Posted on 14/4 14:48
re: Im a bum . . .

"I'm with boroboy 75 all the way on this one. His attitude to people "bumming around" is exactly how i feel. My "bumming around" days are over, however, whilst studying, I got several p time jobs to cover the costs of living and give my mam a few bob for ensuring I was fed and watered. It's the least people can do. To just expect things in life and wait for a job to come along that your'e happy in is a ridiculous attitude. get out there, earn some coin you lazy twa ts and pay your way. Whats all this "I'm taking a yr out " business thesedays, cos I'm "stressed". Get real."

I'm not doing it because I'm stressed, I'm doing it because it will be absolutley amazing, much better then sitting in an office working, I don't care what people think about that. I'm going to enjoy myself.

I just don't see the point in working in a job you hate until you die, life's f_uckin pointless anyway, there's no purpose to it, your born you live, you die, you might as well enjoy it rather then waste time in a sh_it job.

boroboy75 Posted on 14/4 14:51
re: Im a bum . . .

lillie, get him a job in your family butchers shop.
Then you can work alongside him after you fail your exams again.

tony_block19 Posted on 14/4 14:51
re: Im a bum . . .

*Room goes quiet after Cobains response*

Ooh look at that tumbleweed....

Wainzy Posted on 14/4 14:51
re: Im a bum . . .

yeah but the lads making an effort! listen to him!
and im in the type of job that has no stress and no pressure!
i start and leave when i want as long as the hours are done.
the money isnt good, but its the easiest, hassle-free money ive earned

Cobain_94 Posted on 14/4 14:54
re: Im a bum . . .

"*Room goes quiet after Cobains response*

Ooh look at that tumbleweed...."

Why because I'm right?

Wainzy Posted on 14/4 14:56
re: Im a bum . . .

i couldnt agree more cobain

sasboro Posted on 14/4 15:04
re: Im a bum . . .

wainzy, are you going to tell me what sort of job you do that is enjoyable and flexible?

john_lillie Posted on 14/4 15:08
re: Im a bum . . .

i could guess, but i'd better not.

Wainzy Posted on 14/4 15:09
re: Im a bum . . .

why do u insist on having everyone explain themselves?! if i was going to lie, id tell u my uncle was pele, rather than lie about my job!
im a screening officer

sasboro Posted on 14/4 15:11
re: Im a bum . . .

whats a screening officer?

tony_block19 Posted on 14/4 15:12
re: Im a bum . . .

No Cobain, I was thinking along the lines of this outburst round aboouuutttt...

Here..."I just don't see the point in working in a job you hate until you die, life's f_uckin pointless anyway, there's no purpose to it, your born you live, you die, you might as well enjoy it rather then waste time in a sh_it job."

Wainzy Posted on 14/4 15:12
re: Im a bum . . .

look it up, like i said earlier, nobody has to explain themselves to anybody. your dragging this out as much as possible arent you!

Cobain_94 Posted on 14/4 15:21
re: Im a bum . . .

"I just don't see the point in working in a job you hate until you die, life's f_uckin pointless anyway, there's no purpose to it, your born you live, you die, you might as well enjoy it rather then waste time in a sh_it job."

Where in that paragraph is a false statement? Do you know anyone who can tell you what the point of it all is? That's not a morbid statement either just the way it is, people won't even know you existed within about 150 years, they won't remember if you had a job or you were a bum or anything like that so you might as well enjoy yourself.

sasboro Posted on 14/4 15:31
re: Im a bum . . .

sorry, i'm a bit thick! the sooner you explain the quicker i can leave this thread alone.
cant be that difficult to explain what you do in your job

Wainzy Posted on 14/4 15:37
re: Im a bum . . .

why is my life so important to u? i take in application forms from possible security guards, check their history of jobs, chase up refernces and make sure they arent dodgy! i sit in a small office of 5 people, we talk crap, and drink an occasional cup of tea, and i scratch my balls all day. is that a good enough explanation?

sasboro Posted on 14/4 15:40
re: Im a bum . . .

thanks, not too diffult was it.

Wainzy Posted on 14/4 15:42
re: Im a bum . . .

not in the slightest! but for what pupose did u NEED to know?

bandito Posted on 14/4 15:44
re: Im a bum . . .

do you scratch each others balls if you get bored?

Wainzy Posted on 14/4 15:48
re: Im a bum . . .

no, considering the others are girls (i hope)

boroboy75 Posted on 14/4 15:49
re: Im a bum . . .

Oh, so you've got a girls job.

neiltrodden Posted on 14/4 15:51
re: Im a bum . . .

No he spends his entire working day working with women. Now I don't know what booboy75 does for a living but is it a 'girls job'?

Wainzy Posted on 14/4 15:56
re: Im a bum . . .

thanks neil! well, me and john get to work with women all day. can be fun, but girls bitch alot..... but actually thats fun too!

neiltrodden Posted on 14/4 15:58
re: Im a bum . . .

boroboy has gone awfully quiet!

Wainzy, I've just got a job which will be working mainly with women. You've got to love the bitching!!

bandito Posted on 14/4 16:00
re: Im a bum . . .

next you will be reading HEAT magazine, doing "lunch" and entering the womens lottery syndicate.

Wainzy Posted on 14/4 16:02
re: Im a bum . . .

haha! bet u cant wait mate! i do love the bitching mind! if u look at the post "liars" by boro lyzzy, shes talking about the office im in (i work with her too) and ull see how some of the girls actually are!

Wainzy Posted on 14/4 16:02
re: Im a bum . . .

hahah thanks bandito! ill get ma notice put in now! haha

Scubahood Posted on 14/4 16:04
re: Im a bum . . .

Agree with everything Cobain's said so far. I'm more bothered about getting into something I really want to do than having a mundane 9-5 office job, don't care how long it takes, but I'll get there. Just because some of you have taken the route you have, why the fcuk do you think everyone else has to? It's YOU that need to get real.

Tony - it's obvious you saw this thread as an opportunity to be smug and have a gloat, so tell me... what exactly do you have to be so smug about?

MsCurly Posted on 14/4 16:04
re: Im a bum . . .

The girls must love your constant farting and ball scratching Wainzy.

bandito Posted on 14/4 16:19
re: Im a bum . . .

typical student attitude from scubahood, acting hard and all rebelious. In 5yrs time when your mates have nice houses and decent cars you wont be thinking twice about doing a sh it job

apl1970 Posted on 14/4 16:23
Get a pub job.....

But make sure you can start after 9.30pm because you`d never be up at 10am to start bottling up and we need you on a Tuesday night 8.30-9.30.

How else can we judge if some one is an `unfit young lad` if we don`t have the milestone to compare them with

Scubahood Posted on 14/4 16:38
re: Im a bum . . .

Acting hard and rebellious by stating what I want from life and that there isn't a set plan that must be adhered to, just because some jumped up little tool says otherwise? Also, I couldn't give a frig about nice houses and decent cars, as long as I'm living out my ambitions. Couldn't care less what some opinionated moron on a message board says to be honest. If you don't want to be remembered for anything significant, then that's your choice.

boroboy75 Posted on 14/4 16:38
re: Im a bum . . .

You're on the dole as well then?

micky_k86 Posted on 14/4 16:40
re: Im a bum . . .

Donate some sperm, that always looks like fun.......

Scubahood Posted on 14/4 16:41
re: Im a bum . . .

No @ boroboy.

sasboro Posted on 14/4 16:43
re: Im a bum . . .

scobahood, whats you life ambitions then?

The_Lizards_Jumpers Posted on 14/4 16:49
re: Im a bum . . .

Tony you're supposed to be Esky's mate yet you constantly have a go at him on here.

I agree with Janplanner that you sound incredibly sanctimonious, werent you the one who had a go at me for not going to Man Utd away, simply because I said I'd rather watch it on the telly ?

I don't see a thing wrong with Esky having a bit of help from his parents, they wouldnt do it if the didnt want to.

My own parents payed for me to go to Uni for 4 years, never insisting I get a job whilst there.

Every Friday and Saturday my dad would give me money to go out on the town with mates of mine who didnt go to Uni, and so who had a bit of cash.

Even now my parents are always buying me stuff for the house, paying for meals out, getting me stuff etc. I would hate to work out how much I've "borrowed" off my Dad over the years.

Live and let live is an excellent moto in this case, If Esky and his parents are happy, then whats the harm ? - I think many people are probably jealous.

Bobster - I was nearly in tears reading your post Im not ashamed to admit.

tony_block19 Posted on 14/4 16:54
re: Im a bum . . .

I'm not being smug at all Scuba, because I say I've got a job and I enjoy it that makes me smug? Get a fcukin grip eh!

And Lizards, it would appear we are not friends anymore, HE made that decision, it's his decision and I can't do nothing about it, although the reasons were petty and stupid to break up BEST mates.

--- Post edited by tony_block19 on 14/4 16:56 ---

Scubahood Posted on 14/4 16:55
re: Im a bum . . .

That's for me to know, and you... not to find out.

sasboro Posted on 14/4 16:55
re: Im a bum . . .

tony, youve not fallen out over money owed to mates have you?

scoobahood, no worries if you want to keep em secret just wondering what they were

--- Post edited by sasboro on 14/4 16:56 ---

boroboy75 Posted on 14/4 16:57
re: Im a bum . . .

If you can't be motivated to get off your arse at 18, you never will be. Overly spoilt 'kids' grow up to be pretentious tvvats.

tony_block19 Posted on 14/4 16:57
re: Im a bum . . .

Sas, it's a long story. Well it's not really but I don't fancy telling it.

Scubahood Posted on 14/4 16:58
re: Im a bum . . .

Tony - of course you were being smug, if ever there's an opportunity on here to tell people you have a job and that you cream over it, you're in there like a shot.

Fair enough sas, I just know that if I was to reveal my goals on here, they'd be shot down and belittled, and I can't be arsed with that.

--- Post edited by Scubahood on 14/4 17:02 ---

karembeu_ca Posted on 14/4 16:58
re: Im a bum . . .

the only problem I have with esky is his hair

Esky_North_Stand Posted on 14/4 17:28
re: Im a bum . . .

New my hair would be mentioned

neiltrodden Posted on 14/4 17:39
re: Im a bum . . .

My advice if you have had a falling out about something lads is don't bring it on here. You both probably have way too much dirt on each other to be fighting

ste_north_stand Posted on 14/4 17:40
re: Im a bum . . .

howay lads, why have you fallen out, you can't just tell us all half a story......

Esky_North_Stand Posted on 14/4 17:45
re: Im a bum . . .

Im not going into it coz at least i dont think its something to post on a messageboard

Scubahood Posted on 14/4 17:48
re: Im a bum . . .

You should still have a go back at Tony when he slags you off on here, though.

the_fresh_ponce Posted on 14/4 17:51
re: Im a bum . . .

I'm not quite sure what to make of this thread.

tony_block19 Posted on 14/4 18:01
re: Im a bum . . .

But am I slagging him off Scubahood? Just constructive criticism. And please can you explain to me when I cream over telling people about my job? Don't you think it was the right sort of thread to mention my job and how much I enjoy it?

gibson Posted on 14/4 18:02
re: Im a bum . . .

How about professional footie fan ?

Esky_North_Stand Posted on 14/4 18:03
re: Im a bum . . .

I'll take it

Scubahood Posted on 14/4 18:04
re: Im a bum . . .

'Like I said I'm not having a go, if your mam and dad want to spoonfeed you for another couple of years then I've got no qualms with that but I think you need to start taking a grip on life for your own good.'

Wouldn't like to see it when you are having a go at him, then.

Regarding your other question, funnily enough I don't keep a log of all your past posts. I just remember occasions when you've gone out of your way to tell everyone about this wonderful job you have.

--- Post edited by Scubahood on 14/4 18:05 ---

neiltrodden Posted on 14/4 18:09
re: Im a bum . . .

"Like I said I'm not having a go, if your mam and dad want to spoonfeed you for another couple of years then I've got no qualms with that but I think you need to start taking a grip on life for your own good."

If that's constructive, then I don't want to see you have a go!! Looks like you are upset that he gets stuff when you have to work for it? I'm sure you get help from your parents?

It comes across as jealousy or bitterness. No surprises that you have fallen out.

tony_block19 Posted on 14/4 18:18
re: Im a bum . . .

Shut up Scuba, talking out your arse.

And Neiltrodden, we didn't fall out over money etc.

--- Post edited by tony_block19 on 14/4 18:19 ---

neiltrodden Posted on 14/4 18:19
re: Im a bum . . .

Scube, great minds and that....

Esky_North_Stand Posted on 14/4 18:19
re: Im a bum . . .

Hit the nail on the head scubes

Scubahood Posted on 14/4 18:20
re: Im a bum . . .

Tony - okay, you keep telling yourself that.

--- Post edited by Scubahood on 14/4 18:21 ---

ste_north_stand Posted on 14/4 18:21
re: Im a bum . . .

Why don't you both stop being tarts, shake on it and forget about it, you are both male arent you, good mates falling out and staying that way is a real female trait.

--- Post edited by ste_north_stand on 14/4 18:21 ---

the_fresh_ponce Posted on 14/4 18:23
re: Im a bum . . .

Very true, Ste.

neiltrodden Posted on 14/4 18:27
re: Im a bum . . .

Ok, I'm not going to second-guess why you fell out. Lets leave that private matter to you two.

I just wouldn't get wound up when you perceive he gets stuff that you have to work for. There's always someone who gets things easier than you (speaking from personal experience here).

Who cares? It *really* doesn't matter that much. What I was saying that any resentment over money and stuff certainly won't help if you are trying to resolve other issues with each other.

I quite liked the threads on here when you were talking...

neiltrodden Posted on 14/4 18:29
re: Im a bum . . .

A test of good friendships is being able to put differences apart. Agree to disagree.

Money, jobs, girlfriends, arguments, good time, bad times. They all come and go. Best mates should be for life.

Shake on it...

the_fresh_ponce Posted on 14/4 18:32
re: Im a bum . . .

I feel like I'm in an episode of Diff'rent Strokes.

neiltrodden Posted on 14/4 18:34
re: Im a bum . . .

"Now, the world don't move to the beat of just one drum,
What might be right for you, may not be right for some. "

the_fresh_ponce Posted on 14/4 18:35
re: Im a bum . . .

A job, for instance.

gadgemasterfunk Posted on 14/4 19:06
re: Im a bum . . .

They must have been after the same girl.

holgate_rochey Posted on 14/4 20:07
re: Im a bum . . .

"Tony - of course you were being smug, if ever there's an opportunity on here to tell people you have a job and that you cream over it, you're in there like a shot."

Spot on, so you've noticed that aswell Scubahood.

Esky_North_Stand Posted on 15/4 1:04
re: Im a bum . . .

After the same girl. . . think again

neiltrodden Posted on 15/4 1:07
re: Im a bum . . .

Well esky, I saw some post about a party and you calling someone a wh0re. Don't know how long ago that was but it's usually only women who get between best mates.

If it's over money, or petty built-up arguments (because we've all been there) then just ride the storm and get an olive branch out.

Esky_North_Stand Posted on 15/4 1:11
re: Im a bum . . .

To be honest mate its not over a lass (although everyone knows shes scum), it isnt a petty arguement . . . its not like a childish falling out. . we used to have time for tony. . . now after his recent behaviour we don't, like has been said earlier in the thread, enjoy life.

neiltrodden Posted on 15/4 1:22
re: Im a bum . . .

I think I know what you are talking about and why etc.

Must admit, life is *better* when you do mad stuff rather than the prescribed norm. I've had opportunities appear out of nowhere while doing random not-the-norm stuff.

If I was in your position now, I would think about travelling because these times when you don't really know what is coming make you.

dogdirt Posted on 15/4 1:30
re: Im a bum . . .

Just a kid, not a bum. Until you're 21 you can play the 'child' card with your parents!

If you're taking money from your parents in ten years time then you're a bum.

Until then, don't worry about it mate.

neiltrodden Posted on 15/4 1:34
re: Im a bum . . .


Didn't get my first job until 20 years old!

Did a bit of college and uni before. Total dead-end job. Got another total dead-end job but just stumbled on something I liked that I found out about in my spare time. Things happen.

Mobb_Deep Posted on 15/4 2:37
re: Im a bum . . .

We been telling people for years...There's numerous ways you could choose to earn funds. Some get shot, locked down and turn nuns. Cowardly hearts end straight up shook ones.

Rememeber: He ain't a crook, son - he just a shook one.

tony_block19 Posted on 15/4 10:44
re: Im a bum . . .

"After his recent behaviour"

Deary deary me...You'd laugh if you knew what happened Neil, you really would.

YoungAlf Posted on 15/4 12:21
re: Im a bum . . .

i think you two girls just need a few of your ciders and sort it out if its over petty stuff, thought you were mates?

everything i read in this thread points the other way

good luck in job search esk

Esky_North_Stand Posted on 15/4 12:23
re: Im a bum . . .

I WILL get a job soon i can feel it