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Kilburn Posted on 5/5 21:09
ITV Election Coverage.

Are they serious?

They seem to have decided to model their coverage on "The Day Today".

gadgy Posted on 5/5 21:18
re: ITV Election Coverage.

They got a right screwing off George Galloway when he was on for Viewers Questions ,He pointed out that their star questioner was from Scotland where there is no candidate for Respect and that they had got the figures all wrong and that it was a set up and an amatuer one at that.He really showed them up and although I can't agree with him on anything, he stood up to them and exposed the hypocritical way they conducted it all.A bunch of mugs left floundering and embarrased.

libardi Posted on 5/5 23:02
re: ITV Election Coverage.

if it's anything like their Premiership coverage you'll have to stay up all night to see the Middlesbrough results

Im_the_daddy Posted on 5/5 23:03
re: ITV Election Coverage.

fookin chav TV innit moosh

stampysdog Posted on 5/5 23:04
re: ITV Election Coverage.

Get on BBC.

Tony_Vidmar Posted on 5/5 23:04
re: ITV Election Coverage.

Why are you watching ITV election coverage?

Surely BBC, Sky, Channel4 and CeeBeebies are preferable.

MontagueWithnail Posted on 5/5 23:05
re: ITV Election Coverage.

Sky News for me

TimmyMallet Posted on 5/5 23:06
re: ITV Election Coverage.

BBC surely they've even got Culshaw on!

ste_north_stand Posted on 5/5 23:07
re: ITV Election Coverage.

Natasha Kaplinski makes it a BBC night for me. mmmmmmmmmmmmm