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japsterboro Posted on 3/6 15:52
Michael Jackson

'If' found guilty, in your world, what would his punishment be?

In mine, he would be sent to the toughest Jail in the world, where he would become "Bubba's" gangs prison bitch for 10 long years.

They would systematically use various peices of capital equipment to voilate his back-end until it resembled a rather tattered flag of Japan.

smoggieinmanc Posted on 3/6 15:54
re: Michael Jackson

I'd just send the fcuker to a tough prison with no special treatment and see how long it takes for some one to kill him! I reckon within a week and he'd be gone!!

London_Boro Posted on 3/6 15:54
re: Michael Jackson

Jail him for about 20 years and sell off all of his assets and give the money to the NSPCC.

Yes_Jimmy Posted on 3/6 15:56
re: Michael Jackson

Send him to the toughest prison with every inmate to bray him daily!

micky_k86 Posted on 3/6 15:58
re: Michael Jackson

Play Bille Jean constantly. For the rest of his life. All the time. Till he cracks.

That'll teach him.

Inter_Minan Posted on 3/6 17:14
re: Michael Jackson

am i the only one who thinks the fecker will get away with it?

japsterboro Posted on 3/6 17:17
re: Michael Jackson

Inter_Minan - No, cos I think he will too. Money talks n' all.

Tillerman93 Posted on 3/6 17:46
re: Michael Jackson

What exactly has the guy done? Can anyone give me clear evidence that the bloke has abused children, or is it just another Yankee money making scam!

stampysdog Posted on 3/6 17:48
re: Michael Jackson

He's going to get acquitted.

bandito Posted on 3/6 18:18
re: Michael Jackson

Get him a Newcastle season ticket

eiresonlyborofan Posted on 3/6 18:41
re: Michael Jackson

I believe he's innocent of these charges but he should get sent down for the following:

Changing his skin colour
Calling his child 'blanket'
Dangling his baby from a balcony
Covering his kids heads with veils
Paying off a family so they wouldnt bring charges against him in 1993

The chap is a freak

If he does go down he definitely will get special treatment. Do you realise how much his a55 would be worth on the inside.