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japsterboro Posted on 8/6 14:48


tony_block19 Posted on 8/6 14:48
re: Boateng_7

Exactly what we think everytime we see one of his threads.

Jimmys_right_shoe Posted on 8/6 14:51
re: Boateng_7

I went out on my dinner only to find more stupid posts by him

japsterboro Posted on 8/6 14:51
re: Boateng_7

He has replaced Forza for the irrelivent/drivel poster of the moment.

Anyway, where is Forza these days??

tony_block19 Posted on 8/6 14:52
re: Boateng_7

In Milan cleaning Shevshenko's boots.

sasboro Posted on 8/6 14:54
re: Boateng_7

Too busy watching videos of european games recorded off eurosport

boroboy75 Posted on 8/6 14:56
re: Boateng_7

He's opened an Italian themed pound shop on Stockton High Street.

japsterboro Posted on 8/6 14:57
re: Boateng_7

I think Forza is probably doing some research and he's going to his us with 50 consecutive posts of hard facts about sod all.