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japsterboro Posted on 9/6 10:55
FAO Leeds FMTTM'ers..

... watch yourselves if you venture out for lunch today, the scumbag count is as high as the pollen count.

On a quick walk to Starbucks I encountered several smackheads, already with upper clothing garments removed revealing pasty, scabby, parasite ridden skin who were ready to commit their next crime to pay for their habit.

Keep your mobile phone and wallet out of site, these scavengers of the streets are after you!

Chutney Posted on 9/6 11:30
re: FAO Leeds FMTTM'ers..

Odd - I thought it was Monday's that Rhythms was closed.

dandan Posted on 9/6 11:57
re: FAO Leeds FMTTM'ers..

it's okay, looks like rain...

japsterboro Posted on 9/6 12:01
re: FAO Leeds FMTTM'ers..

Yes its looking slightly dull.... ah well I can rest easy that my sandwich run is not going to be spent dodging a load of baseball cap wearing, track suited, fast walking (almost on tip-toes) feral foke.