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Guis_Boro Posted on 16/6 16:41
This is pretty funny

Don't know if this a groundhog but have a look anyway...

Link: buffoons...

London_Boro Posted on 16/6 17:01
re: This is pretty funny

You've been Framed would have that in their named framed and shamed section. What a complete fake !

Guis_Boro Posted on 16/6 17:03
re: This is pretty funny

even if it is a fake, it still made me laugh.

eweyboro Posted on 16/6 17:38
re: This is pretty funny

Totally fake but still quite amusing - there's no way you'd see the glass bend so obviously, be able to watch the flight of the brick, and as for the bloke not bothering about his mate on the floor...

God I'm pedantic.