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Kilburn Posted on 22/6 16:11
Learn something new.

Inspired by London_Boro's 'Random Facts' thread, I thought I'd share my latest web discovery with you all.

The web encyclopedia - wikipedia - has a 'Random Page' option, that randomly displays one of the 600,000 encyclopedia entries.

Give it a click, and let us know what you learn.

Link: Wikipedia.

Scrote Posted on 22/6 16:13
re: Learn something new.

Men's League for Women's Suffrage

A society formed in 1907 by the left-wing writers Henry Brailsford, Max Eastman, Laurence Housman, Henry Nevinson and others to pursue women's suffrage.

- i bet they were all just trying to get into emily pankhurst's bloomers -

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London_Boro Posted on 22/6 16:13
re: Learn something new.

A bit long winded...but....

Lord of the Dance is an Irish musical and dance production, directed by and originally starring Michael Flatley. The show debuted at the Point Theatre in Dublin on June 28, 1996. The story was a classic good vs. evil story based on ancient Irish folklore.

The show started out with just one troupe until November 1997 when Troupe 2 was formed, then in 1993 a Las Vegas troupe was formed and peformed for 4 years and then went on tour of Canada only to return to Las Vegas for another 3 year tour in November 2002 which ran until April 30th 2004. Since Flatley has left the show, it has suffered, leading to mediocre reviews and uneven ticket sales. However this did not stop the formation of a Fourth Troupe in 2004. A more advanced version of the show, called Feet of Flames debuted at Hyde Park on July 25th 1998.

The Lord of the Dance has, over the years, invited a host of parodies, most notably that of Mike Myers on MTV's Video Music Awards, and the website, featuring comedian Dannel Gomiller.

Beerwulf Posted on 22/6 16:15
re: Learn something new.

Dr. Albert Hofmann, born 1906, held to be the father of lsd.

moneypenny Posted on 22/6 16:16
re: Learn something new.

Worcester Park railway station is on the boundary of the London Borough of Sutton and the London Borough of Kingston upon Thames in South London. The station is served by South West Trains, and is in Travelcard Zone 4.

The typical off-peak service from the station is 4 trains per hour northbound to London Waterloo, 2 trains per hour to Guildford and 2 trains per hour to Dorking.

Weltanschauungskrieg Posted on 22/6 16:17
re: Learn something new.

Trotskyism is the theory of Marxism as advocated by Leon Trotsky. The term is sometimes used more loosely to denote various political currents claiming a tradition of Marxist opposition to both Stalinism and capitalism.

Trotsky advocated proletarian revolution as set out in his theory of "permanent revolution", and he argued that in countries where the bourgeois-democratic revolution had not triumphed already (in other words, in places that had not yet implemented a capitalist democracy, such as Russia before 1917), it was necessary that the proletariat make it permanent by carrying out the tasks of the social revolution (the "socialist" or "communist" revolution) at the same time, in an uninterrupted process. Trotsky believed that a new socialist state would not be able to hold out against the pressures of a hostile capitalist world unless socialist revolutions quickly took hold in other countries as well. This theory was accepted by Lenin and the Bolshevik party and guided their conception of the Russian Revolution as part of the world revolution. The Stalinist faction within the Bolshevik Party invented the theory "socialism in one country" in 1924 in order to justify making deals with imperialist countries and in order to advance their own position and conception of Marxism by attacking the theories of the current group of leaders, above all Trotsky.

On the political spectrum of Marxism, Trotskyists are considered to be on the left. They supported democratic rights in the USSR, opposed political deals with the imperialist powers, and advocated a spreading of the revolution throughout Europe and the East. The Left Opposition, led by Trotsky, grew in influence throughout the 20s, until Stalin suddenly used the police force against them in 1928, exiling Trotsky and jailing his supporters. The Left Opposition continued to work in secret within the Soviet Union and grew quite powerful, threatening Stalin's rule. This is why in 1937, Stalin unleashed a political terror against all the leading Bolsheviks who played key roles in the 1917 revolution. He also killed many of the Soviet Union's leading generals because they had served under Trotsky when he was the general of the Red Army during the civil war. Still not satisfied, he tried Trotsky in absentia, and killed almost all his relatives, finally assassinating Trotsky in Mexico.

Before his death, however, in 1938 Trotsky established the Fourth International. He said that only the Fourth International could lead the world revolution, and that it would need to be built in opposition to both the capitalists and the Stalinists.

The Fourth International went through a large split in 1953. The International Committee of the Fourth International was led by James P. Cannon, the American who was Trotsky's closest collaborator in building the international Left Opposition and later founding the Fourth International. The International Sectariat of the Fourth International was led by Michel Pablo, who argued that Trotskyists didn't need to fight for power as Trotsky had argued, but had to make deals with Stalinists and nationalists, whom Pablo's followers considered the 'real movement'.

After 1928, Stalin used his power in the USSR to gain bureaucratic control over the various Communist Parties through out the world, and expelled Trotskyists from their ranks. At this point, inner party democracy, which was at the foundation of Bolshevism, was destroyed within the various Communist Parties. Anyone who disagreed with the party line was a Trotskyist and a fascist. The Communist Parties then began to support capitalist governments, such as the CPUSA which to this day advocates a vote for the Democratic Party. Stalin did this to show that he was not a threat to capitalist rule and so hoped to avoid an invasion of the imperialist powers, as happened after the 1917 revolution.

Trotsky later developed the theory that the Russian workers' state had become a "bureaucratically degenerated workers' state". Capitalism had not been restored, and rational planning of the economy, instituted under Lenin, was still in effect, but it was no longer democratically controlled and so could not be called socialism. Trotskyists defended the Soviet Union against attack from imperialist powers, but called for a political revolution within the USSR to restore socialist democracy. He argued that if the working class did not take power away from the Stalinist bureaucracy, the bureaucracy would restore capitalism in order to enrich itself. According to the ICFI, this is exactly what happened in the form of Glasnost and Perestroika.

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Shackerooni Posted on 22/6 16:20
re: Learn something new.

Dolores, i is an anime television series that is set in the Zone of the Enders universe. The events of the story take place after ZOE: 2167 IDOLO, and roughly parallel to the events of the first game.

The Story centers on a cargo transporter named James Links, and his family. The events of the story are set in motion when he accidentially acquires an orbital frame called Dolores (a.k.a ISIS).

The television series was produced by Sunrise, aired from April 7-September 29, 2001, ran for 26 episodes, and 6 volumes of videos were released on VHS and DVD.

Interesting, very interesting, as Anime buff dandan might say.

corruptbiggins Posted on 22/6 16:33
re: Learn something new.

Dillon Stadium was a stadium in Hartford, Connecticut. It holds 20,000 people. It hosted many concerts as well as the Hartford Bicentennials soccer team.

Gillandi Posted on 22/6 16:33
re: Learn something new.

I've retired now from the Men's League for Women's Suffrage but I was champion 12 times in two decades from 1980 to 2000.

The_River Posted on 22/6 16:35
re: Learn something new.

Music of the United Kingdom (1970s)

In the 1970s, music from the United Kingdom further diversified. Heavy metal music grew into hair metal in the United States, and other American metal bands like Blue Öyster Cult, Aerosmith and KISS helped move the UK from the forefront of the metal world. A late-1970s influx of British metal bands, the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, helped change this, especially bands like Judas Priest. At the same time, disco grew to prominence world-wide and a brief fad for Jamaican lovers rock also sold well in the UK. The mid- to late 1970s saw the rise of punk rock in the UK and US. Bands like The Clash and the Sex Pistols became very controversial, attacking institutions and authorities and using a quick, simple rhythm alongside humorous, immature, nihilist or thought-provoking lyrics.

Eddie_Catflap Posted on 22/6 17:49
re: Learn something new.

New Castle is a town located in Craig County, Virginia. As of the 2000 census, the town had a total population of 179. It is the county seat of Craig County.

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Eddie_Catflap Posted on 22/6 17:51
re: Learn something new.

Adulterants are chemical impurities or substances that by law do not belong in a food or pesticide.

Eddie_Catflap Posted on 22/6 17:56
re: Learn something new.

Richard Phillips Feynman (May 11, 1918–February 15, 1988) (surname pronounced FINE-man; /and#712;faand#618;nmand#601;n/ in IPA) was one of the most influential American physicists of the 20th century, expanding greatly the theory of quantum electrodynamics. As well as being an inspiring lecturer and amateur musician, he helped in the development of the atomic bomb and was later a member of the panel which investigated the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster. For his work on quantum electrodynamics, Feynman was one of the recipients of the Nobel Prize in Physics for 1965, along with Julian Schwinger and Sin-Itiro Tomonaga.

He is also famous for his many adventures, detailed in the books Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman!, What Do You Care What Other People Think? and Tuva Or Bust!. Richard Feynman was, in many respects, an eccentric and a free spirit.

Feynman was a genius, really glad I got that page.

Link: Wikipedia - Richard Feynman

Buddy Posted on 22/6 17:58
re: Learn something new.

The first Beach Soccer World Cup was organized by FIFA in 2005, from May 8 to May 15 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It was won by France, coached by Eric Cantona, who beat Portugal in the final in a penalty shootout.

Prior to FIFA taking over the tournament in 2005, Brazil won nine out of ten Beach Soccer World Championships, with Portugal winning the other title.

karembeu_ca Posted on 22/6 18:04
re: Learn something new.

The Al Faisaliyah Center is the first skyscraper in Saudi Arabia, and the second tallest building in the country after the Kingdom center. It is notable for its top with a golden ball, and is said to be inspired by a ballpoint pen. Inside the golden ball is a restaurant. At ground level, a shopping center with major world brands.

BoroGrecian Posted on 22/6 18:28
re: Learn something new.

In a football match never walk backwards out of a sitution to talk to a player (not because you'll fall over!) doing this will draw other players to follow you when they need not be involved.

Instead walk beside the player you need to speak to in a more netural area but keep an eye and ear out for any unecessary players who may want to get involved.

Not only will be it less confrontational to the player concerned but to the player himself it will show you are on the same level as him even if your about to caution or even send them off.

learn't that over the weekend. Will have to try that next season.

Scrote Posted on 23/6 11:46
re: Learn something new.


MyBoro Posted on 23/6 11:56
re: Learn something new.

The Mestella is home to the spanish club Valencia CF. Name: Estadio Mestalla Inauguration: 20 May 1923 First match: Valencia-Levante 1-0 Capacity: 55,000 seats Pitch dimensions: 105*70 Postal address: C/ Antiga Senda de Senent 11, 46021 Valencia Tel: 96 337 26 26 Fax: 96 337 23 35

BoroMutt Posted on 23/6 12:05
re: Learn something new.

Hillside Memorial Park Cemetery
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
The Hillside Memorial Park Cemetery is located at 6001 W. Centinela Avenue, in Culver City, California. A number of prominent individuals of the Jewish faith, including a number from the entertainment industry, are buried or entombed here, such as:

Milton Berle, comedian
Jack Benny, comedian
Ben Blue, actor
Eddie Cantor, actor, screenwriter
Nell Carter, actress
Jeff Chandler, actor
Mickey Cohen, mobster
Max Factor, cosmetics magnate
Percy Faith, band leader
Friz Freleng, film animator, writer, director, producer
William Goetz, producer, President of Universal Pictures
Hank Greenberg, Detroit Tigers baselball great
Lorne Greene, voice of the CBC, actor: 'Ben Cartwright' on "Bonanza"
Ruth Handler, business executive who invented the Barbie doll
Moe Howard, comedic actor, member of the Three Stooges
David Janssen, actor, TV's "The Fugitive"
George Jessel, actor
Al Jolson, musician, actor, entertainer (His monument was designed by Paul R. Williams)
Sam Katzman, producer
Michael Landon, actor
Sheldon Leonard, actor, producer
Vic Morrow, actor, victim of filmmaking accident
Joe Pasternak, film producer
Jerry Rubin, Yippie turned businessman, member of the Chicago Seven
Dick Shawn, actor, comedian
Allan Sherman, musician
Dinah Shore, entertainer
Irene Mayer Selznick, theatrical producer
Lew Wasserman, agent, studio executive

...which is nice, I suppose?

shaun_84 Posted on 23/6 12:11
re: Learn something new.

Ian Shuttleworth is known as the Saucy of Boldon. A former pet shop owner in Stockton (Puppies and Fish), he lives with his 'Aunty' Stan in a 1-bedroomed bedsit in Norton. Aka Boldon_Lad

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red_rebel Posted on 23/6 12:17
re: Learn something new.

Weltanschauungskrieg.... are you trying to wind me up!?!

My random bollox....

"Fans In The City is the third album by Shirtlifter. It was released in 2005.

The themes which carry through and even the song titles themselves, evoke a multitude of aspects within city life. While the music in the CD exhibits familiar landscapes for fans of life in the city, the characters inhabiting Fans In The City may not sound familiar. The scenarios in the songs range from the common underbelly of nightlife to some profoundly touching moments"