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Kilburn Posted on 3/7 13:04
2 or 3 new midfielders needed

We were already short in midfield prior to Zenden going. Now that he has gone, midfield is even more of a priority.

With only six, Boro have less midfielders in their squad than any other PL club.

I would expect to see us sign a minimum of two more before the start of the season, hopefully three.

borobadge Posted on 3/7 13:06
re: 2 or 3 new midfielders needed

name the 6..

Boro85 Posted on 3/7 13:10
re: 2 or 3 new midfielders needed


That would the only ones i can name. Doriva is out of contract isnt he? and the last two are only youth. Definatly need at least two, including a decent Attacking Midfielder, RM or otherwise.

flash_harry_boro Posted on 3/7 13:13
re: 2 or 3 new midfielders needed

I have it on good authority that both Appiah and Douala will sign before the end of the week for a combined fee of 8 million.

Kilburn Posted on 3/7 13:14
re: 2 or 3 new midfielders needed

I included Doriva, because I expect him to be here next season.

Didn't include Kennedy or Johnson, although I would expect at least one academy player to come through into 1st team reckoning this season, if the last couple of years are anything to go by.

Boro85 Posted on 3/7 13:17
re: 2 or 3 new midfielders needed

Hope your right flash, really do hope your right

We're just dangerously short on numbers at the moment.

flash_harry_boro Posted on 3/7 13:18
re: 2 or 3 new midfielders needed

However my "good authority" happens to be a drunk from the local. But hey you never know. He's gotta get summit right sooner or later.

Boro85 Posted on 3/7 13:19
re: 2 or 3 new midfielders needed


ah well we can live in hope!

boro_by_heart_2k5 Posted on 3/7 15:14
re: 2 or 3 new midfielders needed

George Boateng (Heart of the midfield, great defensively, puts in effort and great tactial minded)
Doriva (Someone to put in when were going to play 5 across the middle)
Gaizka Mendieta (Great passing range, good defensively)
Stewart Downing (Pacy, good crosser, sets up goals)
Ray Parlour (Someone you can draft in when we're playing backs to the wall and need some solidity)
James Morrison (Young but shows good determination and pace)
Rudolf Douala (Good pace, skill, creativity and scores)
Matt Holland (Good all round midfielder and can shoot from outside area. Transfer listed)
Stephen Appiah (Agressive, solid and good tactically minded)

That would do me for midfield.

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