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junk_yard_dog Posted on 7/7 14:39
Season Ticket Cancellations

There must be more than a few wanting to cancel. I've finally got through to Dave Allan the media guy and he can't make the decision on whether refunds are to be made.[They've taken the money from my account]

He's awaiting guidance from above! He said there will be a decision in the next 24 hours.[Hopefully]

riverboat_captain Posted on 7/7 14:41
re: Season Ticket Cancellations


captain5 Posted on 7/7 14:41
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

He hasn't got any choice. They have not provided people with the service and people have a cooling off period, anyway.

Boateng_7 Posted on 7/7 14:41
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

why do you want to cancel?

shaun_84 Posted on 7/7 14:41
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

I hope the decision isn't 'announced', that would be crap PR

sasboro Posted on 7/7 14:41
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

why are you cancelling? is it because we have only signed 2 players for 9.5M

bozo83 Posted on 7/7 14:43
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

Why would you want to cancel your season ticket?

tony_block19 Posted on 7/7 14:47
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

Many people will want to cancel because of our Sky coverage and may find it hard to attend a majority of games because of the Kick Off times, which I think its fair to say, are a fooking joke.

red_rebel Posted on 7/7 14:48
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

My nephew hasn't renewed but has asked for a half season ticket for Christmas

captain5 Posted on 7/7 14:50
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

If I still lived away, I would consider not getting one.

Similarly, if money was tight and I had a family to look after it would make me pause and think.

borobadge Posted on 7/7 14:53
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

support Sir Gibson and Middlesbrough f.c...

no season ticket this year..and you'll struggle to get tickets for europe away...

captain5 Posted on 7/7 14:54
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

With the greatest respect, Mr Badge, that's bollox.

I'll get you to get mine for me.

sasboro Posted on 7/7 15:00
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

i think the sky games will persuade the fence sitters to not get a season ticket and wait until xmas to see how we are doing

captain5 Posted on 7/7 15:04
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

You'll struggle to get back on that fence at this rate, sas. It will be awfully overcrowded.

scuzzmonster Posted on 7/7 15:04
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

Not a refund in my case because the application has yet to be processed but still no clear idea as to what's going to happen with my renewal application, despite a requests to cancel - verbal, written and e-mail. Been told to call back on Saturday morning.

Is the ticket office open on Saturday morning?

Boateng_7 Posted on 7/7 15:04
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

Slaven will be sat on it.

Buddy Posted on 7/7 15:07
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

Cooling off period only applies to credit agreements I think, so not if you've paid up front.

bozo83 Posted on 7/7 15:20
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

I cant stand these people who say im not getting a season ticket because a large amount of games are on sky, can somebody explain the logic of this? Fair enough if you work sundays i can apreciate that 1.

In years to come when you'll probably be able to watch any match you want on sky tv are people not going to bother going to games anymore!

BoroGadge Posted on 7/7 15:23
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

bozo, is it that the match itself is only a part of the whole thing?

Is it the atmosphere?
Or is it both?

junk_yard_dog Posted on 7/7 15:28
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

The logic as far as my circumstances go is that a have other things I like to do on a weekend. This includes taking my wife out on a Saturday night and having a Sunday lunch out.

Last year I missed 4 matches due to Sunday games, I was willing to accept the same or simialr amount this season. However, they've gone too far this time, chances are we'll get through at least a couple of rounds of the EUFA.

buddy: you are correct in what you say, but I still have consumer rights. This includes returning items found to be 'not fit for purpose'

pjd123 Posted on 7/7 15:42
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

you have no chance getting your money back for 'the match is on sky'

Im sure that these people will be moaning for the important cup tickets?

sasboro Posted on 7/7 15:47
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

even without going to any games in person, you wil see over 20 boro games on tv over the season i reckon. plus the foreign channels

tony_block19 Posted on 7/7 15:50
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

It's a plastic fans dream!!!

bozo83 Posted on 7/7 15:52
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

Personally i hope these people dont get there money back, no doubt there will be endless callers on a certain radio show whinging. Yes it is annoying and some what ridiculas but theres nothing the club can do so just deal with it!

scuzzmonster Posted on 7/7 16:27
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

I need an operation on my spine that's going to immobilize me for an unspecified length of time, bozo. The updated fixture list certainly didn't impress me and would definitely have complicated matters in travelling up from Manchester but this came AFTER news of the op. If my renewal application has yet to be processed, I see no reason why I shouldn't try to cancel. If I'm unsuccessful, there'll be an empty seat in the North Stand irrespective.

sasboro Posted on 7/7 16:31
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

scuzz, if it's not on your credit card yet cant you ring your cc company up and tell them to stop it going through

scuzzmonster Posted on 7/7 16:32
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

Debit card, sas. Therein lies the problem.

bozo83 Posted on 7/7 16:33
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

This was aimed at people who were try to claim money back to watch the matches on TV, im sure there a people who require refunds for a million and one reasons

Bobby_Mington Posted on 7/7 20:19
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

2 Seasons ago a bloke at work was peeved at the lack of new signings and took his season ticket back before the game against Arsenal and got a full refund minus £10 admin charge.

Boro290204 Posted on 7/7 22:00
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

If we sign Butt, I'm cancelling and asking for a refund!

LouLouBoro Posted on 7/7 22:07
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

We've had loads of people ringing up today saying i want to cancel my season ticket. However when we say it states on the back of the form season tickets are non refundable they boot off at us.
Like you all say, why would you want to cancel your ticket Just because 8 games are on Sky???

Buddy Posted on 7/7 22:18
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

Because Lou, for some of us it's hard enough to do the three and a half hours or more each way get there for 3pm on Saturday, never mind 12.30 or 5.15 or 3.00 on Tuesday morning.

Some others (not me) who already have Sky might point out that it's cheaper to watch it on Sky than to go to the match this season.

We have reached the point where TV has completely taken over this season and it's got to stop.

LouLouBoro Posted on 7/7 22:27
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

Couldnt agree more Buddy, I feel sorry for people who put in to work on Sundays just so they can go on the Saturday and enjoy a day out.

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 7/7 22:46
re: Season Ticket Cancellations


Man U and Arsenal fans in particular have had to put up with this for some years now.

It's the price to pay for our relative success, people are starting to take notice of us.

Isn't that what we have craved for so many years.

That said, I understand your feelings

davo44 Posted on 7/7 22:50
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

Hmm - Buddy , you are clearly a plastic fan.

borobadge Posted on 7/7 22:56
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

its a minimum 5 hours each way for me..but i wouldnt cancel my season ticket..even if i never made any games....

its a privelege to have one....and so long as i'm lucky enough to be able to afford one..i'll get one..

regardless of t.v.,1st/2nd/3rd division, poor players etc....

just booked up for the pre season games in the algarve..and guess what..the total cost will be more than the price of my season ticket......

i say when ever and however support Sir Gibson and Middlesbrough f.c..

FACUP2006 Posted on 7/7 22:59
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

Well I dont think its fair all these fans cancelling. If some people are cancelling to watch the game in pubs then they should have Stewards in the pub telling them to sit down. Maybe also lay an uneven path to the bar and lay out a grid of traffic cones to the toilet. At half time they should try to see a competition or a star guest which is shown at the far end of the bar and the hosts mike keeps switchching off. When they come out they should have a traffic policeman direct them to their car in which they should sit for an hour before the Policeman has opened the road, he can then direct them the opposite way that they want to go.

FACUP2006 Posted on 7/7 23:03
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

sorry, i was attempting levity. I get the train anyway so I dont sit in a car.

Moe_01 Posted on 7/7 23:08
re: Season Ticket Cancellations


Absolutely spot-on! LOL.

whereintheworld Posted on 7/7 23:08
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

does anyone remember when we used to moan how we were never on the telly - am i the only one who thinks, better to be there thnan to not be there, because being a supporter means to support vocally and in person as well as financially?

thornabyred Posted on 8/7 7:59
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

well for spite I have canceled my ntl/sky etc.So £50 a month saving means st is paid for easier.
i will be at home games anyway so can always go to the pub for the odd away game.

sasboro Posted on 8/7 8:08
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

I still love the 3pm saturday matches. Shame within the next 2-3 years there wont be any.

MyBoro Posted on 8/7 8:24
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

Cancel yur ST, cancel SKY. Its your money and your choice, do what suits you. I did it last year and got to all the games I wanted to (including away in Europe) without any bother.

But what works for me may not for someone else so each to thier own.

sasboro Posted on 8/7 8:31
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

if you went match to match, i dont think you will have a problem getting a ticket and if you dont fancy paying 40 quid for a category A game then it will probably be on tv somewhere

Buddy Posted on 8/7 10:10
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

borobadge - as long as there's enough people think like that, we will have no chance of getting any semblence of a say in what goes on. A privilege my arse.

I got a season ticket when it was the only way of getting in to the ground. It's now a means of getting into the ground and of getting a bit of priority on cup/away tickets. If that gets outweighed by the fact I can't GET to any of the games then what's the point?

Ayresome Angel Posted on 8/7 11:16
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

To be fair, I haven't read all of the posts on here but I find it obsurd to think that people are cancelling their tickets.

The changes to kick off times have done me no favours as I work shifts and some weekends and will now probably miss more games than I go to, but I haven't cancelled my ticket.

And before anyone says that I must have money to throw away...I haven't. I'm in the process of buying a house so have pretty much no spare cash at all but I still wouldn't go without.

sasboro Posted on 8/7 11:19
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

too be honest season tickets are only usef ul for away games. for home games and home cup(and uefa cup games) you wil get a ticket easily. unless manure,arsenal,newcastle,sunderland,chelsea or liverpool are in town

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Buddy Posted on 8/7 11:38
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

And a small discount on home tickets sas. But you're right, it's an expensive membership scheme.

Otley_Boro Posted on 8/7 12:14
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

FACUP2006 - go on one of the coaches then and stop contributing to the traffic jams you've just condemed...

Boateng_7 Posted on 8/7 13:48
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

Lou - have many people signed up for the cup tickets scheme?

borobadge Posted on 8/7 16:32
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

but buddy..i'm boro daft..always have been always will be..

i'd give my life and die for them.

and i'm not in the slightest bit interested in having any semblence of a say in what go's on inside the football club...

its a privelege to support Middlesbrough f.c...and i'm more than happy to continue to do so..success brings change.

FACUP2006 Posted on 8/7 17:31
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

Turn that Tractor off Otley and read the thread end.

FACUP2006 Posted on 8/7 17:35
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

My honest view is if people want to cancel because its on telly then tara. Its more room for the ones left, the Stewards hassle you less and you can lay flags over seats. You can get home quicker as well.

Buddy Posted on 8/7 17:36
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

Would you really die for them? Absolutely astonishing if so.

FACUP2006 Posted on 8/7 17:41
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

I agree with Borobadge, Im not at all interested in having anything to do with the Club other than support them vocally from the Stands. Ive also had enough of this site and the people who spout their political shiit after our Capital City has come under attack. Tara to some, see you at the matches, Up the Boro.
Roll on Europe.

Bosco_Jankovic81 Posted on 8/7 18:10
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

I find it all fascinating.
In the 80's we whinged that only the perceived Big 5 were ever on.
In the 90's we moaned that it was always Man Utd, Arsenal etc on Sky every Sunday.
In the 00's we have complained that we were always the last game to be shown on Match of the Day/Premiership.
This is the first time we have had so many games shown on Sky and it will really boost the global and national exposure of our beloved football club and still we aren't happy.
Sure the kick off times are a pain but that is the way football is and it isn't going to change so either we get used to it or we go and do something else.
20 years ago you'd only have dreamed of us being on tv as much as this. I think some people either have short memories or are too young to remember what it was like 20 years ago.

Buddy Posted on 8/7 18:14
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

I'll give it four weeks Mr 2006

You're right of course Bosco. Every year I get nearer to the point of going and doing something else.

johnboy72 Posted on 8/7 23:36
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

How did you get on with your cancellation ? My father and I also tried to cancel as we live some distance away from the Riverside and will find it difficult to get to the rearranged fixture times.
I had a call from Dave Allan this afternoon and they will not allow us to cancel.This will be my last season as a season ticket holder. I will not be taken for granted.I will continue to support the Boro and attend games but only at my own convenience.

junk_yard_dog Posted on 8/7 23:52
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

Johnboy: At least Mr Allan rang you. Here is my email to him last thing tonight: Sorry about the length of posting. I intend to take this to it's limit. If you can you use any of the arguments I've put forward, please feel free.

Dear Mr Allan,

As you didn't call me on Friday as promised I've decided, once again, to
put my request for a refund of my season ticket renewal in writing. you
should already be in receipt of my initial email which the ticket office
said they would forward to you. I not, you will find it appended to
this message, along with a list of my approaches so far to the club.

This message is to formally ask for a refund of the money paid for my
season ticket. When I applied for renewal I did so under the impression
that most of the matches I would be attending would kick off at 3pm on a
Saturday. This had always been the case. There was nothing on the
renewal form that would lead me to believe otherwise.

When the revised timings were released they did not fit in with my
lifestyle and would seriously affect other personal commitments I have.
In fact only two of the nine matches kicked off at 3pm on Saturday.
There is also a chance with the clubs EUFA commitments that even more
would be disrupted/changed.

I believe that as far as I'm personally concerned that the item I have
purchased is not now 'fit for purpose' and my consumer rights have been
infringed upon.


*initial email:*

I handed in my Season Ticket application on Saturday, giving my credit
card number.

Since then the updated fixture time and dates have been published. I do
not like attending games on a Sunday and can't attend later on a
Saturday. I was willing to make exception for EUFA commitments but these
changes are before that competition actually takes place. This is
purley to fulfil Sky TV schedules, I'm not happy with that at all, the
new times do not suit me, my family or my lifestyle.

Please do NOT renew my ticket. My personal information is a follows:

Patron Number xxxxx
North West Upper Block xx
Row xx Seat xx

I will ring the ticket office on Tuesday to confirm this order and have
contacted my credit card company refusing payment.



*Approaches to club so far:*

Saturday 2nd: Submitted Renewal form.

Mnoday 4th: Fixtures published. Immediately emailed ticket office to
cancel renewal.

Tuesday 5th: Rang ticket office to confirm email. I was told that
decision would have to come fom Dave Allan, told email and details would
be passed to him.

Wednesday 6th: Rang Ticket Office again for update, was given Dve
allan's telephone number and was asked to ring him. Duly did so, but he
wasn't in. Message took by 'Richard' who said he would get him to ring
me back, he didn't. Credit card account debited.

Thursday 7th:
Spoke to Dave Allan. He says he was unable to make the decision on
whether a refund could be made, and that he was awaiting clarification
from a higher levle of management. He would ring me tomorrow.

Friday 7th.
I called in ticket office to see if there was any developements. I was
told there was going to be a meeting next week of the 'Season Ticket
Committee' It seems they were awaiting one of their number coming back
off holidays. No contact from Mr Allan
This email sent to mr allan, media dept and ticket office.

johnboy72 Posted on 11/7 10:32
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

Thanks Junk yard Dog.

I think we are basically knackered.The club appear to be sticking to their non - cancellation policy.My only chance is to put a dispute in with my credit card company.Whatever the outcome I will not renew next season.

Its not necessarily the club's fault.Despite Steve Gibson we still made a big loss as a business last year and the club cannot turn Sky down.However football clubs cannot continue to have ' their cake and eat it ',take the Sky money, move the fixtures so people find it difficult to attend and still expect a season ticket sellout.

I have been affected earlier than some as I travel some distance to get to the game but if this coninues more will follow in the seasons to come.

Still a fan though - always, but may not be able to be there for every game.

sasboro Posted on 11/7 10:36
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

when it's on sky they should half the price of match day tickets for the inconvenience

captain5 Posted on 11/7 10:36
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

And season ticket holders wouldn't complain, sas??

sasboro Posted on 11/7 10:37
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

they get a partial refund or free cup games

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 11/7 10:53
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

you pack of a s s holes not renewing because of the games on sky put this club to shame.

I understand if work comittments etc make it difficult. but it is no excuse because of games being shown live.

WHAT NEXT!! will you mugs be compaining when Boro start getting 20 minutes on match of the day, because it "doesnt fit into your lifestyle" and you usually watch the soft porn on channel 5 until 10 to 12 when you know the boro will be on. What a shame eh. I remember when i was a very young lad and we played Aston Villa on TV. Mogga scored the header. Watching that game as a kid on tv, it seemed that Ayresome Park was packed to the rafters and the atmosphere was unreal. There should be threads on here on about how we should make the atmospere brilliant especially as we are on so much, to show the rest of the country and the world how good us fans are. But more than likely all you knob heads who renewed when Juninho signed in October 95 have gradually filtered away and frankly, in a way, i think we are better off without you. I want a stadium full of real passionate fans who sing. If that means only 20 thousand season ticket holders, that so be it - it would be a shame but thats the way it is in my eyes. I dont want some mug sat near me, turning his knows up when i sing along, i want some one who'll join in with me.

You are whinging about the kick of times but, realistically, how many games did we play at 3:00pm on a saturday last season?? We were on a sunday quite often, i'd say at least 18, 19 times out of the 38, due to the uefa games and then fixtures on sky. Then ther was the weird saturday times for Newcastle at home (5:35) and cheleas (12:15) to name a couple.

Personally i love the boro and love attending games no matter what time they are played. I love going at 3:00pm on a saturday, having a couple of drinks with the lads etc, but when these times were released the thought of cancelling never crossed my mind. It never would.

Up the Boro (sorry for the essay) haha

dubai_ray Posted on 11/7 11:09
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

redandwhite army-----absolutely spot on. jyd, sas etc wouldnt be satisfied if the club sent a taxi to pick them up and provided free booze and food, absolute clowns all of them. Am lucky can afford tickets and have actually increased ours from 2 to 3 and since Boro will be on sky more I will see most of the matches even when I am over here and the family will make sure the tickets are never wasted. I presume the whingers didnt go to Cardiff what with it being on a Sunday AND on the telly. Get off and support the makems (they stayed away even when they werent on the telly)

ryallsy Posted on 11/7 11:11
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

I've had to do some real soul-searching about renewal, I've got TWO kids starting university in September, and two more small children who are looked after on match days by their Gran who is nearly 80. The early/late kick-offs mean that it'll be really hard for her to cope with them cos it corssoes extra mealtimes and bedtimes. Plus we travel from Leeds, which means that with the childcare arrangements it wipes out most of the day.

Anyway, enough of the domestics/excuses. I couldn't bear the thought of losing my seats and Red Book status, so I renewed in the name of my 79-year old mum (who remarried and changed her surname years ago) and stepfather. My plan was to start going after Christmas (if I thought I could afford it) and upgrade the tickets on a match-by-match basis.

That salved my conscience in terms of not giving up, meant the club got £490 + post Christmas upgrades, and I kept my Red Books.

The Ticket Office just phoned me up. They told me if I wanted to change the names, I would lose the Red Book status. So regrettably I've told them to cancel the application and return me the cheque.

So that's £490 I WAS TRYING TO LET THEM HAVE, and they've made the terms under which they were prepared to receive it unacceptable to me. Crass.

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Buddy Posted on 11/7 11:23
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

"You are whinging about the kick of times but, realistically, how many games did we play at 3:00pm on a saturday last season?? "

Not enough, that's the point. There is no need for matches to be moved to Sunday after UEFA Cup games - that is just pandering to TV greed - and there's no need for four live matches per weekend or whatever they're doing this season - that is just pandering to TV greed as well.

I'm sure there are people who organise their lvies around the fixture list no matter what it says - I did it myself for a year once - but I suspect they're in the minority, and by definition they wouldn't suffer one iota if the fixture list was designed to maximise the number of fans attending rather than the number of telly cameras attending. If the club relied on the people who would go no matter what they would get an average attendance of about 6000 I reckon.

The suggestion that the remainder are ar$holes for deciding not to spend £500 or whatever on a leisure activity that doesn't fit in with their lives is bizarre. If your gym or whatever decided to only open between 2am and 6am would you be an ar$hole for cancelling your membership?

5.15 kick-offs mean some of us will get home at nearly midnight, and others nearer Sunday teatime. 12.00 kick-offs mean we have to set off at 7 in the morning or earlier. Monday night games just ain't going to happen - maybe once a year I might get to a midweek evening game but with us being in the UEFA Cup I might want to make it that one and that's not in the price of the season ticket anyway.

As I said the other day, a season ticket is now simply an expensive membership scheme in my view, and the Premiership as a whole is clearly more interested in Sky's members than its own.

smigga Posted on 11/7 11:27
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

Personally the more Sunday games the better as I can do my freelance footy work on a Saturday and work for two companies if the Boro are not at home!
If we kick off at 12.45 or whatever I can still work for one company sub editing match reports etc after the 3pm games have finished.
In short the more Sunday or early Saturday games = more work = more money thus enabling me to get the funds to buy a season ticket next season!
However I can fully sympathise with the majority of you and I feel it is a pain in the arsse having 8 home games and only one away as I like to watch us on the box but will be at ll the live games a sthey are at home! Not fair but that's life!

johnboy72 Posted on 11/7 11:32
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

Hi Red and White 1986.

I like your passion for the Boro but I am not a knobhead or asshole for taking this stance - I simply have a life.A busy life with competing commitments.The Boro is and always will be a massive passion but the balanced has been tipped and I simply cannot go at the times I am now expected to turn up.

This is not a measure of how big a fan I am. I have been to hundreds of games since the late 80s, home, away and in Europe and have continued to go since I moved away.

If indeed there are only 20,000 fans there and one day Steve Gibson is not bankrolling us I tell you where we will be - in big trouble.We are not a big club with a never ending support, and need the 'Juninho or plastic fans ' to fill the ground, spend money and raise income.Take a look at the Italian game - they saturated their game with TV and they are now paying the price.

Johnboy 72.

ryallsy Posted on 11/7 11:33
re: Season Ticket Cancellations


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skiprat Posted on 11/7 11:35
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

I dont understand why this has come about this season and not last season, by my working, we played 8 games at 3 on a Saturday last season and we'll play 8 ths season...


Sat 28 Aug - Crystal Palace
Sat 11 Sep - Birmingham
Sat 20 Nov - Liverpool
Sat 18 Dec - Aston Villa
Sat 05 Feb - Blackburn
Sat 09 Apr - Arsenal
Sat 23 Apr - WBA
Sat 07 May - Spurs


Sat 31 Dec - Man City
Sat 21 Jan - Wigan
Sat 04 Feb - Aston Villa
Sat 11 Feb - Chelsea
Sat 04 Mar - Birmingham
Sat 25 Mar - Bolton
Sat 08 Apr - Newcastle
Sat 29 Apr - Everton

So why are people cancelling now?

I think it's shocking myself. Fair play if you can't get to games on a Sunday (Did this stop you last season?) because of work or anything like that, but it's an extremely disappointing outcome, if you are going to cancel your season tickets, ONLY because it's on Sky.

captain5 Posted on 11/7 11:39
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

Know what you're saying skiprat but you are predicting ahead of yourself as you're assuming we don't get any Sky games after the New Year.

The only game we are sure to play at the normal time is Man City.

Buddy Posted on 11/7 11:39
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

On the basis of that list that would quite reasonably come down to four skiprat, seeing as how that's how many there were after Christmas last year and Sky haven't worked their post-Christmas programme out yet. Also last season the deatils weren't released so early as a lot of the alterations were purely due to UEFA Cup matches rather than the early Sky list.

I think there are two issues as well: the one I have discussed at length above and the one you mention about people who will simply stay at home in Eston and watch on Sky. I have marginally less sympathy with that view as they're part of the cause of the problem for the rest of us, but on the other hand the full Sky Sports package is about the same price as a North Stand season ticket isn't it?

ryallsy Posted on 11/7 11:43
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

It's all to do with the timing of the games that AREN'T on Saturday skiprat. In my memory, most of the Sunday games were still 3pm or 4pm, this time there are too many 12:15, 17:15, etc.

scuzzmonster Posted on 11/7 11:46
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

Sky won't be getting any money out of me regardless of what MFC decides to do regarding season ticket cancellations. Watching live football on television has left me pretty cold in recent years.

ryallsy Posted on 11/7 11:55
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

If you were a very young lad when you watched Mowbray score that winner against Villa in 1988 redandwhitearmy1986, then I am probably almost twice your age now.

Eventually, unfortunately, life starts to get in the way.....

skiprat Posted on 11/7 11:58
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

Ryallsy, not a single Sunday game is at those times suggested...


Sun 24 Oct - Portsmouth (3pm)
Sun 07 Nov - Bolton (2pm)
Sun 16 Dec - Everton (2pm)
Sun 27 Feb - Charlton (3pm)
Sun 20 Mar - Southampton (3pm)


Sun 28 Aug - Charlton (13:30pm)
Sun 25 Sep - Sunderland (4pm)
Sun 20 Nov - Fulham (4pm)
Sun 18 Dec - Spurs (13:30pm)

Lets say all Sunday games are played at that time, instead of a 3pm Sunday kick off, is an hour or just over each way, that much of a difference?

captain5 Posted on 11/7 12:00
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

For our southern fans, the two 1.30pm games are a pain.I think Capy has already said that even if his train connections are completely spot on, he gets in 20 minutes before kick off by getting the earliest train out of Kings Cross.

Capybara Posted on 11/7 12:04
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

As I have said before, I was never a fan of the 'Keep Sunday Special' campaign (some of you probably don't even remember what it was) but Sunday for me is a day to relax and recharge the batteries for the week ahead. Sunday games mean getting up before 7, travelling 250 miles for the game and then back, getting home after 10. Not really what is required.

Oh, and it's not the earliest train that day captain. It's a 'bus for the first bit.

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skiprat Posted on 11/7 12:06
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

Bloody hell, you're right.

Station Arr Dep Travel by Service Provider
STEVENAGE 08:35 08:45 Train WAGN RAIL
PETERBOROUGH 09:34 10:20 Train GNER

That is horrenduous! Still, getting a bus (I did it for the Charlton date) must only be temporary? I go out on nights out in London to Fabric and get the train back about 8-8.30 and have been back in my bed in Ormesby at 13:00 on a number of times.

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 11/7 12:07
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

i understand that ryallsy, but my point was to people who are cancelling because the games are on sky. i did say that in my post...

"I understand if work comittments etc make it difficult. but it is no excuse because of games being shown live"

i just find it very distressing that people are cancelling st's due to this.

boroboy87 Posted on 11/7 12:07
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

i understand sum ppl hav other commitments so ye if i was 1 of them id b pissed off about the changes but as 4 the sky thing, i dont go 2 a match 4 the view, if u want the best view u stay at home n watch it on the telly if its on or the highlights which these days means u c most of the match neway. I go 2 the matches for thw whole xperience, the things the cameras dont always c, the banter in the crowd, the whole buzz around the game. Watching it on tv u dont get all this so i wudnt consider cancelling my season ticket 4 that reason. The other thing is i dont suppose ppl will b 2 bothered 2 watch c the new signings playing 4 boro, the 1s we sign with the xtra money we'l surely get from the tv. This will be my last season at boro 4 a while b4 i go away 2 uni n as il probably b a poor student i wont b able 2 get bac 4 the games so i intend 2 fully enjoy this season n go n c the boro wenever they play!

sasboro Posted on 11/7 12:09
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

what you going to uni to do? english?

Zoophonic Posted on 11/7 12:15
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

That bus service is in operation while Kings X is closed.

It will be open for the season opener hopefully. Having said that Sundays on the train are a fooking nightmare and would never take them.

ryallsy Posted on 11/7 12:26
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

Everybody has different reasons for the changes being inconvenient. For me:

12:15 Saturday - cannot make it as kids playing football/having swimming lessons. More important in the long run for me that they do those.
17:15 Saturday - too much to expect my mum (79) to be looking after the kids so late (she looks after them when we're at the match)
13:30 Sunday - not fair to expect my mum to have the kids dropped on her on a Sunday lunchtime where they are starving hungry, while we leg it to the match.
16:00 Sunday - Don't get home until gone 10pm, with 2 kids who won't settle back to sleep but who have school next day.

Boring, purely practical reasons.

ryallsy Posted on 11/7 12:30
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

But I AM cancelling indirectly because the games are on Sky readandwhitewarmy1986.

If they WEREN'T on Sky, and the games were at 15:00 Saturday, you'd see me there.
If they WERE on Sky, and the games were at 15:00 Saturday, you'd see me there.

It's because they are on Sky AND (because they are on Sky) the kick-off times and days have moved.

attonBORO Posted on 11/7 12:33
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

i hope that you dont get yr refund! you should support the boro cause and even if you cant get to every game (like me) then you should still support the club if you have the cash!

all these bloody part-timers who'd sooner spemd their money in the pub - why not cancel SKY (Oh God! No chance i bet!)

Capybara Posted on 11/7 12:48
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

That's not because of last week's events, Zoof. Kings Cross is open already for mainline trains. I checked those times the day the Sky fixtures came out. It's because of planned engineering work.

skiprat Posted on 11/7 14:15
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

13:30 Sunday - not fair to expect my mum to have the kids dropped on her on a Sunday lunchtime where they are starving hungry, while we leg it to the match.
16:00 Sunday - Don't get home until gone 10pm, with 2 kids who won't settle back to sleep but who have school next day.

I don't see these reasons as any different to a 3pm kick off on a Sunday?

boroboy87 Posted on 11/7 14:59
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

no sas, i'm planning to do sport, think i'd be more suited 2 english?

sasboro Posted on 11/7 15:00
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

sorry was trying to be sarcastic cos of all your text writing

ryallsy Posted on 11/7 15:12
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

skiprat, last season I had to find somebody else to come with me to the games on Sundays while my wife stayed @ home.

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skiprat Posted on 11/7 16:14
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

Fair play mate.

As I said, no real difference to last season in many respects, I think it's only because our Sky games have all came up like this in a row, that's it's been noticed more. Will we be on Sky as much in the second half of the season? I'd doubt it.

ryallsy Posted on 11/7 16:31
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

I guess how much we are on after Xmas will depend on our league position.

Sod's law says that we'll be championship contenders now that the club refused to let me transfer my Red Books to concessions, and cancel instead. Therefore we'll be on all the time.

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junk_yard_dog Posted on 11/7 17:26
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

Well I've had my 'phone call from Dave Allan, it seems they are refusing to refund my season ticket cost. I've in touch with my credit card company and they can't help.

My other two courses off action are Trading Standards and Small claims court. I've been in touch with trading standards and they asked me to take the terms and conditions of purchase in tomorrow.

Anyone know if I can get a copy of these on line?

bubblesmfc Posted on 11/7 17:30
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

I cant see that the club are obliged to refund you.

You paid for 19 home games and that is what you are getting.

Capybara Posted on 11/7 17:40
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

For once (I have done it before, actually) I am going to criticise the club. They may not be OBLIGED to issue a refund but it is bad PR not to do so. They appear to be adopting the 'nuffink to do with me, guv, my hands are tied' approach, rather than actually doing something about the situation. I would like to think that they would have taken the hit and then gone back to Sky, the Premier League, whatever, and explained that this has actually caused problems for the club and taken the side of the fans rather than the TV viewers. Nothing can be done now, of course, but it may have made a difference in the future.

ryallsy Posted on 11/7 17:44
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

Weird that they are refusing refunds on one hand, but refusing to accept my money on the other.

oggy_jnr Posted on 11/7 18:43
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

so what if the games are on tv ? and that they are on on some sundays. that is what the boro wanted for so long to be in europe and now we are in it no-one wants to watch them coz they will have to play on sunday, i dont get it.
Id rather be at a game then watch it on tv, and i travel 25 miles also.
Support them for gods sake !!

stampysdog Posted on 11/7 18:52
re: Season Ticket Cancellations


Buddy Posted on 11/7 19:56
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

You might be missing half of the point oggy. If I don't see it at the ground I won't see it on TV, at least not on Sky.

mendyercar Posted on 11/7 21:17
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

my brother cancelled his a few years ago and they did it no bother,just charged him a £10 adminstration fee,i wonder if they have changed the rules now that large numbers are deciding to jump ship.

johnboy72 Posted on 12/7 10:00
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

Good luck Junk Yard,

I've given up getting a refund now - there appears no way forward.

I will try to get to as many games as I can and support the team for this season coming.Next season I will not renew and just buy tickets for when I can attend.The fixture list is not worth the paper its written on and I can't commit any longer without knowing I can actually get to the games.The club have not initiated this problem, Sky have, but they have been scared of making a precedent of cancellation.

skiprat Posted on 12/7 10:13
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

Johnboy (and others), no-ones really answered this yet.

Why did you decide to renew before this season anyway, we are going to play almost exactly the same number of Sunday games and Saturday 3pm kick offs as last season.

red_rebel Posted on 12/7 10:28
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

Teesside is a low wage economy and football is far too expensive.

The increase this year is 8% and it was the same more or less last year. I don't know anyone who has had a 15pc pay rise in that time.

The club made money last year with the UEFA Cup, they say they have cut the wage bill and this year they satnd to make more money through TV than ever before - but still hiked prices up.

They do not seem to realise that there is a ceiling that some people will not go through. Not because they don't want to pay but because they CAN'T.

Some people are lucky enough to be able to afford it no matter how expensive. Some people are willing to make the sacrifices no matter what. Some are lucky enough not to have other commitments. Good for them, but they shouldn't be lecturing others.

For a lot of people who don't earn brilliant money, or have just bought a house, or just had kids, or have kids in university, or have just retired, or have a family that wants to go on holiday for two weeks this year it just costs too much.

There is no point emotionally blackmailing people who don't have the cash. Their finances don't make them lesser fans.

For years those people may have been going beyond their means to attend, asking the wife and kids to make sacrifices so they can juggle it and just about afford it.

But when the first seven homes games are on the telly it gets much harder to justify it to yourself and the family. That is £200 that should really be spent on the kids. Going to the match in those circumstances is selfish.

I can understand why a lot of people may see this as an appropriate place to say enough is enough and wrap in.

The sad thing is that most of them will not return.

captain5 Posted on 12/7 10:32
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

I think MFC are going down the "we'll see what happens if we tell them they can't cancel" route.

I'd love to know if there's anything else that you would be willing to pay £400 + for and then not be able to cancel before you had received the product or service.

The club can't argue that the seats are not transferable over to another potential customer, as would be the case if you had cancelled an order that the supplier was manufacturing specifically for you.

They may be able to charge you an admin fee for cancellation but that would have to be seen as reasonable.

sasboro Posted on 12/7 10:34
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

When you buy a flight which is non refundable and the flight is moved or cancelled at a later date, can you get your money back?
Dont see why the same cant be done for seeason tickets if a good few of them are moved.

captain5 Posted on 12/7 10:47
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

Depends on what MFC's Conditions of Sale are and whether they are made available to the customer pre-purchase.

Airlines have fairly strict terms of conditions that you have to agree to purchase the ticket.

Even so, I would expect at least a partial refund if I was cancelling a flight a full month before departure.

Anybody got a copy of MFC Conditions of Sale to hand??

johnboy72 Posted on 12/7 10:49
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

Fair point Skiprat,

Of course there has been more ' non 3pm ' kick offs in recent seasons and this has meant that fans have had to made increasing changes to their plans and other commitments.

My problem this year is that 9 games have so far been put on Sky of which 8 are home and 7 straight fixture times changes.There is more variety in these changes as well with 1.30pm Sun kick offs and the one I particularly dislike 5.15pm Sat.I have other things I need to do.I travel a reasonable distance to get to the match and can't go on like this long term.

There will continue to be more games on Sky,more variety in kick off times and more disruption to my life and therefore there will be no more season ticket from me.

I will still support the Boro and go to games when I can but at my own convenvenience and not some bloke watching it on Sky.

skiprat Posted on 12/7 10:50
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

Boro as a business have been shanked right on by Sky. If the 8 or 9 matches it is we have on Sky had been spread more over the season instead of concentrated as they are, then we wouldn't have this discussion.

I don't see it as any different to last season, but because the games are all in a rwo, it's made more people think.

scuzzmonster Posted on 12/7 10:55
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

In my own particular case, I WOULD have returned once my health issues had been resolved, Sky or no Sky. MFC wouldn't have much trouble flogging a seat in the North Stand, I'd come up when able which would effectively be additional support for the club - eveyone's happy.

Thing is, the club's high-handed approach to this situation has left a bad taste, particularly as money left my account a week and much correspondence AFTER I'd specifically asked them not to action the renewal. To me, it feels no different to theft and, if that's how little MFC thinks of me, I see no reason to show them any loyalty in future either. That's how annoyed I feel with the club right now.

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captain5 Posted on 12/7 11:00
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

Interestingly (or not), you could always ask the club why the MFC website shop allows customers 14 days to return goods they don't want but won't allow you to cancel season tickets within a much shorter timescale and before you receive the goods.

scuzzmonster Posted on 12/7 11:15
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

Good point.

ccole Posted on 12/7 11:15
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

I am sure that some people have good reasons to cancel, but I am also sure that the reason other want to cancel is because that they can get the “product” for free down the pub.

I will miss my Sunday afternoons with my son. Just like I did last season with the change of kick off times, I will take them out on Saturdays instead.

The club have put the prices up. Reading the press of late and the way wages and transfer fees are raising, I can only assume that the running costs of the club are increasing. To make a challenge in Europe and for a top six spot, I will expect to pay more money to watch the “product”.

I would rather pay less, but I am reluctantly happy to pay more as I know that my money will be spent on the team, and not lining chairman or share holder’s pockets. Its not Steve Gibsons investment, it is also our investment. I struggle to find the cash like most people, but many of us are in this together, with our chairman.

In summary, some people can’t renew, many people don’t want to renew and have got the reason they wanted not to do so.

I personally think that we are better off without the latter, as these fickle barstewards will be replaced as we march through Europe and up the premier league.

I hope they all have to pay £400 a ticket to watch us in Eindhoven next may.

C’mon Boro

skiprat Posted on 12/7 11:58
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

"I hope they all have to pay £400 a ticket to watch us in Eindhoven next may."

Absolutely. I'm sure everyone will be able to find the money and the babysitters then as well.

Corcaigh_the_Cat Posted on 12/7 12:13
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

too right I will, but I'm not watching that rubbish week in week out again

sasboro Posted on 12/7 12:14
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

if a band have to put back a concert 24-48 hours later than the advetised time, do they offer refunds?

The_Lizards_Jumpers Posted on 12/7 12:28
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

They do Sas, almost always !

bubblesmfc Posted on 12/7 12:33
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

Fixtures have always been moved, but for different reasons.

We had plenty of fixtures moved when we got to two cup finals in 97, what with all the replays and everything.

How many asked for their money back then?

Corcaigh_the_Cat Posted on 12/7 12:36
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

it was too late then, we were near the end of the season

junk_yard_dog Posted on 12/7 12:42
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

I received my letter from Dave AlLan this morning. It mentions how "the decison to vary kick-off time are out of their hands" It goes to say a couple of times how benificial these arrangements are *for the club*.

It says "We do appreciate that the altered schedule can conflict with some supporters' work and leisure patterens" but obviously not enought to pay any kind of recompense.

It thens goes to tell me what i'll be missing, discount in the shop, proirity purchasing of boro kit...

ut the most annoying thing of all, the final straw, is that they imply in their last paragraph that I would be watching the games on TV, hence the reason I want a refund.

F cuk 'em. Robbers

captain5 Posted on 12/7 12:46
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

Quality. A personalised generic letter from the club.

ccole Posted on 12/7 13:04
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

Junk yard,

Clearly your passion for the club is not as great as others as you point out in one of your earlier posts on this thread (“I have other things to do on a weekend”)

Just out of interest, if you got your money back, would you go and watch Sunlun or Hartlepool to fill the gap in your Saturday afternoon?

Sky have as much interest in these clubs as you do watching the Boro on Sundays. So your Sunday dinner will go unspoilt

MyBoro Posted on 12/7 14:04
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

CCole/Skiprat it does not matter why people want to cancel. Each will have various reasons. Some decided before renewal and did not submit the form. Others after the fixture changes.

Thing is the club is treating people badly for a quick buck. Seems short sighted (again). If you want these people to continue supporting the club year in year out you should treat them with respect.

A few hundred cancellations (probably less) is not a significant amount off money to MFC. But as with the errea shirt deal and the west stand corners its short term.

The refunds would be back in club coffers one way or another as these ARE real fans with a real passion. Now however they have a low opinion of the club.

skiprat Posted on 12/7 15:42
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

The club are probably absolutely fcuked off that a load of fans, who had tickets last season, have decided not to renew, because the same amount of games are on Sky, as last season.

I would imagine that there is a larger amount of people who are changing their minds, based on the games being able to be watched on Sky, rather than the 'genuine' fans who simply cannot get to the game on all of these dates.

sasboro Posted on 12/7 15:43
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

why expect people to pay 20-30 quid a game when over half the games will be on tv?

captain5 Posted on 12/7 15:48
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

skiprat - it is still their choice on how to spend their money and if they 're entitled to a refund legally, then they should get it.

MFC strike me as being quite childish and unprofessional over this.

skiprat Posted on 12/7 15:49
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

£20/£30 at the game, or £20/£30 in the pub?

sasboro Posted on 12/7 15:49
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

they could save the cash and put it towards some away games that arnt on tv. or even spend the money on a family day out

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captain5 Posted on 12/7 15:57
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

Still their choice as to how they spend it.

Did the club actually give a reason as to why you can't cancel with over a month to go before the season starts??

sasboro Posted on 12/7 15:59
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

if you want your money back seriously then might be worth speaking to someone who knows about customers writes.
Or write to the gazette and get your mug on the front page witha sad face and a season ticket in your hand

captain5 Posted on 12/7 16:00
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

If you do that you will probably get sued, sas.

Everyone knows that Rob has the image rights for looking glum in Middlesbrough FC clobber on the Gazette front page.

boroboy75 Posted on 12/7 16:17
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

Looking at the cut of most of the Middlesbrough FC clobber, I think anyone would look glum if they had to be photographed wearing it.

Robbo1986 Posted on 13/7 0:26
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

Try using the following link to see if you warrant a refund.

Link: DTI

PapaJohn Posted on 13/7 7:48
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

7 home prem games on TV, before Xmas, the most worry thing should be our form on TV which in the majority of cases is poor.

What about the impact of these kick off changes on the players families, do they get extra money to compensate for playing out of normal hours.

sasboro Posted on 13/7 8:37
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

you should all get together and fight the club as one and if need be get the newspapers involved to get publicity. that way i am sure the club will offer refunds eventually

HolgateEnder Posted on 13/7 9:10
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

SAS is Tony Vickers and i calaim my free subscription to Remeber When.

blotonthelandscape Posted on 13/7 9:45
re: Season Ticket Cancellations

I go to football because I enjoy it, I have never found it to be a bind. Watching on TV, might as well watch a good film, same atmosphere.