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japsterboro Posted on 29/7 8:54
A simple yes or no...

... did Craig end up bumming Anthony last night in his comatose state?

Yes, I think he tampered with his rusty sheriffs badge.

Rondo_1 Posted on 29/7 9:03
re: A simple yes or no...

I think Craig licked Ants bum hole and inserted a gerbil with it's nails clipped via a toilet roll tube.

grantus Posted on 29/7 9:07
re: A simple yes or no...

I think he's a sex pest and should be arrested. Makes my skin crawl. Myra Hindly's in for a whole world of pain when he gets out. Do you think he realises how much the country dislikes him?

Sorry, no.

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japsterboro Posted on 29/7 9:08
re: A simple yes or no...

Funny thing is, if that had been a bloke on a woman, he'd of been arrested.

Anthony's family and friends are gonna have his life when he comes out.

sasboro Posted on 29/7 9:13
re: A simple yes or no...

why doesnt anthony tell him to p1ss off? or does he really enjoy it?

grantus Posted on 29/7 9:16
re: A simple yes or no...

He's after winning the show and knows that the gay boys are gonna vote for him. Interesting how he keeps losing it with him though as his inexhaustable patience wears thin. A few more drinking sessions and i reckon he will snap and lamp the annoying creapy f'cker.