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Lisbonlegend Posted on 3/8 6:12

Middlesbrough Supporters Sydney. Is there one? If not then why not?

Lisbonlegend Posted on 3/8 6:17
re: MSS

I'll be in it, My brother will be in it, Grazo will be in it, Jara must want to be in it. PNG can be an honorary member. There's 5 in 1 minute already!

Anyone else interested? Timboi?

jarazinho Posted on 3/8 6:19
re: MSS

we would have to have a serious think about png!!

Lisbonlegend Posted on 3/8 6:20
re: MSS

bgirl Posted on 3/8 6:22
re: MSS

Can it be aligned to MSB - Middlesbrough Supporters Brisbane? We got at least two up here.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 3/8 6:23
re: MSS

Ok, we'll put PNG on the reserve list just in case he doesn't have any arms left to hold his scarf up with. Isn't he in town today?

Lisbonlegend Posted on 3/8 6:24
re: MSS

Hello bgirl, where did you appear from!!

jarazinho Posted on 3/8 6:25
re: MSS

He arrived in town this morning..he met some bird on the she picked him up at the airport and are on the central coast(God help the poor girl!!)i`m catching up with him tomorrow night up my way..he will be in the city next week so will give u a yell and we can have a catch up??

jarazinho Posted on 3/8 6:26
re: MSS

i have a cousin in Brizzy so she can join up..

jarazinho Posted on 3/8 6:26
re: MSS

bgirl..u glad to be back??

Lisbonlegend Posted on 3/8 6:29
re: MSS

Is there already a Brisbane branch or is it just the 2 of you. Sorry 3 of you now with Jara's cousin.

Let me know when you're off out Jara and I may well come out for a few beers.

jarazinho Posted on 3/8 6:30
re: MSS

no dramas mate.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 3/8 6:30
re: MSS

Where has bgirl gone!!!

bgirl Posted on 3/8 6:41
re: MSS

I'm here LL [:p]

Been living in the UK for seven years and been travelling for the last before returning home to the Sunshine State for good. My husband is from Stockton.

Timboi Posted on 3/8 6:44
re: MSS

I'vd defo be up for that - got me signed letter from Steve Gibbo which could be on our shrine. . . .

Lisbonlegend Posted on 3/8 6:51
re: MSS

Oh there you are bgirl. I thought you'd vanished as quickly as you appeared.

So there's a couple of you out in Brisbane. Well It'd be interesting to know what sort of organisation it took from other branches of Middlesbrough supporters so if there's any organisers out there who can help me out and what needs to be done to get the ball rolling then that would be great.

Seeing the number of Teesside folk at the Dendy for Century in Stone the other day there must be quite a few of us out here. If we can get the Sydney branch up and running and incorporate it withe the Brisbane crew aswell to boost numbers then that would be smashing.

Nice one Timboi, what does the letter say?

Timboi Posted on 3/8 7:00
re: MSS

Well I got it at the beginning of the season (I think) and funnily enough it was full of pleasantries, and then went on to say that Boro were looking to their highest ever premiership finish this season. spooky! (or not)

bgirl Posted on 3/8 7:13
re: MSS

Lisbon - there is this off the official site.

Boro Supporters Club, Brisbane, Australia
Contact: Trevor Harrington

Does anyone know if Trevor frequents this site or has talked to him previously?

Are all you lads down in Sydney getting ready to cheer on Syd United? We're getting a season ticket to the roar (terrible name, but what can you do?) and we want Aussie Football to develop so you have to support your local team. I do hate the Queensland Roar as a name though.... Still not sure if its better than the Strikers or not though....

bgirl Posted on 3/8 7:15
re: MSS

Also if you wanted a website setup I could play around and do one for us. Just let me know what content you would want on it. We could start with a freebie one and if it got popular could do a proper one.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 3/8 7:24
re: MSS

Timboi - Maybe he should send you a letter saying we are going to win the Premiership and the UEFA cup this season.

bgirl - Is that contact from I'll cheer them on but they've signed Dwight Yorke which puts me off a bit. The season doesn't start again til February though over here doesn't it? I'll also probably be playing at the same time but when I'm not I'll watch them. That's if I'm not playing for them.

Do you do website design?

bgirl Posted on 3/8 7:49
re: MSS

Lisbon - yeah its under the "Fans" section on

Yeah the Dwight Yorke thing is a concern. No, the new season kicks off at the end of August so that it doesn't clash with the other codes Winter season. Yeah, I can see how the Dwight Yorke thing is a concern. We've been trying to think of a few ManU/Blackburn reject songs for him.

Website design is a bit of a hobby. Currently just looking for a helpdesk role as my first baby is due in March (we got back on the 21st July) and I don't really want something full-time when he/she comes along. Might do a bit of training and get into web design full time. Trying to decide what I want to do with my life....

Are you still allowed to do that post 30?

Lisbonlegend Posted on 4/8 2:18
re: MSS

I'll check that out then.

It kicks off in August? That's great news indeed. I'll be able to get my footy fix opn the other side of the world.

Course you are, I was thinking of doing website design stuff myself. Have had a bit of a tinker.

jarazinho Posted on 4/8 2:41
re: MSS

i will be going for the Central Coast Mariners.

bgirl Posted on 4/8 2:46
re: MSS

Anyone know where you find a list of who the overseas signings are? I was curious who our's are up here for the Roar. There's a couple of Asian guys on the squad but they could be locals.

jarazinho Posted on 4/8 2:48
re: MSS

think they are from Korea.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 4/8 2:50
re: MSS

Just been checking out the league website. Get voting!

Link: Dodgy poll in bottom left

Lisbonlegend Posted on 4/8 3:03
re: MSS

Flaming heck the transfer market certainly isn't static in Oz, each club has made about 20 signigns!!!!!!!!

Link: Transfer market gone mad

bgirl Posted on 4/8 3:10
re: MSS

come on the duke!

Lisbonlegend Posted on 4/8 3:42
re: MSS

Why Central Coast Mariners Jara, whereabouts do you live? Are you going for the underdog? Who are the favourites for the title?

Lisbonlegend Posted on 4/8 3:45
re: MSS

The Suncorp stadium looks cracking bgirl, what sort of crowds do you reckon Brisbane will get?

Lisbonlegend Posted on 4/8 3:46
re: MSS

Linky thing.

Pitch looks a bit knackered though.

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Link: Suncorp Stadium

jarazinho Posted on 4/8 3:53
re: MSS

I live in a place called Killcare...Central the crow flys about 20 mins by boat from Palm Beach...70 min drive from Sydney CBD.....Sydney FC favourites by a mile.

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Lisbonlegend Posted on 4/8 3:57
re: MSS

Sydney FC must be my local team but It'll be like supporting Man Utd.

I'll go to a Central Coast game and Sydney game and then nail my colours to the mast.

jarazinho Posted on 4/8 4:07
re: MSS

Hey LL..check out the "footy show"tonight on chanel league..crap game..funny show..worth checking out.

bgirl Posted on 4/8 4:09
re: MSS

Suncorp is a great stadium, but to me it will always be Lang Park. Went there last year to see a Broncos' game. Fantastic seating and a great view from everywhere all within walking distance of the city.... Too bad the Broncos played like horsesh*te).

Has a lot of great memories of going to the Broncos in their prime with my dad as well as a few State of Origin games (including Wally Lewis' last one which the Maroons won).

I'm about to ring up and order my season ticket for the mighty roar. I'm actually getting excited now and at $225 for the best seats its actually not bad value for 11 games ($20ish a game).

Lisbonlegend Posted on 4/8 4:10
re: MSS

Yeah seen it Jara, it's pretty funny. I like Rugby league and my team Hull has reached the Challenge cup final this year aswell.

Going to see Aussies v All Blacks in Rugby Union aswell soon.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 4/8 4:13
re: MSS

Nice on bgirl. Should be a good season if your supporting the Roar, me Sydney FC and Jara the CCM.

I went to last years state of Origin decider at the Telstra and the mighty Blues won it at a canter after going behind. Superb.

bgirl Posted on 4/8 4:21
re: MSS

I was liking you till I found out you'd turned Cockroach LL!

jarazinho Posted on 4/8 4:26
re: MSS

All Blacks look awesome at the moment...

Lisbonlegend Posted on 4/8 8:12
re: MSS

Haha, sorry bgirl. I'm a Hull fan foremost and as my brother lives in Sydney I swayed towards the blues. Sitting next to some absolute winker from Queensland who we nearly ended up scrapping with affirmed my support I'm afraid. What a nugget.

Football's my game though, rugby is a distant second.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 5/8 5:47
re: MSS

Just visited the Aussie stadium, it looks excellent from the outside, I'll have to get myself there for Sydney FC first game.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 7/8 1:28
re: MSS

Jara, who you supporting in the Ashes??

jarazinho Posted on 7/8 22:15
re: MSS

To be honest you know growing up in the Boro in the 70`s..hardly anybody played cricket(some schools excepted..)so i have never been greatly excited by the game...i rev a few of the "Ozzy bashers" up on here...not too fussed really..watched last night..fantastic!...i will definatly be following the All Blacks this weekend..always do when it comes to the union..lived in S Africa for 6 years..dislike the springboks full stop!!...

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Lisbonlegend Posted on 8/8 0:07
re: MSS

Hoof for MCinders.

MCinders Posted on 8/8 13:51
re: MSS

I'll be in Sydney from the 1st of January 2006, Up the Boro!...

Lisbonlegend Posted on 8/8 14:17
re: MSS

So far we have Jara, me, my bro, Grazo, PNG (honorary member), Timboi, bgirl and boyfriend. It's growing.

Otley_Boro Posted on 8/8 20:24
re: MSS

Legend, is Grazo = Grayzo.

If so I know him.

jarazinho Posted on 8/8 22:13
re: MSS

Boro v Liverpool..

Sunday morning 2 am LIVE on FOX.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 9/8 0:28
re: MSS

I know Jara, check out my GET IN THERE thread. Do you know which pubs in Sydney would show the footy?

jarazinho Posted on 9/8 0:38
re: MSS

you have to try and find a 24 hour RSL club or you could try cheers bar on george st...the problem is that by 2am most places are heaving,everybody is smashed,you cant hear a blooody thing!!!doesn`t your brother have fox??

Lisbonlegend Posted on 9/8 0:59
re: MSS

I was in Cheers bar on Friday. I can imagine what you're saying about that. Yeah he does have Fox Sports, with it being a Saturday night though it might be easier to stay awake with a few pints down my neck.

Otley_Boro Posted on 9/8 12:04
re: MSS

Lisbon you ignoring my question?

Lisbonlegend Posted on 9/8 12:34
re: MSS

Oops, sorry Otley. No I wasn't ignoring your question.

Otley_Boro Posted on 9/8 12:42
re: MSS

That's great Lisbon, can you answer it then

You know the man Grayzo?

Lisbonlegend Posted on 9/8 14:57
re: MSS

Sorry OB, was just trying to increase my post count!

Yeah, Grayzo, from Billingham, 30 years old. You know him then?

Otley_Boro Posted on 9/8 18:45
re: MSS

Known him since he was 11.

Went to school with him, stood in the Holgate with him and Sat at the Riverside with him (until he buggered off).

Tell him his mate living in Otley says "Hello".

jarazinho Posted on 9/8 22:07
re: MSS

i reckon your better watching it at home mate..set your alarm!!welcome to Australia!!!you wont hear a thing in the pub.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 10/8 2:22
re: MSS

I also went to school with him OB!! Were you in his year?

Yeah, I may well do now Jara. Got tickets to Australia v All Blacks on Saturday so I'll watch that and then when I get home it's the EPL all the way til 4am!

Was supposed to be going out in Coogee today but feel bad as a dog.

jarazinho Posted on 10/8 2:31
re: MSS

All Black game should be a cracker!!well done in getting the tickets....i only started to enjoy union when i was living in NZ..

go the All Blacks!!!!!!!

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Lisbonlegend Posted on 10/8 2:45
re: MSS

My brother got the tickets as a freebie from Microsoft. Should be a good game. Not sure who I want to win, it's a shame to see the Aussies winning at any sport!

Otley_Boro Posted on 10/8 12:05
re: MSS

I was in his year and class.

We will know each other no doubt.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 10/8 16:09
re: MSS

I would think so OB. I was the handsome one in the year below you.

boroboy75 Posted on 10/8 16:12
re: MSS

The EPL?
You've turned into one of them quickly.
You'll be talking like Lance who used to be in Home and Away before long.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 10/8 17:35
re: MSS

It was tongue in cheek Bandy.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 11/8 3:04
re: MSS

I'm up but still full of flu. Bloody hell I was cold in bed last night!

jarazinho Posted on 11/8 23:02
re: MSS

Big day of sport tomorrow!!..

Carlton v Collingwood(The River plate v Boca jun of the AFL!!)
Ashes cricket....
Australia v All Blacks..
Loads of live premiership footy!!..through the night.....

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Lisbonlegend Posted on 12/8 4:11
re: MSS

Went to Paddy Maguire's, Scruffy Murphy's aswell as the 3 wise monkeys and the Ship Inn. Think I'm going to stay in tomorrow night and just watch the rugby and the Boro match at home!

Lisbonlegend Posted on 12/8 14:07
re: MSS

Just coughed so hard that I puked up.


jarazinho Posted on 15/8 22:19
re: MSS

Morning LL.....Dont forget i still have two Oasis tickets for you,maybe we can catch up one lunch time??..(no rush.)

Lisbonlegend Posted on 16/8 1:20
re: MSS

Yep definitely Jara. What about tomorrow or Thursday?

jarazinho Posted on 16/8 1:28
re: MSS

How about tomorrow at 4??its a bit hit and miss during the day work wise..maybe catch up for an hour and have a couple of beers??

Lisbonlegend Posted on 16/8 1:30
re: MSS

I'll check with my brother that we're not going to footy training and if not then 4pm sounds good mate. Any idea where you wanna go for a beer?

grantus Posted on 16/8 1:32
re: MSS

Now then Lisbon, how you doing?

How was Surry Hills?

Lisbonlegend Posted on 16/8 1:34
re: MSS

Now then Grantus, I'm very tired and trying to get over the weekend mate. How are you?

Didn't go to Surry Hills just Oxford Street, several pubs and then Suzie Q's which was crap and ended up in Qbar all night.

jarazinho Posted on 16/8 1:36
re: MSS

maybe i could meet u in north Sydney??thats close to you and on the train line for me..maybe the commodore,if its blue skys..

Lisbonlegend Posted on 16/8 1:37
re: MSS

Not sure where the Commodore is, the only pub I've been to in North Sydney is teh Rag and Famish, is it near there?

jarazinho Posted on 16/8 1:41
re: MSS

its on Blues point rd..most people know it..

206 Blues Point Rd....north Sydney....good to try something different.

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Lisbonlegend Posted on 16/8 1:46
re: MSS

I'll find it.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 16/8 1:54
re: MSS

Friendly staff, good looking girls behind the bar, fun bar staff......I'll be there.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 16/8 1:55
re: MSS

Link: Oops, forgot the link

Lisbonlegend Posted on 16/8 1:58
re: MSS

How much for the 2 tickets Jara?

jarazinho Posted on 16/8 2:05
re: MSS

$79 each mate....

Lisbonlegend Posted on 16/8 2:23
re: MSS

Ok mate, see you at the Commodore at 4pm with a bundle of notes.

jarazinho Posted on 16/8 2:27
re: MSS

ok..good one..

Lisbonlegend Posted on 16/8 15:57
re: MSS

I know where it is now. I'll probably set off early though just to make sure!

jarazinho Posted on 16/8 21:23
re: MSS

morning LL..
Sorry to mess you about mate,my wife has to work a few hours tonight so i will have to shoot straight home after work to look after the little one.Can we make it one day next week?.....

Lisbonlegend Posted on 16/8 23:56
re: MSS

No problem at all mate, Any chance you can make tomorrow or Friday just that I have a bird coming to visit me for 2 weeks on Friday night and not sure what my plans will be for that time. If you can't then I'll try and sort something out.

Playing in the home internationals footy game a week on Saturday for the North of England team.

jarazinho Posted on 16/8 23:59
re: MSS

yep..lets make it tomorrow..same place same time...
cheers mate..

ps good luck with the footy!

Lisbonlegend Posted on 17/8 0:12
re: MSS

See you tomorrow then and cheers I'll need it, I haven't played for over a month now!

jarazinho Posted on 17/8 0:24
re: MSS

Sky Breaking News...

england cricket shirt sales up 60%!!!!


Lisbonlegend Posted on 17/8 0:26
re: MSS

I'm contemplating getting one. Tried to get one before the one day international at Durham but couldn't find one anywhere in Boro. Ridiculous. It's a choice between the new Boro away shirt and the Engalnd top. Maybe I'll go for the Boro away kit as England haven't actually won the Ashes yet and I may never be able to wwear it around these parts!

jarazinho Posted on 17/8 21:37
re: MSS

Birmingham V Boro...LIVE ON FOX...

Wednesday 24th..5AM START..............

Fox are showing 7 live games over the next week!!

--- Post edited by jarazinho on 17/8 21:39 ---...

LL see u at Commodore at about 4.05pm!!

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jarazinho Posted on 17/8 22:43
re: MSS


Lisbonlegend Posted on 18/8 0:07
re: MSS

Yeah, I know, bonus, footy all the way. I think we actually get more live footy over here than they do in England!

jarazinho Posted on 18/8 21:42
re: MSS


Aussie works fitness 'miracle'
By Chris Lines in London
August 16, 2005

FORMER Wallabies and Brisbane Broncos fitness guru Steve Nance is raising eyebrows and tempers for his work with English Premier League club Fulham.

The sight of substitutes staying warm on exercise bikes on the sidelines is nothing new for followers of Australian football codes.

But when Fulham's substitutes, including Socceroo Ahmad Elrich, took to the bikes during the Cottagers' season-opener with Birmingham City at the weekend, it prompted guffaws and headlines in England.

Fulham manager Chris Coleman – taking the understandable approach that the club can not outspend its rivals but can perhaps outlast them – advocates Nance's work, and the players are being won over after initial grumbling.

"In pre-season, we would normally train for 90 minutes a day," said Coleman.

"Now we have two sessions a day – one for two hours and the other for an hour and 45 minutes.

"It's a lot longer and much of it was without the ball.

"At first, a lot of the players were knocking on my door going nuts because they thought it was too difficult.

"We took pictures of their bodies and said watch the change in their physique.

"The change has been miraculous and now they are enjoying it."
Nance worked with the Wallabies from 1998-2000, which took in the 1999 World Cup win, and has since been with with the Broncos, the London Broncos and coached rugby in France.

This was his first-venture into the round-ball code, and he saw room for improvement in conditioning.

"When rugby went from being amateur to professional, the last thing to change was the physical preparation, there was plenty of money but the players didn't want to work very hard for it," said Nance.

"I'm not saying the guys here are the same but they've never been pushed physically.

"The biggest difference is that we don't need to get them as big as rugby players but we still have to make them fast and powerful.

"People are still surrounded by the myth that by doing strength training you get slower and lose your flexibility. Actually it's totally the opposite.

"Football is quite physical with all the various contests for the ball that occur all over the pitch.

"We're trying to get them to a stage where they will be able to win more one-on-one's than they lose."


Lisbonlegend Posted on 18/8 23:05
re: MSS

Sounds good that. I could do with some of that at the minute. The exercise bike sounds good but I'm not as keen on his plunge pool technique though.

jarazinho Posted on 18/8 23:48
re: MSS

Have a look at Fitness First gyms...$40 per month will get u a membership(not peak time though)..they are all over Sydney..Good to catch up yest mate.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 18/8 23:56
re: MSS

Yeah, I'm planning to get a 2 week membership for $29 in a fortnight. My brother is a member there aswell.

Yeah, good to see you again mate and cheers for the tickets and for the advice. Had one more in the Commodore and then a couple in the rag and Famish before getting my bus back.

Hope you caught your train alright!

jarazinho Posted on 19/8 0:01
re: MSS

no dramas mate..have a good weekend.

jarazinho Posted on 21/8 23:57
re: MSS

morning boys/girls..

Boro85 Posted on 22/8 0:00
re: MSS

Morning Jaraz how you doing this morning?

jarazinho Posted on 22/8 0:03
re: MSS

Boro v Birmingham.
Wednesday 5

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jarazinho Posted on 22/8 0:29
re: MSS

Boro 85..good thanx mate..very quiet weekend,which was well needed!!

Feckov Posted on 22/8 0:33
re: MSS

Is there a Middlesbrough Supporters Melbourne up and running.
Have got family and friends just emigrated from the Boro and would be interested in swelling the MSM numbers!

Lisbonlegend Posted on 22/8 1:28
re: MSS

According to the MFC website there isn't an official Mlecourne branch up and running yet.

Link: Links

jarazinho Posted on 22/8 21:18
re: MSS

Boro v Charlton..

Live on Fox..10.30pm.........

Boro85 Posted on 22/8 21:35
re: MSS

Cheers Jaraz thats great news, ill pass that on see if i can get another convert.

Another early start i see.

jarazinho Posted on 22/8 21:44
re: MSS

yep 6 am start today...where are you mate??...5am tomorrow for the Birmingham game,live on fox also.

--- Post edited by jarazinho on 22/8 21:45 ---

Boro85 Posted on 22/8 21:54
re: MSS

5am is worth it for the boro mind - or at least it had better be.

Me? I am but a humble boro lad from Marton.
Its a friend in Victoria im trying to convert.

jarazinho Posted on 22/8 21:58
re: MSS

i was a Nunthorpe boy..

Lisbonlegend Posted on 25/8 0:43
re: MSS

Sun is shining and off to Ku Ring Gai Chase National park today. Lovely.

jarazinho Posted on 25/8 1:11
re: MSS

its beautifull round that area..enjoy..

Lisbonlegend Posted on 25/8 13:40
re: MSS

Yep it is, Cottage Point, Akuna Bay, West Head and then drove round to Palm Beach.

Brilliant. Just had fajitas to round off a great day.

jarazinho Posted on 25/8 22:21
re: MSS

You take a ferry from Palm Beach to my place..20 mins....

Lisbonlegend Posted on 27/8 0:59
re: MSS

Can't believe you commute all that way Jara! Do you get a train to Palm Beach and then ferry to yours? Must take you hours to get home.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 27/8 0:59
re: MSS

Can't believe you commute all that way Jara! Do you get a train to Palm Beach and then ferry to yours? Must take you hours to get home.

Otley_Boro Posted on 27/8 6:25
re: MSS

Alright LL?

Go to see NIN then?

Lisbonlegend Posted on 27/8 7:35
re: MSS

Now then OB, didn't go in the end unfortunately. Decided to get tickets to Foo Fighters supported by Kaiser Chiefs instead.

How's life in England?

Otley_Boro Posted on 27/8 7:38
re: MSS

Bit shyte when your on call and your @rse gets dragged in at 4am...

Thats twice this week.

You working?

Lisbonlegend Posted on 27/8 8:15
re: MSS


Nah, won't be working for at least another 3 weeks. Thankfully.

Otley_Boro Posted on 27/8 8:18
re: MSS


Got an E-mail of Grayzo the other day.

he is now a Resident, 2 more years and he is a Citizen.

Aussie wtat...

jarazinho Posted on 28/8 23:12
re: MSS

Morning mate...nah,i drive to station(12 mins)then about an hour on the train...beautifull area though..the family love it.Good to see some decent crowds at the "A"league games..Yorkes goal was quite tasty......thinking about taking the little one this Sunday to Central Coast v Newcastle..local derby!!..watched bits and pieces of the cricket...will be a cracking 5th test!!!..

ps.Englands WC games are only on "Sentanta"..shown at selected pubs around Sydney,normally about $25 to get in though!!

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Lisbonlegend Posted on 5/9 1:07
re: MSS

Middlesbrough v Arsenal Live on Fox Sports 1 at 02:10am.

Come on Boro!

Yeah, there have been some decent crowds so far. Yorke's goal was a good header but so was Archie Thompsons. Quite enjoying the A league so far.

I played for the North of England on Saturday at Neutral Bay.

NE 0-0 SE
NE 0-0 Ireland
NE 0-0 Australia
NE 0-2 Scotland
NE 1-0 London
NE 0-0 Rest of the World

We lost against the scots after dominating the game. I hit the post from 20 yards, had a good goal disallowed for a dodgy offside decision and their keeper made a wonder save from one of my shots near the end. We tried to force the game by going to 3-4-3 and conceded 2 late goals on the break. Mac would have been very disappointed with our managerial display. That game cost us our place in the final in which Ireland beat Australia 1-0. 6 games in one day after 3 months without a game. I'm still struggling to walk properly!

jarazinho Posted on 5/9 1:59
re: MSS

glad your getting into it mate!!

bgirl Posted on 5/9 11:09
re: MSS

Many of you lads been to an A League game?

We got over 20,000 for the first Roar game up here in Brissie. Good game and the standard was decent. Initially lacked some quality finishing but they came through in the end. NZ were a Bolton-esque side with some very tall central defenders. Watching the highlights on SBS they were unlucky to not get a result against Adelaide on the weekend.

Sadly there were many Manu/Liverpool shirts in the crowd. Our day brightened further on the train home when a bloke in a Boro shirt sat down opposite us. He proceeded to describe our Korean midfielder as the "George Boateng of the Roar".

Lisbonlegend Posted on 5/9 11:25
re: MSS

Missed the first Sydney home game against Melbourne, will hopefully make the next one. Who's your star player then BGIRL?

Lisbonlegend Posted on 6/9 2:20
re: MSS

An exciting day of CV writing and job hunting ahead. Great. I'd best finish my porridge first.

Timboi Posted on 6/9 2:47
re: MSS

The A-league has looked good for the first game. Some much nicer fottball being played and the bigger crowds are good too. Might pop along to one soonish.

L_L - how'd did you end up playing this thing in Neutral Bay? Is it just a casual ex-pats sort of thing?

Lisbonlegend Posted on 6/9 3:00
re: MSS

It was for North Sydney football club. My brother plays for the over 35's so I got invited along to play. Got tapped up by North Sydney Bears while I was playing aswell so playing for a Rest of the World team v Australia at Cammeray on Saturday afternoon, providing I've recovered from last weeks games that is!

Whereabouts are you living Timboi?

Timboi Posted on 6/9 3:41
re: MSS

I'm inner-west Sydney. I've had very limited exposure to playing football (the schools I went to in UK didn't play football) apart from much abouts. I was in a 5-a-side tounament and destroyed my big toe, which put a premature ending to that.
I'm actually popping back over to blighty for a month this week - it's been a while since I was back there.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 6/9 3:55
re: MSS

What part of inner west Sydney Timboi? Destroyed your big toe! That doesn't sound good at all mate. I've been struggling for full fitness for 2 years now after damaging the nerve in my back doing nothing but turning quickly when someone played the ball behind me. I'm going to go swimming and biking every day for the next few months and see how it goes.

Timboi Posted on 6/9 3:59
re: MSS

I'm in Drummoyne for the mo; we'll probably be looking to buy early next year so might have to move a little further out west.
I did my toe when I went to kick the ball hard and by the time my foot was where the ball was, instead there was the back of someone's heel, which bascially broke my toes and pushed my toenail about 4mm into my toe. Didn't hurt as much as you'd think (although it did hurt) but now it's all a bit calcified.
It's actually amazing how easily you can do your back in. I did my back in when I was 15, also turning (but in mid-air playing baketball) but I've never had too many problems with it.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 6/9 4:51
re: MSS

How long have you been over here Timboi?

That injury doesn't sound too nice at all.

I have done something to the nerve in my back, nipping it and it's still not free so it makes my left hamstring malfunction when I try to sprint. As I was a pretty quick runner prior to this it's even more disappointing and has pretty much destroyed my foot career.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 7/9 3:21
re: MSS

Alright Jara, off to Melbourne in October for an Expo to see if I can get a long term visa sorted.

Link: Jobhunt

jarazinho Posted on 7/9 3:22
re: MSS

nice one mate.....good luck!!!!!

Timboi Posted on 7/9 4:41
re: MSS

That sounds like a job for a chiropractor mate - some are dodgy but I can probably recommend a couple over here if it's something you want to look into.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 7/9 4:55
re: MSS

Afternoon Jara, I was planning to travel round Oz in February so I'm a bit unsure as what's in store for me next as I'm skint and need a job. Just finishing my generic CV as we speak and hunting for part time jobs.

Cheers Timboi, I may need a CHiropractor. Went to see an Osteopath about 8 times but at 35 quid a session and with no reall results it was pretty demoralising. That's 280 quid down the drain. I went to see our club physio about 10 times and it improved but since I came over here it's just got worse, probably due to my lack of exercise.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 7/9 5:30
re: MSS


Robot Puppet Operator

Part-time, casual
Sydney/NSW region

At children’s charity Camp Quality, laughter is the best medicine not only for our children and their families but also for our people too. So if you are looking to put a bit of fun in your working life, read on!

Giggle is our NEW fully mobile talking puppet! We’re looking for a humorous, vibrant and coordinated performer to bring our special brand of interactive fun therapy to children in oncology wards across Sydney and NSW. As the voice and remote control operator of ‘Giggle’, you’ll entertain children, singularly and in groups, in clinic and ward environments. You’ll also be called on from time-to-time to entertain at other Camp Quality activities and corporate/PR events.

You’ll need to have professional experience entertaining children, improvisational experience and a great sense of humour. Being predominantly in the hospital environment, you’ll need to have empathy and sensitivity to children with illnesses and their families. Experience with puppets is not essential, but you must be mentally and physically coordinated - simultaneously! Ideally you’ll also have some technical theatre knowledge (set maintenance/audio equipment) but this is not essential.

This is a casual position, initially 20 – 25 hours per month, but will increase as popularity for the entertainment grows. The position commences in mid November 2005, so we will be reviewing applications and interviewing in October/November.

Get your application to us by emailing Katie Prager at by Sunday 2nd October 2005.

Visit our website to download a detailed job description at

Camp Quality is an equal opportunity employer. All required applicant screening will be undertaken as pertains to employment in a child-related position. Applicants must hold a current driver’s licence.

Timboi Posted on 7/9 9:18
re: MSS

sweet - might go for that one myself

Sounds like fun and doing something for people as well. Get in there mate!

Lisbonlegend Posted on 7/9 10:44
re: MSS

I think I might be overqualified for it though.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 8/9 3:17
re: MSS

Boro v Sunderland 1am Fox Sports I hope.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 9/9 17:13
re: MSS

The Brooklen Hotel, Some other pub called Henry's or something and then the Australian were some cockney flipper, probably off his head started chewing my brother, saying he was taking the piss when in fact he was talking about Grange Hill. What a cockney freak, he won't do that again.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 11/9 18:36
re: MSS

Went in the Oxford Hotel last night and I've never seen such a collection of freaks in all my life. Transvestites, transexuals, numbskulls, etc. There was this one aboriginal transexual who scared the beegesus out of me. She was a monster.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 13/9 0:55
re: MSS

Oi Jara, where you been and what you been up to?

Lisbonlegend Posted on 13/9 1:04
re: MSS

Jara, is Setanta Ireland shown in any pubs in Sydney (for our UEFA cup match) or will I be forced into listening to Century?

jarazinho Posted on 13/9 1:19
re: MSS

Setanta do show games in the pubs around Sydney,they normally charge 25 ozzy to get in though..normally only cover the England,Scotland etc internationals and the occasional championship game when w ham were involved(plenty of Londoners in Sydney)...seems to be a bit hit and the schedule..have never seen them advertise and uefa games..

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Lisbonlegend Posted on 13/9 3:12
re: MSS

Cheers Jara, I'll do some scouting on the net then but I won't hold out much hope.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 13/9 3:26
re: MSS

This weekends TV footy.

12.00pm Premier League
1.30pm Premier League
7.30pm LIVE A League Football Round 4 Pre Game Show
8.00pm LIVE A League Football
10.00pm Premier League Preview

11.55pm LIVE Premier League Football(?) (Fox Sports 1)

1.00pm Premier League, Fulham v West Ham (Fox Sports 2)
1.45pm Premier League, Aston Villa v Tottenham (Fox Sports 2)
2.30pm LIVE A League Pre Game Show, Round 4 (Fox Sports 2)
3.00pm LIVE A League, Queensland v Melbourne (Fox Sports 2)
5.00pm LIVE A League, Newcastle v New Zealand (Fox Sports 2)
9.00pm LIVE Premier League, Liverpool v Man United (Fox Sports 1)
11.00pm LIVE Premier League, Blackburn v Newcastle (Fox Sports 1)

You going to the Sydney game v Central Coast at the Aussie stadium on Friday nioght Jara?

jarazinho Posted on 13/9 3:53
re: MSS

work function on difficult.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 13/9 3:57
re: MSS

I'm going to see if my brother fancies it so if you can get there then give me a shout mate. If not then enjoy your function and get your moneys worth of free booze.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 14/9 0:41
re: MSS

You sure you can't go Jara cos I've got 2 free tickets for me and my bro and might be able to get another for you.

Come on you Blues!

jarazinho Posted on 14/9 1:17
re: MSS

LL..srry mate cant,appreciate the offer though...

Lisbonlegend Posted on 14/9 8:55
re: MSS

Oh well, not to worry.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 17/9 4:15
re: MSS

We might have to make my pilgrimage up your way to another match Jara cos I've just realised that the Sydney to Woollongong 88km bike ride is the day after I'm supposed to travel to yours for the Central Coast v Sydney match and beers. Don't think I'd be in much state to ride in it if I went out on the piss all night!

I'll check the fixture list for other possible games.

Itsmegod Posted on 19/9 6:46
re: MSS

Hoof for Jara.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 20/9 3:51
re: MSS

Did you see this Jara?

B_Hills Posted on 20/9 12:01
re: MSS

I go to Oz twice a year usually stay at Sheraton in Darling Harbour, is that anywhere near where you guys are ?

Lisbonlegend Posted on 20/9 12:11
re: MSS

Nah B_Hills, I'm a 35-40 minute bus ride from the city and Darling Harbour. Roseville in North Sydney.

B_Hills Posted on 20/9 12:13
re: MSS

have to say its a cracking place !!!!

Lisbonlegend Posted on 20/9 13:51
re: MSS

Aye, it's not bad mate. The sunshine is a bonus.