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Kilburn Posted on 10/8 9:03
Hidetoshi Nakata

According to this morning's press gossip, Bolton are in for him.

He has often impressed me whan I've seen him play, and he is quick, creative and hardworking. He is also the right age, at 28.

Worth a punt as a Zenden replacement?

smoggieinmanc Posted on 10/8 9:04
re: Hidetoshi Nakata

He has done nothing for years, hence the reason he could end up at Bolton!

another_waster Posted on 10/8 9:04
re: Hidetoshi Nakata

over rated from what i hear.had a big money move before and ever since hes been going downhill.Is that a right description?

Kilburn Posted on 10/8 9:05
re: Hidetoshi Nakata

The same could have been said for Zenden before he came to Boro.

FwenchFwank Posted on 10/8 9:07
re: Hidetoshi Nakata

Might sell a few shirts in Japan.

Kilburn Posted on 10/8 9:07
re: Hidetoshi Nakata

If the japanese could make it over to the club shop in Teesside!

mickbrown Posted on 10/8 9:42
re: Hidetoshi Nakata

The words "town hall steps" and "arse" spring to mind

YoungAlf Posted on 10/8 11:49
re: Hidetoshi Nakata

i think you shud just bit the bullet mick and flash ur ass in the bolton town hall as you seem to be throwing it towards everything lately

you knows - you might get more laughs than peter kay?

borojap Posted on 10/8 14:28
re: Hidetoshi Nakata

A few years ago, I'd have said he would have been a great signing as he looked easily Japan's best player and was doing well in Italy. Not so sure now though. He's lost his way a bit in Italy and has drifted from club to club for the last few years.

He's also no longer the golden boy of Japanese football. That's partly due to other decent players emerging, but also because he's seen a bit like Roy Keane for Ireland - gets fed up easily with people he sees as clueless. His Italian is quite good and he's pissed off some Japanese journalists who were bugging him by giving press conferences only in Italian.

I think he would probably benefit from trying somewhere else other than Italy but I'm not totally sure if that'll be the spark that brings out the best of him or if he'll continue to lose his way. Overall, I'd say if any team can get him for not so much, on a loan or short-term deal, he'd be worth a try. I wouldn't risk big money on him though.

Kilburn Posted on 10/8 14:32
re: Hidetoshi Nakata

Well, as it's Bolton who are after him, I had imagined that he must be available either on a free or on loan.

He seems like the closest to a direct Zenden replacement who is available at the moment.

number_10 Posted on 10/8 14:39
re: Hidetoshi Nakata

Not as good as Nakamura or Ono.

borojap Posted on 10/8 14:45
re: Hidetoshi Nakata

I like Ono, but he's terribly injury prone. Nakamura is the one everyone raves about here but I don't think he's really proved himself yet. He preferred going to Scotland than to Spain, which surprised me. I'd actually see him as more of a risk than Nakata.

Nakata is fairly streetwise now, whereas I might be wrong, but I could imagine Nakamura getting kicked around the park a bit too easily. I've seen him have a few games where he was noticeably struggling when given less time on the ball than he was used to.