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BOBEND Posted on 15/8 17:46
Douala signs

More when I get it!!!

paulie69 Posted on 15/8 17:47
re: Douala signs

You serious or taking the hiss?

Cogeur_le_Conq Posted on 15/8 17:47
re: Douala signs

I hope you're right.

BerniesLaugh Posted on 15/8 17:48
re: Douala signs

ITS A wind up

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 15/8 17:48
re: Douala signs

he'll be talking Bollllocks man!

until i see him in a shirt, i wont believe anyof this carp!

BerniesLaugh Posted on 15/8 17:49
re: Douala signs

BOBEND why say that crap?

BOBEND Posted on 15/8 17:51
re: Douala signs

I've said before I don't do wind ups.

It'll hit the press tomorrow!!

BerniesLaugh Posted on 15/8 17:52
re: Douala signs

BOBEND and ive shagged Britney spears

mowbrays_number_4 Posted on 15/8 17:53
re: Douala signs

that's more interesting!

fatknackerlardarse Posted on 15/8 17:53
re: Douala signs

Really, can I have a go next, please!!!!

BerniesLaugh Posted on 15/8 17:55
re: Douala signs

Nah she pregnant now so she only wants ME

Bukowski_MFC Posted on 15/8 17:56
re: Douala signs

I heard a rumour earlier today from a source at the club that both Douala and Rochemback were having their medicals today and that Job had failed his medical at West Ham due to having a dodgy ankle. True.

A_New_Era Posted on 15/8 17:57
re: Douala signs

The auld source at the club. Good one

BOBEND Posted on 15/8 17:58
re: Douala signs

I've never come on here to wind anyone up or play with peoples emotions, I have been wrong i.e Viduka to the toon, but that deal was on at 10 o'clock at night before a change of heart the next morning. The same applies to the Douala deal, except he's signed and there's no going back for any party.

Bukowski_MFC Posted on 15/8 17:59
re: Douala signs

I don't spin yarns.

Boro85 Posted on 15/8 17:59
re: Douala signs

To be fair though, ill take any little bit of hope that i can. So fingers crossed BOBEND and Bukowski are right.

A_New_Era Posted on 15/8 18:00
re: Douala signs

Except for the Job bit surely?

Bukowski_MFC Posted on 15/8 18:54
re: Douala signs

That's honestly what I've heard.

Big_Shot Posted on 15/8 18:56
re: Douala signs

I've heard the Douala done deal rumour also, and that Rochemack is also very likely. Be interesting to see what happens over the next few days.

karembeu_ca Posted on 15/8 18:57
re: Douala signs

Geremi will sign by 5pm tomorrow.

I figured no one else had posted it yet today.

flash_harry_boro Posted on 15/8 18:59
re: Douala signs

Douala is a possibility but how on earth are we meant to get Rochembach. He's Brazilian, never played for his country and he's on loan at Sporting. No chance surely.

badbradderz Posted on 15/8 19:01
re: Douala signs

rochembak HAS played for Brazil, im sure of it.

Boro85 Posted on 15/8 19:01
re: Douala signs

Please. Pretty please. Pretty please with a giant red foam hand and bags of official merchandise on top.

flash_harry_boro Posted on 15/8 19:01
re: Douala signs

Maybe once. Surely that doesnt qualify him for a work permit.

Big_Shot Posted on 15/8 19:04
re: Douala signs

What I also heard was that the reason he played in the CL is because Newcastle had bid €8m for him and were happy for him to do so, but have now pulled out of the deal. Of course it just another rumour but its interesting that Newcastle are no longer in for him after being so last week. Obviously if any of this is true then something should happen soon.

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badbradderz Posted on 15/8 19:07
re: Douala signs

call it blind hope, call it me being gullable, but i always believe rumours like these posted by ppl swearing blind its the truth until something happens to prove them wrong...i want this deal to happen so much, and after the day i've had today i could do with a little pick me 2moro morning, so BOBEND, if its not true, im gonna kneecap ya, k?

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karembeu_ca Posted on 15/8 19:09
re: Douala signs

I'll hold him, you can hit him and there will be a line-up behind you (hark at me talking american again - a QUEUE behind you)

badbradderz Posted on 15/8 19:12
re: Douala signs

sounds like a plan...homie! *throws down some signs*

Cobain_94 Posted on 15/8 19:13
re: Douala signs

Big Shot, I've heard exactley the same - newcastle and douala. I also heard the reason why they pulled out of the deal.

Big_Shot Posted on 15/8 19:20
re: Douala signs

because Shepherd was trying to sign him without Souness knowing.

karembeu_ca Posted on 15/8 19:24
re: Douala signs

actually it was Douala that signalled his intention not to go - Craig Bellamy text messaged him and set his straight about the club!

BOBEND Posted on 15/8 19:25
re: Douala signs

LOL at Badbradderz.

Don't worry mate i've been waiting for this to happen for weeks and I know what it's like to be wound up by nobs on here.

This is gen! so put ya feet up and have a few beers tonight!!

scoea Posted on 15/8 19:27
re: Douala signs

I've heard the same. Deal done.

ScarboroSmoggy Posted on 15/8 19:36
re: Douala signs

Scoea, thats the deal bolloxed then.

bblf Posted on 15/8 19:37
re: Douala signs

Im not believing anything until someone has heard it from some bloke who works at Teesside airport. END OF.

mishmash Posted on 15/8 19:38
re: Douala signs

Who fancies inviting Keith Lamb out for a nights drinking, getting him p!ssed, and extracting ALL of the transfer title tattle out of him ?

Boro85 Posted on 15/8 19:38
re: Douala signs

So is this deal done for both or just one?

scoea Posted on 15/8 19:39
re: Douala signs

Scarb - I haven't read a post from you for days. Do you just wait for me to post and then pounce?

I don't know whether to feel flattered or scared!

ben_boro Posted on 15/8 19:41
re: Douala signs

I really hope you are right but i have heared so many similar stories over the months and non have them have ever been true so i am not getting my hopes up.

Also i signed up for transfer text alerts and heared before anyone last year that Hasselbaink was having a medical prior to him signing and i have recieved nothing about Doula.

Another wind up i be thinking

ScarboroSmoggy Posted on 15/8 19:51
re: Douala signs


I've been away for a few days.

scoea Posted on 15/8 19:52
re: Douala signs


*Wipes away cold sweat from forehead*

comfortable_shoes Posted on 15/8 20:09
re: Douala signs

Now I know I should know better but I will be glued to SSN late into the night now!!!!

ben_boro Posted on 15/8 20:19
re: Douala signs

If a deal was done you would have heared a few more relaible rumours today

JimmyMFC1 Posted on 15/8 20:25
re: Douala signs

Sorry mate I am going to have to put you out of your misery, it's 'heard' not 'heared'

ThePrisoner Posted on 15/8 20:25
re: Douala signs

What could possibly be more reliable than an anonymous poster on a football message board?

Cobain_94 Posted on 15/8 20:56
re: Douala signs

I believe this now, I don't put much stock in the rumours on here but people have heard the same thing I have. My information is 2nd hand like, but is reliable.

GoBoro Posted on 15/8 21:01
re: Douala signs


Ill give you a clue his name is in the topic title

borodrew Posted on 15/8 21:03
re: Douala signs

DOH - lua lua?

ben_boro Posted on 15/8 21:03
re: Douala signs

Who are all these reliable sources then ????????

Cobain_94 Posted on 15/8 21:05
re: Douala signs

Don't know but he's a nasty man.

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ben_boro Posted on 15/8 21:06
re: Douala signs

KFC on Linthorpe road, now thats one way of attracting foreign players to the area.

The delights of Middlesbrough

ben_boro Posted on 15/8 21:06
re: Douala signs

KFC on Linthorpe road, now thats one way of attracting foreign players to the area.

The delights of Middlesbrough

ben_boro Posted on 15/8 21:54
re: Douala signs

This better be a genuine rumour as i will be well dissapointed this time tommorow if we hear nothing

Cobain_94 Posted on 15/8 21:55
re: Douala signs

I don't know about tomorrow but we are close to a deal apparantley.

BOBEND Posted on 15/8 22:44
re: Douala signs

The Douala signing isn't the only bit of good news expect more to come.

badbradderz Posted on 15/8 22:47
re: Douala signs

details BOBEND, remember im on edge, and you're running out of knee caps if you're making this stuff up.

BOBEND Posted on 15/8 22:51
re: Douala signs

I can't Badbradderz i've said to much already and this one isn't sealed yet, but if it comes off we'll all be chuffed!!!

JimmytheHill Posted on 15/8 22:51
re: Douala signs

If its all true.....all the "more to come" why dont you just come out and write it????
If its going to happen then why hide it??
Or are you waiting till it is released and then are you gonna write...."i told you so" ?

JimmytheHill Posted on 15/8 22:52
re: Douala signs

"Iv said too much already" !!!!!

Good one!

BOBEND Posted on 15/8 23:03
re: Douala signs

"I told you so" grow up Jimmy!

rses like you are the reason I won't give names, i've read the crap Scoea got when he gave some info on here last year. The deal is done for Douala and it will be in the press in the morning. You can wait for SSN for the rest!!!

ste_north_stand Posted on 15/8 23:06
re: Douala signs

Wouldn't normally bother with this but at footy tonight my mate said Franky Q came into his work today with a friend and his friend mentioned to someone that Douala was about to sign. Sounds a bit iffy but is it too much of a coincidence?

forza_boro Posted on 16/8 0:12
re: Douala signs

Interesting stuff bobend lets hope it happens.

JimmytheHill Posted on 16/8 0:18
re: Douala signs

"rses like you"

Im only printing wat most of board is thinking.......
If Douala signs, id be happy but i just get sick of all this
"so and so is signing this wk" or "so and so is signing nxt wk"
And then they dont happen......everyone gets wrked up, everyone starts slagging whoever off, and then people get called "rsrs".....nice!
I just find all this chinese whispery stuff a bit sheite....then people say they cant name him but he's signing....well wats the point in writing the post in 1st place?
Call me an "a rse" for giving my opinion.......fair enough!

And i have not once slagged Scoea off or anyone else for that matter!

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Bukowski_MFC Posted on 16/8 9:00
re: Douala signs

If the sky sports website is to be believed, we've been misled yet again. Hope not.

DybuksChampion Posted on 16/8 9:05
re: Douala signs

Interesting that the Mirror has Job failing a medical today though.

stipey Posted on 16/8 9:05
re: Douala signs

lmao - first you use scoea as a reason for not naming names (hmm, geremi and ballack anyone) and now famous last words, wait for SSN for the rest....well i have and he has snubbed us...!!!

when will people realise that 99.9% of things you are told about signings are complete bollox...

mishmash Posted on 16/8 9:35
re: Douala signs

BOBEND's contact is now exposed as The Northern Echo, who incidentally have got it ALL wrong.

Well done BOBEND. "I've said before I don't do wind ups.

It'll hit the press tomorrow!!"

In future keep your 'exclusives' to yourself.

dargis Posted on 16/8 9:39
re: Douala signs

it did hit the press.
it's football, the home of u-turns, someone if not everybody always gets it all wrong

ben_boro Posted on 16/8 9:41
re: Douala signs

Zenden might be right about Lamb

To negotiate for 3 weeks over a fee then have the player seemingly instantly reject a move seems a bit bizzarre

dargis Posted on 16/8 9:50
re: Douala signs

maybe he wants to leave only doesn't want to have Boro as the 1st/only option where to. maybe Rodolph just waits for other clubs offers, he just wants to see where else could he play. now that the fee is agreed.. Boro have blazed the path.. maybe he doesn't refuse to play here, just waits for Man Utd ..or Spurs.. to get interested in him.. if not, he'll accept Boro

sasboro Posted on 16/8 9:51
re: Douala signs

he will come once the money is too good to turn down and after the udinese game he will come if lisbon get knocked out

dargis Posted on 16/8 9:53
re: Douala signs

c'mon Udinese!

Boro85 Posted on 16/8 9:53
re: Douala signs

ffs this is why people usually think twice about spreading rumours they believe to be true. Yet we dont even know if he got it wrong, its all speculation.

Jesus leave the poor guys alone.

paulie69 Posted on 16/8 9:53
Douala signs

I spoke to a Journo is the pub last month; at this time of year when their is no real news these guys do go to websites (including fans sites) for stories, exclusives etc. He said to me that if there are fans of a particular club who are crying out for a particular player then they will print a story without any quoutes all based on 'alleged' remarks, this is just to sell papers! I think it is true; or he was just a drunk spinning me a line!

Cockney_Barra_Boy Posted on 16/8 9:54
re: Douala signs

Why would he or anyone for that fact wait for 'Spurs', jesus, sick of people making out they are something they're not.

Everyone has them as the team to break the top 4, b0ll0x.

stipey Posted on 16/8 9:58
re: Douala signs

boro85 - it is more the fact they come over high and mighty with the 'i know somthing you dont know' and 'i cant reveal my sources as it is someone high up in the club'.....inevitably it is usually some bloke down the pub who has told them. they just seem to get off on a 'power trip' when in fact they know about the same as the rest of us.....nothing...

dargis Posted on 16/8 9:59
re: Douala signs

Cockney_Bara_Boy, i was being sarcastic. about the way players coming to the PL still always consider Spurs as the big club. it's ridiculous but look what's happening. they ARE attracted to Spurs/London 'glamour'..

dargis Posted on 16/8 10:01
re: Douala signs

all i'm saying that he wants to choose. and who wouldn't.. that's why he's not rushing signing for Boro. and i said MAYBE

grantus Posted on 16/8 10:03
re: Douala signs

Its all gone crazy, f'cking crazy. 3 players we agree terms with their clubs.

2 of them done want to come for whatever reason, they say "they never wanted to leave in the 1st place", Geremi and Douala.
The one that doeswant to come we change our mind and send him back, Lovendkrans (sp). He then has some of his best form of the last 3 years.

What the f'ck is going on?

Piquet2 Posted on 16/8 10:06
re: Douala signs

I've said it before and I'll say it again, maybe players are beginning to realise we have the ficklest fans in the PL.

badbradderz Posted on 16/8 10:06
re: Douala signs

dont forget we agreed deals for Appiah and Hargreaves as well....only for them to flat turn us down.

ScarboroSmoggy Posted on 16/8 10:08
re: Douala signs

Rubbish Piquet2, all football fans are the same.

grantus Posted on 16/8 10:11
re: Douala signs

That sums up the attitude of some of them on here.

Blaming the fans because the club cant sign players. Real smart. Call yourself a Boro fan do you?

Well done, thats obviously the reason. Also the reason why so much bickering goes on on here.

What a stupid thing to say.

boro24 Posted on 16/8 10:13
re: Douala signs

ScarboroSmoggy Posted on 16/8 10:14
re: Douala signs

boro24 we all knew.

Cobain_94 Posted on 16/8 10:22
re: Douala signs

"Despite Douala's insistence, Portuguese and English sources are still stating that a deal will be concluded soon."

BOBEND Posted on 16/8 10:26
re: Douala signs

"Power trip" for gods sake!! Last night the message coming from the club was "Douala signs", I don't know anything about the quotes on the sky sports site this morning but I haven't heard anything this morning to contradict what I posted last night, i'm trying to get more info now. When I find out what is going on i'll post it on here, good or bad news! if you don't want to read it fair enough but this is a message board and if I think something is 100% accurate (and only 100% accurate) I will let you all know.

"power trip" FFS IT'S A MESSAGE BOARD!!!!!

DybuksChampion Posted on 16/8 10:36
re: Douala signs

BOBEND surely it is a power trip. Forget forging a great career, pulling a top bird or being damn good at a sport. The biggest thing in life is to write stuff on a message board that people reply to.

OK sarcasm off. those who think it is a power trip are probably the same ones who get excited about having a 100 thread on here.

If anyone has any rumours strong or weak why the hell shouldn't they post them. What else do people want to be posting FFS.

scoea Posted on 16/8 10:39
re: Douala signs

BOBEND - you'll get used to this. Apparently anything I post is made up to make myself look good in cyberworld!

I can't think of anything more sad than posting falsehoods to make oneself look good on here.

I post things that I am told and that I trust as reliable. As far as I'm concerned the Douala deal is done as of yesterday. If that has changed today then fine but there is nothing wrong in posting it in the first place.

ScarboroSmoggy Posted on 16/8 10:48
re: Douala signs

Surely a done deal is a done deal and cannot change in a day?

grantus Posted on 16/8 10:53
re: Douala signs

It can, it happened to me.

stipey Posted on 16/8 11:39
re: Douala signs

i've got no problems with ppl posting rumours as long as they admit that that is all it is.

what i cant abide is people coming out with 'facts' like this:

"The same applies to the Douala deal, except he's signed and there's no going back for any party."

and then moaning and back tracking when people point out that what they have posted is complete c_rap.

scoea, there is no ifs and buts that you get off on supposedly knowing more than us 'mortals' and always have add 'i cant tell you more' to leave us in suspense.

fact is geremi and ballack are nowhere to be seen despite your insistence at the time that they were 'done deals'

scoea Posted on 16/8 11:42
re: Douala signs

Stipey - you really should pay more attention. In both cases I simply said that we were TRYING to get those players which is absolute fact. I never claimed them to be done deals because quite clearly they weren't.

The information I got yesterday was that the Douala deal was done. Don't forget that the interviews with both player and agent are at least a day old and there may have been developments since then.

dargis Posted on 16/8 12:09
re: Douala signs

yeah yeah, but Ballack? it's more like a dream kind of wish..

scoea Posted on 16/8 12:48
re: Douala signs

Neither the agent nor the player knew at the time of their quotes that Boro had agreed a fee which would suggest that the quotes are from yesterday or the day before.

dargis Posted on 16/8 12:56
re: Douala signs

could be..
as i said, u-turns happen these days quite often.

'As far as we know, there is no agreement between Sporting and Boro for the transfer.'

the problem - no European football. they taking the p*ss? who created this 'problem' in the first place?

boyfromtheboro Posted on 16/8 12:59
re: Douala signs

All the signs are pointing to him not signing!! We really do need to bring some quality in. I hope all the stuff reported is old stuff but I'm not optimistic!!

dargis Posted on 16/8 13:02
re: Douala signs

if he's on 5k a week i can't see him not signing.
Europe - a problem these days? just ask Bellamy, Parker, Baros..

LiamO Posted on 16/8 13:10
re: Douala signs

ScarboroSmoggy - unfortunately the annals of football are littered with "done deals" that were then mysteriously undone.

Examples are legion but do you need to look any further than the current Michael Essien saga?

Or how about John Obi Mikel - anyone remember the following from on 29/04/2005?

"Manchester United are delighted to announce that it has today concluded an agreement with the Norwegian club, FC Lyn Oslo, in respect of the central midfield player John Obi Mikel."

BOBEND Posted on 16/8 16:40
re: Douala signs

Right as promised a quick update.

Obviously everyone last night believed the deal was done and sealed, I haven't spoke to anyone today who believes anything has changed and everyone believes the deal is still on. However, The agent has made the comments as reported and no news is coming out of the club either on the QT or in the press to contradict what he's saying so I can't say anything for sure either way. Basically it seems everyone reached an agreement and now the agent is playing hard ball to get a better deal and using the media to get it. It could go either way now but it's not dead yet!!

Obviously there are allot of assumptions in the above and I wouldn't usually say anything unless I had facts and I believed they were accurate (as last night), but I feel I owe a few of you so I've told you what I know. Sorry for the disappointment, but when I posted the message EVERYONE I know believed the deal was done!

Don't be to down though good things will happen soon I'm confident of that!!

JLinardi Posted on 16/8 16:41
re: Douala signs

you have basically confirmed what i was thinking bobend. Can you tell us straight away if you hear any other developments? Out of the club douala and sporting your the only one whos actually bothering to give updats on it.

BOBEND Posted on 16/8 16:45
re: Douala signs

I wont post again on this subject until I know something for sure, it's caused to much stress!!!

HepDude Posted on 16/8 17:04
re: Douala signs

I would think that it is as simple as - if he stays with Sporting, he plays in Europe, but if he moves to Boro, he doesn't - only because he is cup-tied.

Sporting went further than Boro in Europe last year, all along I have not been able to see why Douala would move.

The history of this deal is that we've previously failed to agree a fee with Sporting, perhaps the "deal is done" was simply the agreement with Sporting, but not the player.

grantus Posted on 16/8 17:18
re: Douala signs

BOBEND, id rather see the posts either way ladd, rumours and speculation are part of football. Keep them coming, i appreciate you.

scoea Posted on 16/8 17:23
re: Douala signs

If Sporting go out of botht he UEFA and Champs League Douala could be registered to play in Europe for us for all games after February anyway.

I haven't heard anything to contradict what BOBEND says above.

Totality Posted on 16/8 17:26
re: Douala signs

Deal will be done by Friday.

Otley_Boro_Fan Posted on 16/8 17:45
re: Douala signs


HepDude Posted on 16/8 18:09
re: Douala signs

I was exactly right:

"I can assure you that the player is not interested in moving to Boro," Gama [Douala's Agent] told PA Sport. "We've told that to Sporting Lisbon and we've explained that the reason is because he cannot play in UEFA competitions this season."

LiamO Posted on 16/8 19:38
re: Douala signs

HepDude, well you must be exactly right, because that sounds definite. Almost as definite as:

“England has the Olympics but Chelsea will not get Michael Essien. Michael Essien is, and will remain, a Lyon player."

Jean-Michel Aulas, Lyon Chairman

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Bukowski_MFC Posted on 16/8 21:08
re: Douala signs

He was due to have a medical yesterday and apparently didn't turn up. Deal off.

stipey Posted on 16/8 21:21
re: Douala signs

looks like bobend is making a late entry for the booker prize..

amelvg1 Posted on 16/8 21:39
re: Douala signs

douala isnt signing but look on the bright side..... xaviers having a trial. every cloud....

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paulie69 Posted on 16/8 21:43
re: Douala signs

Bobend - I don't think this deal will go ahead. Sporting are trying to cash in on a player who cost them less than £1m only a year ago. He is a left winger anyway so I am not bothered - please can we move on and sign a player for the RIGHT hand side of midfield? How about our old favourite Malbranque or Geremi, I would take either!

HepDude Posted on 16/8 21:53
re: Douala signs

I agree that anything said by an agent could be sh * te.

BTW, I don't see Malbranque leaving Fulham if he hasn't already after several offers. Fulham don't need money (for obvious reasons).

iron_nops Posted on 16/8 21:55
re: Douala signs

I truly can't believe that he won't sign a 4-5 year contract just because he is cup-tied in europe this year, it just sounds too rediculous.

Also given that he's probably on sod all at SL and would treble or quadruple his wages! it must be - as Bobend said - his agent just trying to drive up the wages part of it.

scoea Posted on 16/8 21:57
re: Douala signs

Paulie - please stop referring to him as a left winger. He is right footed FFS.

amelvg1 Posted on 16/8 22:06
re: Douala signs

why has his agent waited for us 2 agree a fee to tell us this??? if the player didnt want 2 cum becuas he was cup tied he would of said last wednesday or whenever they played agenst udinese im jus praying he does sign cos i am very dissapointed after all the trouble we have had trying to agree a fee.

amelvg1 Posted on 16/8 22:27
re: Douala signs

any news bobend???

BOBEND Posted on 16/8 22:41
re: Douala signs

It's not dead yet!!

karmapolice Posted on 16/8 22:45
re: Douala signs


amelvg1 Posted on 16/8 23:01
re: Douala signs

keep us up 2 date bobend ingore all the diks who are not aprreciating your news. how mnay sources are u gerrin news off??

dargis Posted on 17/8 7:39
re: Douala signs

i believe this "unfortunatelly, he is cup-tied" cra_p IS the way to get a better deal.
agents benefit from transfers. players like Douala too. how? they get more money.
look at any job - say, advertising. would i agree if one year i didn't win any awards, just my salary would become 3 times bigger - f_cking yes i'd love that!
so i don't believe this 'Europe is everything' nonsense. if it would matter so much for D (and it DOES matter to us, just in different way) his agent and club - both in a money hunt - would have suggested him not to play against Udinese.. but they decided - hey, we need to get to CL, so we play RD, and cut one million off the transfer deal. so what? the important stuff is - to get to Champs League AND get a Douala cash deal done

ben_boro Posted on 17/8 7:48
re: Douala signs

Comments he made are that he will not be signing for Middlesbrough.

Saying talks broke down and he is returning to Sporting is more realistic if he wants a better deal

But to say he will definately be staying with Sporting, suggest the deal is completely off

ScarboroSmoggy Posted on 17/8 7:51
re: Douala signs

We've wasted to much time on this deal, Just like we did with the Appiah deal, we have to move on and quickly, at least it looks like we're doing that with getting Xavier in. .

dargis Posted on 17/8 8:22
re: Douala signs

Xavier is rubbish. i don't want Boro to turn into a club of has-beens' mediocrity..

sasboro Posted on 17/8 8:28
re: Douala signs

if a deal can stil be done, it will probably happen if udinese knock sporting out of europe. they ae 1-0 down and douala probably wants to help get sporting through

Bazooka_that_Viduka Posted on 17/8 8:30
re: Douala signs

Sporting then go to UEFA cup. Douala still has European football.

ben_boro Posted on 17/8 9:00
re: Douala signs

Appiah chose Fenerbache as they could offer hima better deal.

Keep this attitude up when attracting and securing new players and we might as well just change our name to Middlesbore FC, the most dire team in football, the world has ever seeen.

dargis Posted on 17/8 9:34
re: Douala signs

what atittude? there's the brand. you can't change it much. just look at spurs. they are still 'almighty big club'..
if no one wants to play HERE - so be it. not everyone wants to play for Chelsea/United neither, so stop eating yourself. it's just a game. let's play it. this off-pitch transfer dizziness is an ugly disease..

amelvg1 Posted on 19/8 14:56
re: Douala signs

he will be on teesside on monday.

sasboro Posted on 19/8 14:57
re: Douala signs

someone should tell lamb,cos he's in portugal on monday

heaton_mersey_boro Posted on 19/8 14:59
re: Douala signs

....thats why Douala is on Teesside.

amelvg1 Posted on 19/8 15:01
re: Douala signs

lambs probs on holiday needing it after all these complex negotiations

amelvg1 Posted on 19/8 15:03
re: Douala signs

where does it say lambs in portugal on monday?

sasboro Posted on 19/8 15:04
re: Douala signs

probably the same place where it says douala is on teesside on monday

Bazooka_that_Viduka Posted on 19/8 15:08
re: Douala signs

Just spotted Douala boarding a teesside bound flight. Lamb has just gone through to the departure lounge at teesside en route to Portugal.

Perhaps Lamb is planning watching Douala tonight playing for Sporting.

amelvg1 Posted on 19/8 15:09
re: Douala signs

i got that info from a trusty source

CrazyL Posted on 19/8 15:27
re: Douala signs

Am I wrong or do only those teams knocked out of the CL group stages enter the UEFA cup? That being the case Sporting would be out of Europe if they lose to Udinese.

Gaizka_Is_God Posted on 19/8 15:30
re: Douala signs

nah, banik ostrava played us last year because they lost their champions league qualifier.

fatharrywhite Posted on 19/8 15:30
re: Douala signs

you're wrong. teams that lose in this qualifying round go to the the UEFA cup