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Kilburn Posted on 19/8 12:08
Client focus.

Got sent this from a friend who does recruitment this morning.

Going through job applications yesterday, one candidate stood out. This is what he wrote under the 'Client Focus' section of his application form -

As a Private solider in the Territorial Army I have undergone a Potential NCO course. On exercise I was appointed as a section commander and came under effective enemy fire, with depth positions. This basically means you have position A and behind that position there’s another position (B), that can fire on position A if taken. I called in my reserve section to give covering fire as this was the most appropriate decision, whilst my section, consisting of eight soldiers, attacked the first position and then gave covering fire to the in-depth position. I had to think quickly and decide immediately to execute my attack plan, because with most situations conserving ammunition is critical.

I think we should interview him, just to see if he looks like Gareth from 'The Office'.

JLinardi Posted on 19/8 12:11
re: Client focus.

i dont get it.

petrio Posted on 19/8 12:12
re: Client focus.

I do and no, you bloody well shouldn't!

darklordbenj Posted on 19/8 12:13
re: Client focus.

that's me!