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OPEO Posted on 3/10 19:15
Marton coffee bar

Anyone here remember it? Late 60s early 70s t'was the place to be.

MsCurly Posted on 3/10 19:17
re: Marton coffee bar

It was called the Milk Bar though to be fair it was more of a coffee shop.

They had an big Asteroids game at the bottom end and every flavour of 'Arrow' bar available.

It was also owned by borokaza's parents (she posts on here sometimes), the whole family are massive Boro fans.

OPEO Posted on 3/10 19:22
re: Marton coffee bar

I went to the high school and had loads of mates in marton and did me paper round at the shop in Canberra crescent.

MsCurly Posted on 3/10 19:24
re: Marton coffee bar

The paper shop was on Woodrow Avenue, joined onto Canberra Road.

Not to be pedantic.

OPEO Posted on 3/10 19:26
re: Marton coffee bar

I didn't have lights on me bike.

MsCurly Posted on 3/10 19:31
re: Marton coffee bar

Ah, the lights were on alright.

Only nobody was home...........................hehe, only joking OPEO.

I used to live on Canberra and did a paper round there too, all over that side of Marton right down to Fairy Dell.

Took me bloody ages it did, all those long driveways, hehe.

red_ruth Posted on 3/10 21:42
re: Marton coffee bar

ay up ms curly spent me first 20 years growing up in canberra road (number44) where you?

MsCurly Posted on 3/10 21:44
re: Marton coffee bar

Used to be no49, red_ruth.

Oh....I miss the old gaff!

borojam Posted on 3/10 21:51
re: Marton coffee bar

Are either of you from the clan Jackson or Smithies?? Im an ex Worsley Crescent boy (the hard side of Gunnergate lane)

MsCurly Posted on 3/10 22:08
re: Marton coffee bar

No borojam, although I know the Jackson's well.....(reference ownership of Milk Bar)..they're a good bunch, boro through and through and jolly good drinkers to boot!!!

red_ruth Posted on 3/10 22:08
re: Marton coffee bar

worsley cres! hard!? it's dawn of the dead round there. Jacksons or smithies, early to mid seventies?
yes i do miss the place but i guess all things move on. number 49...? hmmn....go on who are ya?

MsCurly Posted on 3/10 22:09
re: Marton coffee bar


You're not talking about an ex Boro player who used to live on Canberra, are you?

Can't disclose names red_ruth, but you probably don't know me.....maybe one of my older siblings.

MsCurly Posted on 3/10 22:12
re: Marton coffee bar

Oh, you really DID mean 'Smithies'....the Smith family used to live a few doors down you see.

There was a young lad about the same age of me called Smithies, can't remember his first name now.....would be around 33 though.

red_ruth Posted on 3/10 22:19
re: Marton coffee bar

frank spraggon, didn't he used to live around there, 49.....hmn, I'll figure it out....opposite side to me down the road.

borokaza Posted on 3/10 22:34
re: Marton coffee bar

Had to get in on this one. Although Curly's stole my thunder. My Dad had the coffee bar (Which was actually called the Cleveland Maid Coffee Bar) from about 78 to 81. Had many happy hours there. The Smithies were John and Allison. Canberra Road was definately the place to be back then especially at New Year. We definately new how to throw a party. I especially remember the Silver Jubilee street party we had. I've still got a lovely picture with a very young Ms Curly in her very short skirt and sun hat.

borojam Posted on 3/10 22:48
re: Marton coffee bar

Kaza, Up to the age of about 12-13 I was good mates with your brother, Yogo. I left to live in Geordieland round about 85. Ask him If he remembers Jammy.

According to R. the slush puppy machine was the first in Cleveland!

BoscoBoy Posted on 3/10 22:49
re: Marton coffee bar

I used to live in Canberra as well but I think it must have been before your time. I left there in 78 and my parents moved out in 83.

borokaza Posted on 3/10 22:56
re: Marton coffee bar

Hi Jam, I remember you and I'll certainly tell Rob you are on here, he reads the posts quite often but I don't think he posts much. BB, we moved to Canberra in '74 so we were there at the same time. We lived at 38.

borojam Posted on 3/10 23:00
re: Marton coffee bar

Cheers Kaz,

Last I heard Rob had not been playing footie for a while (this was about 15 years ago!!). If so that was a hell of a shame coz your kid had some skills when I knew him. Also in those days the two of us were the only BOro fans in our gang and not liverpool/spurs etc. What is he up to these days?

borokaza Posted on 3/10 23:09
re: Marton coffee bar

He had to give the footie up unfortunately when he was diagnosed with a form of arthritis. He manages mum and dad's residential home. He's married with a little boy now and lives up in Brotton. He's still a season ticket holder in the SW corner and is a keen golfer.
How's life with you?

jarazinho Posted on 3/10 23:17
re: Marton coffee bar

Remember it well!!..would have to walk down from High-Gill rd every sunday with my brother to meet my gran...she would always buy us a huge 99 er each!!...would toss a coin to see who walked her back in the evening!!!(it was a bit of a hike!!)

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MsCurly Posted on 4/10 0:30
re: Marton coffee bar

Hehe, I remember you too, jammy.

A bright haired youngster like 'Yogo' I seem to recall.

borojam Posted on 5/10 14:57
re: Marton coffee bar

Indeed, I was a carrot top too. People used to think Rob and I were brothers when we were 8-9. Sorry to hear about his arthritis, he was a hell of a player when he was younger

I am now married and living in the British Virgin Islands. I managed to fly back for the Carling Cup Final, but I have not been back much since.

Ms C, give me a clue, would I know you?????

Buddy Posted on 5/10 15:05
re: Marton coffee bar

Can I join the Canberra Rd clique please? 77-88 in my case.

brotto Posted on 5/10 15:14
re: Marton coffee bar

Hi jamo its your old brother here hope your well (british virgin islands) all right for some i had to settle for brotton, well they are more or less twinned with each other, long time no see , have you still got that geordie accent.As for you Kaza stop giving all my secrets away. And finally Mscurly how are you not seen you since Lisbon hope you and the family are well and never know might see you in Alkmaar

borojam Posted on 5/10 15:24
re: Marton coffee bar

Yogo!! how you doin mate?? Still got the geordie accent Im afraid. Congrats on the nipper.

I had a season ticket for 5-6 years before shipping out here in SW corner. Saw Jon Lymer at a game just before I came over here.

Do any of the old Lingfield boys still go to the game, Biff, Simmsy, Brownlee etc??

Maybe coming back to the UK to live next year so I will get in touch to meet for a beer and catch up on the last 20 years )eep!)

Ms Curly, you are still a mystery to me!!

mboro19 Posted on 5/10 15:26
re: Marton coffee bar

All this talk of great parties sounds nothing like the Canberra Road i now live on. It seems to get quieter by the month.

Moved over the road from your beloved 49 five years ago MsCurly.

Can see the old gaff from me bedroom window

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Buddy Posted on 5/10 15:27
re: Marton coffee bar

I was special even then you know. Went to Captain Cook's instead of Lingfield.

*waits for bb75 re special schools*

MsCurly Posted on 5/10 15:28
re: Marton coffee bar

Jammy, you might remember me, I don't know. If you did, I'm sure I would be remembered as the highly annoying tomboy friend and next door neighbour of Miss Orange (that's not another hair reference, you'll know who I mean) hehe.

Buddy, I wonder if I know you too?

Hiya brotto, was good to see you in Lisbon (and fleetingly in Villareal come to think of it)....I still believe your strange friend whom I met on the balcony in Lisbon to be quite insane.

Hope you and the rest of your crew are all well.

Lefty3668 Posted on 5/10 15:30
re: Marton coffee bar

Ah the memories!

Used to spend virtually all my pocket money in the Cleveland Maid after we got off the bus after school. Mainly on the Space Invader and Defender as I was crap at Asteroids. I also remember the cubby hole at the back had a snooker game I was crap at too.

I put down my inability to walk past slush puppy machines even now down to that cafe. It's probably why I drink Arc if I go to the Dickens now!

Had a lot of friends on Canberra and Woodrow so I spent many a day playing kerby round there in the late 70's/early 80's.

MsCurly Posted on 5/10 15:30
re: Marton coffee bar

Oh, what number Mboro?

Actually, if you don't want to say that's fine. I'm just being all nosey and nostalgic.

MsCurly Posted on 5/10 15:31
re: Marton coffee bar

Are you 'Lefty' from just off Gunnergate Lane?

St something or other road.

Buddy Posted on 5/10 15:31
re: Marton coffee bar

Dunno, I was sort of mates-ish with Miss Orange's little brother. And I suspect me Dad knows the Jackson family quite well Council-wise, if memory serves.

'Twas all so long ago.......

(and we definitely knew the Smithies, I forgot to say)

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MsCurly Posted on 5/10 15:34
re: Marton coffee bar

Oh gosh Buddy!

You're younger than me *ahem, not much though*!!!

Drat! Hehe.

I remember 'S' when he used to do Shakin' Stevens impressions for the family, he was the cutest kid.

brotto Posted on 5/10 15:35
re: Marton coffee bar

jamo lost contact with most of them, last I heard biff was living in or around Birmingham.Still go to the matches with Miller ,gibbo and hodgey did you know them, and actually sit in the SW upper on best behaviour since threat of ban.P.s kaza makes me out to be some sort of invalid it is only arthiritis of the knees.

Lefty3668 Posted on 5/10 15:37
re: Marton coffee bar

Yep. St Andrews road.

So I know you then?

MsCurly Posted on 5/10 15:37
re: Marton coffee bar

Yes, you even snogged me once.

Then again, who hasn't?

borojam Posted on 5/10 15:52
re: Marton coffee bar

Yes, Mrs Curly, I do remember you, short brown hair I seem to recall (although I may be mistaken). You must have lived quite near the Dolans then.

Yogo, those names dont ring a bell, were they in our year at Lingfield or Brakenhoe? Also I saw Peter Bennet a fwew years back, he is a bodybuilder now and was bouncing at one of our Uni's do's. That was quite surreal.

Those games of headers and volleys on that patch of grass outside your house stood me in good stead for playing centre forward for Uni. Unfortunately, I still cannot use my left foot or beat a man- some things never change!

Ahh memory lane!

Jeds Posted on 5/10 16:01
re: Marton coffee bar

I'm part of the Lockey family who lived on Tollesby Lane a few years back.

Great memories of Fairy Dell and trips down the paper shop...

MsCurly Posted on 5/10 16:03
re: Marton coffee bar

Yes, my hair would have been short in those days jammy.

I was a late blossomer, you know.

Dolan's were (and still are) just around the corner on Woodrow, all 27 of them, hehe.

Glad to hear you're doing well (I think the BV Islands possible even top Worsely Cres), not a patch on Eston mind.

brotto Posted on 5/10 16:03
re: Marton coffee bar

They were Brackenhoe I thought you went there for a while (maybe not) You must remember Hodgey he was the horrible kid we use to throw bricks on our way home from Lingfield and he was coming back from Marton Manor he lived round the corner from you in Neasham Avenue,P.s he's a great lad now

ryallsy Posted on 5/10 16:21
re: Marton coffee bar

Remember it? Lived above it mate for several months while McInnes finished building our house.

There was a Ken Dodd song playing on the juke box ALL the time. Came right through the floorboards.

Must have been 1965ish.

It was a 'real'coffee bar in those days. My memory may be playing tricks but is was a "Rea's" (as in Chris) in those days, or maybe a Pacittos.

The newsagents was called 'Bartrams' or was it 'Milburns'?

Canberra Road was #1 stopping point for a coffee on the way back after a night in Rudds. Then Cambridge Avenue, then finally home to Matlock Avenue.

Canberra Road New Year's Eve was brilliant. Seemed like open house all the way. 1976 onwards.

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Lefty3668 Posted on 5/10 16:21
re: Marton coffee bar


If I didn't already like you just from reading your posts on here, I certainly do now.

And I think I have an inkling who you are. The tomboy bit is the giveaway although this Miss Orange is throwing me a bit - who she?

I may have to drive down Canberra in the morning just to confirm it.

MsCurly Posted on 5/10 16:28
re: Marton coffee bar

Let me assist you further Lefty, I'm the youngest of five.

You probably wouldn't remember Miss O, she didn't hang around the 'gang' at the time, she was just my friend next door and a tad younger than you.

Do you still see big Ade? He was a sweetie too.

borojam Posted on 5/10 16:34
re: Marton coffee bar

I do remember Hodgey now, didnt he get expelled from his last school??

I was at Brackenhoe for just over a year, but aside from the Lingfield boys, the only people i remember are Shilly, Lebby, Samantha Best (phwaor) and Gary langthorn.

Mrs C. How is Rachel doing these days. Also do you hear from my first ever bird, Elaine?

MsCurly Posted on 5/10 16:39
re: Marton coffee bar

Last time I saw Rachael Jammy, was in Yarm one night a couple of years back.

Now it's all a bit hazy (I've never drank Aftershock since) but I'm sure she was married and earning a living as a Dentist. She was just the same, hadn't changed a bit and was really great to talk to. Nice girl. She was with Melanie B (not of ex spice girl fame)....I'm sure you must remember her?

Not seen Elaine since I moved away, would love to know how she's doing though. You were sweethearts for years, if I remember rightly? Seemed like it anyway.

Lefty3668 Posted on 5/10 16:40
re: Marton coffee bar

Yes, I still see him when I manage to get out. He is still single and loaded you know, not that you seem short of love interest at the moment

He was living in Scunthorpe for a bit so he gave up his ST. He's back now though he hasn't been enticed back to the Riverside much yet.

I thought it was you.

Love the name, by the way.

borokaza Posted on 5/10 16:45
re: Marton coffee bar

rallsy, don't get me started on the Canberra Rd, new years eve parties. They were the best and have totally spoiled it for me now cos nothing nowadays compares to them.
Buddy, where abouts on the road were you? Top end near curly or bottom end near us?
And finally Bro' sorry for making you sound a bit of a flid, but then again what are sisters for, if not to insult little brothers!!

MsCurly Posted on 5/10 16:46
re: Marton coffee bar

Good stuff Lefty, I had quite a crush on him at one time, until he decided he preferred one of my sisters! Hehe, still they are all a bunch of lovelies.

Did you ever find Mrs Righty then?

....see what I did there?

Buddy Posted on 5/10 16:48
re: Marton coffee bar

Slap bang in the middle.

borokaza Posted on 5/10 16:52
re: Marton coffee bar

You've got me thinking now. Let's try and whittle it down. Odd's or evens?

MsCurly Posted on 5/10 16:52
re: Marton coffee bar

I think I know who you are Buddy.

Could be wrong of course.....but if I'm right you lived on the same side of the street as me.

The sunny side!

Buddy Posted on 5/10 16:54
re: Marton coffee bar

I'm saying nothing more, I'm too scared now........

MsCurly Posted on 5/10 16:55
re: Marton coffee bar

I know, I do, I do. Hehe.

You were always a clever little thing.

That's as much as I shall say also!

borokaza Posted on 5/10 17:10
re: Marton coffee bar

Well you've got me, but it was a long time ago. I'll have to get my Jubilee picture out to see if it jogs the old memory.

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borojam Posted on 5/10 17:11
re: Marton coffee bar

I heard that Elaine was working as a recruitment consultant in the Boro for a while. She was working with an ex of mine.

I remember Melanie B and I do recall now that Rach was going to be a dentist

Lefty3668 Posted on 5/10 17:17
re: Marton coffee bar

Ah, but MsCurly you were too available. He might had ended up having sex or, even worse, in a relationship! Much safer to chase one he couldn't have.

As for me, yes I got me a girl. Not the Mrs bit though (perish the thought!).

Not too sure quite how it happened, I just realised one day I had been on about 500 consecutive one off dates with the same girl and quite enjoyed them all, so I suggested shacking up. 6 weeks later we had.

Actually she knows your big sis. They were sat next to each other on a course a few years back. Your sister nearly fell off her chair when she found out I was the boyfriend.

Our 3 year old started nursery at Lingfield last week so I might just pass your house for old times sake after I drop him off tomorrow.

MsCurly Posted on 5/10 17:22
re: Marton coffee bar

Ah, that's great Lefty, glad everything's worked out well for you. You're obviously on about my ginger sis (cor, enough ginog's on this thread or what?) hehe.

As for being too available, I assure you I wasn't!

T'was my teenage years, I was a precious thing then and the most daring I got was a snog down the 'cut' on my way home.

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cargofleet Posted on 5/10 21:03
re: Marton coffee bar

paper shop was milburns and the original owner of the coffee bar was paleschi's. greetings from the son of the mad woman with the two alsatian dogs from number 64.

Nedkat Posted on 5/10 21:09
re: Marton coffee bar

**sorry to butt in here, uninvited like. But, may I just say this is a simply splendid thread, and although I'm not a Marton lad, I've enjoyed reading this**


j_orourke Posted on 5/10 21:14
re: Marton coffee bar

I've worked with his Grandson, Dino on a number of jobs and for his Son (RIP Tony) when I was an apprentice and I believe that at some time old man Paleschi owned both ends of Marton shops, the Cafe and Paper Shop

red_ruth Posted on 5/10 23:25
re: Marton coffee bar

yeah went back there a few months back, went to the 'top shops' to get a paper from paleschi's and it's turned into a hairdressers, pah.

Although i lived in canberra road from 1967 to 1987 I never knew there was so much going on. I do remember gathering outside the smailes's and papa smailes leading the singing.

The jubilee photo, this is embarrasing. I thought what a great idea it would be to pull a face on the photo and look like a bit of a gimp. Little did I know that that photo would be offered for sale at every house in canberra road with me looking like a pr@@k. Thank god for seventies fashion, I might of just got away with it.
Brilliant street party though, felt sick most of the day because I ate too much cake, oh the innocence.

Bye the way Bartrams was the VG store, Milburn was the news agent, supplyer of Beano's, black jack's and airfix paint. Therefore, more interesting and better.

red_ruth Posted on 5/10 23:27
re: Marton coffee bar

can i just confirm that 'smazzes' dad only sang outside his house one new years eve.

MsCurly Posted on 6/10 3:10
re: Marton coffee bar're not A.W are you?

jarazinho Posted on 6/10 3:53
re: Marton coffee bar

What about the "wine bin"..Avenue shops..anybody remember that one????used to hide round the corner and get the lankiest geezer to go in and buy the cider!!!

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jarazinho Posted on 6/10 5:26
re: Marton coffee bar


The_Commisar Posted on 6/10 7:57
re: Marton coffee bar

my six segrees of seperation appears to be here...
Any of you loy know a family called Tonkiss from Canberra road ?

Or a familt called Tilley ?

BoscoBoy Posted on 6/10 9:44
re: Marton coffee bar

Red_Ruth: Smaz's dad sang every year along with a few other stalwarts. Which smaz are you talking about, big or little?

Commisar: I knew the Tilleys. Hadn't seen any of them for years then bumped into Bernard before the Charlton game

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MsCurly Posted on 6/10 10:47
re: Marton coffee bar

I should imagine nearly most of us would know the Tilley's.

Most of the kids on the street at the time were of a similar age and all grew up together.

Mrs Tilley passed away a couple of years ago which was a real shame because she wasn't old and a really lovely person too.

The_Commisar Posted on 6/10 10:49
Meet the Tilleys

From memory there was Graham, the oldest who I knew really well, and his brother Stuart, who was slightly (no, completely) mad.

ryallsy Posted on 6/10 11:56
re: Marton coffee bar

Actually there were 3 Smaz's. If you count their big sister.

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Lefty3668 Posted on 6/10 14:17
re: Meet the Tilleys


Got to agree with you about Stuart, great lad, but he was mad. Our garden hopping route usually involved Stuart going through the fences, not over them.

And any one following Stuart on the golf course would know how well he was playing by the number of clubs strewn around the course in disgust!

Still he is a very low handicapper now.

Didn't really know Graham although I remember he must have been a serious war gamer when younger because there was a fantastic landscape in the garage once - did he end up working on Fleet Street?

The_Commisar Posted on 6/10 14:37
re: Meet the Tilleys

I know Tilly through wargaming, I wouldn't say he was serious as it took him upwards of a year to paint one bloody figure!

He was last heard of in Scotland where he was a director of a small manufacturing company.
He trained as a teacher but realised he hated kids...nice one Tilley !

Aye, Grahame used to refer to his brother as "the Lunatic!"

captain5 Posted on 6/10 14:52
re: Meet the Tilleys

Very good this. Like Beamish without the Geordies and Mackems getting in the way.

markie_g Posted on 6/10 15:12
re: Meet the Tilleys

Amazed at how many on this board have lived in this road. I lived at number 48 from 1998 until 2004. Believe me new years eve is not like it used to be judging by some of the earlier posts.

brushy_68 Posted on 6/10 15:40
re: Meet the Tilleys

great shout on bernard and hazel, top couple always supported the cricket at marton, as for stuart..what can i say, great ability with the bat, great keeper, and golfer too, but off his flamin rocker.

lefty. we shall discuss the "chatting " up mscurly at the first tee in a couple of weeks, and you with a family to consider!!!

me and walker spent every day of every summer holiday in the "milk bar" , there seemed to be no restrictions on fruit machines then! used to get pocket money, pop into paleschis, get a 5 p mix up and a bag of tudor (chicken curry) then up to cafe for orange slush and blow what was left on spaceys (what was the one with the rolling ball - missile command ???) then try to win some more dosh on the fruit machine. i can still hear the nudges " uugghh ugggh uughgh ughgh ughgh" max six nudges. worryingly walker was an expert at 10 !!

rosewood court was my street so didnt know many from tother side til later on in life

anyone recall "geordie pattison"

Lefty3668 Posted on 6/10 16:28
re: Meet the Tilleys

Missile Command! I was trying to think of that. Yes Mr W was a bit good at that and all the others.

You will get nothing out of me about the wonderful MsCurly.

Another thing I remember very well about Canberra road in those days was the kids all used to take turns holding disco's in the garages!

That was where I first heard Hong Kong Garden, Pretty Vacant, Tears of a Clown etc. etc.

The other side of the shops had nothing going for it by comparison. There were some nice girls used to hang around those swings though.

Does anyone know if that boat that was stuck in the back garden of that house is still there?

cargofleet Posted on 6/10 16:30
re: Marton coffee bar

I am indeed,although younger brother also A.W. My daughter told me about this thread as i might be slightly older than most people on here.

MsCurly Posted on 6/10 16:33
re: Meet the Tilleys

Omg......I had forgotten about the garage disco's.

I remember Richard C mocking up some disco lights from a torch with some transparent gels he has acquired. I think he soon got sick of standing there flashing the torch about whilst whipping the gels on and off in sequence though.

It was great when there was a mass game of cops and robbers organised. You're talking probably 30 - 40 kids and the area covered in the game spread out from the whole block right down to the estate behind past Adelaide Road right up to what used to be the farm and all the bushy area behind the houses behind Woodrow overlooking the A174.

Kids scattered everywhere, brilliant.

borokaza Posted on 6/10 16:37
re: Meet the Tilleys

Anyone who lived on Canberra Road would of known the Tilley's. I still see Stu occassionaly. He's calmed down a bit now, a father of 2 and a member of Brass Castle Golf Club.

As for the machines in the cafe. That was one of the perks of being the owners daughter. We used to go there before school when Dad opened up and to keep us quiet he used to put a load of credits on the video games and let us play on them. Missile Command was my favourite cos it was the only one I was any good at but Rob was a whizz on all of them. Especially space invaders which he would spend hours on.

I think I'll have to find a way of putting that Jubilee photo on here, sounds like I could embarras a load of people on here. I can't believe how many on here have lived on Canberra Road at one time or another. (If anyone knows how it could be done then please let me know)

And as for the New Years Eve sing song I always thought it was Leo Bellarby that led the singing, although I could be wrong as being a female I wasn't allowed out with the fella's for the singing, we all had to stay in our houses until the head of the house had first footed. They all used to gather under the lamp post outside our house to do the singing. Pity these seem to be traditions that seem to have gone by the board today, I used to love New Years Eve's then.

MsCurly Posted on 6/10 16:37
re: Marton coffee bar

Hello cargofleet, not sure if I'm thinking of you or your brother, but it was * * * * * * who I used to haplessly follow around as a five year old. Usually known as * * * * for short though, hehe, I'm not suggesting rude words there, just protecting anonymity.

Either you or your brother was the first love of my life....apart from David Soul.

I remember our Mam telling me 'will you leave that poor lad alone'!

Hehe, nothing's really changed.

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MsCurly Posted on 6/10 16:39
re: Marton coffee bar

Kaza, if you can scan it onto your pc, and email it to me I can host it on my webspace and post a link onto it from here?

Having said that......hehe, I would definitely be one of the 'embarrassed' brigade.

Lefty3668 Posted on 6/10 16:41
re: Meet the Tilleys


Are you sure Graham didn't work on Fleet Street for a time?

I am sure I remember Stuart once saying that his brother worked for Kelvin McKenzie and whenever there was a breaking homosexual scandal - they were in those days - KM would storm out of his office, dispatching reporters left, right and centre shouting 'Details! Get me details now! I want to know who is the stabber and who is the stooper!'

I suppose it could have been one of Stu's tall stories though.

The_Commisar Posted on 6/10 16:45
re: Meet the Tilleys

I suspect Tilley jnr was pulling your leg
G Tilley trained as a tiffey, then went to uni to become a design and tech teacher, then worked for tetr-pak...then went to scotland.

Mind you, you never quite knoe what he was up to 100% of the time.

borokaza Posted on 6/10 16:47
re: Marton coffee bar

No problem Curly, send me a mail to **************** and I'll send you the photo. It might take a little while though cos I've just moved and I'm not quite sure which box it's in.

I'd forgotten about those mad games of Cops and Robbers and Hare and Hounds. I also used to love Hide and Seek although everyone always used to make a beeline for the space behind the lamppost in the cut. I also remember torturing the guy that backed onto the common when he used to play hell about us sitting on his wall.

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Lefty3668 Posted on 6/10 16:48
re: Meet the Tilleys

Oh well, I can't have repeated that story more then a few dozen times, the git.

MsCurly Posted on 6/10 16:56
re: Meet the Tilleys

Got that addy kaza, just in case you want to edit.

Will email you now.

ryallsy Posted on 6/10 16:57
re: Meet the Tilleys

borokaza, When I used the 'cut' to walk to and from school (Captain Cooks) it was called a 'gennell' 1965-69.

borokaza Posted on 6/10 17:07
re: Meet the Tilleys

Never heard it called that. I thought that was a Manchester expression.

cargofleet Posted on 6/10 17:15
re: Marton coffee bar

Alas , although quite rightly thought of as the best looker in the family ,i think younger brother was your fancy . He was good friends with graham tilley and still see,s him now and then.My only claim to fame was i was the first person in Marton to streak naked along the front of the shop.s.

MsCurly Posted on 6/10 17:19
re: Marton coffee bar

Quite an accolade, cargofleet.

You simply must tell your brother that the little curly girl from no49 was asking after him, hope he's doing well. He was older than me and bore the brunt of my stalking very amiably.

j_orourke Posted on 6/10 17:31
re: Marton coffee bar

Bah! Posh kids the lot of you!

Brought up in Brambles Farm, a nice rural setting amongst the herds of cows and sheep for 22 years and now had 21 years in effluent Marton!

cargofleet Posted on 6/10 19:52
re: Marton coffee bar

McCurly you are well remembered for sitting on our doorstep and waiting for my brother to come home from school.He told me the story of the punk gear ( i agree with you ) From what i can remember you must have lived over the road from the Partridge family.

Lefty3668 Posted on 6/10 19:58
re: Marton coffee bar


Did your brother ever lead a mousehunting expedition, complete with cages and cheese, to the place where you had seen tracks (coulby newham)?

MsCurly Posted on 6/10 20:07
re: Marton coffee bar

Oh, the shame!

In my defence though, I really was only 5 or 6 years old. Glad he remembers me, but I hope he hasn't put his house up for sale as a result.

We were over the road from the Partridges and down two doors.

Oddly enough, I saw Mrs P only yesterday at the pedestrian crossing opposite Marton shops, well my Mam identified her to me actually.

They moved when I was very young, I remember Gillian though because I always thought she was beautiful with her long blonde hair.

A woman who also had some looney dogs moved in after that....Wilkinson I think they were called (the man and woman not the yorkies).

red_ruth Posted on 6/10 20:28
re: Marton coffee bar

please god no not the jubilee photo!

put it away.

commisar i used to hang around with simon tonkiss until he became very posh and dull. oh and very right wing.

did anyone here get nicked for playing on the parkway while they were building it.There was loads of us I bricked it when the cops wrote our names and ages down. Graham Tilley was told by the police man that as a 12 year old he should be more responsible.

Big telling off, thought I'd make the gazzette, but thankfully no.

MsCurly Posted on 6/10 20:36
re: Marton coffee bar

Hehe, I remember the incident r_r, although I was too young to be involved myself.

You must have lived a few doors down from the York family I think. Older than me, but I'm sure you would know my older sister's and brother probably.

red_ruth Posted on 6/10 21:01
re: Marton coffee bar

yeah, i was 7.

no 44, folks still live there

borokaza Posted on 6/10 21:10
re: Marton coffee bar

Hey R_R that was 3 doors down from me. Did you know the Smiths? Were you next door to the Colliers? I think that was the order they went in. Memories a terrible thing!

red_ruth Posted on 6/10 21:12
re: Marton coffee bar

and the prize goes to..........

i am the colliers

borokaza Posted on 6/10 21:17
re: Marton coffee bar

Well I never, its a small world. I think you were a bit older than me and Rob. It was certainly a cool place to grow up. I don't think there's many of the old crowd still there, although I know the Ritchie's are still there.

OPEO Posted on 6/10 21:24
re: Marton coffee bar

Real can of worms this one and almost a centenary. Hello Burkey. Old man Millburn did indeed run the paper shop and I guess it was around 68 to 72 that I delivered papers twice a day to most of you. Did other rounds when peeps didn't show, usually when it was inclement. My round was old Marton and the Grove. Sunday morning was a ball breaker. Ever tried shoving the Sunday Times through the worlds smallest letterboxes? Sod of a job. In those days I'd fly past Cookies school down the bank, There was no Parkway then, And drop 25 Gazettes off in the foyer of the country club. Bliss. Sometimes I'd see footballers who were staying there courtesy of dear Charlie. Eee I,m beggining to ramble. Time for me horlicks I think.

MsCurly Posted on 6/10 21:25
re: Marton coffee bar

*honourable ripple to OPEO*

red_ruth Posted on 6/10 21:28
re: Marton coffee bar

yeah the ritchies are still there, i never knew the place was so cool, i thought every where was like it but looking a the thread there's been a lot going on in such a small place.

I think it was the first estate in marton, therefore, most of the people who moved in in the sixties came from very similar backgrounds. There was a lot of pride in 'moving up', getting out of the terrace houses, and it had that feel about it.

went there a couple of months ago to visit the folks and all the places where we played were all built up and the whole place has been swamped by roads and buildings, sad.

red_ruth Posted on 6/10 21:30
re: Marton coffee bar

top shout opeo

OPEO Posted on 6/10 21:31
re: Marton coffee bar

A real shame whats gone on with fairy dell. I remember the old ruins of I think Gunnergate house and also the sand Quarry and the place with the crane which stood on three legs, Arthur Robbos.

red_ruth Posted on 6/10 21:39
re: Marton coffee bar

jumpers for goal posts, tarzees in the woods at fairy dell, before they built that lake thing.

i was walking through one of the estates and thinking, about the fields that used to be there, complete with scarcrows.

borokaza Posted on 6/10 21:43
re: Marton coffee bar

I know what you mean R_R. I remember my first trip to the Leisure Farm when it first opened. We went with Wendy Lynas and had to walk past a field of cows and through a turnip field.
(God I sound old!)

BoscoBoy Posted on 6/10 21:50
re: Marton coffee bar

I remember Susan Partridge very well and their dog Sam. He must have mated with every dog in Marton. The woman next door with the mad dogs will have been the Wilsons.

red-ruth: which Collier are you, male or female ?

red_ruth Posted on 6/10 21:52
re: Marton coffee bar


BoscoBoy Posted on 6/10 21:59
re: Marton coffee bar

In that case I can remember what you looked like (30 years ago) but I can't remember your name. I remember your sister because she was a year younger than me but if I remember correctly you were a few years younger than her.

red_ruth Posted on 6/10 22:02
re: Marton coffee bar

30 years ago, 5ft tall blond hair.

now 6ft 4 with blond hair

my name phil
sisters name sue

Theodore_Lunacy Posted on 6/10 23:15
re: Marton coffee bar

Why doesn't it surprise me that Marton nerds are over represented on an internet message board?

red_ruth Posted on 7/10 0:21
re: Marton coffee bar


Buddy Posted on 7/10 8:37
re: Marton coffee bar

Better than one individual being over-represented I should have thought.

The_Breeze Posted on 7/10 9:50
re: Marton coffee bar

Touche Buddy, touche

Lefty3668 Posted on 7/10 9:51
re: Marton coffee bar


Not OVERrepresented.

As has become apparant from this thread, Marton WAS the centre of the universe in those days!

Well done OPEO

MsCurly Posted on 12/10 13:48
re: Marton coffee bar

Well, a hearty hoof of a hefty thread.

Thank you very much to borokaza for rooting through her boxes with the sole purpose of shaming the people on this thread.

The large jubilee pic of all the kids is still unfound but here are a couple to be going on with....just for the fun of the fair.

Oh....the shame!

Link: Spot the 1970's freaks!

MsCurly Posted on 12/10 13:50
re: Marton coffee bar

Please don't be too harsh on the ugly child at the front of this tug of war.

Link: I blossomed eventually, honest.

Buddy Posted on 12/10 13:53
re: Marton coffee bar

Absolute proof. Some of them are going SIDEWAYS FFS.......

MsCurly Posted on 12/10 13:56
re: Marton coffee bar

On the losing team were you, Buddy?

Just look at the commitment on my team, verging on zero! Bloody amateurs.

I recognise a lot of the people on those pics, but am still wondering who Tucker Jenkins is in the background of the first pic.

Anyone know?

BaronSamedi Posted on 12/10 13:58

you think you are good cause you linked 121 messages together. this isnt the weakest link. grow up and get a tord on life you bunch of sadacts.

ps.. all yo mamas have beards

MsCurly Posted on 12/10 14:00

I think you're on the wrong thread.

The Viagra thread is thataway------------------------>

Buddy Posted on 12/10 14:11

I would have been about five months at the time that was taken I think. I'm not any more use at tug of war NOW mind you.....

Nedkat Posted on 12/10 14:48

MsCurly, it looks like you dropped yer matches on that picture.

Mind you, it's great to see so many neighbours out enjoying themselves. That Jubilee thingy was a great laugh !!

cargofleet Posted on 12/10 16:28
re: Marton coffee bar

MsCurly,thats my old house on that photo,i demand to know why i am not on that photo ( UNLESS I WAS IN THE SOUTHERN CROSS ) in which case i will let you off !

MsCurly Posted on 12/10 18:09
re: Marton coffee bar

Your house was the one with the big trees outside wasn't it, cargofleet?

They still couldn't keep me out!

Yes, I was a secret smoker even then Nedders, I try to keep the chimpanzee impressions down to a minimum these days though.

Lefty3668 Posted on 12/10 18:13
re: Marton coffee bar

Richard Cardwell has never ever changed !!!!!

MsCurly Posted on 12/10 18:15
re: Marton coffee bar

He looks really cute on there.

Do you recognise the ginger stunner on the far left of that pic, Lefty?

Hehe....she is soooo gonna kill me for that pic, I'll just place the blame on Kaza.

borojam Posted on 12/10 20:01
re: Marton coffee bar

Looks like a young Yogo on the second one of those unless I am mistaken. Recognise those trackky bottoms anywhere

borokaza Posted on 12/10 20:09
re: Marton coffee bar

Jammy - you are quite correct there and he's going to kill me for it and Curly the Tucker Jenkins character is Noddy, can't believe you didn't recognise him.

borojam Posted on 12/10 20:28
re: Marton coffee bar

Noddy? doesnt ring a bell. Was he at Lingfield/Brackenhoe?

borokaza Posted on 12/10 20:31
re: Marton coffee bar

both Jam. He was also known as Gordon Ridley.

borojam Posted on 12/10 20:33
re: Marton coffee bar

Still doesnt ring a bell, was he in the older year(s)?

THe old memory is not what it once was.

borokaza Posted on 12/10 21:00
re: Marton coffee bar

Yes he was in Richard Cardwell's year so he will of been a good 6 years older than you.

borojam Posted on 12/10 21:25
re: Marton coffee bar

That explains it, I was probably beaten up by him at one point

borokaza Posted on 12/10 21:30
re: Marton coffee bar

Not Noddy Jam. He was very much the pacifist.

beeline Posted on 12/10 21:55
re: Marton coffee bar

OPEO, what year were you at the High school?

Never lived in Marton but married a lass from Cambridge Avenue (the posh end in the 60s).

red_ruth Posted on 12/10 22:17
re: Marton coffee bar

those pics were a close call, i thought it was going to be the group photo. Is it me or have we just stumbled upon a episode of the double deckers?

boro_r_bak Posted on 12/10 23:52
re: Marton coffee bar

Thought all you Marton types went to Nunthorpe School rather than Brackenhoe? There were certainly a few from round there when I was at school (mid-80s).

Buddy Posted on 13/10 8:35
re: Marton coffee bar

Everyone from that side of Stokesley Road went to Lingfield/Brackenhoe, I think. Except me, who went to Captain Cook's and would have gone to Nunthorpe if the commute from Milton Keynes had been easier (mind Aylesbury was just as fking bad).

So all my mates (I mean "both", obviously) were in Dene Park or whatever it's called, round Cypress Road way.

Lefty3668 Posted on 13/10 11:03
re: Marton coffee bar

I went to Bertram Ramsey and I'm proud of it.

Hardest School in the area too.

Gordon Ridley! It was him who led us on the flaming mouse hunt, complete with a cage and some Wensleydale, because his brother had seen mouse 'tracks'. Bike tracks more like!

My god MsCurly I would never have recognised the ginger one. I can't wait to bump into her.

ryallsy Posted on 13/10 14:46
re: Marton coffee bar

When I was a 'Marton type' we all went to Captain Cooks. It was the only school in Marton. Behind the top of Cambridge Avenue was all a farm, there was no road to Coulby Newham, I don't think there was even a Coulby Newham. South of the Southern Cross up towards Nunthorpe, there were no houses at all until Brass Castle Lane. I can even remember when they started building the Parkway FFS.

I lived on the other side of the Cambridge Avenue farm and had to get to school by crossing Gunnergate at the lower end of Cambridge Avenue (St. Andrews Road), then Woodrow Avenue, Canberra Road cut. Once they built onto the farm, it was much quicker I could walk up to Dixon's Bank. Eventually a new school appeared at the bottom of Buxton Avenue when I was well past junior school age. Is that the Lingfield/Brackenhoe school?

Harold Shepherdson live on Gunnergate Lane, Frank Spraggon was often to be seen, I think he ended up marrying one of 'Shep's' daughters.

MsCurly Posted on 13/10 14:49
re: Marton coffee bar

That would have been Lingfield school, named after the farm I think.

Brackenhoe was the amalgamation of Brookside and Bertram Ramsey on Marton Road.

I was one of the 9 pupils attending St Augustines (Coulby Newham) on the first day it opened in 1980.

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Buddy Posted on 13/10 15:00
re: Marton coffee bar

While I was round there Shep lived in a bungalow on Albany Road, off Adelaide Road, a few doors up from my mate's parents.

ryallsy Posted on 13/10 15:06
re: Marton coffee bar

We still had the '11+' for secondary school. If you passed, you got bussed every day to Eston Grammar School (now Gillbrook something or other). If you failed it was off to Nunthorpe Secondary Modern at the top of Ormesby Bank.

MGinKSA Posted on 13/10 17:32
re: Marton coffee bar

So Ryallsy and Smas (elder) went to Eston Grammar (69-74) bloody hell same time as me and I remember you both well. Tis a small world

OPEO Posted on 30/12 8:42
re: Marton coffee bar

'Tis the season to be jolly so I brought this back up to stir a few more memories. Beeline I,m pushing 50 so would have been in high school around pre73. I can remember the winter of '63 when walking up past the turn off into Nunthorpe (where the big church and fitness centre are opposite the entrance to Pooles) and the snow was as high as me! I was a bit shorter then mind.