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hells_bells83 Posted on 4/10 18:24
fao redandwhitearmy1986

hiya, haven't seen you on here much lately, maybe its coz i have been busy but dont know!

Anyway, how are you?!

And thanks for that advice on my gym thread! i will look into it!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 4/10 18:28
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

hiya i'm very well are you??

i've been on but havent posted as much as usual...just been reading the threads mainly lol.

i dont suppose you seen the thread last week.....the one where i admitted to the board who i was lol!

hells_bells83 Posted on 4/10 18:30
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

no, didnt see that! who are you?

Im ok as well, still enjoying my job but looking forward to half term!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 4/10 18:33
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha yeah the weekends dont seem so good when i know that you have a nice long half term approaching... lol I went to liverpool with mates for the weekend on saturday had a really good time, but now i am wishing the days away until the next weekend!!

well, i have been nicknamed on here for about a year now as the pink ponce! People just been talking about me on threads for a while not lknowing i post on here regularly. A lot of it was abuse but i totally wasnt bothered about it....

lol.....i have attached the link to the page as i have it in my favourites haha...

Link: Pink Ponce

hells_bells83 Posted on 4/10 18:42
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha! i read a little bit of that thread before you actually posted on it! dont think ive ever seen you before though at any matches or the cross. well done for coming forward about it, brave after some of those harsh comments!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 4/10 18:48
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha yeah i spose...

more often in the rudds than the cross i must admit. heading there tonight with my mates, but now and again for a change we go to the cross....

where do you sit at the match like hells?

hells_bells83 Posted on 4/10 18:51
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

you might not talk to me anymore when i say where i sit ... here goes... the west lower!!!

But unlike most i do sing and shout, sometimes its disheartening when theres not many doing it!

But been there since the riverside's been open and i like the view and people im with.

are you nearer the north or south stand?

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 4/10 18:59
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

i'm closer to the north stand but not far from halfway really.

i'm the same in i've been in the same seat. also had that seat at Ayresome, so i do like it....

what do you teach?

hells_bells83 Posted on 4/10 19:08
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

Wow - thats interesting, im sat in almost the same position now at the riverside as i was at aryesome too!!!

I teach PE - at the moment i'm teaching football every lesson, I was brought into the school as a PE teacher who was a football specialist to promote girls football. But i didnt realise i'd be doing it every lesson! the other female teachers do not really know enough about it to take a class for a block of lessons so they have my classes for netball and i have theirs (aswell as some of mine) for football. It suits me though as well coz ive never been a fan of netball!!!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 4/10 19:11
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha i have a mate who is a PE teacher, not sure which school he is at, but i think i remember you saying it was out of the area before?!?

At my old school, we had one teacher who was football orientated, and the other was a rugby linesman! Every bloooody year i got the rugby one, and thats all we ended up doing. All stood there in the middle of winter freezing in the plastic shorts from the box when you forgot your kit!! lol

With you going in the cross now and again i wonder if you know Matty Carter and Richard Watson by anychance?!?!

Mattyk50 Posted on 4/10 19:14
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

i know rick, if we're talking about the same one.... friends with dom?

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 4/10 19:16
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

hmm i dunno dom?!?! i useda work with rick, he has a toyota yaris or he did have anyway matty?

hells_bells83 Posted on 4/10 19:19
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

yeah i'm out of the area my school is actually in the durham LEA.

I went to school with someone called richard watson, not sure if its the same one as i dont know what car he has but it could be!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 4/10 19:25
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

hmm think he went to nunthorpe and he will probably been born in 83 so could be the same one...

well the good thing about working out of the area is that you are not likely to see any of the students out on the town in the future anyway haha!

hells_bells83 Posted on 4/10 19:25
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

anyway, about your hair... is it all pink/purple/rasberry or just parts, if so which part and how is it styled, just trying to picture it!!!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 4/10 19:33
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

lol right well my hair is predominantly black....the back is long and there is a big pink bit in the middle at the bottom of the "mullet" part...

when the pink ponce comments started there was a big slice in the fringe and at the side also. Its pretty hard to explain really, it have it styled messy/spiky and up but have been styling my fringe down and sideways lately as its "easier" to do lol.

hells_bells83 Posted on 4/10 19:37
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha! that helps a bit! i will have to look out for you... im sure the pink hair and flip flops will be easy to spot!

where do you go before the matches?

MsCurly Posted on 4/10 19:47
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

Sorry to butt in (I did this once before with you two, hehe) but I feel it's time to interject girl to girl with hells_bells.

The young man here is handsome to the extreme....far too young and well-groomed for an old boiler like me mind, but if you can try and imagine a young, trendy Robert Downey Jr (with insane hair) then you would be getting the right idea.

Sorry for talking about you like you're not here, redandwhite.

I really am gone now...........

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 4/10 19:48
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

erm depends really, sometimes Lloyds sometimes absolute but i often go in the Yellow Rose in linthorpe with some blokes.......which usually leads to geting the P!ss taken out of me cos of my dress sense followed by a couple of pints haha...

one of them will probably read this haha...

what about you??!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 4/10 19:55
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

dont worry about it curly

hells_bells83 Posted on 4/10 19:55
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha curly, thanks for that insight!!!

dont know much about the yellow rose but if it is a bit of an old mans pub then im not suprised about the micky take!

I'm normally in the ionops coz its close and quite cheap!!! sometimes i do fancy a change but the people i go with are set in their ways (and they also read this board!!! )

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 4/10 20:04
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

its not so much an old mans pub really....its just i'm the easy target haha i like it though....they are good blokes...

spose nobody likes change though eh...

i'm off to the rudds now hells, but wednesdays usually a pretty quiet night so if you're on i'll give this post a hoof tomorrow night.....and then see if curly takes an active interest in it lol...

nice chatting - take it easy..

hells_bells83 Posted on 4/10 20:12
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

yeah have a good night, i'm sure i'll be on at some point tomorrow night! and no doubt curly will be butting in again (as usual!)

scottyc Posted on 4/10 20:19
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

redandwhitearmy1986-mattyk50 and i were discussing the above thread where you took a bit of stick for your hair/dress sense and we both thought you took the stick well!come out with a lot of credit!good lad!
just thought id put that out there!
p.s now then duffbags!

hells_bells83 Posted on 4/10 20:23
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

now then scotty, nice comments there!

scottyc Posted on 4/10 20:28
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

the lad took a fair bit of stick!
deserves some credit!

hells_bells83 Posted on 4/10 21:12
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

just putting this link on for you redandwhite in case you missed it, just curly butting in again!!!

Link: she cant keep away!!!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 4/10 23:18
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

hi all, just in - god i'm addicted to this site haha!

scotty, thanks for them comments mate, mattyk50 was cool on that thread he was one to come out saying well done etc so i appreciate it. but you can probably imagine, i get stick from all quarters but what people think of me really doesnt bother me one iota lol..

As for you curly lol....ooh i'll let u off seen as though you're nice to me!

Bed time. Good night see ya tomorrow...

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 5/10 17:50
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

you in hells??

in a good mood today as i've just booked my flights to amsterdam.

am now scouring the net for a decent hotel!!

hells_bells83 Posted on 5/10 17:56
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

hiya, yeah im here but just for a short while until later, got footy training for 1 hour tonight!

im jealous of you and anyone else going to an away euro game! i can never get time off on a school day!!! my dad and sister are going there too

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 5/10 18:11
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

i know, but we only getting 420 tickets so its gonna be a nightmare trying to get them isnt it!

sounds as though you had some fun on here after i left last night curly is a funny one

hells_bells83 Posted on 5/10 18:19
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

yeah her other post was v funny!

it seems wierd without her on this thread again!! come back curly, all is forgiven!!!

I would still go to holland without a ticket though, there be loadsa boro fans and the atmosphere in the town will be awesome!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 5/10 18:22
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

yeah thats exactly what we are doing.

flying on the morning of the game, then having the friday in amsterdam and coming back on the saturday afternoon.

should be a good few days, and like you say the atmosphere will be brilliant. I bet the majority of internet cafes in amsterdam are full of us all logging on to this message board haha!!

hells_bells83 Posted on 5/10 18:25
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

yeah probably! 'hello from holland' threads etc!!!

Good luck in finding a hotel, I知 off to training now, I will probably on later, if so I値l hoof this and see if you池e around!!!

hells_bells83 Posted on 5/10 20:58
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

hiya, are you one of the 21 lurkers at the mo?!

trainig was ok but then on the way back, the a66 was partly closed so i had a massive detour of egglescliffe and yarm

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 5/10 21:09
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

i most certainly am lol...

ah i got stuck on the A19 today on the way from work! dunno what was happening but it was bumper to bumper.

i am a little less stressed now, as the hotel is also booked. Dont wanna rub it in though. Incidently, our hotel has free internet access for laptops, but needless to say i dont wanna be spending time in the room for that couple of days lol!!

hells_bells83 Posted on 5/10 21:17
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

i didnt even know hotels did that! but ur right you wanna be out seeing the sights and drinking the drinks!

im hoping that if we get through the groups one of the legs of the next tie will be during my february half term, i havent checked yet, dont wana get my hopes up!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 5/10 21:22
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

of course...

well i hope this doesnt shatter your dreams....but WHEN! we get through the group stages, the dates for the first knockout round is the 15th and 23rd february..

any luck???

hells_bells83 Posted on 5/10 21:25
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

oooh, WHEN (sorry!) we get through, if we have the away leg 2nd, ill be off!!! knowing my luck though itl be somewhere really obscure!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 5/10 21:27
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

minus 45 degrees as well lol!

in a way the away ties this stage havent been too bad. I reckon trying to get 85 quid flights to bulgaria and ukraine would have been a bit of a pain in the bum. Mind you - you can get sozzled for a fiver in bulgaria!! lol!

wonder where curly is tonight. she has been a little anonymous....maybe she has a life unlike us board hoggers lol

hells_bells83 Posted on 5/10 21:33
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

yeah most likely, although i dont have that much time to do much else on a weeknight at the moment and its a good way to wind down after a hard day!

I am going out in newcastle at the weekend though which im looking forward to!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 5/10 21:41
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

yeah i generally have a quick check for at least half an hour when i get in from work if i'm going out, but on nights like tonight, i just leave it one. it keeps me amused anyway.

i think we are going to retro on saturday, and for all i hate geordies with a passion, i must admit that i love a night out on the quayside. havent been for about a year now!!

hells_bells83 Posted on 5/10 21:51
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

yeah i hate the geordies too! but if the mucsic is loud enough it just about drowns out that accent!

we had our uni xmas night out there last year and that was the first time i'd been and havent been since!!!-but i did enjoy it and saturday should be v good!

think we can get me my first 100 on this thread?! - or even half century, dont think ive had one of them!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 5/10 21:56
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

well go for the hundred lol...i'm sure we could get there by the beginning of next week. i'll attempt to give it a hoof in the morning before i leave for work...or if not i will tomorrow night...

you'll have to return the compliment though, as i aint had a 50 yet either... i think i got up to 40 something before with you actually....but then again, i had a 44'er talking about me lol!!

Phil_K Posted on 5/10 21:58
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

hey kids, you know there is a chat room?

Ps thats one more towards your 50/100!!!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 5/10 21:59
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha thanks phil, i did know but its more exciting this way when the post pops back to the top...

theres another anyway haha

hells_bells83 Posted on 5/10 22:02
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

oh, i sort of knew but never used it or know what to do!!!

thanks for the support phil!

probably the other advantage with this way is that we can pick up on a conversation from a few days ago!!! not sure if you can do that on the chat?

Phil_K Posted on 5/10 22:04
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

but in the chat room we can see what your talking about!

I would like to point out that i am not the only one reading this I am sure just no one else has owned up to reading it

ps add one more on

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 5/10 22:05
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

nope you most certainly cant.

i have went into the chat twice in a year, and each time i was the only person in it haha..

but yes good point, we can go back to conversations from yesterday....and reach the magical 100 this way!!!

seen your "feeling sorry for yourself thread" lol nevermind, just think how you will feel if you miss the final lol....

only joking!

looks like you will be typing the magical 50 post!!

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hells_bells83 Posted on 5/10 22:09
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

i never thought of it like that phil, but we are not exactly giving too much away talking about nights out in newcastle or hotels weve booked!!!


Holding my bat to the crowd! lol

enamalman Posted on 5/10 22:11
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

OI PHIL.......b u g g e r off!

Carry on peeps

Phil_K Posted on 5/10 22:11
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

consider me gone!

Im not here

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 5/10 22:13
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

lmao hells....a fantastic must be worn out 2 days at the crease

yeah i know what you mean phil, i'm not fussed about people reading it really though. it all adds to the fun...and its good when someone comes along and posts ...

we're not exactly confessing our undying love or anything arent I'm sure people get 5 threads down before getting board..also - i'm a nosey bugggar, and always read FAO threads for other

lol enalman!

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hells_bells83 Posted on 5/10 22:19
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

lol at everyone!!!

it must be time for a tea break now before i come back out and go for my century!!!

still suprised curly's not here though, she must be checking up on us at some point though!!!

i agree redandwhite, im liking this thread cos it involves me but if it was two other people i would have had a little look and then left it!!!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 5/10 22:25
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

yeah hells i think its time for tea, i can see some light rain so its maybe time for the covers lol.

basically that means i'm pooped and am off to bed shortly. i have a feeling curly will join us soon....i expect a post from her tomorrow at some point...

i would have totally got board by now...i just read FAO goughla, but i wont be looking at it again after reading the first 4 posts lol...

hells_bells83 Posted on 5/10 22:26
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

yeah, ive got to go and get my bag ready for school!!! haha, it makes me sound about 13!!! speak again soon for the big 100!

--- Post edited by hells_bells83 on 5/10 22:27 ---

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 5/10 22:29
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

just for the record everyone haha she's not 13......are!!

i used to work with a bloke who's missus was a teacher. we used to say "are you coming for a quick pint after work Phil", and his reply was no, i'm picking our lass up from school!! lol...

have a good day and we'll chat again soon..give it a hoof x

hells_bells83 Posted on 5/10 22:35
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

oh yeah, just noticed how that could look bad on you!!! lol

'83 is my year of birth!!! - promise!

will give this a hoof again soon x

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 6/10 17:49
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986


evening hells

evening curly

evening all you other nosey gits!

MsCurly Posted on 6/10 17:50
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

Admit it, you missed me, didn't you?

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 6/10 17:51
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986


i was worried about you

did you have a good night?

MsCurly Posted on 6/10 17:54
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

An excellent night thank you, dear. Although, I'll never go out with Shaun_84 again, he clapped too early after a poetry recital and everybody turned and pointed and laughed.

I was guilty by association. The shame!

How was The Rudds on Tuesday?

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 6/10 17:57
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha ooh no!

the rudds was good thanks, busy as usual...i'm currently deciding whether i can be bothered going out tonight...

i am in the "i might stay in" frame of mind, until of course, the phone rings and someone asks what i'm doing...which means i wont be able to stay in haha!

hells_bells83 Posted on 6/10 18:00
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

good evening neighbourinhos!!!

glad to see you're back curly!!! (itl help me get the 100!)

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 6/10 18:04
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha yes curly we want a hundred thread...

this guy at work was looking at this thread last night - he didnt know i was redandwhite haha......I wonder how many people are reading it.

good day hells???

Kirkpatrick Posted on 6/10 18:06
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

Football Manager 06

Is it compatible with win 98?

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 6/10 18:07
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

kirkpatrick - are you posting this on every thread.

ooh , and i havent got a clue.

hells_bells83 Posted on 6/10 18:07
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

yeah, not bad thanks except we had to swap the classes we were teaching for one lesson and i ended up with year 11 lads - lowest band!!

how was ur day?

it does seem wierd when you find out someoene else is reading this, when im chatting to you it does just feel like its me and you!!!

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MsCurly Posted on 6/10 18:10
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

........and me, hells_bells.

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 6/10 18:10
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

lol you, me, and 20 odd bored fmttm'ers

yeah day was alright thanks, my boss phoned in sick, the other bloke was on a half day holdiday so i had our office to myself...managed to get loads done...although the director told me i had missed a meaning the pink i still have in my hair lol!

you doing much tonight? I am still debating whether to go out or not...

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 6/10 18:11
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

sorry, yeah me you curly and 20 odd other fmttm'ers lol

hells_bells83 Posted on 6/10 18:12
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

sorry curly, i know you're there, it goes without saying!!!

I've got to make a revision sheet for my GCSE class by tomorrow so i've got that to do tonight, ive also decided to join bannatyne gym so might go and do that later too.

where do you normally go if you go out on a thurs?

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 6/10 18:18
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

generally we just go the the rudds for an hour or so for a few indie tunes, and then head to absolute for a while.

sometimes go to the sauna-house but i don't go there every week...i'm not an alco though as i usually drive on a tuesday night lol....

Save yourself 30 quid and go running with a bin bag under your t-shirt

micky_k86 Posted on 6/10 18:19
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986


Link: bo

hells_bells83 Posted on 6/10 18:26
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

sorry micky, i didnt really get that but thanks for another one towards 100!

I hate running though, thats my problem, i need variety which is why the gym is ideal, i can do a workout on the cardio machines or weights or go to an exercise class or go for a swim! its just right for me!

i do applaud people though who have the willpower to just go out for a run for 30mins or so, i just couldnt do it

Kirkpatrick Posted on 6/10 18:28
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

Football Manager 06

Is it compatible with win 98?

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 6/10 18:33
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha micky i got it - very funny..

hmm i dunno....i couldnt run on a machine really - it boresd me to tears....dont mind the free weights and other machines, and swimming but i could quite happily stil a bin liner on, and run for a good half hour...

i play football now and then and run a lil bit but thats it really. i have some weights at home which are good when i'm bored, and sometimes i have a phase where i do a little work out at home, otherwise its lifting them heavy stella glasses haha!

havent really done much footy or anything this week though, as i hirt my ribs last week at goals and i'm still in pain !!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 6/10 18:35
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

is this what you are looking for kirkpatrick?

Link: Fifa Manager 06

hells_bells83 Posted on 6/10 18:38
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

yeah ive done a fair bit of that pint lifting exercise lately!!!

i got a bad toe playing five a side last week, even had an xray in aande just to be on the safe side, only bruised not broken thankfully!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 6/10 18:43
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

i feel stupid going to aande lol....i went a couple of months back but only bruised my foot...could have kept you out for months in you'd broken your toe - look at boateng! lol

did i tell you i booked my flights and hotel for amsterdam haha only joking i dont mean to rub it in...

hells_bells83 Posted on 6/10 18:52
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

on that note, i think ill go now

only joking but am gona go and join the gym before i get talked out of it!

maybe speak later and get to the century if you dont go out!!!

have a good night whatever u do

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 6/10 18:55
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha aye ok.....enjoy.

the century isnt far off now!!

if i'm in, i'll reply....

bye for now...

hells_bells83 Posted on 6/10 20:47
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha just logged on and saw your other post so i guess youre still here, you wernt tempted by a night out then?

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 6/10 20:50
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha i was tempted a little bit, but when i said to one of the lads that i really wasnt fussed, a couple agreed so it was an easy desision lol! I'm quite proud of myself actually. have been out so much lately so could do with a few nights in....especially now with amsterdam (sorry again lol i'll be getting scared about mentioning it)

you all signed up at the gym?

hells_bells83 Posted on 6/10 20:54
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

lol! i hope you have a really great time in amsterdam ... (said through gritted teeth!)

well, they took the money off me tonight but couldnt do an induction! ive got that on saturday, i could still use the equipment but just decided to have a swim and then a sit and relax in the jacuzzi!!!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 6/10 20:59
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

sounds good...i miss things like jaccuzi and steam rooms from the gym.....did they send a lad over to take your money off you just so you didnt pull out at the last minute lol!!

when i bought my car, i signed the deal and everything with this salesman, then he said, "if you'll just wait there 2 minutes i'll go and get Andrea who will go through our gap insurance deals" I would have told him to foook off, but cos it was a women i basically gave her my switch card! lol ooh well!

the hundred is getting closer!! if anyone is reading this please donate a post to the hb83 and rawa86 100 foundation

hells_bells83 Posted on 6/10 21:03
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha, that is off friends too, they try to quit the gym so they send over a woman in lycra and someone else ends up joining!!!

i got a bunch of flowers off the salesman when i bought my car, they said they give one to everyon who buys a car but i dont think so! lol!

--- Post edited by hells_bells83 on 6/10 21:04 ---

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 6/10 21:05
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha i;ve seen the episode! and they wanna quit the bank as well haha!!

oooh that old chestnut haha! you'd have thought they'd have given me a couple of cans or something...then again...

hells_bells83 Posted on 6/10 21:09
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

its a good episode 'we wana quit the bank!' haha

i would have gladly traded the flowers for some cans lol! then again i cant complain it was a nice gesture!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 6/10 21:12
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha i was saying that to myself when u first mentioned it haha...haha they try to quit the gym but end up upgrading there memberships, then they decide to quit the bank, cos the gym wont be able to take any money from them, but they open a joint account haha!

10 to go.......

hells_bells83 Posted on 6/10 21:18
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

lol, i really am lol thinking about that one, its a good n! haha!


redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 6/10 21:19
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

i've eaten a full box of jaffa cakes


hells_bells83 Posted on 6/10 21:20
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

i just had 2 slices of toast!


d'oh, i was trying to do it quickly, i put 8 again!

--- Post edited by hells_bells83 on 6/10 21:21 ---

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 6/10 21:21
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

ooh especially with jam on....

what number are we upto...ooh its 6....

thought you were a teacher, cant you count!! lol

aaah a nifty edit by miss bells haha

--- Post edited by redandwhitearmy1986 on 6/10 21:21 ---

hells_bells83 Posted on 6/10 21:22
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

you dont need to count for PE


i mean


redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 6/10 21:24
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

i hate to see you try to sort out fiva a side teams

4, i mean 5 , i mean erm 4

hells_bells83 Posted on 6/10 21:26
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

you just number the group 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2 etc and see how many you have on each team! lol!

you will get the 100, u better be quick, i bet one of the nosey lurkers on this thread tries to steal our thunder!


redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 6/10 21:28
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

i was just gonna say, i bet there is someone ready to ruin our victory parade!!


it would be pretty apt, if curly got in there for the 100 though

still 2

Mattyk50 Posted on 6/10 21:29
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

cheeky bid for glory!

hells_bells83 Posted on 6/10 21:29
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

who's gonna get it?


oooh it was me!!!

well it was my thread to start with, its been a long innings but well worth the hard work and extra hours ive put in at training ... i wanna thank my parents etc! but a special mention must go to red&white, stuck by me through think and thin!!!

--- Post edited by hells_bells83 on 6/10 21:31 ---

Mattyk50 Posted on 6/10 21:29
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 6/10 21:30
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha hells you did it

cheeky by matty though hahaha

is it wrong i feel a strange warmth at having our very own 100 post hells

Mattyk50 Posted on 6/10 21:31
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986


hells_bells83 Posted on 6/10 21:32
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

yeah its good!!! read my acceptance speech above!

hells_bells83 Posted on 6/10 21:33
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

unlucky matty!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 6/10 21:33
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

its ok matty dont be mate, you should be proud that your post (No.99) was invaluble in getting hells that illusive 100 post.

god help us all if she didnt make that post.

the words pram toys trown out spring to mind haha

Mattyk50 Posted on 6/10 21:34
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

but ive been watching the post since 3 this afternoon....

haha, just joking

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 6/10 21:34
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha great speech, and no gwyneth paltrow-esque tears either hells...

and look we are already well on our way to a double century..

90 something left haha.

hells_bells83 Posted on 6/10 21:35
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha! i need a lie down now!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 6/10 21:39
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha it has been a struggle...

but all worthwhile.

Link: Trophy

hells_bells83 Posted on 6/10 21:45
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

need a new challenge now though!

had a 100+ thread

had a FAO of hells_bells

even had a story on the front before when I did a pre season match report at rotherham last season!

whats next?!

your 100+?

fatknackerlardarse Posted on 6/10 21:45
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

Was that the report you did with Stav77?

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 6/10 21:47
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

hmmm maybe, but i feel so much a part of this thred that i would like to claim a part of the 100 thread and save myself the hassle haha.

hmmm.....well i've had an FAO, and i've had a fair few threads dedicated to me...

i think we should try and get everyone who posts on this board to add there name to a thread - a dedicated please post here thread...

hells_bells83 Posted on 6/10 21:50
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

fatknackerlardarse - yeah that was the one!

ok redandwhite, you can be co-owner of this 100+ thread!!! and you're right, we'll prob have a double century before we know it! especially with all these 'guests'! lol!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 6/10 21:52
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

yeah....guests haha...

i'm proud to be co owner!

i think it would be funny for everyone who has actually read this page to post a little message - just so we can thank them personally for their input haha..

hells_bells83 Posted on 6/10 21:58
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

yeah come on you secret readers... show your face!!! haha!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 6/10 22:01
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha, yeah howay!

well my time is up for this evening, but hopefully there will be some posts on this tomorrow for me to read haha...

as ever, a hoof is required hells...

proud that we did it hahah!

hells_bells83 Posted on 6/10 22:03
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

yes very proud and it was an equally joint effort (even though its in my name! lol!)

will hoof it next time i get the chance, have a good day and weekend, its friday tomorrow, woohoo! x

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 6/10 22:08
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

aye you too.

you know what! i love fridays!

roll on the weekend!

see ya x

jeff_rath Posted on 6/10 22:26
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

Now then 1986. u still on here?

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 7/10 8:06
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

now jeff, alright mate...

i had logged off last night when you posted.

well, here we go for another day, probs see you in the office.

kay_jay Posted on 7/10 8:54
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

Congrats, (and round of applause), to HB on her maiden test FMTTM century.

Sharing in this run chase was RAWA86 and a few friends.

Well done

You must now try for the 500/1000 thread.

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 7/10 17:46
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

evening all

aaaaahh feels so good to get home on a Friday night!

what a day!

kay_jay....500 eh....we couldnt possibly.......could we.

hells_bells83 Posted on 7/10 18:20
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha redandwhite, on before and after work now...addicted! just like i am with the gym, just back from there 2 days in a row now!

How ur day been?

thanks kayjay, couldnt have done it without your support!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 7/10 18:25
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha i know!! all in aid of a 500 post haha...i always have a sneaky look on a morning, as my step bro is usually on

yeah had a good day today, went pretty fast, and i finish at half 4 on a fri..even got collared leaving at 4:45 by the boss so one for the good books haha i was one of the last there it was like the mary celeste! Don't think burning his bmw off on the A19 went down too well though lol...

how about you? aye you wanna make sure you get your moneys worth in the gym like...

hells_bells83 Posted on 7/10 18:29
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

yeah had a good, really good compliment/praise from the deputy head about how well ive settled in! made my day actually!

does your step bro post? he should have contributed to this!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 7/10 18:33
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

ooh've had a good couple of days what with the 100 post and a compliment lol

no he doesnt post, just sometimes reads them...i wouldnt trust him posting on this thread, there are already plenty of untrue rumours flying round on this board with out his input. the little brat lol...
where you off tonight then...

jeff_rath Posted on 7/10 18:40
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

Now then matey, cant believe tom saw u leaving at 4.45. U must ave been watching 4 him were u,lol.

hells_bells83 Posted on 7/10 18:41
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

im still undecided, defo gonna go out, i feel in the mood for it but dont want too much of a mad night coz im up in geordie land tomorrow!

itl either be the cross or a pub in redcar where some friends work, two different choices really but equally as good!

u off out anywhere?

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 7/10 18:46
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

hiya Jeff haha, yeah i was just lingering, seen him leaving so i grabbed some paperwork and walked to reception lol

there was only me tom steve and lee left haha! Good job i got out when i did though, as i'd have got locked in probs!

well, some friends are going to the wee willy pub in park end as one of our mates co owns it, we went to the opening a few weeks ago and its not too bad, i am not after a mad one tonight either, so may just end up in the corronatiom or the rudds for an couple...nothing crazy though (boo hoo)

hells_bells83 Posted on 7/10 18:54
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

Right im gona go and get ready now and will decide while im doing that! - maybe hoof this later when i get in if i can see the keyboard!!!

have a good one x

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 7/10 19:01
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

yeah we need as many hoofs as possible lol...

i'm not even gonna decide! i'm sick of deciding - its someone else turn to choose and i'm just gonna go with the flow tonight!

enjoy friday night everyone,

have a good night, take it easy hells


hells_bells83 Posted on 8/10 2:41
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

drunken hoof!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 8/10 11:57
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

hungover hoof....

i'm never drinking again

hells_bells83 Posted on 8/10 12:04
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

just saw your other post that you were in the crown last night, so was i! never saw you though!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 8/10 12:06
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986


we were stood just near the stage at the bottom.

Did you have a good night?

hells_bells83 Posted on 8/10 12:09
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

yeah it was quite busy wasnt it, we were on the dancefloor but just on the edge near the tables

it was a good night but i wasnt very fit for my gym induction at 9.15 this morning!!!

u have a good one? even though youre suffering now!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 8/10 12:20
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

yeah i had a good one actually. it wasnt gonna be a messy one though! ooh well.

it was packed, we go there on a friday quite a bit actually.

i feel like a VIP with all these FAO Posts haha

hells_bells83 Posted on 8/10 12:29
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

theres now four on the front page haha!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 8/10 12:30
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

who needs a 100 post

seriously my head is foooking killing!

hells_bells83 Posted on 8/10 12:38
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

im not too bad today just havent had much sleep

got to get re-energised and woken up for night out in newcastle though!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 8/10 12:40
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

oooh buggar yeah! what time are you going?

I made a similar mistake last week. i was driving to liverpool on saturday morning for a weekend, decided to go for a couple on friday night, ended up in the crown, drunk drinking shots still at half one!

hells_bells83 Posted on 8/10 12:43
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

gonna watch the game up there before going out so be setting off just when i can be bothered to get ready!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 8/10 12:44
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

i think i'm gonna watch the match at home as i cant be bothered to move.

if i intend on going out toinght i'm gonna have to get my act together though lol

hells_bells83 Posted on 8/10 12:48
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

you must be driving tonight though anyway after your post at 11:57?!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 8/10 13:08
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

ooh erm ... yes of course

hells_bells83 Posted on 8/10 13:31
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

going to get ready in russia now ... so moscow!!!

c'mon england!

enjoy your day/night speak soon

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 9/10 11:14
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986


blondie_dcfc Posted on 9/10 16:06
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

Hey hellsbells, long time no speak - you sound on tip-top form gal.

Doing any zanny-bra walks this month luv?

(p.s. That's one more towards the double-century anyroad)

hells_bells83 Posted on 9/10 17:26
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986


and... blondie, i think you must have me mixed up with someone else as i have no idea what your question means!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 9/10 18:52
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

lmao hells that was a big hoof.

how was newcastle!?

hells_bells83 Posted on 9/10 18:55
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

yeah really good night thanks! feeling v tired though now zzzz

hows your head? been to get it checked?

--- Post edited by hells_bells83 on 9/10 18:55 ---

MsCurly Posted on 9/10 18:57
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

Yes, hells. They had a look in his napper, but they didn't find anything.....................

Hehe, sorry redders, but I thought it was time I made an appearance.

hells_bells83 Posted on 9/10 18:59
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

hey curly, hows it going, nice to see you on this thread again!!!

MsCurly Posted on 9/10 19:08
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

All tickety boo and top of the pops thank you, hells bells.

Off to have a nice bath with my friend Mr Smirnoff now....but I shall be back full of mischief later when I'm tipsy.

hells_bells83 Posted on 9/10 19:09
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha! sounds like a nice way to spend your sunday evening!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 9/10 19:27
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

evening hells and curly lol

yeah had it checked, they took an xray as there is bruising round my ear but everything seems ok so just popping a few pain killers lol

i thought it was just a really bad hangover lol....

its been a bit boring on the board today - quite slow!

hells_bells83 Posted on 9/10 19:29
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

havent been on the board much today, been playing footy, we got beat 2-1 but i scored a cracking goal (im also modest too!)

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 9/10 19:31
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha nice one..

did i tell you the story about my team mate from a sunday morning a few year back....we would win 5-0 he wouldnt come to the pub, we would get beat 10-1 but he scored in the last minute, he'd be at the pub, buying the round, full of the joys of spring lol!

hells_bells83 Posted on 9/10 19:33
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

yeah you told me about that, im different though i was gutted today we should have won and it was against our rivals

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 9/10 19:35
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

oooooh nevermind eh lol

so any interesting stories from last night then? bramble and dyer having a fight? lol

hells_bells83 Posted on 9/10 19:39
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha, that would have been good to report but didnt see one famous person!!!

i think i was in the right places though, one bar especially had a feel that this was the place to be seen!!! - i might be totally wrong but just my perception! still enjoyed it though!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 9/10 19:42
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

lol i was there the same time as the match was on last year, and gary lucy was staying in the same hotel...

i do like newcastle for a night out, no knob heads round the quayside really, (except all the geordies - just no one looking for fights)

hells_bells83 Posted on 9/10 19:52
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

yeah, have to say there wasnt any trouble last night, didnt go to the quayside though, stayed in the city centre, didnt get back to my friends until 4am due to massive queues in subway and at the taxi rank!

thats the beneifts of living in a small town, easy to get in places without waiting too long and you can just flag a taxi anywhere!!!

are you watching the match tonight?

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 9/10 19:56
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

yeah i'm gonna nip off in a little while to watch a little bit of wqork to do so will probs miss the first 20 minutes though..

you are spot on liverpool last saturday the taxi cost 5 quid from our hotel to the bars, but we had to pay 30 quid back, otherwise we just wouldnt have got one!! grrrrr

blondie_dcfc Posted on 9/10 19:58
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

Eeeeh buggarybollox - I have indeed got you mixed up wiv someone else on here it seems - soz.

Regardless, good luck wiv your apparrent blossoming romance and up the Boro.


redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 9/10 19:59
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

lol blondie tut tut

--- Post edited by redandwhitearmy1986 on 9/10 20:00 ---

hells_bells83 Posted on 9/10 20:04
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha, this board makes me smile

dont worry about it blondie, i was worried for a while, thought there was something i should know about!

come on the celebs!

Piquet2 Posted on 9/10 20:08
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

That would be my cousin Helboro, who's in hospital at the moment.

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 9/10 20:17
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

oh hope this are ok Piquet.

right off to watch the footy ladies and gents


hells_bells83 Posted on 9/10 20:19
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

well wishes from me too.

speak again soon guys! x

blondie_dcfc Posted on 9/10 20:21
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

Piquet: It's all coming back now.

Forgive me for asking, but am sure she wouldn't mind you telling me - what's the matter and how is she? I do hope it isn't serious.

If unable to post on here, let me know and we can correspond via Rob.......


redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 9/10 22:12
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

hells i just noticed how close we are to our very own double tonne

hells_bells83 Posted on 9/10 22:19
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

ah yes, it won't be long now! im not contributing anymore tonight though, i was falling asleep during the match! good night all

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 10/10 16:00
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986


175 up

Cart99 Posted on 10/10 16:08
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

hells bells....u drink in my local, however trying to keep out of the dump of late, most people know me as "pie" however.

Now then ricoooooooooooooo!

--- Post edited by Cart99 on 10/10 16:10 ---

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 10/10 16:15
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

alright carter son...

Cart99 Posted on 10/10 16:18
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

now then, good lesson this isnt it...........cover for me while i go for a kip in the corner.

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 10/10 16:21
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

i was hoping you could cover for me while i engross myself in this board for the remainder haha!

Cart99 Posted on 10/10 16:27
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

Mcclarens a utter w@nk」r isnt he rico??

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 10/10 16:31
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

no, and no more of them comments on our good natured thread please mr carter.

thanks for you help in reaching 200 though.

Cart99 Posted on 10/10 16:40
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

well im only expressing my views on our gimp of a manager.

thats the way the cookie crumbles.

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 10/10 16:42
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha, i've had a hard day, what with this head injury and trying to concentrate during electrical sciences and mechanical systems!

thats why i kept saying the cookie crumbles!

--- Post edited by redandwhitearmy1986 on 10/10 16:42 ---

Cart99 Posted on 10/10 16:44
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

give me a nudge if i start snoring....

hells_bells83 Posted on 10/10 17:48
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

hiya redandwhite! - hows the head?!

Cart99 - i think i know who you are, were you in the crown on friday night? my sister is in the cross all the time and knows someone called pie, i went to the crown with her on friday and she met up with someone called pie and some others too!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 10/10 17:54
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

hey hey....its still a bit sore to tell you the truth. been taking loadsa painkillers to ease the pain!! lol

respondsing for carter who might not be back on tonight, he was in the crown on friday. is your sister called heather by any chance?

have you had a good day?

hells_bells83 Posted on 10/10 17:59
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

yeah she is! i must have met him then!

day has been ok, just found out that ive got my first football game tomorrow for my girls team - its just a friendly but had to get a team organised v quickly! im excited for it though, ive got some good little players!

hells_bells83 Posted on 10/10 18:03
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

oh and by the way, how did you know her name?!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 10/10 18:03
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha yeah u probably did....

ooh thats long as you dont adopt mclarens tactics haha.

quick edit.....carter said today after he read this post - he was trying to work out who it could be by going in the cross...

--- Post edited by redandwhitearmy1986 on 10/10 18:04 ---

hells_bells83 Posted on 10/10 18:12
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

see above question! ^^^ - just seen the edit!

im undecided whether i should play 442 or 451 lol! not really, they are very inexperienced and the younger ones especially just follow the ball! it just 20 players running after the ball and kicking randomly!!!

--- Post edited by hells_bells83 on 10/10 18:15 ---

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 10/10 18:16
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha you will be tearing your hair out when they are running around like headless chickens lol!!

sorry, my quick edit didnt explain very well lol, carter wondered if your sister was called heather after reading the thread and seeing you were a pe teacher. he put 2 and 2 together and for the first time in his life came out with 4

hells_bells83 Posted on 10/10 18:19
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

its just coz i mentioned to her and she was getting a bit worried!!! shes going to the cross again tonight so she might see him!

i will give you a match report tomorrow, i think we might win but i dont think it will be entertaining, all the fans will want their money back!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 10/10 18:23
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha ooh yeah i can see why she would have been getting worried! lol

there is nothing worse than watching young kids playing football lol, except watching young kids playing football in the pisssing rain haha

hells_bells83 Posted on 10/10 18:25
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

we are almost up to 200! will matty jump in with a post to try and steal the glory! wonder how long hes been watching this today!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 10/10 18:29
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha i'm sure he;s about somewhere - the little lingerer!

how good is that nearly 200 haha..

i'm sure people are sick of seeing this at the top though haha nevermind!

Mattyk50 Posted on 10/10 18:30
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

ive no idea what your talking about!

im getting scared to post things on here now... you never know who's reading!! haha

--- Post edited by Mattyk50 on 10/10 18:31 ---

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 10/10 18:32
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

lmao matty - how quickly could you possibly have could have been discreet and pretended you just accidentally clicked on was so obvious that you were reading haha!

you will have to be careful though lol especially after that one this morning fao grrreds!

think i got you off the hook though....

hells_bells83 Posted on 10/10 18:33
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

lol - matty

Mattyk50 Posted on 10/10 18:34
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

couldnt believe that one this morning!! haha.

looks like im going to be one short of the century again. i'll have to go back into hiding again until the 300!

hells_bells83 Posted on 10/10 18:35
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

did i get it?!

yeah i did! woohoo!

see you in another 99 posts matty!

--- Post edited by hells_bells83 on 10/10 18:35 ---

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 10/10 18:38
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

grrrrr i'm not happy with that... i was busy and i forgot about the 200, when i came back and refreshed hells had nipped in!

hells_bells83 Posted on 10/10 18:41
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

so it will be between you 2 for the 300!

right ive achieved something here tonight, im gona go to the gym now!!!

maybe speak later

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 10/10 18:43
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha dont work too hard...

kay_jay Posted on 10/10 19:04
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986


Another round of applause, 6 days for 200 = 30 for 1000.

Your challange, should you accept it, is to get the 1000 before the end of November, (Matty, Curls etc. will be there to help you).

This message will self destruct in 10 seconds..........

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 10/10 19:13
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

thanks Kay Jay...i'm certainly up for the challenge!...

scottyc Posted on 10/10 19:19
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

seen as matty knows everything about this board at the moment (bum!) he reckons a 1000 post is impossible as it automatically gets deleted on 999?
any truth in this malicious (sp?) rumour?

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 10/10 19:22
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

no it is not true scotty, as there was the "peoples 1000 Post" and that was well over a thousand when it was "removed" from the board..

Mattyk50 Posted on 10/10 19:26
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

see scott, this fellas obviously a lot more of a FMTTM geek than me!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 10/10 19:28
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha! apparantly so matty...

although i think you get about more than in every time i click on a post you seem to have already posted on it lol

scottyc Posted on 10/10 19:29
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

its obvious you are both challenging for the top fmttm geek award (no offense randwarmy) but matty you dont currently have a job which makes you more prone to criticism!

Mattyk50 Posted on 10/10 19:30
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

"although i think you get about more than me"

dont say things like that mate... you never know who's reading!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 10/10 19:31
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

gggrrrrrr scotty i'm fuming, the pink ponce stick i can handle, but fmttm geek....i'm biting my tongue here!


ooh yeah sorry matty haha!

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scottyc Posted on 10/10 19:33
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

at this point if i knew how to do a smiley face i would!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 10/10 19:35
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

fear not scotty, help is at hand...

Link: :)

scottyc Posted on 10/10 19:40
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

im on fire now!
only if it worked like!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 10/10 19:42
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

you are well on your way to being an FMTTM geek yourself now scotty!

scottyc Posted on 10/10 19:45
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

keep it quiet eh!

jeff_rath Posted on 10/10 19:48
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

Congrats on your double century people

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 10/10 19:55
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

cheers jeff...

any gossip from the office???

The_COAT Posted on 10/10 20:29
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

It doesn't really qualify as a megathread since there are only 3 contributors. Why don't you just phone each other FFS.

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 10/10 20:32
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

hmmm, i think the fact that we aint swapped phone numbers COULD potentially cause i little bit of a problem there coat...

but no need to be so touchy now, just cos you havent had a thread in double figures yet!

The_COAT Posted on 10/10 20:36
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

Look at you, brand new to the place and you think you are all that. Well I can tell you girlfriend that I have had many tons and was in fact responsibe for the massive "have you got anything different to say" thread in 2001 which amassed over 2000 replies.

Learn your board history.

ps come back into the chat room, I was just on the vinegar strokes.

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 10/10 20:37
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

brand new to the place?? you must have me confused coat, i've been a regular poster for over a year now?!

Cart99 Posted on 10/10 21:04
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

blooming heck ive only been gone a few hours, yeah i was in the crown on friday and seen u and heather. got to say the crown was pretty poor on friday!! the high point had to be Ashes by embrace though.

i wont be down the cross i have banned myself out of the dump.

--- Post edited by Cart99 on 10/10 21:05 ---

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 10/10 21:09
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha carter you are a muppet...haha

banned yourself

jeff_rath Posted on 10/10 21:11
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

Not much gossip from LS office 2 day mate, it was a pretty full house actually for a change. Got in late this morning to find out some fcuker had nicked my chair...........

Cart99 Posted on 10/10 21:13
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

now now, lets not get into a slanging match rico.....we dont want that to happen now do we theres only one winner.

well the cross is just pure rubbish now id rather stay in than drink in there

hells_bells83 Posted on 10/10 21:14
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

well done people! i only go out for a few hours and this thread is still going strong! its fair to say that there are more than a few contributors now after all the lurkers appear!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 10/10 21:16
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha jeff, mine better still be there in the morning...jimmy probably had to tie two together for his ample frame....

carter, i'm your role model...

hells, its on for 300 already! brian lara eat your heart out...

altohugh i think coat is a little envious!

Cart99 Posted on 10/10 21:17
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

role model?? you actually made me laugh then....

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 10/10 21:22
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

any more lurkers care to give us a helping hand....

hells_bells83 Posted on 10/10 21:22
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha is this a work reunion for you redandwhite?!

its a school reunion for me with scott and matty!!!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 10/10 21:24
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha well i work with jeff_rath, and have the grave mispleasure of spending mondays stuck in lectures with carter on day release....

i have enough with work 8:30 til 5, but jeff is always good for boro talk, and funny phonecalls, while carter, well he's just funny (not in the humerous way)

hells_bells83 Posted on 10/10 21:31
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha, i didnt speak to cart99 for long enough to see what he was like (sorry im talking about you like your not here!) but he seemed ok to me!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 10/10 21:36
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

believe me, first impressions are not everything......

oj cart

Cart99 Posted on 10/10 21:38
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

if first impressions where everything then thats you fcuked hahhahahahah

hells_bells83 Posted on 10/10 21:40
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

i was trying to be nice to you!

what did i do so wrong anyway?!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 10/10 21:47
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

hells dont worry, i think he means me! lol!!

don't worry yourself lol!!

hells_bells83 Posted on 10/10 21:50
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha! i didnt mean to seem so worried!!! i just couldnt remember too much about friday! i know my sister did spill a pint down him though, or so she told me the next day anyway!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 10/10 21:52
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

lol ah shame.............

i'm waiting for him to bite but think he might of gone....

hells_bells83 Posted on 10/10 22:06
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

yeah it looks like youve scared him away!!!

im going now anyway, will hoof this again later with a match report from my first game as 'manager'!

take care x

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 10/10 22:26
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

aye me too.....good luck anyway

bye x

hells_bells83 Posted on 11/10 18:16
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha was afraid to reply to this after people (mainly matty) have been gossiping! - see link!

but i said id give people a match report so i will! we got beat 3-1 which wasnt bad since they never played together before and dont fully understand their positions or the offside rule! I was reffing the game too so i could keep the score down! - only joking

--- Post edited by hells_bells83 on 11/10 18:17 ---

Link: nothing better to talk about!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 11/10 18:44
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha matty i'm shocked! haha

ooh thats not too bad really....but thats something to work on if the want to become a team lol (positions and offsides!!)

not on for long as off to the rudds, but still time for a couple of hoofs

hells_bells83 Posted on 11/10 18:52
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha! i have lots to work on dont i! my keeper saved a penalty though and we scored a good goal, so some positives!

im off to the gym again tonight, i enjoyed it a lot last night, wonder how long the novelty lasts though!

MsCurly Posted on 11/10 18:59
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

So one of you is off to The Rudds, and one of you is off to the gym?

That just leaves me wittering away to myself like a mad insane old woman?

Oh well.....if the cap fits and all that........*shrugs*

hells_bells83 Posted on 11/10 19:04
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

oh poor curly, left all alone... with nobody to talk to but herself... (and the other 37 visitors to the site!) lol!

benjofbomo Posted on 11/10 19:05
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

is this the most amount of posts on one thread.....ever?


MsCurly Posted on 11/10 19:09
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

Not even close benjofbomo, although it is looking rather chunky.

It's all cool hells bells, I have reading to do anyway. Got to have 'Pravda' read by Friday, but it's just a small play, it will only take me a couple of days.

First though...........bathtime! I love my bath!

hells_bells83 Posted on 11/10 19:29
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

hope everyone enjoys their night whatever your up to x

just put that in to get the 250! lol

--- Post edited by hells_bells83 on 11/10 19:29 ---

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 11/10 19:35
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

curly, i am sure you reading will be more entertaining that this board...although....

icidentally, what was the most ever posts on one thread?? I know the peoples 1000 got over 1000 but wonder if there was any bigger....

thats my target! lol

bye for now

smoggydoggy Posted on 11/10 19:38
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

I love reading the threads on this board, but it is about time this one died. Hellsbells why dont you you just meet up with him, do the business and move on !!!!!

Why dont the pair of you use msn messenger

Mattyk50 Posted on 11/10 19:39
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

ADMIN: delete this post please.

It sickens me.

And, frankly, i find it offensive.

--- Post edited by Mattyk50 on 11/10 19:40 ---

MsCurly Posted on 11/10 19:53
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

Biggest thread was before my time here, redders, I think it was around 4 years ago. There are a fair few still posting who were in on the act though.

I could be wrong, but I believe it was around the 5K mark and started by Spacehead, who came back temporarily about 6 months ago and then once again went *poof* into cyberspace.

Cart99 Posted on 11/10 21:47
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

du du du duuuuuuuuuuuuu

hells_bells83 Posted on 11/10 21:59
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

wow - calm down people!

this thread was only started/continued as a bit of fun!

i suppose we could go on msn, if it is getting really annoying for other people?! - what do you think redandwhite?!

however, it wont be as fun, without curly popping in and random comments from other lurkers, plus i dont know why people read threads they know they will find boring. im not in the slightest interested in politics so i dont read those threads, i certainly dont read them just to post 'this is boring'!

anyway, sorry again if you really are bothered, i presume matty is just joking but you never know!

Cart99 Posted on 11/10 22:09
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

yeah same with me i dont read posts where people lick mcclarens behind as i think he is a total boring, defensive, and a poor attempt of a manager but thats another matter.

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 11/10 23:11
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

WOW lots of action on here lol!

smoggydog how disgraceful of you lol..

msn is an option of course and i have no problems in giving out my addy, but then the whole point of this board is that you dont have to sit pinned to the screen for can come and go as you please....also this board is good fun when people add posts onto the someone said before "there is a chat facility"....but it sort of looses its charm..Even if i used msn, i'd still post on here cos its much more fun....

we obviously dont want to offend anybody, and if people think this thread is boring then i, for one, apologise...BUT once you have read it once, and you find it boring, do you go back onto it? I certainly dont, therefore i dont think it does anyone any harm whatsoever....

and as hells so rightly says, its a nice change when one of the nosey people pops in to say curly, matty, carter etc

Matty - do you really want to delete the post when you can sneak in for the magic "300" lol...

right folks, i'm off now...sorry for the essay, but it could be worse - you dont have a bowl of soggy weetabix in front of you

take it easy....night

MsCurly Posted on 12/10 1:36
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986 don't REALLY care about offending people do you??

Oh lordy lord........bless you sweet young things!!

hells_bells83 Posted on 12/10 22:35
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha curly, i didnt really care about offending people, i just didnt realise this thread meant so much to others except me and redandwhite!

anyway first time ive been on the board tonight just got in from watching the england game at the pub, so thought i would hoof this coz i really dont care!

but next time we r both on redandwhite i will give you my msn address if you want, it will stop a lot of gossip etc!

hope you had a good night

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 13/10 18:08
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha....i don't want to offend anyone curly, honest, its just i dont know why people are bothered about a thread like this.

i could understand it if it was remotely political or religious or controversial, but the most controversial thing to happen on it was probably mattys cheeky attempt to get the 200 post haha!

anyways thats hoofed it back to where it belongs...only joking

hells_bells83 Posted on 13/10 18:22
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha, this thread has gone a bit wierd now!!! its still funny though! and curly is still here!

Cart99 Posted on 13/10 18:28
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

Only things worth living for
Innocence and magic-amen

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 13/10 18:37
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha hasnt it! dunno why people so bothered about it hells!

cart what you on about lol...

Cart99 Posted on 13/10 18:42
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

tomorrow girl i'll buy you chips
a lollipop to stain your lips
and it値l all be right as rain

MsCurly Posted on 13/10 18:42
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

Big, make that sister is always watching Hells Bells.

Of course I'm not really your sister, just a nosey git who likes to stick her neb in from time to time.

Cart99 Posted on 13/10 18:47
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986


Cart99 Posted on 13/10 18:53
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

Well across the fractured landscape
I see the same things
Tired ideas, broken values
Many with the notion
That to share is to lose
A hollow people, bound by a lack
Of imagination and too much looking back
Without the courage
To give a new thing a chance
Grounded by this ignorance

hells_bells83 Posted on 13/10 19:01
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

i think cart99 has taken this thread to a new (and very wierd) level!

its comforting to know you're still here curly!

MsCurly Posted on 13/10 19:04
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

Yes, I'm much better company than TS Eliot, anyway.

If I wanted fractured landscape I would go back to drinking in Eston on a Sunday night.

Thanks all the same Cartman.

Cart99 Posted on 13/10 19:07
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

i havent taken this to a new wierd level.... simply lyrics... very true ones.

RAWA - shouldnt you be in some boozer by now

hells_bells83 Posted on 13/10 19:09
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha, no i meant by just randomly shouting MSCURLY!!!

MsCurly Posted on 13/10 19:10
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

I appreciate your cultural input Cart Noir, takes the edge off Hells and Redders and their incessant flirting anyway.

Joking, you guys.

Cart99 Posted on 13/10 19:11
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

Ms Curly????

Mattyk50 Posted on 13/10 19:11
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

well at least now i know admin dont listen to me

MsCurly Posted on 13/10 19:14
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986


Cart99 Posted on 13/10 19:14
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

someone has to take the edge of this flirting shambles of a thread!!! haaahah oj

I know it would be outrageous
To come on all courageous
And offer you my hand
To pull you up on to dry land
When all I got is sinking sand
That trick ain't worth the time it buys
I'm sick of hearing my own lies
And love's a raven when it flies

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 13/10 19:15
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

cart, yes you are right, but i dunno whether i am gonna go or not...the lads are meeting in the rudds at half seven .... they never give me enough time to do my hair hahaha

i dunno, might drive up a bit later....

hells_bells83 Posted on 13/10 19:16
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

dont worry matty, they probably didnt read down as far as your post!

MsCurly Posted on 13/10 19:19
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

I can play that on my guitar you know, carte d'or?

I even do the wobbly necked thing from time to time just to get 'in the zone'....

hells_bells83 Posted on 13/10 19:22
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha, ive got to see this infamous hair, will be looking out on saturday!!!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 13/10 19:22
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha hells haha

yeah admin got bored before seen mattys request haha...

carter whats all this jibberish you are spouting...

Cart99 Posted on 13/10 19:26
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

I can play that on my guitar you know, carte d'or?

I even do the wobbly necked thing from time to time just to get 'in the zone'....

which one can you play on ure guitar they are all dave gray lyrics.

went to see him in glasgow last

Cart99 Posted on 13/10 19:27
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

what RAWA it isnt jibberish......

i wan going to pop out tonight too, but everytime i go out on a thurs i feel old as its full of 16 year olds...

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 13/10 19:32
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

hells this is fast becoming curlys and carters thread haha!

i feel i am just being nosey now haha

yeah carter i know what you mean about thursdays - great isn't it haha

MsCurly Posted on 13/10 19:33
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

I was referring to 'The Other Side'.

I can play a few, but he does a few cheeky flats and minors that a rubbish guitarist like me can't cope with.

I was determined to go and see him, but haven't. I even stated that if I didn't get to see him this time round I would simply die.

I'm still alive though, and at least I'm going to Zurich!

Do tell me about it, Cart blanche....I'm very jealous, you know.

hells_bells83 Posted on 13/10 19:35
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

redandwhite - we will have to put a stop to their flirting now!

Cart99 Posted on 13/10 19:36
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

it was on the smaller tour before the big one in december, it was awesome, i was about 20 yards away from him, unbelieveable live....... Try and learn "gathering dust" his best song by a mile

RAWA - i know that is the good thing about a thurs these 16 year olds but not the same as the good old days when it was like a school reunion.

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 13/10 19:47
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha what do you really think hells? cos i'm quite enjoying it )plus it isnt half pushing us towards 300 haha!)

yeah i know what you mean cart....bit bored of thursdays same old same old really i cant be bothered getting ready and i've had quite a busy day today, pulling the strings as usual haha

for your information, Babylon is one of my faves on the karaoke curly

Cart99 Posted on 13/10 19:49
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

you couldnt sing babylon RAWA!!! not a chance lmao. do any of you know who sang "baltimore" originally??? im listening to a cover of it, mint.

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 13/10 19:51
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha carter i'm serious......i can even do the "and feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaal" bit at the end

Cart99 Posted on 13/10 19:52
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

you cant hummmmmmmmmmm the tune never mind sing it!! hahahah

MsCurly Posted on 13/10 19:53
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

No, but I remember 'Tarzan Boy' by Baltimora.

Woaaah oh oh oh oh oh oooooooohhhhhh!

hells_bells83 Posted on 13/10 19:54
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

yeah good point redandwhite, we are almost there! matty will be about soon to post the 299!

Cart99 Posted on 13/10 19:56
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

dave gray does a very good cover of "it stoned me" by van morrison....great song!!!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 13/10 19:58
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

yeah you're right there like...i wanna try and get it myself though haha!

cart - i could not give a flying fooook about david about some good music for a change lol

hells_bells83 Posted on 13/10 20:01
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

im really loving his new stuff too, The One I Love is quality, great for chilling out.

--- Post edited by hells_bells83 on 13/10 20:03 ---

Cart99 Posted on 13/10 20:03
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

ok then RAWA sorry

i like mr blobbys new song

blobby blobby blobbyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy lmao

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 13/10 20:04
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha i'm going for the 300 here...

fingers crossed!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 13/10 20:05
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986


Mattyk50 Posted on 13/10 20:05
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

ive literally just got in and might of timed it well!!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 13/10 20:06
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

gerrinnn there!

nevermind matty....better luck next time (399) lol

--- Post edited by redandwhitearmy1986 on 13/10 20:07 ---

scottyc Posted on 13/10 20:06
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

300 for scottyc?

Mattyk50 Posted on 13/10 20:08
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

hahaha scott were u lurking? the sad thing is no one will believe me now if i say ive just put fmttm on now

scottyc Posted on 13/10 20:09
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

my timing dosnt often let me down!damn

Cart99 Posted on 13/10 20:09
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

stone blind alibi
I will eat the lie
Find the word
Could break any spell that binds you
Prayers like ammonites
Curl beneath the lights
How i long to
Bite every hand that feeds you more
Where d段t all go wrong
My friday night enfant
Where d段t all go wrong
My friday night enfant

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 13/10 20:10
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

i believe you matty...ahem....*clears throat*

Mattyk50 Posted on 13/10 20:10
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

btw scott, skids on his way round for a bit of pro evo/fifa if you fancy pitting your wits against 2 of the all time great players?

hells_bells83 Posted on 13/10 20:10
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha scott and matty, nice to see you both here!

did you end up getting it redandwhite?

i was busy writing another post and totally forgot, it would have been my hatrick!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 13/10 20:11
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha yeha i got it....went for it on the sneak and it was 299, so i did a quick one and just got in there before matty and scotty.

Cart99 Posted on 13/10 20:17
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

did anyone just hear that then??

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 13/10 20:27
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

here what?

hells_bells83 Posted on 13/10 20:28
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

enjoy your pro evo/fifa contest, although i must say i would beat you all!!!

Cart99 Posted on 13/10 20:28
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

olaaaa olaaaaaa olaaaaa ola .....

hells_bells83 Posted on 14/10 18:58
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha im not scared!

MsCurly Posted on 14/10 18:59
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

*waves back of hand*

....why I oughta...................

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 14/10 19:06
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

hahaha get in! you ok hells?!

lol curly!

are you at the match tomorrow curly??

hells_bells83 Posted on 14/10 19:14
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

yeah only one week till half term!

i staged a primary school football 5-a-side comp today, it was a success!

how are you?

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 14/10 19:23
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

yeah i'm good thanks, loving the fact its friday! Had a very busy week this week....just feels like i didnt stop....

looking forward to tomorrow and a good drink as well!!!

i hope we beat them though, just for all the scum coming onthe board etc?

hells_bells83 Posted on 14/10 19:25
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

yeah, i have a pompey fan guest with me at the match tomorrow, but sat in the away end!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 14/10 19:29
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha do you....i really hate pompey, ever since they came to ayresome park about 15 years ago and i could hear them constantly singing play up pompey...and they beat us 2-1 i think....

hells_bells83 Posted on 14/10 19:31
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

yeah i have, it should be a good laugh!

i always remember them for the cup game where we were winning but think we ended up getting beat 4-2 in the end and darren 'sicknote' anderton scored straight from a corner.

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 14/10 19:41
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

yeah i remember that one....think we got beat there 4-0 in the league the same year as well !!

they must have been our boogie team!!

hells_bells83 Posted on 14/10 19:44
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

why ... did they used to dance for us!


redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 14/10 19:45
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha well, you know what i meant haha!

hells_bells83 Posted on 14/10 19:48
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha, im sorry, i did know what you meant but it made me laugh so much i couldt resist!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 14/10 19:53
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986


i'll let you off!

hells_bells83 Posted on 14/10 19:56
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

what you up to tonight? i dont think i can be bothered to do anything.

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 14/10 19:58
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

snap...really can't be bothered. think we are all just chilling tonight as we are all out tomorrow for a few before the match and then after...

are you supposed to be out?

hells_bells83 Posted on 14/10 20:00
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

not really, although there are a few people in the cross i could meet up with if i wanted, i would like but just soooo tired. (knowing me though, ill be there in half hour! )

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 14/10 20:27
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha yeah probs end up in the crown as well haha

i just cant get motivated tonight!

so far so good tho as everyone is staying in it make sit easier lol

hells_bells83 Posted on 14/10 20:28
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

i'm still here! defo not going out now, played 5-a-side straight after work and just shattered now! anything good to watch tonight?

MsCurly Posted on 14/10 20:35
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

Hello redders, have only been to one domestic home match so far this season.....and that was Charlton ffs!

Blame the nice people at Sky Sports, I couldn't part with my season ticket but I shall be on my way to Ryton up Newcastle way at kick off time tomorrow.

Once we get Fulham at home out of the way, I will be able to make all our home fixtures again.

And I WILL be lurking at an East Stand bar near your bum though, I have a terrible habit of introducing myself to men by pinching their bottoms.......

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 14/10 20:43
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

aaw nightmare, thought we might have met tomorrow curly!! lol nevermind...

i'm sure i can forgive any female who nips my bum long as you give me a mark out of ten

hells...thats will power for you well done!! haha....i have lots of will power as well...i sometimes wished i smoked, cos i know i'd be able to give in haha

hells_bells83 Posted on 14/10 20:52
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

hey redandwhite, i bet you cant wait for the fulham game now!

i do have a lot of will power, although tonight i believe is a lack of muscle power, just cant move!!!

what have you been doing with your ticket curly? managed to get someone else to go?

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 14/10 21:24
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha yeah i look forward to the next game curly attends haha!

MsCurly Posted on 14/10 22:16
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

I usually give it to the lad who sits next to me, Hells.

He has two boys you see, so it always gets put to good use. He helps me out from time to time too, he's a good egg.

Redders, I'll have to fight my was past that group of blokes you usually stand with, but make no mistake, Curly's gonna get ya!

hells_bells83 Posted on 15/10 10:57
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha, ive just read your last post this morning curly and for a moment id forgot about the question id asked you so you can imagine my suprise at reading the following sentence:

"I usually give it to the lad who sits next to me, Hells."


MsCurly Posted on 15/10 11:00
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986


That's outrageous!!! I'm not that sort of girl!!

I would never leave the rest of the chaps out, that would be unfair!

hells_bells83 Posted on 15/10 11:07
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

lol curly, im sorry. i should have known that about you!!! - living up to your reputation on here!!!

MsCurly Posted on 15/10 11:10
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

Well, it's really just my fmttm persona Hells, much more fun than acting out the part of a middle-aged, mother of two with more hair than brain cells.

Shhhh though.......that's just between us girls.

MontagueWithnail Posted on 15/10 11:17
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

this is a big thread!!!!!

Cart99 Posted on 15/10 11:30
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

Rico are you off to lloyds before the match? i was in the crown last night, awful again.

hells_bells83 Posted on 15/10 11:35
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

yeah i kinda thought that anyway curly but dont worry i wont tell anyone

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 16/10 12:20
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

hello guys...sorry carter wasnt on here at all yesterday. didnt go to lloyds, i went to the yellow rose to watch the geordies, and then went straight to the ground from there....

another poor performance i thought....People on here dont seem to understand wht "entertainment" is. I thought we were very poor, and didn't really create anything. i remember 2 lame shots on target from viduka and hasselbaink. Am very frustrated and gutted and can't be asssed with newspapers and tv today! Dont wanna hear anymore about yesterday!


hells_bells83 Posted on 16/10 17:43
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

just got in from my game, we got beat 3-2, but i scored again so thats 3 in 3 for the season!

yeah yesterday was bad, i cant believe we had only 3 attack minded players in the starting line up, then again a point is a point i suppose there was a time when it looked like we might not get anything.

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 16/10 17:58
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha we got beat but i scored again lol....

well done.

I'm still gutted about yesterday...all our hard work in a good away performance is just getting threw away at home...and i think the players are actually losing confidence at home and fear playing because of the fans reaction!

Mattyk50 Posted on 16/10 18:00
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

i hope you're not a boro boo-boy randw army

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 16/10 18:05
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

lol no ,matty i must admit, i was disgusted at the booing in the first half...i booed at half and full time against sunderland, but i was totally embarrased yesterday.

fair enough everyone can voice opinions etc but to boo in the middle of the half! wtf!

hells_bells83 Posted on 16/10 18:44
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

350 and still going strong!

anyway i didnt boo yesterday but did against sunderland, the team we put out against the mackems should have easily won, but yesterday when i hard the team i wasnt confident at all.

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 16/10 18:53
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

strange thing yesterday - cos when i heard the team and seen 4-5-1 i still thought it was enough to win the game.

basically portsmouth play 3-3-3-1 they have 3 defenders 3 defensive midfielders 3 other midfielders and a striker. if we had played 442 we probs would have got beat cos they would have overran our midfield, but doriva and boat were there to stop anything, alowing maccarone, rochemback franck and yakubu to try and go forward.....

hells_bells83 Posted on 16/10 19:02
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

i just thought with the 2 wide players (both playing out of position)it wouldnt be strong enough to break down their defence, there were many points in the game where yak was up there himself against 3 defenders.

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 16/10 19:08
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

grrrrrrr i need to stop thinking about the game

lets talk about other stuff such as erm.....just other stuff!!


hells_bells83 Posted on 16/10 19:10
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha! but we could get away with posting on this thread without people getting annoyed if we're talking about the boro!

so anyway, still excited for amsterdam?

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 16/10 19:14
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha yeah i s'pose!

yeah i am really looking forward to it actually. Was talking about it yesterday. People asking me what would i do if we didnt get tickets etc for the match....i just said, "why would i wanna spoil a good weekend in amsterdam by going to watch the boro play" haha...

hells_bells83 Posted on 16/10 19:20
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha! yeah my dad always says the 90minutes is the worst part of the trip! i dont know though as ive never been to one... starts feeling sorry for myself

my portsmouth fan friend who came to the game yesterday is dutch so he was giving all who were going some advice etc i was jealous! ... continues feeling sorry for myself!

did you go to any euro away games last season?

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 16/10 19:45
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986


no unfortunately i didn't get to any last year, with the main reason behind it, that i used all my holidays to go away with my ex in december so i had none left to take...a lads at work is always telling me i should have done sickies etc but i couldnt really and i dont do them!, and knowing my luck, i would have been on north east news drunk and everyone would have seen and grassed me up..

hopefully one will fall on your half term though when we win the group haha

hells_bells83 Posted on 16/10 19:57
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

so even more exciting then with it being your first trip!

yeah, i could never risk sickies either! they know im a season ticket holder, big boro fan so it would be quite obvious! - so i am defo praying we get an away one during my feb holiday!

did you go out after the match? i went to cross and then walkabout, it was an ok night, but feeling v tired now!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 16/10 20:00
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

yeah i came home for a quick freshener, then went to the coulby farm, then absolute and hush. Had a good night actually, was quite wrecked quite quickly as well, but i think the 」1 a pints on my mates tab in the coulby aided that haha!

hells_bells83 Posted on 16/10 20:04
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha, cant argue with 」1 pints!

just a relaxing night in tonight then?

im just sorting out my racism display, its my first ever display! its coming along ok!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 16/10 20:06
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

yeah just a relax tonight...going to pick my step brother up shortly though, he's been out with his friends probably drinking and messing about with girls! tut tut! lucky bugga hahah!!

what have you settled on with the display then? i seen you asking for some ideas earlier in the week?!!

hells_bells83 Posted on 16/10 20:14
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha, hope he's old enough!

ive got a big title 'lets kick racism out of football - week of action' and then a definition of racism and then events that are going on in the northeast, quotes from ex and current players about the issue, and then 2 questions getting the kids to think: which black players may be representing england at the world cup and how many nationalities are in the premier league, ive given them some ideas for these with pictures etc!

--- Post edited by hells_bells83 on 16/10 20:41 ---

Cart99 Posted on 16/10 20:31
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

now then,

rico we were awful yesterday and mcclaren has got to sort his chuffing head out. why did he take off frank and leave pogo on? why play 451 against pompey? why change the whole system to accomadate roch in the hole, he wouldnt do it for juno who seems in a different league to roch.

anyway apart from that well done mcclaren.

rico u looking forward to tommorow? ok ok ok

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 16/10 20:39
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

got it hells, is it or .com though??

ah it sounds good the presentation thing...

cart i am looking forward to college tomorrow a bit of hotornot and faceparty haha. only joking. looking forward to les boring the t*ts off me with electrical science ok ok hahah

hells_bells83 Posted on 16/10 20:43
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

.com! sorry!

yeah im gonna see if i can get the posters etc laminated to just be a bit more professional!

where do you go for your lectures etc?

Cart99 Posted on 16/10 20:48
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

i cant wait its rather trap and poke my eye out with a fork.

rico, dont u dare try and defend mcclaren tommorow otherwise you will be getting right hooks off everyone

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 16/10 20:55
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha i won't i won't....i cant even be asssed talking about football tomorrow, i just wanna relax, take the lessons in, and listen to gary saying "bang", "i'm looking for ray finkle, and a clean pair of shorts" and "shnizzle my...." whatever it is lol"

hells we have the mis-pleasure of going to hartlepool college for our foundation degree.


hells_bells83 Posted on 16/10 21:08
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986


we can gossip about these guys now and no-one will know!

enjoy your exciting day at college tomorrow! im off for an early night now! speak again soon no doubt!x

hells_bells83 Posted on 17/10 20:43
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

just to break up the xavier threads ...

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 18/10 18:37
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

again...just to break up the xavier threads!

hells_bells83 Posted on 18/10 18:50
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

hells_bells83 Posted on 18/10 18:51
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

just learnt how to do that last night! im getting better!

kay_jay Posted on 18/10 19:03
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

You must have too much time on your hands.

holgate69 Posted on 18/10 19:13
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

Chat room is open.

kay_jay Posted on 18/10 19:17
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

Spar is open

hells_bells83 Posted on 18/10 19:17
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

you and kayjay better get in there then...

Link: .

holgate69 Posted on 18/10 19:20
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

Very good response H_B. I will bugger off in there then are you joining me KJ. Its your round though.

hells_bells83 Posted on 18/10 19:21
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

nevermind, i got it wrong!

--- Post edited by hells_bells83 on 18/10 19:23 ---

kay_jay Posted on 18/10 19:30
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

I've been told not to go in chat rooms with strange old men, and they don't come any stranger than you, Holgate.

hells_bells83 Posted on 18/10 19:31
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

or older haha

holgate69 Posted on 18/10 19:31
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

K_J stop ruining this thread with inane comments, (there's loads of others who do that).

Think your older than me.

kay_jay Posted on 18/10 19:36
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

All this back chat is doing is helping HB to 400. I will leave now and wait for Matty to try for it, (you are out there).

hells_bells83 Posted on 18/10 19:39
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

lol! redandwhite will be upset he's missing this

--- Post edited by hells_bells83 on 18/10 19:40 ---

holgate69 Posted on 18/10 19:42
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

Time for Horlicks and slippers

hells_bells83 Posted on 18/10 19:49
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

night night h69!

sweetdreams x

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 19/10 7:51
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

good work folks!

hells_bells83 Posted on 20/10 17:03
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

kay_jay Posted on 20/10 18:14
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

We can all do this.................

holgate69 Posted on 20/10 18:16
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

Now who has to much time on his hands, very very sad.

I know what to get you for xmas now, a colouring book and crayons.

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 21/10 17:14
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

i cant even be bothered to attempt on of them haha!
i'd be here for hours!

oh_oh_spikes_magic Posted on 21/10 19:45
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

hb 83 you know me...i just cant be left out...had to get at least one keep going............

hells_bells83 Posted on 22/10 10:54
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986


nice to hear from you spike, how many fingers did you use to type that or did your secretary do it for you!!!

Cart99 Posted on 22/10 12:37
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

du du du

hells_bells83 Posted on 25/10 12:52
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

havent had a hoof for a while. im not normally here this time on a weekday but very much enjoying my half term, little bit bored though!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 25/10 18:37
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

dalayed hoof from the pink one....

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 26/10 18:58
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

any contributors to this on here at the mo?

Cart99 Posted on 26/10 19:21
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

du du du du

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 26/10 19:23
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha...whats with this du du du rubbish carter?

Cart99 Posted on 26/10 19:26
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

not sure mate, i think work has well and truly sent me over the edge.

Cart99 Posted on 26/10 19:28
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

gee up

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 26/10 19:30
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

message to fellow readers of this post...

as carter has just claimed the 400 post, i'm gonna have to hoof it until i get the 500 and so on etc etc etc

starbecksmoggy2 Posted on 26/10 19:32
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

Go for it girl

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 26/10 19:33
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

girl? starbeck what you mean girl!!!!

BobendBill Posted on 26/10 19:36
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

im gonna get the 500 post !

starbecksmoggy2 Posted on 26/10 19:36
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

Sorry about that,have a lot on my mind but not a lot in it

Cart99 Posted on 26/10 19:37
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

yes you big girl.


redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 26/10 19:41
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha starbeck..

bobend, i have no problem with the competition, as if you do get it, it means i'll keep posting on it til i do get one of the 100's haha!

hells_bells83 Posted on 26/10 21:49
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

hey not fair! getting the 400 without me! i will now have to join the competition to get the 500!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 26/10 21:51
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha i was gutted! grrrrr!

just looked away and it was there! bang! 400!! buggger

Phil_K Posted on 26/10 21:53
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

Hi guys.

This thread has gone on a bit since I last posted on it.

Too many posts to read them all so a summary please.

Are you two going out with each other yet?

--- Post edited by Phil_K on 26/10 21:53 ---

hells_bells83 Posted on 26/10 22:07
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

well phil, im not one to kiss and tell...

hells_bells83 Posted on 26/10 23:18
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986 you'll have to ask red&white

--- Post edited by hells_bells83 on 26/10 23:19 ---

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 28/10 17:00
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986


no we are not going out with each other, we are just using each other for casual sex!

oh_oh_spikes_magic Posted on 31/10 17:26
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

come on hb83 youl never score 500 at this rate.....

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 31/10 17:29
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha yeah come on all you posters!

iwanna get a 500!

kay_jay Posted on 31/10 17:31
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

add one to the total.

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 31/10 17:33
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986


i think you should talk politics or something, then loadsa them will come and post!...

them bloody tories!

hells_bells83 Posted on 31/10 18:06
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha, this has resurfaced again!

almost a month now!!!

500 is a must!

ps no politics allowed on my/our thread though redandwhite

Mattyk50 Posted on 31/10 18:12
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

Tony Blair led the British Labour Party to a historic compromise with neo-liberalism/conservatism and Labour was rewarded with office. Having achieved that office, and some creditable reforms, as well as macro-economic stability, after 7 years of government, the question remains, was too much sacrificed for an acceptable performance, when instead a blow could have been struck for social justice and equality?

sorry, couldnt resist!!

boro_1989 Posted on 31/10 18:17
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

500 ey shud be easy sure we can keep this post up there

hells_bells83 Posted on 31/10 18:25
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

- matty!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 31/10 19:32
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

good to see ladies and gents!

definately boro_1989.

matty, where on earth did you get that from?? google haha??

Mattyk50 Posted on 31/10 19:35
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

no comment

hells_bells83 Posted on 31/10 19:41
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986


redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 31/10 19:56
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

Middlesbrough forward not back
Labour is working hard for local communities, delivering more jobs, safer streets and high quality public services available to all. Britain has the lowest mortgage rates for 40 years, the lowest inflation for 40 years and the lowest unemployment since the 1970s. The Tories would take Britain back to the failed Tory past of recession, sky high mortgage rates and cuts to public services. Under Michael Howard the Tories are committed to a 」35 billion cut to public services. Cuts on that scale could only be found through cuts to frontline services - cuts to schools, hospitals and the police.

More nurses, more doctors
Since Labour came to office in 1997, waiting lists are down, investment is up, and there are 1,399 more nurses and 508 more doctors caring for patients in County Durham and Tees Valley Strategic Health Authority. The Tories would introduce charges to have basic operations performed more quickly, turning the founding principle of the National Health Service on its head. More >>

More teachers
Since 1997, standards in our schools have risen across the board and there are now 90 more teachers helping children in Middlesbrough Local Education Authority. The Tories would cut at least 」1 billion from state schools for all to subsidise private schools for the few. More >>

More police
Our streets are safer, crime is down and there are now 131 more police officers fighting crime in Cleveland Police Force than in 1997. When Michael Howard was Home Secretary in the last Tory government, broke his promise to increase the number of police numbers - instead he cut police numbers by 1,132. Now the Tory plan to cut 」35 billion from public spending would mean massive cuts to the fight against crime More >>

Record number of people in work
Unemployment is down by 46 per cent in Middlesbrough and around 4,310 people have got jobs thanks to Labour's New Deal in Middlesbrough since 1997. The Tories would axe the New Deal and return Britain to mass unemployment. More >>

More for pensioners
In Middlesbrough, the winter fuel allowance warmed the homes of 16,490 pensioners in February 2004 and Labour is helping all pensioners to enjoy a decent and secure retirement. 6,011 pensioner households in Middlesbrough are now benefiting from Pension Credit, with a local average award of 」40.07 a week. The Tories betrayed Britain's pensioners when they were last in power. They imposed VAT on fuel and left one in four pensioners in poverty. Now they would let the Pension Credit 'die,' which would hit the poorest pensioners, and they would abolish the Second State Pension. More >>

More for families
In 1997 there was no child care guarantee for parents. Now 3,400 three and four year olds have taken up one of the free part-time nursery education places available in Middlesbrough Local Education Authority. When Michael Howard was last in power, the Tories gave hard working families recession, interest rates of 15 per cent and three million unemployed. More >>

This information is from publicly available sources.
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Mattyk50 Posted on 31/10 19:58
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

i agree with those points in theory redandwhitearmy.

hells_bells83 Posted on 31/10 19:59
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986


you two are lowering the tone around here!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 31/10 20:00
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

what 2 points are those matty? i didnt read it haha!!

yeah forget this politics lark, lets post about something interesting...

matty, any developments with the girl from the rudds. Hiya Grreds if you're ready mate

MsCurly Posted on 31/10 20:06
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

Ok....lets pull this thread into line.

I want to know if you could dress up as any scary, halloween figure from history/cinema.....who would it be?

I would opt for Freddie Kuger, but with my figure, I best give horizontal stripes a miss....hehe.

I'm opting instead for 'Pinhead' from Hellraiser. I reckon that acupuncture would do my old bones the world of good.

MsCurly Posted on 31/10 20:07
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986


Kruger, not Kuger.

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 31/10 20:11
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha welcome back curly! its been a while since you posted on here!

erm hmmmm lets have a think....i would probably go with......IT the clown from the stephen king film....simply cos i was only young when i first seen it and it scared 10 tonnes of shyte out of me, and also cos i like his dress sense haha - unfortuantely my yellow pants, and clown shoes are so last year (joke)

--- Post edited by redandwhitearmy1986 on 31/10 20:12 ---

hells_bells83 Posted on 31/10 20:12
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

good question curly...still thinking at the moment!

oh yeah matty! - we need updates!

hells_bells83 Posted on 31/10 20:14
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha redandwhite, with your reputation on here, its a good job you indicated that it was a joke!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 31/10 20:16
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

i wasnt joking about the clothes hells, i was joking about them being "so last year" - i;ve got them on now

hells_bells83 Posted on 31/10 20:18
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

well i missed your edit!

it does read funnier now though!


aheslehurst6 Posted on 31/10 20:19
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

feck me that is 1 hell of alot of posts

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 31/10 20:21
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

thank you for your contribution aheslehurtst6

Cart99 Posted on 31/10 21:22
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

tommorow girl ill buy you chips, a lollipop to stain u lips, and itll all be right as rain.

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 31/10 21:24
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

beat it with all this werid nonsense cart

Cart99 Posted on 31/10 21:26
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

sorry mate,

im off to derby for the rest of the week so thought id better post now i wont get the chance untill friday.

CROWN 2night?

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 31/10 21:28
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

ha nah mate, i'm in my duds chilling out tonight....

hells_bells83 Posted on 31/10 21:30
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

now theres an image to distract me from my work...


Cart99 Posted on 31/10 21:32
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

oh rico man dont make me sick.

i think carter maybe hitting the crown, wooooooooooooo. Females be warned the legend will be entering the building around 11. form a queue and ill hopefully get round to speakin to most of yous.



redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 31/10 21:34
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha hells!

cart, they'll only be coming over to you, to

a) ask who that good looking lad is who has his picture all over the cucmber website

b) ask where i am tonight.

Cart99 Posted on 31/10 21:36
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

more like

a) to ask me if i remember anything from saturday (nope :|)

b) because they want to come back to mine for carter loving.

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 31/10 21:40
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

oooh the good ol' "carter lovin"

for those of you who are reading, but are not too sure what carter lovin is..

a beef and tomato pot noodle, then a cuddle....yep thats about it

Cart99 Posted on 31/10 21:43
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

unfortunately rico u arent far off.

a chinese, quick cuddle, roll over and asleep. they enjoy it though i think

i used to be the kidder though.

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 31/10 21:45
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986 must be left over chinese, cos i cant imagine you splashing out on a female friend...

unless, you meant the girl was chinese!??

Cart99 Posted on 31/10 21:51
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

i always treat a girl well.....

few drinks,
obviously the honour of being with me,
being humoured by me,
and then back to my bed.

no wonder i am irresistable.


redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 31/10 21:52
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986


redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 1/11 22:44
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

give it a quick hoof...

need some relief after talking "work" on the Quantity Surveyors thread

jeff_rath Posted on 1/11 22:47
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

452 matey, lookin' good. you decided on yer job yet 1986.

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 1/11 22:51
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

alright jeff,

Yeah mate, i'm just waiting for the letter now, they;ve been ringing me confirming my details etc today and yesterday.

well i was in with tom for an hour and a half over lunch today, and he was basically telling me that its vital i stay etc etc, and that he'll match the package, but i dont believe him. a few people have said it wont happen. I have to speak again with him tomorrow and then Alan the commercial director from harrow wants to see me on thrusday, but i 99% gonna take the london one. think its too good a offer to turn down, not just for the salary, but for the experience i'm gonna gain from working on Terminal 5 and then maybe the olympics.

sorry for the essay haha!

jeff_rath Posted on 1/11 23:00
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

Wish id never asked.............only joking.
Wouldn't blame you if you went mate the atmos in our department is terrible @ the moment.

hells_bells83 Posted on 2/11 18:09
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

good feeling to be in demand?!

HOOF by the way!

oh_oh_spikes_magic Posted on 2/11 18:20
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

good to see youve kept it going...hard to keep up with you lot ....if i try for the 500 ill have to start typing at 480...

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 2/11 18:51
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986


i am in demand like Hells!

hells_bells83 Posted on 6/11 19:20
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

this is over a month old now!

well deserved hoof!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 6/11 19:53
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

and again!

i hate sundays!

oh_oh_spikes_magic Posted on 9/11 20:46
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

come on hb only 40 more to go for another landmark....youve nothing better to do,or have you?

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 9/11 20:48
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha i'm loving this smilie drawing tool thing!!

hells_bells83 Posted on 11/11 8:17
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha! nice pic redand white!

hoof from work, as here i have nothing better to do!

hells_bells83 Posted on 17/11 15:41
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

getting 500 may cheer me up!

kay_jay Posted on 17/11 18:18
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

500 before end of November.... easy.

hartburn_lad Posted on 17/11 19:04
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

your right mucker, i did have a few too many whiskeys on the way back from america,...see you sunday in the local or at half time

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 23/11 19:49
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

hells did i tell you i was going to amsterdam

haha sorry!!

hells_bells83 Posted on 23/11 19:56
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

i'm glad i couldnt book up etc now as i wouldnt have been able to go anyway now. that would have been even worse!

hope you have a really great time, and, are able to watch the game somewhere!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 23/11 19:58
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

game? is there something happening i should be aware of?? game???

--- Post edited by redandwhitearmy1986 on 23/11 19:58 ---

hells_bells83 Posted on 23/11 20:02
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha sorry what was i thinking.

i forgot its just a 2-3 day p!ss up!

kay_jay Posted on 24/11 2:14
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

Hoi, Hoi, Hello from the Dam, Having the last beer of the night, still no tickets, will be in the "Tara" tomorrow for the game.
Thanks to MFC and Keith Lamb for helping to get us here.
Having a great time, no trouble, cheers Robbie Fowler.

hells_bells83 Posted on 24/11 9:13
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

what does robbie fowler have to do with anything?!

because he missed the penalty that got us into europe of course!

--- Post edited by hells_bells83 on 24/11 9:50 ---

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 24/11 9:24
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha greetings kay_jay...

have a beer waiting for me please. flying soon not sure where we are watching game yet though

hells_bells83 Posted on 25/11 12:33
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha cant believe you met my sister and dad in amsterdam! how mad!

hope you having/had a great time!

heather85 Posted on 26/11 11:34
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986


Redandwhite...was nice to finally meet u, hope all them didnt take the pis too much. Have a safe journey home!!

oh_oh_spikes_magic Posted on 26/11 13:18
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

heath your language is getting worse...for a 12yr old.
met the pink ponce ,not very quiet for a poof...dress sence not very retro..needs a haircut apart from that not a bad lad .........p.s good kisser.

hells_bells83 Posted on 26/11 13:21
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

oh_oh_spikes_magic Posted on 26/11 13:25
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

h.b. i thought it was your leg you broke not your fingers....put a bit of effort in girl....

hells_bells83 Posted on 26/11 13:28
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

i apologise, just feeling sorry for myself and left out ...

heather85 Posted on 26/11 15:07
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

sorry, think i picked up the bad language in amsterdam

oh_oh_spikes_magic Posted on 26/11 16:07
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

you also picked up some lad with a dodgie top and haircut...i never once saw you pick up the bill.
just 20 more to go....

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 26/11 17:48
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986


hello all! Had a fantastic time. Had a great laugh on Thursday night when i met the gang. Nice to meet both kay kay and heather. And heather the pss taking was part of the fun haha!

what about that bloke from wolves! he wanted another queen night, but the bar man wasnt too keen haha

Spikes magic! u said what happened between us in the dam stayed in the dam haha.

had a laugh reading these threads anyway. Now to carry on the party in we have a red light district?? ha

Cart99 Posted on 26/11 18:05
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

now rico...

it appears you seem to have some sort of "group" following your movements, is this due to your silly hair and outrageous dress sense. lmao, hows tricks anyway mate? think im out in boro tonight also i cant wait for uni on monday morning,

ok ok ok ok ok ok ok dorell

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 26/11 18:58
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

i'm doing a book signing in the club shop and waterstones next week!

yeah i'm alright. had a great time in amsterdam. will give you all the gossip on monday mate....thats if you manage to turn up on time for CHANGE...

kay_jay Posted on 26/11 23:52
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

Who's this kay kay bloke you met.

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 27/11 12:38
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha sorry about that of course i meant kay jay.....

wheres spikes magic at as well...expected more of him....

anyway...lost my wallet last night so i'm a bit pssed off!

Cart99 Posted on 27/11 13:04
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

rico i will be there on time mate ready for a gruelling lesson with les. i cant believe how quick these weeks are passing it will soon be christmas... we still havent sorted out our chrimbo night out either.

JP1991 Posted on 27/11 20:06
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

orite redandwhite
how you doing mate. . .
just 14 more till the big 500 !!
see you next home match mate


redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 27/11 20:09
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

hello son

aye see u next time - lets hope its better than today though eh!

if not though we can always cheer ourselves up by taking the mick outta your old mans trainers

only joking!! haha

JP1991 Posted on 27/11 20:13
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

a right laugh we have with them red trainers
me dad said anymore of it and he will get
big dave will sit on you again !!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 27/11 20:16
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986


no not big dave haha...honest i thought i was gonna pass out today!

hells_bells83 Posted on 28/11 10:11
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

did you manage to get your wallet back last night?

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 28/11 10:55
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986


no i didnt get it! i went down and asked if there was anything and they had nothing at all grrrr.

totally gutted!

hells_bells83 Posted on 28/11 11:08
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

thats a shame, nightmare too having to get all new cards etc, hope you didnt lose too much money.

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 28/11 11:40
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

i know its a total nightmare!!

i think there was about 60 quid in it. but its not the money i'm bothered about really! gutted!

heather85 Posted on 28/11 12:11
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

hello all. Was talking to your mates who u went to dam with in the cross last night redandwhite, i heard them talking about amsterdam and recognised the one who couldnt take a decent photo of us!! That phone was a bit wonky though i must admit. Spikes magic - cant pay for alcohol - only 12 remember

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 28/11 12:43
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

ha yeah...his photo taking technique wasnt very good i must admit, but neither was his idea to drink a pint every 15 minutes during the game...

so that explains why it may have been a bit of a bad picture haha.

Spikes has been pretty anonimous (SP) hasnt he, i'm sure he will make an appearance, trying to get the sacred 500th post (with mattyk50 not to far behind)

Cart99 Posted on 28/11 12:49
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

or i might just nip in there rico and take the 500, beware!!!

Heather, you are in the cross more than me nowadays i think you can officially take over my "piss head" status

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 28/11 12:54
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha cart....

to be fair though, from what i seen of heath85 in amsterdam, she does "piss head" with dignity...unlike you u piece of low life drunken, always wrecked on a monday piece of scum

kay_jay Posted on 28/11 12:56
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

Rico RAWA etc we should let HB get the 500

hells_bells83 Posted on 28/11 12:57
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

I got it again haha!

i was a bit behind there aswell, didnt think it would be me!

--- Post edited by hells_bells83 on 28/11 12:59 ---

--- Post edited by hells_bells83 on 28/11 13:00 ---

kay_jay Posted on 28/11 13:06
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

You are getting a reputation you may live to regret.

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 28/11 13:12
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha well done hells!!

i'm gutted! logged on quickly and it was at 501!! me and cart were racing to try and get it haha

hells....600 before chrismas!

hells_bells83 Posted on 28/11 13:19
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

yeah we should be able to do that, but will you be able to get the 600th!

spike, if you start typing now, you may get the 600th!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 28/11 13:28
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

ha yeah i'll be trying my best!!

i reckon we go for the thousand though. i would love that haha....

people must be getting pissed of with seeing this at the top of the boards all the time haha!

keithadams11 Posted on 28/11 13:29
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

congrats on the 500 i just want to say well done and i want to be part of it

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 28/11 13:32
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

cheers keith

thanks for your input....helping us on our way to a thousand!! (preferably before soccer AM haha

heather85 Posted on 28/11 13:44
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

reputation of being a what KJ..? Cart doesnt know what he's on about he's in there more than me, just half the time he doesnt know where he is!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 28/11 13:56
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha are not wrong there...

he's a grade A loser

Cart99 Posted on 28/11 14:40
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

excuse me!!!

i always know where i am i just usually cant speak thats all. in all honesty i would stay away from the x bar this thursday its payday and i will be a utter mess. wohooooooooo

Cart99 Posted on 28/11 14:43
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

rico, you cannot call anyone a grade a looser with that ridiculous hair doo and dress sense

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 28/11 14:56
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha carter you are loving my jacket dont deny it...

i have no arguments with the hair cut though haha

JP1991 Posted on 28/11 16:55
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

nice one with the big 500 redandwhite
1000 not far ;)

dont worry mate i love the hair doo

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 28/11 21:48
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha cheers JP

hopefully we can get to 600 soon with the help of spikes kay jay and heather as well as the usual culprits hells, cart and the anonymous posters of late curly and matty

keithadams11 Posted on 29/11 11:44
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

woohoo i am 514

holgate69 Posted on 29/11 11:49
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

I said it before and I will say it again,


Congrats on the 500

heather85 Posted on 29/11 12:35
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

Just thought i'd make it 516 before i go to work!

oh_oh_spikes_magic Posted on 29/11 17:12
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

just trying out ms wurly's works fine...also adding one more to my quest to reach 600(notice i said MY)...

Mattyk50 Posted on 29/11 17:14
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

sorry ive been anonymous of late. the page just takes a while to load now cos its so big, and im an impatient boy!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 29/11 17:44
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha spikes, i'll make it my quest to beat you on this one./

matty, i agree it is taking a while to load now, but its worth it just to be part of a 1000 thread!!!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 29/11 17:47
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

and by the way spikes..what was ms curlys tip

MsCurly Posted on 29/11 17:49
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

To never kiss a lady with large hands and a deep voice.

*looks in the mirror*

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 29/11 17:53
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

ha......ahhh there you are you have been slightly anonymous on this thread for some time now curly.

i'll take your advice

MsCurly Posted on 29/11 17:58
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

I'm always watching though redders, well someone has to keep an eye on you kids.

Good man for taking my advice it will keep you in good stead although my opportunity for a snog has just sailed right out of the window..........hehe.

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 29/11 18:00
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

curly i always thought you would be haha...

ooh you never know you could always wear some gloves and just shot the lips on haha

MsCurly Posted on 29/11 18:04
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

Crikey, you're far too young and handsome for this old boiler, still....I suppose fingerless gloves have to be useful for something......

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 29/11 18:10
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha if i could do one of those blushy faces i'd insert one here... haha

nah i'm joking it'd take more than that...

fingerless gloves! thats utterly ridiculous curly. I mean who on earth would were fingerless you'll be telling me about men wearing flip flops etc etc

MsCurly Posted on 29/11 18:14
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

I couldn't possibly comment.

Besides field of expertise is rather more with big hairy men who wear rigger boots.

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 29/11 18:19
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

ooh haha, i prefer a shaven haven myself curly haha

Cart99 Posted on 29/11 18:27
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

rico, you are starting to make me sick and wonder why i even talk to you. hahahha

Helloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo is it me your looking forrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

MsCurly Posted on 29/11 18:27
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

Yes, me too.

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 29/11 18:32
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

trust carter to spoil a moment haha....

[:o] curly!

i need to start doing my hair gotta be at the rudds for 8

Cart99 Posted on 29/11 18:38
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

rico, you should have started doing your hair at 6 this morning if you want to get there in time you posing get!!!! ahaahha

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 29/11 18:45
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

why do you think i'm always so tired on a monday morning son

Cart99 Posted on 29/11 19:45
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

true so very true mate.

im always late due too being easily distracted into staying in bed for longer

its easily done

hells_bells83 Posted on 29/11 21:27
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

good work guys we are getting closer to the target! my t'internet has been off since 3pm so i missed all the fun

holgate - been there, done that

heather85 Posted on 30/11 13:33
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

536...come on people

Cart99 Posted on 30/11 13:46
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

i spy with my little eye something beginning with "C"

holgate69 Posted on 30/11 13:56
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

Eh spike, why waste energy pressing the Ctrl key, just press end for ermmmmmmmmm the end of the thread or home for the top of same.Jobs a good un (not Joseph D J).

H_B's Im shocked

heather85 Posted on 30/11 13:58
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

'just press any key...any key i dont see an any key' dont be shocked told them to

Cart99 Posted on 30/11 18:03
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

Someone tell me where did it go
Darling I'm damned if i know
I seen that look in your eye
No-one ever gave it a chance
I could have said in advance
You saw it all at a glance
And goodbye

hells_bells83 Posted on 30/11 18:05
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

u going to the match tonight?

oh_oh_spikes_magic Posted on 30/11 18:11
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

who u talking to...?

holgate69 Posted on 30/11 18:12
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

Any key, any key ?????? (confused old holgate).

If you mean am i going, NO.

hells_bells83 Posted on 30/11 18:13
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

any ones whos listening! ... so are you?!

hells_bells83 Posted on 30/11 18:17
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

dont worry holgate, its just an old simpsos quote from a very funny episode!

oh_oh_spikes_magic Posted on 30/11 18:32
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

no im not...its to cold for my old bones...
baboon,baboon.... thats my favourate...

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 30/11 18:48
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

refer to msn conversation hells!!

hells_bells83 Posted on 30/11 21:18
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

hey redandwhite - wonder who's will get put on first?!

kay_jay Posted on 30/11 22:28
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

Rarely watch the Simpsons, (no time), but my best quote is.........."DOH, a dear, a female dear"

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 30/11 22:30
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha hmmm i wonder!! yours will be first in the inbox though thats the thing...

if we are talking about simpsons i'll get the thousand o9n my own tonight hahah!!

"i am so smart i am so smart S M R T - i mean S M A R T"

hells_bells83 Posted on 30/11 22:44
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

Cheif wiggum: "ok people, move away, nothing to see here, move along ... oh my god its a terrible helicopter wreckage, come on everyone gather around... come on gather around!"

ok so its not word for word but you know the 1!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 30/11 22:45
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

Principle Skinner "ok for failing in english, Ralph Wiggum.

Ralph "me ?? Fail English ?? Thats Unpossible


hells_bells83 Posted on 30/11 22:49
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

On one of his visits to the school, Cheif Super Intendent Chalmers meets Ralph who greets him in is own special way... "Hi Super Nintendo Chalmers"!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 30/11 22:51
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986


Bart: These uniforms Suck!!

Marge: Bart where do you pick up words like that?

Screen pans to Homer on the phone...

Homer: Yeah moe, that team sure did suck, i mean i've seen teams suck before but they were the suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked


hells_bells83 Posted on 30/11 22:57
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986


ok here is one i saw today.. burns is auditioning for his film (for the springfield film festival!) all the applicants are doing their best "excellent" impression of burns, when its Homers turn he says:

"exactly"! hahaha

it looks good on the board with 555 posts!

--- Post edited by hells_bells83 on 30/11 23:21 ---

heather85 Posted on 1/12 11:32
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

Marge: Homer, the plant called. They said if you don't show up tomorrow don't bother showing up on Monday.
Homer: Woo-hoo. Four-day weekend!!!

kay_jay Posted on 1/12 12:29
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

I laughed my socks off at that, and I am in a room full of "normal" people,....... I got a few stares.

heather85 Posted on 1/12 14:56
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

Homer: Hey boy! Wanna play catch?
Bart: No thanks dad.
Homer: When a son doesn't want to play catch with his father something is definitely wrong.
Grandpa Simpson: I'll play catch with you!
Homer: Go home

hells_bells83 Posted on 1/12 16:34
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

oh you won redandwhite!!! haha!

only because my internet crashed booooo!

oh_oh_spikes_magic Posted on 1/12 17:16
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

im not the biggest simpson fan but you lot had tear in my eyes reading those posts....brill ..keep em comeing...

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 1/12 17:48
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

heather you are getting those of a site haha!!

but they are still brilliant!!

i'm gonna think of some more tonight!

hells.....i never usually come first

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 1/12 18:23
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

after sending a nasty letter to mr burns, homer regrets it, and goes to the post office to collect it before it gets delivered...

Homer " Hellooo, my name is Mr Burns and I believee you have A letter for mee"

Postal Blokey Person "Certainly Sir, what is your first name"

Homer "I .... Dont know that....

kay_jay Posted on 1/12 18:24
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

I was bored.............

This thread was started 4/10 by HB
100 Trophy 6/10 by HB
200 Trophy 10/10 by HB
300 Trophy 13/10 by RaWA
400 Trophy 26/10 by Cart
500 Trophy 28/11 by HB

600 Trophy goes to................??

hells_bells83 Posted on 1/12 18:27
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

redandwhite, that is too much information

saw this simpsons the other night, great quote:

Bart and lisa are arguing:

Bart - "theres your boyfriend" pointing at comic book guy who is eating a sandwich and all the filling falls on his shoe so he takes it off and licks it!

Lisa - "oh yeah, well theres your girlfriend" pointing at the crazy cat lady who's pushing a pram full of cats and one baby.

Bart - "well you're in love with Moleman" who is sat opposite them on a bench

Lisa - "you're gay for Moleman"

Bart - "you're gay for moleman"

this goes on etc and then it goes to Moleman who very solemly says...

"no one is gay for Moleman"

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redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 1/12 18:27
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

OMG Kay Jay, you must have been very very bored!

that must have took some doing!!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 1/12 18:29
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha hels....

moleman is ledge!! he's only 28 or something haha!!

hells_bells83 Posted on 1/12 18:29
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

so its 4-1-1 to me!!!


hells_bells83 Posted on 1/12 18:31
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

yeah moleman rules, have you seen where they get him as a replacement bart and homer keeps kissing his head!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 1/12 18:40
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha yeah its quality...

Homer: Marge? Since I'm not talking to Lisa, would you please ask her to pass me the syrup?
Marge: Dear, please pass your father the syrup, Lisa.
Lisa: Bart, tell Dad I will only pass the syrup if it won't be used on any meat product.
Bart: You dunkin' your sausages in that syrup homeboy?
Homer: Marge, tell Bart I just want to drink a nice glass of syrup like I do every morning.
Marge: Tell him yourself, you're ignoring Lisa, not Bart.
Homer: Bart, thank your mother for pointing that out.
Marge: Homer, you're not not-talking to me and secondly I heard what you said.
Homer: Lisa, tell your mother to get off my case.
Bart: Uhhh, dad, Lisa's the one you're not talking to.
Homer: Bart, go to your room.

must admit i cheated slightly...but who cares....possibly the greatest quote ever haha

hells_bells83 Posted on 1/12 18:46
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

Bart tells Homer he is going on the 'father - son' rowing boat trip, to which Homer replies:

"Ha you dont have a son!"

MsCurly Posted on 1/12 18:49
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986 good as The Simpsons is, you kids have shamelessly bored me away from this thread now.

It's one of those 'you really have to be there' moments.

I'll pop back over in a week or so when you've exhausted it.

Behave youselves while I'm on my sabbatical....oh, and I enjoyed your fannyfile redders, am looking forward to reading Hellaballoo's next.

heather85 Posted on 1/12 18:51
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

homer says: marge it takes two to lie, one to lie and one to listen.....that one wasnt off a site and neither was ANY key but the other one was i must admit!

I can think of another one but cant remember how it goes HB you can help me out!! Bart is hoovering grandpas face and he looks like homer? grandpa...homer...grandpa...homer

You out tonight redandwhite? no doubt ill c cart in cross sober as usual!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 1/12 18:51
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

Homer: Are you saying you're never going to eat any animal again? What about bacon?
Lisa: No.
Homer: Ham?
Lisa: No.
Homer: Pork chops?
Lisa: Dad, those all come from the same animal.
Homer: Heh heh heh. Ooh, yeah, right, Lisa. A wonderful, magical animal.

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 1/12 18:58
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

curly i am may miss out on the 600 as a result haha

thanks..glad you enjoyed the fan file haha

hells_bells83 Posted on 1/12 18:59
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

hey curly i like that name!

you better give us 2 weeks, the simpsons has been around since 1990 (ish) haha!

hells_bells83 Posted on 1/12 19:10
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

ok redandwhite i followed your cheating link!

Marge: Homer! There's someone here who can help you...
Homer: Is it Batman?
Marge: No, he's a scientist.
Homer: Batman's a scientist?!
Marge: It's not Batman!


redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 1/12 19:17
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha love that one...

and this one...

hooked up to a lie detector after reporting an alein sighting..

Scully: Homer, we're going to ask you a few simple yes or no questions. Do you understand?
Homer: Yes. (lie dectector blows up)

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 1/12 19:26
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

600 by the end of the evening.!!

come on!!!

hells_bells83 Posted on 1/12 19:31
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

Very short and simple but so funny!:

Homer: Lisa, Vampires are make-believe, like elves, gremlins, and eskimos

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 1/12 19:34
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

so looonnnngg suckers haha

hells_bells83 Posted on 1/12 19:44
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

Grandpa: Are we there yet?
Homer: No
Grandpa: Are we there yet?
Homer: No
Grandpa: Are we there yet?
Homer: No
Grandpa: ........Where are we going?

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 1/12 19:49
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986


Homer: Son, when you participate in sporting events, it's not whether you win or lose; it's how drunk you get.

thers so many quotes!!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 1/12 19:59
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

from tonights episode...

Homer on phone...."hello ? old lady from titanic? you stink hehehehe "


and one of my faves i have this on my computer...

homer tries to order "subliminary slim" a weight loss programme. He dials the number, and hears the message...

Do Do Do....the fingers you have used to dial are too fat. to obtain a special dialling wand, please mush the keypad with your palm, now."


keithadams11 Posted on 1/12 20:05
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

who will get the 600 bet its not me

hells_bells83 Posted on 1/12 20:05
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

the one where homer gets fat is one of my all time favourite episodes along with sherry bobin!


What about you randw?

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 1/12 20:08
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

i'm hoping its me kieth haha!

hmmm i have so many favourite episodes, but one that sticks out is wher bart and lisa join the ice hockey rival teams...

theres so many amazing bits in that episode that have me creased over wetting myself

keithadams11 Posted on 1/12 20:10
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

hmm yea i like that one just wish bart buried the puck in the bottom corner after luring lisa into a false sense of security by cuddling him

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 1/12 20:12
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha, its so hard to pick favourites though!! they are all to good!

hells_bells83 Posted on 1/12 20:13
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

ok time for one of my favourite quotes ever, can't believe I forgot about it until now!

Lionel Hutz talking about a judge:

"he's always hated me since I accidently ran over his dog, actually replace the word 'dog' with the word 'son' and the word 'accidently' with the word 'repeatedly'!


grass Posted on 1/12 20:14
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

Looks like the jawdees love you to RAWA1986

Link: Redandwhitearmy

keithadams11 Posted on 1/12 20:15
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

woohoo 590

keithadams11 Posted on 1/12 20:16
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

tell a lie 591 and now 592 and probs 593

keithadams11 Posted on 1/12 20:18
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

593 and countin

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 1/12 20:19
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha, cheers for that grass...will keep my eye on it.. will have to be careful what i say on there though, dont wanna get a banning.. lol

8 to go - come on!!

keith... please ensure i progress to the next stage of your competition....

give me a bye, or an honourary entry, as i really wanna face boro boy 75 and win haha

keithadams11 Posted on 1/12 20:21
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

rawa1986 i am sure i recognise u from somewhere but cant remember where for the life of me

hells_bells83 Posted on 1/12 20:22
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

nice comments from big al!

how is ponce spelled, the geordie spelt it ponse?

which do you prefer redders?!

come on the 600!

MsCurly Posted on 1/12 20:23
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

Lads.......there is no glory to having a huge thread if it's nearly all just number may as well just get yourself an abacus to amuse yourself.

At least the quotes had some amusement value.

Have some chat, some repartee and then baske in the wonderful glow of a worthwhile thread.

The wise woman has spoken.

Feel free to ignore me and continue.

keithadams11 Posted on 1/12 20:24
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

hellsbells just appears out of no where


nearly there

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 1/12 20:25
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

come onnn!!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 1/12 20:25
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

come on keith rack your brains??

lol how old are you?

hells_bells83 Posted on 1/12 20:25
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

hey curly, its never been number counting before! Keith is lowering the tone!

Boro85 Posted on 1/12 20:26
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

Ive a feeling i wasnt quick enough...

Edit: Nope. Ah well ill go back into hiding until 700 then

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keithadams11 Posted on 1/12 20:26
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

i dont know got nowt better to do other half is watching bleak house

oh_oh_spikes_magic Posted on 1/12 20:26
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

uve done it again ..tears streaming down my face......f in brill....
just found out while i was p ing myself reading the simpson quotes someone hit 600.....not me again....

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hells_bells83 Posted on 1/12 20:27
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

redders got that 1!

keithadams11 Posted on 1/12 20:28
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

sorry appologies didnt mean to lower the tone

im 22

what clubs/things did u do as a kid

Mattyk50 Posted on 1/12 20:28
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

im just sitting back and formulating a gameplan to make sure i get the 1000th post

hells_bells83 Posted on 1/12 20:30
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

what do you mean you don't know how old you are keith?!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 1/12 20:30
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

get in....

well, *wipes tear from top of his cheek* i'd like to make a great big thank you to hells for starting this thread in my name etc etc... and to all those worthy contributors who are gonna take this thread to 1000

ladies and Gentlemen (and curly ) be extremely proud of your achievements!!

haha curly was that a sneaky disguised bit for the 600!!

keithadams11 Posted on 1/12 20:32
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

hells bells check about 4-5 posts up i do know my age probably the same as you if the 83 means year of birth

hells_bells83 Posted on 1/12 20:34
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

only joking keith, you can do what you like!

ah yes I never thought of curlys post like that!

i thought she was leaving us alone!

well done redandwhite on your great achievement!

i'll believe it when i see it matty!

hells_bells83 Posted on 1/12 20:41
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

keith - red and white asked you how old you were but then you were replying to something else with "i dont know got nowt better to do other half is watching bleak house"
so it seemed that you didnt know your age and it amused me! sorry!

yeah i am 22, i might know you but if your real name is keith adams then i dont think i do!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 1/12 20:43
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

keith, didnt do much in the way as clubs when i was a kid. was usually down trimdon shops with a bottle haha!! and i had short back and sides then

have played football since 16 for the yellow rose until last year. always out and about round town. what about you..

any news on the soccer am crack yet?

hells_bells83 Posted on 1/12 21:00
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

come on keith where have you gone?

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 1/12 21:07
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

ha i know howay keith man where you gone!

hells_bells83 Posted on 1/12 21:12
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

he only wanted the glory of the 600, as he didnt get it, he's gone!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 1/12 21:15
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

ah well...maybe he didnt recognise me...hah

kay_jay Posted on 1/12 22:25
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

ah well...maybe he did...hah

BTW congrats on the 600 trophy, nearly a mantlepiece full.

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redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 1/12 22:27
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha i'm actually laughing here kay jay...

cheeky buggar!! this time last week eh mate...

hells_bells83 Posted on 2/12 9:56
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

last hoof for keith, then if you dont answer our questions I dont care anymore!

keithadams11 Posted on 2/12 10:00
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

waaahaaaay im back no no word yet from soccer am

sorry for just diapeering last night the missus asked if we wanted an early night so how could i refuse not knowing that she just wanted a cuddle bloody typicle get none for weeks due to women problems then she leads u on and batters u back down with cuddles and its a true fact that only one person can be comfortable with a cuddle anyway

heather85 Posted on 2/12 12:25
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

morning this is my daily contribution....loving the simpsons quotes....

Bart: There's no such thing as a soul. It's just something they made up to scare kids, like the boogeyman or Michael Jackson.

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 2/12 14:33
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

lmao keith hahaha!!

nevermind eh mate haha

keep em coming heather

heather85 Posted on 2/12 15:57
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

ow spikes you've done your disappearing act again. you'll have to read the quotes quicker if you want to get the 700th! okili dokili

hells_bells83 Posted on 2/12 19:39
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha poor keith!

still didnt get the answers though did we redandwhite?! haha

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 2/12 19:52
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha nope! i still dont know where he knows me from!

keithadams11 Posted on 2/12 20:07
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha sorry lol i really cant figure this one out maybe i have just met ya in a club one night and had a chat and a drink but i still am sure i rcognise u

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 2/12 20:27
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

aye maybe thats it keith....

i probably recognise your face if you are put and about in town

oh_oh_spikes_magic Posted on 2/12 20:43
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

its alright kieth i had the same problem with him in the dam.....he soon forgets...

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 2/12 20:46
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

ah come on spikes! how could i forget you in the dam haha

oh_oh_spikes_magic Posted on 3/12 17:18
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

heath i never thought you'd miss me!! its that time of know...xmas shopping...favarelli's an for the mine all mine!!!!!

heather85 Posted on 3/12 17:58
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

Its ok i'll let you off, I understand you have to put a lot of thought in to my pressie

oh_oh_spikes_magic Posted on 3/12 18:08
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

heath i need a fix before you go out....a quick simpson quote

heather85 Posted on 3/12 18:20
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

ok ok..

BARNEY: (stands up at girl scout meeting): Hi, my name is Barney, and I'm an alcoholic
LISA: Mr. Gumble, this is a girl scout meeting
BARNEY: Is it, or is it that you girl scouts can't admit that you have a problem?

I've just done the simpsons personality test and turns out the simpson's charactor i am is mrs krabapple!

Link: The Simpsons Personality Test

heather85 Posted on 3/12 18:21
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

anyway who said i was going out

oh_oh_spikes_magic Posted on 3/12 18:55
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

heath (if your still in)ive just done the test... guess who i am?here's a clue...

oh_oh_spikes_magic Posted on 3/12 18:58
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

faye just done the test and she got the same as me........

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redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 4/12 11:31
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

hey hey

krusty by any chance Spikes?

heather85 Posted on 4/12 16:13
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

Thats no surprise really spikes

elnino Posted on 4/12 16:30
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

This thread is boring

hells_bells83 Posted on 4/12 19:44
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

Don't read it then

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 4/12 19:53
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

but thanks for your input into our quest to get 1000

oh_oh_spikes_magic Posted on 4/12 20:14
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

where would this thread be without elnino's witty inputs...

darren20 Posted on 5/12 11:23
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

now appo so, god your a leg end on here aint ya son jim. well these people obviously dont no ya. read loads of shyte bout ya! funny but not true. its darren by the way

Piquet2 Posted on 5/12 11:28
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

"its darren by the way" don't say

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 5/12 11:38
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

thanks darren.... i know a couple of darrens though mate which one are you haha...

its all a bit of fun mate, i dont take it to heart, couldnt care less what they call me haha..

darren20 Posted on 5/12 11:43
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

1 who nos ya through tats, lev n that.

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 5/12 11:49
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

aah now sonn haha...

oh_oh_spikes_magic Posted on 5/12 17:14
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

do ya get any points for a half century ,if so......

oh_oh_spikes_magic Posted on 5/12 17:16
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

.......get in there!!!!!yes....whooooo..alright.....yer.....

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 5/12 17:47
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha no sorry spikes, just the centurys

if i had got it though, it would be a different story hah

holgate69 Posted on 5/12 19:09
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

How the freeking hell_bells can i be........................

Lisa Simpson . Im not having that im having another go.

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 5/12 19:12
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

holgate, go to your room

holgate69 Posted on 5/12 19:15
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

That Simpson Personality Test is knackered, ive done it twice now 2nd time i took my time and considered my answers and still im.......................

Bloody Lisa, now tell me who's taking the piss out of me

--- Post edited by holgate69 on 5/12 19:16 ---

heather85 Posted on 6/12 15:25
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

now now holgate dont blame the test. Go see Principal Skinner

heather85 Posted on 6/12 15:26
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

I'm Mrs Krab_Apple by the way if you didn't get that!

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heather85 Posted on 6/12 15:27
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

holgate69 Posted on 6/12 15:43
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

All you teachers are the same [:D.

heather85 Posted on 6/12 15:58
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

I've just done your idea and done it again really thinking about it and i got.........

Link: The truth!!

hells_bells83 Posted on 7/12 12:39
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

redandwhite - actually, they are quite soggy!

--- Post edited by hells_bells83 on 7/12 12:40 ---

Link: mmmmmmmmmmmmm!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 7/12 17:54
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

lol careful hells, you'll get them talking....

i knew they were soggy, i could just tell when you described them. They are how i like them though, i could suck on them all night....

hells_bells83 Posted on 7/12 18:12
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

well I must admit I'm getting as much pleasure out of them tonight as I was the other night when I was telling you about it and showing you the picture!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 7/12 18:26
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

oooh the pictures were brilliant...

they are really pink arent they....?

i'm definately in the mood for some now like hells...

hells_bells83 Posted on 7/12 18:59
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

ok then redandwhite, I have tempted you long enough...

Link: i'll get you some next time i go shoppin

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 7/12 19:07
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

thanks hells, all this talk of strawberry milkshake penny sweets is making me peckish

hells_bells83 Posted on 7/12 19:11
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 7/12 19:25
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

thought we'd have got a little bite then hells...

and no, this isnt another innuendo haha

hells_bells83 Posted on 7/12 19:31
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

i have had lots of little bites tonight of those sweets! I feel a bit sick now!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 7/12 19:35
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

lol, i couldnt eat another thing, after the spagetti bolognaise, i've just made and devoured lol...

ooh ok then just a handful of quality street please...

oh_oh_spikes_magic Posted on 7/12 20:03
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

pinky...think of your figure!!!!!!!!

hells_bells83 Posted on 7/12 20:04
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

oooh very domesticated, I like that!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 7/12 20:07
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

lol, spikes, i'm cancelling them out cos i'm having a glass of DIET coke

hells_bells83 Posted on 7/12 20:44
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

thats a good diet tip!

Link: did she tell you that?!

elnino Posted on 7/12 21:02
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

This is still boring

hells_bells83 Posted on 7/12 21:20
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

you still dont have to read it, but thanks for another post and hoof to the top

elnino Posted on 7/12 21:30
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986


kay_jay Posted on 7/12 21:43
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

"Are you elnino in disguise", trying to get 700 up.

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 8/12 8:06
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

k j

i can safely say i am not elnino in disguise...i drifted off last night during the man utd match...

anyway, i've got to go and forcast our expenditure on a contract in Russia, so, Moscow

hells_bells83 Posted on 9/12 9:45
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

will we lose all this?!?!

kay_jay Posted on 9/12 10:16
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

No proble,
Redders will save in his favourites and then resurrect on Monday, Easy, Easy,..........

hells_bells83 Posted on 15/12 10:30
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

Still here!

oh_oh_spikes_magic Posted on 15/12 16:38
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

me too.....

kay_jay Posted on 15/12 17:21
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

Those famous words, from that famous song, from that infamous rocker, "Hello, Hello, it's good to be back"..

heather85 Posted on 16/12 15:18
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

you dont know what you've got till its gone

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 16/12 18:08
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

hey every one did you miss me?

hells_bells83 Posted on 16/12 18:19
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

hiya, is it good to be home?!

oh_oh_spikes_magic Posted on 20/12 19:24
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

i would just like to take this opportunity to wish all who have appeared on this thread(wellcome or not) a very merry xmass....... and a brill new year.......

hells_bells83 Posted on 20/12 19:42
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

thanks spikey, same to you and everyone else!!!

heather85 Posted on 21/12 13:31
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

Merry Xmas everyone

From the team thats top in fantasy football

kay_jay Posted on 21/12 15:05
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

Stuff this "Happy Holiday" malarkey.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all who have contributed, (or just browsed) this post.

Good luck to all FMTTMooners for 2006.

Bring on Cardiff, Wembley and Eindhoven.

"Up the Boro"

sasboro Posted on 21/12 15:32
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

I cant be arsed reading therough this thread but have you ever thought of speaking to each other on teh phone,email or txting?

hells_bells83 Posted on 21/12 15:38
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

yes thanks, Merry Christmas

MsCurly Posted on 21/12 15:40
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

Have you all stopped quoting The Simpsons yet?

Is it safe to come back?

hells_bells83 Posted on 21/12 15:53
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

yes it is! welcome back!

although its a bit lonely around these parts now without redders

oh_oh_spikes_magic Posted on 21/12 16:58
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

im going to the match tonight it looks like im guna miss out on yet another century....

kay_jay Posted on 21/12 17:18
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

Everyone who regularly post on this should be at the game tonight, (apart from H85, she's at work), so unless the 700 is not reached by 6.00 it should be ok until about 10.30.

Now watch them all....

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keithadams11 Posted on 21/12 17:58
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

woohoo nearly there

keithadams11 Posted on 21/12 19:52
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

long time no chat hells hows u do u still think u look like ruby

keithadams11 Posted on 21/12 19:52
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

only 1 left

keithadams11 Posted on 21/12 19:53
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

on behalf of RAWA1986 he needs it for the score

borobadge Posted on 21/12 20:14
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

thats not right..but good organisation in getting it done...

hells_bells83 Posted on 21/12 23:36
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

hey keith, you should have waited until we were back from the game! i'll let you off for dedicating it to redders as we are missing him and he's probably still upset that i tonked him on the fmttm world cup all stars thingy!!!

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keithadams11 Posted on 22/12 9:10
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

ha ha hells i think tonked is putting it lightly ha ha the lad needs some glory tho so i had to dedicat that one sorry for the sneaky and sly approach of getting it whilst everyone was at the match he he

oh_oh_spikes_magic Posted on 22/12 17:06
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

keithadams age 11.? dont sound all that sorry to me.........thats it now im defo going for the k11 well done....

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 23/12 18:23
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

ladies and gentlemen,

i am very very impressed with your work over the past week. I would like to thank you all for keeping this post going. May i wish you all a very merry christmas, and a thoroughly prosperous new year.

Although, i must admit, the one thing that would make my christmas this year is a contribution on this post, from my cyber stalker, and serial pink ponce lover and knocker, BoroBoy 75.... come on then matey give us a post....

Hope its a pink christmas this year.....

PS. on tuesday night i had 8 pints of stella in a pub near Heathrow, and i still made site then next day! Overpriced and shyte i tell ya! I;m usually contemplating a sicky after a midweek session like that!

hells_bells83 Posted on 23/12 19:05
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

sounds like you're having a good time! hope they're looking after you well!

take care and have a great Christmas xxx

heather85 Posted on 27/12 15:52
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

merry christmas everyone and a happy 2006

heather85 Posted on 27/12 15:53
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

merry christmas everyone and a happy 2006

oh_oh_spikes_magic Posted on 27/12 16:07
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

merry christmas???? your a bit late arnt ya? where have you been young girl?

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 27/12 16:20
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

i've met miss curly everyone !

hells_bells83 Posted on 27/12 16:58
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

yeah, i heard, although i heard it was her hand that met your bum though!!!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 27/12 17:04
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha how have you heard that!!

word doesnt half get around fast!!

hells_bells83 Posted on 27/12 17:08
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha!! i have my sources!!

hells_bells83 Posted on 27/12 17:12
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

here's how....

Link: you havent got another stalker!!!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 27/12 17:12
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986


aw if you arent gonna play then i'm going in a mood hahaha!!

tell me now!!! grrr

MsCurly Posted on 27/12 17:14
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

Nice bum too.

hells_bells83 Posted on 27/12 17:15
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

see above link...

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 27/12 17:17
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha very funny.

indeed her palm (i dont know if it was sweaty) me my "pert」 bottom, and then she even asked for another go.

haha very lovely charming lady indeed i must say, and nice to finally put a face to the cyber name.

although i'm not her type hells. haha

MsCurly Posted on 27/12 17:36
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

Yes, I had to have another grope under more calmed circumstances you looked a little alarmed when I first came up behind you and groped you. Although you dealt with the matter very well, I must say......apart from pointing at me and shouting loudly, 'hey look, it's MsCurly!!'.

Most sporting of you to let me have another go (just to check if it was as nice as I thought it was the first time of course).

hells_bells83 Posted on 27/12 17:44
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

another go!!!

you could start charging and make some money from this pert bum of yours!!!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 27/12 17:50
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

not a problem curly, although i didnt ask if you were going to let me return the favour

hells, it is an option i suppose, however, i might get boroboy75 buying a feel every now and again, seen as though he is head over heels with me and cannot stop thinking about me even when i'm not here.

think thats made my mind up for me.

hells_bells83 Posted on 27/12 17:54
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

dont be too harsh on him, he is upset and missing you!!!

hells_bells83 Posted on 27/12 17:54
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

well that double post got us 1 more closer!!!

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heather85 Posted on 27/12 20:29
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

well ive been grounded spikes havent been allowed on the computer ok then happy new year!

hells_bells83 Posted on 27/12 23:15
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

Yeah, say we are top of the league,

Link: we are top of the league!!!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 28/12 10:41
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha what a good link that is.

please to see we take pride of place....

hells_bells83 Posted on 29/12 14:06
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

we will have to make sure we stay there, what with everybody hoofing their old threads!!!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 30/12 20:09
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

yeah definately!

a great big fat hooooof for this one.

anyway congrats on the pot

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 30/12 21:27
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

i have so many threads on the board at the moment!

hells_bells83 Posted on 30/12 22:20
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

thanks, im on the long road to recovery at least

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 30/12 22:22
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

you should have asked santa for a ladyshave though haha

hells_bells83 Posted on 30/12 22:33
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

like i said to someone earlier, i think a chainsaw is a better option!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 30/12 22:34
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

*reaches for the sick bag*

hells_bells83 Posted on 1/1 10:53
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

Happy New Year to all!!!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 1/1 12:28
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986


oh_oh_spikes_magic Posted on 1/1 16:33
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

i know its a bit late in the day but........happy new year to all our readers.......

heather85 Posted on 3/1 23:04
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

Happy new year everyone...i know im a bit late but hey just 'reviving' an ancient thread

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 8/1 13:40
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

happy new year folks

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hells_bells83 Posted on 13/1 11:20
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

hope you have a safe trip back up north today

ps hoof!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 13/1 22:09
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

hello folks.

thanks hells. just got home now, i got the later flight.

seen jamie redknapp at heathrow, unfortunately he wasnt with louise haha


hells_bells83 Posted on 15/1 21:53
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

ooooh, i really like jamie redknapp!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 15/1 22:43
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha, yeah well unfortunately, like i said, his missus wasnt there.

we need more of an input on this thread when i'm away! i'm disappointed with only 1 post per week

hells_bells83 Posted on 15/1 22:46
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

it just shows how much your presence is missed during the week!

its your fault for moving!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 15/1 22:54
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha yeah blame me....

its disappointing cos theres not much input from spikes, heather, kay jay, mattys not around, and i think curly has vanished completely!

get your finger out people!

hells_bells83 Posted on 15/1 22:59
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

next time matty follows you on a night out you can tell him to get on here!

kay_jay Posted on 16/1 8:49
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986


I'm here, just keeping quiet at the back of the class.

hells_bells83 Posted on 16/1 22:45
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

hey redders, will you cut my hair for me when you're back at the weekend, thankyou!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 20/1 17:21
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

haha, i don't know what it is with people haha! they think i'm a hairdresser!

also, when ever i'm in town shopping, i have randoms coming upto me asking if they can try stuff on? i'm like sorry luv / pet / mate / son i dont work here!

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 23/1 11:57
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986


people, i want at least 760 when i return at the weekend!

hells_bells83 Posted on 23/1 13:31
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

right thats it, the target is set, but I'm not going to talk to myself! people only turn up whe it gets to around the 95 mark!

hells_bells83 Posted on 23/1 13:32
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

a double post definitley helps!

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hells_bells83 Posted on 25/1 23:11
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

shame on you all

redders only wanted 1 thing to come home to on friday (760) and you lot could not or would not comply. now get your fingers out.

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 27/1 23:23
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

very very disappointed

hells_bells83 Posted on 29/1 22:03
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

hi redders

I must have missed you this weekend! been so busy! starting to get my life back now that I'm more mobile!

Hope you've had a good time back at home.

I tried my best with the hoofing but there was no help

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 6/2 15:27
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

its terrible isnt it!

i cant believe lets play a game took over!

we need spikes magic, kay jay heater matty and curlys input!


hells_bells83 Posted on 6/2 15:35
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

Yeah we really need the input from heater, its getting cold in here!


heather85 Posted on 6/2 15:42
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

I'm very sorry I feel so ashamed last time I wrote on this post was beginning of the year Been busy! How time flies when you're having fun (!)

kay_jay Posted on 6/2 17:57
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

Lets get this back to the top and keep it up there for pinkies sake

SHBART, (Save Hells Bells And Redandwhitearmy1986 Thread)

hells_bells83 Posted on 6/2 18:07
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986


heather85 Posted on 6/2 18:26
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

i noticed that too hells but didnt want to say anything, ill just bring the warmth to this thread..

hells_bells83 Posted on 9/2 10:36
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

so then, hard core fan, did you enjoy the match last night???

heather85 Posted on 11/2 13:58
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986


hells_bells83 Posted on 11/3 13:08
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

Hiya, havent spoke to you for ages, I have been busy

Hope everything is still going well for you and you are enjoying it. Maybe catch up over the weekend

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 11/3 14:16
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986


things are going alright thanks....hopefully will be taking the charlton cup game in whilst i'm down there.

was not nice watching the Roma game in the pub on thursday! was desperate to be there, but i suppose thats the price i pay!!

Cecil_J_McTumshie Posted on 24/6 4:58
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

just spent a lot of my night shift being thoroughly entertained reading this thread (honest) and feel it needs to be hoofed back up so we can find out if the love affair is still continuing and rto overtake Esky's Big Brother (yawn ) thread

Cecil_J_McTumshie Posted on 24/6 21:24
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

Hoof if anyone wants to add

oh_oh_spikes_magic Posted on 24/6 22:33
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

SHABERT.....i think...i meant SHBART

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oh_oh_spikes_magic Posted on 26/6 18:10
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

Am i the only one still alive?

oh_oh_spikes_magic Posted on 27/6 18:02
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

HELLO....can anybody hear me......??????

kay_jay Posted on 27/6 18:43
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

Hello Stranger.

You haven't been on for ages, come back from your hollibobs all tanned and refreshed, log onto FMTTM cos you're bored, get no reply and then start whinging.

Welcome back.

oh_oh_spikes_magic Posted on 29/6 17:20
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

SHBART...SHBART.... Ill keep on SHBARTING till i get a reply from hells bells........

heather85 Posted on 29/6 19:08
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

Im here!

but im off now to get very drunk in the boro bar

oh_oh_spikes_magic Posted on 3/7 17:27
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

C,mon hells your not on your hols yet.....if you dont reply it detention for you.....

redandwhitearmy1986 Posted on 19/7 14:22
re: fao redandwhitearmy1986

Hello everybody...

whats happening x