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Perry_Combover Posted on 5/10 11:33
Laser eye surgery

I am thinking of getting this delicate procedure done (probably LASIK). I have an initial consulation this saturday.

I am short-sighted and am tired of shoving pieces of plastic into my eyes every morning. I shell out about 200 quid a year on lenses etc so I reckon (assuming I dont have any problems after surgery) it will pay for itself within 10 years or so.

Theres plenty of info on web about it, but anyone had any experience of this? Recommendations etc.

London_Boro Posted on 5/10 11:35
re: Laser eye surgery

I hda it don and haev never hd any prombles.

do it, yu wont rgeret it !

The_River Posted on 5/10 11:37
re: Laser eye surgery

A couple of friends have had it done, and absolutely love the results.

I've never had the bottle myself, as I worry about the potential health consequences in later life, and also can never understand why, if it's so straightforward and easy, the doctors carrying it out always seem to still wear glasses themselves.

ERICMUS Posted on 5/10 11:39
re: Laser eye surgery

I saw the procedure on that "How It Works" programme, ugghhhh.

I have a thing about eyes.

Perry_Combover Posted on 5/10 11:42
re: Laser eye surgery

Could depend on the doctors age. It doesnt correct the need to wear reading glasses that happens to most people with age.

piggy_nichol Posted on 5/10 11:45
re: Laser eye surgery

Doctors have to wear glasses to make them look clever.

maninmboro Posted on 5/10 12:00
re: Laser eye surgery

No medical doctors have had this done!!

rozi Posted on 5/10 13:28
re: Laser eye surgery

2 of my work colleagues have had it done, no probs whatsoever. My Mum had a sort of laser surgery last year cos she had cataracts, when she was only 90, and she has been fine as well. What a wuss I am, I wouldn't dare.

shaun_84 Posted on 5/10 13:31
re: Laser eye surgery

I don't want to frighten you, perry, but I know someone who had it done and just a week later his left eye fell out. He said just the other day that he "wished he hadn't had it done"

maninmboro Posted on 5/10 13:34
re: Laser eye surgery

My mate had it done and now regrets it!

"he wish he'd seen the light"

The_River Posted on 5/10 13:59
re: Laser eye surgery

maninmboro, that's so cornea

maninmboro Posted on 5/10 14:01
re: Laser eye surgery

There's a light at the end of the tunnel.

PapaJohn Posted on 5/10 14:06
re: Laser eye surgery

I had it done 10/11 years ago when the technology was newish and you had to plan for a couple of days in a dark room with a fair bit of pain. Also it was 6 months between eyes.

Nowadays the technolgy has moved forward a long way and there is hardly any/no pain at all and both eyes can be done at the same time(i think).

No regrets from me btw, I've not been to opticians since.

My short site was measured at about -5 at the time.

littlejimmy Posted on 5/10 14:31
re: Laser eye surgery

When did Superman become a doctor?

bespana Posted on 5/10 15:10
re: Laser eye surgery

When he went to Clark Kent University.