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Lisbonlegend Posted on 25/10 2:14
Your first away game?

Mine was against Hull City in 1988. A 0-0 draw after we'd beaten Sheffield United 6-0 at home the previous game with Ripley getting a hat-trick, Trever Senior scoring twice and I can't remember who got the other goal that day. Boothferry park was rubbish, the Boro end was packed and there was a big supermarket stuck on the back of the away end.

My dad took me and they confiscated his knife which he wasn't very happy with.

Happy days.

KevNaylor Posted on 25/10 2:17
re: Your first away game?

Tough one but seem to recall it being 92 away to Sheffield United when they were getting a new stand built.

i_do_do_blondes Posted on 25/10 2:46
re: Your first away game?

mine was away at seven sistas against the spuds 84!!! buncha to**ers they woz to lol

but oooohhhh weeeeee

still singin

btw ya awigthy LL? Still comin back in Jan? Beer darn the highbury on 14th Jan?

jarazinho Posted on 25/10 2:49
re: Your first away game?

Birmingham City...FA cup..(i think..)..78 ish....

johndd49 Posted on 25/10 3:43
re: Your first away game?

Chester in the first round of the F.A.C.up in 1966. We won 5-2.

baghdad_red Posted on 25/10 5:29
re: Your first away game?

Shrewsbury away 1986...what an introduction to the delights of an away dayer...fcuking riot in the Boro end !. Relegation, and then the long hard summer that followed...alls well that ends well !

wolfgang_nutsnbolts Posted on 25/10 7:30
re: Your first away game?

haven't a scooby!!

Probably summat like Bury in 95/96 ish???

piggy_nichol Posted on 25/10 7:59
re: Your first away game?

Sunderland 1977. I was 12 and went with my dad.

We got beat 4-0.

And I'd just had a haircut that the tw4t of a barber messed up and showed my earlobes. Which wasnt the done thing in 77.

Bad day all round really.

heaton_mersey_boro Posted on 25/10 8:15
re: Your first away game?

Think it was Barnsley or Sunderland, 1989. Pallys last games for us (did'nt want to play and was absolute shyte - went to Manure shortly after.)

Got beat in both games I seem to recall.

piggy_nichol Posted on 25/10 8:19
re: Your first away game?

My memory is failing fast.

Just realised the traumatic haircut day wasnt the first away game after all.

The first away game was leeds away in 76. We won 2-0, Jim Platt saved an Alan Clarke penalty and I didnt have to have my hair cut.

Much happier day altogether.

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smigga Posted on 25/10 8:30
re: Your first away game?

Mine was Leeds away about Dec 28 1987 we lost 2-0 - think Bobby Davison and Mogga own goal scored! Seats ripped out the Boro end and lobbed on the pitch! Shat myself I was only 13.
It was the same season as your first game Lisbon as I went to the same Hull City game! It was on Easter Monday - Slaven got the other goal v Sheff United as I was in the Holgate that day! It ended his long running goal drought that season!

Blogsworth Posted on 25/10 8:34
re: Your first away game?

Boxing day 1966 at Darlington won 3-0 Downing Chadwick and O'Rourke...just over 18,000 at Feethams that day most of them from the Boro...the following day we beat the same opposition 4-0 at Ayresome Park Horsefield 2, Hickton (pen) and Jimmy Lawson attendance just over 25,000..not bad for the 3rd division.

wobschall Posted on 25/10 8:59
re: Your first away game?

may 87, doncaster rovers - boro invaded pitch millions of times, had virtually all of the ground, while also decamping into a stand recently closed because of subsidence, turned the crossbars into a M for good measure and generally caused chaos all day. won 2-0, ripper and hamilton, i think, n that ace hummel light blue away kit.

UgoAfro Posted on 25/10 9:02
re: Your first away game?

Sheffield Wednesday around 1990 or 1991. The size of Hillsborough and particularly their kop took my breath away. We lost 2-0.

Capybara Posted on 25/10 9:06
re: Your first away game?

Norwich, August 1968. 2-0 to Boro. Goals and sendings off.

The_Mighty_LC Posted on 25/10 9:07
re: Your first away game?

You know, I honestly can't remember. The first time I would have travelled would have been Wembley for the ZDS, but as for my first bonafide away game...erm, possibly Leeds away in 1998, but I'm sure I must have been to an away game before then, baring in mind my first home game was in 86/87...

lazenby_smoggie Posted on 25/10 9:10
re: Your first away game?

I was a late starter really for away games really. the main reason being as im the only boro fan in my family.

But mine was Bradford away 2001. Kara scored a beauty a few minutes from time which started a pitch invasion at full time.

That isnt including the semi final against chesterfield like. But that wasnt really an away game.

A_New_Era Posted on 25/10 9:16
re: Your first away game?

10th August 1999

Wimbledon 2 Middlesbrough 3

We went 1-0 down through Hartson, then i remember Ricard scoring, possibly twice and someone like Deane scoring. Then it was 3-2 with a few minutes left as Hartson scored again

after the game i met the players and had my photo taken with a few players, i was made up

monkeydust Posted on 25/10 9:16
re: Your first away game?

1992. away at huddersfield won 1-0 i think ?

tony_block19 Posted on 25/10 9:18
re: Your first away game?

Southend United, September 1994, think the score was 2-0, John Hendrie scored both. It was also a cold, Tuesday night.

Hows that for a first away game!?!

I was at most away games that Season with my big fella, seem to remember being sick the day of Burnley away, and had to stop at a relatives house who lived in Blackburn, whilst my Dad and his mates went to the match, gutted I was as we won 3-0 that day.

Jeds Posted on 25/10 9:33
re: Your first away game?

Southend United, March 14th 1992. 1-0, Slaven penalty

Remember it being freezing, and still to this day the worst away end ever experienced...

silly_sod Posted on 25/10 9:35
re: Your first away game?

Newcastle in about 1975 - Terry Cooper got sent off and we lost 2-0

boroboy75 Posted on 25/10 9:37
re: Your first away game?

Darlo at Feethams in 1985 or 86. I think it may have been Boxing Day.
We won 1-0 with a goal from Archie, Archie Stephens.

livinglegend Posted on 25/10 9:41
re: Your first away game?

I think it was Barnsley in 89, although I'm not entirely sure.

simmo3368 Posted on 25/10 9:44
re: Your first away game?

Bradford away, boxing day, about 87/88 I think. We drew 1-1 with a very dubious goal from Bernie. They had a teeny stand and every 10 mins or so someone would kick the ball over the stand and away it would go. I think there was a gang of kids there ready to nick the balls.

Smog_Monster Posted on 25/10 9:48
re: Your first away game?

Huddersfield 85/86
Drizzly, no roof on the stand ans Bernie scored a hattrick of tap ins.

sasboro Posted on 25/10 9:49
re: Your first away game?

sheff utd away back in about 1988. we won 2-0 with ripley getting one goal. i remeber the police rounding up boro fans and getting chucked in the ground at about 12:30

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The_Lizards_Jumpers Posted on 25/10 9:52
re: Your first away game?

To be honest I cant remember, the first "away" game I remember was 86 vs Port Vale at Hartlepuddle, when I was 9.

I think it might have been Wolves away when we were promoted to the PL, and Wilkinson scored the winner - although I'm sure there must have been a few away games between 86 and 92 - my dad would know.

scuzzmonster Posted on 25/10 9:53
re: Your first away game?

Liverpool, 1976. Terry Cooper screamer from about 45 yards which slipped through Ray Clemence's hands and we went on to win 2-0.

Yes_Jimmy Posted on 25/10 9:54
re: Your first away game?

Away to Barnsley, Robbo's first year in charge. It ended 1-1 with Jan Fjortoff scoring for us

Yes_Jimmy Posted on 25/10 9:54
re: Your first away game?

Away to Barnsley, Robbo's first year in charge. It ended 1-1 with Jan Fjortoff scoring for us

holgate69 Posted on 25/10 9:56
re: Your first away game?

Think mine was Stoke City in the mid 70's.We drew 1-1- if i remember right. They had a moat around the ground to stop thugs/ people invading the pitch. stoke were a big club then.

Capybara Posted on 25/10 9:58
re: Your first away game?

I remember that result well, monst. I was in Nottingham at the time running a beer festival. Met Martin Carthy on the stairs, would you believe.

andybarca Posted on 25/10 9:58
re: Your first away game?

funny enough lisbon i went with you on the supporters coach down to pompey for a fa cup game and spud equalised with about 10 mins to go. we were fourth years so about 1991.

janplanner Posted on 25/10 10:04
re: Your first away game?

not totally sure. i think it was boxing day vs everton, was it 95?

my cat had flu and i'd spent christmas on my own in manchester with a load of booze cos marks and spencer had run out of food. my family came round on the morning, before going to my aunts in huddersfield, and then toots and her crowd (including a very young sue_queudrue), came and picked me up to go to goodison.

does anyone know the score that day?

The_Lizards_Jumpers Posted on 25/10 10:06
re: Your first away game?

"i'd spent christmas on my own in manchester with a load of booze cos marks and spencer had run out of food."

I've just shed a small tear !

janplanner Posted on 25/10 10:07
re: Your first away game?

actually now i think, it might have been bolton at burnden park the year before, in the shade of the normid. i wore a short suede skirt and boots!

i know lizards, it was a tragic plight!

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Clapham_Boro Posted on 25/10 10:09
re: Your first away game?

Lisbon - that 6 - 0 against Sheff utd was my first game........EVER!

BobendBill Posted on 25/10 10:10
re: Your first away game?

liverpool 76 (gulp)
got beat 2-o but alfie wood(think) scored a header which the ref said wasnt over the line.
I remember walking up the steps into the ground to be met with the kop all singing walk on-will never forget it!

scuzzmonster Posted on 25/10 10:10
re: Your first away game?

Anyone who can't remember a 4-0 dicking has obviously had far too good a time for any sympathy to be wasted on them.

janplanner Posted on 25/10 10:18
re: Your first away game?

omg, that's right! every single thing that could go wrong that christmas had gone wrong. stuck in manchester alone, no food, dying kitten... and then the game!!!

i got in that night and the kitten (bernie - still around this morning), started to get better. it was like a boro miracle!

just looked at that season on borobarmy, and i'd actually been to a few that year already. hmm, probably bolton the year before for my first away game then.

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Kilburn Posted on 25/10 10:25
re: Your first away game?

A 1-1 draw at Rotherham in 1982. Went in the home end with my dad who was supporting Rotherham.

Elton Posted on 25/10 10:26
re: Your first away game?

Peterborough in the FA Cup; Millsy scored in a 1-1 draw which I guess was about 1975 ish.

boroproud Posted on 25/10 10:59
re: Your first away game?

Joker Park back in the 70's,Spike Armstrong was playing for us then and we were wearing the famous blue and black striped top.

it finished 2-2 with the last goal being a penalty

keithadams11 Posted on 25/10 11:00
re: Your first away game?

darlo away was about 94 pre season friendly

Petrolite Posted on 25/10 11:29
re: Your first away game?

Barnsley away may 1988 Loads of Boro at the side and behind the goal...won 3-0 slaven 2 ripley 1...just left us to beat leicester at home!!!!whoops

gravy173 Posted on 25/10 11:50
re: Your first away game?

Sunderland 1994/95 - won 1-0 jamie pollock "ugly bastid" scored

Stav77 Posted on 25/10 11:54
re: Your first away game?

Man Utd away 88/89 season

Lost 1-0 with a late goal by Robbo from 20 yards !. Seem to remember Pally had a goal ruled out for us.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 25/10 12:10
re: Your first away game?

AndyBarca - Yes I remember the Portsmouth game well. We had to be up at the crack of dawn for a very long bus journey on the Rara's. Me, you Hunter and Gittens. We sang Boro, boro, boro, boro for the whole of the second half even though we were 1-0 down and Kernaghan popped up with an 88th minute equaliser and we went bonkers. That's what you call proper support, not like this fickle whingeing bunch nowadays. It was freezing and uncovered and that cow bell got on your tits. Then on our way out the ground there was a Pompey skinhead going "Cam on then, who wants sam". We were about 15 at the time.

Clapham_Boro - Do you remember who scored the other goal in that Sheffield United game? Was it Bernie?

borosteve Posted on 25/10 12:14
re: Your first away game?


bigtl_billingham Posted on 25/10 12:20
re: Your first away game?

I seem to think it was Sunderland away in either 82 or 83, my mates dad took us.
Went to quite a few when we were in the 3rd division 86-87, after the club had reformed- Darlo on a United service bus, Carlisle, Hull, York city on New Years day, Doncaster, last day of the season- that was class !.

paulwheats Posted on 25/10 12:29
re: Your first away game?

Chelsea in 78 when i was three.

Took my dad weeks of persuasion to let my mum allow me to go.

Can't remember the score (think we got beat) and i'm pretty sure Souness was captain when he lead the team out.

attonBORO Posted on 25/10 12:49
re: Your first away game?

Sunlun v Boro 79/80 season at Joker Park. Boro won one-nil with a first half goal from Bosco Yankovic and i stood very quietly in the Clock Stand (Their End)!

Boro_Gadgie Posted on 25/10 13:10
re: Your first away game?

Shrewsbury 86.

350 mile round trip to be treated like dirt by the police, see Boro "fans" disgrace themselves and above all watch us get relegated. Oh and I nearly got thrown out for running to the front of the stand to scream abuse at a linesman when Beagrie got a whack in the face. If I'd known what was going to happen I'd have screamed at the full back to hit him harder next time! Copper told me I'd "better shut the f*** up". I said ok, then got a dirty look off him as I shouted "Come on Boro gerrintothem!" (meaning the players that is). Wouldn't care but I didn't use any foul language at the linesman.

The whole trip put me off away games until 1990 and the ZDS final.

Lefty3668 Posted on 25/10 13:18
re: Your first away game?

Leeds 4 Boro 1 New Years Eve 1983.

Got bricked. Cousin nutted a police horse by accident.

andybarca Posted on 25/10 14:07
re: Your first away game?

lisbon i had forgot about that skinhead trying to pick a fight with some school kids must have been well 'ard like. as for the none stop singing i would love the fans to give the same sort of support on saturday, but it won't happen. hope your having fun out there catch you later

wotstheword99 Posted on 25/10 15:17
re: Your first away game?

87 at joker park,littlewoods cup,beat 1 nil

London_Boro Posted on 25/10 15:21
re: Your first away game?

Minibus trip to Notts Forest, we were told that tickets could be bought when we got there.....we got there and there was no tickets so we didn't get in. Started driving home and got as far as Mansfield where we stopped at a pub and got really pizzed with the locals.

Had a great day out despite those rotten gets not letting us buy a ticket for the game.

My first away game I actually got into was probably Arsenal or Spurs back in 97/98....can't actually remember??

Boateng_7 Posted on 25/10 15:24
re: Your first away game?

Chelsea 1 v 0 Boro

Fa Cup Round 3

stockton_red Posted on 25/10 17:08
re: Your first away game?

Forest 96 1-1 Stuart Pearce equalised from about 50 yards.

daddo Posted on 25/10 17:38
re: Your first away game?

mine was oxford boro 0-oxford 4 1972-73 season

kinell Posted on 25/10 17:39
re: Your first away game?

Mine was at QPR late seventies I think, we went down on train,loads of bother,got chased all over the place, I was about 12 or 13.

johndd49 Posted on 25/10 18:38
re: Your first away game?

I remember those two Darlington games Blogsworth--I remember Chadwick's goal being a cracker--and one of his few goals for us I seem to remember.

CrazyL Posted on 25/10 18:51
re: Your first away game?

Sunderland 1981-82.We won 2-0 (Baxter,Ashcroft) and we both got relegated. They kept us back after the game and it was on MOTD so Bobby Murdoch got brought out to the centre circle for the interview and we gave him a great reception. Then a lone voice shouted out "Barry Davies is a wnaker" and BD waved back at us.This has had a lasting impression on me - does anybody else remember it?

stocko_mfc Posted on 25/10 19:41
re: Your first away game?

Barnsley 82-83ish...went down on the special. Got beat 2-0.

ste_north_stand Posted on 25/10 19:42
re: Your first away game?

Pretty sure it was at Newcastle, think we drew 0-0 and i think it was a night match.

dundeejock Posted on 25/10 20:27
re: Your first away game?

think it was bolton at brunden park in ist div (~95). We lost 1-0.Didn't see any Boro fan in short suede skirt and boots so may not have been same game as Miss Planner

WilmslowRed Posted on 25/10 20:33
re: Your first away game?

Darlo away in November 86. As immortalised by The Kaiser Chiefs.

Revol_Tees Posted on 25/10 21:33
re: Your first away game?

Arsenal at Highbury in December 1992. It was freezing cold and raining, there was no roof, and the Boro fans were tucked in the corner, standing opposite that big painting of fans which they had behind the goal at the other end. It was bloody fantastic - exactly what being a football fan is really about. It was the first time I'd really experienced antagonism and banter ("dirty northern b-stards!"/"town full of rent boys!") etc. When Boro scored at the end other end I could hardly see anything, but everything just went totally f-cking mental. I got seperate from my dad briefly and went flying forwards. It was great

ianeth_boro Posted on 25/10 22:17
re: Your first away game?

wolves 2yrs ago beat 2-0

ravsplumber Posted on 25/10 22:40
re: Your first away game?

White Hart Lane, January 1956, FA Cup R4, Spurs 3 Boro 1 (Joe Scott)

Red_Clowne Posted on 25/10 22:57
re: Your first away game?

5 November 1966 at Mansfield, Boro won 5-4 (O'Rourke 2, Downing 2, Hickton)

BroughtonLad Posted on 25/10 23:02
re: Your first away game?

Can remember going to Mansfield must have been early 70s
Went on the train which pulled up next to the ground.
Watched the match on a mud bank behind the goal.
The pitch was no better.
I think we won

chboro Posted on 25/10 23:05
re: Your first away game?

Nottingham Forest - 95 I think. We got absolutely stuffed that day.

UCN_BORO Posted on 26/10 0:36
re: Your first away game?

Watford 1 - Boro 1 (94 i think)

Clayton Blackmore on the scoresheet!

Also remember they were redeveloping the stand behind the goal and about 10 balls got lost going over it!

red_rebel Posted on 26/10 0:40
re: Your first away game?

Wolves. FA cup q-f 1981. Gutted. The start of the slide.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 26/10 0:56
re: Your first away game?

That Watford draw in 94 was one of my worst ever away trips. A heavy night on the beer the night before and a kebab disagreed with me. I was slumped in an alley outside Ayresome Park throwing up green bile in the early hours of the morning. I've never felt so ill at a match in all my life, a nightmare.

Gadgie Posted on 26/10 1:37
re: Your first away game?

"Clapham_Boro Posted on 25/10 10:09 Email this Message | Reply
re: Your first away game?
Lisbon - that 6 - 0 against Sheff utd was my first game........EVER!"

Was my first home game also...and aye it was Bernie got the other goal LL.

My first away game was Man United in the Cup Semi second leg under Lennie Lawrence. Visited my brother who was at Salford Uni, and even got him to go to the game with me (the only footy match he's ever been to in his life!). It pee'd down with rain, and when Bernie made it 1-1 the whole end went bonkers and we moved about 15 yards to the right from where we had been stood. At that point in time the rain didn't seem to matter at all...of course it did by the end after we went out in extra-time.

SuperSmoggie Posted on 26/10 1:42
re: Your first away game?

Geordies, Boxing Day 2001, 3-0 defeat.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 26/10 1:47
re: Your first away game?

That Rumbelows cup semi final away was an absolute belter. We gave them one hell of a game and could have won it. When Ripley turned back and crossed for Bernies equaliser it was pandemonium, my Billingham on Tour flag vanished under a sea of feet but I managed to find it again about 10 minutes later. I remember their crowd started to sing Fergusons red and white army over and over in extra time and then Giggs shinned one in, the spawny buggers.

We finally got back to Billingham and my dad got stopped by the police for speeding but they let him off cos he'd come all the way back from the match.

We deserved so much more from that game.

boro_r_bak Posted on 26/10 2:11
re: Your first away game?

1990. Oxford 2 Boro 5. Baird Hat-trick.

Was a student in Leeds at the time and caught the overnight bus to London, then another up to Oxford. Slept on a mate's floor on the Saturday, then same journey in reverse on Sunday.

Remember the ground being full of kids and having something of a swimming gala atmosphere. Also remember thinking that all away games must be this easy!

borojap Posted on 26/10 2:17
re: Your first away game?

Birmingham City away in the 6th round of the FA Cup 73-74 season was my first one. Lost 0-1 with Bob Hatton scoring for them, I think.

BTW, jarazinho, I wonder if this is the game you meant as well.

Bobendbill, I remember that cup tie at Liverpool very well. We were sat (along with a few other Boro fans who'd probably got their tickets off the same touts) directly in line with the goal line where we "scored" only for Ray Clemence to throw the ball out to a defender after he'd caught it well over the line. We all saw it crystal clearly and the Boro fans around us started singing "The ball was in the net"; whereupon Clemence turned to us and stuck two fingers up at us. Can't see he'd get away with that nowadays.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 27/10 13:50
re: Your first away game?

Yeah, if you're at the Highbury game I'll be there IDDB. Losers gets the beers.

ScarboroSmoggy Posted on 27/10 13:54
re: Your first away game?

Blackpool away in 86/87, My now brother-in-laws parents owned a guest house in Blackpool and we went down for the weekend, we won 1-0 with Archie Stephens scoring a bullet header from about the edge of the area.

blotonthelandscape Posted on 27/10 13:55
re: Your first away game?

Carlisle in the early 70's, much better laugh than a nice visit to the stadium of dreams.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 30/10 12:57
re: Your first away game?

My next away game is Chelsea on December 3rd, my first since Sporting Lisbon. Can't wait. Although I dread to think what the ticket prices will be like!

TheBoroBoss61 Posted on 30/10 13:06
re: Your first away game?

Peterboro v Gillingham in the Cup 1967/8? got beat 5-0

Shaun71 Posted on 30/10 13:10
re: Your first away game?

Wolves March 1981 FAC 6th round replay.

Say no more

The_GOAT Posted on 30/10 13:20
re: Your first away game?

1997 vs Man Utd when it was 3-3. I started crying when we were 3-1 up. I travelled to that one by myself too, although I met my brother at the ground.

johndd49 Posted on 30/10 13:26
re: Your first away game?

I remember that Rotherham game Kilburn--Emlyn Hughes equalised in about the 97th minute.

ALLERTON_RED Posted on 30/10 13:43
re: Your first away game?

mine was hull city in `88 also,same as you legend,were you in maccie d`s at lunch time when their firm stormed in?? i was only 18 at the time and it kicked off bigstyle,this lad came at me,i shat mesell so i threw my milkshake in his face!!!!!!,my now bruv-in-law went to pick up his stool and realised it was attatched to the floor!!!!!some of our boys at the time waded was like an old western,fists and bodies flying all over,the six of us managed to leg it out the fire-exit as there were more outside,we hid upstairs in B.H.S until it all calmed down!!!! the game was crap,i remember,then we all got nicked on the train at york for buying underage tickets!!!! happy memories of what was the start of things to come following the boro!!!!

Lisbonlegend Posted on 30/10 13:52
re: Your first away game?

Nah I was only 12 AR. All my family are from Hull so I was having dinner at my Grandads house setting off to the ground round the corner. Our end was packed I remember, the days of running battles with Hull.

Can't believe you wasted your milkshake on him. What a waste.

ALLERTON_RED Posted on 30/10 14:05
re: Your first away game?

i know...nightmare!!!god,i could talk all day about our trips away...the best days of my life to be honest,i remember a couple of trips to barnsley were scary,we only missed 2 games away in the 87/88 season..class man,but the 2 that stick in my mind most were the Z.D.S final and cardiff of course.

stampysdog Posted on 30/10 14:17
re: Your first away game?

Either the League Cup final in 97, or the FA cup semi against Chesterfield. Whichever came first.

I remember being allowed to take a half day off school to go to the replay against Chesterfield at Hillsborough! Magic.

First away league game will have been away to Sheff Wed, 1998/99 season? Boxing day game. 1-0 defeat. Marinellis debut I believe. 62 year old Peter Atherton got his first goal for 21 years.

elnino Posted on 30/10 16:26
re: Your first away game?

Great night at Scarborough in 1991/92.

Won 4-1 in the league cup. Remember at half time some Boro fans were on each olthers shoulders hitting each other with inflatable bats, the ones from Gladiator. Funny as pheck.

10hickton Posted on 30/10 17:57
re: Your first away game?

Hull City away in 1969 (i think) won 3-1

HUMBERRED Posted on 30/10 18:06
re: Your first away game?

Sheff Utd 87. We won 2-0. Slaven and Ripley scored. Smigga I remember the game at Leeds at crimbo which you mentioned as someone threw my seat from the south stand upper on to the pitch. The coppers made me sit down on the metal bit which was all that was left of it.

Otley_Boro Posted on 30/10 19:56
re: Your first away game?

LL are you back home?

Warrington_Red Posted on 30/10 20:37
re: Your first away game?

Portsmouth 25/8/1973 1-0 Boro with Alan Foggon giving me a winning debut as it was also my first ever game.

Gracefully hands the ton on to anyone waiting in the wings....

jimmyrav Posted on 30/10 21:13
re: Your first away game?

Darlo away in 86!

Fights, injuries, riots (and that was just the players)

Darlo had 2 injured and were down to 9 men, they also had one sent off,

then Archie Stephens notched with about 10 mins to go to send the Boro fans mental.

chubster74 Posted on 30/10 21:17
re: Your first away game?

Wolves away about 22/23 years ago. Dont remember much about it, but I remember my dad and my uncle walking from the train station to the ground with Police and Police Horses all around us and the Wolves fans throwing everything but the kitchen sink at us!!!

For a 7/8 year old it was bl00dy frightening!!!

enamalman Posted on 30/10 21:26
re: Your first away game?

Can't remember which came first...
was either Old Trafford replay early seventies,in the f.a cup.First game was on an afternoon during the week,and couldn't get off school....still not sure why they did that!

or it was at Ellend road,2-2 with Alex Smith scoring a cracking volley.....loads of Boro there....Ah,them where the days!!

magnificent_boro Posted on 30/10 21:44
re: Your first away game?

Sunderland October 1985 and it was my first ever game.

Think we lost 1-0 and had someone sent off (Rowell?). Got attacked by gang of Mackems who were waiting after match behind our end and was punched. My older brother legged it and hid in a garden until policeman found him.

Was 10 years old and hooked! Seems really strange as a bit of a scary experience and probably the worst time ever to start watching Boro.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 30/10 22:09
re: Your first away game?

Not yet OB but a few weeks after I've been to the Barrier Reef and Melbourne next week. I'll be living in Brighton then London from November 14th. Might pop back to Billog to pick up my car, playstation, mountain bike, TV/DVD, Hi Fi, Weights bench and CD's and have a few beers. May be back in Sydney in January, just seeing how things go.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 31/10 2:27
re: Your first away game?

El nino, I was at the Scarborough cup game in 91-92 and remember the fighting galdioators. I also remember it being teh worst away end I've ever been in. It was a just a grassy hill and as it had been pissing down all day it was a mess. Still we beat the Boro 4-1.

zamboni80 Posted on 31/10 8:30
re: Your first away game?

ZDS cup final 1990 great day out for my first away game back when I was only a liccle boro boy.

ScarboroSmoggy Posted on 31/10 8:36
re: Your first away game?

Lisbon, I was also at that Scarborough game, 'Ya should have stayed at the bingo'.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 31/10 8:57
re: Your first away game?

Happy days, the days of the bright green Errea jackets.

jam69 Posted on 31/10 12:04
re: Your first away game?

1974 newcastle,puked in the car on the way,got beat 2-1 and mcdickhead scored twice,no segregation in them days,loads of fistycuffs behind the goal.went to 31 away games before i saw boro win away!

Stuar_Tripley Posted on 31/10 12:10
re: Your first away game?

west ham away in 89 i think, finished 2-0 to west ham i think?

peako_from_the_boro Posted on 31/10 12:32
re: Your first away game?

FA Cup quarter final replay at Old Trafford in 1970. We lost 2-1 to a dodgy penalty and Brian Kidd should have been sent off for puching Bill Gates. Ref said no foul, but I'm sure that a broken jaw indicated contact.

Otley_Boro Posted on 31/10 12:37
re: Your first away game?

I was also at the Scarborough game - it lashed down...

LL - so you working in London then?

Look out for Steely at the Chelsea game, he is also working down their till Crimbo. He as invited me down, but I doubt I can make it.

fabios_neighbour Posted on 31/10 12:39
re: Your first away game?

man utd away in the cup in 1970 i think 0-0
went with my dad when i was 8

remember a big man utd skinhead nicking my rosette and my dad leathering him till the old bill came over

the copper told my old bloke he did right lol

cant imagine the old bill being so lenient now

Lisbonlegend Posted on 31/10 12:40
re: Your first away game?

If I can get a job OB then yeah I will be.


Boro_in_Norton Posted on 31/10 12:46
re: Your first away game?

Blackpool 86/87. I was 16.
Won 1-0 Archie, Archie Sreophens. Diving header.
Before the match remember walking past the manchester Pub and hearing Boro songs coming out. A stool flew through one of the windows.
The away end was full. We had part of an uncovered terrace behind the goal and about a third of the covered terrace alongside the pitch. We did "Brucie Rioch's red'n white army" alot. Which was class.
Loads of bother after the game aswell.

Otley_Boro Posted on 31/10 12:59
re: Your first away game?

You'll know who he is if you see him.

Used to play 5-a-Side for our retrobates - tall lad dark hair.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 31/10 13:01
re: Your first away game?

Yeah probably, what's his first name?

You still playing 5-a-side?

fabios_neighbour Posted on 31/10 13:05
boro in norton

remember that blackpool game mate

they was hell on in the pubs on the night

remember dallas (rip) getting hit over the head with a stool as about 10 blackpool lads attacked the 6 lads i was with

he had a 2 inch gash in his napper, these lads were well game and we ended up taking a kicking before the old bill turned up

Lisbonlegend Posted on 31/10 13:07
re: boro in norton

Wasn't that incident in the Frontline book?

fabios_neighbour Posted on 31/10 13:11
re: boro in norton

never seen it in there l.l.

plus john pullen was not there and he only wrote about things he actually witnessed

the fight went on for about 15 mins and these blackpool blokes were a lot older than us

they were well handy

Otley_Boro Posted on 31/10 13:17
re: boro in norton


No I played my last game 4 years ago, after I did my ACL.

Was really tempted to start again about 2.5 years ago, then I slipped on Holiday and to have a cartlidge Op. on the same Knee.

Really want to start playing again, but our lass keeps persuading me not too. However, I think she may change her mind soon as I've recently started to dream about playing again and started kicking her about abit in Bed...

Lisbonlegend Posted on 31/10 13:27
re: boro in norton

It sounds like you're an injury prone buffoon. Not good injuries those 2, you don't do things by halves do you! If you come back don't play on St Micks cos the concrete floor will knack you, your best of on one of the new astro pitches at goals and Soccer sensations or even better on grass.

I've been struggling to recapture my form since I damaged the nerve in my back twisting during a game. It does my head in but cycling and swimming seem to have done wonders and hopefully I'll be back to my best before my careers over.

I thought you played a bit of rugger with Finney and Seamo?

Otley_Boro Posted on 31/10 13:31
re: boro in norton

No I haven't played rugger since school days.

Which is when I did my original Cartlidge, although back in those days you couldn't get a shave, they just removed the whole thing!!!

Is Micks concrete now?

You going to play for a team in London then?

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Gillandi Posted on 31/10 13:35
re: boro in norton

Sheffield United, 1976, 1-1.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 31/10 13:44
re: boro in norton

St Micks is carpet over concrete. The new surfaces have these rubber pellets to reduce the stress on your joints.

Yeah hopefully, I'll see if I can get a trial with someone. I need the money!

Lisbonlegend Posted on 1/11 1:40
re: boro in norton

Showing your age there Gillandi.

Gillandi Posted on 1/11 2:08
re: boro in norton

Aye Lisbon. I was 11 at the time. My grandad started taking me to a few away games every season that year. Great days.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 1/11 2:18
re: boro in norton

1976 was the year I was born.

donnysmoggie Posted on 1/11 9:46
re: Your first away game?

Donny in 87. But seen as it is about 10 mins down the road dont think that counts. Also my first game ever.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 1/11 10:19
re: Your first away game?

Course it counts.

The_Frozen_North Posted on 1/11 10:59
re: Your first away game?

Vague recollection of going to Hull and been lifted up to sit on the supports for the covered stand. My Dad tells me it was 1967 so I was six then

Capybara Posted on 1/11 11:01
re: Your first away game?

We played twice away at Hull that season, because we also played them in the Cup as well as the league, finally beating them in the second replay which was played at York. 4-1 if I remember correctly.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 1/11 11:07
re: Your first away game?

The_Frozen_North Posted on 1/11 11:37
re: Your first away game?

Capybara - that solves a big mystery for me! One of my other recollections of the Hull match is being driven around the York city walls. I could never work out why we'd driven to Hull thru' York. So I guess my first away match was Hull at York

boloslovechild Posted on 1/11 12:45
re: Your first away game?

newcastle 0 boro 5 14th feb 1931
valentines day massacre
hope to see us repeat it this year

Lisbonlegend Posted on 1/11 13:26
re: Your first away game?

1931, those were the days, remember them well.

LiamO Posted on 1/11 13:53
re: Your first away game?

Like Blogsworth, Boxing Day '66 at Darlington. Don't remember too much about the game, but I have vivid memories of being chased half the way back to the station by irate Darlo fans.

Being a bit young at the time I wasn't so sure what they were mad about, but looking back at the score I suppose I can partially understand it.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 1/11 13:55
re: Your first away game?

What was the score?

LiamO Posted on 1/11 13:59
re: Your first away game?

Darlington 0-3 Middlesbrough

Mind you, they must have been even madder next day, 'cos as Blogsworth also pointed out, we beat them 4-0 the following day at Ayresome Park.

I wonder if that would be some kind of record for the most number of unanswered goals scored by one team against another in a 48-hour period?

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MFC_Paul Posted on 1/11 14:07
re: Your first away game?

Mine was against Man Utd on December 19th 1998.

Final score - Man Utd 2 Boro 3

Wonder goals from Deane, Ricard and Gordon made it 3-0 and i remember the whole Boro contingent singing 'we're gonna win the league' when Butt scored. Cole scored late on which brought a rather nervy finish

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Lisbonlegend Posted on 1/11 14:08
re: Your first away game?

You can always rely on Darlo.

Brit_of_orate Posted on 1/11 15:43
re: Your first away game?

Holgate, we will be again...

Lisbonlegend Posted on 2/11 0:41
re: Your first away game?

Nah, you won't B_o_o.

zaphod Posted on 2/11 7:40
re: Your first away game?

Went to see Boro play Wednesday in the FA Cup around 1960. We lost 2-1; Cloughy scored. The main thing I remember was a Wednesday player called Johnny Fantham diving worse than Joe Cole.